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Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A combination of classic Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Kush is a much sought-after cannabis seed strain, and its beautiful appearance, sweet and earthy scent and fruity flavor only serve to further enhance the medical benefits.

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Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica dream, Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds deliver a long-lasting, deeply calming sensation that will leave you relaxed, happy, and euphoric for hours.

A combination of classic Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Kush is a much sought-after cannabis seed strain, and its beautiful appearance, sweet and earthy scent and fruity flavor only serve to further enhance the medical benefits.

Purple Kush cannabis will leave you almost instantly relaxed, in both body and mind. Don’t plan to do any mentally strenuous tasks after your dose of this strain, as it will most likely leave your brain in a bit of a cheerful fog. Given its tendency toward sedation, this isn’t likely to be a deterrent. With the deep relaxation comes the melting away of anxiety and stress, as well as full-body pain relief. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain from an injury or medical condition, or just trying to soothe away the aches of an intense workout, you’re sure to feel improvement with Purple Kush.

Purple Kush cannabis seeds might not be ideal for brand new gardeners, but nor are the plants overly difficult to successful cultivate. Relatively short in stature, Purple Kush grows best indoors where you can easily control temperature and humidity, and the strain’s short height – it rarely reaches above three feet – also makes it ideal for small interior spaces. The flowering stage usually lasts seven to nine weeks, and at harvest time you can expect a moderate yield of about 300-400 grams of flower per square meter. If you’re lucky enough to live in the perfect outdoor climate, you should see about 250 grams per plant.

Choose relaxing, soothing Purple Kush to help combat insomnia and anxiety; some patients may also find it useful for symptoms of depression. Muscle spasms are smoothed away as ease and sleep begin to take hold.

At Growers Choice, we guarantee the genetics of all our strains, so you know that the Purple Kush cannabis seeds you buy will flourish into healing, natural Purple Kush plants. It’s easy to order your seeds right on our website, and we always promise complete privacy for both your information and your delivery. Take advantage of our 90% germination guarantee, and find out why customers love Growers Choice – place your order of Purple Kush cannabis seeds, today!

Additional information

THC Content


CBD Level



100% Indica

Flowering Time

55 – 65 Days


Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani


200-300g per plant

Best Use

Depression, Evening, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Earthy, Grape, Sweet

Growing Difficulty


Indoor/Green House

300-400g per m2



Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

97 reviews for Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Santa (verified owner)

    I smoke this weed at night to manage my stress…I mean who doesn’t? Things are super stressful right now and we all need an escape. I ordered this online and it shipped out really fast, I was impressed, and growing it was both easy and fulfilling. I was very pleased overall, the quality of the weed was really impressive. Very green and sticky with a sweet smell. I’ll come back for more!

  2. Pat Pruette (verified owner)

    It’s like eating a fresh blueberry right off the vine, or a fresh blackberry! It’s nice and sour…really great for the stressful times we’re living in right now….has a pretty solid record in my book, has honestly never let me down…worth the extra $$ to grow your own cause it’s fresher and lasts a whole lot longer. Plus it’s super purple, and who doesn’t love purple?

  3. Jack of all trades (verified owner)

    Purple kush is a bomb ass strain, it’s so smooth on the lungs and helps with pain and stress and just makes you wanna chill out hardcore. I ordered my seeds online, off the website, and they were at my door in just under a week! I was so excited that I literally posted on IG about it. So much fun to grow my own mj, and so much color in these leaves, highly recommend!

  4. Booker T. (verified owner)

    I swear this weed totally turns your mind purple too lol. It’s a beautiful strain, bigger and better looking than most of the weed I have grown in the past. Maybe it’s cause I grew it indoors, but either way, the weed is very strong, healthy, and smells amazing. The smoke is a little harsh but not too bad. I usually roll a spliff or a joint and smoke it while I walk the doggo. Such a nice time!

  5. Trent Shepard (verified owner)

    It’s a classic strain….very easy to grow…makes a nice indoor plant, especially if you have grow lights in your basement…tasty and delicious too…kind of has this nice berry flavor to it…nice to have in your home or garden….not too intense…good for anxiety and very easy to order online….well worth the effort!

  6. LaLa Angelo (verified owner)

    Purple is the color of royalty, and I am very proud to grow this weed. The flowers are nice and big and fluffy, soft and velvety, and their taste is sour like berries. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had them delivered right to my place here in SoCal…great growing conditions where I live…I feel very blessed to have this weed in my repertoire. I will definitely buy again!

  7. Steve Photo (verified owner)

    Purple goodness right in your home….so tasty and delicious and full od flavor…like fresh berries in June or perhaps mother’s freshly mashed grape jelly…mmmm can’t you just taste all the magic flavor in your brain…make you wanna get stoned? It does to me! I got 3 seeds and it was more than enough! Hella delicious dope!!!

  8. Matthew Green (verified owner)

    Purple kush is king….it’s one of the better strains you can find here on this website…with it’s beautiful purple nugs and its relaxing indica buzz. I smoke to manage my stress and depression…it’s better at night cause it does kinda make me sleepy and lazy…I usually just get real stoned and eat a lotta food, mostly cookies. Who can blame me, this is just the way it is out here in the midwest!

  9. Poker Joker (verified owner)

    Purple kush changes your day…it makes you real high….helps you chill right out…makes everything look better…look smoother…full of life…full of light….so purple and sticky…bought this online….really easy to do…better than buying from the store…keeps really well…so relaxing…so high…

  10. Monty Python (verified owner)

    Purple weed is the best. I don’t know why! I smoke it to help with my stress and anxiety and it works like a charm. I have been growing weed for a very long time. I’m getting up there in age, but I still got it! My grandson gifted me these seeds, they grew beautifully and produced some of the healthiest weed I have ever grown. Definitely the most purple haha. Grandpa jokes!

  11. Vampire (verified owner)

    Get ready for a laid back high that makes your mind and body feel like they are glowing. It’s very calming, meditative and frees up a lot of stress and anxiety. I smoke it before bed most nights, read some from my book and then fall right to sleep. I have crazy dreams on this stuff, and when I wake up feeling refreshed, I think about my homegrown weed and it puts a nice purple smile on my face.

  12. STRONG ROOTS (verified owner)

    Purple kush is a strong and relaxing strain that’s great for getting super stoned and relaxing at the end of the day. Not a very productive strain, makes for a nice bowl though when all the day’s work is done and life, in general, slows down. I’ve watched many sunsets on this weed and can’t say I am disappointed lol. Got a great yield from my plants as well. Probably nearing 600 grams of fresh, sticky purple weed. What a treat. Definitely worth the investment!

  13. @waitasec (verified owner)

    Kush will plant you on the couch, but it’s so relaxing that all your worries will just melt away. An absolute gem, perfect for growing indoors and for new growers. I am a daily smoker but usually wait till after work with this stuff, cause otherwise, it makes me sleepy. I love the fat purple nugs, some of them are the size of like…a tennis ball. Pretty impressive stuff!

  14. Konacuiser (verified owner)

    Purple kush is one of those strains that just keeps on giving…for one, it’s an easy backyard or basement grow and usually gives off an impressive yield that lasts for months. I usually harvest a bunch all at once and then dry it out, save half for smoking, half for baking, which is pretty alright with me. Got a stellar yield this time around…absolutely idyllic looking purple nugs that give me an excellent body high. No complaints here!

  15. Nifty! (verified owner)

    Purple kush is a real treat. It has a great flavor to it, something between straight-up candy and some earthy undertones. It’s like a sweet treat after dinner, or more accurately, after lunch lol. I like this stuff mostly cause it’s easy to grow and is relaxing. It’s not a stressful growing project or anything like that, even if you’re new to weed. In fact, I highly recommend this strain to new growers and I will absolutely buy more for myself!

  16. PAUL CYBULSKI (verified owner)

    Seeds look awesome, they arrived safe, discrete, and fast! I have 2 of them in germination right now, cannot wait to get them in the soil and trained to perfection!! INDICA FOR DAYS!!

  17. Night Walker (verified owner)

    I am new to the world of weed. Have been reading all kinds of articles on how to grow your own. Stumbled on this site and decided to buy some for myself, why not? Very happy I gambled. Got some good quality seeds at a great price. Used the paper towel method to germinate…all 3 popped up beautifully. Perfect for growing in my backyard too. Such a fulfilling project. I am super excited about the results, and how nice and sticky and purple the weed is. Very smooth smoking and quite relaxing. Highly recommend!

  18. nickname (verified owner)

    If you need some purple goodness in your life, then take a puff puff pass of the purple kush for some fast-acting relaxation. I’ve always been a big fan of kush strains. They are so much easier to grow than the others, cause I am not much of a grower myself! I got nearly 500 grams off these plants though, and all of it is super purple and super fresh. Tastes like berries and is a real godsend when you’re feeling stressed out or depressed. I highly recommend it!

  19. AWOL (verified owner)

    Fire up those grow lamps cause this stuff has gotta get into your life! It’s absolutely wonderful, so full of flavor and color, it’s like a dream or something out of a movie. I got nearly 800 grams from just 3 plants! I have never done this before and this was an experiment for me. You save sooooo much money growing your own weed and it’s fresher than what you can find at the store. Definitely give this purple delicious goodness a shot!

  20. Linber (verified owner)

    Mmmm yum yum, this weed is like drinking a purple slurpee from the 711, it’s sour and sweet and great for my energy levels. Yes, it makes me a little sleepy, but I like that. I am usually so wired after work that I need something to calm me down, this does a great job. It’s a smooth smoke, east to roll into joints, and is incredibly purple. You really can’t go wrong with this hybrid!

  21. ThinkTank (verified owner)

    Mmmmm purple. What is it about purple weed that makes it so special? Maybe it’s just that purple is the color of royalty, and I sure do feel regal when I smoke this marijuana. It’s the perfect basement or closet grow and the yield will literally blow your mind!!! It’s very sweet and earthy and so relaxing I like can’t even describe how great it is after a long miserable day. Don’t miss out on this delicious bud!

  22. Next2Nothing (verified owner)

    This weed makes me nice and relaxed, it helps me with stress and anxiety and gives me a boost of confidence in social situations as well. I am not much of a grower but I did do pretty well for myself and got around 800 grams between my 3 plants. It was a backyard grow, which means it was unpredictable weather. Either way, this plant was very forgiving and gave me a great yield. Lovely buy, I’ll be back for more.

  23. mark917

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  24. Strain Watcher (verified owner)

    When you are a fan of kush strains, and you’re looking to turn your world upside down, then try a little of the purple kush to bring things back into the surreal, and make yourself a little bong cocktail with some weed and wine and a good movie for a guaranteed good time. I smoke this stuff most nights before going to bed, helps me with sleep and de-stresses me after a brutal day at the office, which is every day, so I am very happy I bought these seeds online with GCS.

  25. Princess (verified owner)

    Purple kush is just one of those weeds that wows you each and every time you smoke it. I am still amazed I was able to grow this all by myself. I got an excellent yield from my indoor grow, very dense purple nugs that smell like berries and give me a nice shimmery body buzz that lasts well through the afternoon into the evening. Of course, it was very easy to order online with GCS, great choices and fast delivery make this site a real winner. I highly recommend!

  26. Shinetime.ds (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  27. Happyallaround (ver