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Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Afghan Auto-Flowering is an indica-dominant breed hailing from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan, crossed with a ruderalis strain. Ruderalis is a Russian-born cannabis species accustomed to shorter growing periods; as such, it has developed the ability to flower automatically, rather than relying on a change in daylight hours.

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Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Afghan Auto-Flowering is an indica breed who counts its ancestors among the original Kush plants from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. These cannabis seeds come from a plant cross-bred with a cannabis species called ruderalis. Hailing originally from Russia, ruderalis is accustomed to shorter growing periods; as such, it has developed the ability to flower automatically after a few weeks, rather than relying on a change in hours or intensity of daylight.

Effect of Afghan Cannabis

Afghan is a stocky strain with an earthy-sweet, citrusy flavor that induces a deep body relaxation in the user; this peaceful state can progress to sleepiness, and even lethargy, depending on how much was ingested, and the tolerance of the user. A rule of thumb: start slow and don’t overdo it. Though it mostly results in what is known as a “couch-lock” effect, the strain is also known for creating a happy or euphoric sensation. Because of its intense calming effect, Afghan Auto-Flowering is best reserved for evening or nighttime use.

Medical Benefits of Afghan Auto-Flowering

Medicinally, Afghan’s strong relaxation effect has proven of use to patients suffering from sleeping disorders. In addition, the strain encourages appetite, which appeals to those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or battling an eating disorder. Afghan is a good choice for the end of a stressful day, as it can melt away the stress and anxiety that could keep you from falling asleep. It can also help with pain that is disrupting your sleep.

Growing Afghan Cannabis Seeds

Though an auto-flowering variety, Afghan does have a relatively long flowering period of 70 to 80 days. Despite the time required for the cannabis seeds to grow into big, beautiful plants, Afghan is easy to grow both indoors and out, and this makes the strain well worth the wait. The plants also develop a large store of indica-rich resin on the sugar leaves and smaller sun leaves. For this reason, Afghan cannabis seeds are a good choice for people interested in harvesting hashish in addition to the marijuana flowers.

Our article all about Afghan Auto-Flowering Cannabis offers even more information on this relaxing strain.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Lowryder x Afghani


90% Indica / 10% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

70-80 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Sleepy, lethargic, happy

Best Use

Evening; ease stress and anxiety, relaxation


Pine, citrus, sweet

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


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  1. rigin says:

    You’ll never have to worry about anxiety again. It’s super easy going weed with a nice earthy flavor and it really brings ya back to earth if you’re feeling stressed about life. I mean, who doesn’t? Life is super hard these days, and this weed really makes for a great mind vacation. Easy to grow, nice yield, and the grow guides on this site make a huge difference. Listen to GCS they know what they’re talking about…and buy this weed!!!

  2. crowe67 says:

    This weed helps me get a restful sleep, calms my mind and makes the world a better place to live. I am pretty stoked about how easy this was to grow. I was nervous cause I never did any growing like this before but it was actually nice cause I used the grow guides on this site to help me. Nice and spicy weed, so nice before bedtime, time to relax and just unwind, maybe fall asleep on the couch. Good vibes!

  3. Quadraquadrahedrom says:

    I’ve been a GCS buyer for a long time now. Got some great seeds from them last time, one of them being Afghan. Love the auto-flowering genetics, makes for great indoor growing, and it flowers automatically after just a few months. I have always been a fan of indica dominant breeds. It’s been really great for my stress, anxiety, and back pain. Definitely plan on growing more weed from GCS in the future!

  4. DestroyerHH says:

    I can’t think of a time when I have felt more relaxed and at ease, and it’s all thanks to this Afghan weed. I love the strong, earthy taste, and the delicious smell, yummmm. It’s worth growing indoors if you’ve got the room for it, and I am pretty stoked about the shorter growing period too. That means more weed in less time! I really dig GCS’s online selection, super vast, and the ordering process was clean and simple. Great vibes!

  5. oscar gonzalez says:

    LOooooooong growing time, but super worth it. Got some grade A pot seeds from Grower’s Choice. Wicked easy to online order, got em in a week. Put that stuff in the ground, easy to grow. Beautiful bud, super flavor too. Def worth the try, has a nice spicy indica vibe. Try it out.

  6. Tran P says:

    It’s a long growing time, yes, but it really is a magnificent weed. I am pretty darn impressed with the way things went. I got my seeds delivered from GCS and they came super quick. No issues with growth or germination either. Really nice yield, but I feel like I coulda done a little bit better honestly. I want to buy again so I can keep getting better! That being said the buzz is really nice and it’s been great for stress and depression!

  7. John carmon says:

    Love this spicy delicious weed! It’s so nice to have around the house. Perfect for packing a bowl on a lazy day, sitting out on the patio with some tea or coffee. I JUST harvested this weed, it’s very high quality stuff, the nugs are dense and green, and very abundant too. It’s super relaxing, all my worries just melt away, couldn’t ask for a better weed for stress. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks GCS!

  8. Lisa K says:

    Yum yum, this weed tastes just like the forest. I love it’s piney earthy scent and taste, now I get the term “smoking trees ” lol! What an awesome experience this has been. From ordering online to harvesting, the grow was really thrilling and pretty darn easy too. I got a LOT of bud offa one plant and now I am smoking like a KING. Super high quality nug, fresh and dank and seriously relaxing, perfect at night and great for stress!!!

  9. sunny dkef says:

    If you haven’t seen or tried this strain before, in the dispensary or elsewhere, I highly recommend it. It’s super easy to cultivate and grow, especially if you’ve got an indoor space or something of the like. It has this amazing smell, super earthy and pungent, almost exotic smelling, and the high really can’t be beat. It’s so chilled out, slows everything down, makes everything feel a little lighter. I smoke this everyday!

  10. denny016 says:

    This is the best evening smoke I have had in a while. It’s very indica heavy so you can expect to just kind of drift off and sleep after a while, but it also makes you very happy and gives a wonderful buzz overall. It’s a nice easy grow, especially if you can manage it indoors. It’s got a nice spicy earthy flavor too, and yields a nice amount for only 3 seeds. I feel great about this stuff, and I’ll totally be back for more!

  11. squirrlgrrl says:

    This weed is amazing and so very exotic! I was so glad I finally got a chance to order from GCS. I’ve heard such great things about them from my friends and colleagues. This was my first time growing weed, but I think I did really well and got a nice medium sized yield after just 4 months of growing. It’s a really impressive plant and offers some amazing mind benefits, like stress and anxiety relief. I’ll definitely be back for more seeds!

  12. duncan says:

    This is some spicy weed! It’s got all the great vibes of a strong indica you’re looking for, very relaxing, helps with pain and stress and even sleep a little bit! I ordered my seeds online with GCS and germinated them using the paper towel method. Had some pretty amazing results! The yield was strong and impressive and the buds were bright green and DELISH! I smoke at home after work and chill with my dog. Great buy!

  13. jackie m says:

    Definitely a great evening strain. Has helped me with stress and anxiety and definitely helps me sleep at night. I really enjoy all the relaxation benefits this weed has to offer, plus it’s a really short grow and it offers up some delicious nugs! It’s a moderate yield, but definitely worth it for the short growing period. Does really well indoors. Highly recommend!

  14. Chris Stratton says:

    WOW what a relaxing strain of mj. I loved how easy this was to grow, and just how short the growing time was! I had never heard of Ruderails before, but they seem to make for a very quick grow and a nice yield! The smoke is very smooth, kinda spicy too, and it gives me a great relaxing mind buzz. Helps me sleep at night and even helps with my aches and pains at the end of the day!

  15. Paul Mulford says:

    A powerfully relaxing weed, and oh so easy to grow! Standard delivery time on these seeds, got em pretty quick after ordering online. I used the germ guide on this site to help me get started and WOW they just took right off. It’s amazing to watch this stuff grow, and it grows FAST! Got a nice medium yield and the buds were something special to look at, love this stuff for sure!

  16. country bumpkin says:

    Nice pine scented weed, makes me think of the woods, the place I love so very much! It’s a great buy for sure, easy to grow and produces a really nice yield. I love how tall and bushy my plants got, and it smokes beautifully! Great for taking a few good bong rips and getting stoned with your buddies, highly relaxing!

  17. Ben Foster says:

    I finally got a chance to try out my new indoor growing space, and boy did it pay off! This weed is a classic and it grew super well in my basement. The flowers were big and bright green, even a little fuzzy, and the smell was super earthy. Great smoking in the evening when I get off of work and watch the TV. I love the spicy taste and the smooth and easy stress relief. Highly recommend!

  18. Sarah Dan says:

    I just set up a small grow space in the basement and was excited to try this out. I ordered online and had my seeds in one week, started them downstairs and they just took off! Amazing how simple it was to care for them, and the harvest gave me nearly 300 grams per plant, what an incredible thing! I smoke a lot of it but also share with friends, a very chilled out buzz, great at the end of a day!

  19. Cory Bridges says:

    This is some Grade-A weed, and has been super amazing to grow in my own backyard. I love the taste and the smell of this stuff, it’s wicked spicy and peppery, gives a great head buzz as well, but definitely makes me sleepy! I usually just roll one up right as I am about to chill on the couch for the evening and it helps me relax. Big fan of this stuff.

  20. parker9326 says:

    So far so good been planted for about 3 weeks. Growing nice and good. Good strain

  21. paos3 orfk 3 says:

    Afghan is a pretty hard strain to come by these days, was really happy GCS carries the seeds. Ordered online and got them delivered right to my door. Excellent germination using the paper towel method, love this stuff! It’s got a great spicy smell and taste and really offers some exceptional highs that take the edge off of my stressful days!

  22. ave maria says:

    Love these autoflowering varieties, makes it so much easier to grow in my basement and not worry about the sunlight as much. Love this strain as well, one of my favorites for years but first time growing. Such a delicious spicy smell to this weed, and the buzz is hella relaxing with a nice sativa after-kick. You’ll dig this stuff if you’re doing any creative projects.

  23. Gary THE Snail says:

    Definitely try this strain out if you’re ever feeling blue. It’s very relaxing but I find it to be uplifting and delicious. A classic weed for sure, and really easy to grow. GCS has great seeds, have been ordering from them for months now and almost have a full greenhouse worth of bud. It’s amazing!

  24. felixthecat says:

    If you need a strong indica buzz, this is the strain for you. Afghan is just one of those strains that does the trick every time. It’s very easy to grow and produces a TON of nug so you won’t go hungry lol. It’s got a great buzz, has been so helpful for sleeping and pain management, and also stores really well!

  25. Shawna Hicks says:

    This Afghan MJ strain definitely is faster to grow than some others I have tried (I grow exclusively indoors). It’s great for relaxing at night, not my preference for daytime use. But also good for people who are newish to weed and not looking to get loopy.

  26. chrisraymond11 says:

    Ordered an Afgan Auto three pack and all hatched and took root very quickly however one of the plants looks to be a totally different strain. It grew asymmetrical with much thinner fan leaves and always about two weeks behind growth stages as compared to the other two.
    The two that look like afgan are amazing and are almost read for harvest.

  27. XXXrogueXXX says:

    If you’re an indica lover then this is the strain for you! It’s incredibly relaxing, gives you some heavy couch lock and is great for watching your favorite movie or TV show. A classic strain that’s been around as long as I can remember. I love the small and taste, extremely earthy and spicy. It was also pretty easy to grow and with a relatively short time to flowering!

  28. Eric Jensen says:

    Guhhhhh I love this weed! It’s so delicious and amazing and helps me chill out super hard at night! Pretty darn easy to grow as well, so straightforward, and the seeds shipped out hella fast! Got like 300 gramps per plant and am like swimming in nug right now. It’s got this spicy flavor that I love and like I said, gets me hella chillllll! I use it at night before sleep, try it out y’all!

  29. Aaron says:

    This weed is better than sleeping pills, seriously! I have been suffering from insomnia for many years, and this was the solution I’d been looking for! Grew this weed in my backyard, it smells sweet and like pine, and I grind it up and smoke a bowl in the evening to help me relax and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

  30. Sean Mueller says:

    Afghan has been my staple grow for a while now, but this is my first time with GCS. Amazing online selection and super fast delivery. Grew in my basement and the seeds all did very well, a solid harvest of around 600 grams and an amazing night time smoke, great for relaxation and headaches, kiss your stress goodbye!

  31. Bob Dirk says:

    I can’t say enough good things about this weed. I love the Afghan strain and have been smoking it for many years. First attempt at growing my own and I am thrilled with the results! The weed is really lush and the nugs are super fluffy and amazing, I smoke this stuff at night to calm down my mind, give me ease in the evening, and just relax. It’s hard when you work a 9-5 job and are always worried about the next day. This stuff, with its super spicy taste, instantly relaxes and helps with sleep!

  32. Jesse E says:

    Excellent selection and fast shipping. Got 4 of 5 seeds to germinate which was a win for sure, and the plants themselves were nicely sized, grew well indoors, a much a better growing option for this strain in my opinion due to the amount of control you can exert over your environment can be very helpful when growing mj in general. The weed is excellent quality, perfect evening smoke for those of us looking to unwind after a long work day. Tastes sweet and spicy and earthy too. An excellent weed all around.

  33. sdt6980 says:

    Great seeds. Everything was perfect from ordering, shipping, germ to harvesting. This strain is my new favorite from Growers Choice. I will be running these again.

  34. jypsythedog says:

    Grown in Hempy pot. Required LST. Really like the smoke!

  35. thankyouthankyouCG says:

    I used to buy weed from a dispensary but it was just getting too expensive. After some research, I decided to get feminized cannabis seeds. Was a really great experience. Just a little bit of this and you don’t get too much of a couchlock feeling. I can actually study and get some stuff done because I’m not stressed. probably one of my fav marijuana strains right now. Not that distracting high where you feel cloudy or have impaired judgement or whatever. This is def a strain to use for medical stuff too because it helps me sleep like a baby at the end of the day.

  36. johnathancerda says:

    Service and product was great!! Will be ordering again! Thank you GCS! Very satisfied. My best plant yielded alot and grew about 5 feet!

  37. Tommy M. says:

    Growers Choice is the best cannabis seeds company I’ve ever found! I’ve ordered online from a couple different companies and they’re always garbage! Meanwhile I ordered 5 seeds from Growers Choice and they all germinated so easily. Every part of the growing process was so simple, and the result was fantastic. I love this strain, and I’m glad I’ve finally found a company that sells some quality feminized cannabis seeds! I seriously recommend this site to so many people I feel like I should start getting a commission.

  38. horacept says:

    This is by far my favorite strain and I’m so glad I gave growing a try. I was surprised by the success of my harvest, but some of the credit has to go to the customer service team, who pointed me in the direction of a ton of helpful growing advice online. My only issue is that it took quite a while for the plant to flower, but there’s no avoiding that. Next time I order I’ll probably buy a quicker strain as well, so I’ve got a plant to play with while I wait for these to grow. Love that they are feminized cannabis seeds though.

  39. Jenny K says:

    Love the couch lock I get from this strain. Buying feminized cannabis seeds was a great decision. It’s the first time that I’ve never had to pick out male plants. Way less duds in this batch than I’ve had from other companies as well. Ordering online is the best decision, because you can find more strains. I get the afghan and the durban poison. Both are excellent. I’ve always has most, if not all, of my seeds germinate too.

  40. Jackson R says:

    Afghan is one of my favorite strains, I love the smell, and I like that I can get them as auto-flowering from Growers Choice, since they can take a long time to bud. I try to always have at least one Afghan plant in my garden, it’s my go-to weed for evenings. Knocks me right out. One of my favorite things to do with Afghan is to make it into cookies so I get a tasty snack before bed. As for GCS, I think they’re a decent company, always receive my orders on time and they have regular sales, which I’ve been taking advantage of lately. Worth having a poke around, at least.

  41. mitnnb says:

    My package arrived in a timely manner. The packaging of the product is really nice!! First time trying Afghan and wow, was really awesome. I felt so relaxed and I think this was one of the best nights sleep Ive had in years. Flowered right on time. The whole purchasing experience was super easy. I like this company very much. I will purchase again GCS!

  42. tormongo says:

    All of my seeds germinated, the plants look good. They are pretty slow growing but seem to be healthy.

  43. Chriss says:

    I wasn’t sure about buying feminized cannabis seeds, but after talking to one of the customer service reps from the company, I was sold. I can really say that this was my best decision yet. Afghan is perfect for growing indoors, and it really works as it’s meant to. Great for those who can’t sleep all night because their minds are going constantly. I feel 100% more energized during the day because i’m actually resting at night. If you haven’t ordered before, do it! Delivery is reasonable and product is quality.

  44. Cayla says:

    This is my third time buying Afghan pot seeds. I’ve suffered from insomnia my entire life, and have struggled to find a strain that works. This one is perfect, especially for a newbie indoor grower like me!

  45. william15scott says:

    First time trying Afghan and I’m glad I gave it a go. All in all it was enjoyable, but I didn’t get as much of a head high which is what I’m generally after. If you’re looking for a great body high, this is a strain you should go for!
    Made me really tired, so it’s now my before bed choice. Made the mistake of smoking it in the morning and wanted to go right back to bed. My own fault for not reading reviews before smoking!

    Growing wise, this was perfect. Seeds arrived as expected without any issue. Set up the plants in a spare closet, and it was perfect because they didn’t get too tall. For the size of this plant, the yield was insane.

  46. emmachung234 says:

    Great quality seeds and fast shipping. A very easy strain to grow and grows very quickly. Amazing!

  47. amy_huang1987 says:

    The website was very easy to navigate, and the online chat was super helpful! Shipping was prompt and the packaging protected the seeds nicely. This strain germinated very well, can’t wait to have it for my sleep issues!

  48. aprilmalone051