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Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica-dominant hybrid strain, Critical Purple Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds trace their lineage to popular Critical Mass and Big Bud. One of our highest THC strains, Critical Purple is a potent plant, expressing its indica roots with a heavy, relaxed effect. In addition to sedation that can ease you into a deep, restful sleep, Critical Purple is known for reducing chronic pain, calming anxiety and stress, soothing nausea, and even lessening headaches and migraines.

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Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica-dominant hybrid strain, Critical Purple Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds trace their lineage to popular Critical Mass and Big Bud. Originally, the pair were bred together in order to improve the yield and stability of Big Bud. Critical Mass is known for extremely heavy, dense flowers, and our Critical Purple cannabis seeds carry on this desirable trait.

Auto Critical Purple Effects?

One of our highest THC strains, Critical Purple is a potent plant, expressing its indica roots with a heavy, relaxed effect. If you’re new to marijuana or even just to this strain, you may find early treatments with Critical Purple leave you feeling completely sedated, but whatever your tolerance, this strain is certainly best kept for evening or nighttime use.

In addition to sedation that can ease you into a deep, restful sleep, Critical Purple is known for reducing chronic pain, calming anxiety and stress, soothing nausea, and even lessening headaches and migraines. The strain can also serve to enhance appetite, a helpful side effect for people who are suffering from an eating disorder or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer. In the latter instance, Critical Purple’s anti-emetic quality is also helpful.

Grow Critical Purple Cannabis

Our Critical Purple cannabis seeds have been paired with a cannabis species called ruderalis. While this type of plant does not do much to alter the effects of the strain, it does make for very easy growing. Auto-flowering plants utilize hardy, Russian-born ruderalis’ ability to proceed completely unaided into the flowering stage; this means the grower need not worry about the ideal time to alter the lighting hours in the greenhouse.

Critical Purple Strain Yield

As such, Critical Purple cannabis seeds are quite easy to germinate and grow, and do very well indoors, in a hydroponic or soil planting medium. Though they require a long flowering period – as many as 11 weeks – the results are well worth the wait. When harvest time arrives, the bushy plants will have produced numerous buds full of medicinal and recreational possibilities; expect up to 450 grams of fresh flower per square meter indoors, and about 300 grams per plant, outside. The “Purple” in the name refers to the purplish tint that growers may discover on the thick, heavy flowers.

If you’re intregued by this auto-flowering strain, read our Critical Purple in-depth article for more information.

Choose Critical Purple Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds to fight insomnia and pain.

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3.61 (70 votes)

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Indica x Ruderalis


90% Indica / 10% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

70-80 days

THC Content


CBD Level



powerful, soothing, relaxing

Best Use

Evening; Clears the mind; induces sleep; pain management


Sweet, earthy, fruity

Indoor Yield

350-450g per m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


156 reviews for Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Joseph mitton (verified owner)

    Jägermeister. She smells like an open bottle of Jager, is 6 feet tall. it’s quite strange indeed. 3 months old, and in week 3 of flowering. Smells POTENT!!!

  2. Joseph mitton (verified owner)

    First grow. 2 for 2 on the germination so far. first plant is in flower now for 2 weeks, and she was planted September 7th. Oh, and it’s 6 feet one inch tall. Smells like Jägermeister on steroids. Very strange. Second plant has like four leaves, and are VERY different from #1.

  3. spaceodyssey (verified owner)

    This is a super relaxing strain that kills my stress and helps me feel relaxed after a long day at the factory. I love growing at home, enjoy the outdoor air and the project of growing the weed. Not too hard to do, kinda relaxing, but not as relaxing as the bud itself, super duper chilled out purple vibes with a smooth smoke and great flavor. Love smoking and chilling with ma dog, we go on looooong walks together!

  4. builtchevytough8 (verified owner)

    Good strain I’m growing this right now it’s coming along very well

  5. pathomas58 (verified owner)

    This is my first Grow and I am really impressed with the Critical Purple auto. This plant has been amazing to grow.

  6. cmackenzieg (verified owner)

    This shit is the real deal. It’s strong and produces more than the other 7 auto flower strains I have grown.

  7. cynthiadev (verified owner)

    This is an excellent weed that really cure what ails you and makes you get back on your feet! it’s easy to grow, especially indoors, and the you’ll be happy when the plant starts flowering in just a few months time. It’s a remarkably impressive strain of weed, fights anxiety and depression and gives you a nice mood boost as well. Love these fat purple nugs!

  8. corey (verified owner)

    This has been an incredible experiment. I am very pleased with my abilities to grow this strain did so in my backyard among all my other herbs and spices, turned out really nice with around 300 g per plant. I love the dense purple nugs, and the sweet berry smell of this weed, it’s very intoxicating! The buzz is mild, never overpowering, and offers up some deep relaxation not to mention some great creative insight!

  9. raene05 (verified owner)

    Wow what a beautiful blend and hella high. 100% germ and quick growth. Thanks GC……another one!

  10. mikeholt24 (verified owner)

    all five of my beans popped and had no issue with germination. the flowering period is a week or two longer then what the site suggested but that wasnt no big deal. the taste and quality was extremely wonderful. wont use anybody but GCS…

  11. bullhorn35 (verified owner)

    This is the real deal. I absolutely love this stuff, it’s so delicious and purple and yummmm! I ordered my seeds online and got them delivered to my door. I germed them using the paper towel method and they really took off! Great for indoor growing, I have a nice greenhouse in the backyard. The flowers really are purple and amazing and the high is super relaxing and great for my stress. Highly recommend!

  12. protools9936 (verified owner)

    I bought these 2 weeks ago and only 1 sprouted out of the 3 pack that I bought. the seeds were kinda small and light tan in color with just a very small amount of what would be the radicle. I automatically knew that they weren’t going to sprout. sure enough, like I predicted only one. maybe I had a bad batch of something but I’m gonna give these guys one more chance. if no success in a bigger order & my future results aren’t better… time to look for a better seed bank with more options. THEY DO HAVE GREAT PRICES THOUGH. lowest I’ve seen so far.

  13. dajuanpierre1 (verified owner)

    I planted this strain on Nov 16 and it’s been 238 days now. I thought autos we’re supposed to be done in a couple months.

  14. Michael Clark (verified owner)

    This is a powerful indica for sure, really helps set my mind at ease in the evenings after a long day at work. It’s been really solid growing ever since I got the seeds in the mail, very easy to germ and cultivate and got super tall and bushy. Love the purple nugs and sweet flavors, great buy!

  15. Joe M (verified owner)

    Purple Power!!!! This is definitely one of my favorite weeds on this site. This is my 3rd time ordering cause I just can’t get enough. By now I am an expert at growing this strain indoors! Love it’s dense purple nugs and bright green leaves, definitely something special about it. Smells earthy and sweet and tastes that way too and gets me real relaxed in the evenings right before bed!

  16. danielayt (verified owner)

    Easy to grow, tasty and wonderful high. My family, friends and I all loved it.

  17. blingbling (verified owner)

    This is some chilled. out. weed! I love the earthy sweet smell, delicious and fulfilling. The bud itself it super sticky and purple and dank. I am really proud of myself for growing this weed in my backyard, the plants were super tall and really impressive. I am super happy I went for this strain, it’s a dream come true!

  18. Dark Ryder (verified owner)

    One of the best strains on this site for sure! My first time growing mj for myself, was very pleased with the results. I set up a small grow room in my basement, got a nice yield and didn’t have to do too much work! I love how these nugs are deep purple in color, super trippy! The weed tastes nice and floral, gives me a great body buzz that’s been really helpful for stress and anxiety. Love this stuff!

  19. Luke Dolan (verified owner)

    This is some dank and delicious herb! Such a great experience growing outdoors and getting a ton of nug to smoke all summer long. Perfect if you’re just looking to chill out poolside or go to the beach, and the buds really are amazingly purple! It’ll amaze your friends and family and you’ll have no problem passing THIS J around 🙂

  20. Ellen C (verified owner)

    One of my favorite mj strains on the market. A real diamond in the rough! Perfect for evening use to help me clear my mind and make good on my promise to relax a little more. My wife did most of the growing because I am at work all the time, but this was an excellent addition to my life, love the purple buds, so pretty! Great buy!

  21. Ray Donovan (verified owner)

    This is some powerful weed that will put insomnia to bed. I’ve had the condition for many years, many nights spent tossing and turning, with a lot of trouble getting up for work in the morning. This weed was a great grow, very rewarding, and very purple haha! It’s true, the flower is deep purple in color and the taste is just like berries. I’m sure you’ll love it!

  22. diane bullock (verified owner)

    I have a nice little greenhouse out back, decided to give this weed a shot and was happy I did. Truly one of the more beautiful buds I’ve ever grown. Big fan of the purple delicious buds and the quick flowering time. I usually smoke this at night to help me with sleep, and it certainly does. Believe me!

  23. Amy Potter (verified owner)

    Really beautiful bud, deep purple trichomes and also very tall and bushy. If you need some hard relaxation before bedtime, go with this stuff. I grew right in the backyard and got a super nice yield. It even impressed my neighbors who are super jealous lol. I use at night before I go to sleep, really helps with insomnia.

  24. dariusjackson688 (verified owner)

    I planted 1 out of 3 and she’s growing fast. Cant wait to taste that flower. Thank you GC

  25. Lisa A. (verified owner)

    I’m always nervous to try new MJ seeds, but these grew well. I also like that if they didn’t, GCS has the guarantee where they will replace the product, which makes it a bit less of a risk. Great therapeutic high–especially for headaches and when I’m not feeling amazing generally. Some people have put critical purple in baking–might try that next.

  26. Ivan Jenk (verified owner)

    There are so many good things to say about this weed, it’s hard to know where to start! Ordering online with GCS was a breeze, they have an amazing selection and it was SO hard to choose just one!!! This was a great pick, super fun and easy to grow, looks great in my garden beds out back, and it’s perfect for smoking at night, it’s dense purple nugs look amazing and pack a serious indica punch! Love this stuff!!!

  27. white4064 (verified owner)

    i downgrade this for site ease of use seriously …seeds came fast nough i cant germ and wont look of quality im a seed saver

  28. white4064 (verified owner)

    i give 4 stays because im not able to even try to germinate them being where i live but the time of shipping and the looks of the seeds (and yeah i know what seeds should look like) seem to be of good value..i do have one issue though they changed from glass tubes to some stupid plastic thingy…not happy with that being they say we perserve in glass

  29. jmatesowicz (verified owner)

    Growing amazing. Still a couple weeks left, but these are great plants. 20+ colas on each. Super dense. 100+ gram plants easy.

  30. com (verified owner)

    Recently completed my first grow ever using these seeds! 3 out of 5 germinated and grew into big healthy plants indoors. I used pots that were too small and lights that were too weak at the beginning, but still got them up to 3 feet in height and bushy. It took 16 weeks from seed to chopping down, and my trichomes never turned opaque and only barely turned amber (around 10%). Overall dry yield of 48 grams for the three plants; low yield definitely due to the n00b mistakes I made. Impressively strong, as-described final product. Excited to harvest my next round of properly-grown Gorilla Glue from GC. 🙂

  31. takestwototango (verified owner)

    Stressful day? Week? Year? Kick back with critical purple to help you clear the mind. It’s helped me tremendously with stress and anxiety. I used to suffer from insomnia but no more! I grew right in my backyard, my husband helped with the grow, and we both got a lovely harvest around 1000 g total from 3 plants! We like smoking together on the back porch at night, helps us unwind and reflect on the day. I know you’ll love this weed, just like I do!

  32. Danny (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain of weed for almost any occasion. It’s fairly powerful, but not much is needed, so tread lightly and you will be happy. easy to take care of, and worth the effort to germinate the seeds. Big beautiful buds, like purple popcorn, tastes sweet and delicious and great for stress!

  33. James Lee (verified owner)

    5 stars! Amazing weed and great grow, super purple, looks like it’s from outer space! I grew right in my basement in my little grow space and got a huge yield of nug that will definitely last me a long long time, and it’s crazy relaxing bud and is great for sleep and relaxation. An excellent strain for those wound a bit too tight! GCS has the goods!

  34. Wallace Hull (verified owner)

    Stellar germ rate, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, all 5 seeds germed in just over 3 days! Plants grew beautifully, and the leaves really are deep purple and green, it looks like its from mars! I smoke this stuff in the evenings or even right before bed, great for watching a movie or listening to tunes. I shared it with my gf and she agrees! Can’t wait to buy more!

  35. Brendan Dougherty (verified owner)

    One of the more versatile strains of mj out there, a real treat to grow, the buds really are purple and so much fun to look at! GCS has an amazing selection, have been growing their seeds for some time now, this strain is one of my favorites for sure, and gives a modest yield that’s made up for by just how strong this weed really is! If you smoke too much you’ll be on the couch, but just a few tokes will calm you down, chill out your anxiety and put you in a good mood.

  36. dak41483 (verified owner)

    bought 10 seeds. they got here quick. all 10 popped. cant wait to try this stuf out. real excited about growing it.

  37. Sm450f (verified owner)

    Purchased the critical purple feminized autoflower and was disappointed to find out they were not in fact autoflowers, instead they were photo-period.

    They are still very well cared for and after some time I switched the lighting to 12/12 and pistils started popping. The smell is almost “meaty” like a marinated steak with a lot of seasoning, little hint of skunkiness. Cant wait for the final harvest.

    3 stars for the simple fact that I did not receive the correct order. Germination was 100% no issues other than that. I’ve already placed another order, these people are easy to work with.

  38. Dankertd1 (verified owner)

    5/5 germination seed to sprout 96 hours

  39. joeclfc (verified owner)

    The critical purple is a fantastic cultivar, and with its longer growth period than many autos, I was even able to take a bunch of clones from the bottom growth (that I remove anyway) for a quick SOG. Suggest LST with minimal (if any) pinching.
    I have bought seeds twice from Growers Choice so far, and they are by far the best seed company I have done business with. They accurately depict their products, and stand by them. They are honest, professional, and knowledgeable. I would give them a 6 if they allowed for me to.

  40. msease31 (verified owner)

    First let me say that I have never had a problem with this company before and love their service. However when it comes to this strain stay away. Now I do not know if I got a bad batch that is possible. For me I bought this strain at the beginning of the month and so far out of three seeds not one germination. Did not have a problem with other strains purchased from this company. Was really looking forward to trying this strain but I guess that is not in my future. Just beware of poor germination with this strain.

  41. blueprecision (verified owner)

    Got my replacement Critical Purple Auto beans, and got one out of the 5 to work. That makes 2 out of 10 for this strain, and one of those croaked after sprouting. the one remaining is in great shape as are the Power Plant Photoperiods I also got from GC. 3 for 3 with those. Germinated a few different strains all the same time, only the CPAs didn’t seem to want to sprout, but the one that made it looks really good, so ill make the best out of it. Just tellin ya my experiences so far.

  42. blueprecision (verified owner)

    Got a 5 pack in dec. All 5 germinated taproots while in the wet paper towel, but never came out of the ground once put in the dirt. Kept to the directions, so not sure what happened, sounds like these beans are tough to sprout for others too. Luckily GC sending replacements. Had great result with GC and other strains, so I can’t be too bummed over it. Looking forward to a second shot with these autos. Plan to have a better review come April..

  43. anonymous (verified owner)

    3 seeds 3 plants, 37 days old, LST turned them bushy in FFOF, 5 gal pots. Even LST more cause I see I can. Still in veg, hoping to get taller while in 24/7. If I reach my 20″ desired height in veg, I will go to 18/6 to aid in promoting flower stage. I think these maybe nice size, really taking off. One is silly bushy sprouts launching on every spot possible. Other 2 are normal and look great.

  44. baddaddybbq (verified owner)

    I purchased these seeds early November and they arrived within a week. I have sprouted these seeds in a grow tent under a true 600 watt led in hydroponics dwc. They are very healthy and in the first week of flower. I am super excited to see the harvest.

    I am definitely going to buy more seeds from you guys!


  45. Bassett.brandy (verified owner)

    The germination instructions on this site are garbage. I tried that and I wasted 3 seeds. Since then I have just gotten seeds put in soil with water, and covered with saran wrap until they sprouted. That was 3 mos ago. I am still in the vegetation stage and seems to be progressing nicely. Can wait to try.

  46. mechanicalman79 (verified owner)

    This stuff smells so strong! The first 2 seeds failed to sprout, but 3rd times a charm. This strain is very impressive! In the dirt September 18 and harvest December 8th. 407 grams wet weight. Have already ordered more of these. Im hoping for 3/3 next round!

  47. danieldeprey (verified owner)

    Easy to grow and beautiful plants, very heavy high. Love it

  48. Justin.mcneil35 (verified owner)

    This stuff is potent! I use it at night to go to sleep and it does just that! Actually have more seeds on the way as I’m typing this. Loyal customer for life!

  49. jeancundy83 (verified owner)

    Easy grow beautiful healthy plants 100% germination with 4 grows. Awesome seed bank.

  50. drider (verified owner)

    Easy to grow! 5 for 5 on the seed germination. Grew these in 3×3 tents with Nano Lux 315w CMH lights, Synthetic Feed, fed 1/4 strength. 3 gallon pots, just let them grow out on their own. FROSTY!! Dense Buds. Tricome production was everywhere leaves, stems, and stocks as well. Harvest was was larger then we expected. Powerful Knockout Punch for sleep and pain free evening from this flower. Made for some great oil, and edibles.

    Critical Purple has been added to our schedule for future grows. Great Genetics.

  51. srobins529 (verified owner)

    Only 1 of 3 seeds cracked so very disappointed in that.
    The 1 that grew… 4.5ft tall thick meaty buds that dried out to almost 5 full ounces. Even the side branches turned into colas. Some of the densest buds I’ve ever seen, not too hard to manicure.
    I read guys saying 1 ounce from this strain, definitely Not the phenotype I grew, but with Only one plant, I got nothing to compare it to. I used 3 gallon pots would recommend 5 for girls that grow this big. Most definitely rivals any photo period strain I’ve ever grown with a 30 day veg cycle. I can see possibilities of commercial use of this strain
    I’ll give the plant itself 4.5 stars but pisses poor germ rate gets 3 on this order

  52. Wilkersondun (verified owner)

    Thus is defiantly the highest THc strain they carry when they say it’s one of the highest they are telling the truth. It has a great taste and a mellow high. This is my 2nd batch that we have grown.

  53. rickcecc04 (verified owner)

    I will start off buy saying this is a great strain very strong pleasant taste. However the yield for this extremely tiny auto is an OZ at best per plant. I am an experienced grower and a little disappointed in the yield. I have grown Autos over the past few years that have way larger yeilds. Buy at least 10 seeds or don’t even bother with this 18 inch plant

  54. jessica-kelly (verified owner)

    Since growing feminized cannabis seeds, I’ll never grow back. I get just over 300g for each of these plants. usually between 280 to 320. Ordered a 5 pack and sprouted all 5 (one sprouted but I let the mould get to it). Grown about 6 times now with seeds from this company and will keep ordering for my garden. Best customer service I’ve ever had with an online company, so will continue to come back…especially for the quality marijuana seeds.

  55. Smokie (verified own