Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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(142 customer reviews)

Afghan Autoflower seeds have relatively low THC levels of around 18%, which makes them ideal for beginner or novice users who have not built up a tolerance yet. Users enjoy this strain due to its earthy aroma and complex flavor profile with notes of ground pepper and spice.

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Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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Straight from the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan comes a classic strain that is an excellent choice for beginner growers and experienced growers alike! If you are looking for cannabis seeds to grow your own plants at home for personal use, the Afghan Auto Seeds strain could be right up your alley. These particular marijuana seeds are auto-flowering, a perfect choice for growers in certain circumstances. We’ll tell you all about auto-flowering marijuana plants, but first, let us tell you all about Afghan Auto Seeds as a cannabis strain.

The Genetic Makeup of Afghan Seeds

Effectively, Afghan is the auto-flowering variety of Afghani. As such, if you have bought Afghani seeds before, you are familiar with the effects and experience of Afghani. The difference in the auto-flowering cannabis seed variant is that a bit of the Cannabis ruderalis strain has been worked into the mix. Cannabis plants are hardy plants by nature, but ruderalis takes that to the next level. Ruderal plants thrive in harsh climates, and they also provide the auto-flowering aspect that regular cannabis seeds lack. First, though in case you aren’t familiar with the Afghan strain, then there is more to tell you about Afghan as a marijuana strain.

How Powerful are Afghan Auto-Flowering Seeds?

The THC levels of Afghan seeds are moderate. Our version of the strain comes in at roughly 18 percent in terms of THC levels. Anything below 15 percent is low, and anything above 20 percent is high, so clearly 18 percent THC is a solid amount that even novice tokers can handle. Afghani seeds are pure indica, but Afghan has some of the cannabis species Cannabis ruderalis in the mix as we noted. That makes Afghan technically an indica-dominant strain. This is not your typical indica-dominant hybrid strain, though, as there is not a sativa strain in the mix. Ruderalis has little to no THC in it, and it does not impact how a marijuana strain makes you feel. It is entirely there for how ruderalis impacts the cannabis plants themselves.

The Complex Flavors and Earthy Aroma of Afghan Plants

There is an intriguing flavor and aroma profile to Afghan. The individual flavors you pick out could number several different tastes, but the fusion of flavors hits quite well all things considered. The intense flavor of citrus may be at the forefront, but there are peppery flavors and spicy notes as well. Others notice an aftertaste of pine in Afghan as well. There are pine notes in the aroma as well, but also herbal notes. Some indicate citrus undertones, which aren’t surprising, but there are also floral undertones as well. The complex aromas pair well with the flavor profile, so we recommend giving it a shot. If you like to drink wine for its complex flavors and aromas, then Afghan marijuana seeds could be perfect for you.

Get a Hard-Hitting Yet Soothing Buzz with Afghan

While sativas give you more of a cerebral buzz, smoking an indica is more of a relaxing activity. Afghan is all about the indica effects, which are relaxing and felt in the body. This is a great strain for deep body relaxation. You’ll feel a buzz through your entire body that is a great choice for those who like to enjoy their marijuana at night. Indicas are not ideal for daytime use, especially if you have to do stuff. You might experience couch lock with Afghan, and it can put you to sleep as well.

Is Afghan Good for Medicinal Users?

Recreational users enjoy Afghan but what about medicinal tokers? Depending on your needs, this could be an effective option for you. Physical pain, for example, can often be effectively handled by Afghans. After all, this indica is all about deep body relaxation. That’s good for managing physical pain. The pain-relieving qualities of this strain can help with mild discomfort or chronic pain. It’s also a choice for people looking for help sleeping. Afghan could even help with insomnia if that’s an issue for you. While we definitely recommend Afghan to recreational users, if you are interested in medical marijuana, this strain could be even better for you.

The Benefit of Auto-Flowering Afghan Seeds

The ruderalis in autoflowering strains make for a resilient hybrid, but there is more to it than that. Your typical marijuana plants are photoperiod plants. Cannabis cultivation with a photoperiod crop requires you to expose your plants to a specific light cycle for them to enter the flowering phase. Auto-flowering plants, on the other hand, enter the flowering stage based on the age of the plant. They flower automatically, which makes things much easier. That makes the cultivation process easier for everybody, but obviously, novice growers benefit from that more. Even experienced growers often get Afghan Autoflower seeds for another reason. Auto-flowering cannabis plants have a compact structure. A compact plant takes up less space, and if you have limited space for indoor or outdoor growing, you might want to limit plant size. In that sense, auto-flowering plants can really benefit you. Afghan has a longer flowering time than many strains, taking up to 70 or 80 days. Indoor growers can get reasonably-heavy yields. Even with the compact size of Afghan plants, you can get 400 to 500 grams of quality bud per square meter. Traditionally, Afghan auto-flowering plants do less well with outdoor cultivation. Outdoor growers tend to get 200 to 300 grams per plant with their outdoor crop.

Growers Choice Seeds is a Premium Option for Growers Like You

If you are looking for quality marijuana seeds for sale, look no further than Growers Choice. We offer a premium product for a plethora of strain options, including Afghan. For starters, we offer fully-feminized cannabis seeds. Why is that so important? Because when it comes to marijuana, only female plants have buds. Buds are where almost all the THC is found in marijuana, so it would be a beginner mistake to risk having male marijuana plants show up in your at-home grow. We lab-test all our seeds for quality, and we offer a germination guarantee as well. If you use our recommended germination method that you can find in our detailed germination guide, you are eligible for that germination guarantee in case you need it. Fortunately, the paper towel technique we recommend is quite simple, and all it takes is a moist paper towel, a dinner plate, and a glass or bowl of water for your makeshift germination station. Here is more about the paper towel method. We have high-quality seeds, but the germination process can be tricky sometimes, and we want you to have peace of mind. Speaking of peace of mind, we have quick, reliable, discreet shipping available, and our helpful support team is here if you need them. Whether you are a recreational toker, or if you are a health user, at Growers Choice Seeds we want you to have the ideal experience. That’s why we offer dozens of strains and auto marijuana seeds. Here are five other strains to consider.

1. Master Kush: If you want a heavy yield, Master Kush could be the strain for you. This pure indica comes in at 21 percent THC, and outdoor plants yield up to 500 grams per plant! That’s some healthy growth!

2. Hash Plant: With Hash Plant, Afghan Autoflower seeds mix with Cannabis Cup winner Northern Lights to give you an indica-dominant hybrid strain that’s great for marijuana seed cultivation.

3. Royal Kush: Royal Kush auto-flowering seeds offer you the “King of the Hybrids.” This powerful indica-dominant hybrid is known for a mind-blowing buzz that can have your head in a cloud of euphoria.

4. Birthday Cake Kush: Instead of grabbing a couple of snacks at the end of the day, relax with some Birthday Cake Kush instead. This balanced hybrid has a heavy yield that many of your fellow growers already love.

5. God’s Green Crack: The flavor of grape with herbal undertones characterizes God’s Green Crack, which can help medically-minded users dealing with both physical and non-physical issues.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Lowryder x Afghani


10% Ruderalis, 90% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

70-80 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Lethargic, Sleepy

Best Use

Anxiety, Evening, reduce stress, relaxation


Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

142 reviews for Afghan Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

  1. donald l stutts Verified Owner

    first of all my seeds were shipped FAST! couldn’t ask for better service. i got the seeds at 11am on a monday. by 11am tuesday they had popped. i went straight into the 6 gal bucket. by 11 am wednesday they were out of the dirt. today is 8 days since the mail came and they are 2.5″ tall. you can’t buy better seeds than this and the price is reasonable.

  2. user9384 Verified Owner

    A very nice strong body high this strain is great for a nice relaxing high. The short size helps it fit into any garden easily and yields quite well indoors with this easy-to-care-for seed. Great for any novice grower looking for a nice body high.

  3. John Rory Verified Owner

    Friendly to newbies, and my lower light situations. Very happy with my product, and despite not knowing much the information on this site helped me make an informed decision. The growing experience was very rewarding and i enjoy smoking this strain for a good nights sleep! The strain was rather sweet smelling, so if you’re not into that you may want to skip out.

  4. DarkKnight Verified Owner

    Despite taking a really long time to grow for an autoflower, this one is really nice and easy to care for. The rewards are immense with how delightful the high is, with real lazy Sunday afternoon vibes to it.

  5. IndicaInnovator82 Verified Owner

    4 out of 5 seeds sprouted, I’m pretty happy with that as I’ve had a bad experience with another seed company in the past. The shipping was quick and my afghan auto seeds are on the way to the flowering stage. I will probably give a review update when it gets there.

  6. Michael J Verified Owner

    Holy smokes, these afghan seeds are amazing! They arrived faster than a pizza delivery, and the customer service was better than my grandma’s cooking. Germination was so easy, I’m starting to think I have a green thumb. I can’t wait to see the yield on these beauties!

  7. nelly jr p Verified Owner

    I am living my best life! Afghan weed is a big part of that. I used to have serious social anxiety, and smoking this weed has really helped me calm down and relax. It’s also helped with my confidence! Buy your strain online and expect the best results!

  8. NeonNirvana Verified Owner

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of afghan auto-flowering feminized seeds! The shipping was lightning fast, the customer service was top-notch, and the quality of germination was impressive. The plants are growing beautifully and are sure to provide a great yield.

  9. Amara Iyer Verified Owner

    Very earthy and fresh, gets me wicked high and puts me in a body stone state of mind, so excellent for video games and watching movies. Always been a grower at heart, and absolutely in LOVE with GCS and their products!

  10. LilDad Verified Owner

    As a new grower and new user, this Lola the was awesome! Responded well to the VA climate and took nutrients incredibly well. All of these seeds germinated like clockwork and were all female. The yield was around an ounce or so, which I expected since I’m a new grower and higher yields are the fruits of a more seasoned grower, not just the quality of the seeds. I did have to chop the plant earlier than I would like because of a small bud getting rotten (entirely due to the humidity of VA in late July). My advice to VA growers would be to put these in the ground around mid/late April to prevent the late summer “dog days” jeopardizing the harvest. The high is incredibly relaxing with no real “head high” to speak of, and that’s even considering the fact that I had to harvest before any real ambering of the trichomes! This is great weed, and GCS was reliable and helpful!

  11. Shona Eaton Verified Owner

    Ruderails strains are new to me, but I was not entirely impressed. The weed was good but not stellar. Quantity over quality. But the shipping was fast and reliable so that was nice.

  12. Shawna S. Verified Owner

    As an Alaskan, being able to grow a strain that isn’t dependent on long daylight hours is important. Growing Afghan has been a cinch. Plus, my friends and I are big fans of hashish, do that’s another bonus with raising Afghan. Will definitely order from Growers Choice Seeds again and again!

    Shawna S., Anchorage, AK

  13. Vincent Lambert Verified Owner

    This is my fourth grow with the Afghan strain, and I must say it’s still one of my favorites. I’ve just transplanted them from a paper cup to a 5 gallon pot, and they are doing really well! All five seeds I bought germinated, and they look very healthy. I love the taste and the buzz, very earthy and body-centric. Delicious in brownies as well. GCS rocks the Afghan seeds!

  14. Neal York Verified Owner

    This stuff practically grows itself ! Autoflowers rock ! Perfect for a novice grower like me

  15. weedmaster2001 Verified Owner

    Quick and easy ! I love the auto flowering line!

  16. Ewan Garza Verified Owner

    If you are into the sweet-smelling strains, then afghan might be your next pick! I have been growing weed for longer than I can remember, have always been a fan of this stuff. Gets me nice and stoned and for a very reasonable cost. I like to smoke and then play some jazz music on my old stereo vinyl system. It’s looking pretty fantastic, and it gets me hella baked!!!

  17. Arabella Mcintyre Verified Owner

    Afghan helps with all kinds of stress and anxiety…I ordered it online and it showed up at my doorstep like one week later, suuuper convenient, and it grows really nicely, makes for an awesome purchase when you just wanna have some fun. I can’t wait for the next batch to arrive, and I will definitely buy some more. I like smoking weed, and I can’t believe I am finally growing my own!!

  18. Juno Mccarthy Verified Owner

    Afghan kush is definitely made for royalty, good thing it’s available to everyone, and I am very pleased to see this coming to my mailbox every few months as well. Got a nice little weed operation in my backyard with raised beds and everything, and I think the squirrels like it even more than I do. Which is surprising cause I like it a lot!!! Gonna definitely purchase more marijuana folks!

  19. Kate Pugh Verified Owner

    I LOOOOOOVE this weed! The afghan strain is an absolute gem! It’s suuuuper chill and helps with stressssss! OMGGGG my mom HATES that I smoke weed, but I dont care! I grow it in my bedroom even though I am 35!!! I don’t care what my mom thinks anymore, what a great time, I love growing weed in my closet. It’s killer!!!

  20. Stella Shepard Verified Owner

    When I am looking to get really stoned, I absolutely go wild for the afghan strain! Ordering online is as easy as pie, and the seeds have always shipped out in a timely manner. I go with GCS because they’re so consistently reliable, with a beautiful yield from most of my plants, looking absolutely fantastic!

  21. Cadence Charlton Verified Owner

    I worked in the farming industry for a little while so I have some experience growing marijuana. I thought it would be fun to grow my own and Afghan has long been my favorite strain. GCS had a pretty amazing online system, great shipping and useful customer service help. I smoke it pretty often, get stoned and buy more of this weed. I love the growing process too. To me, it’s nice and relaxing 🙂

  22. Ayaz Aguirre Verified Owner

    This is a nice and earthy strain, yummm, so grounded. Great for rolling into joints, and then smoking it all night long. I get very baked and then ride my bike into downtown. Extremely nice to have your own homegrown weed on hand, and it was super fun watering and pruning it!!!

  23. Sarah Young Verified Owner

    Afghan is some seriously nice weed, it’s got all those great flavors and incredible feels. It makes my life feel really strong and exciting. I ordered it online, pushed it to the back of my mind and then WOW it showed up in the mail like 2 days later, amazing! These seeds are great, and autoflowering seeds are excellent for beginner growers like me, very satisfied with the project, and will definitely buy more!

  24. Aiysha Betts Verified Owner

    Get ready for the RIDE OF YOUR LIFE. This weed is like totally EXTREME!!! It’s like so tasty that your brain will feel like it’s on fire and you’ll wanna play outside in the water. Gets me nice and baked, and for the price, you really can’t beat it. Are you gonna buy this again? You know you will, cause it’s TIIIIGHT and it’s a stoner’s dream come trye!!

  25. Aleisha Esparza Verified Owner

    Love these ruderails strains, so easy to grow and fast flowering. Best bang for your buck on this site. Love the way this stuff made me feel, and it was so much fun to grow. All the things that marijuana should be, very chill and very uplifting. I say GO FOR IT!!

  26. Zacharia Wyatt Verified Owner

    Afghan is what you wanna have in your life….it’s sooo smooth and smokey….it burns the back of your throat and has a nice powerful exhale…can really feel it in your lungs…a pretty liberating experience….so nice to have some homegrown weed…definitely gonna buy some moreeeee!!!

  27. Hasan Mcbride Verified Owner

    Cmon man, you KNOW you wanna smoke this dope, it’s so chill and relaxing and it gives me a GREAT vibe. Definitely worth the effort, cause life is hard, and this weed eases your mind into a sweet and relaxing buzz that makes eating and rocking out much better and easier than normal. I like growing this weed in the backyard…it’s surprisingly easy, plus it looks great out there, gives me a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.

  28. Jad Weir Verified Owner

    You really can’t get better than Afghan. It’s got an exciting and exotic taste, makes me really high, but my body is all kinds of relaxed, just a fantastic time, very much on par with other weeds I have grown, but this one came out orange-colored….not sure why? Either way, the result was fantastic….I feel like a total king right now, and all my friends worship me. Heck yeah, let’s go!!!!

  29. Cheyenne Buxton Verified Owner

    I worship this afghan strain, it’s really a good buy when you are strapped for cash as so many of us are these days, in this difficult time we are living in. We need to keep busy as much as we can, and I am very proud to be a weed grower for my own personal health and happiness. Afghan has a nice and relaxing flavor, very uplifting and pretty exciting, I like how much it makes me smile 🙂

  30. Allen Avery Verified Owner

    Afghan is a very mysterious and wonderful strain, makes any day feel like a winner in my book! Ordered online and had it shipped right to my place here in Washington. So easy! Finally got these seeds to sprout after a week and then got them to make some beautiful colorful green flower in about 5 months, absolutely stunning and easy to harvest, plus it tastes like the desert air and gives you cottonmouth LOL. Good times!!!

  31. Raveena Page Verified Owner

    I was a little worried I wouldn’t be good enough at this to grow my own weed, but it turns out I am a natural when it comes to getting this stuff popping out of the ground! I am very excited for the way this turned out. These leaves are absolutely beautiful and fantastic and so colorful it hurts my DELICATE eyes, and that’s okay cause I am made of glass and you can only break me if you try!!

  32. Mimi Quintero Verified Owner

    God I just love this marijuana, it’s so chill and tastes so good. I love the relaxing vibes and the earthy smell and the harsh smoke that burns the back of my throat and numbs my tongue. Growing this weed is a real treat and it helps with stress and depression-like nothing else. I plan to smoke every dang day for the rest of my life and GCS will be my seed provider.

  33. Enzo Mcgregor Verified Owner

    I was always a fan of the afghan strain, and I used to smoke it all the time in college. Pretty stoked for this new grow of mine, it’s going really well, smells great, and looks pretty shiny too. Like super fuzzy and really green, definitely a good time, highly agreed upon in my household (I am resident pot grower lol) as the best strain they’ve had all year. Excellent buy!

  34. angel.solorio.sol1 Verified Owner

    Afghani auto flower ,is such a nice indica.. If your looking for a school couch lock this is that ..and the taste takes you back to them good ol days ..

  35. tom costa Verified Owner

    No way am I ever going back to buying weed at the dispensary, this is some seriously nice stuff, and it smells good and it tastes pretty dang good too. It’s not too hard to grow, makes for a nice little summer project in the backyard, and hey, once the fall comes around there you are with some fresh afghan weed in your pocket feeling like a boss!! Just make sure you care for your plants every week!!!

  36. IllegalFurry Verified Owner

    Afghan strain is new and improved in my mind…looks amazing and smells fantastic too. Ordering online is a trip, very easy and the delivery is really fast. I finally got to smoke this weed last week after I harvested…I got some really fresh nugs out of this strain, and I smoked it out of a huge bong!!! The vibe was wonderful, very buzzy and relaxed and my head felt like it was floating. So many good vibes!!

  37. Alisha Hester Verified Owner

    A strain worthy of the gods….it’s so fluffy and smells like trees…it’s like smoking a cloud…absolute perfection….easy growing….easy online ordering….who could ask for more? This is good stuff everyone!

  38. Tony Moss Verified Owner

    The fluffiest and stickiest weed in town, it’s got all the right indica vibes, hits nice and smooth and is pretty fun to grow, but a little challenging. I really like the taste of this weed, definitely enjoy the vibe too, best when smoked alone or with close friends, nice deep conversations and always a nice buzz, good with tea or coffee too!

  39. patiolawnllc Verified Owner

    Afghan kush is seriously one of the nicer strains on the market. It’s an easy grow, makes for a good buy when you wanna just chill out with your homies or whatever. I brought this stuff over to my friend Paul’s place and we just got blazed and told stories and had a great time, I have never felt better about what I was doing in my garden, got some seriously nice bud with minimal effort!

  40. a.wilson Verified Owner

    I was absolutely floored by the weed, so fresh and tasty, and full of so many delicious flavors. I LOVE the growing process, it’s so fun and so casual. I never had trouble getting my seeds to grow, have always had good luck with this product. I can’t believe how much weed I got, it’s so earthy and tasty and delicious, I definitely wanna buy more!

  41. Xavier cullins Verified Owner

    Hey there, wanted to write in and say I loved this weed! Ordered 3 seeds and had perfect germination. Growing information on this website was also really helpful. I usually buy my seeds from a local distributor here in Oregon, but I was more impressed with these seeds, excellent genetics and a faster growing time. Made for a great buy, and a lasting yield. Truly can’t complain, this might be the best weed I have ever smoked!!!

  42. george funny Verified Owner

    I wanted to try out Afghan seeds cause I just love the way they hit me, so smooooooth. I ordered online, got it delivered to my home here in South LA, only took about a week or so, and I was on my way. This bud grows nice and evenly, it’s a patient strain, takes about 5 months from seed to harvest, and it’s a little challenging at times, can be very demanding. I am down for more pot seeds though!

  43. may gonzo Verified Owner

    Your classic middle of the road indica with some serious flavor and freshness, especially when you are growing your own. Pretty happy with how my seeds turned out. Got a seriously nice vibe from this weed, makes me feel really stoned and gets me totally baked from just a few hits at a time. Has a great level-minded feeling, helps me think deeply and creatively!

  44. Jesse malbery Verified Owner

    I was really impressed by this strain, it kinda blows my mind every time cause it has that chill earthy smell and taste that makes for a great purchase. I bought 3 seeds this time around and got to work planting them in the backyard, made for a great little garden project. I was very impressed by the results, only tooks about 5 months, now me and my buddies are smoking hella weed!

  45. qzlskm Verified Owner

    Nice to know there are a few varieties of ruderails on this site, it’s good for us northern growers who need a little more daylight to get things to bloom. I got a nice vibe from this strain though, it helps me manage pain and stress and often times makes for a good midnight smoke with friends or if you are having trouble sleeping. I had a good time and will buy again 🙂

  46. Brian Strong Verified Owner

    Afghan is what you wanna take home to mom…it’s a relaxing strain that keeps my head on straight, makes me feel really relaxed and helps me deal with stress, but it’s never too much, and it always hits just right…a nice, sweet high that makes for good conversations and great artistic energy….perfect for growing at home or indoors!

  47. East Coast Fanatic Verified Owner

    I had always been a huge fan of Afghan Brown – the sticky brown stuff that was a mid-level, fairly highly available bud back in the day. I was not disappointed by these autos, trichome production is off the charts. Fantastic. The plants themselves take off and run thru fast, be ready. The plant size was smaller than my other auto grows but the product more than made up for it. 10 stars. My pickiest friends were very impressed.

  48. sam lopez Verified Owner

    Afghan kush is nearly the most amazing thing I have discovered this year…besides ape caves in Washington lol, that’s hard to top. Pretty stoked about this mj, it’s very relaxing and very easy to grow, kush weeds are like beginner strains, but the payoff is almost always worth it, especially for the dank bud you get after just a few months of growing, saves you $$ too!

  49. STEVE No Verified Owner

    Afghan is a nice vibe, helps with pain, stress and even appetite. I tend to get really stressed out at work so I never really bother with eating dinner. When I smoke this weed I feel waaaay more excited bout cooking and really get some nice stuff on the table. I love my cat!!!

  50. No Whammies Verified Owner

    A pretty unique strain with a lot of great mental health benefits. I like growing weed in my greenhouse, it’s done quite well out there, and the heat this summer just drives them right along. I personally think I am getting better at gardening as the pandemic moves along, but I really think I just have more free time on my hands haha! Got a great yield this time around though. Pretty stoked about it!

  51. Tooters Verified Owner

    Afghan kush is seriously relaxing weed. You’ll never encounter a better strain than this for dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. I personally really enjoy the smell, it’s very earthy, a little spicy, and it helps me feel grounded. I recommend this to anyone looking to get into weed growing, cause it’s very rewarding and easy to order online!

  52. Bee Verified Owner

    Paper towel method worked, and I see some pretty little leaves coming up! These are growing like weeds even just after planting them, very happy.

  53. Essentials Verified Owner

    Afghan is a weird one, definitely has some interesting flavor, kinda peppery and spicy when you smoke it, but man it sure is relaxing!!! I get real stoned off this weed, and I smoke it every day to help me deal with work-related stress. I wonder if we’re all just going to be working for the rest of our lives or will maybe make a change to a more enjoyable way of life? Either way, weed helps me deal 🙂

  54. Squirrel Verified Owner

    Some powerful stuff! I mean this weed is like a real trip for your mind and it makes a huuuuge difference in my day, makes me feel really relaxed and if I smoke too much then it’s time for a nap!!! No worries though, this weed is like a real dream, makes me wanna just read a book or go for a walk and enjoy all the colors of summer. You will not be disappointed!

  55. Tuesday Verified Owner

    I honestly just rolled the dice and picked the first weed that sounded interesting to me…pretty happy with my decision! I am not really an expert when it comes to growing mj, but it helps a lot to have some gardening skills in your background. Ordering online was easy and fast and the delivery was super discreet and reliable. The customer service crew was also on point, really helpful!

  56. Ipsy Verified Owner

    I wanted to try something new and improved you know? I got myself 5 good looking seeds, and I love the beautiful taste and smell of this stuff once it’s fully mature. I can’t wait to buy more of it cause it’s just so fun to grow, and having your own weed is even better than storebought stuff. It’s well worth it, I say try it out!

  57. Simonsays Verified Owner

    Indica weeds are definitely more on the sleepy side of things. I was really happy and impressed with how this turned out. Got a beautiful harvest with some glorious looking buds. Smells amazing and looks amazing…the buzz is highly relaxing…makes for a nice bedtime strain…smoke a little bowl by the window and you’ll fall right to sleep. Say goodbye to insomnia and stress!

  58. Aaron Jansen Verified Owner

    Afghan grows really nicely in my backyard here in Portland. I was amazed how easy it was to grow this stuff. I literally just grew it like I was going to grow a tomato plant and look out! This stuff took right off. I loved taking care of it….it was a nice change of pace from working inside all the time. I got a big harvest, nearing 5 oz of weed, and I smoke it every damned day. Great for stress!

  59. therainbowconnection Verified Owner

    Afghan kush baybay! This stuff is wildly relaxing and makes for a great smoking session. I usually load up my bong after work and get really stoned and watch some TV to relax. I am very pleased with the growing process too, very easy and pretty fun actually. I definitely enjoy this weed and will absolutely buy more!

  60. David Barclay Verified Owner

    Afghan is your new best friend! This stuff will seriously blow your mind and make you wanna be the happiest person in the world! I ordered this stuff online with GCS and had the seeds delivered right to my door. I love having fresh weed right at home. It’s great for smoking and for baking. It really can’t be beat and I highly recommend having this around for those difficult times when you are stressing!

  61. Free Tibet Verified Owner

    Afghan is a nice strain that helps with depression, anxiety and also makes you wanna just cuddle with your cat!!! It’s got a nice spicy flavor to it…makes me feel like at ease which is rare these days…always nice to work in my garden here in Portland….perfect for new gardeners that want a fun challenge 🙂 The price is right for what you get…which is lots of weed!

  62. mahadeva_sadhus Verified Owner

    got the 5 pack seeds they germinated quicker than I thought and 3 weeks later they are strong with a good color I am excited on how this is going to turn out

  63. Trim Gloves Verified Owner

    Afghan is a world-class weed with an excellent ability to manage pain and stress and just put a smile on your face. Got myself 3 seeds online…very fast shipping and they showed up right in my mailbox. The grow guide on this site was extremely useful and helpful and I am very happy with the results of my grow. Got nearly 7 oz of beautiful high quality bud that makes my pain go away. Excellent choice!

  64. Greenlantern Verified Owner

    I was hoping to grow a strain that I could smoke with my friends…something that would get us all laughing and having a good time…I think I found it with this strain…makes for a great buy…excellent grow for when you’re not too experienced but want a big yield…I smoke it to maintain my sanity and, like I said, to have a good time. My friend group seems to like it too, they love the smell and the taste…and the buzz just couldn’t be better!

  65. Popcorn Poppin Verified Owner

    I was never a fan of indica strains until I smoked some afghan. I tried it on a whim at a friend’s place and got nice and stoned. It was so relaxing, I knew I just had to have my own…but the dispensary by me doesn’t sell it! So I ordered 3 afghan seeds on GCS and grew them in the backyard…they have an excellent yield and are very fresh. I definitely saved money…and I am very happy about that!

  66. lizard brain Verified Owner

    I am growing the auto version of Afghan from GC and they came up and started going into flower. I grew the Tangerine Dream (highly recommend) and the plants grew much larger yet they advertise the same yield as with the Afghans. It likely is something I did or did not do but these Afghan Autos are very dwarfy, didn’t expect them to be this small but they are densely packed flowers and packing on the trichomes. I think the end product will be as the others describe but the yield will be half of what the Tangerines did. I did not see any other posts commenting as such and am wondering if any others had this experience? (darfy)

  67. SOILSOILSOIL Verified Owner

    I never heard of this strain before…it’s super new to me, as is the entire process of growing weed. I thought I’d just try something new, cause why not, and ordered myself 5 seeds from GCS and they all shipped out hella fast and we all get to enjoy the weed in my house. I did most of the growing, but I am pretty happy with how much nug I got after 4 months. I mean It was really easy and the weed tastes phenomenal. Love this stuff!

  68. Ridiculousness Verified Owner

    Come on and give me something good! This stuff is really amazing and fantastic. It gives me a great high and it makes we wanna jam with my buddies. I love getting stoned and playing music. It’s one of the reasons why weed is so amazing! Definitely gonna be a good day!

  69. Hoteltowels Verified Owner

    Man, have you ever tried smoking weed out of a hookah? This stuff reminds me of hashish, and it’s just so flavorful and wonderful. I smoke it almost every day to just to relax and feel like myself after a hard day at the office. I grew it indoors and did pretty well for myself. Got a nice little operation going in the basement, you chould check it out sometime. I mean, you know it’s kinda lonely over here, would like some friends to smoke this afghan weed with!!!

  70. Kermit Verified Owner

    One of the more beautiful strains I have grown in my short career of growing marijuana. It’s got nice, dense, light green flowers, and it smells fantastic. I think I almost enjoy growing it more than I do most other plants lol. Great summer project with some beautiful results. Great smell and taste, very fresh and high quality. It was really easy to order online with GCS, they have an excellent customer service team that was very helpful when I bought my seeds. Can’t wait to buy more!

  71. Ol’Pal Verified Owner

    If you and your buddies like to sit around and smoke a joint, might I suggest passing the afghan next time around? It’s relaxing and sociable, you’ll feel like all you wanna do is chat about the funniest things and then the munchies will show up and you’ll be ready to just take it down a notch and chow down. A very tasty strain, nice and earthy, and very flavorful. Pretty buds as well, nice green and yellow colors, super dense. Can’t wait to harvest my next batch!

  72. Cool Cat Verified Owner

    Aghan is a very powerful indica strain…I got 3 shoebox worth of weed, but yeah, the caterpillars attacked after a while, and I lost some of my yields. It was my fault lol. Next time I will grow indoors to improve my yield. In the basement I have these grow lights set up I thin would be perfect for weed. I am excited to buy more seeds grom Grower’s. Excellent quality stuff, never let’s me down!

  73. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  74. quickwork Verified Owner

    Are you looking for an exotic buzz with a funky flavor? You just met your match! Unlike tinder, you’ll actually fall in love with this weed. I smoke it almost every day, well, mostly at night cause if I smoke during the day I get kinda sleepy. This was admittedly my first time growing mj, but I feel like I did a pretty good job all things considered. Got probably 500 grams and it was all really fresh. Yum! I can’t wait to buy more!

  75. Station Wagon Verified Owner

    Take a break from your busy life and try a little bit of this afghan weed. It’s a good high, very relaxing and uplifiting, perfect for those dreary afternoons that never seem to end. I like smoking this and then going to the park to feed the birds or just chill at the lake. I have been growing weed as long as I can remember, but this stuff from GCS really takes the cake in terms of quality and yield 🙂

  76. Unleashed Verified Owner

    This marijuana reminds me of my time at university when my friends and I would all pack a huge bowl and smoke on the quad. It was good times, and now I am an adult and can finally begin to grow my own weed! I got myself 3 seeds from GCS and had them shipped right to my door. Got a great little yield and smoke it most evenings to relax. Has a nice earthy funky flavor that keeps me coming back for more!

  77. Politically Correct Verified Owner

    Long grow, but worth the wait. Very excited I finally got to harvest my afghan mj. I got my 3 seeds online with GCS and they shipped right to my mailbox. Fast delivery times, nice packaging too. Sprouted super fast in my little outdoor germ chamber. I am excited for the prospect of growing this strain indoors next time cause I do think the yield will be higher. The weed I harvested is very fresh, and it helps with stress and depression. Highly recommend 🙂

  78. Poodle Walker Verified Owner

    Afghan is one of those strains that makes every day better, I love the way this stuff hits me, it’s nice and mellow and has a great smell to it, super earthy and a little sweet, and it is very high in indica percentage which makes for a very mellow, chilled out high when you get home. I load up my bong and have a nice little smoke, then I chill out and watch some well-deserved TV. Helps my appetite and helps me sleep. Plus it was fun to grow. Great job!

  79. Wood Verified Owner

    If you’re a fan of smoking hookah then you’ll probably dig this weed. I love taking huge rips and just maxing out on the couch. It’s got a nice earthy-sweet flavor, kinda like hashish, and it’s very relaxing. I smoke to help with stress, anxiety and depression and I am offering all y’all a tip: grow indoors!!! It’s incredibly easy to set up a room and you get way more weed than you would otherwise. Pretty exciting when you harvest your own bud for the first time. Highly recommend!

  80. Apple Verified Owner

    Weed is finally legal here in Chicago!!! I got myself 3 seeds delivered and am very excited to plant them once the weather warms up! I got the makings of a nice greenhouse in the backyard and am very excited about the prospect of smoking this weed all winter long cause the winters here are CRAZY COLD! I don’t mind though, this afghan will keep me warm like a blanket and its indica properties will keep me nice and well rested and relaxed. Super excited!!!

  81. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  82. the Student Verified Owner

    I love me some afghan kush, this stuff is a classic in my book. I’ve been smoking it for years, but never thought to grow my own. My good friend recommended this site to me, and I decided to give it a try. Was very impressed by their online catalog, and am amazed I got such a great yield out of my plants. Growing indoors is really the way to go, much bigger yields and easier to control your plant’s environment. This stuff is hella relaxing and helps me sleep at night!

  83. Jazz Verified Owner

    well love it, started in oct and now its curing. easy to grow, the more space you have the more u will yield. using a 1 gallon pot with LST i was able to yield 17.5 g dry weight on 1 plant . So hell yeah next run i will try a 2 gallon pot to compare yield. easy plant to grow i highly recommend low stress training for increase yield. i will def order again.

  84. Jatzee Torres Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  85. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  86. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  87. Jasmine Verified Owner

    This weed just looks and tastes exotic. It makes me feel like I am taking a trip across the globe to a new country and exploring all the amazing streets…it’s a very mellow buzz, never too overpowering, and it helps a lot with stress and anxiety. The smell is very unique, kinda earthy and a little bit harsh to smoke, but dang if that buzz isn’t well worth it. I grew it indoors which has been really helpful in getting a great yield. I can’t wait to buy more!

  88. Cheese Verified Owner

    One heck of a relaxing indica strain, perfect for those lazy days with nothing to do and nowhere to go…I had a great time growing this weed in my backyard, and I really love the way this all worked out. The seeds arrived quickly and discreetly and the growing process was simple as pie! I got a nice yield and the weed smells and looks amazing, very earthy and sweet and the nugs are hella dense and fresh. Can’t get much better than this!

  89. PaulRobin Verified Owner

    If you are ever having a chill gathering at your place, definitely keep this weed around, it’s super light and relaxing and has a really unique flavor that everyone is gonna love. It sets a chill mood, makes music and food that much better and helps a ton with social anxiety. Good for growing indoors, and gives off a mighty yield if you do it right. I probably got 500 g in total which will last me some time. Super happy about this stuff!

  90. willwhilden Verified Owner

    Kind of amazing how far weed has come. When I was a kid it was super hard to find seeds and grow your own, but nowadays its super nice and easy. I can’t wait to grow more weed in the future! I was so impressed with GCS that I definitely will be back for more seeds. It’s super nice for the weekends when you’re chilling with friends and you need something to get y’all feeling super stoney. Good vibes!

  91. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  92. Barry Feldman Verified Owner

    This was a pretty long grow, I got kinda anxious to get this to flower, but when it finally did it was well worth the wait. Definitely a heavy indica strain. Does a lot for me mentally and physically as well. I used to have trouble sleeping, but this stuff really helped me get to sleep and stay asleep. It’s been great for my appetite as well. I now feel like cooking almost every night. Saves me a lot of money and time actually. Great buy!

  93. Bolevy Verified Owner

    A very earthy pungent strain that does great for stress and relaxation. It’s helped me tremendously with my social anxiety…I feel like once I am relaxed I can talk to anyone. I have grown weed in the past and it was nice to slip back into the habit. Got a nice yield from 3 plants, waaaay more than I was expecting, planning on sharing this stuff with friends and family. I usually roll a blunt and smoke it out back. It’s been great having this around!

  94. Paula Connors Verified Owner

    Who knows how this weed came to America…either way I am super happy GCS had this on their site. WHAT an amazing online catalog, there are SO many choices and all for some great prices. But this one is my favorite for it’s smell and taste, and not to mention is laid back vibes and quick flowering time. It’s definitely a worthy grow, and even if you’re not an expert, you will definitely get a decent yield, I know I did. Try this out today!

  95. Danny Sussman Verified Owner

    This is actually a very LONG grow by weed standards, but the flower is very high quality as is the high. I love smoking this stuff in thew evenings, the indica helps with stress and anxiety and does well for me to just chill out and be happy. I used to suffer insomnia until I started smoking this weed and now am feeling much better about my sleep. Gives me MAD munchies, but who doesn’t love chowing down at 1am after the bars?

  96. rigin Verified Owner

    You’ll never have to worry about anxiety again. It’s super easy going weed with a nice earthy flavor and it really brings ya back to earth if you’re feeling stressed about life. I mean, who doesn’t? Life is super hard these days, and this weed really makes for a great mind vacation. Easy to grow, nice yield, and the grow guides on this site make a huge difference. Listen to GCS they know what they’re talking about…and buy this weed!!!

  97. crowe67 Verified Owner

    This weed helps me get a restful sleep, calms my mind and makes the world a better place to live. I am pretty stoked about how easy this was to grow. I was nervous cause I never did any growing like this before but it was actually nice cause I used the grow guides on this site to help me. Nice and spicy weed, so nice before bedtime, time to relax and just unwind, maybe fall asleep on the couch. Good vibes!

  98. Quadraquadrahedrom Verified Owner

    I’ve been a GCS buyer for a long time now. Got some great seeds from them last time, one of them being Afghan. Love the auto-flowering genetics, makes for great indoor growing, and it flowers automatically after just a few months. I have always been a fan of indica dominant breeds. It’s been really great for my stress, anxiety, and back pain. Definitely plan on growing more weed from GCS in the future!

  99. DestroyerHH Verified Owner

    I can’t think of a time when I have felt more relaxed and at ease, and it’s all thanks to this Afghan weed. I love the strong, earthy taste, and the delicious smell, yummmm. It’s worth growing indoors if you’ve got the room for it, and I am pretty stoked about the shorter growing period too. That means more weed in less time! I really dig GCS’s online selection, super vast, and the ordering process was clean and simple. Great vibes!

  100. oscar gonzalez Verified Owner

    LOooooooong growing time, but super worth it. Got some grade A pot seeds from Grower’s Choice. Wicked easy to online order, got em in a week. Put that stuff in the ground, easy to grow. Beautiful bud, super flavor too. Def worth the try, has a nice spicy indica vibe. Try it out.

  101. Tran P Verified Owner

    It’s a long growing time, yes, but it really is a magnificent weed. I am pretty darn impressed with the way things went. I got my seeds delivered from GCS and they came super quick. No issues with growth or germination either. Really nice yield, but I feel like I coulda done a little bit better honestly. I want to buy again so I can keep getting better! That being said the buzz is really nice and it’s been great for stress and depression!

  102. John carmon Verified Owner

    Love this spicy delicious weed! It’s so nice to have around the house. Perfect for packing a bowl on a lazy day, sitting out on the patio with some tea or coffee. I JUST harvested this weed, it’s very high quality stuff, the nugs are dense and green, and very abundant too. It’s super relaxing, all my worries just melt away, couldn’t ask for a better weed for stress. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks GCS!

  103. Lisa K Verified Owner

    Yum yum, this weed tastes just like the forest. I love it’s piney earthy scent and taste, now I get the term “smoking trees ” lol! What an awesome experience this has been. From ordering online to harvesting, the grow was really thrilling and pretty darn easy too. I got a LOT of bud offa one plant and now I am smoking like a KING. Super high quality nug, fresh and dank and seriously relaxing, perfect at night and great for stress!!!

  104. sunny dkef Verified Owner

    If you haven’t seen or tried this strain before, in the dispensary or elsewhere, I highly recommend it. It’s super easy to cultivate and grow, especially if you’ve got an indoor space or something of the like. It has this amazing smell, super earthy and pungent, almost exotic smelling, and the high really can’t be beat. It’s so chilled out, slows everything down, makes everything feel a little lighter. I smoke this everyday!

  105. denny016 Verified Owner

    This is the best evening smoke I have had in a while. It’s very indica heavy so you can expect to just kind of drift off and sleep after a while, but it also makes you very happy and gives a wonderful buzz overall. It’s a nice easy grow, especially if you can manage it indoors. It’s got a nice spicy earthy flavor too, and yields a nice amount for only 3 seeds. I feel great about this stuff, and I’ll totally be back for more!

  106. squirrlgrrl Verified Owner

    This weed is amazing and so very exotic! I was so glad I finally got a chance to order from GCS. I’ve heard such great things about them from my friends and colleagues. This was my first time growing weed, but I think I did really well and got a nice medium sized yield after just 4 months of growing. It’s a really impressive plant and offers some amazing mind benefits, like stress and anxiety relief. I’ll definitely be back for more seeds!

  107. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  108. duncan Verified Owner

    This is some spicy weed! It’s got all the great vibes of a strong indica you’re looking for, very relaxing, helps with pain and stress and even sleep a little bit! I ordered my seeds online with GCS and germinated them using the paper towel method. Had some pretty amazing results! The yield was strong and impressive and the buds were bright green and DELISH! I smoke at home after work and chill with my dog. Great buy!

  109. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  110. jackie m Verified Owner

    Definitely a great evening strain. Has helped me with stress and anxiety and definitely helps me sleep at night. I really enjoy all the relaxation benefits t