Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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(128 customer reviews)

Sour Kush cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with a THC content of up to 22% and a delightful potency that’ll soar you off to new dimensions! Its strong psychoactive components merged with deep body relaxation make it a go-to strain for many a cannabis connoisseur.

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Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

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Sour Kush’s distinctive citrusy taste, combined with spicy undertones and hints of lemon, will tickle your salivary glands and keep you coming back for more. Sour Kush plants offer medium to large harvests, a pungent scent to die for, and dense, resinous buds. What are you waiting for?

Characteristics of Sour Kush Marijuana Seeds

Sour Kush cannabis, a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, is a popular indica-dominant hybrid known for its unique fragrance, taste, and potent effects. A blend of invigorating fragrance and taste, this strain emanates a pronounced pungent odor, effectively complimented by wafts of fresh lemons and an earthy undertone. A hit of Sour Kush introduces your palate to the sharp tang of lemon, layered over a strong, spicy core. As the smoke dances a jig on your taste buds, you’ll be delighted by the intriguing citrusy blend of flavors, all thanks to its wonderful terpene profile. It’s crucial to store this potent strain in an airtight bag to contain the powerful aroma, thus maintaining the integrity of its rich scent and flavor profile. The immediate impact of Sour Kush is a long-lasting, balanced psychoactive experience suitable for a tranquil evening. These effects aren’t fleeting – the intense psychological engagement and the comforting physical effects can last for up to three hours. However, due to its high THC content and its potent effects, Sour Kush isn’t recommended for cannabis beginners, particularly those prone to anxiety, as it might induce paranoia.

Growing Sour Kush Seeds

Germination Process 

Growing Sour Kush begins with the germination of the feminized seeds. The paper towel method is a popular technique for sprouting cannabis seeds. The necessary materials for this procedure include tweezers, damp paper towels, ceramic plates, and a bowl of purified water. First, dampen two sheets of paper towels in the purified water. Using the tweezers, carefully place your Sour Kush seeds on one of the moist sheets. Cover them with the second wet sheet and place this setup between two ceramic plates. The seeds should then be stored in a cool, dark cupboard, offering an environment that stimulates growth and seed sprouting.

Setting Up a Grow Tent

When it comes to cultivation, Sour Kush seeds favor controlled environments like a grow tent. A grow tent must be adequately set up to create optimal growth conditions. Selection of the right size is essential, as is the choice of appropriate lighting and ventilation systems. Temperature and humidity control are pivotal, and a suitable grow tent should be capable of maintaining the ideal climate to favor the growth of Sour Kush. 

  • Choosing the right size: Select a grow tent size that accommodates the number of plants you intend to grow while leaving enough space for proper air circulation and maintenance.
  • Appropriate lighting and ventilation systems: Install high-quality grow lights suitable for the vegetative and flowering stages. Proper ventilation helps control temperature and humidity levels, preventing issues like mold and mildew.
  • Temperature and humidity: Ensure stable temperature and humidity levels throughout the growth stages, as fluctuations can stress the plants and affect their health.

Time to Plant and Flowering Time

For a successful harvest season with Sour Kush marijuana plants, timing is crucial. The recommended time for planting these feminized seeds is during the early spring or when the outdoor temperature becomes favorable. Sour Kush cannabis strain prefers a Mediterranean-like climate and the summer sun, with temperatures around 70 degrees and slight variation through the growing process. If growing outdoors, make sure to plant when the weather is mild and will remain so, otherwise, this marijuana strain typically grows exceptionally well indoors. Hydroponic setups have also been quite successful. As stated previously, grow tents are highly advised, as the temperature and humidity can be more closely monitored. The flower period lasts around 10-11 weeks, which is slightly on the longer end of flowering times, but by every means worth the wait!

Photoperiodic Cannabis Plants

Photoperiodic cannabis crops, such as Sour Kush, are governed by light cycles. They transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering phase when they perceive the day length is getting shorter, which in nature is a signal of the coming winter. In controlled environments, manipulating the light-dark cycle to 12 hours each can trigger this change. Light intensity, duration, and timing are crucial factors to consider when growing photoperiodic crops. Adequate light intensity ensures healthy plant growth, while precise timing of the light cycle guarantees proper flowering and bud development.

Experienced vs. Novice Growers 

The cultivation journey might look slightly different for novice growers compared to their experienced counterparts. Experienced cultivators often possess a wealth of knowledge and skills in plant care, enabling them to navigate the cultivation process with ease. In contrast,  novice growers might face challenges when attempting to achieve the ideal balance of light, temperature, and humidity. Ensuring a consistent environment for the plants can be demanding, but with dedication and learning from experience, novices can improve their skills, cultivate successful crops, and run with the big dogs in no time! One advantage is that this strain boasts a remarkable resistance to mold and mildew, making the cultivation of Sour Kush a little easier in this regard.

Harvest Season Tips 

When growing Sour Kush, the harvest bud yield can be influenced by various factors, such as the setup (indoor or outdoor), the growth medium (regular/ organic soil or hydroponics), and the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and light). With proper care and attention, a healthy Sour Kush plant can yield medium to above-average harvests.

Characteristics and Psychoactive Effects 

THC Level of Sour Kush Strain

Sour Kush buds have a notable THC level of approximately 20%-22%, making it a potent, and highly delectable strain. This indica-dominant hybrid ignites psychoactive effects that can be strong and long-lasting, and users have reported feeling effects up to 3 hours after consumption. Due to its potency, this strain is not recommended as a top choice for beginners or individuals with anxiety, as it may induce paranoia and have other adverse effects.

Taste and Aroma

With its spicy flavor tinged with a zest of lemon, Sour Kush is a delightful strain to consume, whether you choose to smoke or ingest it. The complex flavors and inviting aromas are reminiscent of fresh-squeezed lemon with undertones of diesel and a slightly earthy taste. This combination of delicious tastes and sultry scents only heightens the overall experience, making it a popular strain within the cannabis community. Caryophyllene is one of the main terpenes that contribute to the distinct flavor profile. 

Indica-Dominant Strain

Sour Kush is renowned for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits, making it an ideal option among users seeking relief from stress, lethargy, chronic pain, acute pain, depression, and lack of appetite. Some users have described the effects of this balanced indica-dominant strain as an entire body high with elevation in mood and an overall sense of well-being. Users can expect to feel uplifted and relaxed, making Sour Kush a suitable choice for various occasions throughout the day. 

Similar Strains to Try 

  • Candy Kush has a similar spicy flavor and is also an indica-dominant hybrid. Candy Kush offers novice growers an easy grow process, due to its auto-flowering capacities. Users can expect to feel euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted when partaking in this lovely strain. 
  • Purple Hindu Kush is particularly breathtaking to behold, as the buds exude colors of dark green and purple, sprinkled with vibrant orange pistils. Aside from the aesthetics, this strain also tastes incredible, giving off notes of grape and earthy essence. This is an indica strain with a high THC content of about 20%.
  • Champagne Kush is a feminized strain most renowned for its effects of instilling happiness and sociability. Forget the alcohol at your next outing and take this little bud-dy along! Champagne Kush has a THC content of about 15% and it’s a balanced indica/sativa hybrid.  
  • Cataract Kush is of the auto-flowering variety and offers an easy cultivation process, as well as a moderate yield of around 400 grams. This is an excellent medicinal option for those requiring relief from inflammation, pain, or stress. This is an indica-dominant strain with a THC content of around 20%.
  • Pre-98 Bubba Kush is the strain to go to if you’re looking to feel extremely sedated and happy. This strain has a relatively small yield but makes up for it in its 20% THC content, indica-dominance, and flavors of coffee, diesel, and earth. This is an excellent choice for an evening smoke, as it promotes sleep, and is also known to ease symptoms of pain and stress. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics

OG Kush x Sour Diesel x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 30% Sativa, 60% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Anxiety, Daytime, pain management, reduce stress


Diesel, Pungent

Indoor Yield

350-450 g/m2

Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

128 reviews for Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Arctic5Armadillo Verified Owner

    The balanced effects provided a relaxing euphoria and a cheerful mood boost. The medicinal benefits were also impressive, with anti-anxiety and pain-relieving effects. The quality of the seeds and the germination guarantee offered by Growers Choice made the experience even better. I highly recommend trying Sour Kush for its mood-enhancing and medicinal qualities.

  2. Nicole Barnes Verified Owner

    Can see why these seeds are so popular! This was great for my indoor set up, seeds germinated without any issues (got 3 for 3!) and had it ready in 10 weeks! The high is high value as well, hits me for a long time in the day. Would suggest this one to anyone who wants a good simple strain

  3. Raj Gupta Verified Owner

    Been growing MJ for over 30 years. Sour Kush is my go-to strain. Has some seriously nice benefits, very fresh, has a BITE, usually scored between 200-300 G and stays fresh for a few months. Much more cost-effective than buying at the store, and the seeds generally ship out within a few days – 1 week. I spoke with customer service over the phone, and they were really helpful and actually real people lol!

  4. user838885 Verified Owner

    Ordered 5 seeds and got them in the mail 5 days later! Great grow for California residents. Nothing looks or tastes better than fresh homegrown MJ, and sour kush is easily one of the best strains out there. Great for beginners or old growers. Still requires love and TLC but auto-flowering seeds really makes a difference!

  5. Peppy Panda Verified Owner

    Peeps, you gotta try Sour Kush seeds! The plants are easy to grow and the buds are straight fire. The combination of sour and kush flavors is out of this world. Every toke takes me to a blissful state of relaxation. It’s a must-have for any cannabis connoisseur.

  6. Glitch Master Verified Owner

    Sour Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds are a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast! The unique combination of Sour Diesel and OG Kush creates an unforgettable experience. The pungent aroma and euphoric effects make it a great choice for me.

  7. dankdumptruck Verified Owner

    Think this strain is good for the average gardener, not too difficult to grow these seeds. The high makes them well worth it as my pains melted away and stress dissipated from my body. Top-quality product from GCS as well as all my seeds sprouted and grew strong.

  8. TMP Verified Owner

    Sour kush from Growers Choice is hands down the new favorite strain

  9. Manav Mac Verified Owner

    UMmmm yes! Sour kush is my fave! Thanks GCS for great seeds. Ship all over the USA! My Xmas gifts for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Troy Best Verified Owner

    Sour kush is actually kind of….sweet? Haha Idk I enjoyed the heck out of it. Beautiful colors, greens and yellows and oranges…a truly magnificent garden grow….every mesmerizing, aromatic, and eye-catching. Helps with minor aches and pains and even depression!

  11. Federico Ridley Verified Owner

    I got 3 seeds of Sour Kush. All 3 germinated and are growing into some beautiful plants. The smell is amazing!!! I’m ? Satisfied!!!

  12. Dana W. Verified Owner

    Growerโ€™s Choice is so easy to order from. Of my 58 orders Iโ€™ve placed, not once has there been an issue.

    Dana W., Durango, CO.

  13. Mark Williams Verified Owner

    Very nice! Tons of trichomes and taste great! Fat tall buds but fluffy, all the other bud where tight in the tent. Great feel.

  14. zeppd Verified Owner

    Follow the germ instructions to a tee for best results. Really good stuff don’t why people are complaining about this company. They probably just work for the other guys. But all that aside this strain is very frosty and has a beautiful terp profile. Smells like sour lemon candy. Just don’t forget the cal mag if using dwc w/ RO water. I got 5 seeds didn’t follow germ instructions for first 3 and they all popped but didn’t grow tap root. followed instructions for the 4th one and now i’m lil more than half way through flower. don’t listen to the negative reviews and go buy seeds at a higher price when you can get really good seeds here.

  15. ktmblm0602 Verified Owner

    I am Truly in love with auto flowering and this strain has exceeded my expectations ! Bring on some new autos and I will buy them !

  16. John Hawley Verified Owner

    My seeds came quickly and most importantly, 4 out of 4 germinated within 48 hours. We are talking 1″ taproots in 48 hours! I’m so happy that I ordered another 10 seeds of Critical Purple. Thanks Growers Choice, I can’t wait for harvest!!!!!!

  17. Jordana Frank Verified Owner

    This sour kush strain is one for the books….it’s easy enough to order online and it feels absolutely fantastic. I got my seeds delivered right to my door, and I feel absolutely great every time I smoke. I like the sour earthy flavor, and these tight green nugs make great for crumbling into a bowl or rolling into a spliff before I head out on the town. Excellent vibes all around!

  18. Raisa Horn Verified Owner

    I was broken into a million pieces when my girlfriend left me. So I tried a little harder to smoke my own weed and grow a little more out in the garden, cause I need to stay active and be happy you know? Either way, it’s a good way to be, and a good life to live, so give me a break man, I am not an expert but I am just living my life!!

  19. Akshay Newton Verified Owner

    Sour is the flavor of my soul….I love this weed, and I am soooo excited to finally be able to grow my own. Definitely wanna get some marijuana shipped to me here in Washington again, Seattle is such a beautiful city and growing weed here is a real treat. I am definitely excited for my next harvest, I feel like it’s gonna truly work wonders, and I wanna keep buying buying buying online from GCS!

  20. Mikaeel Hodgson Verified Owner

    Sour kush is an absolute mind bendingly awesome strain of epic proportions….lol okay, maybe it’s just some chill AF weed and I just like to smoke it. Really helps me with my anxiety and depression. I feel like I am doing really well at germinating the seeds and then just planting them right in the backyard, it looks absolutely amazing and it is a great little garden project, even my kitty likes to hang out by the big weed plant!

  21. Darcy Wedmark Verified Owner

    Great grower. Strong and loves light. Buds Look yummy.
    10/10 for everything
    Will buy again.

  22. George O’Connor Verified Owner

    Soooo sourrrrrr! I love smoking this weed at night right as I am settling in for the evening and watching some TV. Got very stoned the other night and watched Netflix for like 5 hours and didn’t even realize it LOL. I love growing in my garden. I feel super excited digging my hands in the dirt, and getting some sunshine on my face. Feeling really good in my skin these days!

  23. Talia Massey Verified Owner

    Was pretty stoned the other night haha….decided I was gonna grow my own weed so ordered sour kush and the seeds just arrived. So excited to try them out. They’ll definitely be a nice little yield for me to brag about in a few month’s time. Excellent buy!

  24. asmen458 Verified Owner

    Wow this stuff really is SOUR! Can’t believe how well this came together, grew nice and tall in my backyard and was truly exciting to have this weed all for myself. I am now swimming in weed, feeling like a GOD, smoking every night until I am so totally stoned I can’t see straight. It’s good vibes and a good time. Go buy some for yourself!!

  25. Lillia Ortega Verified Owner

    My girlfriend actually bought me these seeds and told me to grow them LOL. I did it for her cause I think she is awesome and I wanna make her happy ๐Ÿ™‚ WE worked on them together to be fair, and I am pretty stoked for the future too. Very good buy, especially for the price, you will be extremely impressed, I have no doubt, so definitely give yourself the opportunity and you will be a GOD!!!

  26. Bridget Kaufman Verified Owner

    Sourrrrr is the word, this weed is everything you want and nothing you dont. It looks and smells amazing and helps me with stress. I burn through this like water and I just can’t get enough. Definitely gonna buy some more weed from GCS1

  27. Francesco James Verified Owner

    Sour kush is the way of the new Millenium. I got myself 5 seeds from GCS and got to growing them right away, they look and smell fantastic and they give me the best buzz imaginable, I love this sweet and lazy feels that this weed provides, helps me manage my stress levels nicely and keeps life feeling free and easy, even in a pandemic.

  28. Marcus Yu Verified Owner

    I literally JUST smoked some of this weed…and man it feels pretty good. It was a long day at the farm today…haven’t seen the landowner in weeks…fixed her stupid compost bins, but at least I got a nice harvest out of the greenhouse. It was nice to come back on the ferry and sleep a little bit…all the while writing some reviews online. I gotta make that $$. Was nice to come home to sour kush. It’s a pretty exciting strain, I like the head buzz. Not too overpowering but I did just take one hit only. Gotta shower now. Bye!

  29. Maksymilian Muir Verified Owner

    Classic strain, super relaxing and very sour!!! I love smoking this weed and watching the world get all loopy and strange….I have been very fortunate to smoke this marijuana for a long time now, but this is my first time growing it all myself!! Ordered it online, had it delivered to my spot out in Oregon and have been growing in the beautiful Oregon countryside…it’s been such a thrill, can’t wait to have more pot!

  30. Kawaguchi5 Verified Owner

    Mmmm I love that sour taste from the sour kush strain!!! It’s so delicious and man it just makes me happier than anything I can think of….Ordering online is nice and simple, and it just brings a joy to my heart every single time. I will buy this weed again and again cause its a friendly grow with some lovely colors and a relaxing sour smell. Gosh I sure to love marijuana, can’t wait to buy more!

  31. Chance Butt Verified Owner

    I dunno, I was real skpetical about this weed and decided it best to try and just grow it for myself to get the best results. I even have like an indoor area where I can smoke this stuff and it does really really well. Ordered it online, had it shipped to my place and it showed up in just like one week which is pretty stellar! Got a GREAT little yield, nearly 500 grams, omg I am just swimming in mj!

  32. Tastemaker552 Verified Owner

    This is a wonderful grow…it’s been extremely nice to have in my backyard, and definitely does very well in the basement too, but with a few more grow lights than normal haha. I enjoyed the subtle sour flavor of the weed, and definitely wanna keep getting better at the pruning process. I love making my own weed happen, it’s a very strong feeling and a good vibe, definitely makes me happy!!

  33. Callie Becker Verified Owner

    I was pretty excited about smoking this strain, cause I knew how relaxing it would be…I LOVE growing with GCS, their seeds are something special, and they really help with all the stress and depression I feel on a daily basis. Pretty nice to have growing in your basement cause the whole house has the faint tinge of weed which I find very relaxing. Pretty excited about growing this stuff again!!!

  34. Jordan Conley Verified Owner

    I was not expecting sour kush to be so…sour LOL. It’s like if sour patch kids was a smokeable strain, I absolutely love how it makes me feel too, and it really helps me deal with pain and stress, especially at night when my wrists hurt from working outside all day. Pretty excited overall and definitely want to keep doing this kind of growing, very uplifting!!

  35. Kester Blevins Verified Owner

    Sour kush is gonna rock your world in just the right way, easy to grow, but make sure the conditions are right. Do you have enough lighting? Enough water? Pretty remarkable stuff though and creates a beautiful bounty on the land, easy harvest and smells like a little drop of heaven!

  36. Assem Antar Verified Owner

    BIG yield, super nice flower, helps with pain and stress, makes me feel really chilled out and I wanna just smoke it all day long. I woke up this morning and started smoking my bong right away. I got really stoned and felt compelled to write this review. It’s not a dream, this stuff can be your reality and that’s okay. Well worth the effort, and definitely a good buy from GCS online babay!!!

  37. milkers420 Verified Owner

    The sour kush weed is always a good time, and always a high-quality smoke. I’ve been really pleased with my purchases from GCS, they always come very fast, and I can start growing almost right away. I am very pleased with the outcome too, my yield was pretty large, have enough to get me through winter, definitely gonna help with saving $$ too, which is good cause I need to pay rent.

  38. Laura Todd Verified Owner

    This weed has gotta be one of my favorites. It’s all kinds of relaxing and chill. Makes for a good buy if you need to get some seeds FAST. I ordered online and had them at my doorstep in one week! That’s like faster than I can get to the dispensary sometimes lol. The weed took about 4 months to grow, but man was it worth it at the end. Excellent flavor and very nice buzz!

  39. John Johnston Verified Owner

    This is sour and then it’s sweet, gives me the chills and then keeps me glued to my TV when I wanna play video games with my friends. I’ve been pretty pleased with this stuff, I feel like a million bucks when I smoke it. All my depression and anxiety fade away, my stress magically goes down, and generally speaking, I feel much more ready to take on the challenges of the day. It’s a nice afternoon smoke!

  40. frankie apples Verified Owner

    OMGGGG This weed is just so amazing! Its so fluffy and colorful, like little green pillows, and it’s a little fuzzy and it smells good too. I am pretty stoked about this stuff, helps me get real stoned in the PM with my gf and my dog. Love cooking food and watching some sitcoms when I get back, we all need some escape during this time, and this mj has been a great relief to me!

  41. kush master 55 Verified Owner

    I am suuuper into sour kush, and how can’t you be? This weed is both easy to grow and also helps with all kinds of stress and depression problems. I worked my way up to this strain from other kush buys, and I was happiest with this purchase. Did the best in my grow room and even kept producing after my first harvest. Pretty impressed by this little green plant, it truly is magical ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. cerealkiller411 Verified Owner

    It’s pretty darn sour, like even more than you think it would be. Everyone in my house loves that I grow marijuana, and I am definitely happy to provide. Can’t help but get real stoned every night, while I am cooking dinner, or even while I am just chilling on the couch. Kush is so easy to cultivate, indoors or out, and the seeds from GCS always germ beautifully and make for a special crop. I have never felt more excited to be my own grower in my life!!!

  43. avatardave Verified Owner

    Sour kush is really nice and smooth and it helps me deal with my pain and stress. I really don’t like working from home, it’s so isolating and it also just keeps me feeling claustrophobic, but if I take puff or two of my homegrown at lunch, I immediately feel much more relaxed and focused. It tends to relax me but not make me tired. Better than anything else i’ve smoked in the last few years ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. thorseman13 Verified Owner

    just harvested this years sour kush amazing yield im definatley going to do more next season auto-flowering is my new fav tried 6 strains this season cant wait to explore more next time

  45. cartiergirl67 Verified Owner

    It’s sour and it doesn’t let you down. It’s an easy grow and it’s suuuuuper relaxing on a cold winter night. I smoke this out of my huge bong, cause people still use bongs, at least the cool people do! Ordered online, it was very easy, and the stuff showed up right at my door, an absolutely gorgeous grow, looks amazingly colorful in the backyard, all those greens and oranges. I’ll totally buy more!!!

  46. myway55 Verified Owner

    I was very excited about sour kush cause I had been smoking it for years and this was my first opportunity to grow my own. I LOOOOOVE the taste and smell of this mj, it’s a very relaxing strain, the smoke is nice and smooth and makes for some seriously nice bong hits. I will recommend this anyone who is just trying out growing for the first time cause it’s easy and very forgiving!

  47. sb1409 Verified Owner

    Totally kine bud with a sweet lemon aroma. Smoked ever so smooth right from the second day after harvest. One of my top favorites. Easy to grow and perfect for scrogging.

  48. pinkpeeps Verified Owner

    I have always been a fan of the sour kush strain…it’s been my go-to back when I used to shop at the dispensary, but now I am all about growing my own mj. It’s way more relaxing and uplifting than you’d think! I ordered online, had my stuff delivered, and then finally got a big fat yield around the late summer. Very excited to grow more, and very happy with what I got!

  49. gorilla bear Verified Owner

    The name really just sums it up…you want sour weed? You like the relaxing vibes of kush strains? Welp, you just found your match!!! Easy growing, easy ordering, and sweet vibes. Don’t miss out on this delicious weed ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. 89colemin Verified Owner

    It’s definitely sour…so make sure you have something sweet to help balance it lol. I actually like mixing this weed with candy kush, and find that it makes for a sweet and sour delight! Both a VERY chill, and make for a nice bong hit in the PM before the day concludes. I believe you will enjoy this weed as well, and take it for your stress!

  51. Kraft Cheese Verified Owner

    Sour kush is a truly delicious strain. It makes my head spin! I ordered my seeds online (they ship anywhere in Canada) and they showed up here in Alberta so fast! I am very honored to have this weed in my home. It’s got a great smell and taste, and helps with all kinds of stress and anxiety! Well worth the effort!

  52. @sushimilunch Verified Owner

    It’s definitely a lip smacker…makes your warhead candy feel like a lollipop lol. I am pretty stoked about this stuff though, new to growing weed and very excited for the prospect of having some new experiences in the garden. Worth the money and the growing time, cause the yield is HUGE and the kush keeps for a long time. You’ll totally dig it ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Danger Miller Verified Owner

    Always sour and never sweet, has a good vibe to it, and allows me to relax at the end of a long day. It wasn’t too hard to grow, made a pretty nice project during the springtime, but it’s getting near harvest season and I just got my first batch! Sour and fresh, just like it promised, and perfect for quelling the quarantine boredom!

  54. Lamby Verified Owner

    I wanted something sour, kinda sweet, and a little bit like candy and I found myself perusing the sour kush page online. Got my seeds delivered really fast, I barely had to think about them and they were at my doorstep. Excellent taste and smell and definitely gets me stoned lol. I am a lightweight, but I kind of like that about myself cause I just get to save weed in the end lol. So much fun!

  55. Jeff Kelz Verified Owner

    Sour power!!! I have always loved sour things, like lemons and candy, but this weed is by far my favorite thing in the sour world! It’s a nice blend of indica and sativa energies, which gets my body feeling really relaxed, but also helps me deal with my pain and stress. I ordered online and had it delivered…well worth it y’all, highly recommend!

  56. restandrelax Verified Owner

    Sour as ever! This stuff will make your head spin. It’s super strong and very relaxing, and it plants me firmly in the couch. I smoke and watch TV and really like how the weed makes everything funnier. I live with a bunch of stoners, and we all like to play video games and take care of our weed plants in the basement. I am very satisfied with my buy!

  57. Michael Waimea Verified Owner

    I was always a fan of the kush strains….used to grow them in college in my dorm room and nobody knew but me and my roomie lol. Now I got a whole basement that’s ready for weed. I got 3 plants growing down there in space buckets and WOW did they turn HUGE. I got some seriously dank weed off these plants, very sticky and very sour. I am always happy to have this be a part of my daily routine!

  58. Hempy Hank Verified Owner

    It’s definitely one of the easier strains to grow….my sister recommended me to this site and I usually take her recommendations…I ordered 3 seeds and decided to grow them out back…makes for a nice little garden grow…beautiful buds, absolutely stunning colors too…you’ll be amazed at yourself for how well your plants turned out. I love this site…they have the best seeds in town…and well worth the price too!

  59. allworknoplay Verified Owner

    Sour is a beautiful flavor…it’s something that most people shy away from, but I seek out, maybe cause I am crazy. Ordered online and got these seeds for an excellent price. They turned into the most stunning plants you will ever see…they are tall and strong and very bushy…they smell great too. I love having this weed in my life…it’s so great for stress and anxiety and depression!

  60. Oscar Delacruz Verified Owner

    Sour power! This is strong and amazing it blows my mind!!! I smoke it to relieve all the stress I’ve been feeling….definitely a good buy for someone new to this idea…and growing weed in general….it’s pretty straightforward and these are excellent flavors for everyone!

  61. Timberline Verified Owner

    Sour as a fresh crisp green apple plucked straight from the branch! Gotta love this beautiful strain…it’s so easy to grow and makes for a beautiful addition to any backyard in America. Ordered my seeds online and got them sent right to my door…fast and reliable…very strong growth from these seeds and so powerful that you could get jazzed off this stuff. I love smoking my bong and relaxing in front of the TV at night. Such a good buy!

  62. Blackberry Vines Verified Owner

    Sour kush is killer and it makes life so much better! I smoke this all day long…like crazy amounts of weed every single day and it’s always sour kush! It’s super relaxing, super compelling, makes me think of great sci-fi plot lines and alternate endings to Star Trek. Got baked and wrote this review so SORRY I guess? Whatever, my friends call me “slice” and I grow some DANK HERBBBB. It is HERBACEOUS and radddd. It’s super sour and chill too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  63. Schertland Verified Owner

    Sour as heck and very relaxing, a good bet if you’re unsure which weed to buy. Got a nice yield…probably 500 gs of pure fresh kush…the dankest, stickiest stuff on the planet, and a thrill to smoke, especially out of a bong. Got some good rips in before writing this review…I think I’m gonna go back to chilling on the sofa again and playing Breath of the Wild!

  64. LEAFLOVER Verified Owner

    Sour K is like every stoner’s dream. It’s easy to grow, smells literally amazing, has deep green and blue flower that’s oh-so-sticky, and it, of course, gets you really stoned! Great sour flavor, one that makes your eyes water. It’s so prolific I had to give some of my friends this weed cause I just had too much! Got me super stoned and relaxed. All my worries just melted away. Great buy!

  65. SICKNUGS Verified Owner

    Sour Kush is what we need in these troubling times. It helps me stay positive and relaxed when the going gets rough. I smoke my blunts and roll around town, enjoying the serenity of the spring air and just keep my mind at ease. It was an easy grow, got a powerful yield, better than expected, and certainly the freshest weed I have ever smoked. Can’t wait to buy more!

  66. @strawberriejamms Verified Owner

    Sour kush makes for a great buy when you’re looking for a big producer. All the weed out there in the world can’t match this stuff when it’s grown right. The nugs are big and fluffy and the flavor is definitely sour! It’s a light smoke and a heavy buzz, puts me right back into my body and grounds me. I am a big supporter of this weed and this website. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  67. Night of the Living Dead Verified Owner

    Don’t shy away from this weed cause you think you can’t handle it…I find it’s actually more sweet than it is sour. I love the taste and feel of the nug in my hands…super sticky and fragrant and very bright green too! I am super proud I was able to grow this on my own…had better results than I expected…and definitely gave me the head rush I was looking for. Great buy from Grower’s!

  68. Feathers Verified Owner

    If you are into the taste of sour candy, or even the sweet and sour taste of Tamarind, you’ll probably really like this weed. I was skeptical at first, but I did, in fact, have some excellent grow results. My seeds arrived in my mailbox right on time, and growing them in the backyard was much easier than I expected. Now I have a significant crop of weed that’s gonna hopefully last me all through quarantine. I really like how easily this all went, especially since everything else is so darn hard right now. Thank you!

  69. NUGSNUGSNUGS Verified Owner

    Ever smoked a weed so sour that it makes your tongue sting? Well, sour kush did that for me! It’s hella sour with the slightest hint of sweet. I got myself around 500 grams from my harvest. My bud was nice and fluffy, really light in my palm and made for some delicious lemon bars when I decided to bake them down. Kush is really easy to grow, and it makes a ton of nug for even the least experienced grower. Definitely a good buy!

  70. Essential Verified Owner

    Sour as all heck, and absolutely delicious. Gives me the best high imaginable, I can’t believe how much weed I got off my plants….like 500 grams or something…I am stoned as ever-living heck! Ordered online and it was super easy….fast delivery….easy germination and growth was healthy….got some great little flowers off this plant after about 5 months…you see these colors? Absolutely stunning, and super relaxing. Def good buy!

  71. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  72. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  73. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  74. hardlyworkin Verified Owner

    This weed looks like a work of art. The buds are so tightly packed, the colors are so subtle and blend so nicely together; the blues the greens the oranges. It has a wonderful sour taste and gets me stoned beyond my wildest dreams. I smoke it every night to help me relax after work, and then I just chill right out and fall asleep. It’s done wonders for my insomnia, and it helps me with stress too!

  75. Bermuda Verified Owner

    Well this is just a match made in heaven. I am in love with the thick fluffy nugs from this weed. It’s strong and earthy and yup, it’s super sour too. I really do enjoy the taste and smell, but it’s the buzz that keeps me coming back for more. Great for joint pain and arthritis, but also nice for my stressed out mind. It’s like a mind massage and it helps me relax during these troubling times. Highly recommend!

  76. vanilla Verified Owner

    Sour as the dickens! Perfect for those of you who like BITTER weed to complement the bitter flavors of this thing we call LIFE!!! But in all seriousness, this weed is great for depression, anxiety, and stress. I purchased 3 seeds from Grower’s online and I was very pleased to find my little seeds in the mail one week later. Perfect germ rate and an excellent yield, and as mentioned before, very sour! Try it out cause you won’t regret it!

  77. Punkin Verified Owner

    Mmmmmm sour! This stuff is like sour candy, and it makes me feel just fantastic. I get a great head buzz and my body feels light and relaxed. I had a fun time growing this with my girlfriend out in the backyard garden. Pretty excited to share this with my friends and see what they think. I smoke mostly for fun, but I find this weed is great for stress and anxiety, offers up some great vibes and a smooth relaxing high.

  78. Feather Verified Owner

    If there’s nothing else in your weed jar, it should at least be sour kush. This is a great beginner strain, easy to grow, relatively short time to flowering and some pretty impressive yields. I am not a very experienced grower, I mean I used to grow in college but that was a while ago. I finally have some free time so I decided to try it out again and turns out I still got it! Perfect for growing in your basement, BIG sour nugs with a lotta relaxation from smoking. You’re gonna love this stuff!

  79. Brandi Verified Owner

    If you like sour candy then you’ll love sour kush. It’s exactly like it sounds, has a really tangy, citrusy sour taste that helps liven the senses, and also a very chilled out kush indica vibe that relaxes the body. I smoke it most nights before I am really to chill out, after dinner seems to be the best time to take a few drags. I really like rolling this into a joint and smoking it on the back porch, excellent buy for someone like me who needs help with anxiety and depression. Highly recommend!

  80. knowing growing Verified Owner

    Grown the Sour Kush in 2 separate crops and the daytime high is amazing. The flavor in my vaporizer is maybe the best ever. Give this one a bit more time to grow, it didn’t really like my super hot greenhouse. For the combo high/smell this puts this strain as one of my favorites ever, but that is coming from a Sour D kind of guy.

  81. Pauly Verified Owner

    I don’t know how I found this site…it was just random Googling that led me here, but WOW the online selection is just crazy! I was pretty happy with my choice though, cause kush strains are pretty easy to grow, and they always produce a lotta nug lol. I got myself 3 seeds and just direct seeded them in the backyard, no fuss and great results. Absolutely stunning plants with some serious color, almost neon! Great buy overall, the grow was a little longer than I hoped, but it was well worth it in the end, especially for the strong sour flavors, yummmm!

  82. February Verified Owner

    I used to LOVE sour candy when I was a child, so growing this strain of mj just made sense to me! I got my seeds as a gift actually from my BFF who knows me too well lol! I got a great yield from this stuff too, and it was really fun to grow in my backyard as a little passion project. I definitely love the STRONG sour flavor, and the mellowed out high, definitely great for depression patients and people with a lotta stress!

  83. larry conners Verified Owner

    Ooooo it’s super sour like candy! It makes my mouth sting a little bit, but It’s super worth it cause it’s got a nice sweet aftertaste. Yummmmm. I ordered 3 seeds from GCS and WOW they delivered them super fast. Who knew I could get pot seeds delivered right to my door!? It’s an easy strain to grow, and take it from me, I am no gardener and was able to germinate and grow these seeds without any issue. Definitely worth it!

  84. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  85. grossman Verified Owner

    Ooooo so sour and delicious, like chilling at the candy store when you’re a kid and sneaking a sour jawbreaker. I loved it! I got myself 3 seeds from GCS, online ordering was fast and easy and it ships out really fast almost anywhere in the USA, so impressive! Finally got to harvest my weed last week, and it’s dry now, and amazing for smoking. I love this relaxing vibe, helps me sleep too. Great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. tortomassi Verified Owner

    It’s sour and never sweet, this stuff is like electricity for the senses, it helps with tiredness and also puts me in a pretty clear headspace. I am a HUGE fan of the kush strains, I have been a grower for years, but now I am hooked on GCS cause they have impeccable timing with delivery and their seeds are always top quality, no exceptions. I grow my weed in the basement where I can control the environment, and I get HUGE yields! Excellent stuff.

  87. curmurdur Verified Owner

    Lip puckering good! It’s got that nice sour flavor that you expect from fresh weed and huge fluffy nugs ideal for evening smoking. Finally got my indoor grow space figured out, took a while! But these plants did wonderfully indoors. The house smells like fresh weed, and I got a nice big harvest. Much better than expected! Ordering weed from GCS is easy as can be, and I am so impressed by their incredible selection, it never ends! I will certainly be back for more!!!

  88. Graham Barnes Verified Owner

    Gotta love sour weed! It really wakens up the senses and gives off a great smell. You can walk into your home and breathe in and say “Where’s the weed at?” Such an easy strain, wicked fast grow, great yield and BIG nugs. Nice and fluffy and sticky. It’s truly magic to have your own mj around the house. I smoke before dinner, gives me the munchies and gets me feeling creative in the kitchen. Then it’s time to rip a bong and chill on the couch!

  89. Kim Stevens Verified Owner

    This is better than sour candy! It’s better than sweet candy! It’s better than all candy cause it gets you high!!! I got myself 3 seeds from GCS online and planted them in the backyard. Love how EASY this all was, super duper strong smelling and it’s got these huge softball sized nugs, great for my depression and anxiety and gets me in the mood to unwind and relax. I want this in my life for good. Thanks GCS!

  90. Heidi A. Verified Owner

    My lips pucker up so much on this stuff, it’s like I am eating sour candy, but it gets me stoned! Big fan of the delicious nugs, helps a lot with my pain, stress, depression and anxiety and offers up some excellent creative thoughts. Smoke too much and you’ll drift off to sleep, or just go on a fridge binge lol cause this stuff definitely gives you the munchies. Great tastes and great growing too, even for beginners. Highly recommend!

  91. bagc Verified Owner

    Something about going to work in an office is very anxiety inducing. I can’t seem to relax cause I always feel like people are judging me…so to help with the issue I smoke marijuana, especially the sour kush. It’s my ace in the hole, and gets me feeling much more relaxed and confident. It’s great after lunch, or right before a meeting. Having a secret somehow makes me feel above everyone else, and I definitely like that dynamic better!

  92. slytherin4ever Verified Owner

    This is some sour stuff! It’s like a lip puckering experience like some kinda sour candy wow! It’s a real rush to smoke this stuff, and now I feel pretty darn relaxed, all my stress just melted away, it’s amazing! I am pretty darn happy with the result, and it was easy to grow as well, so pretty ideal on all fronts. Great first grow!

  93. barneys friend Verified Owner

    Pretty easy to grow but wasn’t crazy about the yield, it was kinda small for such a big plant. The weed itself though was great, very sour and sweet, great buy for when you’re feeling like you’re stressed or having trouble sleeping maybe. I smoke with my friends, we watch movies, play video games, etc. It’s fun and it’s a nice side hobby. I like GCS, they make it super easy to buy online and the seeds ship out super fast. Definitely a return customer ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Barry Hoven Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  95. jigsaw92 Verified Owner

    I have some serious trouble sleeping at night, my job is SO stressful it’s hard to unwind. The Sour K has helped a lot though, and now I sleep much better than before. I had an excellent experience growing this weed, and love the strong sour taste to the bud. It’s very relaxing, gives me the munchies, and like I said, is a real insomnia buster. Happier than ever!

  96. moisturize me Verified Owner

    Finally a chance to grow some weed in my basement. Built these nifty space buckets which have worked well in the past, but I JUST moved so had to go on hiatus for a while. Anyway, BIG fan of the sour K, it’s been on my grow list for a while now, and I feel pretty good about how it turned out, nice dense green nugs, big yield, and a whole lotta flavor haha! Great for a night time smoke to help relax and unwind!

  97. drunky mcdrunk Verified Owner

    Things get pretty sour when you’re smoking the sour K. Super worthwhile, and absolutely delicious, especially if you’re into sour candy! Great for all the stress and anxiety that just builds up throughout the day, helps me sleep too, which is a nice added benefit. Not a hard grow, really this was kind of a fun project for me, and it turns out I am actually pretty good at it! I can’t wait to get more of these seeds and get my own indoor grow space!

  98. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  99. TT Verified Owner

    Anyone remember warheads candy? They were my fave when I was a kid!!! This weed reminds me sooooo much of that flavor! It’s super sour, just like the name promises, makes my lips pucker but dang if it isn’t a SWEET high! This weed helps me chill out and relax after a hard day at the office, I can’t stand sitting in front of my computer all day, but HEY I get to look forward to a bowl of this on the porch when I get home!

  100. Roberto Verified Owner

    When you blend OG Kush and sour D you get the dankest herb in town, sour kush! This has a surprisingly short growing time and gets really tall really fast! It, of course, has a nice sour flavor to it, almost a diesel type smell as well. It’s mega relaxing and has been great for my depression and anxiety. I am really satisfied with how this all went. I definitely will be back for more!

  101. hiker269 Verified Owner

    This is super sour and sticky weed, I am so impressed by the results and am so happy I ordered from GCS. They have an amazing online selection, but I just had to do some of this stuff at home cause I love kush strains! It’s real nice and easy to grow, gives me a great yield and smells just amazing! I love the high this gives, it’s real subtle but nice on the body, helps me relax after work!

  102. Pat Kesler Verified Owner

    Wow this stuff is really sour! So delicious like warheads candy (throwback anyone?). I definitely dig this stuff, it’s been a real trip getting to grow my own weed, and I am happy I started with a kush strain. This was easy to do and gave me a great yield. It was both gratifying and very easy! I really love the high, it’s amazing for my stress and pain and definitely a worthy grow!

  103. mercedes Verified Owner

    This weed was a really great buy for me. I am a big fan of the delicious nugs and the sour flavor. Being that this is a kush strain, it was super easy to grow and offers some delicious health benefits. It’s super relaxing, great for migraines and stress, and also helps with sleep if you have insomnia. I am very impressed by this strain. Will definitely buy again!

  104. Adam Rain Verified Owner

    This is a REALLY easy grow, but be sure to grow indoors, it’s much better that way. I love the smell and the taste, obviously very sour, kind of like warheads candy! It’s got a very mild and relaxing body buzz, great for couch lock and watching some good TV and whatnot. Excellent for beginners, cause you really cant screw it up. GCS is seriously an amazing company! Can’t wait to buy more!!!

  105. flamingal Verified Owner

    This is my favorite weekend strain, nothing relaxes me more than a few good hits of this sour kush! It’s really easy to order seeds online with PSB, the delivery is fast and the seeds all germed really quickly. It was very easy to grow and produced nearly 1000 grams between just 3 plants, great sour taste! Perfect for those do-nothing days where it’s you and the tube.

  106. demonslayer99 Verified Owner

    A nice kush strain for all you indica lovers out there. Remarkably simple to order my seeds online and grow them at home. Got them to germ using the paper towel method and had a nice medium sized yield just 4 months down the road. It really is sour and tastes delicious! Gets me very high and very relaxed and has a lot to offer the casual evening smoker, like stress relief and help with sleep too!

  107. Anthony Brownlee Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  108. Travis Hanson Verified Owner

    This is so sour and delicious, just like candy. It’s a great beginner’s grow! Kush strains are remarkably easy to grow, just put those seeds in the ground and watch them sprout! It’s some delicious and fantastic experiment in gardening. I have a lot of weed now, smoke this usually at night to help with stress and sleep. Great for sharing with friends also!

  109. CosmoGirl Verified Owner

    This is one heck of a weed strain! I love the taste and smell of this amazing weed. It’s been great to smoke in the evenings when work is over. I usually pack a bowl and smoke with my girlfriend. We get super high and just chill out on these vibes. This weed has a great sour taste AND it’s easy to grow. Great stuff!

  110. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  111. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  112. Colby Bachner Verified Owner

    This is some solid ass weed! I love this stuff, it gets me really high and takes my breath away. It’s very sour, but that doesn’t deter me. I grew the weed in the backyard and got a nice medium harvest. It’s been great getting to smoke this at night, has helped a lot with my fear and anxiety. I hope to grow it again ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Steve Fitzgerald Verified Owner

    I love the kush strains, probably the best for relaxation and pain relief in my book. It’s helped me tremendously with my stress and anxiety from work as well and it’s been great to have around the house. A much better indoor grow cause you get way more mj, but overall it’s kind of a small yield :/ other than that the taste is very sour and nice and the buzz can’t be beat!