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The best kush seeds for sale in North America!

Welcome to Growers Choice, your go-to shop for the finest kush seeds in the country, delivered straight to your front door! Our selection of more than 40 cannabis seed strains includes 10 premium kush seed strains with authenticated genetics and all the beautiful, healing benefits of this wonderful indica variety.

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White Widow 60S / 40I 26% THC Daytime
Cinderella 99 70S / 30I 22% THC Daytime
OG Kush 55S / 45I 27% THC Evening

What is Kush?

Kush seeds are indica-dominant cannabis strains.

Though sometimes used as a synonym for cannabis (kind of like pot or weed), the term “kush” actually only applies to specific types or strains of cannabis, because it comes from Hindu Kush, a mountain range that runs along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In general, cannabis strains with “kush” in the name are indica-dominant, because that’s the kind of cannabis that most often develops in those higher altitude regions at a greater distance from the equator (compared to sativas, which grow in equatorial locales like Thailand, southern India, and Jamaica).

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Growing Kush Seeds

The landrace Hindu Kush strains that are used to create our kush seeds have some benefits for cannabis gardeners, too. Thanks to their origins, growing kush seeds often results in strains that are more resistant to colder climates and are a bit better at withstanding drought (though we don’t recommend dehydrating any cannabis plant!). You should also see very impressive yields on these plants, despite their shorter height.

How Will Kush Weed Make Me Feel?

Though indica-dominant, many kush weed strains also feature sativa marijuana in their genetic makeup, so you won’t necessarily experience full-on indica effects. More likely, you would categorize the effects of your kush strain as somewhere between an indica and a hybrid.

Kush bud offers all sorts of lovely effects.

With a kush cannabis strain, you can expect:

  • A sedative effect
  • Possible euphoria
  • Introspection, great for meditation.

From a medical standpoint, kush strains offer;

  • Relaxation that relieves physical pain
  • Relief from insomnia
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Anti-nauseant qualities

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Kush Seeds for Delivery

You don’t need to worry about sourcing your cannabis anymore when you choose Growers Choice. We offer a great selection of kush seeds for delivery — it really is as easy as selecting your strain and completing your order. What’s next? Just sit back and wait for your seeds to arrive at your door in our medical-grade glass vials, fresh and ready for germination using our tried and true method. We’ll ship quickly and discreetly because we’re dedicated to ensuring your business remains your own when it comes to natural health and wellness choices.

The Best Kush Seeds, at Growers Choice

Six Spectacular Regular Feminized Kush Seed Strains:

og kush cannabis seeds

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds

The best from the west, OG Kush cannabis seeds let you grow your own euphoric flowers that deliver a mental and physical high complete with pain-fighting prowess and stress relief. A bit tricky to grow, OG Kush is best for the intermediate green thumb.

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og kush cannabis seeds

Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds

Get ready for bed with this deeply sedating and physically relaxing strain. Purple Kush is known for causing a bit of a mental fog, but this isn’t a problem when you’re headed to sleep. Ease aches and pain and send stress running for the hills with this popular strain.

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og kush cannabis seeds

Blueberry Kush Cannabis Seeds

For evening relief that terminates in deep sleep, choose this mildly euphoric kush seeds strain that boasts moderate levels of CBD and all-natural stress relieving capabilities. Blueberry Kush has been known to soothe headaches, as well.

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skunk kush cannabis seeds

Skunk Kush Cannabis Seeds

Relax and ease pain with a side of euphoria and deep couch lock with Skunk Kush seeds. You’ll feel symptoms of depression fading along with any difficulties you might have had falling asleep. Cancer patients can ease nausea and boost appetite with this strain, too.

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critical kush cannabis seeds

Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds

Soothing Critical Mass partnered with ever-popular OG Kush to bring you this awesome kush seeds strain. You can expect an end to tossing and turning in bed and destructive chronic pain with Critical Kush, and you might also benefit from its migraine and headache-easing properties.

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bubba kush cannabis seeds

Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds

Another child of OG Kush, our Bubba Kush cannabis seeds grow into a hard-hitting strain that doesn’t take much to do the trick. HIgh in THC, this strain boosts mood and calms body and mind, and can leave insomnia and anxiety in the dust.

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Our Awesome Auto-Flowering Kush Seed Strains

kush xl cannabis seeds

Kush XL Cannabis Seeds

Combining the easy-growing benefits of auto-flowering with the relaxation of a kush strain – and adding to it a mindblowing yield – Kush XL auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a great choice for easing anxiety and muscle tension without drowsiness.

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hindu kush cannabis seeds

Hindu Kush Cannabis Seeds

A true classic, this calming, sleep-inducing strain attacks pain and stress, and can alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. This strain might just become your go-to choice for nighttime treatment.

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sour kush cannabis seeds

Sour Kush Cannabis Seeds

This combination of Sour Diesel and OG Kush takes balanced relief to the next level. Experience a mood boost and deep relaxation that can lead to a body stone effect in larger doses. You might even get some creativity and increased focus from this strain.

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candy kush cannabis seeds

Candy Kush Cannabis Seeds

Relax and soothe away chronic pain with this impressive strain that also tackles inflammation and stress. Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are popular with folks struggling with arthritis and Crohn’s Disease.

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afghan autoflowering cannabis seeds

Afghan Cannabis Seeds

Though not in name, Afghan really is the pinnacle of kush goodness. Bred from various Hindu Kush strains, this stocky plant tastes sweet and earthy, and delivers the classic indica relaxation combined with euphoria and anxiety-relief.

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girl scout cookies cannabis seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds

Though it’s not apparent from the name, enduring favorite Girl Scout Cookies boasts OG Kush parentage, which gets it a special mention on this list. Relieve stress and slough off anxiety, fight pain and increase appetite with this balanced hybrid named after every American’s snack obsession.

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Buy Kush Seeds

Hooked on Kush? That’s great news, since at Growers Choice we carry an array of popular options so you can buy kush seeds with just a click or two. Browse our detailed product descriptions, place your order, and your premium kush seeds will be shipped straight to your door in days. Growers Choice: we help you Grow Better!

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Woo, kush! Love the super-chill-ness of kush seeds and my skunk and OG from here have been treating me extra good.

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