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Cannabis plants differ considerably in their total growth time, from about 8 weeks to as many as 8 months, though the latter is relatively rare. This variance is usually most affected by the duration of the flowering stage; the length of the first (vegetative) stage – following germination and planting of the cannabis seed – is usually left to the discretion of the gardener, dependent on how large or strong one requires their plant to be, and how much flower one hopes to harvest.

The flowering stage of cannabis plants can last anywhere from 50 to 75 days (that’s approximately seven to 11 weeks). This stage begins after two to six weeks (or more) in the vegetative stage. Though some growers might choose to let their cannabis plants remain in the vegetative stage for more than a month, two or three weeks is the average, and is the vegetative length of our auto-flowering cannabis seed strains (which enter the flowering stage unprompted).

Of course, the length of time a plant is left to flower is also up to the grower, much like the decision of when to begin the flowering stage, which is activated by changing the length of daylight and dark hours. But leaving plants to flower for too long can have negative consequences, the most notable of which is the depletion of THC in the harvested buds. Less THC means less of a “buzz” or high, and if the gardener wants low-THC strains but did not cultivate one of our medical, high-CBD cannabis seeds, this may be a deliberate choice.

Harvesting too early also poses problems, such as small, poor-quality flowers. For best results that most reflect the intended effects of the strain, it is best to harvest cannabis plants within the recommended time frame indicated on the seed package. Alternatively, you may choose to do some research and learn the recommendations of other growers of that strain.

Some cannabis seed strains flower quite quickly, on the low side of the average range. At Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, we classify our strains as fast-flowering if the average length of the flowering stage is less than 60 days.

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Our Fast-Flowering Cannabis Seed Strains


Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical Purple Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds

On the other end of this fast-flowering scale are strains such as Super Silver Haze and American Haze, which can require as many as 75 days in the flowering stage (a total grow time of up to 90 days) before they are ready to harvest.

Our fast-flowering cannabis seed strains have the obvious benefit of being ready for harvest more quickly than their slower-developing cousins. The great news is, the yield and potency of a strain generally has more to do with genetics and growing conditions than with length of grow time; in other words, fast-flowering strains will not necessarily have smaller or less-potent yields.

When considering which cannabis seed strain to purchase, it is important to keep a variety of factors in mind. Fast-flowering is one consideration, but the potency, THC level, size of yield, and symptoms or conditions for which the strain is recommended should also be taken into account.

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The cannabis plant starts to develop flowers or “buds” once the daylight hours are shortened.

If you prefer a shorter growing period, but a strain with a longer flowering stage offers your required benefits, you always have the option to try the Sea of Green method, which involves beginning the flowering stage quite early (as little as two weeks after planting). This shortens the growing time and essentially “forces” your plants to be fast-flowering. Not all strains react well to this low-stress growing method, however, and as always it is wise to research the best growing methods for your chosen strain prior to purchase.

If you have any questions about fast-flowering cannabis seed strains, or whether a fast-flowering strain is right for you, feel free to contact us.

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