Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A nice blend of classic OG Kush and popular Sour Diesel, our Sour Kush Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds give balanced effects with a slight indica edge. You can expect relaxation, good mood, and a touch of pain relief from this 22% THC option, plus the added benefits of an easy grow.

Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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What do you get when you pair OG Kush and Sour Diesel with an amazing cannabis species that flowers all on its own? Why, Sour Kush Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds, of course. At Growers Choice, we’re proud to offer this indica-dominant child of two wildly popular strains, packed with lots of holistic goodness and, as always, authenticated genetics and a 90% germinate guarantee!

Try Sour Kush for Mood

Sour Kush auto-flowering is a relatively balanced combination of indica and sativa, and as such delivers relaxing euphoria with a cheerful mood boost. Higher doses will deliver more of a couch-lock sensation, while small doses should leave you able to carry on with your day, even granting you a bit of added energy.

If you’re looking for a bit of creativity on the side, Sour Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a good option and offer up a helping of improved focus as well, though again you will want to be conscious of dosage. A high dose can sometimes result in a bit of short-lived paranoia, which is sure to counteract those happy feelings.

Medicinal Effects of Sour Kush Cannabis Seeds

On the medical side, patients often choose Sour Kush auto-flowering for its anti-anxiety effects, which are considerable in low doses. You may also find symptoms of depression alleviated, and chronic or acute pain should take a back seat for a few hours. Some patients find the moderate appetite-enhancing and anti-nausea side effects helpful for battling those symptoms of chemotherapy treatment. Small doses can counteract the drowsiness of fatigue, and can even counteract impending headaches.

Buy the Best Sour Kush Cannabis Seeds

At Growers Choice, we offer only the finest cannabis seeds available, and our Sour Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are no exception. Sourced from the most reputable breeders in North America and Europe, our seeds are tested for genetic authenticity and viability, and are hand-selected when you place your order. Your Sour Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are delivered right to your door in a medical-grade glass vial and discreet packaging. Because we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and your own holistic health, all our seeds are backed by a 90% germination guarantee, which means if fewer than 90% of your seeds germinate, you can simply let us know, and we’ll send you new ones! (You must follow our germination method to be eligible, and single failed seeds cannot be replaced (must be two or more).)

Order your Sour Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds today, and see why customers love Growers Choice!

Additional information


OG Kush x Sour Diesel x Ruderalis

Flowering Time

60-70 days


10% Ruderalis, 30% Sativa, 60% Indica

CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Anxiety, Daytime, pain management, reduce stress


Diesel, Pungent

Indoor Yield

350-450 g/m2

Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

114 reviews for Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. John Hawley (verified owner)

    My seeds came quickly and most importantly, 4 out of 4 germinated within 48 hours. We are talking 1″ taproots in 48 hours! I’m so happy that I ordered another 10 seeds of Critical Purple. Thanks Growers Choice, I can’t wait for harvest!!!!!!

  2. Jordana Frank (verified owner)

    This sour kush strain is one for the books….it’s easy enough to order online and it feels absolutely fantastic. I got my seeds delivered right to my door, and I feel absolutely great every time I smoke. I like the sour earthy flavor, and these tight green nugs make great for crumbling into a bowl or rolling into a spliff before I head out on the town. Excellent vibes all around!

  3. Raisa Horn (verified owner)

    I was broken into a million pieces when my girlfriend left me. So I tried a little harder to smoke my own weed and grow a little more out in the garden, cause I need to stay active and be happy you know? Either way, it’s a good way to be, and a good life to live, so give me a break man, I am not an expert but I am just living my life!!

  4. Akshay Newton (verified owner)

    Sour is the flavor of my soul….I love this weed, and I am soooo excited to finally be able to grow my own. Definitely wanna get some marijuana shipped to me here in Washington again, Seattle is such a beautiful city and growing weed here is a real treat. I am definitely excited for my next harvest, I feel like it’s gonna truly work wonders, and I wanna keep buying buying buying online from GCS!

  5. Mikaeel Hodgson (verified owner)

    Sour kush is an absolute mind bendingly awesome strain of epic proportions….lol okay, maybe it’s just some chill AF weed and I just like to smoke it. Really helps me with my anxiety and depression. I feel like I am doing really well at germinating the seeds and then just planting them right in the backyard, it looks absolutely amazing and it is a great little garden project, even my kitty likes to hang out by the big weed plant!

  6. Darcy Wedmark (verified owner)

    Great grower. Strong and loves light. Buds Look yummy.
    10/10 for everything
    Will buy again.

  7. George O’Connor (verified owner)

    Soooo sourrrrrr! I love smoking this weed at night right as I am settling in for the evening and watching some TV. Got very stoned the other night and watched Netflix for like 5 hours and didn’t even realize it LOL. I love growing in my garden. I feel super excited digging my hands in the dirt, and getting some sunshine on my face. Feeling really good in my skin these days!

  8. Talia Massey (verified owner)

    Was pretty stoned the other night haha….decided I was gonna grow my own weed so ordered sour kush and the seeds just arrived. So excited to try them out. They’ll definitely be a nice little yield for me to brag about in a few month’s time. Excellent buy!

  9. asmen458 (verified owner)

    Wow this stuff really is SOUR! Can’t believe how well this came together, grew nice and tall in my backyard and was truly exciting to have this weed all for myself. I am now swimming in weed, feeling like a GOD, smoking every night until I am so totally stoned I can’t see straight. It’s good vibes and a good time. Go buy some for yourself!!

  10. Lillia Ortega (verified owner)

    My girlfriend actually bought me these seeds and told me to grow them LOL. I did it for her cause I think she is awesome and I wanna make her happy 🙂 WE worked on them together to be fair, and I am pretty stoked for the future too. Very good buy, especially for the price, you will be extremely impressed, I have no doubt, so definitely give yourself the opportunity and you will be a GOD!!!

  11. Bridget Kaufman (verified owner)

    Sourrrrr is the word, this weed is everything you want and nothing you dont. It looks and smells amazing and helps me with stress. I burn through this like water and I just can’t get enough. Definitely gonna buy some more weed from GCS1

  12. Francesco James (verified owner)

    Sour kush is the way of the new Millenium. I got myself 5 seeds from GCS and got to growing them right away, they look and smell fantastic and they give me the best buzz imaginable, I love this sweet and lazy feels that this weed provides, helps me manage my stress levels nicely and keeps life feeling free and easy, even in a pandemic.

  13. Marcus Yu (verified owner)

    I literally JUST smoked some of this weed…and man it feels pretty good. It was a long day at the farm today…haven’t seen the landowner in weeks…fixed her stupid compost bins, but at least I got a nice harvest out of the greenhouse. It was nice to come back on the ferry and sleep a little bit…all the while writing some reviews online. I gotta make that $$. Was nice to come home to sour kush. It’s a pretty exciting strain, I like the head buzz. Not too overpowering but I did just take one hit only. Gotta shower now. Bye!

  14. Maksymilian Muir (verified owner)

    Classic strain, super relaxing and very sour!!! I love smoking this weed and watching the world get all loopy and strange….I have been very fortunate to smoke this marijuana for a long time now, but this is my first time growing it all myself!! Ordered it online, had it delivered to my spot out in Oregon and have been growing in the beautiful Oregon countryside…it’s been such a thrill, can’t wait to have more pot!

  15. Kawaguchi5 (verified owner)

    Mmmm I love that sour taste from the sour kush strain!!! It’s so delicious and man it just makes me happier than anything I can think of….Ordering online is nice and simple, and it just brings a joy to my heart every single time. I will buy this weed again and again cause its a friendly grow with some lovely colors and a relaxing sour smell. Gosh I sure to love marijuana, can’t wait to buy more!

  16. Chance Butt (verified owner)

    I dunno, I was real skpetical about this weed and decided it best to try and just grow it for myself to get the best results. I even have like an indoor area where I can smoke this stuff and it does really really well. Ordered it online, had it shipped to my place and it showed up in just like one week which is pretty stellar! Got a GREAT little yield, nearly 500 grams, omg I am just swimming in mj!

  17. Tastemaker552 (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful grow…it’s been extremely nice to have in my backyard, and definitely does very well in the basement too, but with a few more grow lights than normal haha. I enjoyed the subtle sour flavor of the weed, and definitely wanna keep getting better at the pruning process. I love making my own weed happen, it’s a very strong feeling and a good vibe, definitely makes me happy!!

  18. Callie Becker (verified owner)

    I was pretty excited about smoking this strain, cause I knew how relaxing it would be…I LOVE growing with GCS, their seeds are something special, and they really help with all the stress and depression I feel on a daily basis. Pretty nice to have growing in your basement cause the whole house has the faint tinge of weed which I find very relaxing. Pretty excited about growing this stuff again!!!

  19. Jordan Conley (verified owner)

    I was not expecting sour kush to be so…sour LOL. It’s like if sour patch kids was a smokeable strain, I absolutely love how it makes me feel too, and it really helps me deal with pain and stress, especially at night when my wrists hurt from working outside all day. Pretty excited overall and definitely want to keep doing this kind of growing, very uplifting!!

  20. Kester Blevins (verified owner)

    Sour kush is gonna rock your world in just the right way, easy to grow, but make sure the conditions are right. Do you have enough lighting? Enough water? Pretty remarkable stuff though and creates a beautiful bounty on the land, easy harvest and smells like a little drop of heaven!

  21. Assem Antar (verified owner)

    BIG yield, super nice flower, helps with pain and stress, makes me feel really chilled out and I wanna just smoke it all day long. I woke up this morning and started smoking my bong right away. I got really stoned and felt compelled to write this review. It’s not a dream, this stuff can be your reality and that’s okay. Well worth the effort, and definitely a good buy from GCS online babay!!!

  22. milkers420 (verified owner)

    The sour kush weed is always a good time, and always a high-quality smoke. I’ve been really pleased with my purchases from GCS, they always come very fast, and I can start growing almost right away. I am very pleased with the outcome too, my yield was pretty large, have enough to get me through winter, definitely gonna help with saving $$ too, which is good cause I need to pay rent.

  23. Laura Todd (verified owner)

    This weed has gotta be one of my favorites. It’s all kinds of relaxing and chill. Makes for a good buy if you need to get some seeds FAST. I ordered online and had them at my doorstep in one week! That’s like faster than I can get to the dispensary sometimes lol. The weed took about 4 months to grow, but man was it worth it at the end. Excellent flavor and very nice buzz!

  24. John Johnston (verified owner)

    This is sour and then it’s sweet, gives me the chills and then keeps me glued to my TV when I wanna play video games with my friends. I’ve been pretty pleased with this stuff, I feel like a million bucks when I smoke it. All my depression and anxiety fade away, my stress magically goes down, and generally speaking, I feel much more ready to take on the challenges of the day. It’s a nice afternoon smoke!

  25. frankie apples (verified owner)

    OMGGGG This weed is just so amazing! Its so fluffy and colorful, like little green pillows, and it’s a little fuzzy and it smells good too. I am pretty stoked about this stuff, helps me get real stoned in the PM with my gf and my dog. Love cooking food and watching some sitcoms when I get back, we all need some escape during this time, and this mj has been a great relief to me!

  26. kush master 55 (verified owner)

    I am suuuper into sour kush, and how can’t you be? This weed is both easy to grow and also helps with all kinds of stress and depression problems. I worked my way up to this strain from other kush buys, and I was happiest with this purchase. Did the best in my grow room and even kept producing after my first harvest. Pretty impressed by this little green plant, it truly is magical 🙂

  27. cerealkiller411 (verified owner)

    It’s pretty darn sour, like even more than you think it would be. Everyone in my house loves that I grow marijuana, and I am definitely happy to provide. Can’t help but get real stoned every night, while I am cooking dinner, or even while I am just chilling on the couch. Kush is so easy to cultivate, indoors or out, and the seeds from GCS always germ beautifully and make for a special crop. I have never felt more excited to be my own grower in my life!!!

  28. avatardave (verified owner)

    Sour kush is really nice and smooth and it helps me deal with my pain and stress. I really don’t like working from home, it’s so isolating and it also just keeps me feeling claustrophobic, but if I take puff or two of my homegrown at lunch, I immediately feel much more relaxed and focused. It tends to relax me but not make me tired. Better than anything else i’ve smoked in the last few years 🙂

  29. thorseman13 (verified owner)

    just harvested this years sour kush amazing yield im definatley going to do more next season auto-flowering is my new fav tried 6 strains this season cant wait to explore more next time

  30. cartiergirl67 (verified owner)

    It’s sour and it doesn’t let you down. It’s an easy grow and it’s suuuuuper relaxing on a cold winter night. I smoke this out of my huge bong, cause people still use bongs, at least the cool people do! Ordered online, it was very easy, and the stuff showed up right at my door, an absolutely gorgeous grow, looks amazingly colorful in the backyard, all those greens and oranges. I’ll totally buy more!!!

  31. myway55 (verified owner)

    I was very excited about sour kush cause I had been smoking it for years and this was my first opportunity to grow my own. I LOOOOOVE the taste and smell of this mj, it’s a very relaxing strain, the smoke is nice and smooth and makes for some seriously nice bong hits. I will recommend this anyone who is just trying out growing for the first time cause it’s easy and very forgiving!

  32. sb1409 (verified owner)

    Totally kine bud with a sweet lemon aroma. Smoked ever so smooth right from the second day after harvest. One of my top favorites. Easy to grow and perfect for scrogging.

  33. pinkpeeps (verified owner)

    I have always been a fan of the sour kush strain…it’s been my go-to back when I used to shop at the dispensary, but now I am all about growing my own mj. It’s way more relaxing and uplifting than you’d think! I ordered online, had my stuff delivered, and then finally got a big fat yield around the late summer. Very excited to grow more, and very happy with what I got!

  34. gorilla bear (verified owner)

    The name really just sums it up…you want sour weed? You like the relaxing vibes of kush strains? Welp, you just found your match!!! Easy growing, easy ordering, and sweet vibes. Don’t miss out on this delicious weed 🙂