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Welcome to Growers Choice, your go-to shop for the finest kush seeds in the country, delivered straight to your front door! Our selection of more than 40 cannabis seed strains includes 10 premium kush seed strains for sale, with authenticated genetics and all the beautiful, healing benefits of this wonderful indica variety. On this page, we’ll specifically talk about kush seeds along with their benefits and users. The Kush family is extremely popular in the cannabis community for a number of reasons, all of which we’ll get into below.

Kush Seeds For Sale TodayBut if you’re in a rush and just want to quickly scoop, here it is—Kush strains are extremely relaxing for both the brain and body. It’s like giving yourself a vacation without actually booking a ticket or spending hundreds of dollars. Who needs Hawaii and Thailand when you’ve got a kush strain growing at home? When it comes to prime relaxation, serenity, and calmness, you cannot do better than Kush strains from Growers Choice. Our Kush seeds can help promote better sleep, depression and anxiety relief, and a happier headspace. We recommend Kush strains for evening or nighttime use as you’ll be highly tempted to fall asleep.

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Kush Cannabis Seeds for Sale in 2021

The best known international strain of marijuana, Kush strains originated in the Hindu Kush Mountain Range of Central Asia, where they’ve been grown for centuries. These strains are valued for their introspective, meditative effects, and can be used to relieve stress and chronic pain in users. Our favorite Kush marijuana seeds in stock now are

Order your Kush marijuana seeds online from Growers Choice Seeds today. We provide fast and discreet delivery with tracking available on every order.

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Willy’s Wonder 80I / 20S 23% THC Evening
Blueberry Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S / 10R 16% THC Evening
Afghan Autoflowering 90I / 0S 18% THC Evening

What Are Feminized Kush Seeds?

Kush-Seeds-For-Sale-mobile-v3At Growers Choice, all our cannabis seeds are feminized. This simply means they were harvested from female plants. The plants were prompted to pollinate themselves, so because no male chromosomes were used in the creation of the seeds, no male chromosomes exist in the seeds themselves (99% of the time, because – of nature!). Feminized seeds grow into essentially female plants, producing the same high-quality buds and excellent yields as their female precursors.

Kush strains are primarily those with lineages that include landrace strains from the Hindu Kush mountain range region, which runs between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Due to climate conditions, kush strains are mostly Indica-dominant, which means they tend to have more body than mental effects. In other words, Indicas usually cause what’s known as the body stone or couch lock effect – essentially deep physical relaxation. Because some of our kush strains have been cross-bred with saliva strains, however, our feminized kush seeds offer a wonderful range of effects from sleep enhancement to gentle energy.

What is Kush?

Kush seeds are indica-dominant cannabis strains.

Though sometimes used as a synonym for cannabis (kind of like pot or weed), the term “kush” actually only applies to specific types or strains of cannabis, because it comes from Hindu Kush, a mountain range that runs along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In general, cannabis strains with “kush” in the name are indica-dominant, because that’s the kind of cannabis that most often develops in those higher altitude regions at a greater distance from the equator (compared to Sativas, which grow in equatorial locales like Thailand, southern India, and Jamaica).

Indica strains come with relaxing, soothing, and sometimes sedative effects.

  • Had a stressful day at work?
  • Can’t seem to fall asleep at night?
  • Has that lingering headache thrown you off your game?

A kush strain might be the solution. More of a nighttime choice, Kush strains feel like a vacation for your brain and body.

We Sell Kush Seeds

Out of all the seeds for sale at Growers Choice, our kush varieties are definitely the most popular. Kush cannabis seeds come with potent indica effects, which can help you relax and unwind after a long day. Kush cannabis seeds are extremely handy and beneficial in the medical field, as Kush strains may alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, and nausea. These seeds may also make you feel fatigued late at night, which is especially useful for patients with insomnia. You really can’t go wrong when you shop our selection of Kush cannabis seeds. And guess what? We deliver your seeds right to your very door in under two weeks!

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Growing Kush Seeds

Kush Seeds For SaleThe landrace Hindu Kush strains that are used to create our kush seeds have some benefits for cannabis gardeners, too. Thanks to their origins, growing kush seeds often result in strains that are more resistant to colder climates and are a bit better at withstanding drought (though we don’t recommend dehydrating any cannabis plant!). You should also see very impressive yields on these plants, despite their shorter height.

Learn More About Critical Kush:

Experience all-natural stress relief with Critical Kush, one of our top-selling classic strains. This strain, often described as earthy and pungent in flavor, delivers delicious medical benefits including insomnia– and depressioncrushing prowess. Flowering in as little as 50 days and offering a pretty impressive yield, Critical Kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice are one of the finest indica strains out there.

Kush Strain Highlight: Blackberry Kush Feminized Seeds

Best known for its distinctive, skunky but fruity aroma, Blackberry Kush marijuana is one of those mostly-indica strains that is powerfully calming, and excellent for managing chronic pain.

Clocking in between 16% and 20% THC, Blackberry Kush marijuana is on the potent side, but this heavy-hitter is excellent for reversing a sour mood and delivering a dose of sweet relaxation that removes stress and anxiety. Coupled with its appealing profile, Blackberry Kush has become popular in the medical community for its ability to deftly reverse mental distresses, insomnia, and side effects related to cancer.

Blackberry Kush marijuana seeds are considered easy to grow and produce plants that are resistant to mold and other common pests but it’s best cultivated indoors, where care can be taken to maintain its height and shape. Blackberry Kush will spend anywhere from 7 to 9 weeks flowering and will be ready with an impressive yield – between 14 and 42 ounces, depending on your chosen environment.

Quality Kush Seeds For Sale


At Growers Choice, we strive to be your one-stop shop to find kush seeds for sale. Whether you’re looking for regular feminized seeds or auto-flowering varieties, you can find them here. These Indica-dominant cannabis strains offer deep relaxation and a gentler mental high, and here at Growers Choice, we’ve offered a wide selection of kush seeds for sale that range in effects to suit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a kush strain to provide medical benefits or something to simply take the edge off your day, you can find a variety of options on the Growers Choice shelves. Kush strains typically provide benefits such as:

  1. Reduced anxiety and stress
  2. Mental and physical well-being
  3. Higher levels of non-psychoactive and therapeutic CBD
  4. Relief from chronic pain.

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The Growers Choice Guarantee 

When you buy kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, you can be sure that the seeds you’re getting will be fresh, viable, and covered under our 90% germination guarantee. Just be sure to follow our germination guide for full coverage and best results. At Growers Choice we not only extend to you our best guarantee, but we’re here to offer a helping hand when you need one.