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Pineapple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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If James Franco starred in a movie of the same name, you know it’s a good strain. Our Pineapple Express Auto-Flowering cannabis will give you an energy boost and a touch of creativity to really kick your day off right. This strain can also treat moderate pain and ease nausea.

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Pineapple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Try this tasty, stress-relieving strain when you need a bit of relaxing happiness in your life. Our Pineapple Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds deliver just what you need for a lazy morning or mid-afternoon dose of euphoric relief.

Pineapple Auto-Flowering is a potent stress reliever that offers a considerable amount of pain management. Born of Pineapple Chunk and Skunk #1, our Pineapple Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds tackle pain, depression, and stress, leaving you feeling cheerful and chill for hours. You’ll enjoy the fruity, somewhat pungent smell and taste of this unique strain and might even find it will soothe nausea and improve appetite, though these are not the most significant traits.

Err on the side of smaller doses with Pineapple Auto-Flowering. Its parent strain, Pineapple Chunk, is known for its ability to cause short-term paranoia in large doses, which can be upsetting for people struggling with anxiety or depression. Following the gentle relaxation of this strain, you may find yourself eased into sleep, all remnants of your insomnia booted right out the door.

Growing Pineapple Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds is a relatively easy endeavor, thanks to the presence of ruderalis and a moderate flowering stage of as little as 60 days. The mold- and pest-resistant strain can be grown both indoors and out, and will begin flowering all on its own just two or three weeks after planting. You can expect good yield from Pineapple auto-flowering despite its relatively small stature: up to 400 grams per square meter indoors, and as much as 300 grams per plant when left to flourish outside.

Relax and give your mood a boost with Pineapple auto-flowering cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. The strain itself is excellent for calming you down, and the knowledge that all our cannabis seeds are tested to confirm genetics and come complete with a 90% germination guarantee should add to your deep, comforting sedation and sense of ease.

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3.79 (28 votes)

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Pineapple Express x Ruderalis


60% Sativa / 30% Indica / 10% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxing, Creative

Best Use

Anytime; fight fatigue; pain management; relieve depression


fruity, tropical

Indoor Yield

400-500 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


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  1. Piper says:

    OOhhhhh I literally am obsessed with this strain of weed. I am a drummer and I always smoke a bowl of this stuff right before practice and right before a show. It’s super easy to grow, has amazing flavor and just all around rocks. I am a big fan of GCS, they have amazing customer service and they always seemed to know how to help. Seeds shipped out wicked fast, and all 3 seeds germinated! So proud of myself, great weed!

  2. patsfanman says:

    If you’re a fan of the movie, then you’ll probably dig the weed. This stuff really makes going home after work something to look forward to. I love the delicious tropical smell, something like pineapple or pina colada, super interesting! I love the delicious nugs, so fat and juicy and the buzz is to die for! Love the strong indica base that makes for great relaxation on the weekends or after work. Get ready for a staycation!

  3. Katie James says:

    I feel like even casual stoners have come across this weed. It’s a house favorite so my roommates and I decided to grow it out back. Got some nice weed off this plant. super tasty and delicious, helps with stress and makes me super social and bubbly, love sharing a joint with the guys, we always have a blast smoking this weed and chilling around a bonfire! Love that pineapple flavor!

  4. it's janet bitch says:

    One of my all time favorite stoner comedies, great funny moments and my favorite actors. HAD to try this weed for myself. New grower here so don’t judge me too harsh haha got like 300 g of weed from each plant. Pretty good right? Also a nice flavor, very fresh and tropical, hella relaxing too. Great bud!

  5. jane boston says:

    I am one of those rare early morning smokers. Most people I think wait until the afternoon, but something about this weed makes it a whole lot easier to start out the day. Maybe it’s the wonderful pineapple flavor, the mellow vibes, or even just the deep green colors? Who knows, either way, it’s a great start to my day. I’ve ordered online with GCS in the past, always great customer service. I love this company!

  6. jingle ma says:

    Welp, not a big fan of James Franco, but I am a big fan of this weed. It really scratches all the tropical itches you might have. The flavor is sweet and delicious, the smell like a pineapple grove, and the buzz super mellow and relaxed, perfect for going to the beach or going on a hike. Nice customer service with GCS, and super impressive online selection. couldn’t ask for a better strain, will definitely grow more!

  7. sad clown says:

    Man, I NEED a vacation, but my job won’t let me take time off 🙁 That’s where this weed comes in! It’s so much fun to grow, having this weed in your backyard is amazing just for entertainment purposes, such a phenomenal smell, and it even tastes fruity and tropical as well. Got that nice laid back vibe I am looking for, and even helps me sleep sometimes!

  8. Ron Crabtree says:

    Purchased a 3 pack of the Auto Pineapple almost 2 months ago, the ordering and site navigation was easy and the product was delivered quickly and discretely .The downside is that only one of the seeds germinated i tried every trick i know but no luck and the one that germinated died two weeks in for no apparent reason i watered as usual and she was looking beautiful came back about 6 hours later and she was a wilted mess could have been the soil maybe or a reaction to the humidity I do not know I am disappointed that these baby’s didn’t make it however I do not fault GCS in anyway they delivered as promised and I will order from them again just sharing my experience with my first order through this company. I should add I did not contact the company about the two that wouldn’t germ I have had many seeds that just don’t take for whatever reason it is not the company’s fault . I will try and try again , happy growing everyone.

  9. sketchymark says:

    If you’re looking for a hit of pineapple, and really need a little mind vacation, this is the stuff to buy. It’s seriously amazing stuff, easy to grow, has a ton of bud, and gives me a great buzz! I feel so floaty when I am on this weed, it’s great for stress or minor pains, feels great for all kinds of reasons, smells great too!

  10. cndwi says:

    I am no stranger to this weed. It’s been a good friend of mine since I was in college. This was, however, my first time growing this all my own, and I am very satisfied with the results. I am impressed that things took so well to the soil out back, and the smell is really unique and intoxicating. It’s the best weed I’ve smoked in years, honest. It’s got that tropical vibe, so delicious and intense, and really helps with stress!

  11. Humptydumpty says:

    This is a very relaxing weed, really helps with stress and anxiety, and brings me to my tropical happy place. I think I really dig the delicious vibes of this weed mostly cause it’s just so easy to grow! I love the delicious fruity smell to this weed. It’s so impressive that I was able to grow all of this weed by myself. I didn’t know I could do it. It was a big relief to have my very own weed to smoke on the daily!

  12. malik says:

    A wonderfully tropical weed with a lotta great pineapple flavor. It’s just like chilling poolside and sipping a pina colada! I usually smoke this weed in the evening to help with my stress levels and relaxation. My work life is so stressful I really need some of this delicious herb to help me relax, and it’s been super helpful. Easy to order online and grow as well. Good vibes!

  13. joemontana says:

    Man am I glad I came across this strain! It’s such a delicious variety and sooooo incredibly relaxing! I love its tropical vibes and the amazing mental health benefits it provides. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety levels. Helps me a lot with depression as well. Cause when you smoke this you feel like you’re on a tropical beach in paradise. Highly recommend!

  14. rosco9382 says:

    This is a great strain of mj, something really special about it, almost like you’re on a tropical vacation every time you smoke it! Was a lot of fun to grow in the basement, does REALLY well in an indoor environment, and it’s super delicious smelling, like fresh pineapple. A very laid back high that’s great for stress and depression!

  15. John Nichols says:

    You know you’re gonna love this strain even before you buy it! It’s remarkably easy to grow and offers some delicious mind benefits, like relaxation and stress relief. It’s a mind vacation really, and given that I am a flight attendant that is always on the move, I need a vacation in my head every once in a while! Solid buy, and will buy again. My bf is the best grower in the world!!

  16. Benjamin David says:

    This is one of my favorite weeds in the whole world. I love the sweet pineapple taste and those delicious tropical vibes! It’s killer for my stress and headaches and it feels amazing to have around the house. It’s always like a vacation in my back pocket. Can’t wait to grow more!

  17. MJ says:

    I recommend growing this weed indoors, you’ll get a great yield and probably dig the smell of pineapple weed in your home haha! It’s a real dream of a strain, has those excellent tropical vibes and bright bright green trichomes, so break out your shades and get ready to chill at the beach with this stuff. All your stress and anxiety will just melt away!

  18. ironman6000 says:

    Almost better than a vacation to Hawaii! It’s a very easy grow, you’ll definitely get the hang of it, and it smells like a fresh pineapple right from the island of Oahu. I grew it in my backyard, had no issues with germ and got these 3 plants to look tall and beautiful in a just a matter of months. It’s perfect for chilling out at the end of a long workday and helps a lot with stress. Great buy!

  19. O'Rion Jones says:

    This strain is absolutely fire and the smell is so intensely yummy I can’t stop rubbing my nose in it, the buds stink to high heaven with yummy goodness the instant they appear it’s so sweet and crystal covered I’ll definitely be getting more of these for sure!!!! Do yourselves all a favor and trust me get some of these for the amount that you yield for the cost of the seed why ever buy smoke again!

  20. Brant says:

    It’s like a tropical vacation for your brain. It smells and tastes juuuust like a pina colada, and it gets me super relaxed and stoned, soon I am on the beach and just chilling hardcore (in my mind of course). Not difficult to grow, offers a nice yield and lovely ggreen buds with orange pistils. Can’t go wrong with this strain!

  21. Gabriel Russo says:

    A1 product can’t get no better

  22. Luke Alvarez says:

    I feel like the above reviews really cover what this weed is about. It’s super relaxing and has that tropical smell and taste that you’re gonna love. It’s got these BIG green and orange nugs and makes for a perfect Joint. Ordered my seeds online and WOW they shipped super fast!

  23. Todd Burton says:

    Everybody’s favorite weed for sure. But seriously it earns its reputation! It’s a great greenhouse grow, has an amazing smell to it, like a pineapple grove in Hawaii. I ordered my seeds online through GCS, first time customer, and am very impressed with the selection. Love smoking this weed on the weekends, gives me a great buzz and keeps me feeling loopy and creative!

  24. cANNery says:

    How can you go wrong with this weed? It’s really easy to grow and offers a sweet delicious flavor to ease your mind at the end of a long day. Great anytime really, has some sativa properties that’ll keep you kicking all afternoon, and plus it’s smell is easily concealable, so go ahead and smoke it on your lunch break. You wont regret it!

  25. Cody Nelson says:

    Received my order in just a few days. The packaging was discreet which I greatly appreciate. Due to some lighting issues I had to delay my grow about 5 weeks and due to a nosey teen I had to store my seeds in my dresser, which because of the temp is very inhospitable to seeds. So, when I was finally able to germinate I soaked them till they sank(about 16 hrs), wrapped them in a wet paper towel, put them in a Ziploc bag, and tossed them on the floor of my tent with the lights on(temp stays around 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit). Roughly 14 hours later I had 1/4″ long taproots on all of them. I’m ten days into my grow now and the seedlings look extremely healthy and are really picking up steam. These seeds are quality! I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks GCS!!!

  26. Margaret M. says:

    I liked the movie so thought I’d grow this weed, It is far more relaxing than the movie lets on, you won’t be going on any crazy adventures, you’ll more than likely just relax at home and watch a movie. It’s easy to grow, especially indoors, and It’s like hella stanky, smells very strong and tropical, it’s fun to share with friends and you’ll definitely be the life of the party if you bring around your own weed!

  27. John Loney says:

    Followed the gcs germination method and within 30 hours seed has popped showing that lovely white taproot. Only germinated 1 of the 3 i ordered (i chose the lightest colored seed). Very happy

  28. Randall Johnston says:

    We all deserve a little vacation, and if that’s what you need, then this is the strain for you! love the taste and the smell of course, cause it smells just like pineapple yo! I get really stoned on this weed, it’s super relaxing, totally glues me to my couch and has me thinking really pleasant thoughts. Plus it was fun to grow!

  29. Pattie C. says:

    I don’t really care for the movie but I do love this weed, it’s really amazing stuff. Perfect for that staycation you’ve been craving! I grew this stuff right in my basement, got like 500 g of weed and the plant looks beautiful, so tall and bushy and the nugs are bright green and orange. Tastes very tropical and really helps me relax at the end of a long day. The perfect do-nothing strain. Hey-O!

  30. Jessica A. says:

    This is an indica strain that hits like a sativa, and it gets you hella baked! Who doesn’t love the taste and smell of pineapple in the morning. I actually love this weed right along with breakfast, it’s just so nice to feel high before work, and then I keep a nice focused buzz while I am working. Fun and easy to grow, give it a try!

  31. Lee says:

    Of course you’ve heard of this strain from the movie but the actual weed I think is better! Ordered online from GCS and the seeds showed up in no time! Great yield and very easy to grow, and an amazing tropical smell to the plant. Got a really nice yield, almost 500 grams from an indoor grow. Smoke in the evenings for stress and pain relief, and I am not turning back! It’s like a trip to Hawaii from your couch 🙂

  32. Kenton Bartlett says:

    Seasoned grower and have been cultivating my own strains for many years, new to Grower’s Choice, glad I went with them however, fast delivery and good customer service. Seeds arrived at my door and I seeded them immediately. Got all 3 to pop and put them in ground out back, grew perfectly and harvested around 700 grams in total, keeps nicely and has a pleasant smell. I enjoy it in the afternoons.

  33. Gregg C says:

    First time buyer with GCS, very impressed by the online selection. Easy to order and fast to ship too. Not to mention that all 3 of my seeds germinated using the paper towel method listed on this very site!!! I’ve been smoking this weed since before it was cool. But I hated how much money I was spending at the dispensary. Growing my own was an excellent experience, very fulfilling, and a sizable harvest of around 350 grams. Smells like a tropical vacation, and tastes like one too. One way trip to relaxation and chilled out vibes 🙂

  34. jeancundy83 says:

    many orders from GCS and this one went every bit as smooth got my 3 seeds of the pineapple very quickly I only germed 1 of the 3 and within 36 hours I had a nice taproot going and potted her and she is already trucking along. I have grown most every auto strain from GCS and have always been very happy great Medicine every time and Im sure the pineapple will be the same! Thanks GCS

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