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Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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If you’re a fan of kush strains that offer a bit of a mood boost, try our Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds on for size. After a moderate growing period, this smooth, soothing strain offers relief from stress and pain, banishes anxiety, and boosts appetite in people who need to be encouraged to eat.

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Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Part of the OG Kush Family

Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant strain that traces its lineage to the ever-popular and powerful OG Kush, which originated on the western coast of the United States. Growers Choice Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for patients hoping to grow their own medicine at home, with deeply relaxing results that kick insomnia to the curb and send anxiety running for the hills.

Is Bubba Kush a Strong Strain?

With a moderate-high THC level, Bubba Kush should be sampled thoughtfully – a little goes a long way. You can expect a bit of euphoria from this strain, though that is definitely not its most prominent quality. Enjoy the lift in mood and soothing, sleepy sensation that comes with the full-body calm (but usually not couch lock), and relax into stress relief. Many patients battling chronic pain from an illness or acute pain from injury love Bubba Kush cannabis seeds for their ability to alleviate painful sensations. Treating pain with cannabis puts your health and life back into your own hands with safe pain management.

Is It Hard To Grow Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds?

Though not ideal for beginner growers, Bubba Kush cannabis seeds aren’t all that tricky to successfully cultivate. The plants are short in stature and grow up to be bushy with densely packed buds. This mold- and pest-resistant strain can be grown outdoors if you live in a consistently warm and sunny climate, but will absolutely flourish inside. You’re looking at a flowering period of between 7 and 9 weeks, beginning after a recommended three or four weeks in the vegetative stage. You’ll get a decent but not sky-high yield from your Bubba Kush plant, which is generally not an issue since it is quite potent and of excellent quality.

Best Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds Genetics

Gardeners know they can rely on Growers Choice and our premium Bubba Kush cannabis seeds, because we have shown ourselves to be consistently reliable. Our genetics are guaranteed, and all our cannabis seeds come with an amazing 90% germination guarantee. All one need do to be covered by this promise is follow our simple germination guide, which is nothing more than the world-renowned Water Glass and Paper Towel method.

If you’re looking for incredible relaxation, and natural sleep aid, and healing pain management, try Bubba Kush cannabis seeds.

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Additional information

THC Content


CBD Level



10% Sativa, 90% Indica


OG Kush x Afghani Indica

Indoor/Green House

400-500g per m2


600g-700g per plant


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening, improve appetite, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Earthy, Pungent

Growing Difficulty




Flowering Type


Flower Time

60 – 70 Days

Where to Grow


Plant Height to


0 responses to “Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. nervousnancy says:

    I usually have a ton of anxiety and this stuff really helps for that. I love the strong indica weeds cause they help me relax and I really need it sometimes. I know how it feels to be depressed and not know what to do, but smoking this to help regulate my mood has helped me a lot. It takes the edge off for sure. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and got them delivered right to my door super quick. Nice and easy smoking and a pretty solid grow too. Try it out for yourself!

  2. anniegentillo says:

    Get ready to chill with the bubba! These nugs are HUGE, seriously it’s about the size of my fist, and they smell delicious! It’s very easy to grow, even for newbies, likes to large spaces and need a lotta sunlight but it does really well both indoors and out, and it’s pretty resilient against the elements. Can’t imagine smoking anything else after work to help out with my stress and anxiety levels. This stuff has really changed my life!

  3. shep mcvee says:

    One of the better strains I have grown in the last 20 years. Very high yielding and a short time to flowering as well. High quality seeds for sure, very reliable germ and manageable cultivation. Great for smoking in the evenings, heavy on the indica side of things but doesn’t make ya groggy. Big fan of the smell too, very earthy and a little sweet. Good buy!

  4. Rita Moreno says:

    Helps me with my appetite. Had a sickness that kinda held me back from wanting to eat but now need to regulate. The doc recommended some medical mj for me. I wanted to grow my own. GCS had exactly what I was looking for, super affordable and the seeds shipped out real fast. Love the way this grows, pretty fast and also very bushy and strong! It’s a great strain to roll a blunt and take a few good tokes of it before falling asleep or chowing down, Great buy!

  5. lazydog99 says:

    This is some hefty bud, really helps with stress and anxiety and gets me feeling really good about life! I ordered my seeds online and got them delivered right to my door. What a treat! It’s an excellent grow for me since I am brand new to growing MJ. Turns out it was so much fun! I got a ton of mj from just 3 plants, way more than I can smoke. Perfect for those lazy days with nothing to do. Great buy, with a lot of potential for more growing!

  6. Joahn Fine says:

    WOW this weed is perfect for smoking huge rips and just chilling out! It’s so much fun I can’t even handle it! Also, it’s really easy to grow and does really well indoors. It’s so easy to order from GCS, they have such an incredible selection of weeds, it’s almost overwhelming. Definitely a worthy buy though, and it’s got these huge nugs that I absolutely love!

  7. eliw3847 says:

    This is one powerful strain of weed, helps me relax when the stakes are high and actually helps me focus. I have been very impressed with GCS, excellent customer service and fast delivery, plus it’s super discreet packaging. Got all 3 seeds to germinate and they grew beautifully. Has been great for my headaches, stress, anxiety and depression, and is actually great to share with my friends as well. Good stuff!

  8. free willy says:

    I smoke this weed for help with appetite and for sleep. Sometimes I forget to eat (I know, it’s weird) but this weed always gets my stomach rumbling. It motivates me to get into the kitchen and make a meal. I am pretty excited about how it has helped balance me in terms of sleep as well. I used to suffer pretty serious insomnia and now am feeling much better, I sleep through the night without issue, all because of this wonderful weed!

  9. Ozzie287 says:

    When I am finished with work, have all my chores completed, then I break out a joint of the Bubba Kush. This weed is highly relaxing, so I don’t usually smoke it before noon. It helps a lot with stress and anxiety, but it’s not really good for getting work done. I like it’s delicious smell and taste, super sour and earthy, and it offers up a really nice delicious high. Couldn’t ask for a better strain of mj!

  10. Jorge Palazzo says:

    If it’s time to chill out with some buddies, then it’s time to break out the Bubba Kush. It’s not your typical weed, it’s got the flavor and appearance of a kush strain, but it’s exxxxxxtra chill, and it makes you wanna just laugh and crack jokes and probably order food all night long. You’ll finally have a chance to relax after a stressful work week, and maybe just build a bonfire out in the backyard. Excellent vibes for sure!

  11. acaible says:

    I am recovering from an illness that really negatively affected my appetite. My doctor actually recommended I try smoking some marijuana to stimulate my eating habits again. I got these seeds delivered from GCS, had an excellent experience growing this strain in the backyard, and lo and behold it actually works. This weed definitely gets me feeling hungry, and allows me to maintain a more regular eating schedule. It’s been very helpful!

  12. rock and roller says:

    Good seeds!!! This weed makes me feel like a rock lol. I just sit and chill and let life wash over me. It’s been really helpful for stress and anxiety and also makes listening to music really nice, added bonus! I definitely liked the growing process, did pretty darn well out in my backyard, but the yield was a little smaller than I expected. I am happy however, and will definitely buy more of the bubba!!!!

  13. smiley837 says:

    I actually bought these seeds as a gift! But they did so well for my friend I ended up buying some for myself as well haha! Great buy overall. Had some amazing results, the plants practically took care of themselves, and they gave me some delicious herbaceous buds. A VERY relaxing high, great for just chilling out and watching the tube. Can’t say enough good things about this weed. I am really happy with the results!

  14. chardonnay says:

    Yup this strain really earns its title. The flowers sometime reach the size of a softball and wow are they delicious. It’s a nice chilled out mild weed that grows really well pretty much wherever. Not bad for novice growers, but experienced growers will love it too cause it’s got such a great yield! Helps me chill out at the end of a long day. I highly recommend!

  15. james nadeau says:

    This is some powerfully relaxing weed! I really dig the delicious fat nugs that this plant produces. I barely had to to anything at all to keep this plant healthy and productive. It’s a really easy weed for beginners and novice gardeners like myself! It’s a very relaxing high, not overwhelming, and great for when you’re just stressing out hardcore. I like this weed a lot!

  16. curly q says:

    This is a powerfully relaxing weed. Really helps with stress and pain and relaxation. Had a great time growing this stuff, made me realize I love gardening, especially when I am stoned! A Huuuuuge yield off these plants. I have so much mj I am practically giving it away to friends and family. I really enjoy the delicious smell and taste and find the buzz to be mild and not overwhelming.

  17. Chris Salters says:

    A nice backyard grow, very easy to germ and to manage once it gets big and tall. It practically grows itself! I really like this stuff, it’s such a smooth smoke, and it’s been great for my stress and anxiety levels. I have one of those jobs that just follows you everywhere, so having a J of this mj is excellent for handling my stress. I am happy I came across this site!

  18. Carl Mason says:

    Wow this strain gives me the munchies lol! I love this stuff, it’s super easy to grow, and this is actually my 2nd time buying from GCS. They have a stellar collection and I LOVE kush strains, so I am in heaven. I have a nice grow space in my backyard, and this was my favorite strain. I think I’ll be smoking this for years to come. Thanks GCS!

  19. Kay says:

    Big bubba kush is a real winner in my book. I loved growing this stuff, it practically took care of itself, and after using the germination guide on this site, I got all 3 of my seeds to sprout and grow into tall bushy plants. A very high yielding strain, excellent for people who struggle with headaches or depression like myself. I love this weed and will be back for more!

  20. haribogoldbares says:

    A very soothing strain of mj, perfect for relaxing at home or going on a walk with my dog. Easy to grow, but the time to flower is a bit longer than expected. The yield makes up for it however and the weed is super high quality. A nice creamy smoke, easy to take big rips and feel amazing. This weed has helped me chill out considerably!

  21. dantheman says:

    This is some special weed, perfect for beginners and grows super tall and bushy. I’m serious these nugs are the size of baseballs and they look fantastic. I oftentimes smoke this weed in the evenings, cause its indica properties are very powerful. Definitely gives me couch lock and helps me get to sleep. Plus the yield on this stuff is astounding, I got 1000 g from just 3 plants!!!

  22. Linda Barnes says:

    This is a super easy kush strain to grow on your own. It’s killer in the backyard OR in the basement. It helps with headaches, back aches and just overall stress and anxiety. It makes for a good mood booster, or it even helps you sleep. Come to think of it, I can’t think of anything that this weed doesn’t make better!

  23. Michelle G says:

    This is the big one. It has amazing flavor and texture, easy to grow and produces a ton of weed, like the name promises! I ordered my seeds online with GCS, was amazed at their online collection! When I got my seeds I germinated them using the paper towel method and got some really amazing results. I got probably like 1000 g from only 3 plants, so my relaxation and stress relief are better than ever!

  24. Gomez says:

    Big bubba kush, love this stuff! Have been smoking since college and have been growing my own weed for a long time now. First time with GCS and very impressed with their online selection and delicious strains. Happy to have this stuff with me when I go hiking or just relax at home. It’s fun and easy to grow, give it a try!

  25. Melissa Jackson says:

    Looking for those fat nugs to keep you feeling good? This is the strain for you! It’s incredibly easy to grow and offers up so much weed I don’t even know what to do with it all! A nice indica blend, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach or on the couch at night, great for TV or movie watching. Try it out for yourself!

  26. Alicia Terry says: