Bruce Banner #3 Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Bruce Banner #3 Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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(74 customer reviews)

When used, Bruce Banner #3’s Hulk-like abilities to smash stress, pain, and negative thoughts and feelings come tearing through.

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Bruce Banner #3 Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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Unleash the Hulk with Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds. Well, maybe not the actual Hulk, but with Bruce Banner #3 you’ll be getting some Hulk-like effects and Hulk-sized yields. 

This sativa-dominant hybrid, which is the offspring of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, is considered one of the most powerful strains in the world and won the Denver U.S. Cannabis Cup.

What are the effects of Bruce Banner #3 cannabis?

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric

Much like the fictional man himself, Bruce Banner #3 cannabis appears to look rather ordinary, but when used its Hulk-like ability to smash stress, pain, and negative thoughts and feelings come tearing through. 

With Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow high-yielding plants with a very potent THC content of 24% that take hold quickly.

Bruce Banner #3’s cerebral effects are quite astounding in how quickly they take you from being mad, sad, and disengaged to being utterly happy, euphoric, and motivated to get things done.

This strain’s Hulk-like gifts aren’t in beating you into the ground, but rather taking you out of the doldrums and lifting you up into the highest heights where bliss and joy roam free.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Bruce Banner #3 cannabis?

Although Bruce Banner #3 has an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio, its indica component is strong enough to provide soothing cerebral and physical effects. What this means for medical users is that Bruce Banner #3 may be quite the useful strain for temporarily smashing stress, depression, and other mental health issues.

Furthermore, Bruce Banner #3 has been known to provide relief from chronic pain, nausea, and even various gastrointestinal-related issues.


What does Bruce Banner #3 taste like?

Perhaps the only somewhat off-putting thing about Bruce Banner #3 for some users and cultivators is its pungent and non-discrete diesel and earthy overtones with fruity notes that will definitely alert passersby and neighbors to its presence.

However, the issue of Bruce Banner #3’s odor is not a factor when it comes to its taste, which, unlike its aroma, has a pleasant and mild strawberry taste and a subtle hint of diesel that nicely complements its sweet fruity taste.


How do I grow Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds?

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that a strain named after a genius comic book scientist is not going to be the easiest one to grow. Bruce Banner #3 definitely requires previous experience in order to successfully grow it. However, provided you’re somewhere in the intermediate range, you should be fine. Plus, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized.

Bruce Banner #3 can be grown both inside and out, where outdoors it will thrive in a pest- and disease-free, warm and dry environment where daytime temperatures stay between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Cultivated indoors, Bruce Banner #3 responds well to the Screen of Green method, and to both low- and high-stress training methods.


What do Bruce Banner #3 cannabis plants look like?

Grown outdoors, Bruce Banner #3 can definitely grow to be quite tall and green, reaching up to 10 feet in height…sound like familiar traits combined with the name Bruce Banner? 

This hybrid produces dark green, tapered buds that look a bit like spades. Its nuggets are vivacious with their mint green, purple, and magenta hues and long, wispy bright red and amber pistils. To complete its look, Bruce Banner #3’s buds are blanketed in a thick layer of large, crystal trichomes and super sticky resin.


When to harvest your Bruce Banner #3 cannabis plant

If discretion is not an issue and you live in the right kind of climate, you will definitely want to try to grow Bruce Banner #3 outdoors as the size of its yield would impress even the Hulk.

However, this is not to imply that Bruce Banner #3’s indoor yield is at all disappointing. In fact, in a matter of 8-10 weeks, you’re likely to wind up with a sizable harvest of 500 grams per square meter.

Cultivated outside, this generous-yielding strain should begin to flower in the early half of October, providing a massive bounty of about 800 grams per plant.


Cannabis strains similar to Bruce Banner #3

  1. OG Kush this sativa-leaning classic from the 90s is one of Buce Banner #3’s parent strains
  2. Blueberry Cheesecake this tasty sativa-dominant hybrid also produces an indoor yield of 500 grams and outdoor yield of 800 grams 
  3. Original Glue a couch-locking, indica-dominant hybrid that also offers an indoor yield of 500 grams and outdoor yield of 800 grams
  4. Mob Boss this uplifting sativa-leaning hybrid produces an even larger indoor yield of 650 grams and the same outdoor yield of 800 grams
  5. Galactic Jack another amazing strain for fans of the 80:20 sativa/indica ratio

Additional information

Strain Genetics



20% Indica, 80% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Indoor Yield

Up to 500 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 800 gr

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, Pain, Stress


Diesel, Fruity, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

74 reviews for Bruce Banner #3 Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Melanie S Verified Owner

    The high it provided was uplifting and euphoric, perfect for enhancing my mood and relieving stress. The plants I grew from these seeds were a moderate height, and I had a great experience watching them grow. The fruity and sweet flavor of the buds was a delightful bonus.

  2. Twilight5Tunes Verified Owner

    Feeling like the Incredible Hulk after growing Bruce Banner #3! All my seeds sprouted and grew into strong plants with the help of Growers Choice Seeds amazing customer service. The high is euphoric and happy, perfect for relieving depression, pain, and stress. The flavor is a blend of diesel, fruity, and sweet, making it a delightful smoke anytime.

  3. Ryan Bjerke Verified Owner

    Started 1 and so far doing great, very easy to grow. 2 others were gg#4 and both popped up doing great . 10 out of 10 for me!! Will def order more

  4. Amanda Wright Verified Owner

    Solid autoflower, required a bit of work but was worth the effort. Got a great amount of leaves from it, quite a bit more than i expected to be honest. Wouldn’t say the high is hulk strong but it a bit of a punch to the face, in a good way. Germination was great and honestly have no real complaints about this purchase.

  5. Akio Tanaka Verified Owner

    It offers relaxation, happiness, and euphoria, making it ideal for stress, depression, and chronic pain relief. The pungent diesel and earthy aroma, complemented by fruity notes, adds to its appeal. This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with impressive yields

  6. Ocean5Ocelot Verified Owner

    With its potent sativa-dominant hybrid effects and high yields, this strain is a force to be reckoned with. From its pungent diesel aroma to its delicious fruity taste, every puff of Bruce Banner #3 will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric. Whether you’re battling stress, pain, or just need a little motivation, this strain has got you covered.

  7. Sabine Wagner Verified Owner

    Bruce Banner #3 from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds packs a powerful punch with its high THC content and sativa-dominant genetics. The euphoric and happy effects make it great for alleviating depression and stress, while its diesel, fruity, and sweet flavors give a tasty experience.

  8. Fumiko Suzuki Verified Owner

    All of my Bruce Banner #3 Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds successfully germinated! I am extremely satisfied with the quality of these seeds and their ability to produce healthy plants. The Hulk-like effects and therapeutic benefits of Bruce Banner #3 are certainly living up to their reputation.

  9. Richard Fuller Verified Owner

    Hard-hitting highs that will send you laid out on the couch. Have more weed than I know what to do with for these massive yield sizes! Strongly recommend if you want a big growing plant that will give you lots of weed!

  10. Mike Proctor Verified Owner

    Bruce Banner #3 is a wonderful strain. I found it to be quite uplifting and happy, with a good amount of energy to help me stay focused throughout the day. It’s great for relieving stress and pain, and I was really impressed with how much weed I was able to harvest from these seeds. Definitely a great choice for anyone looking for a high-yielding, sativa-dominant strain.

  11. Walter B Verified Owner

    Bruce Banner #3 is hands down my favorite strain! The euphoric and happy high always puts me in a great mood while the relaxation helps with my stress and pain. Plus, the large yields are perfect for anyone who wants more bang for their buck. And the diesel, fruity, and sweet taste is just the cherry on top.

  12. OpulentOctopus Verified Owner

    Bruce Banner #3 is a fantastic strain. I appreciate the quality and consistency of the product. The growing experience was straightforward and resulted in beautiful, dense buds with a sweet and earthy flavor. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a smooth and relaxing experience.

  13. Kay Soto Verified Owner

    thank you growers choice seeds for the helpful germination card and informative blogs, This is my first grow, I chose Bruce Banner #3 Seeds and it was a success. Super happy with the fast shipping and how great this plant turned out.

  14. Accidental Hero Verified Owner

    As an experienced grower, I can confidently say that Bruce Banner #3 Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds are top-notch. The plants grew beautifully with potent buds, and the ease of the growing process was unbeatable. I will definitely be purchasing more seeds from this strain in the future.

  15. Emily Verified Owner

    Thanks growers choice

  16. Emily Verified Owner

    This is the best bb3 out there

  17. Helen R. Verified Owner

    5out of 5 came up

  18. Irene B. Verified Owner

    Thank you growers choice for the amazing seeds looks just like the

  19. Zackary1988 Verified Owner

    Best bb 3 out there

  20. Theo_M Verified Owner

    Really huge dense buds with skunky smell. Great harvest for an auto and really happy with the result.

  21. Vernon C Verified Owner

    Another quality auto from sensible seeds. Really happy with this grow and couldn’t of asked for a better result.

  22. Lucas Verified Owner

    All 5 seeds came up

  23. Lucas Verified Owner

    Best bb auto out there

  24. rickeyyyyy101 Verified Owner

    Excellent strain. relatively easy to grow, and…….Oh Lord, Like our big green friend often says; “HULK SMASH”!

  25. Evangeline J Verified Owner

    I love this strain ??? I noticed one of the girls (Chrystal) had a very pine and fuel scent in comparison the the other two ladies (Charlotte and Beau who both had the same scent which was more fruity and pungent with a hint of mint in there. They all grew differently and really were all unique to one another. I enjoyed growing this strain, it’s a hardy plant and I look forward to doing this one again in the future.

  26. gbeverly Verified Owner

    Automatic hybrid strain with fast flowering, the plants easily reach 150/170 cm in height like a sativa. Compact buds and loaded with lot resin with fresh pine aroma, live orange pistils, buds look beautiful in the final stage ??

  27. whosfranics Verified Owner

    Good so far, germination time was very quick and look forward to what happens with this auto.

  28. Ruth Bons. Verified Owner

    Nothing so far, but customers service is good

  29. Silas Morris Verified Owner

    Best quality **** and genetics took me 14 weeks from seed to harvest. Great smell, taste and awesome high, moving on my Bruce banner 3 NOW, hands down the best COMPANY,

  30. William W Verified Owner

    100% germination, great customers service, they answered all my questions, very happy , will definitely order again for future. I used two methods of germination, one with a glass of water and second with the paper towel over heat mat. The seeds from the paper towel method germinate a lot faster than the one in the glass of water (less than 30 hours), so I will recommend you all using paper towel method with heat mat or just put them over something warm , on top of the fridge for example.

  31. MaximusG_Prime Verified Owner

    I placed my order of 10 Bruce Banner 3 Autoflower Seeds and received product in 1 week. Seeds looked mature, but small…”Thou she is small, she is mighty!”
    Soaked seeds in Tap water in shot glass sitting on seed heating mat at steady 85 degrees with Solo Cup cover. Four out of 5 have sprouted tails and have been planted…Seed #5 was put back in the Hot Tub to see if she is just running late…But fast delivery and current 80% germination rate…I consider GCS obligations filled for this transaction and will be ordering again soon.

  32. Jag S Verified Owner

    Thank you GCS for delivering exactly what you order my quest for a reputable seed bank are over again thank you. Bruce banner 3 novice grow.

  33. itsthecollymores Verified Owner

    14 week total grow on one plant the other still has a couple more weeks great buzz taste and smell

  34. Jackson Pierce Verified Owner

    Got a few ounces of bud on my first plant and a couple ounces of trim in a 5gal container in a 2×2 tent. Great overall hybrid. Solid ****.

  35. lucaszimmermannn2 Verified Owner

    just smoked my first bowl best high i can not keep my friend away good stuff.

  36. MercedesP2 Verified Owner

    I’m very happy with the Bruce banner 3. Quick germination and beautiful buds. Buds and leaves covered in tricomes. Great taste and awesome buzz. Couldn’t ask for more. Thanks Growers Choice .

  37. antoniettaditschlerin Verified Owner

    12 week grow very easy nice and stinky buds .

  38. Malik Aslan Verified Owner

    Great results with bb3.

  39. Izzie9lecoq Verified Owner

    Bruce Banner is excellent little on the harsh side. Have some super silver haze fem started around Xmas time, will try to include some pics. i live in the northern belt, north of mpls

  40. Jacquesw33d Verified Owner

    Always a reliable source of good seeds.Bruce banner 3 seeds performed well. popped up in 2 days and within 30 days they were 3ft. tall.should be ready to harvest in about a week or two.expecting approximately 2 to 3 oz. per plant.grown in Ohio indoors.

  41. Anges ruiz Verified Owner

    Great germination.
    Relearning the art after 20 year break.
    Lights weren’t strong enough in first 3 weeks. Quite stunted.
    Transplanted outside. Didnt thrive.
    Learning experience.
    Got small harvest . Very good stuff

  42. Mr. Samuel Foster Verified Owner

    Germination and peeking above soil surface with 5 days every time. I adore this plant and it’s wonderful little flowers that turn into big fat sticky buds. I’ve consistently experienced yield averaging about .75 oz per plant. Mine is all soil grown on a mountain side in the eastern US or indoor during winter months. I’ve tried other seed banks with iffy results, once discovering GCS quality products I’ve remained loyal..because you can’t beat great results, every time.

  43. Kallum8332445 Verified Owner

    14 week total grow on one plant the other still has a couple more weeks great buzz taste and smell over 100 grams from one plant

  44. Vincent Chan Verified Owner

    Strain was a little hard to grow but it was my first time growing, harvested a little too early but all in all pretty decent bud.

  45. CATERINA GATTI Verified Owner

    My first attempted seed germinated (yay!). That was a little over 10 weeks ago. It is looking like my harvest will be in about 5-8 days. I have several really nice buds! All looks really good. Just need to get through the drying and curing stages now. Will know more in about 1 month? Thanx for asking.

  46. Courtney219245533666 Verified Owner

    After having a good start up my plants are tall and blooming, and I’ll be harvesting this week.

  47. Iris D Verified Owner

    Everything with the bruce banner 3 has been great. I’ve had one seed so far that didn’t germinate but customer service promptly took care of me. I chopped her at 9 weeks and after 1 week drying, I was able to yield 2.5 ounces. Very happy for my first grow and have another seedling already going!

  48. Marcello Casellati Verified Owner

    I haven’t had much luck yet due it’s extremely hot down here in Texas but sour diesel has grown than died of extremely hot heat and I gave it plenty of water and was in shade I couldn’t let in the sun that long as you know Texas can get very hott today it’s 107 degrees and heat index is 114 degrees on my next order I am planning to order og kush I am planning to move out if Texas soon and I know state of Wisconsin will be easy to grow **** better cause temperatures is like Texas

  49. baxter34_34 Verified Owner

    I grew 3 in 3 gallon fabric pots with Miracle grow potting soil. I ended up with an average of 32 grams per plant dried. The growing time was 10 to 11 weeks. Very happy with the results.

  50. PhDPhil Verified Owner

    My girls are looking good about 4 feet tall and flowering nicely. They have about 5 weeks left to grow and I am looking for to sampling them

  51. dougmcp3 Verified Owner

    Seeds sprouted in two days. Have a small grow area so I can only grow one plant at a time. Into my second girl right now and she’ll be ready in about 6 weeks or the end of July. Still gives me time for a third grow and have enough of the magnificent **** to last through winter.

  52. Kenneth S Verified Owner

    They grew very fast, buds did not get as full as the should. Just started to dry the few buds I got . Will try when it gets cooler to grow again.

  53. Wayne G Verified Owner

    10/10 would buy again
    All seeds germinated quickly and are growing strong!

  54. r0113rSt0n3r Verified Owner

    Only started two seeds one is about a ft. Tall and looking good the other has just started .

  55. _cool_cape_ Verified Owner

    As a relative novice, I found these seeds very easy to grow. I followed instructions on your website. The yield was not as great as I had hoped for, but the taste and the high were great. From now on, only autoflowers for me!

  56. Agatha B Verified Owner

    hello,i live in ohio and this is my first time growing,i recieved my seeds on jan 2nd and 4 of the 5 germinated on the 10th,they went into flower 2 weeks ago and they have tons of pistils and alot of frost,overall they look beautiful considering i dont know what im doing,i recommend autoflower for first timers as they are fairly easy to grow,
    P.S. u have a very fast delivery time thank you.

  57. Barb S Verified Owner

    Love the way they LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. tasty_buds20_ Verified Owner

    The seeds came fast and discreet so happy I came across gcs this is my first grow bruce banner 3 auto germinating now

  59. Elisa_Nogueira Verified Owner

    Had trouble getting seeds to germinate. Don’t think this strain can handle the heat in here

  60. stanley young Verified Owner

    My experience with GCS is always fantastic. I had a problem with some seeds and they sent me replacements. The Bruce Banner #3 is growing nicely but my autos never seem to adhere to the advertised sched and typically run about a month long.
    ALL of the cannabis I’ve grown using GCS is of superior quality! This stuff can just take the edge off of a hard day, or completely couch lock you. Whether my plants grow full and heavy or I get a franken-plant (no doubt from my lousy technique) I get more than enough for my personal use and to give many ounces away(and always gets great reviews!). keep up the good work- A green-state grower.

  61. FredericK6 Verified Owner

    I had 4 plants out of 5 seeds great plants

  62. Regina Hall Verified Owner

    i am very happy with GCS & glad i found them. i used the cash method & had no problems, my seeds came in 5 days after payment.Love how easy it is & all the information on the GCS site & the staff answers your questions in a day. i over watered my first seedling, but the second is about ready to cut & hang! 3rd seedling is off to the races also. Thank you to Cynthia & all her staff!

  63. Andreya U Verified Owner

    All the seeds sprouted, easy hydro grow!
    Shipment arrived in about 12 days

  64. Delia Angelopoulos Verified Owner

    .. I take back everything I ever said about autoflowers. Bruce Banner #3 grew surprisingly fast, and was very potent highly recommended

  65. lawrence shepherd Verified Owner

    Hydro grow. Flowered really quickly. Almost harvest time just two months later.

  66. Jay N Verified Owner

    All seeds germinated, planted indoor for a month. Now outside in zone 6a. About 18″ high and very bushy. Only about 45 days old. Can’t wait to try.

  67. _amelia2 Verified Owner

    A couple did not germinate and they sent,me out a full pack replacement ! I have harvested a few Bruce banner #3 and they are great tasting and a awesome high ! Thank you for you services !

  68. bobbyboy732 Verified Owner

    My seeds were delivered to Alaska in about a week.
    . usually grow in January as the lights help the dark Alaska winter.This year my husband bought the seeds as a holiday gift.So Im comletly new to GCS seeds.Ive used the same company every year.Its worth noting that I only grow autos as my time is limited to harvest.I run a 420 Friendly Bed and Breakfast here and I grow my plants for guests every season.
    I had 3/4 inch tap roots using the paper towel method of germination.Taps were super healthy and as I always do I planted them directly in final smart pots,using caution only watering around the seedling
    Today is 2 weeks from paper towel ,and they are already about 2 inches with several sets of leaves.
    Im growing using the Viparspectrum 700 and have it set on 100% Blue ,25% Red 50% white..
    Im new to this strain so any tips or comments are welcomed.

  69. Orlando135 Verified Owner

    3/5 germinated but it’s ok. You don’t have to send me anymore. They are a lil over a week old now and growing just fine

  70. _kelly_5_ Verified Owner

    Fast ship, no hassles, reasonable prices. They have my business.
    Does anybody have a suggested light chart for these auto Bruce Banner #3? You know the percentages of Red Blue White, hours on per day from seed to ****?

  71. Kurt Menhinick Verified Owner

    Seeds arrived to Colorado in less than a week. 4 out of 5 germinated within 60 hours. Very pleased overall.

  72. Lucas Verified Owner

    Thank you for the amazing seeds gc

  73. Shane H. Verified Owner

    Very good, little misunderstanding with first order, worked it out all good

  74. Harold Jr Verified Owner

    My experience was excellent, I started the seeds indoors and ran the flowering lights at 12 and 12 for three weeks , then I put them outside I just harvested my first BB3 and have already replaced it with one I started three weeks ago so you can actually get two cycles easily, I do a row of six feminized plants and I do a row of six auto flowers in the front , it works perfectly I just received some jack Herrer that I ordered a few days ago, what great attentiveness to all the orders I received.

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