Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Enjoy the deep indica-driven relaxation of Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Easy to grow and quick to harvest, this strain soothes inflammation and eases chronic pain, helping tackle symptoms of various conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more.

Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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If you’re looking for bone-deep relaxation that won’t leave you ready for bed, we strongly recommend our impressively potent Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds. The ultimate physical sedation with a cheerful, euphoric mental effect, Candy Kush is an excellent afternoon or evening strain that and a powerhouse painkiller.

If you’re struggling with anything from mild discomfort caused by sleeping wrong to chronic pain from injury or illness, Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a great choice. One dose, and you’ll find your aches and agony – along with your stress and some symptoms of depression – are washed right away. And Candy Kush does more than just dull the pain by interrupting the delivery of pain signals to the brain – it also helps with inflammation, which can tackle the root cause of pain from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic sinusitis, Crohn’s disease, and many others.

Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are born of Cotton Candy Kush and a Russian-based species called ruderalis. The addition of ruderalis is what gives this strain its impressive automatic qualities. Candy Kush auto-flowering will transition itself from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage two to three weeks after planting, without the grower changing the lighting in the grow room.

While regular plants require a shift from 18-24 hours of light to 12 to jumpstart the flowering process, auto-flowering plants handle this on their own because ruderalis had to adapt to the cooler summers and reduced sunlight of its homeland.

You should find large, heavily crystalized buds on your Candy Kush auto-flowering plants, and your medicine will smell and taste sweet and spicy. Thanks to the automatic genetics of this strain, you can expect a short flowering time of 6-8 weeks, and a moderate harvest for its shorter stature.

Order your Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds today, and find out why Growers Choice is such a popular “choice” for all your medical or recreational cannabis needs. Our cannabis seeds are tested to authenticate genetics, and are backed by a 90% germination guarantee (two-seed minimum). Your order is packaged in a medical-grade glass vial before it is delivered right to your door, quickly and discreetly. Check out our impressive selection of more than 40 strains, of which Candy Kush auto-flowering cannabis seeds are just one great example!

Additional information


Cotton Candy Kush x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 30% Sativa, 60% Indica

Flower Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Best Use

Anytime, Inflammation, pain management, reduce stress


Spicy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

110 reviews for Candy Kush Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Jayne Knott (verified owner)

    If it’s time to smoke some candy, then get your bong ready for the candy kush. I Loooooove smoking this weed after a long day at work and it’s time to kick up my feet and relax. Nice smelling stuff, and of course very easy to smoke. Like most kush strains, it’s pretty easy to grow, and it makes for an awesome purchase. I love growing this right in my backyard, such a good time!!

  2. Dottie Shields (verified owner)

    When the time to chill is upon you, then don’t deny yourself the pleasure of Candy Kush. This is some excellent weed, makes for a great purchase if you’re on the verge of losing focus or getting too lazy to work. Listen, I get it, it’s well worth the effort to grow your own weed, even if you don’t like working in the garden. It’s a very nice strain!!! Tastes sweet and a little sour too…yum!

  3. Antoine Cleveland (verified owner)

    I am in love with this strain, it gives me all kinds of wonderful highs, it makes skateboarding that much more fun….I can carve the bowl like nobody’s business. I ordered online, which made it super easy, and got my seeds shipped to my door. Feeling really great about it, and definitely enjoy using my garden space fully!!!

  4. Nico Frost (verified owner)

    I have nothing but great things to say about this weed. It’s absolutely fantastic and has that deep relaxation effect that you have been craving….Nothing does it for my anxiety quite like this marijuana. It helps with stress and depression and helps with all kinds of aches and pains. It has a subtle but sweet flavor and the smoke is really smooth. Make sure to give this weed all the light and water it needs to thrive!

  5. Jevon Crosby (verified owner)

    Now you can finally grow your own weed wherever you live. This has been a truly remarkable experience for me. Fast shipping and payment thru Zelle. The seeds shipped right to my mailbox and within 5 days all of them were germinated. Feeling really great about this selection of seeds, but so far, candy kush is my absolute favorite.

  6. Vihaan Emery (verified owner)

    Candy is a great strain. If you’re reading this, you have probably read all about this weed by now. I am super excited to tell you that GCS does a great job with their website, and they ship out seeds so fast! It’s definitely THE easiest way to buy quality mj seeds and grow your own supply, an absolute gem, truly beautiful and exciting!

  7. Zahara Redfern (verified owner)

    Candy is everyone’s favorite junk food, and I have to say I am very pleased with the way this one turned out for me. I got VERRRY stoned the first time I smoked it, and I kind of messed up the grow cause it just took a long time to germinate and I forgot to prune the plants as they got bigger, but either way, I’d say it was pretty successful for my first time. Good mj seeds for sure 🙂

  8. Kaif Salinas (verified owner)

    Candy kush is awesome!!! I love this strain it smells and looks incredible and it feels so good in my bodyyyyy. I smoke it all night long and it helps me sleep and its great for watching movies. Not even difficult to grow, this stuff basically takes care of itself and dang it just looks awesome in my basement with all these awesome grow lights!!!

  9. Lilly-Mai Albert (verified owner)

    Mmmm Candy kush is my new favorite weed. It’s so nice and smooth when you smoke it and it helps me manage my stresssss. I work in tech which means I am always on the clock. I get home around 8pm usually and just take a big fat toke of the weed in my bowl and feel a lot better knowing it’s homegrown. You never really know what’s in the dispensary stuff. Definitely give it a go!

  10. the Clown (verified owner)

    The hybrids on this site are top shelf. Exciting to see how these turn out. GCS germination guide, their blogs / articles are loaded with info, discrete mail-in payment program (free seeds) , AND seasonal promotionals? GCS helps tremendously, such a selection of stains to look at and read through as well. I’m looking forward to the future growth of this company. Honored GCS consumer here. I wonder if there will be any new autos coming soon…?

  11. Vivek Burgess (verified owner)

    Come on and get your candy kush on baby! This weed is both strong and relaxing…makes for a great time every time, and it’s sweet flavor is very intoxicating. I like the smells and tastes of this weed as well. I experience bliss of another variety every time I smoke. I am pretty excited for the future. My weed game is gonna be ON POINT!

  12. Sanya Hope (verified owner)

    Gotta love that sweet and smooth relaxing flavor of the candy kush! This weed is just perfect for when you gotta get through a hard day at work and just wanna have a good time in your mind…It never gets old I tell ya, and you will always be happy when you smoke it, plus it’s very easy to grow!

  13. weedmaster888 (verified owner)

    I got myself a sweet tooth and really enjoy the sweet and subtle flavors of the candy kush strain, never a dull moment with this stuff, always gets me good and stoned and offers up some really nice, dreamy highs that get me where I wanna be. I will smoke and smoke all day long until I am good and baked and then go for a niiiice walk through the woods awesomeness!!!

  14. Tasneem Montoya (verified owner)

    Been smoking this weed for months now and it’s truly made a difference in my life. I really love the taste and smell of this weed, it helps me stay chill and focused and also gives me a great body buzz. Works on multiple levels for sure, and it’s easy to grow, so don’t be scared and try some pot seeds from GCS for yourself!

  15. Ayyan Kerson (verified owner)

    You gotta try this weed before it’s too late. Candy kush is my all-time favorite strain, helps with my stress and depression and always gets me in a good mood to play music. Very relaxing stuff, and helps a ton when you’re feeling blue and just need a little pick me up. I have been very excited about growing my own weed for ages now, and finally had a chance to get it done, great summer project!

  16. Jazmin Wilkes (verified owner)

    Been smoking candy kush for ages, has been my favorite strain since I was a teenager. Got myself 5 seeds, really nice way to start out, really made me feel relaxed and happy, helps with stress and depression also, and it makes for a great midnight smoke if you’re having trouble sleeping. Have been feeling more relaxed lately, pretty amazing stuff!

  17. Sahra Terry (verified owner)

    Gotta lick my fingers after harvesting, got that sweet skunk smell and a taste that dips into the back of your throat like a hit of acid or ecstasy. Take the bitterness for the pain and drown it in the garden soils, like the worms who digest its filth and grow back to create something more….online ordering is the way of the future, fast delivery and easy grow, a nice change of pace from the mundane.

  18. Tomás Berganza (verified owner)

    This weed kinda creeps up on ya….it makes for an excellent yield and looks just fantastic….I got nearly 500 grams of very nice looking bud. It’s pretty amazing to have around the house, makes me feel really accomplished. I think you’ll enjoy it too, cause it just puts a smile on my face every time!

  19. Lisa Dunn (verified owner)

    Woohoo! I am so thrilled I came across this weed, it’s so perfect for my pain and stress and oh my does it taste good! It’s seriously amazing and delicious and helps me a lot!! I loved growing this marijuana, it was a really fun experience for me, and it has given me all sorts of knowledge about weed I did not have before. Feeling very good about my decision and definitely wanna buy some more!

  20. momo the bear (verified owner)

    I think this is the best strain on this whole site. It’s absolutely delicious and helps tremendously with pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Like, I am really into this weed, it’s the best for smoking on the patio right before it gets too cold and I need to come inside, or simply right by the fire. I absolutely love the taste and smell of this weed, so sweet, so chill, so delicious….and it’s easy to grow!

  21. henry Fontana (verified owner)

    The candy kush strain is among the most relaxing you will find anywhere. I am so thrilled to have this weed in my life and simply can’t wait to harvest my next batch. It’s so relaxing with its sweet earthy flavor and complex indica buzz that keeps me both alert and relaxed at the same time. I Looooove kush strains cause they’re so easy to grow that anyone can do it!!

  22. historysam (verified owner)

    When I roll a blunt of the candy kush, I know I am in for a treat. This weed is soooo tasty, and it’s got the best high in the weed world. Very relaxing and also very uplifting. I smoke it to remain calm and also to help me sleep at night. I totally am in love with GCS cause they have the best seeds on the internet and they’re so easy to grow anyone can do it!!

  23. carriejane (verified owner)

    Candy is everyone’s favorite thing as the leaves start to turn color and the all the beautiful things about nature come to the forefront. I LOVE Halloween, so I decided that I would grow some candy kush just in time for my fave holiday. I smoke up and then enjoy all the decorations in my neighborhood. It’s a pretty remarkable and fun strain, an absolute gem if ya ask me! I will totally buy more marijuana next chance I get!!

  24. norseman245 (verified owner)

    Beautiful seeds and beautiful weed, makes life so much better when you are having a rough day 🙂 I love growing weed, it’s easy and fun and the info on this site makes for a good harvest every time! I will definitely keep buying from GCS, they have a great selection and very fast delivery. Plus I love that sweet indica goodness!

  25. dumpsterfire293 (verified owner)

    I have been smoking this weed for a few weeks now and I gotta say I am pretty stoked about it. I love how chilled out it is, but also just the right vibe where it doesn’t make you feel too tired or groggy or anything. I mean, look I am no expert, but I really do like growing my own weed, and I think I am basically an expert at this point and I just love to do all that. I am a god when it comes to growing and smoking weed. ok? Deal with it!!!

  26. kimbo7483892 (verified owner)

    This is honestly my favorite weed. I totally love its sweet candy taste and the relaxing vibes it gives. It’s a nice and buzzy high, doesn’t make you too tired but it definitely helps me relax. Ordering online is simple and the delivery is really fast. I loved growing this outdoors too, it was super fun working in the sun, being the stoned the whole time lol. Great vibes!!

  27. gldnptt (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love the sweet taste of candy? I am pretty excited about this weed, it’s just about the happiest strain I have ever grown. Makes for a delicious harvest, and it’s pretty easy to manage as well. I smoke this almost every day, I gotta say, It’s pretty exciting to have this in my life. I love the relaxing indicia effects of the weed, and the smile it puts on my face 🙂

  28. Empty Nester (verified owner)

    If you have a craving for something sweet, but are on a diet, then make sure to grab some of this candy kush weed to curb your cravings. I was very happy growing this in my backyard, it’s a beautiful strain with sooo much to offer, from stress relief to some low-key depression relief as well. It’s got that sweet candy taste and a good vibe, I think you will enjoy!

  29. VOTE (verified owner)

    I know candy is bad for your health…but maybe candy kush is good for your soul? I am pretty excited for this weed, makes life so much better and easier, has a good smell and taste and really gives you the peace of mind you need to make it through difficult times. Best smoked at night out of a fat bong, and watching your favorite 90s sitcom!

  30. Steven Wayne (verified owner)

    Sweet sweet candy in the morning….I use this mj to wake up out of a deep and restful sleep. I feel relaxed, alert, and ready to take on the day. It’s the perfect summer weed cause it makes the sunshine feel brighter and the cool ocean water feel so good on your feet. Best smoked with friends and always a good and relaxing vibe each time. Pretty easy growing too, and I am not an expert!!

  31. Kerry (verified owner)

    Always on the run…looking for the next bit of fun….candy kush is on the way….and let me tell ya, it’s here to stay! I am SO thrilled with my latest purchase from GCS! Ordering online was easy and fast. Got a BIG yield too, really nice fluffy flower, all very strong smelling and relaxing. I definitely wanna keep growing more. A true dream if you’re a weed lover!

  32. Smoky (verified owner)

    Great prices! Yeehaw! I am a real fan of this website cause of all the pot seeds they provide and at such great prices! Glad I purchased this strain in particular though…super chillaxed and good for your brain. I smoke it to relieve stress and anxiety….helps me stay sane….and also helps me sleep at night….can’t beat those candy charms….sweet and a little sour….but all delicious and a great buy overall!

  33. Contact High (verified owner)

    Candy may not be good for your body but it’s totally good for your soul….just like smoking candy kush! It’s pretty harsh on the lungs not gonna lie…but I probably should have waited to clean my bong out first…I knew there was something pretty snazzy about this weed when I bought it though….the colors are extremely eye-catching…excellent buy for the times we live in!

  34. Roidey (verified owner)

    Sweet like candy and chill like a good weed. I ordered myself 5 seeds online and just wanted to try them out. I am very happy that I did. It was very easy to order online. I like how the seeds were packaged and the grow guide on this site was very helpful. I like the remarkable flavor and way this helps me with pain and stress. I will definitely buy more weed, it’s well worth the effort!

  35. Foxy (verified owner)

    You wanna hang? This stuff is the ultimate get stoned and chill out weed. I am real happy I decided to grow it. Getting some pretty good results so far….the best part about it is the smell….it’s like so sweet and makes the air like nice and fragrant or whatever…well worth the money cuz you get waaay more weed than normal and it’s better than what you find at the store.

  36. Kellen Griffin (verified owner)

    If you want something sweet and a nice treat then grow some candy kush in your backyard….you’ll be happy and savvy in the garden….makes for a great garden delight with all kinds of fun moments abound….easy trimming and makes a big tall plant with beautiful crystalline flowers that have many colors…a nice and relaxing indica blend for all those who need a moment to relax at the end of the day 🙂

  37. Amazon (verified owner)