Blueberry Headband Feminized Seeds

Blueberry Headband Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry Headband Feminized Seeds

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The majority say that this 10%-20% THC level indica-dominant hybrid is the direct result of the crossing of the Blueberry and Headband strains, a few assert that Blueberry Headband is actually the offspring of the strains: Blueberry, Emerald OG Kush, Cali Sour D, and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Regardless, its combined physical and mental effects that first take hold like a headband around the eyes and temples are indisputable. 

With medium to large dense, rotund buds, Blueberry Headband’s lime green leaves are seemingly laced together with yellowish-orange pistils and enveloped in honey-hued trichomes. Considered an easy indoor and outdoor grow in a Mediterranean-like environment, this tall plant flowers indoors in 8 weeks with a solid yield of 11-15 oz per square meter, and outdoors at the end of September into early October with an impressively high yield of 35-41 oz per plant. 


Blueberry Headband has a prominent pungent earthy and citrusy aroma and a distinct blueberry with notes of pine palate-pleasing flavor. 

The effects come on quickly and, when used in moderation, Blueberry Headband gives you a buzzy, cerebral, creative high that lifts your spirits as it eventually makes its way down into your body, fully relaxing you without paralyzing you. It’s an excellent bud for a wake and bake or daytime high giving you a sense of euphoria and deeply felt mental and physical calm. An easy way to minimize some of its potential adverse effects of dry mouth and eyes, waves of dizziness and/or paranoia is to simply not smoke too much, pace yourself, and see how it impacts you the first few times.

Beyond lowering stress and anxiety levels and helping to relieve depression-related symptoms, Blueberry Headband can be of aid to those with ADHD and may soothe headaches, nausea, and chronic or temporary pains.  

Additional information

Strain Genetics



40% Indica, 60% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Indoor Yield

Up to 300 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 200 gr

Best Use

Depression, Evening, Pain, Stress


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

19 reviews for Blueberry Headband Feminized Seeds

  1. Marcus Schneider Verified Owner

    This indica-dominant hybrid offers a THC level of 10-20%, resulting in a relaxing and creative high. The plant is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, with impressive yields. The buds have a pungent earthy and citrus aroma, with a delicious blueberry and pine flavor.

  2. Harrison Hill Verified Owner

    The combination of Blueberry and Headband genetics created a truly unique and delightful experience. The high was euphoric and uplifting, while also providing a soothing body relaxation. I loved growing these plants, they were sturdy and produced a generous yield.

  3. Zhao Wei Verified Owner

    Blueberry Headband Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are the ultimate cure for the blues! With its sweet blueberry flavor and calming effects, this strain is perfect for a relaxing and creative high. It’s like a headband for your mind, taking you to a state of bliss and tranquility. And with its easy indoor and outdoor growth, you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Cheol-su Lee Verified Owner

    Berry bliss and a haze that’s sure to amaze! Growing Blueberry Haze was a dream come true thanks to Growers Choice Seeds. All my seeds sprouted and the customer service was top-notch. The high is a perfect balance of happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness. The flavor is a heavenly blend of herbal, spicy, and sweet.

  5. Eun Yung Verified Owner

    Ok so I got this the first time cuz blueberries are my favorite berry, but now I’m back to get it because it’s an amazing weed, and I still love blueberries.

    GCS is hands down the best and most reliable cannabis seed seller around. Plus they have great selections and fantastic customer service.

    Eun Yung, Kent, WA

  6. NugNinja420 Verified Owner

    Great strain for a must-try for wake and bake enthusiasts. Expect a creative head high that doesn’t leave you paralyzed. The only thing is remember to pace yourself because this creeper will launch you into space!

  7. Marcela Ríos Verified Owner

    This indica-dominant hybrid offers a pleasant combination of physical and mental effects. With its pungent earthy and citrusy aroma and distinct blueberry flavor, it is a delight for the senses. The plant is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, with impressive yields. The high THC levels make it ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, and pain, while also providing a euphoric and uplifting experience.

  8. UniqueUnicorn Verified Owner

    Let me tell you, growing Blueberry Headband was an absolute joy! These seeds took off like rockets, and before I knew it, I had lush and thriving plants with big, juicy buds just begging to be harvested.

  9. Ricardo Gomez Verified Owner

    Blueberry Headband is a great strain for unwinding after a long day. The sweet and spicy flavors are a pleasure to smoke and the relaxing effects are perfect for easing stress and pain. The plants grew well and the yield was impressive for an indoor grow.

  10. Rodney B Verified Owner

    Positive interactions with GCS’s friendly customer service, as they helped me pick out this seed for my ideal purchase. Ended up growing very fast and I was smoking this sweet spicy goodness for a nice destressing high in no time! Highly recommend Blueberry Headband to anyone wanting a medium THC relaxed high.

  11. Adam Perry Verified Owner

    This plant grew very quickly, approximately 55 days for it to start flowering. Had a solid sized yield that gave me a nice stress relieving high. Has a bit of a spicy kick to it, so if you don’t like burning sensations maybe skip out on this one. Otherwise this is a solid seed to get if you want a fast grow time.

  12. Harlan Humphrey Verified Owner

    This is definitely becoming one of my favorite strains, with a really nice head high and light body high that leaves me feeling happy, relaxed, and sleepy. The blueberry flavor truly comes through as well, making for a really enjoyable experience all around.

  13. Kory Carson Verified Owner

    This strain was great to grow, I ended up with a good amount of weed from growing this indoors. Buying off Growers Choice Seeds was a breeze and I found a lot of helpful information on growing from their blog. Shipping was fast and the quality of my Blueberry Headband seeds was perfect as all my seeds germinated.

  14. IndicaInsight Verified Owner

    Let me tell you, growing Blueberry Headband was an absolute joy! These seeds took off like rockets, and before I knew it, I had lush and thriving plants with big, juicy buds just begging to be harvested.

  15. Maximillian L. Verified Owner

    Strap on your headband and get ready for a light and easy ride on the blueberry express. I got 10 seeds online, and they were absolutely GORGEOUS. Buy your stuff online. It’s so much easier and gives you access to hundreds of mj strains not easily found elsewhere. Vibes are just right. Give it a try!

  16. Shanelle D. Verified Owner

    Hey there! The blueberry headband is amazing! I got 5/5 germination and some really nice looking weed 🙂

    Big win for the little guy. These seeds are fresh to death!!

  17. Teo Leon Verified Owner

    I’ve grown Blueberry Headband both on my balcony and in my indoor grow tent with equal success, although I prefer outdoors because of the bigger yields. I love that this doesn’t leave me too tired to do anything but also fully relaxes me. I highly recommend this strain and GCS!

    Mandy C., San Diego, CA

  18. Farah Gould Verified Owner

    Even if you’re new to the game of weed, you’ll likely have success with this delicious strain! Buying online is quick and easy, and it even ships to Canada (as well as everywhere in the USA). This site is rife with great growing tips….I feel like I learn something new everyday just scrolling through the blog sections…..I am striving to go commercial! But I’ll start as a home grower first to master my craft!

  19. Janet Perkins Verified Owner

    Nothing combines the beauty of a well-balanced physical and mental high quite like blueberry headband! I was intrigued by this site when I was recommended to it by a friend. Now, I have never been much of a MJ grower, but I do love to garden! I thought I might as well try, and try I did! Took me about 5 months in total, but now I am a true Weed Mama! I have enough Blueberry to last me for the entire winter. I greatly prefer it to anything I buy in stores. Plus growing at home saves me a lot of money. There’s a great freedom to growing your own ganja. You are free to smoke it whenever you please. PLus it’s so productive in the garden and intermingles well with the other plants 🙂

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