Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

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(111 customer reviews)

For a superior smoking experience, there are few cannabis strain profiles more enticing than the ones that you find in Critical Kush cannabis seeds. This enjoyable strain is better suited for evening use as it contains 80% indica and 20% sativa.

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Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

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The Critical Kush strain is a triumph of modern marijuana breeding, with a couple of classic strains blended together to provide a real treat to cannabis growers such as yourself. If you are in the market for a new cannabis seed strain, then Critical Kush seeds could be the perfect choice for you.

Two Great Parent Strains Gave Us Critical Kush Seeds

There are Critical strains, and there are Kush strains, and sometimes those two things come together. Well, they came together at least this one time. Two popular varieties of marijuana are the known parents of Critical Kush. One of them is Critical Mass, while the other is the iconic OG Kush strain. These cannabis strain types blend well together, particularly for those engaged in at-home cannabis growing. It’s an enjoyable smoke, but it also tends to be a joy at harvesttime. When popular marijuana strains come together to create another strain, it only makes sense for it to also be a popular strain in turn!

What is the Strain Profile of the Critical Kush Strain?

Critical Kush is pretty definitively an indica-dominant strain. This particular cannabis seed strain comes in at 80 percent on the indica front, and 20 percent in terms of sativa. The THC levels are also quite impressive. THC is the psychoactive element of marijuana, and we would classify Critical Kush as a high-THC strain, as it comes in at 21 percent in terms of THC. Not only that, but Critical Mass has a strain profile rife with CBD, which leads to its child being a strain with moderate CBD levels as well. CBD is considered a prize for its health benefits, but it isn’t psychoactive like THC. In fact, even though Critical Kush is a high-THC strain, due to the moderate levels of CBD, it actually isn’t as much of a threat to overwhelm you with THC. Though, as always, overindulging in any strain can have adverse effects, so toke wisely out there!

The Pungent Taste and Aromatic Smoke of Critical Kush Cannabis Plants

Critical Kush seeds birth a pungent plant, but one with rich flavors and pleasant scents you might come to really enjoy. It’s earthy, woody, and spicy. A spicy overtone is at the forefront of the aroma, while the strain is known for having what some call the classic Kush taste. The rich flavor comes with a hint of lemon in the mix, and some detect tropical fruit flavors in each puff of smoke. It’s an excellent flavor if you enjoy earthiness with a hint of fruitiness to round all that out. A strong taste, sure, but one that still makes room for subtle complexities.

What is it Like to Use Critical Kush?

Due to the dominant nature of the indica parentage in this cannabis seed strain, this is very much a strain for relaxation. By and large, indicas are known for providing powerful relaxation, especially when paired with high levels of THC. On top of the deep relaxation, indicas are felt more in the body than in the brain. Throw in moderate levels of CBD, and you can expect to really feel a sense of relaxation from head to toe. Now, don’t use Critical Kush if you have things to do. It is something of a couch lock strain, which is to say you might find motivation and energy hard to come by. Instead of using Critical Kush as a wake-and-bake strain, it’s much better as a time-for-bed smoke. Definitely keep this one for your late-night smoking repertoire. There’s a reason why it’s better to have multiple strains available at any given time.

The Critical Kush Strain is Excellent for Medical Use

Critical Kush is a strain that is quite popular with medical marijuana users. The powerful relaxation that it sends throughout your body makes it a beautiful strain for dealing with chronic pain. As an indica-dominant strain high in THC and moderate in CBD, physical pain relief is a valuable part of the Critical Kush profile. A couple of puffs of smoke can also help you get a restful sleep, even if you struggle with insomnia. If you are interested in the potential medical benefits of marijuana, Critical Kush seeds are a fine choice to give a try.

Growing Plants From Critical Kush Seeds

We would say that Critical Kush is best for intermediate growers or expert growers, though that’s mostly true for outdoor growers. If you are an indoor grower, this is a plant for beginners to consider as well, though a novice grower may want to wait a bit just in case. We mentioned harvest time before, and if you are an indoor grower, you can expect impressive yields. With indoor growth, you can expect an average yield of 450-550 grams per square meter. Outdoor growers, meanwhile, can also expect an average yield of 450-550 grams per plant. Yes, that is the same expected yield, but outdoor growers tend to get a higher yield than indoor growers do. That’s why we praised Critical Kush for its excellent yield for indoor growers.

Grow Female Plants of Critical Kush

At Growers Choice Seeds, we offer feminized seeds for all strains, including Critical Kush. Why do you want fully-feminized seeds? Because in marijuana, only female plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. Modern breeding in the world of cannabis has given up many great strains, however. Here at Growers Choice, we have over 100 strains available in our online catalog. In fact, here are five other strains to consider that are similar to Critical Kush, but offer something slightly different. Hey, getting Critical Kush feminized seeds is great, but why not take advantage of all that variety?

1. Platinum Kush: This Kush strain is easy to grow, and it is earthy in its flavor. What makes it different from Critical Kush is that it has as much THC as any strain. Our version of Platinum Kush comes in at 27 percent on the THC front.

2. Granddaddy Purple: Let’s take the indica to the next level. Granddaddy Purple is a pure indica, ready to wipe you out at the end of a busy day.

3. Godfather OG: OG Kush is more a grandparent to Godfather OG than a parent, but its balanced nature is in the mix. This is the inverse of a medical strain, as it comes in at a whopping 25 percent on the THC front. That’s a huge amount of THC!

4. Grape Kush: Grape Kush is a Kush strain that actually leans sativa. It has high THC levels and a sweet, fruity flavor you might really enjoy.

5. CBD Critical Mass: If you are medically minded, CBD Critical Mass could be perfect for you. This strain took the original Critical Mass and bred it into what we call a medical strain. The CBD levels are moderate, but the THC levels are at only seven percent. That makes it perfect for physical pain relief without anything in the way of a significant high. Not only that, but you can get a huge yield from these plants. We’re talking up to 1,000 grams per plant for outdoor growers!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Critical Mass x OG Kush


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Depression, Evening, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Earthy, Pungent

Indoor Yield

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

450-550 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

111 reviews for Critical Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Ashley Bell Verified Owner

    If you’re having pain problems this is a great strain for that. I love smoking this after being super sore from a workout or feeling extra relaxed after a massage. This plant is a little delicate to grow so be careful during the grow process. If you don’t mind extra grow work the reward is well worth your time.

  2. Tommy M Verified Owner

    Was well taken care of by GCS customer support. Got me my order very fast and I was happy to have all 5 of these seeds sprout. Still a little early but I am very confident I will be claiming an excellent harvest from these seeds.

  3. Spicy Meatball Verified Owner

    I’ve tried many strains, but Critical Kush Feminized Seeds blew me away. The potency is no joke – just a few hits and I’m knocked out. It’s become my go-to for relaxation after a long day.

  4. Alejandro Ramirez Verified Owner

    Sweet and earthy, critical kush is easy on the eyes, nose, and mind. I like a few puffs before a hike or a bike ride, even before yoga. A delicious choice and an easy grow. It’s a classic!

  5. Alison R Verified Owner

    I was happy to see that all 5 of my Critical Kush seeds sprouted and grew into healthy plants. This strain has a nice, strong high that hits both the body and the mind, making it perfect for relaxing after a long day. The yield was also quite impressive, making it a great value overall.

  6. Yousef Sau Verified Owner

    I tell ya, GCS finds seeds with some of the finest genetics around. They source all their seeds, including critical kush, from seed farms in Northern Cali. Easily the best weed seeds you’ll find in the USA. Great shipping times, absolutely no issues whatsoever, and a bountiful yield ranging between 100-200 G PER PLANT!!

  7. ZodiacZephyr60 Verified Owner

    A great strain for both recreational and medical use. The high is heavy, but not overwhelming, with an earthy and floral taste that I love. The plant itself grew very well and yielded a good amount of flowers. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a strong and flavorful strain.

  8. Winston C. Verified Owner

    A truly delightful and relaxing indica. You may be able to find this seed elsewhere, but GCS always has the lowest prices and the best products. Very fresh looking pot, and it helps me sleep at night. Great buy!

  9. Pearce Spencer Verified Owner

    Critical kush is an excellent strain for pain and depression. I really prefer the indica vibes for obvious reasons. Sativa makes me super anxious, but indica is well worth it. It’s an easy growing process too, just requires consistent watering, pruning, and fertilizing.

  10. Jack Salas Verified Owner

    I’ve grown this sweet strain indoors in my grow room and outside on my farm. No matter where it is, it does well. I always give a bag of nugs to my mom to use as she gets headaches a lot. She jokes I’m now her favorite child.

    Jack S., Eureka, CA

  11. Nathanial Reynolds Verified Owner

    I gotta be smoking this weed-like almost every day to just stay sane!! I am pretty excited to keep this marijuana in my backyard, it grows beautifully and it helps me manage stress. I ordered online and it shipped right to my home. I will never forget the feeling of opening the packet and seeing all those seeds inside. Will absolutely buy again, was a great investment for me.

  12. Sultan Murray Verified Owner

    Critical Kush is pretty great. I mean, I am definitely gonna get stoned on it tonight hahaha. Ordered it online and it showed up in my mailbox like one day later, and I was like wuuuuuuuut? Amazing weed, and I think this is something I’m definitely gonna be growing again. Thanks GCS!!

  13. Sumayyah Vega Verified Owner

    I gotta chillax man, life is hard enough as it is…pretty stoked to keep growing this weed though, and it helps me deal with my depression. I love the colorful leaves and sticky dank flower, it’s nice and earthy, and pretty mellow TBH. Great for watching Netflix and just having a good time.

  14. Aadil Vance Verified Owner

    Critical kush is a wild and wonderful time. I grew up in the south and marijuana was a much more taboo thing than out here on the west coast where it feels like everything is legal nowadays LOL. Got a nice little harvest from 3 seeds, nearly 300 grams of fresh pot, all dried out and ready to smoke! Great indica variety, helps tremendously with stress and depression!!

  15. Byron Krause Verified Owner

    I am stooooked about this amazing critical kush strain…It’s hella relaxing and makes for a great trip baby!! Definitely a midnight smoker…can’t get enough of that sweet sweet buzz and all the awesome things that come with it. Pretty excited for the new batch to arrive, ordered a few days ago, these guys always have speedy delivery, plus their seeds kick ass every time. Never had a let down!

  16. Marlon Case Verified Owner

    This is some very excellent very bodacious marijuana with a nice little sidekick for the newbies haha! Good buying in large chunks so I don’t have to keep coming back for more. I was pretty stoked to see this weed looking as good as it did. Nice and tall and very exciting. Has the vibes of 1,000 suns, keeps me feeling strong and chilled out while I watch surf vids on the TV.

  17. Aneesah Turner Verified Owner

    No weed in this world is as amazing as the critical kush. It shows up at all the right times and delivers its magic and the swell of happiness you will feel in your chest is certain to make you smile and thrive in a difficult and intense world. I have been very excited to burn this weed on the nightly basis, give myself all kinds of pick me ups and helps me with stress. I really love this website!!

  18. Umair Harmon Verified Owner

    I am a 56-year-old woman, I love to garden, and I find growing weed fascinating and rewarding. It’s a beautiful plant, with some lovely colors, and it is a nice smoke too, very smooth. I have a bong which is actually quite nice, and I get very high all the time!!

  19. Amir Figueroa Verified Owner

    Critical kush is pretty wild and wonderful, it’s also very relaxing and makes for a great grow any time of the year (indoors of course). I purchased this stuff online and got it shipped right to my place in Cali, and the sunshine just seeps right into these leaves, looks so beautiful and smells so strong! Like a citrus grove 🙂

  20. Carrie Golden Verified Owner

    Yowza critical kush is gooood weeeeed. I love smoking this stuff and just keeping a low-key profile, nothing to see here type attitude. I get pretty baked and just watch the world fly by my window. Have nothing better to do than write this review right now I guess, but pretty excited about this weed, it’s been great for my energy levels and helps me keep a good vibe.

  21. Asiya Leblanc Verified Owner

    This kush is truly boss. It mixes so well with tea or coffee in the morning…gets me very stoned and helps me manage my stress levels. Ordering online is the best thing you can do for yourself, and it helps that I have all this great space in my backyard and now I am truly the master of my own life. Critical kush is awesome!!!

  22. Manraj Mackie Verified Owner

    Yess, critical kush is hella chill. The best strain for just chillin with my cat…really like just lounging on the couch and watching the day go by, really want to smoke more marijuana though, every day, it’s just so fantastic, definitely gonna keep buying more marijuana….I love GCS and I love free weed!!!

  23. Marcia Robson Verified Owner

    I suffer from some chronic pain and insomnia, and this weed helped me get back on track…It helps me sleep at night and gives me a great little boost of energy. I ordered online and had it delivered to my house. The seeds look and smell great, they grow perfectly and it only takes like 5 months of your time. It’s like caring for a houseplant, you just have to water it and give it some love to be happy!

  24. Keith Mcdaniel Verified Owner

    I woke up this morning with a terrible headache…I smoked a little bit of the critical kush and all my troubles went away…no more headache! Ordered online and had it shipped here to the west coast and it only took a few days. Great for growing indoors, I got such a nice harvest, so relaxing raising and smoking my own weed!

  25. Khalil Ramirez Verified Owner

    Critical kush is a very nice strain and helps tremendously with my constant anxiety attacks. I ordered online and had it delivered to my house. Things are just looking great right now. The plant started making buds and it looks just amazing. I have been very satisfied with the outcome of growing this plant too, cause like everything looks pretty dang good to me and I am not an expert by any means!

  26. Corbin Haas Verified Owner

    Critical kush is a very chilled out strain, I usually smoke this and then throw on some lo-fi music and just relax before it’s time to go to sleep or make dinner, whichever comes first lol! My wife and I are huge stoners and we love just buying from this site and growing our own pot here in Portland, makes me feel really independent…great buy!!

  27. Christie Higgs Verified Owner

    I was skeptical of this site, and especially of this weed, I didn’t think it would do much for me, but turns out I was wrong. Very good for my anxiety, makes me feel really chilled out and happy, and definitely adds to my creative energy supply. I highly recommend buying this weed cause it’s pretty easy to grow, and makes a lot of sense as to why you’d grow your very own!

  28. Reg Fernandez Verified Owner

    The critical kush strain is one heck of a mind trip…it makes me feel really numb and tingly and all floaty too. Ordered it online and got it delivered right to my front door. So convenient! When it was finally time to grow, I got like 500 grams of the purest, freshest, greenest ganja you’ve ever smoked and it’s all packed up in a little jar for me! I am so filled with light and joy!

  29. Leonard McCoy Verified Owner

    Critical kush is strong and also very solid. I Love smoking this weed at night. It’s better at night, weed in general I mean. It’s pretty powerful stuff, but it makes me hella relaxed and also very chill. My stress had disappeared, and my depression is doing better as well. I really like buying from this website too. It’s got a great collection of seeds, and it helps to be really into gardening like I am!

  30. Chip Spud Verified Owner

    Kush is gonna change your life for the better. It’s an easy grow, no matter where you are living, especially if you have a greenhouse in your backyard. I Loooove the taste and the smell, and definitely wanna grow more next time. I got about 10 OZ of weed, and that’s more than enough for me. It’ll last me through the winter probably. This stuff is FRESSHHHH and I love it!

  31. Sunraider Verified Owner

    This critical kush strain is gonna blow your mind, it’s hella relaxing, makes for a great buy when you wanna try something fresh, better even than what you’re gonna find at the dispensary or whatev. I mean, I am kind of a weed fiend, and I just had to have this weed at my disposal. Pretty exciting stuff really, like watching it grow in the backyard is awesome, and it just looks fantastic!

  32. Rusty Draper Verified Owner

    This strain is all kinds of fantastic, it’s like an antidepressant but made of plant instead of crazy chemicals. I gotta say, I am very impressed with how easy this all was. I smoke it in the morning and in the evening, and even at lunch too. I am a ride or die stoner for sure, and this has to be one of my favorite grows. I have been very pleased overall with how it’s gone, so definitely gonna enjoy myself tonight when I get home!!!

  33. sobersim Verified Owner

    This is the ultimate chill strain. It’s soooo nice for just chilling with your buddies and getting really baked. Like I totally love the nice earthy and sweet flavor and the chill, subtle buzz that lasts for hours. I am always smoking this dope when it’s time to chill for the evening, and I definitely enjoyed growing it as well. I mean, I am no expert here, but I feel like I have done pretty well just following the growing instructions on this site. Good stuff overall!

  34. vikingned Verified Owner

    Critical kush is a nice buy when you want something easygoing at relaxing. It’s been a great purchase ever since I went on this website. Have gotten nothing but positive feedback from my housemates about the weed, we all love smoking this kush out of the bong and then playing video games or just chatting and eating pizza. Everyone contributes in the house, and it’s been a great bonding experience!

  35. pumpkinseason Verified Owner

    Sweet tasting and very relaxing. I smoke this at night to get into my comfort zone, play some guitar or listen to some jams on the Spotify. Got a NICE yield, very healthy and robust looking flower. A great buy if you’re new to weed, and also gives you mad munchies, so get ready for that!!!

  36. dankerson487 Verified Owner

    Kushy kushy kush, what a sweet and delectable strain that’s easy to grow and produces a ton of fresh nug. Ordered online through GCS, was having the hardest time picking just one, but the customer service team knew exactly where to direct me. I am pretty stoked for the next couple months cause I FINALLY got to harvest my strain. What a beautiful day it is!

  37. zoomzoomzoom Verified Owner

    This sounds like a BORING strain, but it’s all good cause it’s actually NOT boring and is really just a whole lot of fun. I am ALWAYS looking for new weed to grow, and I gotta say this is something special, great variety, excellent strain, and a very sweet aftertaste that makes it seem like dessert. C’mon you gotta try it!

  38. George Orozco Verified Owner

    I had never heard of critical kush before….but it’s the perfect stoned vibe for a long time smoker like myself. I really liked that I could order online, people really seemed to dig my vibe you know? I was so happy to see these seeds arrive in the mail just one week later, and they had the nicest energy to them!!! I got them growing in my side yard and they just took right off. What a great time!

  39. ellafonta Verified Owner

    I never knew I loved indica weeds as much as this strain, but the second I started smoking them, I was feeling much much better. Had a GREAT experience growing these in the backyard. They definitely require some TLC, but it’s really fun and rewarding taking care of your own weed, and it smells just fantastic. The buzz is great, as you can imagine, some of the nicest weed I have ever smoked!!

  40. Remastered Verified Owner

    I was pretty excited to try out this strain. Got a nice little seed package in the mail after ordering online. Everything turned out beautifully, very colorful flower, also has a nice sweet earthy pine smell. I make ointments with THC and CBD to help with my joint pain and this strain works nicely. It’s also a good smoke 🙂

  41. alotoflivingtodo Verified Owner

    The kush is boss! I am so thrilled with the taste and smell of this marijuana, it’s the freshest weed I have ever experienced in my life! It’s good for stress, anxiety, depression, you name it! It also stimulates my appetite which is good in the evenings cause I get too lazy to cook lol. Got myself 3 beautiful seeds and they grew in my backyard like nothing else, hooray!

  42. Channon Verified Owner

    Enjoy the healing goodness of this strain….it’s super chill and relaxing and helps A LOT with stress lol! I love smoking this and then just like chilling in my bed and reading a book, and then tackling my workload every damn day! I feel like a boss and am very excited to be a part of this growing experience. Thanks, GCS!

  43. Lauren Brindley Verified Owner

    Critical kush is where the magic happens…it’s super light and airy…a nice even buzz that doesn’t bog you down….definitely a worthy buy if you’re new to weed and want a one-size-fits-all strain that keeps your head on straight. Pretty easy to grow and a nice option for anyone looking to just dip their feet into the pool of homegrown goodness!

  44. the Tune Whistler Verified Owner

    A very grounded and healing strain. I am new to the world of growing my own weed but I have been a smoker for many years. Got a BIG yield from my plant, probably because I followed the grow guide on this site so closely. Ordering online is very simple and fast. Finally got my seeds delivered and put them into the ground right away. 5 months later I have tons of mj, very clean and high quality, worth it for sure!

  45. Buddah Verified Owner

    It’s kind of your middle-of-the-road, tried-and-true strain that helps with stress and depression. I love how easy it is to grow and definitely gives a great sense of pride when you get to watch your own weed flourish. The flower is bright green and blue…very vibrant and colorful…the smoke is a bit harsh….and it’s pretty good out of a bong. You can’t go wrong with CK!

  46. Slow Jam Verified Owner

    Critically important for those difficult moments in life when you need a break but are tired of coffee! It’s a different kinda break, makes for a good addition to your garden or basement grow operation and it won’t take up too much of your time or anything, it’s well worth the effort. Come on, what are you waiting for?

  47. Sticky Fingers Verified Owner

    Critical Kush is a where the money is at. My local dispensary stopped selling this stuff, so just thought it would be cool to sell on my own. I ordered this stuff online and got it delivered to my front door. I am sooooo happy with how this stuff grew, it made for an amazing yield, better than anything I’d buy in the store and definitely cheaper too. You will NOT be disappointed!

  48. SOILL Verified Owner

    Critically amazing!!!! I got this stuff online and it showed up at my door in like 1 week? OMG soooo cool to have my own weed now! I put my seeds right into the ground and they sprouted in like 2 days!!!! I got soooo much flower from these amazing plants! They make a great addition to my garden. When I smoke them I feel like I am in a cloud!!! Such a great buy!

  49. orderout Verified Owner

    Critical kush is where its at….totally delicious earthy woodsy strain…perfect for taking hikes in Forest park or biking around Portland. I grew this stuff right in my backyard garden and it did really really well once the rain stopped and it got much warmer. I am very pleased with how this did, and the quality of the weed was better than what I could buy at the dispensary. I will totally buy more weed!

  50. Larry Holly Verified Owner

    Critical kush is the strain you go for when you’ve had a stressful day, you worked hard but nothing seems to have gotten done…and there’s nobody to tell you “Great Job!” This kush is the pat on the back that you need and have been looking for. It’s a great strain for stress and anxiety…helps with depression and has a great taste to it all…always recommend this weed to my friends!

  51. Phillippe Thomas Verified Owner

    Critical kush is a powerful relaxing strain that makes for a sweet backyard grow or even in the basement….it’s a very agreeable strain, never really makes a fuss. It’s pretty easy to start this weed and get a nice yield too, very fluffy and strong smelling, but also very sour and delicious, almost refreshing! Definitely a good buy, and I’ll be back for more!

  52. FixorRepairDaily Verified Owner

    Get ready to light it up with your friends on a Saturday night…this critical kush is the bomb and it is an absolute gem to have around the house…smells and looks amazing…gives me an amazing head rush and keeps me real grounded in my body…I can’t believe how easy this was to grow, and how nice it is to have in my house. Has been a great improvement to my life!

  53. Mango Tango Verified Owner

    Critical kush is the bee’s knees, it helps with stress anxiety and pain and offers up a delicious high that never lets me down. It’s wicked relaxing, I smoke it out of my little bubbler every night and really enjoy the thrill. It’s a good buy for when you wanna chill with your buddies or just watch TV. Can’t wait to buy more of this stuff!

  54. Bud Buddy Verified Owner

    The kush IS critical…makes life so much better…makes happiness so much easier to access, like finding the cookies on the top shelf when you were a kid…now they’re on the kitchen floor and they are all yours! Easy growing, fast turnaround time…better smoking your own weed than someone elses, very rewarding and fresh, hella relaxing indica vibes. I am very happy I bought this weed!

  55. May Bee Verified Owner

    I have some pretty significant back pain and stress….need some high-quality marijuana to help me deal with my symptoms cause all the painkillers the doctors give me just make me kinda sick. I don’t mind this stuff though. Pretty darn delicious, very sweet and woodsy….and it was also easy to grow. Got a huge yield, much bigger than I expected, and I am very impressed with how it all turned out. I’ll be back for more!!!

  56. NEATOBURRITO Verified Owner

    I love me some critical kush, especially when I am about to pick up my electric guitar. I got like 5 seeds from Grower’s and had em shipped to my place over here in Washington and let me tell ya, they did absolutely great in my backyard. I got like this one little raised bed but these plants just took off and got super bushy and big. Really awesome stuff, I gotta say, and truly delicious when you got the time to smoke it all!

  57. Roller Verified Owner

    It’s my belief that weed can be medicine, and Critical Kush comes very close to achieving that standard for me. I feel like it provides healing powers to the body to better deal with pain, stress, anxiety and depression and also is just plain pleasurable. I am an avid gardener and enjoyed growing this pot very much, I found it nourishing and healing and very much enjoyed its large, robust harvest. Definitely worth the effort to grow your own mj, you will not be disappointed with these HEALING results!

  58. @spamfolder2020 Verified Owner

    One of the most relaxing weeds you will ever smoke. It’s got some real flavor to it, something between the forest and the earth and something kinda sour about it too. The smoke is nice and harsh and gives you some coughing fits but the buzz is just so relaxing I can’t say enough good things about it. Great buy from GCS, and an absolute gem of a backyard grow. Don’t miss out on this one!

  59. Watermelon Verified Owner

    This strain might as well be medicine in my book….I’ve had some serious arthritis for years and my pain meds only take me so far….got some weed onlune and had the seeds delivered to my place in San Dimas. I have a nice yard over there….got these plants growing right away. They took beautifully to the California sunshine and made for some excellent plants, very productive! I can’t believe how well these did in my backyard! Very relaxing strain, best smoked at night with some food and wine and a friend 😉

  60. Governor Verified Owner

    It’s critical that you try out this amazing kush strain! I opened up my mailbox and saw the seeds right away. I couldn’t believe how quickly they showed up, such a fantastic gift to myself. I love gardening so this did not feel like work to me, in fact, it just felt special to be tending my very own mj. Finally, I harvested nearly 800 grams and smoke it every evening to help with stress. Such a wonderful buy!

  61. Weeder Verified Owner

    This critical kush is well worth the investment. These seeds are absolutely wonderful, easy to germinate and grow. I have an indoor grow room and feel very lucky about that. I got these plants to produce almost 5 ounces of weed for me, and I am riiiiiich! I love the buzz, it’s so nice for stress and depression and tastes super earthy. I feel like I really lucked out with this one, definitely worth the time commitment!

  62. reaching4dastars Verified Owner

    When the kush hits the fan, it’s time to try out critical kush to make the stress go away. Easy to order online, was looking for high-quality pot seeds and found them with GCS. I smoke this almost every afternoon when I am getting stressed out at my desk. I go out into the alley and spark a joint. One or two hits does me fine, then an altoid, some eye drops, and I am back to work, feeling better than ever 🙂

  63. Diesel Engine Verified Owner

    Critically relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric. Kiss your worries goodbye and indulge in some much-needed R&R with the critical kush. Probably the easiest weed you’ll ever grow, and always an impressive yield. I smoke it most mornings and afternoons to just keep my mind level and relaxed. I makes me want to be low-key creative, cook dinner, and watch TV. My cat and I just have the best time cuddling together. I’ll buy this stuff again for sure!!!

  64. theGreenRoom Verified Owner

    Critical kush is a real mood-elevator. It brings me up a notch each and every time. When I come home from work, all I wanna do is sleep and be depressed, but when I smoke this, I instantly feel much better about myself, I am calm, relaxed, and even motivated to cook dinner for myself. It’s an easy grow, for the most part, does well in the backyard or in the basement. Just needs a lot of light and water to thrive. You won’t be disappointed by this weed!!!

  65. Longevity Verified Owner

    If you haven’t tried critical kush, then you ought to give it a shot! I got myself 3 seeds from grower’s and had them growing in the backyard almost right away. Beautiful plants with big fat juicy nugs that taste kinda earthy and sour. The buzz is sooooo relaxing, helps with stress and even with sleep. I used to suffer insomnia, but now I can finally relax before bedtime and drift off into pleasant dreams. You won’t regret growing this stuff!

  66. Curious George Verified Owner

    This strain is kind of a mystery to me. I ordered 3 seeds online and had the shipped to my home. Very fast delivery time and also 3 beautiful seeds that germinated quickly…I grew it out back and all went according to plan. The plants grew tall and beautiful and also super bushy and amazing. I love the sticky buds and the dark colored trichomes, it’s a real treat to have it around the home. I just wonder why I haven’t discovered it before!? I’ll totally be back for more y’all!

  67. IGotYour6 Verified Owner

    The combo between critical mass and OG kush is a real winner, especially for fighting off pain, depression, anxiety and stress. I definitely recommend this as an after work smoke, just maybe cause it’s pretty pungent and will be difficult to hide from your boss lol. I grew it out back, that’s the only space that I have, but I did pretty well for myself and got a very nice yield. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to grow your own, and GCS always provides quality pot seeds!

  68. Nextime Verified Owner

    A lovely indica dominant hybrid. Perfect for those long winter days when all you wanna do is get stoned and chill on the couch. I grew it indoors, which made all the difference in my opinion. I love the way this stuff just pops right up when you plant the seeds and the harvest is super rewarding and amazing! It’s very earthy smelling and the taste is kinda sour? Hard to describe, but a beautiful plant and a great smoke!

  69. vicki carson Verified Owner

    When the sun goes down, I pack myself a little bowl of this critical kush and the chill session begins! My job tends to be super stressful, and I really look forward to smoking this weed when I get home. I love the strong, earthy taste and the nice blend between indica and sativa…It helps me de-stress and relax, and I usually just read a book and let the worries of the day melt away…

  70. TylerGrant Verified Owner

    Critical kush is a strain I’d never come across before this website, but I am very happy with how it turned out. I got my seeds delivered with GCS and they all grew up very nicely. I am not an expert on weed by any means but I do enjoy gardening so this was a fun project for me. I gave them plenty of sun and water and I know now how much I can produce with 3 plants…it’s a lot! So maybe next time I’ll only grow one seed at a time. Good smoking!

  71. rickey costa Verified Owner

    This weed really does the trick. It’s not JUST the amazing mango flavor that makes this weed a winner, it’s the high levels of CBD that get the body relaxed, and anxiety just melts away. There’s this wonderful buzziness in your belly that makes me feel like I am wearing a warm blanket and just took a nice bath. I smoke it usually just at night cause I have trouble getting work done otherwise. My husband seems to love it as well 🙂

  72. dan wyler Verified Owner

    You really can’t get much better than growing your own weed, especially the critical kush. When it turns night and I need a way to relax and unwind, I pack a nice blunt of this stuff and it hits me really hard, it’s super stoney, gets me locked on the couch and the TV is playing my fave show. Helps me chill out and relaxes my body after a hard day of physical labor. It’s an easy strain to grow, but the yield can be a bit small, otherwise great stuff!

  73. spencer Verified Owner

    Come on now, if you’ve never tried this weed then it’s definitely time! It’s one of those staple strains that is easy to grow, offers up a great yield and is welcome at any time of day, but mostly in the evening for me personally. It’s pretty indica heavy like most kush strains and helps with stress and depression and anxiety. Highly versatile stuff. Grows well in almost any scenario so give it a try!

  74. evancorman Verified Owner

    This situation is CRITICAL!!! It;s wicked powerful weed, super relaxing and helps battle depression, anxiety and stress. Not the easiest strain to grow outdoors, but hey, it’s a good challenge and the quality of the mj seeds makes it almost foolproof. Got a NICE yield, I am super proud of myself, and the weed is very fresh and high quality. Once dried, smoking it works like I charm. I am CHILLIN hardcore on this stuff, highly recommend!

  75. Douglas Callaway Verified Owner

    If you need some fast acting relaxation, I recommend taking a huge bong rip of the critical kush. I am something of a movie snob, so I love to smoke this stuff and just chill right out. It’s great for kicking back and watching a movie. Helps me with stress too, and makes it a lot easier to wind down from work and forget the day. Pretty fun to grow this stuff. It’s not hard and it produces a ton of weed. Beautiful plants!

  76. Susan Misner Verified Owner

    If you only knew how delicious this weed was you’d be buying every day! Nothing beats the taste of home grown weed right from the backyard. It’s got this wonderful woodsy taste and offers the cleanest buzz around, great for depression and anxiety and produces the most wonderful feelings. I feel super creative on this weed, and really relaxed. Has been great for sleep as well!

  77. Avi Verified Owner

    I don’t know many weeds that help with stress like this one. I smoke this and immediately feel a whole lot better about things. My work life feels a lot less overbearing and my relationship with my husband seems to be much calmer. I like to smoke this and drink some wine and feel a lot better. Good for having on a day off or just before bed. Very easy to grow. I love my garden 🙂

  78. wolverine7474 Verified Owner

    This weed is critically impressive, helps a lot with depression and stress and makes for a nice after-work smoke. Wouldn’t smoke during the day, would make me too tired and not help with getting work done. On the other hand, it’s a great gardening project, I feel like I am a MUCH better grower than before. Hoping this is something I can do again, if my neighbors are cool with it lol.

  79. mfreedman Verified Owner

    This is where it’s at! Definitely give this weed a try. I have been a huge kush fan for years and usually grow them in the greenhouse out back. This one took right off and did really well just like the others. It’s a super straightforward grow, not finicky plants by any means the yield is great as ever. I am hoping I can buy more seeds next time to share with my neighbors and friends, have some smoke sessions around the bonfire. Excellent buy!

  80. humongoose Verified Owner

    I love that there’s CBD built into the genetics of this weed. It’s been great for my bodily aches and pains, which are many cause I am always working outdoors. I love the high as well, it’s great for boosting my mood and making me super hungry. I can’t stop eating when I am on this weed!!! It’s pretty darn exciting to have this mj around cause I know I am gonna have a good time every time. Perfect!

  81. raene05 Verified Owner

    Very good but not as tasty as Blueberry CBD! Thanks GC

  82. yellow mellow Verified Owner

    If you love indica strains, then you’ll most certainly be a fan of this variety. It’s a classic in my book, very easy to grow and without any issues with germination. I can’t say I am an expert grower by any means, but this stuff came easy to me, and the yield was really impressive too. It’s got a lovely deep green color and smells just like the woods! Has been wonderful for my stress and pain and I’ll definitely buy again!

  83. ryan n Verified Owner

    It’s hard to find quality weed seeds online, but GCS really makes it easy! Critical kush is one of the better strains I have come across. It’s easy to grow, but does require some TLC, especially in the beginning. The germination guide on this site has been really helpful as well. I’m pretty stoked about the results of my grow, probably got like 400 g per plant, and the buzz just can’t be beat. Excellent choice!

  84. duck duct Verified Owner

    I have had so much trouble sleeping over the last few weeks. Things have gotten strained here at home, so need a little escape. This weed came just at the right time. Glad I grew it in my basement, it was a nice hobby and offered some incredible mind benefits, feel like my brain is being massaged, and my body is so relaxed. I am able to handle the stress of the relationship so much better, and will definitely continue to use!

  85. umbrella jane Verified Owner

    This weed is critically amazing!!!! Don’t even second guess yourself, this weed is fun and easy to grow and offers up some killer nugs, these plants practically take care of themselves and I am not a good grower lol! I got a nice yield, super potent pungent sticky dank herb yall and it’s really relaxing, super good for stress and anxiety! I love how easy this all was and will definitely do it again!

  86. type type Verified Owner

    This happens to be one of my favorite strains, which is why I was so happy that GCS carries it in their amazing online store! I got 3 seeds, just to try it out, and turns out I am a regular green thumb. Got all 3 to sprout and they turned out beautifully! A nice sized harvest, maybe like 500 g per plant? A lot, nonetheless. I smoke this most days of the week, just to relax and unwind. Sometimes you need a chilled out vibe when you’re stressed, you know?

  87. vetmin Verified Owner

    This weed has changed my entire life! I love how dank and sticky it is! Super tasty and delicious and really easy to grow. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped out hella quick yo! I germinated using the paper towel method and it worked really well! Such an amazing strain for how relaxing the buzz is, and the yield is impressive too! I will definitely be back for more!

  88. kengrey Verified Owner

    This is a really underrated strain of mj. It’s nice to grow this stuff in your backyard if you’ve got the space. Big fan of the bright green nugs and the delicious earthy flavors as well. I must’ve gotten like 300 g per plant. I am set on weed for the next while. I smoke this usually after work to help me unwind. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety. Will definitely be back for more!

  89. gonzo gonzalez Verified Owner

    This is a very healing strain of mj. Really helps with stress and relaxation, gives me a great mind and body buzz and offers some delicious nugs after just 4 months of growing. I smoke this usually in the evenings to help me unwind and relax. It’s been great for my back pain and neck pain too. Very strong earthy taste I am sure you’ll love!

  90. squeakers Verified Owner

    This is a very fast grow, took me no time at all to get the seeds to germinate and then they just took off in the backyard! Very easy to manage and they produced a ton of weed. Very enjoyable smoking as well, a nice earthy taste to the bud and it gives me a very relaxed high, all my stress and worries just melt away. It’s a remarkable strain, and I will be back for more!

  91. powerbowl Verified Owner

    This has been so great for my stress and anxiety, it has helped me unwind and relaxes me a great deal. I grew it in my garden, got myself a tall bushy set of plants and nearly 1000 grams of weed in total. It’s a remarkable strain, very easy to grow and the smoke is nice and smooth, kinda sour and earthy too. Love this stuff!

  92. Jason Verified Owner

    This weed is critically chill and helps me deal with my stress, anxiety and depression. I am an avid gardener and really enjoyed the process of growing this mj in my backyard, got a very nice yield and my plants all turned out very strong and healthy, how rewarding! A very mellow buzz but highly effective, helps me unwind at the end of a long day and even helps me sleep!

  93. Peter Harper Verified Owner

    A nice, fast grow, really gets you going during those difficult days when you are depressed and don’t feel good about anything. I liked having this in my garden, it looks great and produces enough weed to keep me happy. I enjoy the smell and the taste, and it gets me very high, perfect in the evening, to unwind and feel better about a bad day. Keep this one in mind!

  94. Jasmine Young Verified Owner

    This is some excellent weed! It was SO EASY to order my seeds online through GCS, they have an amazing selection and great customer service as well! A perfect strain for kush lovers like myself who love the ease of growing kush strains with all the lovely indica benefits they provide. Super relaxing and great for stress and anxiety, perfect for those who need some help unwinding at the end of a long day!

  95. Keron Verified Owner

    This is a very healing form of weed. I love the taste and smell, really earthy and citrusy, went super great in the backyard, just like tacking care of any other plant really. Has been stellar for my migraines and helps me relax at the end of a long day. I definitely will come back for more!

  96. howard stanley Verified Owner

    I want my weed NOW!!!! This weed grows so fast you won’t even remember putting it in the ground. It’s got the great taste of citrus and pine and helps me CTFO after a hard day. Great for pain and stress relief and really gets the blood pumping in the brain. Perfect for watching a silly movie or passing around the J with friends. Not difficult to grow either. Definitely a good call!!!

  97. Catherine Y. Verified Owner

    This weed has been critically important for my neck and back pain and for helping me relax after work. WOW it was so easy to grow, sprang up like daisies in the backyard and just 4 months later I am swimming in delicious marijuana. Great for chilling with at night, makes me good and sleepy and helps me relax. Great for stimulating my appetite as well!

  98. ronnie Verified Owner

    There’s something very special about this weed, it’s excellent for people suffering from depression or anxiety and has some amazing sativa properties that give you the burst of energy that you’ve been looking for! it’s powerful stuff though, so watch out for that! I liked growing this weed, it’s been very cooperative. Happy as a clam!

  99. donald deck Verified Owner

    OMG, my favorite two marijuana strains (Critical Mass and OG Kush) had a baby and that baby is Critical Kush! I’ve been looking for the best version of this wonderful strain and I’m pretty sure Grower’s Choice has it. It is smooth, has a fabulous earthy smell and it seriously makes all my aches and pains fade away. Also, I love the yield I get on these seeds: I got nearly 500 grams growing these ladies outdoors in sunny California, USA. I just love this whole mj family – I’d like to grow all three varieties of this lovely family next time!

  100. Beth Massey Verified Owner

    Perfect for beginner growers, this weed truly offers something special and amazing. I love indicas personally and this weed really scratches the itch, gives you a nice relaxing buzz that’s perfect for unwinding after work. Has been great for stress relief and anxiety as well. GCS has the best seeds in Canada. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  101. Susan S Verified Owner

    These feminized seeds grew crazy fast. The weed itself is awesome for stress relief, and I’ve heard it’s also good for people with chronic pain issues (thank goodness that’s not me at this point). I love cozying up on the couch with some after a day filled with coworkers and customers that I would rather forget. This website has great product-so far no issues with any of my orders.

  102. Kevin Poole Verified Owner

    I have depression induced insomnia, it’s no fun to live with as you can imagine, so I have been a medical marijuana patient for some time now. I find this strain is really helpful for my symptoms, helps brighten my mood, and also helps me unwind before going to sleep. Gives a nice yield and offers some delicious earthy sweet notes you’ll surely love like I do!

  103. Daniel H. Verified Owner

    I am someone who needs some powerful relaxation, and this weed really does the trick. Easy to grow and fast to flower as well, gives off these big delicious nugs that are the size of my fist! I love the sweet earthy smell, and you just can’t beat the buzz, it’s super relaxing and great for pain and headaches! I highly recommend this strain!

  104. Ben W Verified Owner

    A very fast growing weed! You’ll be smoking your very own kush in just a few months time, it’s very accessible to those who don’t know how to grow weed, plus the yield is consistently amazing. I think this is great for beginners in general cause the high can be universally enjoyed! It’s very relaxing and uplifting, great for bodily aches and pains and headaches as well. You’ll definitely want to give this a try!

  105. Jim Hensley Verified Owner

    Have been smoking this strain for years! First time growing though, and GCS has some seriously amazing selection, I ordered online and the weed showed up super fast! Grew them in my backyard and they got super tall and really beautiful! Critical has this smell thats like earthy and citrusy and Its super relaxed, a heavy hitting weed for sure, but you’ll be loving it at the end of your workday.

  106. Ben Shore Verified Owner

    Unfortunately I have been suffering from insomnia for many years and have been using mj to help me relax and sleep through the night. Has great success with my 5 seeds from GCS. Grew into beautiful lush plants and gave off a TON of nug, right from my backyard! I am very entranced by the taste of this weed, sour and earthy, and has a lovely pungent smell I find relaxing. Helps me sleep through the night!

  107. Mark H. Verified Owner

    Medical mj user here, and find this strain to be incredibly helpful in alleviating my chronic pain symptoms while also providing an uplifting mood boost that lasts for hours. I am quite the gardener, and was happy to plant my seeds in the backyard, they did remarkably well among the other plants, grew to about a medium height and required occasional shaping/pruning. I harvested around 500 grams, which will work for me as I don’t smoke until the evenings anyway. The mj is very pungent and woody, but tastes lovely and helps me relax before bedtime.

  108. GDKING Verified Owner

    Seeds arrived fairly quick, I ordered 5 seeds. They appeared small and immature. I tried germinating all 5 seeds and only three sprouted. I grew them with one CBD Critical Mass plant, indoors in a 3 x 3 scrog in coco with 260 watt quantum board led lighting and AN Nutes. Veg time from seed 5 weeks, 12/12 light for 65 days to harvest. Very fragrant while flowering!!! I am giving 5 stars as I am very happy with yield, 442 grams of dry bud. It vapes very well, very calm relaxing high, everyone I share with loves it! I will buy more, hopefully I will have better luck with germination…

  109. JCPeggy Verified Owner

    I LOVE THIS STRAIN. I used to only smoke one kind, but I made a resolution this past year to expand my marijuana horizons. This month I decided to try Critical Kush because I read about its deep-relaxation effects. This is the exact strain I need to decompress and unwind after a stressful day. Lately, my anxiety levels have been through the roof so I’ve really been relying on this stuff to get me through the day without feeling panic or like I’m gonna crumble. I can’t recommend this strain enough!

  110. Neal B. Verified Owner

    When I heard there was a hybrid of Critical Mass and OG Kush, I knew I had to try it! Those are my two favorite strains, so I have to say I had some huge expectations, and they were all met! Plus, I only buy feminized cannabis seeds…so, huge plus! This strain has some great pain relieving benefits and also helps to ease my anxiety and just makes my mind and body feel amazing. I’m continually impressed with this company—they always have the best strains at great prices and they always deliver right on time!

  111. Luis R. Verified Owner

    This is my absolute favorite strain to help me unwind and feel great, body and mind. It’s perfect for the evenings, and after years of getting it off of friends, I finally decided to buy some seeds of my own. I’ve never even managed to keep a house plant alive, but with the help of this awesome website, I was able to keep this plant growing and thriving. I’m so happy I decided to take this plunge into gardening with these feminized cannabis seeds.

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