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Pineapple Autoflower Seeds

With a name like Pineapple Autoflower, you can expect this smoke to taste sweet and tropical—like a mini vacation in your mouth. You may also notice a jolt of energy as this hybrid leans heavily toward sativa with only 30% indica.

  • 60% Sativa, 30% Indica, 10% ruderalis
  • THC levels up to 26%
  • A high-yielding plant
  • Uplifting, energetic and euphoric
  • A sweet, tropical, citrus flavor
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wrapped giftEarn 370-2960 Reward Points!
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Why should I choose this Pineapple strain?

Don’t get the Pineapple strain confused with Pineapple Express because it’s strong enough to stand on its own feet. Pineapple predates Pineapple Express and is notable for being a highly influential strain that has created some of the top strains out there like Pineapple Kush. As a well-balanced strain, Pineapple offers users a bit of everything that’s enough to satisfy any cannabis enthusiast.

Pineapple has a bit of a mysterious genetic makeup, but one thing is for sure—the strain is derived from Super Bud, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. However, much isn’t known about its other parent, but some believe that it’s an indica-dominant hybrid since Pineapple’s indica qualities are a bit more prominent than its sativa characteristics. Because of its range of effects, smokers seek out this strain for how it affects the entire body.

Changing Perception of Cannabis

As the perception of cannabis changes around the U.S. and even the world, it’s becoming legalized in more places. As a result, plenty of top-notch hybrid cannabis strains are emerging and coming to the forefront for various uses, and Pineapple happens to be one of them. Therefore, we have all of the pertinent information you need to ensure you’re making the right decision when you purchase Pineapple cannabis seeds from Growers Choice!

Is Pineapple a hybrid strain?

While some cannabis consumers prefer sativa strains and others prefer indica, why not get both with a balanced hybrid like Pineapple? Although this strain is slightly more indica, you get all the full benefits of each one. Just to brush up, indica is known to relax and sedate, making it perfect for nighttime use. Sativa is best used for a jolt of energy and upliftment and is ideal for wake and bake.

Additionally, indica is known for providing body effects while sativa provides a cerebral buzz. Therefore, with the Pineapple hybrid cannabis strain, you’re going to feel it from head to toe. Thanks to the addition of ruderalis, you can expect a hardy plant that generally flowers quicker than other types.

What effects can I expect?

Speaking of effects, when it comes to the Pineapple strain, you can expect a nice, relaxing, and soothing high that you can feel throughout the body. However, you’re also going to feel a cerebral buzz that will make you feel dreamy-like sensations. You’ll also notice how happy you feel, euphoric even, making you laugh and giggle and putting you in a much better mood.

As this strain takes over your body, you’ll feel some slight energizing effects, likely followed by the thought that you want to take a seat on the couch. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to deal with complete couch-lock or heavy sedation. That’s why it’s best to reserve this one for afternoon or nighttime use when you don’t have much to do and want to unwind.

How potent is Pineapple marijuana?

One of the top reasons that Pineapple is such a popular strain is because of how potent it is. On the low end, it averages around 15%, which is a level that’s good enough to make you feel its effects. On the high end, you can expect a whopping 20%, putting it on the more potent end.

Can I use the Pineapple strain as medicinal cannabis?

As more states legalize medicinal cannabis, you should be aware that certain strains are becoming more prized for their potential therapeutic benefits. However, you should always consult with your physician first, and keep in mind that there’s limited evidence on the potential effectiveness of medicinal cannabis for its therapeutic benefits.

With that being said, the Pineapple cannabis hybrid strain is used by some medical marijuana patients for various reasons. For example, some users claim the strain can potentially temporarily boost a down mood by providing upliftment. Additionally, some medicinal users report this strain can help with stress and tension. On a physical front, there is limited anecdotal evidence that this strain can potentially be helpful with chronic pain and various other conditions.

What does Pineapple cannabis strain taste and smell like?

While the strain obviously tastes and smells like Pineapple with a sweet and fruity flavor, it also has some hints of mango and other fruits to give it a real tropical flair. Most users describe it as a delightful sensation that takes your tastebuds on a real journey. Consumers also pick up on a creamy flavor as they indulge.

With a little Skunk mixed in to add a bit of funk, you’ll get some earthiness and muskiness as well! Consequently, you’ll also notice some pungent and herbaceous notes. Whether you’re smoking or growing your cannabis plants, the Pineapple strain will make its presence known!

What should I know about growing Pineapple?

Both novice growers and experienced growers will have an easy time with this strain since it’s pretty straightforward to grow and doesn’t require high skill levels for successful cannabis cultivation. The beauty of this plant is that it isn’t too high maintenance. This is one of those strains of cannabis that prefers a warm and balmy environment when you grow it outside. Regardless of where you plant your cannabis seeds, you’ll want to ensure that this strain remains in the optimal temperature and humidity range.

One of the best things about Pineapple is how hardy it is. Cultivators consider it to be quite resistant to mold, mildew, and various pests, including spider mites, ensuring this strain thrives and reaches harvest with very few problems. All you have to do is purchase some quality feminized seeds from Growers Choice, germinate, and you should be good to go from beginning to end!

What does the Pineapple marijuana plant look like?

As your plant grows and flowers, you’ll notice how these cannabis buds actually resemble a pineapple. The Pineapple strain features dense nugs of goodness that are heavily clustered together. Healthy plants will contain buds in various greens and yellows covered in orange and brown hairs. Growers also love how it’s heavily covered in trichomes, which help to give it flavor and potency.

How about the height? You better have enough room to grow this one because it can get quite tall. This cannabis hybrid strain is known to get up to six feet tall.

Do I grow Pineapple indoors or outdoors?

Pineapple is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers. If you’re an indoor grower, you can expect the female cannabis plant to yield up to 350 grams per square meter and outdoor seeds will yield up to 450 grams per plant. When you grow your plants inside, you can expect them to flower in 8-9 weeks. When you cultivate these plants outside, you’ll be able to harvest them between late September and early October.

Should I choose feminized seeds or autoflowering seeds?

When it comes to cannabis seeds, the seed type can make a huge difference in your experience. At Growers Choice, we only sell feminized and autoflowering since they both boast some big advantages. Each type is perfect for beginners or those looking for an easier growing experience.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Growers flock to feminized seeds because they produce almost entirely female plants, which are renowned in the marijuana world since they produce smokable flowers. These seeds go through a specialized process to remove male genetics to give growers a more than 99% chance of growing only female marijuana plants. That means there’s virtually no chance of cross-pollination with male plants, meaning there’s no guesswork involved.

Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Autoflower seeds are a favorite among beginner growers since these seeds have been specially bred to automatically transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without you having to switch up the light cycle. That means you don’t have to determine how many hours of light or darkness your plants require.

Why is Growers Choice such a reputable seed bank?

Growers Choice is one of the most reputable seed banks, where you can choose from a wide selection of top choices like Northern Lights, White Widow, Blue Dream, and many more. We only offer feminized cannabis seeds to ensure you end up with the highest quality female plants, so you can have plenty of premium bud to enjoy.

Additionally, we provide an unparalleled commitment to quality by offering our customers a germination guarantee. Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Growers Choice is proud to offer discreet packaging, worldwide shipping, various shipping options, and unbeatable prices. Once you’re ready to purchase the best seeds you’ll find anywhere, check out Growers Choice and see what we have to offer!



Strain Genetics

Pineapple Chunk, Pineapple Express, Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 30% Indica, 60% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Best Use

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia


Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

Indoor Yield

400-500 g per m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Yield Levels

High Yield


Based on 131 Reviews

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  1. Verified Owner

    Bro, you won’t believe how easy it is to grow Pineapple Auto from Grower’s Choice Seeds. I planted them, and they just took off. The smell is so sweet and fruity, it’s like a mini-vacation every time I walk into my grow room.

  2. Verified Owner

    They took off fast, and before I knew it, I had these beautiful, resin-coated buds. The smell is out of this world – pure tropical goodness.

  3. Verified Owner

    They germinated quickly and grew into these robust plants with minimal effort. Sticky, dense, and bursting with a sweet pineapple aroma.

  4. Verified Owner

    The high? Oh man, it’s like a vacation in your mind – uplifting and euphoric, perfect for chilling on a sunny afternoon.

  5. Verified Owner

    I barely did anything, and they turned out amazing. The aroma of ripe pineapples filled my grow space, and the smoke is so smooth and fruity.

  6. Verified Owner

    These seeds sprouted quickly and grew into these lush, aromatic plants. The buds smell like fresh pineapples and the high are uplifting and energetic, perfect for a pick-me-up during the day.

  7. Verified Owner

    Every seed popped and thrived.

  8. Verified Owner

    The high is like an instant mood booster, making everything feel brighter and more enjoyable. Grower’s Choice really knows their stuff. Their seeds are top-notch and always reliable.

  9. Verified Owner

    Super uplifting and happy. Great for daytime use. I’ve been getting nothing but positive feedback from my customers. Seriously, if you’re looking for something fruity and fun, Pineapple Auto is it.

  10. Verified Owner

    The high is pure bliss – uplifting and energizing. Perfect for those creative sessions or just hanging out with friends. Grower’s Choice Seeds never disappoints, man. Give it a shot.

  11. Verified Owner

    Uplifting, energetic, and just what you need to kickstart your day. My customers are raving about it. If you want something that’s easy to grow and packs a flavorful punch, Pineapple Auto is your go-to.

  12. Verified Owner

    These seeds are ridiculously easy to grow, even for a laid-back guy like me. Within weeks, my grow room was filled with the sweet, fruity aroma of pineapples.

  13. Verified Owner

    Great smoking with friends or on your own, pineapple autoflowerng seeds are a real gem and they grow so easy!
    500 G of pot from 10 seeds….a little lower than expected but the flower is extremely high quality, it’s bright green and extremely healthy.
    Has some pest pressure from aphids, just spray once with neem at the beginning of each season.
    A brilliant choice!

  14. Verified Owner

    These Pineapple Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds are the perfect blend of tropical sweetness and satisfying relaxation. Just like biting into a juicy pineapple, this strain has a delightful aroma and a delicious taste that is sure to please any palate. With its uplifting and mellow effects, it’s a perfect choice for a laid-back day. .

  15. Verified Owner

    Yummy! Pineapple autoflowering mj might be the easiest strain to grow in all of history! I love buying MJ online and having it shipped right to my door! It’s a smooth, easy grow, makes me feel relaxed, happy, and uplifted. I also love the tropical pineapple smell. Can’t wait for more MJ!

  16. Verified Owner

    Decent grow with a decent yield, got a 5 for 5 germination on my seeds so that was solid. Got my order at a good time and this site was pretty trustworthy. The high was good, long lasting, even had some extra fun and watched pineapple express while smoking this. Got no complaints so will probably buy from here again.

  17. Verified Owner

    Love growers choice! Fast, easy and the best strains!

  18. Verified Owner

    I’m completely satisfied with my purchase of Pineapple Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds. This strain was really easy to grow and harvested in just two months, so I got my buds very quickly. The high is wonderful- uplifting and energizing- a perfect strain for those looking for something to use in the morning.

  19. Verified Owner

    Has a smooth tropical flavor, I am really in LOVE with it! It’s like a little staycation for my brain, especially after a good work day.
    I would say it took….maybe 10 weeks to really start putting out flower. It was so cool and rewarding to have this bud in the yard. Used to brag about it to my friends, and they all get a kick out of too. Definitely shared the GCS name many times. Love promoting you guys, you all rock!!!

  20. Verified Owner

    This auto-flower is exactly what you would want from an auto-flower. This is so easy to grow it is practically self-growing, low maintenance with a great yield size. The high was exceptionally good for pain management as well.

  21. Verified Owner

    3rd season growing with GCS. Excellent products and always top-shelf weed. Got the freshest nugs anywhere in the world, right here at home, and they taste like pineapple!

  22. Verified Owner

    The Pineapple strain is the perfect blend of tropical sweetness and satisfying relaxation. With its uplifting and mellow effects, it’s a perfect choice for a laid-back day.

  23. Verified Owner

    Five or six years into growing my own…this variety of Pineapple Express Auto was very fast to finish, so much so I had to look up the total time and yes, this cultivar is almost too fast if thats possible…my next run will be more in tune and at least a step ahead vs this run where I kept doubting the plant, haha. Very fruity aroma and equal taste. If I didn’t grow this from seed, I’d swear someone added a flavor enhancer. I will buy again for sure.

  24. Verified Owner

    Ditch your regular meds and anti-depressants and put your trust in some Pineapple auto weed. This stuff is powerfully tasty, it’s relaxing, it’s and stress-free. Makes me kinda sleepy!! Auto seeds are like growing weed on easy mode!

  25. Verified Owner

    Thank you growers choice for yet again setting the standard high again. As this strain took me 2.5 months from seed to harvest.. that’s insane in the membrane!

  26. Verified Owner

    Thank you growerschoice for setting the bar high again, with top notch seeds that germinate faster and at a higher success rate than any other in my opinion. This strain grew in a total of 2 months and 4 days and counting she’s almost ready to come down, now that’s a fast grow!!!

  27. Verified Owner

    First time ever trying to grow anything at all from seed and wow, Pineapple just WANTS to be a big thriving plant. Taproot sprouted in under 24 hours, settled into high quality soil, it popped up a tiny cluster of leaves less than 24 hours later. Two months in, the plant is already flowering with fat colas and tons of little bud sites on the lower stems.

    The plant takes to low stress training well, branches don’t get terribly tall but are hearty. Some leaves yellowed and browned during mid vegetation phase, but I think I was being too conservative with water and the plant has thrived since. My indoor growing location wasn’t ideal from a temperature perspective and the plant tended to run between 80-90 degrees most of the time, but I focused on maintaining 65% humidity and an 18/6 light cycle with regular inspection and measurements. Since it’s moved to flowering, I’m watering far more often as the plant is super thirsty and I’m augmenting with flowering nutrients with the humidity pegged at 55 and a steady oscillating breeze.

    I suspect I’ve got a while before it’ll be ready to harvest but I’m excited to start another batch as soon as I pick and dry this pineapple.

  28. Verified Owner

    Perfect strain for any first-time grower. Seeds sprout taproots fast, zero failure rate even after a few months of cold storage, and once planted in quality soil, it takes off fast. One plant produced almost 4oz of final weight Bud with basic low stress training and weekly flowering nutrients.

    Final product is very sativa leaning, assertive with a strong aroma and good flavor. Several friends who sampled suggested it was way too strong for them, so be advised that this is a rocket ship.

  29. Verified Owner

    Oooo sweet and sour love! I got my pineapple seeds in the mail just the other day. They are looking pretty great! They JUST Popped out of the earth…I have so much faith in them. They will be beautiful and exciting!

  30. Verified Owner

    I’ve grown Pineapple indoors and outdoors without a problem. My friends always joke that I’m the grumpy one of the group and that they can always tell the moment I’ve been smoking Pineapple as I suddenly “get all happy.” Our inside joke when someone is in a bad mood is that they need to go get “Pineappled”

  31. Verified Owner

    I bought a 5pk soaked them in well water at 78 for 18hr then put in wet paper towel on a plate on day 4 they had spouted and were an inch long. I planted them in dirt just to cover, sat them outside 85 and very humid at 8pm, I checked on them next morning at 630am and they had grown out of the dirt were 1\2″ tall with green leaves, I think next time ill just put them in the dirt to start with, that is right after soak em in water first.

  32. Verified Owner

    Very nice strain! Produces heavy and potent. Very impressed. Will definitely buy again.

  33. Verified Owner

    I had great success with this strain! Only took about 11 weeks till it was ready. I used DWC with a 5gallon bubble bucket and mine has a drip ring at the top of the pot. I checked out the tricombs with the 30x22mm 60x12mm Magnifier and the tricombs get very milky and even a fair amount of amber tricombs. I’m now using the Mason jar curing technic with Boveda 62% humidity packs. Can’t wait till this cures!! This strain has a very pungent smell & I love it! I dried one bud just by leaving it out in the tent and it gives you a very uplifting high, but not so high that you are couch-locked. It takes a month to cure the mason jar way so i might do another review about the cured pineapple in about a month. Thanks for some great seeds Growers’ choice! PS. This strain is great for musicians. very creative buzz!!

  34. Verified Owner

    Great strain! Easy to grow. great for beginners. You must follow the germination guide on this site or your seeds will not pop. I used purified water by R.O and I took a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and rolled it into a tube and cut it to about 5 inches long and taped it so it would stay together. Put my seed in and shake it back and forth about 15 times. This gets the wax and resin off the seed. Then I used R.O purified water with a Ph of 6 and soaked the seed till it fell to the bottom then used the ole paper towel method. I use DWC Hydro so they grew extremely fast. all I use is the 3 nutes from general hydroponics and Cal/Mag. I also use a technique called back budding. when buds are about 2 weeks old trim about 3/8 of an inch off the top of the buds. when they start growing again they will grow almost twice the size of what they would have been! Wish I could load a pic of the one in my closet. The buds are as big as my fist! Thanks, Growers choice for some great genetics!!!

  35. Verified Owner

    Ok just got my seeds and must say they was all fresh how do i know it we had 100% germination on the pineapple and the ak47 wow great seed bank. Amd they method on germination was on point my seed germinated in 2 days super fast!!!!!

  36. Verified Owner

    We are first time buyer and have had a lil set back with order but customer service is well handling it and informed us that they have our order and it will be sent out thank you great customer service. And now we are cited about the fresh seed on the way hope to get it by tuesday???

  37. Verified Owner

    I was super stoked to see this strain as an auto flower and it lived up to my expectations ! Plus it taste awesome!

  38. Verified Owner

    Pineapple auto is super quick indoors 10 total n outdoors 12total ,not mold resistant main bud very thick sticky plant very smelly n taste is top shelf also strong erb great job growers choice

  39. Verified Owner

    Pineapple weed…wow, just wow. I am thrilled by how nicely these nugs formed on my homegrown ganj after about 5 months of effort. Smokeable and very nice, gets me pretty stoned off just one hit, and makes me wanna dance the night away…or just veg out on the couch LOL. Happy I could finally purchase my own pot seeds online, definitely want to buy these seeds again, so I am a satisfied customer!

  40. Verified Owner

    This weed is exactly what the movie Pineapple express promises. It’s a vibe like no other, and it helps me deal with my stress! I get so stressed!!! I need a little something to calm me down and give me the balance I seek in my daily life. Will absolutely purchase more online cause this stuff ships to Canada, OMG I am so lucky. Me and my cat are living out best lives!!!

  41. Verified Owner

    Pineapple weed is nice and strong but its also not so powerful that you’re gonna like pass out or something. It’s more about relaxing, eating some snacks, watching a good movie, and having a nice day. I think you’ll definitely appreciate where this is going.

  42. Verified Owner

    Pineapple is really nice, very soothing and relaxing and helps with pain and stress. I smoke it at work, but don’t tell my boss. This is a good buy for anyone looking to get high and not spend too much money, plus the taste is fantastic, just like fresh sweet and sour pineapple. The freshest weed I have ever grown, I can’t believe it!!!

  43. Verified Owner

    Get your pineapple weed from this website…the smells and tastes are just aromatic and beautiful…it looks pretty good and it helps with a lot of stress you might be feeling. I like this website in particular because it’s so convenient and ships directly to your home. It brings all kinds of joy into your life when you smoke it at home, and you can chill in your bathtub. Gonna definitely buy some more.

  44. Verified Owner

    I worked at a weed farm for a few years in Hawaii and got a pretty remarkable skill under my belt. I like smoking this weed in the evening cause it helps me deal with my arthritis pain most effectively, plus it puts me in a great little zone out mood which is really nice. I got pretty stoned the other night and wandered around the Safeway and bought up a bunch of Ben and Jerry’s which is pretty great. I like the pineapple flavor too, which is also nice.

  45. Verified Owner

    Man I love pineapple weed, it’s soooo good that you just have to keep smoking it to get the full effect. I ordered this weed online and it shipped directly to my door, so easy! I burn this weed every dang night to get my vibe right, and that pineapple feel is where it’s at. It makes me feel like I am gonna take things to the next level!!!

  46. Verified Owner

    When I smoke pineapple weed, I am instantly transported to the Caribbean, chilling on a beach, drinking a mai tai. This weed is an absolute brain vacation…perfect for when you are stressed out and need a new way to relax. I bought just 3 seeds, but in 5 months of growing I got such an amazing results, it was truly magical! I think I will definitely buy more, cause this weed is bound to make you smile!!!

  47. Verified Owner

    I worked at a pot farm for a few years and really got to know and enjoy growing pineapple strain. Ordered this stuff online and had it shipped right to my place here in Washington. It’s a great spot to grow weed in the summer just make sure you cover it with bug netting to keep the flies away otherwise they’ll eat your plant lol. Little fly stoners out there.

  48. Verified Owner

    Pineapple is gonna blow your mind just a lil bit. Very strong smell but it’s almost like pineapple. Pretty delicious taste, better than what I was expecting too, so smooth and sooooo chill! It’s all about those sweet dense fluffy ass nugs, and this weed has all of the above. Get ready for the next round of awesome in your life. Get ready folks!!!

  49. Verified Owner

    Yesss this pineapple weed is the bomb!!! It’s so chilled out and relaxing and it makes life so much easier when I am high!!! I miss the days of VHS tapes and the Chicago Bulls so I rewatch old basketball games as I smoke my amazing bong. Very happy with the price of these seeds….it’s hard to beat and it will definitely give you more than what you can buy at the store for the same money!!

  50. Verified Owner

    The weather outside is definitely frightful, but when I spark up this weed, it is SO delightful. Got these GCS seeds as a gift last Hanukkah and I have been growing them in my backyard all season long. Definitely a delicious grow cause the nugs are FAT and they smell like pineapple. Such an AWESOME time, I highly recommend it!!!

  51. Verified Owner

    God I just love pineapple weed so much…it’s so nice and fun to grow, very chilled out and relaxed, makes my days so much better. It’s like taking a trip to costa rica in your brain and has all the benefits of the wonderful life in your mind….it’s a depression buster, makes an awesome grow if you wanna get happy quick, and it makes me just wanna scream with joy!!

  52. Verified Owner

    Pineapple is a must .. How can you call yourself a stoner if you don’t have this strain in your closet it’s smell is fruity pinnie ..give it a go ..

  53. Verified Owner

    Got gifted these seeds for Christmas last year and am smoking my own weed on Christmas this year! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! This weed was so nice to smoke on xmas morning, it helps with keeping me stress-free, and it made my morning coffee taste soooooo much better. I will absolutely keep growing this marijuana just cause it’s great stuff, but you’re never gonna be disappinted with pineapple yo!!!

  54. Verified Owner

    You gotta get on this train, it’s a very nice train to be on, mostly cause it smells like pineapple and that is just awesome! Purchased some weed online, got this stuff delivered and wow did it grow fast! Cali is the perfet place to grow your own weed. It’s gonna make life much better for you, and it’s gonna help you get through your day!

  55. Verified Owner

    I really love the tropical strains of marijuana, they are so relaxing and are like a little brain vacation during the middle of the day. Excellent buy from Grower’s too, has all the qualities of a commercial seed, and the yield is just amazing…helps me stay focused and happy. I really love the taste as well, so funky and delicious and makes me feel like I am just swimming in a sea of green baby!!

  56. Verified Owner

    Get ready to get effed up on this stuff, smells like pineapple and makes me feel absolutely amazing! Great taste and smell, very reliable grow, pretty tall and bushy and fantastic, helps me deal with stress and pain and all kind of bad emotions, has given me a bigger appetite and also helps me sleep. Pretty great buy, always on with GCS, my favorite pot seed company in USA!

  57. Verified Owner

    This pineapple weed is the bees knees. It’s a beautiful grow too, like super easy, and I am not even good at growing weed, but here I am with my own dope, smoking it daily, feeling like a boss! Really amazing stuff, can’t wait to grow some more cause now I have all this new confidence!

  58. Verified Owner

    We all love pineapple weed in my household. I’ve been pretty excited just smoking this on my back patio, watching the world go by. I enjoy the slate gray skies of seattle, the burnt orange leaves drooping from the wet branches of late autumn, and the serene view of the sound as I smoke my indica-laden homegrown pot!

  59. Verified Owner

    I was really excited to try this strain. It’s really good and it’s pretty easy to grow outside cause I don’t have an indoor space really. I have been very happy to smoke this weed in the mornings cause it really calms my nerves. I am very excited to grow more marijuana. I am new to this but it’s been a good thing. I hope we all get to do this legally some day.

  60. Verified Owner

    If I were trapped on a tropical island with one strain of marijuana it would be this one. I want to smoke it all day every day, and the vibes are good and intense, but also relaxing and good for my mind. I smoke to relieve all the pain and stress of working construction, and on the weekends I am stoned morning to night. It’s a great time no matter when you smoke it!

  61. Verified Owner

    Get on board the pineapple express! This weed definitely tastes like pineapple, it’s so sweet and delicious, you will not be disappointed. I really love the chill sensations this weed give you, it heightens my sense of touch and taste, and it makes music sound even better. Have all kinds of great things to say about GCS, great prices, good people, excellent weed!

  62. Verified Owner

    I mean, do I even have to sell this weed to you? Doesn’t the name itself give you everything you need to know? If you MUST know, it’s super relaxing, and it tastes and smells terrific, helps me manage my pain and stress and definitely keeps me smiling. There’s no shame in growing your own bud, gives me all kinds of street cred in my group, well worth it!

  63. Verified Owner

    I have been smoking this weed since college. It’s always a good buy when you’re at the dispensary and need something that will for sure relax your body and soothe your mind. But the store is just too expensive sometimes and I wanted something I could call my own, so I bought from GCS and started growing this pineapple strain. Excellent results and saved me a ton of money. Plus it’s super high quality!!

  64. Verified Owner

    This might be my 10th order from GCS, they have such a great selection and they offer up some amazing vibes. Ordered online like always, got my pineapple weed seeds a week later, soaked them overnight and put them in the ground, makes for a NICE vibe, and also helps with stress and back pain, has a good smell, very sweet and earthy and reminds me of Hawaii, what a good life!

  65. Verified Owner

    Found this strain to be a bit temperamental shorter growing cycle than most auto flowering strains plants were smaller than expected taste was nice buzz was decent going to give it a second run next season hope for better results

  66. Verified Owner

    The pineapple strain is one of my favorites. I mean, who can deny that the taste of fresh pineapple when you’re smoking is one of the most pleasant feelings a human can experience? I am so thrilled with the taste and smell of my new homegrown batch. I mean, I nearly got like 800 grams of fresh herb from one grow (3 plants) but you can’t deny that I am now like the king of homegrown and everyone wants a taste. I am way more popular now lol!

  67. Verified Owner

    I actually have never seen this movie, it was a little before my time, but I really enjoy smoking some marijuana. It’s a good buy when you’re short on cash and long on time, and I wanted some hella nice bud for the weekend. I LOVE going camping, so this was well worth the strain and effort. I got a BIG yield, very tasty stuff, and also kinda earthy, but definitely has that pineapple flavor…

  68. Verified Owner

    You want a tropical vacay in your brain…then why not try out this delicious strain…it’s been a great addition to my everyday routine of getting up and smoking weed at the breakfast table. I am very happy to be a part of the GCS family…they have an incredible selection, very helpful customer service, and fast delivery times. I really feel like they want you to succeed! I will definitely buy from here again lol

  69. Verified Owner

    Pineapple weed is now a major motion picture with the same guy who brought you Knocked Up! Heck yeah, if it’s good enough for Seth Rogan, then it’s good enough for me. I like the taste and smell, and I really love the Pineapple vibes, it’s so tropical. It’s gotta be one of the nicest ways to live, being stoned all the time, well worth the effort, I am telling ya!

  70. Verified Owner

    Pineapple is the best fruit on the planet, period. And this weed captures the pineapple flavor in the best way possible. I will always buy this marijuana from GCS, their seeds are top quality and just the tropical vibes alone make this a winner in my book. I think you’ll love it too,even if you’re new to weed!

  71. Verified Owner

    I really like pineapple express…it’s got this great tropical flavor and vibe…makes me feel really hyped up and excited and it also helps me relax. I like smoking it when it’s time to Netflix and chill for the night, it’s a pretty fun time and the vibes are right on. I grew it in my backyard and got a very nice smelling plant, with very green flower, in just about 5 months. Great buy!

  72. Verified Owner

    Pineapple express, my favorite movie with James Franco….and now my very favorite homegrown marijuana. Probably the nicest strain I have ever grown…makes for a sweet treat at the end of a long day, and it helps with all kinds of pain, especially neck pain, idk why!

  73. Verified Owner

    I think most people have heard of this strain by now. It’s really the best in west, if you ask me, maybe just cause it’s easy to grow and smells like a tropical fruit. I like getting high in the evenings after work, always puts me in a good mood and makes my life that much better 🙂 I am new to growing mj but thought it was really rewarding, especially since I got nearly 500 grams of fresh pot!

  74. Verified Owner

    Funky, skunky and sweet, this stuff is really hard to beat. Great prices and fast delivery on GCS, incredible selection too. I am very excited to have this weed in my backyard now, makes for a great time when I am outdoors and looking to garden! I am definitely a fan of the smell too, very limey and sour, yummmm!

  75. Verified Owner

    I wish I could hop on a plane and fly to Hawaii or Puerto Rico right now, but corona makes it impossible. This pandemic is just a real bummer, it’s melted our brains…it’s made us feel lonely and angry and we need some weed to help manage the stress. Pineapple is as close to that tropical vacation as we’re gonna get. It’s got that wonderful flavor, and it is hella relaxing and great for video games!!!

  76. Verified Owner

    Pineapple express is probably the most popular strain I can think of and that’s why I wanted to grow it for myself. I got a great little harvest from my 3 plants, so nice to have at home and in the backyard, nice for managing your own projects, and it’s got this great tropical taste. I have never been disappointed with the results of my grow and really hope I can do more with GCS they’re a great company!

  77. Verified Owner

    Perfect for those sweet afternoons with nothing to do, when you’re hiking outdoors or just relaxing in the shade. Got myself 3 seeds online and had it shipped to my home, great for smoking in the evening when all your responsibilities are taken care of…not a bad smoke in the day either, but it can make you a little cloudy and unfocused. It’s best to enjoy in moderation!

  78. Verified Owner

    Who wants pineapple? I certainly do! I ordered this strain online and got it delivered to my door. Very fun to grow outside, makes for an excellent addition to my garden…Smells and looks just fantastic, and offers up some of the nicest looking pot flower you have ever seen! Smoking it is a little harsh but has great flavor. I definitely recommend you give it a try!

  79. Verified Owner

    I am always the one at the pool drinking pina coladas and getting drunk in the afternoon, cause every day is vacation if you do it right, and I really want to have this be a part of my life. I grew this in the backyard near all my herbs and spice. Makes a nice smelling addition to any garden and is really beautiful when it’s flowering and whatnot. First time growing weed, but not the last!

  80. Verified Owner

    Treat yourself to high-quality pineapple weed, absolutely delicious and very good for your mental health…does great in the sun and just needs a lotta water and you’ll be right as rain. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had it delivered to my home here in Washington. Got some beautiful buds off these plants and they sure do smell amazing, just like pineapple!

  81. Verified Owner

    Pineapple is a nice strain for when you just need some time to relax. I smoke this almost every day to wind down and feel like I am chilling far away from home on a magical beach somewhere…it’s a good buy for when you wanna grow some good old homegrown pot without the hassle. It’s a great price too and the delivery is FAST! Highly recommend!

  82. Verified Owner

    Pineapple is a true dream for stress, anxiety and depression. It’s easy to grow and it produces a ton of weed that will knock your socks off. It’s a dream come true, and it’s all homegrown…super fun to manage and trim and way cooler than buying from some DUMB store!

  83. Verified Owner

    A very good weed….very relaxing…lots of flavor and pizzazz….tons of character and beautiful colors like a friggin tropical bird….totes ridiculously dank….can’t get enough indica powered dreams….so worth the money….so worth the grow.

  84. Verified Owner

    Pineapple weed is a real treat…its a tropical staycation….it’s the bee’s knees and it helps with stress and depression like nothing else. I have a small band I play with and we are always smoking this dope before practice…gets us all in the mood to get stoned and work together yay! I love my little garden at home…makes for a great project when you got nothing better to do. I am stoked for my next harvest!

  85. Verified Owner

    Pineapple is all the craze these days…amazing smell is probably the reason…gets me soooo high…I love the sweet vibes that come from this bud…love how green and beautiful the buds are…bigger than my fist, some of them…I smoke to get real high…get blazed and just say “what’s up?” to my bros who are ALSO STONED! WE have good times, such fresh dank weed. Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  86. Verified Owner

    I wanted something that made me feel like I could escape somewhere beautiful…somewhere different than where I am living now…especially during the quarantine. I am happy I found these seeds, they gave me a great little escape and it tastes like pineapple, or at least something tropical, and transports me oceanside…a real treat that’s great for my stress and loneliness.

  87. Verified Owner

    We all need some tropical vibes in our lives and this stuff comes pretty close to giving me that while I am stuck here in Massachusettes lol. I got myself 3 seeds from the guys over at Grower’s and it’s a beautiful strain, really helps me with my stress levels and depression and whatnot. Can’t believe how easy this all was too, my seeds delivered fast and the very next week I was seeding my own bud? Amazing!

  88. Verified Owner

    Pineapple weed is where it’s at….it’s super mellow and green and chill and has all the tastes of the tropics. I smoke it at night and just look out at the world. Get myself some great nug from my grows, I am practically a pro at it at this point, and I always use GCS seeds. They germinate the best and grow into killer plants. Can’t wait for more!

  89. Verified Owner

    How do you feel about taking a beach vacation right from your own backyard? That’s what it’s like smoking this delicious strain. I am a huge fan of the smell, it’s just like fresh pineapple cut up in Hawaii. Boy do I miss living on the Island, and I love the way everything feels over there, with the wind in the palm trees, the waves crashing onto the beach, it’s truly magical. I will definitely buy more to help me get through quarantine!

  90. Verified Owner

    Hey check it out…it’s 4:20! I love smoking weed right around this time, when most of the work for the day is done, and everyone can just relax a little bit. I got myself 3 seeds from GCS, ordered online and had them delivered to my door. I love how easy it was to grow this stuff, gave me a lot of happiness to be working outside in my garden. Beautiful plant with some amazing smells and flavors. I am a big fan of pineapple in general but this just takes the cake!

  91. Verified Owner

    You’ve all heard of this weed probably. It’s a nice even blend between indica and sativa and it makes for great smoking with your friends. I got nearly 500 grams of pot from my 3 little plants, all of it super sticky and dank…definitely has a tropical vibe about it, and brings me back to the days of living in the Caribbean. I miss the sunshine and the ocean, and I honestly just miss socializing lol. Pineapple weed takes the edge off, and it helps me settle into my skin in the evening.

  92. Verified Owner

    Got two out of three growing really nice. Hope to be harvesting in the next month or so.

  93. Verified Owner

    Time to get tropical! Pour yourself a little pina colada, kick off your sandals and get cozy with some pineapple express. This plant really blew my mind, it’s incredibly tall and the flowers come in super dense! They smell very sweet and tropical and help with stress and anxiety and make you feel like you’re somewhere very pleasant and far away. We all need a little mental vacation, and this weed is the solution. I highly recommend getting some seeds online today!

  94. Verified Owner

    Oh wow this weed is a godsend and has made a huge difference in my life. I really love the tasty pineapple vibes and the delicious taste too, super earthy and tropical. Has only the most positive vibes, and gets me where I need to be mentally and emotionally. It’s helped my with stress and depression, even anxiety doesn’t stand a chance. I guess the downside is that this weed can definitely make me sleepy. Overall great stuff!

  95. Verified Owner

    Such a sessionable weed, great for sharing with friends and co-workers after work is over. Has a great tropical flavor, especially when it’s fresh, and it smokes beautifully, so smooth and creamy and the buzz is just amazing. Perfect for long walks or for chilling at home, really clears the head and helps me manage my anxiety and stress, cause let me tell you I have a lot of it lol! Either way, this was fun for me, I’ll be back for more!

  96. Verified Owner

    I need a tropical vacation, but I simply don’t have the time! This weed comes pretty close though, with its relaxing tropical flavor and mind altering effects. Helps me chill out on the weekends or after work. Was fun for me to grow and didn’t even really take that long. Has a wonderful flavor, makes me feel like I am sipping a pina colada on the beach, so It’s exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. I’ll find myself in Hawaii someday!

  97. Verified Owner

    It’s some very potent and relaxing weed, great for my general mind space and well being. It’s go that classic tropical weed smell that makes me feel super woozy and a little wacky as well haha! It’s soooo much fun to grow and harvest and then finally share with friends. It’s definitely gonna be a better bet than buying from the dispensary and it makes for a great Christmas gift.

  98. Verified Owner

    OOhhhhh I literally am obsessed with this strain of weed. I am a drummer and I always smoke a bowl of this stuff right before practice and right before a show. It’s super easy to grow, has amazing flavor and just all around rocks. I am a big fan of GCS, they have amazing customer service and they always seemed to know how to help. Seeds shipped out wicked fast, and all 3 seeds germinated! So proud of myself, great weed!

  99. Verified Owner

    If you’re a fan of the movie, then you’ll probably dig the weed. This stuff really makes going home after work something to look forward to. I love the delicious tropical smell, something like pineapple or pina colada, super interesting! I love the delicious nugs, so fat and juicy and the buzz is to die for! Love the strong indica base that makes for great relaxation on the weekends or after work. Get ready for a staycation!

  100. Verified Owner

    I feel like even casual stoners have come across this weed. It’s a house favorite so my roommates and I decided to grow it out back. Got some nice weed off this plant. super tasty and delicious, helps with stress and makes me super social and bubbly, love sharing a joint with the guys, we always have a blast smoking this weed and chilling around a bonfire! Love that pineapple flavor!

  101. Verified Owner

    One of my all time favorite stoner comedies, great funny moments and my favorite actors. HAD to try this weed for myself. New grower here so don’t judge me too harsh haha got like 300 g of weed from each plant. Pretty good right? Also a nice flavor, very fresh and tropical, hella relaxing too. Great bud!

  102. Verified Owner

    I am one of those rare early morning smokers. Most people I think wait until the afternoon, but something about this weed makes it a whole lot easier to start out the day. Maybe it’s the wonderful pineapple flavor, the mellow vibes, or even just the deep green colors? Who knows, either way, it’s a great start to my day. I’ve ordered online with GCS in the past, always great customer service. I love this company!

  103. Verified Owner

    Welp, not a big fan of James Franco, but I am a big fan of this weed. It really scratches all the tropical itches you might have. The flavor is sweet and delicious, the smell like a pineapple grove, and the buzz super mellow and relaxed, perfect for going to the beach or going on a hike. Nice customer service with GCS, and super impressive online selection. couldn’t ask for a better strain, will definitely grow more!

  104. Verified Owner

    Man, I NEED a vacation, but my job won’t let me take time off 🙁 That’s where this weed comes in! It’s so much fun to grow, having this weed in your backyard is amazing just for entertainment purposes, such a phenomenal smell, and it even tastes fruity and tropical as well. Got that nice laid back vibe I am looking for, and even helps me sleep sometimes!

  105. Verified Owner

    Purchased a 3 pack of the Auto Pineapple almost 2 months ago, the ordering and site navigation was easy and the product was delivered quickly and discretely .The downside is that only one of the seeds germinated i tried every trick i know but no luck and the one that germinated died two weeks in for no apparent reason i watered as usual and she was looking beautiful came back about 6 hours later and she was a wilted mess could have been the soil maybe or a reaction to the humidity I do not know I am disappointed that these baby’s didn’t make it however I do not fault GCS in anyway they delivered as promised and I will order from them again just sharing my experience with my first order through this company. I should add I did not contact the company about the two that wouldn’t germ I have had many seeds that just don’t take for whatever reason it is not the company’s fault . I will try and try again , happy growing everyone.

  106. Verified Owner

    If you’re looking for a hit of pineapple, and really need a little mind vacation, this is the stuff to buy. It’s seriously amazing stuff, easy to grow, has a ton of bud, and gives me a great buzz! I feel so floaty when I am on this weed, it’s great for stress or minor pains, feels great for all kinds of reasons, smells great too!

  107. Verified Owner

    I am no stranger to this weed. It’s been a good friend of mine since I was in college. This was, however, my first time growing this all my own, and I am very satisfied with the results. I am impressed that things took so well to the soil out back, and the smell is really unique and intoxicating. It’s the best weed I’ve smoked in years, honest. It’s got that tropical vibe, so delicious and intense, and really helps with stress!

  108. Verified Owner

    This is a very relaxing weed, really helps with stress and anxiety, and brings me to my tropical happy place. I think I really dig the delicious vibes of this weed mostly cause it’s just so easy to grow! I love the delicious fruity smell to this weed. It’s so impressive that I was able to grow all of this weed by myself. I didn’t know I could do it. It was a big relief to have my very own weed to smoke on the daily!

  109. Verified Owner

    A wonderfully tropical weed with a lotta great pineapple flavor. It’s just like chilling poolside and sipping a pina colada! I usually smoke this weed in the evening to help with my stress levels and relaxation. My work life is so stressful I really need some of this delicious herb to help me relax, and it’s been super helpful. Easy to order online and grow as well. Good vibes!

  110. Verified Owner

    Man am I glad I came across this strain! It’s such a delicious variety and sooooo incredibly relaxing! I love its tropical vibes and the amazing mental health benefits it provides. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety levels. Helps me a lot with depression as well. Cause when you smoke this you feel like you’re on a tropical beach in paradise. Highly recommend!

  111. Verified Owner

    This is a great strain of mj, something really special about it, almost like you’re on a tropical vacation every time you smoke it! Was a lot of fun to grow in the basement, does REALLY well in an indoor environment, and it’s super delicious smelling, like fresh pineapple. A very laid back high that’s great for stress and depression!

  112. Verified Owner

    You know you’re gonna love this strain even before you buy it! It’s remarkably easy to grow and offers some delicious mind benefits, like relaxation and stress relief. It’s a mind vacation really, and given that I am a flight attendant that is always on the move, I need a vacation in my head every once in a while! Solid buy, and will buy again. My bf is the best grower in the world!!

  113. Verified Owner

    This is one of my favorite weeds in the whole world. I love the sweet pineapple taste and those delicious tropical vibes! It’s killer for my stress and headaches and it feels amazing to have around the house. It’s always like a vacation in my back pocket. Can’t wait to grow more!

  114. Verified Owner

    I recommend growing this weed indoors, you’ll get a great yield and probably dig the smell of pineapple weed in your home haha! It’s a real dream of a strain, has those excellent tropical vibes and bright bright green trichomes, so break out your shades and get ready to chill at the beach with this stuff. All your stress and anxiety will just melt away!

  115. Verified Owner

    Almost better than a vacation to Hawaii! It’s a very easy grow, you’ll definitely get the hang of it, and it smells like a fresh pineapple right from the island of Oahu. I grew it in my backyard, had no issues with germ and got these 3 plants to look tall and beautiful in a just a matter of months. It’s perfect for chilling out at the end of a long workday and helps a lot with stress. Great buy!

  116. Verified Owner

    This strain is absolutely fire and the smell is so intensely yummy I can’t stop rubbing my nose in it, the buds stink to high heaven with yummy goodness the instant they appear it’s so sweet and crystal covered I’ll definitely be getting more of these for sure!!!! Do yourselves all a favor and trust me get some of these for the amount that you yield for the cost of the seed why ever buy smoke again!

  117. Verified Owner

    It’s like a tropical vacation for your brain. It smells and tastes juuuust like a pina colada, and it gets me super relaxed and stoned, soon I am on the beach and just chilling hardcore (in my mind of course). Not difficult to grow, offers a nice yield and lovely ggreen buds with orange pistils. Can’t go wrong with this strain!

  118. Verified Owner

    A1 product can’t get no better

  119. Verified Owner

    I feel like the above reviews really cover what this weed is about. It’s super relaxing and has that tropical smell and taste that you’re gonna love. It’s got these BIG green and orange nugs and makes for a perfect Joint. Ordered my seeds online and WOW they shipped super fast!

  120. Verified Owner

    Everybody’s favorite weed for sure. But seriously it earns its reputation! It’s a great greenhouse grow, has an amazing smell to it, like a pineapple grove in Hawaii. I ordered my seeds online through GCS, first time customer, and am very impressed with the selection. Love smoking this weed on the weekends, gives me a great buzz and keeps me feeling loopy and creative!

  121. Verified Owner

    How can you go wrong with this weed? It’s really easy to grow and offers a sweet delicious flavor to ease your mind at the end of a long day. Great anytime really, has some sativa properties that’ll keep you kicking all afternoon, and plus it’s smell is easily concealable, so go ahead and smoke it on your lunch break. You wont regret it!

  122. Verified Owner

    Received my order in just a few days. The packaging was discreet which I greatly appreciate. Due to some lighting issues I had to delay my grow about 5 weeks and due to a nosey teen I had to store my seeds in my dresser, which because of the temp is very inhospitable to seeds. So, when I was finally able to germinate I soaked them till they sank(about 16 hrs), wrapped them in a wet paper towel, put them in a Ziploc bag, and tossed them on the floor of my tent with the lights on(temp stays around 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit). Roughly 14 hours later I had 1/4″ long taproots on all of them. I’m ten days into my grow now and the seedlings look extremely healthy and are really picking up steam. These seeds are quality! I will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks GCS!!!

  123. Verified Owner

    I liked the movie so thought I’d grow this weed, It is far more relaxing than the movie lets on, you won’t be going on any crazy adventures, you’ll more than likely just relax at home and watch a movie. It’s easy to grow, especially indoors, and It’s like hella stanky, smells very strong and tropical, it’s fun to share with friends and you’ll definitely be the life of the party if you bring around your own weed!

  124. Verified Owner

    Followed the gcs germination method and within 30 hours seed has popped showing that lovely white taproot. Only germinated 1 of the 3 i ordered (i chose the lightest colored seed). Very happy

  125. Verified Owner

    We all deserve a little vacation, and if that’s what you need, then this is the strain for you! love the taste and the smell of course, cause it smells just like pineapple yo! I get really stoned on this weed, it’s super relaxing, totally glues me to my couch and has me thinking really pleasant thoughts. Plus it was fun to grow!

  126. Verified Owner

    I don’t really care for the movie but I do love this weed, it’s really amazing stuff. Perfect for that staycation you’ve been craving! I grew this stuff right in my basement, got like 500 g of weed and the plant looks beautiful, so tall and bushy and the nugs are bright green and orange. Tastes very tropical and really helps me relax at the end of a long day. The perfect do-nothing strain. Hey-O!

  127. Verified Owner

    This is an indica strain that hits like a sativa, and it gets you hella baked! Who doesn’t love the taste and smell of pineapple in the morning. I actually love this weed right along with breakfast, it’s just so nice to feel high before work, and then I keep a nice focused buzz while I am working. Fun and easy to grow, give it a try!

  128. Verified Owner

    Of course you’ve heard of this strain from the movie but the actual weed I think is better! Ordered online from GCS and the seeds showed up in no time! Great yield and very easy to grow, and an amazing tropical smell to the plant. Got a really nice yield, almost 500 grams from an indoor grow. Smoke in the evenings for stress and pain relief, and I am not turning back! It’s like a trip to Hawaii from your couch 🙂

  129. Verified Owner

    Seasoned grower and have been cultivating my own strains for many years, new to Grower’s Choice, glad I went with them however, fast delivery and good customer service. Seeds arrived at my door and I seeded them immediately. Got all 3 to pop and put them in ground out back, grew perfectly and harvested around 700 grams in total, keeps nicely and has a pleasant smell. I enjoy it in the afternoons.

  130. Verified Owner

    First time buyer with GCS, very impressed by the online selection. Easy to order and fast to ship too. Not to mention that all 3 of my seeds germinated using the paper towel method listed on this very site!!! I’ve been smoking this weed since before it was cool. But I hated how much money I was spending at the dispensary. Growing my own was an excellent experience, very fulfilling, and a sizable harvest of around 350 grams. Smells like a tropical vacation, and tastes like one too. One way trip to relaxation and chilled out vibes 🙂

  131. Verified Owner

    many orders from GCS and this one went every bit as smooth got my 3 seeds of the pineapple very quickly I only germed 1 of the 3 and within 36 hours I had a nice taproot going and potted her and she is already trucking along. I have grown most every auto strain from GCS and have always been very happy great Medicine every time and Im sure the pineapple will be the same! Thanks GCS

*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.

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