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Kush XL Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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When you’re struggling with pain but still have things to do, try our Kush XL auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Compact and easy to grow thanks to its ruderalis parentage, Kush XL has the natural power to push aside stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and chill out – without an overly soporific effect!

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Kush XL Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Sort of the antithesis to our popular auto-flowering Haze XL, auto-flowering Kush XL cannabis seeds deliver impressive yields and easy-to-grow plants that offer deep relaxation and calming sensations that can heal both body and mind.

An indica-dominant hybrid strain, Kush XL combines pain management and relaxation with enough of an uplifting feeling to keep you from tumbling completely into sleep. Excellent for afternoons and evenings, if you’re already tired Kush XL will keep you on that road toward bedtime, but won’t force you there. Enjoy the gentle wind-down sensations, coupled with the release of muscle and joint tension. Stress and anxiety will slough off and a gentle happiness will permeate and wash away symptoms of depression.

Our auto-flowering Kush XL cannabis seeds are paired with ruderalis, a Russian-born cannabis species that lends its unique qualities to all our premium auto-flowering strains. Because ruderalis grows in a part of the world that is cooler, with shorter summers, to survive it developed the ability to flower on its own, without reliance on longer hours of sunlight.

As a result, cannabis strains crossed with ruderalis adopt this same ability; your auto-flowering cannabis seeds will begin flowering two or three weeks after planting. This ability makes auto-flowering Kush XL cannabis seeds a good choice for new gardeners, because it eliminates one important human step in the cannabis life cycle.

At Growers Choice, we are dedicated to high quality products, and only the finest cannabis seeds – sourced from partner breeders we know and trust – will ever enter our warehouse or arrive at your door. Our strains are lab tested to ensure authentic genetics and each and every seed is covered by our limited 90% Germination Guarantee so you, the customer, have the reassurance that this investment in your health will truly result in healing, all-natural medicine. Furthermore, all our cannabis seed strains are fully feminized, which means you’ll only grow female cannabis plants and will not need to weed out any male plants.

Order your Kush XL Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, and find deep relaxation and joy in your holistic treatment.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

OG Kush x Ruderalis


60% Indica / 20% Sativa / 20% Ruderalis

Flowering Time

60-70 days






Relaxing, Happy, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening; relieve stress; pain management; sleep-inducing


Earthy, sweet

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant



Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where To Grow


Plant Height


13 reviews for Kush XL Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Chocolite007 (verified owner)

    Just ran this strain & for a 22” plant I just pulled down 14.40 wet. Dry weight should be QP. EXELENT! Was able to push it for maximum results. Great high for evenings. Will buy again!

  2. Vanessa Wharton (verified owner)

    A great strain for indoor growing, cause the plants themselves are so short! First time ordering with GCS, an excellent online selection, plus fast delivery and discreet packaging. Excellent germ rate, got all 5 of my seeds to pop with the paper towel method. My plants all did really well, and produced almost 300 grams each! A very relaxing buzz, great for the afternoon or evening, and very helpful in treating minor aches and pains. Fun to pass around as a J as well 😉

  3. monthlyautos (verified owner)

    Nice colas if a bit leafy, the outdoor plant that did the best for me was the one I accidentally super cropped. The bugs were all over these things compared to other strains. The flowering finished quickly and held up very well to over-ripening. Not very interesting aromatics (personal preference) but for that I would recommend the Sour Kush from here which for me grew just about as large.

  4. bradleyj91011 (verified owner)

    Only 3 of the 5 seeds germinated but the 3 that did germinate grew very very fast and wide. I was very happy with my purchase and will continue purchasing from growers choice. This strain was exactly as described love it . Thanks

  5. Eddiefndiaz (verified owner)

    Dense and delicious, however I had gotten dozens of seeds from every plant I grew. I am not sure if it is unstable genetics, or there is a male in neighborhood accidentally pollinating females through. Makes me iffy on wether I would purchase this strain again.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    All seeds germinated and are growing well for auto flower. Use perlite and three gallon fabric pots for best results. Also be sure to flush the plant at the beginning of the flowering period to wash out excess nitrates.

  7. mattramseypr (verified owner)

    Love growing my own plants so I only buy feminized cannabis seeds. Saves a lot of money overall. Plus ordering online is the best since delivery is fast. Grow was on point with the estimates from the description and the weed was great. buds were amazing. High was great too…felt great and not too heavy. no tripping or paranoia for me either. Never tried kush before but can see why everyone loves it.

  8. stacy-stacey (verified owner)

    Sooo much better when you grow your own, this is a nice strain eith a clean high and pain relief!

  9. cgtop19 (verified owner)

    Only one seed out of three germinated…I’m extremely happy with that one.. she’s growing pretty fast

  10. Misty M. (verified owner)

    I think I finally understand why feminized cannabis seeds are the best and why I heard so many good things about Growers Choice! The germination process was so easy, and transferring the seeds into some dirt was seamless. I was really nervous thinking I wouldn’t get any results, but i ended up getting a great harvest! This strain also just gives me the best little buzz for the evenings as I get ready for bed. I’m so happy I decided to grow a supply of my own!

  11. Ron.Mackey (verified owner)

    I’d heard of Growers Choice through a friend and decided to order some seeds to get it a try and boy am I grateful I did! Payment was easy and prices were reasonable, and the feminized cannabis seeds were delivered right to my door. The site is full of helpful growing advice that helped me grow a great and healthy plant. The buds produce the perfect relaxing effects, just as the site explains. I am one satisfied customer and I’ll definitely be trying some more strains!

  12. Ritz Cr. (verified owner)

    Ordered 5 Kush XL seeds and only two of them germinated, that was super disappointing, but I got in touch with the company and they sent me another set of seeds, and I didn’t have any trouble with those, so it must have just been a bad batch or something. I did end up with some awesome plants though, really banging buds. Sweep you off your feet in the evening. If you’re wondering where to get cannabis seeds online, this is definitely the place. Good quality, good price, and they don’t leave you hanging.

  13. Melinda R. (verified owner)

    Man this stuff grew fast and BIG. I grew indoors and it went crazy on me. Flowering stage only took 2 weeks for me. Great price for these feminized cannabis seeds. I’ve never been so surprised in a good way when buying something online. Will be ordering a few other strains soon, so I look forward to being pleasantly surprised again!

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