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Once you’ve purchased and received your cannabis seeds, it’s time to fine-tune your green thumb. Below you will find plenty of helpful information on how to nurture healthy, vibrant cannabis plants, from germination of our premium cannabis seeds, straight through to curing those hardy, full-grown plants. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us to request more information or suggest a cannabis seeds topic for a future article.

About Growing

Learn all about the different types of cannabis seeds, and increase your knowledge of the plant itself. This section also offers helpful articles on the potential deterrents you may come across as a grower, and how to make the most of every harvest.

Growing Marijuana

We take you through the cannabis seed and plant growing process from beginning to end. From the first sprouts poking up through the cannabis seeds to the trimming and preparing of the harvest for medicinal use, these articles offer an education in the life cycle of the cannabis seed and plant.

Cannabis Growing Info

These articles give you the information you need to grow healthy, high-yield plants from our cannabis seeds, in any environment. Learn about different training methods, and the soil-free way to produce a large cannabis harvest. We also explain how to guarantee a great crop every time with clones, and how to get the most out of your cannabis harvest by making hash.

Cannabis Seeds

Want to know more about cannabis and cannabis seeds? This section provides historical information on some of our most popular strains, as well as general information about the different types of cannabis on the market today. We cover the most common ingestion and preservation methods, too.