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Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Enjoy the deep indica-driven relaxation of Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Easy to grow and quick to harvest, this strain soothes inflammation and eases chronic pain, helping tackle symptoms of various conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

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Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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If you’re looking for bone-deep relaxation that won’t leave you ready for bed, we strongly recommend our impressively potent Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds. The ultimate physical sedation with a cheerful, euphoric mental effect, Candy Kush is an excellent afternoon or evening strain that and a powerhouse painkiller.

If you’re struggling with anything from mild discomfort caused by sleeping wrong to chronic pain from injury or illness, Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a great choice. One dose, and you’ll find your aches and agony – along with your stress and some symptoms of depression – are washed right away. And Candy Kush does more than just dull the pain by interrupting the delivery of pain signals to the brain – it also helps with inflammation, which can tackle the root cause of pain from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic sinusitis, Crohn’s disease, and many others.

Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are born of Cotton Candy Kush and a Russian-based species called ruderalis. The addition of ruderalis is what gives this strain its impressive automatic qualities. Candy Kush auto-flowering will transition itself from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage two to three weeks after planting, without the grower changing the lighting in the grow room.

While regular plants require a shift from 18-24 hours of light to 12 to jumpstart the flowering process, auto-flowering plants handle this on their own because ruderalis had to adapt to the cooler summers and reduced sunlight of its homeland.

You should find large, heavily crystalized buds on your Candy Kush auto-flowering plants, and your medicine will smell and taste sweet and spicy. Thanks to the automatic genetics of this strain, you can expect a short flowering time of 6-8 weeks, and a moderate harvest for its shorter stature.

Order your Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds today, and find out why Growers Choice is such a popular “choice” for all your medical or recreational cannabis needs. Our cannabis seeds are tested to authenticate genetics, and are backed by a 90% germination guarantee (two-seed minimum). Your order is packaged in a medical-grade glass vial before it is delivered right to your door, quickly and discreetly. Check out our impressive selection of more than 40 strains, of which Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are just one great example!

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Additional information


Cotton Candy Kush x Ruderalis


60% Indica / 30% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis

Flower Time

60-70 days






Relaxing, Euphoric, Uplifting

Best Use

Anytime; pain management; anti-inflammatory; relieve stress


Sweet, spicy

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


0 responses to “Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. cmackenzieg says:

    This is the 7th auto flower strain that I’ve grown from GCS and I’m happy with it. 3 plants from 3 seeds and the product is nice.

  2. andy leeks says:

    Wow what a powerful indica weed, and it taste super sweet, I am honestly surprised at how delicious this tastes! I finally harvested my plants last week, got myself a great yield off just 3 plants, and just started smoking this stuff now that it’s dried out, and it’s some fresh dank herb, super sticky and bright, really couldn’t ask for anything more for stress or anxiety!

  3. watertine says:

    This is one of the sweeter weeds I have grown, not only for its flavor but for the buzz! It’s a really euphoric and enjoyable buzz, helps me relax and also keeps me in a great mood. I have attempted to grow weed in the past but this was my first success. Maybe it’s the seed genetics? Either way, third time’s a charm. Got some beautiful nugs, the size of little popcorn kernels. Pretty happy overall 🙂

  4. Weasley says:

    It’s probably my new favorite strain. Dig the smell and flavor, it really does taste sweet like candy and it relaxes me like nothing else. Got my seeds to germinate in my little start area and planted them out back, nice sunlight in the backyard and it’s pretty darn easy once the plants are established. Amazing stuff!

  5. Jonathan Zero says:

    Finally I get to grow my very own weed seeds! Super happy I went with this variety, it’s remarkably easy to grow, espcially in my brand spankin new downstairs grow room. These babies germinated beautifully, I got all 5 plants to grow tall and bushy and produce these dense sweet nugs that have a great aroma. Of course, the smoking itself is fantastic, very relaxing, great for after work or on the weekends. Highly recommend!

  6. drag dude says:

    My arthritis symptoms have worsened over the years unfortunately and my doctor recommended I try out some medical mj to help with symptoms. Pretty happy with how my plants turned out, nice yield and very well formed flowers, plus it smells and tastes sweet like a sour candy. Has been great for my symptoms, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  7. minuteman says:

    If times are tough, I roll a Jay of this weed and smoke it all night long. I am a weed enthusiast for sure, have been growing weed out in the backyard greenhouse for some time now, but this was my first time with GCS. Very impressed by their online selection, and by the speed of delivery. I am very excited to smoke this particular weed because I LOVE kush strains, they always relax me and put a smile on my face!

  8. frosty2837 says:

    I want candy! Great song and goes super well with this amazing strain of weed! Perfect for stress and back pain, makes all my worries just melt away. I am always in a good mood when I smoke this, feel really calm and a little giggly, also gives me the munchies like crazy! Really easy to order online and grow in my backyard. I’ll definitely be back for more seeds!

  9. Sarah Bridges says:

    I just can’t get enough of this stuff! This is my 3rd time ordering this strain from GCS! Truly this is the best weed have ever grown. It does so well in my greenhouse and always gives me a solid yield every time! I love how sweet the smoke is, and how relaxing the high is as well, feels a lot like I am floating above the couch haha! Helps me with the stress from work and from the family. A great side hobby!

  10. goodbuy says:

    Who doesn’t love candy every once in a while? This strain has done wonders for my stress and anxiety. I really dig the delicious vibes of this stuff, it’s easy to grow, has these big beautiful green trichomes and the yield is consistently amazing! This is my 3rd time growing and I love the sweet taste and smooth smoke. I will always be back for more!

  11. TT says:

    This is a truly amazing strain of weed, and this is sweet and delicious just like a sweet candy from the gas station lol! Great for my headaches and great for my anxiety as well. And hey! This is really an easy strain of weed to grow, not an issue having it in my backyard, nice yield too, and the flowers are HUGE! I am really excited about having this around the house. Can’t wait to buy more!

  12. everlyn after says:

    If you’ve got a sweet tooth like I do, then you’ll love this candy kush strain. I’ve been growing mj in the backyard for some time now, have a nice greenhouse back there, but this was my first time with GCS. Amazing online selection and superior customer service. The plants were tall and bushy and healthy. Gave me a great yield and the smoke is sweet like candy. Great for chilling out with friends and having a great time!

  13. junkman283 says:

    There’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own weed. This was my first attempt and I was very happy with the result. Turns out I am a natural at it. This strain is also very easy to grow. It offers some delicious health benefits, perfect for stress and anxiety after a long day, has been great for my depression as well. Smells and tastes a lot like candy. Really dig this stuff!

  14. ragamuffin says:

    This has got to be one of my favorite strains. It’s so easy to grow and offers me almost no problems and I have a very busy work schedule so I need this to help me relax at the end of a long week. It’s a sweet treat, a nice head and body buzz that melts stress and anxiety away. I will definitely order from GCS again!

  15. od says:

    After a long day, nothing beats toking the candy kush. This weed is excellent for stress and depression, it always puts a smile on my face and firmly plants me in the couch. I love the smell of it, so sweet and delicious, love this stuff, want to buy more for sure!

  16. Venice says:

    When i get off from a long day at work, this is the strain i turn to! It’s vey easy to grow and gives off a lovely sweet smell and taste. Just like all good kush strains, it gets me very high but it doesn’t overwhelm me. Rather, it’s just very relaxing and helps me destress and enjoy the evening. 5 of 5 stars!

  17. Wallace Hines says:

    This is an excellent strain of mj. It’s super sweet and delicious, really excites my taste buds, and offers up an excellent head high. It’s been great for relaxing after work or on the weekends. I enjoy smoking this at night because it also helps me sleep. MJ is very easy to grow so don’t get discouraged if you’re a novice!

  18. Ellen Clark says:

    This is my first time growing mj and I really enjoyed the experience. It was a lot easier than I was expecting and I got a lot more weed than anticipated. I grew it in my backyard with all my others herbs and it really took off! Has a great look to it, deep green and smells sweet like candy. A very relaxing high that’s been great for my stress levels. Will buy again!

  19. jadagena says:

    First time grower, using a Leaflit Pod. About 6.5 weeks in and my three plants are thriving! Very lush and growing quickly. Every seed I planted is growing great. Would purchase again. Can’t wait to harvest and test out!

  20. Lila Archer says:

    This is great for my joint pain. I’ve been suffering from arthritis for years and smoking this has really helped me get back to my life. I ordered my seeds with GCS and they shipped directly to my door. I usually smoke this weed in the evenings to help with my symptoms when they’re at their worst. Helps me sleep too.

  21. Johnny Ray says:

    If you’ve got a sweet tooth, turn to this mj rather than chocolate to get you where you wanna go. It’s the most relaxing strain of weed I’ve ever grown, and incredibly easy to get off the ground even if you’re a beginner. It’s been amazing for my stress and even helps with my migraines. I am a big fan of growing this stuff indoors!

  22. Justin T. says:

    Such a relaxing strain of mj, so perfect after a long day at the office. I ordered the seeds online and had em delivered. I am not home much but my wife did most of the growing out back, she enjoys weed too. Got a great yield and it tastes amazing. Super happy with how this went, and will definitely be back for more seeds!

  23. Tomkelley4221 says:

    Great stuff great seeds

  24. OG Green Ranger says:

    Hey there, first review on this site! I love GCS, they have amazing seeds for an unbeatable price! This strain in particular is very delicious. It’s fun and easy to grow and offers some amazing bud for you to enjoy. It’s a great indica strain, perfect for stress relief and relaxation. It helps with anxiety and pain management as well, also tastes sweet and delish like candy!

  25. Roland G. says:

    I have been a medical marijuana user for years and Candy Kush has been my go to at the dispensary, but the bills have been piling up so I decided to grow my own. Was very happy to find these seeds on GCS. It was very easy to order online and the grow was very straightforward and fast! It’s the same bud I know and love, and have been great for my joint pain and for sleep!

  26. Allison Bep says:

    A very soothing strain of mj, great for bodily aches and pains and helps me sleep at night! It was very easy to grow as well, I planted my starts in my backyard garden and got a very nice yield in a short amount of time. Beautiful plants with bright green trichomes with a sweet and sour smell to it. It’s a very relaxing smoke as ive said, and I usually smoke some of it at night before going to sleep.

  27. Lara Johnson says:

    I love a strain with a quick flowring time and candy kush was ready to harvest in no time! It was just a little over six weeks before these beautiful buds were ready to get lit. And what good buds they were; heavy and dense and so juicy! I was a little worried at first because the plants were not that tall,but the harvest was actually pretty good, about 400 grams. Candy kush mj does great things for my pain management, it calms the inflammation in my joints, and it makes me feel happy, too! What more could I need … candy kush is the best!

  28. Amy P. says:

    I’m pretty new at growing marijuana, but I have to say that I was pretty happy with the seeds I received. So far I’ve had good luck with sprouting and the quality is great for the price. Its awesome to get good pot delivered in Canada.

  29. Sammie says:

    This weed has been exceptional in dealing with my chronic pain, I usually smoke it in the evening to help relax and fall asleep. It has a distinctly sweet and delicious flavor that makes it great for smoking as an after-dinner treat! The grow was VERY straightforward and the yield was also impressive. I would highly recommend to anyone who suffers from this condition!

  30. kushexpert221 says:

    Candy kush is an excellent strain of marijuana, especially if you’re looking for an evening treat that helps with relaxation, headaches and sleep! I am a medical user, have been smoking mj for many years but first time growing! GCS has a great online selection and it was very easy to order from them and have my seeds delivered! I enjoyed the growing process as well. It was very easy to care for and harvest!

  31. Neal Gillespie says:

    An excellent strain of marijuana, better than a trip to the candy store! I ordered online from GCS and the seeds shipped out super quick, and I even got all 3 to germinate. An easy grow, as promised and a very impressive yield as well! I love smoking this weed in the evenings, such a great way to unwind. I hope to buy more soon!

  32. Max Waller says:

    I suffer from arthritis which can make it difficult to function throughout the day. That’s why I turned to candy kush, to ease the symptoms throughout my work week. I am often sitting at my desk all day and find that typing and sitting are bad for my joints, I smoke a little before work and during lunch to help me function. This weed can make you a little sleepy, so just be careful how much you smoke at one time. A very easy grow with such beautiful buds, green and yellow and sweet smelling. I can’t wait to grow more!

  33. Enrique D. says:

    I have been a medical marijuana patient for many years and decided to grow my own weed for the first time. Grower’s Choice has by far the most extensive collection I have seen online, plus their delivery method is fast and reliable. I set up a small grow space in my basement and set these seeds in the prop area. I was thrilled to see that all 5 seeds germinated, and I was able to grow 5 beautiful plants, producing nearly 1000 grams of weed in total. I smoke this for headaches and for any bodily aches I get throughout the day and I find it helps quite a lot. Also very relaxing before bedtime. A great buy overall, I will definitely be back for more!

  34. ablackley1 says:

    Purchased 5 seeds and only 2 of the 5 germinated using the techniques recommended. Still growing the two that did sprout.

  35. abnavywife says:

    I am so in love with this plant!! Fast growing, gorgeous, and was super easy which was perfect for me since i have never grown anything in my life!Fast shipping, easy to order, and were so amazingly easy to take care of. I will always buy my seeds from this company, their seeds and customer service are outstanding!!

  36. danieldeprey says:

    They grew almost identical to the photos and were actually some of the tallest autos we grew. Will definitely purchase again.

  37. jeancundy83 says:

    Beautiful plants awesome to grow super easy. Will definitely grow again.

  38. marlesjohn says:

    Wow, I am totally impressed with this strain and with Growers Choice. This is the first time I’ve ever purchased seeds online so I did not know what to expect. The buds I grew looked exactly like what’s in the pictures online except I have a little more crystal. 100% germination and all females. Even the timelines of growing were extremely accurate. I picked a small bud off the bottom of the plant, dried it out and it was very potent and only four weeks into flowering. I will be purchasing a lot more here. Thank you Growers Choice

  39. mottomoot says:

    Love the aroma of this strain. Can hardly wait to harvest.

  40. justforlaughsbb2 says:

    With a name like Candy Kush, you better expect these marijuana seeds to be fun and make an impact. They remind me of Candy Crush. I’ve noticed that a lot of indica strains are too mild for me where I don’t feel a big difference after smoking. My mind still feels awake and it’s hard for me to relax or fall asleep. But with Candy Kush, my experience was way different. It contains 60% indica, which is plently for me. Maybe I wasn’t smoking the right stuff before. Highly recommend this stuff for all you insomniacs!

  41. Brad V. says:

    I’ve only ever heard great things about Candy kush. Definitely a reason it’s popular. Love the flavour, the smell, everything. It’s also the perfect pot high I’ve ev