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Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A combination of classic Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Kush is a much sought-after cannabis seed strain, and its beautiful appearance, sweet and earthy scent and fruity flavor only serve to further enhance the medical benefits.

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Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica dream, Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds deliver a long-lasting, deeply calming sensation that will leave you relaxed, happy, and euphoric for hours.

A combination of classic Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, Purple Kush is a much sought-after cannabis seed strain, and its beautiful appearance, sweet and earthy scent and fruity flavor only serve to further enhance the medical benefits.

Purple Kush cannabis will leave you almost instantly relaxed, in both body and mind. Don’t plan to do any mentally strenuous tasks after your dose of this strain, as it will most likely leave your brain in a bit of a cheerful fog. Given its tendency toward sedation, this isn’t likely to be a deterrent. With the deep relaxation comes the melting away of anxiety and stress, as well as full-body pain relief. Whether you’re struggling with chronic pain from an injury or medical condition, or just trying to soothe away the aches of an intense workout, you’re sure to feel improvement with Purple Kush.

Purple Kush cannabis seeds might not be ideal for brand new gardeners, but nor are the plants overly difficult to successful cultivate. Relatively short in stature, Purple Kush grows best indoors where you can easily control temperature and humidity, and the strain’s short height – it rarely reaches above three feet – also makes it ideal for small interior spaces. The flowering stage usually lasts seven to nine weeks, and at harvest time you can expect a moderate yield of about 300-400 grams of flower per square meter. If you’re lucky enough to live in the perfect outdoor climate, you should see about 250 grams per plant.

Choose relaxing, soothing Purple Kush to help combat insomnia and anxiety; some patients may also find it useful for symptoms of depression. Muscle spasms are smoothed away as ease and sleep begin to take hold.

At Growers Choice, we guarantee the genetics of all our strains, so you know that the Purple Kush cannabis seeds you buy will flourish into healing, natural Purple Kush plants. It’s easy to order your seeds right on our website, and we always promise complete privacy for both your information and your delivery. Take advantage of our 90% germination guarantee, and find out why customers love Growers Choice – place your order of Purple Kush cannabis seeds, today!

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Additional information






100% Indica


Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani

Indoor/Green House

300-400g per m2


200-300g per plant

Best Use

Evening; relieve stress; pain management; sleep-inducing; relieve depression


Sweet, Earthy, Grape





Flowering Type


Flowering Time

55 – 65 Days

Where to Grow




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  1. 445chains says:

    A very solid indoor grow, got my nice indoor space in the garage cause my wife finally let me have it, and this was my first project, did super well with minimal complications. Beautiful nug, super purple and smells really strong like earth and pine. Has a slightly sweet taste that reminds me of fresh blackberries and the buzz is extremely calming, soothing, and relaxing, definitely a worthy buy!

  2. 99999 says:

    Nothing cuts the stress like a few tokes of the purple kush. Makes me feel super chill, all my worries and problems seem to just melt away. I am very happy with how my grow turned out, I got a really nice yield, maybe it’s my grow space in the basement, or maybe it’s these killer seeds? Either way tye flower’s were dense and well-formed and deeply purple haha. Perfect for smoking after work!

  3. oliver1827 says:

    Wicked classic strain, it’s really easy to grow and has the delicious purple flavorm, you know, something like grape or fresh berries? Very relaxing, helps me at night after work, with stress and anxiety and it helps a lot with depression too. I think this will be a good thing for me, glad I found a new hobby 🙂

  4. ipweed says:

    Without an indoor space, this weed can be a bit challenging to grow…it seems to like warm conditions, and prefers longer days, but I still got mine to do pretty well out in the backyard. They took fairly well to my garden bed soil, but they didn’t like the lack of sun and too much rain. The nugs are very pretty though, nice and purple and Delish! Perfect for smoking in the evenings, it’s very relaxing and helps a lot with sleep.

  5. raene05 says:

    This was by far the best cannabis I’ve grown and smoked. I was surprised at how calming and soothing it was. Thanks GC for more great medicine!

  6. ndkm says:

    OMG this weed is amazing! It’s got the best flavor of any weed I have come across in the last few years, delicious vibes all around, and excellent to have in the garden. This weed has helped me with stress and anxiety, puts me back in my body when I need it the most, and really grounds me in difficult situations. My husband and I usually smoke a joint on the porch at night, so I am pretty excited with how this turned out!

  7. Shane304 says:

    They might as well rename this weed “the depression buster” because it has worked wonders for my depression and anxiety. I had no issues with ordering, germinating, or growing. This weed does really well indoors, so I am thankful to have my nice indoor space. The flower is nice and purple and also allows for some impressive highs. I usually smoke at night, helps me unwind, fills my head with happy thoughts, and then I go to sleep!

  8. sweaterweather says:

    The lazy day strain for sure, not difficult to grow at all! But smoke too much of it and you’ll be couch locked for hours. I usually just reserve this for evening use, makes it a lot nicer to relax after work, and my work life isn’t following me around as much anymore. It always helps me feel relaxed and gives me some nice uplifting thoughts. Really special cause it’s so darn purple and smells like berries. Excellent buy!

  9. ghost says:

    I love this indica buzz, it’s killer for my back pain and neck pain and makes relaxing so much easier at night! I used to stress and worry about every little thing but now I feel a lot more secure and relaxed, just gotta take a few tokes of the purple kush and I am in a much better place! It was easy to grow, especially in my backyard where there’s a ton of sunlight. You’re gonna love the sweet berry flavor of this weed. Great buy!

  10. Jada says:

    It;s hard to come by a pure indica strain these days, but this one has got to be the best one out there! I ordered my seeds online with GCS and wow did they ship out fast! I usually smoke this stuff in the evenings, love the dense purple nugs and the smooth deep tokes I can take without coughing. It’s been really great for my self esteem and everyone digs the fruity flavor!

  11. francis says:

    This has been on my grow list for years! I am super happy I had a chance to grow this finally, and GCS did an amazing job with customer service and delivery! I really dig how nicely my plants came up and the really fat yield I got from them. The nugs are HUGE and purple and the high is very relaxing and great for my stress and minor aches and pains. I’ll definitely be back for more purple goodness!

  12. bootsrx says:

    This is a powerfully relaxing indica. It’s been a great grow, offers some serious benefits to my mental health. Helps me relax and take it easy at the end of a long day. I love the fat purple nugs and the delicious earthy flavor. Nice and easy on the lungs, and the high is truly astounding. Some of the freshest weed I have ever smoked. Will definitely be back for more.

  13. Michael Lee says:

    This weed has all the great benefits of a kush with all the best parts of a berry flavored strain. It’s really easy to grow, especially if you have room in the basement, and it offers a very generous yield. I want to have this in my life for a long time! It really helps me with stress and anxiety and it gives me a great mood boost as well, not to mention it helps me sleep!

  14. ACDCACDC says:

    This is some tasty stuff, love the grow and the deep purple color. It’s something worth having in your life for sure. Like the texture alone of the weed is super incredible. It’s deep green leaves and purple flowers are beautiful. I love the taste and the smell. It’s something I hope to keep growing in the future!

  15. tedtron5938 says:

    I work labor during the day so turn to indicas at night to help with pain and stress. I have been growing weed for a number of years but first time customer with GCS, very impressed at how easy ordering online was, and the seeds all grew beautifully with very few complications. Nice medium yield and healthy purple buds. A great high that really helps me unwind and the pain just melts away!

  16. xenawarrior says:

    A favorite strain of mine. I’ve enjoyed smoking it for years but haven’t had a chance to grow it myself. This was a great gardening experience for me, got three beautiful purple plants that produced over 400 g per plant!!! I smoke this usually in the evenings to help me with stress and anxiety, it’s got a wonderful sweet berry flavor. Much enjoyed!

  17. Nathan Chow says:

    This weed has been great for my stress levels. I often times have trouble unwinding after work, which makes it hard to spend time with my girlfriend. I decided I would grow this to help with that issue and it’s been super great. Now when I get home I can smoke a bowl of these purple nugs and immediately feel calmer and more present. I will definitely buy again

  18. Askari says:

    Time to get my purple on! This has been an amazing treat to grow and to smoke. I feel a thousand times better than before and I can’t wait to grow more. The process was easy and straight forward and I am feeling remarkably less depressed and angry. I ordered online thru the site and grew at home. Nice harvest! Probably got 400 g per plant! Nice high too, good for my mood.

  19. Kevin Decker says:

    I need some deep relaxation after work. My job is very physically demanding, I work construction, so this weed is great to have around the house at night. It really takes the edge off my aches and pains and helps me relax mentally as well. I enjoyed growing it indoors, got a nice yield as well, love the purple nugs. Highly recommend!

  20. Scott Aarons says:

    I am a service member with PTSD symptoms and have been smoking weed for medical uses. This strain was grown indoors in my basement and has helped me relax, unwind, and sleep well at night. It has a nice sweet earthy smell and taste and the buds are deep purple in color. The indica properties make it very relaxing and good for watching movies.

  21. andy moor says:

    I swear by this strain, have been growing it and smoking it for many years. First time buyer with GCS however, and was really impressed by their online selection. Glad they had this variety. Got all 5 to germinate and they grew beautifully in my greenhouse. Life is good now. Smoke this weed every day, and have a great time relaxing and chilling out on the buzz.

  22. bluedreaming says:

    I love the sour fruity earthy taste of this marijuana. Was an excellent indoor grow, sprouted in no time and I was harvesting in just about 4 months. Such gorgeous bud, deep purple and green in color. I usually reserve this weed for evening smoking, an amazing blend of relaxation and euphoria!

  23. sean hardy says:

    Purple kush really is purple and you really will love it too! It’s highly sought after in the weed world for a reason. and it’s definitely not something to be ignored. I am a first time buyer with GCS, and I was really into the online selection, truly expansive! Loved growing this strain indoors, easy to cultivate and grow, and definitely worth your time. A powerful indica that’ll help you chill out and relax!

  24. Lara Johnson says:

    Ah, hello marvelous relaxation!! My relaxation go-to used to be a nice, hot bubble bath, but thanks to purple kush marijuana, I have an even better way to relax. I appreciate how the effects of purple kush mj will last for hours, so I feel like this pot really goes the distance and is a good strain to buy if you want to stretch your dollar. Also, not only is this strain very effective at getting me to chill, it’s also a lovely plant, with purple nugs that are very eye-catching. Happy with my order, no doubt I’ll be growing purple kush again in the future.

  25. Amy P. says:

    This purple kush MJ has quickly become my favourite after-work treat. The seeds germinated really well, the plant itself is actually quite pretty, and the sleep I have after vaping the weed is the best ever. I actually didn’t realize you could order pot this good online. I recommend this site to all of my cannabis loving friends.

  26. Penelope G. says:

    If you’re craving some late-night relaxation, reach for the purple kush and you won’t be disappointed! This is a straight indica blend, heavy stuff and not for daytime use, but it’s incredibly tasty, tastes like grape, and gets you good and stoned, great for couch lock and watching the tube. Also not too difficult to grow, though I could only get 3 of 5 seeds to germinate. OH well, got a great yield from my plants and love this weed!

  27. Luci Fan says:

    I think purple kush may be my favorite strain of MJ on the market! I literally love the taste and flavor, something you can’t find in other kush strains. It’s very fruity and a little sour, gets me very high but also extremely relaxed. It’s an indica lovers dream! Perfect in the evening after work or right before bed to aid with sleep. Helps with stress and anxiety as well!

  28. Emmitt Lewis says:

    I am a medical marijuana patient and have a condition that causes me to be in pain on a regular basis, so I have been smoking week for a while to deal with my symptoms, I don’t mind the trips to the dispensary but they are expensive! Grew these in my basement, have a nice grow space down there, and got a solid 350 G, smoking on the daily and feel great! Helps with headaches and sleep too!

  29. Lynden Guthrie says:

    I live in the PNW, where it can get quite gloomy for days or even weeks at a time. This definitely has an effect on my mood, especially since I work outdoors haha. I have been growing weed for many years and have grown purple kush in my basement before, but this was my first time with GCS. Excellent seeds, all 5 germinated and grew into beautiful purple plants in just a few months. I harvested nearly 1000 grams in total, and love to smoke this weed in the evenings or before bed. Helps me with my depression and anxiety and offers amazing sleep!

  30. Steve B. says:

    I have suffered from insomnia for many years and desperately needed to find something to help me with my symptoms. Happy I turned to the Purple Kush, a 100% indica strain that has been instrumental in me overcoming my anxiety-based sleep problems. I have a small grow space in my basement for other herbs and veggies, and adding PK to the mix was an excellent choice. A stellar indoor grow, short in stature and very receptive to a controlled environment. Got around 80% germination to start, so 4 of 5 seeds, and all 4 plants grew quite well and produced beautiful purple nugs. I smoke in the evening before bedtime, and find that I usually only am awake for 30 minutes or so before I pass out and sleep deeply throughout the night.

  31. rdminbinghamme says:

    Excellent service and delivery. All seeds germinated. Being a new grower I lacked the skills to grow outdoors directly in the ground. Plants were very late and yields were not high as expected. I will try a faster plant this coming year and put forth everything I learned . Thanks for the great service!

  32. woot422 says:

    All I can say is , what an excellent strain. Had to purchase again. Great producer and very nice strain to help the wife sleep. This is her favorite strain from all of Growers Choice Feminized seeds. Grew taller then expected but still was a high production strain. What can I say other then a “Must Try” if you haven’t grown it yet. You will be impressed…

  33. michelletrent1 says:

    Yessss! I’ve been looking for a pure indica strain for such a long time, you have no idea. I’ve always had trouble falling asleep, even in my childhood. My thoughts keep me up at night so I can’t smoke any marijuana that has even the tiniest amount of sativa in it. I need the pure indica to stay asleep and not be restless in bed. My constant kicking and moving around drives my boyfriend crazy, but I can’t help it. It’s like a reflex. That is, until I tried Purple Kush. A couple of my friends smoke it as well and swear by it, so why not try it?

  34. Miles T. says:

    I love the flavour of this pot. It’s got that iconic kush taste and also looks incredible with the purple buds. This stuff gives me major munchies though, which I don’t really mind. I never found the quality I was looking for in local stores, so I was reallly happy to see all these amazing reviews online. How could I not buy? I never tried growing feminized cannabis seeds before, but they’re great. I will definitely be growing another few plants when I run out of my current harvest.

  35. Glen F. says:

    My first seed order went AWOL, that was a disappointment. But customer service sorted me out and I eventually got my strains. I added Purple Kush to the next order, which was a smart choice. I’m not new to growing pot, but I had a little trouble getting these ones off the ground, so to speak. Not with germination, that was fine, but for whatever reason it took mine a little bit longer to hit flowering, and they weren’t as fat as I would have preferred. Not sure if that’s genetics or mt set up. Anyway, it’s nice a sweet, fruity, which I like, and it’s popular with my friends. Despite that first hiccup with my order, I’m going to keep ordering from GC. They’re faster than the other guys.

  36. Lorenzo P says:

    Not a plant you’ll get a super high yield from, but you still get quite a bit. I’ve grown purple kush from other companies before and this is the best grow I’ve had. Feminized cannabis seeds are really as great as they say. If you’re worried about delivery, don’t be. Fast shipping for online ordering. Plus, the smell is incredible.

  37. my1969cj5 says:

    Excellent service, excellent delivery, 3 or 3 sprouted in 3 days. Will definitely order again.

  38. Belise Parise says:

    I’ve been a yoga instructor for over 15 years now, and I find that I’ve been super achy lately. I’ve also started to get muscle spasms. I do teach more now than when I was younger, so that probably doesn’t help. Since ordering these feminized cannabis seeds online, I’ve noticed a significant difference. Growing them was exactly as described, and way easier than I thought. I actually use some before I do my own personal practice with no students, and I feel great. Way more relaxed, no more pain. Possibly the best yoga sessions I’ve had in my life.

  39. kpdhardwire says:

    I have endometriosis, and use this along with CBD blueberry to combat the pain. Traditional therapy only goes so far, so pain relief is definitely needed. I loved how much less work feminized cannabis seeds are. Easy to grow, especially for me being in pain all the time, and no surprises. I only grew 2 out of 5 seeds, both have sprouted. i’ve grown these before indoors and always turn out great. Plus, these strains are my favorite weed strains. They’re effective and taste/smell pretty good.

  40. Oren L says:

    I’m a fitness trainer, so relaxing is hard for me because i’m always super sore. I’m not a huge fan of growing, but I love this strain and buying feminized cannabis seeds makes it a lot easier overall. I used to have really painful muscle spasms in my back, but not since making a pot coconut oil that I add to my smoothies. You will not regret buying online from this company.

  41. Charlie R says:

    don’t order cannabis seeds from anywhere else! Seriously! These feminized cannabis seeds are the best purchase I have made. I have an AMAZING sleep every single night ever since I made my first harvest. It’s pretty strong, so if you’ve never tried it before just be careful. Extremely satisfied with my weed plants.

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