High THC Seeds Combo Pack

High THC Seeds Combo Pack

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(24 customer reviews)

Sometimes we just need a little toke of something super-strong. That’s where the Growers Choice High THC Cannabis Seeds combo pack comes in. These four strains do not disappoint. Sour OG is a superstar, Bruce Banner proves its mettle, God’s Gift is a true reward, and Wedding Cake takes the cake. Don’t miss this discount combo pack.

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High THC Seeds Combo Pack

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We all need different things from our cannabis at different times, right? When you’re looking for something hard-hitting, whether it’s to take the edge off a particularly rough day or ease some particularly intense pain, our discount-priced High THC Cannabis Seeds combo pack is the way to go. Soothe yourself with Sour OG, go big with Bruce Banner, find serenity with God’s Gift, and lift your spirits with Wedding Cake. All the strains in this combo pack tend to hit 25% THC or higher.

Get Softly Stoned With Sour OG

Sour OG cannabis seeds boast 50/50 indica and sativa genetics, but they veer toward the sativa side, giving you an energetic and euphoric boost in their slightly diesel, unsurprisingly sour flavor profile. They might pose a growing challenge for the newest gardeners, but we’ve got lots of faith in our grow squad! They’ll reward you with a nice yield, and with an average THC level of 25%, you get an awful lot of bang for your buck with this one.

Beast Mode: Bruce Banner

Proudly sativa-leaning Bruce Banner cannabis seeds take aim at 25% THC and don’t disappoint. This tall plant with one heck of a yield (almost 1 kg per plant outdoors!) teases with a berry-diesel palate and will render your mood creative and super-chill. Fend off nausea, fatigue, and depression symptoms, to boot. You’re gonna love this addition to our High THC combo pack.

Get Over Yourself With God’s Gift

We’re just teasing. With God’s Gift in your repertoire, you have lots of reasons to be proud. First off, you grew this lovely, simple little plant to perfection, and it thanked you with insomnia-fighting and stress-busting effects and a sweet and citrus flavor. With an average 26% THC, a little of this powerful strain goes a long way, so take it easy and thank the ganja gods for this one!

Welcome In Wedding Cake Weed

Go ahead and take a load off with this 25% THC strain that’s a little picky to grow but well worth the effort. Wedding Cake will wow you with its ability to decrease pain and increase appetite on those days when you need nourishment but just aren’t feeling food (though we wouldn’t recommend dining exclusively on cake). Get energized and happy with just a little hit of this earthy-sweet strain. You’ll never regret growing this selection in the High THC Cannabis Seeds combo pack.

Did we mention all our combos come with a sweet discount? Did you ever think you’d get four outstanding THC-heavy cannabis strains for this price? When decision fatigue sets in and you just want to place your order and go, the High THC cannabis seeds combo pack is the perfect pick. Add this combo to your cart right now!

24 reviews for High THC Seeds Combo Pack

  1. Lunar5Lover Verified Owner

    The High THC Seeds Combo Pack from Growers Choice Seeds is a must-have for cannabis enthusiasts looking for potent strains. With four impressive strains included, such as the energetic and euphoric Sour OG, the creative and chill Bruce Banner, the insomnia-fighting and stress-busting God’s Gift, and the pain-reducing Wedding Cake, this combo pack offers a variety of effects and flavors.

  2. Comet4Crafter Verified Owner

    The High THC Seeds Combo Pack from Growers Choice Seeds offers a range of options to satisfy any cannabis enthusiast. Personally, I loved the euphoric boost and slightly sour flavor of Sour OG, while Bruce Banner’s creative and chill effects were a hit. God’s Gift was perfect for combating insomnia and stress, and Wedding Cake impressed with its pain-relieving properties.

  3. Alejandro Mendoza Verified Owner

    This combo pack is absolutely amazing! I was so impressed with the quality and potency of these seeds. They grew into beautiful plants with dense buds and a strong THC content. If you’re looking for a powerful and diverse selection of high THC strains, this combo pack is a must-buy!

  4. OptimisticOstrich1337 Verified Owner

    This combo pack is an incredible value for any avid grower. Not only did all the seeds sprout and germinate successfully, but the customer service from Growers Choice Seeds was extremely helpful and informative. The shipping was fast as well, allowing me to start growing within a week of my purchase.

  5. Julianne Clayton Verified Owner

    good little starter pack, its my first time growing, I had some issues but I think its just growing pains as a new green thumb.

  6. Mauricio Myers Verified Owner

    Great seeds, all germinated

  7. Solar7Sketcher Verified Owner

    These seeds have exceeded my expectations with their incredible potency and mind-blowing effects. The plants grew beautifully and produced a bountiful harvest. This pack is a must-have for any serious cannabis enthusiast looking for an elevated experience. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Willie Zhang Verified Owner

    just harvested my gods gift, I have a small tent so I can’t grow them all at the same time. so far so good, 2 out of 3 of them sprouted in this cycle. its only one seed so I didnt bother the customer service. smokes great, im going to try to grow the wedding cake next will update then

  9. Fermin Lynch Verified Owner

    thanks to customer service to recommending me this combo pack
    1. all seeds germinated but 1 bruce banner was a bit slow
    2. shipping was fast, came in the mail in 3 days
    3. customer service was helpful with all my questions
    4. will do another review once ive harvested

    4 stars for now!

  10. PurpleHazePrince88 Verified Owner

    The High THC Seeds Combo Pack is a great way to try out some amazing strains at an unbeatable price. All the seeds germinated and grew easily with potent results. Shipping from Growers Choice Seeds was fast and customer service was excellent.

  11. ChronicCommander710 Verified Owner

    These seeds were a dream to grow, with all of them sprouting beautifully. The Growers Choice Seeds customer service team was incredibly helpful in answering all of my questions, and the shipping was super fast.

  12. ChronicCrusader710 Verified Owner

    This pack is a great deal and includes all of my favorite strains in one place. GCS customer service is top-notch and their fast shipping makes ordering a breeze. Highly recommend for anyone looking for high THC strains.

  13. ReeferRanger Verified Owner

    I was really impressed with the High THC Seeds Combo Pack. The value is unbeatable, and I had a great experience with Growers Choice Seeds. Shipping was fast and the customer service was top notch. The seeds were easy to grow and the final product was fantastic. I especially loved the Wedding Cake strain. Highly recommend this pack!

  14. Meghan Schaefer Verified Owner

    Im pretty experienced I would say, grew them all, no issues, good genetics, I got a good discount on the combo packs so it was worth the try.

  15. BluntBoss710 Verified Owner

    If you’re looking for variety and potency, the High THC Seeds Combo Pack is a great option. I’ve grown all the strains and had full germination with each one. The shipping was fast and the customer service was great.

  16. GrassGeneral420 Verified Owner

    This combo pack is definitely a great value for what you get, with some of Growers Choice’s top high THC strains available. I was very impressed by the customer service I received, and the delivery was very fast as it arrived in just a few days.

  17. Carson Rocha Verified Owner

    I recently ordered the High THC Seeds Combo Pack from Growers Choice Seeds and it was a great value for the price. The shipping was quick and the customer service experience was very helpful, they helped me find this great deal. The seeds were easy to grow and I especially loved the Sour OG strain. Would definitely recommend it to any avid growers out there!

  18. ReeferRogue Verified Owner

    It’s an amazing value for the amount of seeds you get. Definitely a must-buy for anyone looking for quality high-THC seeds. The High THC Seeds Combo Pack is one of the best deals out there.

  19. Hana Yamamoto Verified Owner

    I recently had the pleasure of trying out Growers Choice Seeds High THC Seeds Combo Pack and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! With four incredible strains to choose from, this combo pack has something for every cannabis enthusiast.

  20. RoachRunner Verified Owner

    I can’t recommend this combo pack enough! Every strain had great germination rates and was easy to grow. Shipping was fast and customer service was excellent. The potency on all of these strains was impressive, with powerful highs that really hit the spot.

  21. KushKiller360 Verified Owner

    the High THC Seeds Combo Pack from Growers Choice Seeds. The Sour OG strain provided a balanced high for both the body and mind and all of the seeds sprouted and germinated without any issues. The customer service experience was top-notch, and the shipping was fast. Highly recommend this combo pack for those looking for potent and balanced strains.

  22. SpawnCamper Verified Owner

    I was really impressed with the High THC Seeds Combo Pack, the variety of strains was perfect for my needs and the value was excellent. Shipping from Growers Choice Seeds was fast and customer service was incredibly helpful. All the seeds germinated successfully and the potency of each strain was top-notch.

  23. PotentateOfPot Verified Owner

    Every strain in this pack is great and easy to grow. All of the seeds grew into strong plants and all my seeds sprouted without any issues. The shipping was fast, and the customer service was excellent. The quality of the weed is fantastic and the highs good to go.

  24. CtrlAltDefeat007 Verified Owner

    The High THC Seeds Combo Pack is an incredible deal for growers looking to maximize potency. I was impressed by the full germination rate of all the strains in the pack, and found them all to be easy to grow with powerful highs.

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