Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Like most kush strains, our Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds deliver relaxing effects thanks to their high indica content. Not only will this great strain let you quickly harvest (flowering in just 45-55 days), but it will help you sleep, soothe pain, and relieve stress.

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Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Discover deep relaxation and sedation with our pure indica Hindu Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Originally found in the northern regions of the mountain range of the same name, Hindu Kush is a long beloved strain with heavy resin content and calming, relieving effects.

The primary feeling you’ll experience with Hindu Kush auto-flowering is a permeating sense of relaxation. Enjoy deep, tension-draining couch lock that will leave you feeling happy but sleepy, with just a touch of euphoria and perhaps a bit of the munchies.

Hindu Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are, hands down, one of our best strains for fighting stress and pain. If you find yourself wound up throughout the day due to work or personal stressors, if you clench and grind your teeth at night, or toss and turn with disturbing dreams, Hindu Kush might be the perfect evening strain for you.

Certainly, Hindu Kush auto-flowering has the potency to kick insomnia to the curb, but that touch of happy euphoria can also alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. After a dose of Hindu Kush, you should find it easier to fall and remain asleep. (It’s significant to note here that smoking or vaporizing your Hindu Kush flowers will be more helpful for falling asleep, while the late onset of edibles is preferable if you tend you wake throughout the night.)

People going through chemotherapy treatments for cancer will also find Hindu Kush helpful for many of their symptoms. The nerve pain most patients experience will be dulled by this strain, and the boost of appetite can help them keep up their strength.

Growing Hindu Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds is an easy endeavor, thanks in part to the presence to ruderalis. Ruderalis is a Russian-born cannabis species similar to hemp in its low THC levels. Its relative innocuity means it won’t mess with the potency or effects of your Hindu Kush auto-flowering, but it does enable your plants to flower on their own, without any change in lighting. Two or three weeks after planting your germinated Hindu Kush auto-flowering seeds, you’ll notice your plants beginning to develop the pistils and calyxes that will grow into those medicinal flowers.

Try Hindu Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. You’ll love the full body relaxation offered by this strain.

Additional information


Hindu Kush x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 90% Indica

Flower Time

45 – 55 Days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Earthy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

93 reviews for Hindu Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Christian Kissling (verified owner)

    I wanted something mellow for my headaches and back pain…hindu kush really did the trick…it’s strong but also very relaxing…helps me with depression as well as pain and definitely helps with sleep too. I usually smoke alone cause I get antisocial, but I am happy in my mind, and happy to be smoking my own homegrown crop. No complaints here!

  2. Sunny Day (verified owner)

    A nice quick harvest on this one, just took about 4.5 months before the buds started coming in. Beautiful flower…has a bright yellow color and it almost feels like smoking sunshine! Has a very relaxing and euphoric effect, great for when you’re stressed or depressed and a real winner in my book for all the great times I’ve had smoking it with friends.

  3. ontheroam (verified owner)

    Bright yellow buds…super eye-catching…very earthy and a little sweet…so delicious I can’t even help but smoke it every night…I love buying weed from GCS…they have such a great selection…so much easier ordering online…I always get a huge yield…and the bud is wicked fresh…hindu is gonna be my new favorite strain…I think. Can’t wait to harvest this bud and see how it turns out.

  4. Sappy0syrup (verified owner)

    Not sure where this weed originates, but it sure seems exotic. Got a nice yield from my plants…better than expected. I love the taste and the smell, very earthy, kinda spicy, but super mellow in the end of the day. The buzz definitely gives me a nice way to relax…it’s good for headaches and stress. I especially enjoy the sweet aftertaste when you smoke it out of a bong!

  5. June (verified owner)

    I will definitely buy this weed again. It’s such a thrilling experiment…growing your own bud. I am no expert but am pretty darn happy with how things turned out. Got 3 seeds, but that’s all you really need….if you get your grow right, you can walk away with hundreds of grams of the sticky green. Delicious taste too, got something of a creamy flavor, kinda like yogurt lol. I smoke it most nights to help relieve stress 🙂

  6. hydro-ponix (verified owner)

    Hindu kush is a real winner in my book, it’s super chill and easy and I love its relaxing smell and taste. I smoke it on the daily of course…and definitely want to keep growing my own cause you get a ton of nug for like no money at all which is pretty sweet if you ask me. And the buds are ultra-bright and super delicious

  7. LOLIDK (verified owner)

    Hindu kush is a beautiful strain with a lot of positive qualities…it’s very introspective and meditative…makes for a great smoking session with friends or family and it even does well in a bong. Has a great yellow green color that makes it really eye-catching…I share it with my girlfriend a lot and we smoke it all night long. Have GREAT conversations and enjoy ourselves for hours on end!

  8. @cryingondainside (verified owner)

    Not sure why they named it Hindu Kush, but it’s a very exotic tasting flavor. I really enjoy the sweet earthy flower and the chilled out vibes that come with smoking it. I get really high iff just a few puffs. It feels good in my lungs and gives an excellent head buzz. Not too difficult to grow either. I have plenty of space for these plants on my land which is nice, and I am happy to say I got nearly 500 grams of weed 🙂

  9. Tj (verified owner)

    I bought three and had trouble with one and got my replacements fast. Thank you. I ended up with 2 plants that were tricky to grow and they didn’t get over a foot tall so they got cut to make room for the 3 foot plants I did at the same time. Growers fault. These are good seeds Power went out and they froze.

  10. @meanwhile (verified owner)

    I am not much a weekday smoker, and I find this strain lends itself to the weekend. If you need a nice little pick me up on the weekend, a nice way to enjoy the park or go for a hike, then take some hindu kush with you. It’s a lovely earthy taste and a very mellow high. Puts me right in my body and makes feel grounded and secure. The anxiety just melts away and the stress of the week disappears. Not a paranoid high, which makes it well worth the effort!

  11. @watchandlearn (verified owner)

    Well, if you’re a fan of some dank earthy indica strain, then you’ll absolutely love this sutff. It gives me a really relaxing high. It kinda grounds me when I am stressed out and can’t handle it. I am very happy about the results of my grow, way more weed than I expected. Hella good stuff too, great fat nugs in about 5 months. Perfect germination never had a problem with these guys, they always pull through and deliver my seeds super fast. Great buy!

  12. musselmandr

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  13. Anthony

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  14. Yorkshire (verified owner)

    Take a step back from your day to day and just chill with the hindu kush. I am serious, the times are extremely stressful, coronavirus, the election, you name it. Things are looking ROUGH. We all need a little something to love in our lives and this weed is a good candidate. It’s not terribly difficult to grow and it produces some very hearty nugs. Excellent for a late-night smoke when you are ready to kick up your feet and chill!

  15. SkunksourDO-G

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  16. LeslieWood (verified owner)

    Don’t worry, be happy. That’s my motto in life and this weed helps me make it true! I got 3 seeds online and I was amazed how fast they showed up at my door. Excellent yield off my 3 plants, and a beautiful score of nug to enjoy all winter long. It’s very colorful and bright, it’s flavor is kinda sweet and funky and it always relaxes me and puts me in a good mood!

  17. the Boss (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  18. Diamonds (verified owner)

    Hindu kush is a real gem. Perfect for growing if you’re new to marijuana and the colors of the flower are enough to get anybody hooked! I love the smell and taste and can’t wait to smoke this when I get home from work today. Does well indoors as well, and may even be better for the overall yield, but I am no expert, just a stoner lol. Give it a shot you won’t regret it!

  19. Air Jordan (verified owner)

    It’s a little sweet a little earthy, and all chill! Great grow for beginners or for those not too familiar with marijuana. It’s a very forgiving plant, and usually produces a ton of mj in a short period of time (around 4 months). I have a nice backyard garden bed dedicated to growing weed, and I was very happy with how my 3 plants turned out. Great harvest, nearing 800 grams, all very fresh and brightly colored. I’ll definitely buy more from GCS!

  20. 9″Nails (verified owner)

    When the sun goes down and it’s time to chill, load up a bowl of this phat herb to chill out and put your worries aside. I am a big fan of smoking in the evening. It helps with the stress of the day and usually puts me in a good mood. I am happy to have grown this myself, it’s very gratifying, and smoking it is that much better! The freshest taste, kinda earthy and funky and spicy, and absolutely super mellow chilled out relaxing goodness.

  21. Ever Green (verified owner)

    Ready to relax on a Friday night? This weed will be your best friend, it’s mellow and tastes subtle and earthy with juuust a hint of spice. Great for indoor growing, makes beautiful popcorn-sized yellow nugs after about 4 months of growing. It likes a lotta sunshine and water, helps with depression, anger and sadness and definitely makes it easier to unwind after a hard day, cause all the days are hard now, and we need something to take the edge off.

  22. stevenw9126 (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  23. FireFighter (verified owner)

    It’s so incredibly relaxing I can barely type out these words!!! I feel like I have never been this stoned before, it’s fresh and delicious and very spicy! I should definitely get myself an indoor grow room to help with the yield, but dang these nugs are flavorful and intense, and the kush strains are just super easy to grow. I love GCS they really know how to deliver seeds ON TIME! Plus they have wonderful selection. Worth a try!

  24. Navyvet (verified owner)

    The flowers are yellow like popcorn and they taste amazing, very spicy and earthy and delicious. I smoke this everyday, well mostly at night to help me with stress and depression. Kinda makes me sleepy, helps me relax and stop stressing so much. Gives off a very exotic vibe, and the grow, in my basement, was very rewarding and prolific. I feel very excited about having this weed in my home. My boyfriend seems to like it too 🙂

  25. Helena Gusikat

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  26. Dorthy (verified owner)

    This weed transports me to another world. It gets me wicked stoned and also hella relaxed. I feel like all my daily stresses and worries just melt away and I am left a much more zen version of myself. I have grown weed in the past, so this wasn’t entirely foreign to me…and I am glad I have a greenhouse in my backyard to help the growing along! I love sharing this weed with friends, always leads to munchies and good laughs!

  27. Chuck Ellis (verified owner)

    One of the more relaxing strains on this site, and a classic too! I ordered my seeds online with Grower’s and had them shipped right to my door here in West Cali. I love the way these seeds grew in my backyard, not to mention the amazing yiel I got after about 4 months of growing! It’s a very earthy and sweet weed, great for chilling out and spending time with my girlfriend. Great buy!

  28. jay.schreff (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  29. DD (verified owner)

    This is a great strain, earthy and sweet and great for bodily stress and anxiety. I smoke this most days of the week after work to help me relax and get outta my work mind. I have wonderful creative thoughts on this weed, and it’s great for me to have when I am writing or painting or anything in that regard. I got my seeds shipped to my door from GCS, SUPER easy to order and it’s great to grow outside!

  30. Andrew Haslum (verified owner)

    I am not sure what “ruderails” are, but whatever it is, it makes for easy growing and some impressive yields. It’s easy to order online and get some seriously nice seeds with GCS, they deliver super fast and they really care about their product, you can tell! It’s an amazing experience watching your plants grow big and tall and fruitful. I harvested nearly 500 g from just two plants, which is pretty dope. I got some nice bud from this guy, has a great exotic flavor!

  31. davidmaddox6801

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  32. sylvia campbell (verified owner)

    It’s not everyday you get to smoke a weed this delicious! It’s strong and earthy and just plain delicious. It’s got that smell that gets you a little high just from inhaling it! Grew this in the backyard, and it did very well! I w