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Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A combo of healing Critical Mass and renowned OG Kush, this indica strain offers stress relief and pain-management along with a speedy grow time and good yield. Order up your earthy, happy Critical Kush today.

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Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A combo of some of the finest genetics around, Critical Kush cannabis seeds deliver relaxation for a deep-seated calm that eases you into deliciously free of pain and stress. Parented by much-loved Critical Mass and OG Kush, Critical Kush promising healing relief with every dose.

Critical Kush cannabis is a popular choice for patients who are hoping to alleviate symptoms of depression. Though ultimately soothing and sleep-inducing, this strain nonetheless elevates the mood with good cheer that runs beneath pain relief ranging from mild to powerful, depending on the dose and physical chemistry of the patient.

In addition to relieving anxiety and stress, Critical Kush cannabis can curb nausea and boost appetite, qualities that make it the perfect strain for people undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer. Once that pain and nausea is suitably reduced, insomnia becomes a thing of the past as you drift off to sleep. Some patients may also enjoy the migraine-easing benefits of Critical Kush, though this effect is not guaranteed, and we always recommend trying a strain prior to using it for headache relief.

If you’re looking for a strain that delivers more euphoria-counteracting CBD than some, Critical Kush is a good option. The strain contains mid-level CBD similar to our Blueberry Auto-Flowering. You’ll still experience a touch of euphoria with Critical Kush, but nothing overpowering. Critical Kush is, above all, a medicinal strain.

When you order Critical Kush cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, you’re dedicating yourself to all-natural healing on your own terms. Gone are the days of questionable pharmaceuticals with more side effects than unpronounceable ingredients.

Critical Kush cannabis seeds can be grown either outdoors or in a dedicated grow room, with the best results for this medium-height strain certainly coming from a regulated indoor grow. You’ll likely experience a flowering stage of between seven and nine weeks, with an impressive yield of 450 to 550 grams per square meter (and 450-550 grams per plant outdoors). With proper care, that harvest is likely to feature lots of big, resin-rich flower clusters (colas).

Like all our products, our Critical Kush cannabis seeds come with a 90% germination guarantee, provided you follow our simple germination method. We also guarantee authentic genetics, and package all our carefully selected seeds in medical-grade glass vials with strain-specific, informative inserts. We deliver quickly and discreetly, anywhere in the world.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Critical Mass x OG Kush


80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Relaxing, Happy, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening; relieve stress; relieve depression; pain management; sleep-inducing


earthy, pungent

Indoor Yield

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

450-550 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


0 responses to “Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. Avi says:

    I don’t know many weeds that help with stress like this one. I smoke this and immediately feel a whole lot better about things. My work life feels a lot less overbearing and my relationship with my husband seems to be much calmer. I like to smoke this and drink some wine and feel a lot better. Good for having on a day off or just before bed. Very easy to grow. I love my garden 🙂

  2. wolverine7474 says:

    This weed is critically impressive, helps a lot with depression and stress and makes for a nice after-work smoke. Wouldn’t smoke during the day, would make me too tired and not help with getting work done. On the other hand, it’s a great gardening project, I feel like I am a MUCH better grower than before. Hoping this is something I can do again, if my neighbors are cool with it lol.

  3. mfreedman says:

    This is where it’s at! Definitely give this weed a try. I have been a huge kush fan for years and usually grow them in the greenhouse out back. This one took right off and did really well just like the others. It’s a super straightforward grow, not finicky plants by any means the yield is great as ever. I am hoping I can buy more seeds next time to share with my neighbors and friends, have some smoke sessions around the bonfire. Excellent buy!

  4. humongoose says:

    I love that there’s CBD built into the genetics of this weed. It’s been great for my bodily aches and pains, which are many cause I am always working outdoors. I love the high as well, it’s great for boosting my mood and making me super hungry. I can’t stop eating when I am on this weed!!! It’s pretty darn exciting to have this mj around cause I know I am gonna have a good time every time. Perfect!

  5. raene05 says:

    Very good but not as tasty as Blueberry CBD! Thanks GC

  6. yellow mellow says:

    If you love indica strains, then you’ll most certainly be a fan of this variety. It’s a classic in my book, very easy to grow and without any issues with germination. I can’t say I am an expert grower by any means, but this stuff came easy to me, and the yield was really impressive too. It’s got a lovely deep green color and smells just like the woods! Has been wonderful for my stress and pain and I’ll definitely buy again!

  7. ryan n says:

    It’s hard to find quality weed seeds online, but GCS really makes it easy! Critical kush is one of the better strains I have come across. It’s easy to grow, but does require some TLC, especially in the beginning. The germination guide on this site has been really helpful as well. I’m pretty stoked about the results of my grow, probably got like 400 g per plant, and the buzz just can’t be beat. Excellent choice!

  8. duck duct says:

    I have had so much trouble sleeping over the last few weeks. Things have gotten strained here at home, so need a little escape. This weed came just at the right time. Glad I grew it in my basement, it was a nice hobby and offered some incredible mind benefits, feel like my brain is being massaged, and my body is so relaxed. I am able to handle the stress of the relationship so much better, and will definitely continue to use!

  9. umbrella jane says:

    This weed is critically amazing!!!! Don’t even second guess yourself, this weed is fun and easy to grow and offers up some killer nugs, these plants practically take care of themselves and I am not a good grower lol! I got a nice yield, super potent pungent sticky dank herb yall and it’s really relaxing, super good for stress and anxiety! I love how easy this all was and will definitely do it again!

  10. type type says:

    This happens to be one of my favorite strains, which is why I was so happy that GCS carries it in their amazing online store! I got 3 seeds, just to try it out, and turns out I am a regular green thumb. Got all 3 to sprout and they turned out beautifully! A nice sized harvest, maybe like 500 g per plant? A lot, nonetheless. I smoke this most days of the week, just to relax and unwind. Sometimes you need a chilled out vibe when you’re stressed, you know?

  11. vetmin says:

    This weed has changed my entire life! I love how dank and sticky it is! Super tasty and delicious and really easy to grow. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped out hella quick yo! I germinated using the paper towel method and it worked really well! Such an amazing strain for how relaxing the buzz is, and the yield is impressive too! I will definitely be back for more!

  12. kengrey says:

    This is a really underrated strain of mj. It’s nice to grow this stuff in your backyard if you’ve got the space. Big fan of the bright green nugs and the delicious earthy flavors as well. I must’ve gotten like 300 g per plant. I am set on weed for the next while. I smoke this usually after work to help me unwind. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety. Will definitely be back for more!

  13. gonzo gonzalez says:

    This is a very healing strain of mj. Really helps with stress and relaxation, gives me a great mind and body buzz and offers some delicious nugs after just 4 months of growing. I smoke this usually in the evenings to help me unwind and relax. It’s been great for my back pain and neck pain too. Very strong earthy taste I am sure you’ll love!

  14. squeakers says:

    This is a very fast grow, took me no time at all to get the seeds to germinate and then they just took off in the backyard! Very easy to manage and they produced a ton of weed. Very enjoyable smoking as well, a nice earthy taste to the bud and it gives me a very relaxed high, all my stress and worries just melt away. It’s a remarkable strain, and I will be back for more!

  15. powerbowl says:

    This has been so great for my stress and anxiety, it has helped me unwind and relaxes me a great deal. I grew it in my garden, got myself a tall bushy set of plants and nearly 1000 grams of weed in total. It’s a remarkable strain, very easy to grow and the smoke is nice and smooth, kinda sour and earthy too. Love this stuff!

  16. Jason says:

    This weed is critically chill and helps me deal with my stress, anxiety and depression. I am an avid gardener and really enjoyed the process of growing this mj in my backyard, got a very nice yield and my plants all turned out very strong and healthy, how rewarding! A very mellow buzz but highly effective, helps me unwind at the end of a long day and even helps me sleep!

  17. Peter Harper says:

    A nice, fast grow, really gets you going during those difficult days when you are depressed and don’t feel good about anything. I liked having this in my garden, it looks great and produces enough weed to keep me happy. I enjoy the smell and the taste, and it gets me very high, perfect in the evening, to unwind and feel better about a bad day. Keep this one in mind!

  18. Jasmine Young says:

    This is some excellent weed! It was SO EASY to order my seeds online through GCS, they have an amazing selection and great customer service as well! A perfect strain for kush lovers like myself who love the ease of growing kush strains with all the lovely indica benefits they provide. Super relaxing and great for stress and anxiety, perfect for those who need some help unwinding at the end of a long day!

  19. Keron says:

    This is a very healing form of weed. I love the taste and smell, really earthy and citrusy, went super great in the backyard, just like tacking care of any other plant really. Has been stellar for my migraines and helps me relax at the end of a long day. I definitely will come back for more!

  20. howard stanley says:

    I want my weed NOW!!!! This weed grows so fast you won’t even remember putting it in the ground. It’s got the great taste of citrus and pine and helps me CTFO after a hard day. Great for pain and stress relief and really gets the blood pumping in the brain. Perfect for watching a silly movie or passing around the J with friends. Not difficult to grow either. Definitely a good call!!!

  21. Catherine Y. says:

    This weed has been critically important for my neck and back pain and for helping me relax after work. WOW it was so easy to grow, sprang up like daisies in the backyard and just 4 months later I am swimming in delicious marijuana. Great for chilling with at night, makes me good and sleepy and helps me relax. Great for stimulating my appetite as well!

  22. ronnie says:

    There’s something very special about this weed, it’s excellent for people suffering from depression or anxiety and has some amazing sativa properties that give you the burst of energy that you’ve been looking for! it’s powerful stuff though, so watch out for that! I liked growing this weed, it’s been very cooperative. Happy as a clam!

  23. donald deck says:

    OMG, my favorite two marijuana strains (Critical Mass and OG Kush) had a baby and that baby is Critical Kush! I’ve been looking for the best version of this wonderful strain and I’m pretty sure Grower’s Choice has it. It is smooth, has a fabulous earthy smell and it seriously makes all my aches and pains fade away. Also, I love the yield I get on these seeds: I got nearly 500 grams growing these ladies outdoors in sunny California, USA. I just love this whole mj family – I’d like to grow all three varieties of this lovely family next time!

  24. Beth Massey says:

    Perfect for beginner growers, this weed truly offers something special and amazing. I love indicas personally and this weed really scratches the itch, gives you a nice relaxing buzz that’s perfect for unwinding after work. Has been great for stress relief and anxiety as well. GCS has the best seeds in Canada. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  25. Susan S says:

    These feminized seeds grew crazy fast. The weed itself is awesome for stress relief, and I’ve heard it’s also good for people with chronic pain issues (thank goodness that’s not me at this point). I love cozying up on the couch with some after a day filled with coworkers and customers that I would rather forget. This website has great product-so far no issues with any of my orders.

  26. Kevin Poole says:

    I have depression induced insomnia, it’s no fun to live with as you can imagine, so I have been a medical marijuana patient for some time now. I find this strain is really helpful for my symptoms, helps brighten my mood, and also helps me unwind before going to sleep. Gives a nice yield and offers some delicious earthy sweet notes you’ll surely love like I do!

  27. Daniel H. says:

    I am someone who needs some powerful relaxation, and this weed really does the trick. Easy to grow and fast to flower as well, gives off these big delicious nugs that are the size of my fist! I love the sweet earthy smell, and you just can’t beat the buzz, it’s super relaxing and great for pain and headaches! I highly recommend this strain!

  28. Ben W says:

    A very fast growing weed! You’ll be smoking your very own kush in just a few months time, it’s very accessible to those who don’t know how to grow weed, plus the yield is consistently amazing. I think this is great for beginners in general cause the high can be universally enjoyed! It’s very relaxing and uplifting, great for bodily aches and pains and headaches as well. You’ll definitely want to give this a try!

  29. Jim Hensley says:

    Have been smoking this strain for years! First time growing though, and GCS has some seriously amazing selection, I ordered online and the weed showed up super fast! Grew them in my backyard and they got super tall and really beautiful! Critical has this smell thats like earthy and citrusy and Its super relaxed, a heavy hitting weed for sure, but you’ll be loving it at the end of your workday.

  30. Ben Shore says:

    Unfortunately I have been suffering from insomnia for many years and have been using mj to help me relax and sleep through the night. Has great success with my 5 seeds from GCS. Grew into beautiful lush plants and gave off a TON of nug, right from my backyard! I am very entranced by the taste of this weed, sour and earthy, and has a lovely pungent smell I find relaxing. Helps me sleep through the night!

  31. Mark H. says:

    Medical mj user here, and find this strain to be incredibly helpful in alleviating my chronic pain symptoms while also providing an uplifting mood boost that lasts for hours. I am quite the gardener, and was happy to plant my seeds in the backyard, they did remarkably well among the other plants, grew to about a medium height and required occasional shaping/pruning. I harvested around 500 grams, which will work for me as I don’t smoke until the evenings anyway. The mj is very pungent and woody, but tastes lovely and helps me relax before bedtime.

  32. GDKING says:

    Seeds arrived fairly quick, I ordered 5 seeds. They appeared small and immature. I tried germinating all 5 seeds and only three sprouted. I grew them with one CBD Critical Mass plant, indoors in a 3 x 3 scrog in coco with 260 watt quantum board led lighting and AN Nutes. Veg time from seed 5 weeks, 12/12 light for 65 days to harvest. Very fragrant while flowering!!! I am giving 5 stars as I am very happy with yield, 442 grams of dry bud. It vapes very well, very calm relaxing high, everyone I share with loves it! I will buy more, hopefully I will have better luck with germination…

  33. JCPeggy says:

    I LOVE THIS STRAIN. I used to only smoke one kind, but I made a resolution this past year to expand my marijuana horizons. This month I decided to try Critical Kush because I read about its deep-relaxation effects. This is the exact strain I need to decompress and unwind after a stressful day. Lately, my anxiety levels have been through the roof so I’ve really been relying on this stuff to get me through the day without feeling panic or like I’m gonna crumble. I can’t recommend this strain enough!

  34. Neal B. says:

    When I heard there was a hybrid of Critical Mass and OG Kush, I knew I had to try it! Those are my two favorite strains, so I have to say I had some huge expectations, and they were all met! Plus, I only buy feminized cannabis seeds…so, huge plus! This strain has some great pain relieving benefits and also helps to ease my anxiety and just makes my mind and body feel amazing. I’m continually impressed with this company—they always have the best strains at great prices and they always deliver right on time!

  35. Luis R. says:

    This is my absolute favorite strain to help me unwind and feel great, body and mind. It’s perfect for the evenings, and after years of getting it off of friends, I finally decided to buy some seeds of my own. I’ve never even managed to keep a house plant alive, but with the help of this awesome website, I was able to keep this plant growing and thriving. I’m so happy I decided to take this plunge into gardening with these feminized cannabis seeds.

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