Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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If you’re a fan of kush strains that offer a bit of a mood boost, try our Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds on for size. After a moderate growing period, this smooth, soothing strain offers relief from stress and pain, banishes anxiety, and boosts appetite in people who need to be encouraged to eat.

Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Part of the OG Kush Family

Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant strain that traces its lineage to the ever-popular and powerful OG Kush, which originated on the western coast of the United States. Growers Choice Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for patients hoping to grow their own medicine at home, with deeply relaxing results that kick insomnia to the curb and send anxiety running for the hills.

Is Bubba Kush a Strong Strain?

With a moderate-high THC level, Bubba Kush should be sampled thoughtfully – a little goes a long way. You can expect a bit of euphoria from this strain, though that is definitely not its most prominent quality. Enjoy the lift in mood and soothing, sleepy sensation that comes with the full-body calm (but usually not couch lock), and relax into stress relief. Many patients battling chronic pain from an illness or acute pain from injury love Bubba Kush cannabis seeds for their ability to alleviate painful sensations. Treating pain with cannabis puts your health and life back into your own hands with safe pain management.

Is It Hard To Grow Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds?

Though not ideal for beginner growers, Bubba Kush cannabis seeds aren’t all that tricky to successfully cultivate. The plants are short in stature and grow up to be bushy with densely packed buds. This mold- and pest-resistant strain can be grown outdoors if you live in a consistently warm and sunny climate, but will absolutely flourish inside. You’re looking at a flowering period of between 7 and 9 weeks, beginning after a recommended three or four weeks in the vegetative stage. You’ll get a decent but not sky-high yield from your Bubba Kush plant, which is generally not an issue since it is quite potent and of excellent quality.

Best Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds Genetics

Gardeners know they can rely on Growers Choice and our premium Bubba Kush cannabis seeds, because we have shown ourselves to be consistently reliable. Our genetics are guaranteed, and all our cannabis seeds come with an amazing 90% germination guarantee. All one need do to be covered by this promise is follow our simple germination guide, which is nothing more than the world-renowned Water Glass and Paper Towel method.

If you’re looking for incredible relaxation, and natural sleep aid, and healing pain management, try Bubba Kush cannabis seeds.

Additional information

THC Content


CBD Level



10% Sativa, 90% Indica


OG Kush x Afghani Indica

Indoor/Green House

400-500g per m2


600g-700g per plant


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening, improve appetite, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Earthy, Pungent

Growing Difficulty




Flowering Type


Flower Time

60 – 70 Days

Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

108 reviews for Bubba Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Luis Mercer (verified owner)

    I was working at the pizza shop with a guy named Bubba and he told me about this strain and where to get it! I love the website and am getting really good at growing weed! Such an awesome experience, helps with stress like nothing else, and man it hits hard!!! Good stuff 🙂

  2. Branden Hendrix (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is absolutely gratifying to grow in your own home! It’s an easy grow cause it just takes to the soil beautifully, and it grew nearly as tall as me! I am in college and find that smoking weed before a test or before some homework it just flies by and I can concentrate much more easily.

  3. Catrina Stafford (verified owner)

    Bubba is a great friend, makes fat nugs, and is the best weekend smoke I can think of. It’s relaxing and very uplifting, it helps with pain and stress and makes my heart beat a little faster lol, is that bad? I am very excited for the next few days, my next harvest is coming in and the flower looks gorgeous!!!

  4. Reema White (verified owner)

    Getting high on the bubba kush is always a winning idea. Growing at home is also a huge relief, I feel I am in control of my whole destiny at this point. Ordered it online, had it shipped to the west coast and just got to growing right away. I love the vibes!! It’s sooooo nice to just curl up on the couch with my favorite kitty and watch cartoons when I am stoned. Really helps me deal with anxiety!

  5. Erika Ball (verified owner)

    What makes this strain the king of kush IMO is that it not only relaxes, but ENERGIZES, unlike most indica heavy strains. I like the body high for sure, but I find the sativa elements very present in this strain and it’s honestly super easy to grow, which is so nice! I smoked it all night last night, and I gotta say I slept like a baby 🙂

  6. Ellie-Rose Searle (verified owner)

    If you like some heavu late-night relaxation smoke sessions, then bubba is the way to go. I grew it indoors and got all 3 of my seeds to produce some high-quality pot. I live in Canada and was really excited to see that my weed was gonna be shipped here. I don’t know any other seed banks out there with the selection that Grower’s has on hand, and with such reliable seeds, you really can’t go wrong!

  7. Jane Drummond (verified owner)

    I am recovering from a serious illness and need some marijuana to help with appetite stimulation. This is a great strain for giving me the munchies and making me want to eat. It’s been great because it was pretty easy to grow, my brother did a lot of the work and I helped a little when I could get off the couch and smoke with him. It’s been a hard year but I am definitely feeling better.

  8. Poppy Philip (verified owner)

    Pretty stoked about finally being able to grow my own weed. I brought 5 seeds home to momma after ordering online. She is sick and likes some fresh herb to help her with pain. Bubba kush is a pretty great choice if you’re trying it out. So tasty and very earthy but kind of sweet too? It’s A MELANGE of flavor!!!

  9. Inez O’Gallagher (verified owner)

    Bubba is a pretty righteous, smells like the forest and the hills, makes for a great freaking smelling buy and you can always just smoke the day away, get baked and rock the kasbah man. I grew it out back, smoked every single day till it was gone, pretty stoked for the price of the weed on this site too. Definitely gonna buy some moreeee!

  10. Giulia Rahman (verified owner)

    Wow bubba kush is truly a treat to be excited about. It’s pretty easy to grow too. I was sooo enthralled by the amazing green leaves all slender and piqued, and very exciting to grow this marijuana at home or whatever. I mean, it’s nice to buy from the dude’s at the store, but it’s just so much money. I get tired spending so much money and I like just growing my own honestly. Has made life a lot easier!

  11. Kerry Herbert (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is fast growing and easy to harvest. I highly recommend this pot for beginner growers. I am a weed expert with my own Podcast on marijuana. I like this website for it’s amazing selection and reliable delivery. Best delivery site in Canada.

  12. Anis Michael (verified owner)

    Get stoned on the bubba kush and you will not be disappointed….this weed is seriously awesome and gets me real stoned every time, which is the real gem of the evening….a real jewel in my crown you know? Very satisfied with this strain, gonna keep growing it no matter what, and I know for a fact that I am very stoned right now so HA!

  13. Ella Head (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is a bomb strain with sooooo much flavor its gonna knock your socks off! Ordering online is nice and simple, got the seeds at my door in no time, made for a great purchase when I was down on my luck and money, worked very hard to get these seeds off the ground, excellent taste to the weed, very earthy and fresh, really love the vibes this weed provides, super relaxing!

  14. Ed Dunne (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is some really nice dank stuff, and it’s really easy to take care of, no more involved than caring for a houseplant, and no more involved than any other garden veggie. Very nice strain for growing outdoors, and makes for an awesome experience if you’re new to doing this stuff. I highly recommend it, and I think you should try it out for yourself!

  15. Abdurrahman Riley (verified owner)

    I grew this two seasons ago, and I had nothing but great compliments on it. It’s really a great plant to grow, and worth every minute of the time invested. The plant wasn’t a large plant, but it had a good quality buds, and I harvested about 1 1/2 pounds. It needs to be noted that I topped the plants about 5 weeks into growth. The Quality of the buds impressed me. Genetics are strong with this one.

  16. Jac Travis (verified owner)

    Was gonna keep growing this other companies seeds but they turned out to be pretty bad. I really like the taste and smell of this marijuana, it’s a nice and earthy strain and it germinated quite nicely, within a week, and all 3 seeds grew into beautiful plants that were just perfect to work with. I am very pleased with this strain and will definitely keep buying from GCS!

  17. Alysha Crossley (verified owner)

    Get your freak on with this new bubba kush strain. It’s super easy to grow, makes for a ton of fun and always gives me the best possible vibes. I am smiling all the time, when I go to work or just go to the gym. Very excited to keep growing marijuana cause it makes me feel like a real stoner pro. Never lets me down and always gives me a happy vibe. Such good times everyone!!

  18. Neha Montoya (verified owner)

    I am new to growing weed, so thought I’d try out this easy to grow strain so I was guaranteed a result. Had a very nice time growing this in the backyard, pretty impressive stuff too, tall and very green, the color of emeralds, and very sticky and fresh dank herb when harvesting…helped a lot to have this stuff in my back pocket when getting around, not a bad time, always very relaxing.

  19. Sam Dean (verified owner)

    Been really enjoying this weed lately, so much that I just had to write a review for it. I bought it online and got it delivered to my home here in Cali, where the sun is shining all year round! It’s been a great experience growing marijuana in my backyard and getting some pretty solid yield, didn’t expect it to go this well, but it did, and I am pretty excited about it overall. You gotta try it for yourself!!!

  20. Addie Skinner (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is a wild and wonderful strain, It’s green like you’ve never seen, helps me manage all kinds of stressful situations and makes for a great grow during quarantine time. I am very pleased with this website too, very easy ordering and a pretty substantial yield from my 3 tiny little pot seeds. I’ve been very happy overall with GCS and will buy some more again!!

  21. Maria Isabel (verified owner)

    I want some weed that’s gonna make my Sunday afternoons even better. I really appreciate this company, their online selection is great and everything they sell grows beautifully. I ordered it online and had it delivered to my home, fast delivery for sure, and a very reliable and amazing yield. I got probably 800 grams of top quality stuff. Really can’t complain given I don’t even know what I am doing!

  22. Alicia Giles (verified owner)

    This bubba kush strain is really nice to have around, it’s chill and never overwhelms me. It puts me in a very relaxed state of mind, and also makes me feel hella creative. I don’t have any real complaints here, only good things to say about this weed, it’s so tasty and pretty darn easy to grow, better than expected. Plus it helps me when I get all depressed in the wintertime!

  23. Allison Coldwell (verified owner)

    This bubba kush is the best in town, it helps me manage my pain and stress, and it’s just all kinds of wonderful. I feel like a real baller when I smoke this weed. It’s nice for chilling with your homies too, so that’s cool. I really think you’ll enjoy it cause I certainly do, and it makes me really stoned and it’s easy to grow, so that’s nice!

  24. potter123456 (verified owner)

    I’ll be straight and tell you I used to have an eating disorder. I smoke marijuana to help stimulate my appetite, but shopping at the dispensary was getting a little pricey so I just decided to grow at home instead. The wait is a little long, but if you’re patient with everything, you will get a crazy delicious strain and a lot of mental health benefits like giggling and some sleepiness as well. I definitely enjoy smoking this for my appetite though. It really helps a lot!

  25. rebecca miller (verified owner)

    The bubba kush strain is really nice and pretty uplifting. I ordered online and had it delivered to my place here in Oregon. Pretty exciting to have some homegrown weed right in the backyard. Perfect germination, and really steady robust growth. Helps me deal with stress and depression. Pretty excited to buy more, and definitely want to set up an indoor space for year-round weed!!

  26. butters88 (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is your newest and bestest friend this side of the Cascades. It’s a nice vibe, and very easy to cultivate here in Oregon. You’re gonna get a LOT of smoking weed from your harvest, all of it with be fat and fresh and the nugs are soooo sticky icky and you’re gonna feel like a real baller. Can’t wait to smoke this marijuana, and share it with all my closest friends!

  27. clean4pros (verified owner)

    I am such a huge stoner lol. I smoke like all day every day. I mean, when you live in a gloomy place like Seattle, you’re gonna want some weed to help you deal with all that gray. I love growing my own though, under the grow lamps and whatnot. Very excited to for my next harvest, it’s coming up fast and this bubba kush looks HOT! Very fluffy and green 🙂

  28. dreamercj (verified owner)

    I actually had a friend named Bubba who I hung out with in high school and he was my drug dealer and we got stoned a whole lot together, so I couldn’t help but laugh when I was perusing this site for some quality pot seeds. Got this delivered and grew it in the backyard with my wife helping me out while I am away on assignment. Came home one day and the wife had a bowl packed for me already, what an amazing treat!

  29. kris edge (verified owner)

    I really like barbeque, and when I cook, I am definitely smoking the bubba kush! Nothing gets me in the mood to grill beautiful pieces of meat like smoking the bubba kush. It’s absolutely delicious, and it helps with all kinds of stress and depression and anxiety. I get real focused and make some dank meat for my family to enjoy. Oh boy they don’t know daddy is so stoned!!!!!!!

  30. Jessica Barley (verified owner)

    I wanted to smoke some bubba kush for my birthday, so I ordered these seeds 5 months in advance, got to growing, and finally got to enjoy my birthday bowl last week! It was definitely worth the effort, and the wait, cause nothing beats homegrown weed. I am so excited to be smoking this weed every day now, it’s sooooo chill. Don’t bother trying to get any work done lol!

  31. Rockwood (verified owner)

    When bubba kush is being passed around, it’s a seriously nice vibe. I love the sweet flavor and the delicious undercurrent of euphoria. I got my stuff delivered to the apartment and actually grew it indoors in a pot. Like WOWza, this stuff is amazing, it smells great and it looks great too, can’t deny, I have been very pleased with my purchase, and I will buy from GCS again!

  32. Public Eye (verified owner)

    I think they call it bubba kush cause you get some FAT nugs off this plant. I really like the taste of this marijuana too, it’s really relaxing and uplifting, it helps with pain and stress and the like. Makes my life so much easier at work, cause it helps me relax and be in a good mood. I am very excited to have a growing space in my backyard finally. it’s so rewarding!

  33. @therealrealbuds (verified owner)

    Any strain that is part of the OG kush family you know has to be good! It’s about the easiest strain you can buy, good for growers of any experience level. Very adaptable to most climates! Helps with stress, depression, all kinds of physical ailments as well. I feel much better on the day to day smoking this weed, and you will too!

  34. Wilson (verified owner)

    Can’t beat growing your own weed…this stuff is solid AF!!! I can’t believe how nice this has come up, looks great, smells great, and helps with stress and depression. Ordered myself some seeds online, as ya do, and boy did they just take right off! Excellent feels about this weed, makes ya wanna drive a jet plane or something, but mostly makes ya wanna play video games all night long, which I honestly do!!!

  35. @geturvitaminD (verified owner)

    I’ll be straight up I used to have an eating disorder and I smoke mj to help stimulate my appetite. This strain is the way to go in my opinion. It’s got some seriously nice flowers after 5 months of backyard maintenance and when you smoke it, your stomach will be rumbling so get ready to order a pizza! Very nice strain for the price too, high q