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Charlie Sheen Autoflower Seeds

Like the immensely popular persona of the actor that the strain is named after, the “Charlie Sheen” strain is a fun and yet wild ride with some odd moments of calm, serene clarity. It’s a nearly balanced hybrid cannabis strain with 24% THC that is simply impossible to ignore.

  • 50% Sativa 40% Indica 10% Ruderalis
  • THC levels up to 24%
  • A good choice for focus and creative inspiration
  • Growing Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Thrives in semi-humid environments
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What are the effects of Charlie Sheen cannabis?

  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Sociable

Unlike the actor, Charlie Sheen cannabis seeds matures–*wink–into plants with a robust THC content of 19%. Fortunately, this crazy energy is eventually evened out with a more calming and relaxing impact. Charlie Sheen has a reputation for providing a jolt of happy and euphoric energy that’s so uplifting that you’re likely to feel the need to go out and socialize with friends if you aren’t doing so already. All in all, Charlie Sheen, the strain, is kind of like how Charlie Sheen, the actor, comes across in interviews–a fun, yet wild and chaotic ride with odd moments of calm.

How do I grow Charlie Sheen cannabis seeds?

Cultivating Charlie Sheen definitely requires some experience in order to successfully grow it. One thing that does make things a bit easier is the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized. Charlie Sheen can be grown in and outside, where outdoors it requires a semi-humid environment where temps hover in the range of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of where you are growing Charlie Sheen, if you want to bring out its luscious purple hues, you will need to expose it to cold, but not freezing, overnight temperatures right before the plants begin to flower.

What do Charlie Sheen cannabis plants look like?

Fully-grown Charlie Sheen strain cannabis plants are medium in height and produce distinctive large, tapered flowers that have a bud structure that’s loose as opposed to dense, as is common for sativas. Its feathery, dark-green nuggets can display a smattering of purple accents when properly shocked, and are fully covered inside and out with shimmering white trichomes that can appear silver from a distance.

When to harvest your Charlie Sheen cannabis plant

Even though Charlie Sheen doesn’t produce the largest harvests, its effects definitely make growing this plant worthwhile, especially as it’s now possible to do so from seed as opposed to only from clippings. Cultivated indoors, Charlie Sheen should flower in approximately 9-10 weeks, providing a medium-sized yield of about 350 grams per square meter. Grown outdoors in the right climate setting, this strain should yield around 350 grams per plant by mid-October.


Strain Genetics

OG Kush x Green Crack x Blue Dream x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 40% Indica, 50% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Euphoric, Focused

Indoor Yield

Up to 450 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450 g/plant

Best Use

Anytime, Headache, Pain


Berry, Citrus, Pine

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Yield Levels

High Yield


Based on 94 Reviews

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  1. Verified Owner

    I used the LST method on Charlie Sheen, and the results were great. The plant reacts well to training and doesn’t get stressed, which makes it a fun plant to try out different ways to grow.

  2. Verified Owner

    The compact size of the Charlie Sheen plants was perfect for my small grow tent. They don’t take up much space but still produce a generous yield. It’s ideal for anyone working with limited space.

  3. Verified Owner

    I really liked how quickly the Charlie Sheen Autoflower grew flowers. If you want to get the most out of your crop, it’s great for multiple rounds per season. The buds are dense, and the results are just what was said they would be.

  4. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen Autoflowering seeds are a dream come true for a beginner like me. The seeds arrived quickly, and every one of them sprouted without any issues. The plants are forgiving and don’t require constant monitoring, which is great for someone who doesn’t want to spend every day in the garden. The final product had a pleasant taste and provided a smooth, relaxing high. Definitely will purchase again.

  5. Verified Owner

    I was interested in how well Charlie Sheen could fight off pests, and it didn’t disappoint. These plants stayed clean without any chemical help, even in a yard that usually has a lot of pest problems.

  6. Verified Owner

    The effects of this strain are ideal for relieving the discomfort in my back. It is powerful enough to be of assistance, but I am still able to go about my day.

  7. Verified Owner

    I found these plants to be exceptionally easy to grow, requiring little attention and adapting well to both indoor and outdoor conditions. The effects are just what I need for relaxation after a long day’s work. It has a great, earthy flavor that I find very calming. Will definitely keep this as a mainstay in my garden.

  8. Verified Owner

    These seeds are incredible, I must say! The plants are flourishing despite my lack of attention to them. Exceptionally uncomplicated and uncomplicated.

  9. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen autoflower is a great choice for people who are new to growing because it doesn’t need much care to reach its full potential. It’s pretty much like having auto-pilot!

  10. Verified Owner

    I’ve grown several strains from Growers Choice and decided to try Charlie Sheen Autoflowering this time. The growing process was straightforward and the plants were quite hardy. However, I was expecting a bit more potency from the buds. They provide a mild relaxation, which is nice, but I prefer something a bit stronger. Still, for an autoflowering variety, they performed well and were very manageable throughout the grow cycle.

  11. Verified Owner

    The Charlie Sheen Autoflower impressed me with how little care it needed.” The plant is easy to take care of and pays off big time.

  12. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen Autoflower seeds produced some of the densest buds I’ve harvested, packed with flavor and potency, which is quite satisfying for any grower.

  13. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen Autoflower was not only simple to grow, but it also gave me a good crop. The buds were great for relieving stress and worry after work. This has become a family favorite.”

  14. Verified Owner

    What impressed me most about the Charlie Sheen autoflower seeds was their consistent germination rate. Every seed sprouted and grew into a healthy plant, which is something I haven’t seen with all strains.

  15. Verified Owner

    The very best! In the event that I had a query with my order, staff responded really quickly and were extremely helpful.

  16. Verified Owner

    I’m amazed at how flexible the Charlie Sheen strain is. It did well with both LED lights, showing that it can be used in a variety of home grow setups.

  17. Verified Owner

    Of course, this Charlie Sheen strain is quite powerful. A very small amount can go a very long way. Definitely assists me in sleeping in the nights.

  18. Verified Owner

    The amount of trichomes on Charlie Sheen autoflower is out of this world! If you like taking pictures of weed, it makes for great close-ups.

  19. Verified Owner

    It is impressive how strong this strain is. It was better able to handle changes in my grow setting than other strains I’ve tried; it always came back and did well.

  20. Verified Owner

    I liked how sturdy the Charlie Sheen plants were; they did well on my patio even when it was windy. They’re stronger than they look!

  21. Verified Owner

    As someone who enjoys making cannabis-infused oils, the Charlie Sheen strain provided a robust flavor profile that translated beautifully into my recipes.

  22. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen autoflower has a surprisingly robust growth that defied my expectations. The plants not only thrived in a somewhat shaded area of my garden but also produced dense buds that had a delightful, spicy aroma. It’s versatile and adaptable to less-than-ideal conditions!

  23. Verified Owner

    I ordered these Charlie Sheen Autoflower seeds after reading some good reviews and I’m glad I did! The plants grew quickly and didn’t take up too much space, which is perfect for my small indoor setup. The buds are smooth and have a subtle spicy undertone that I love. It’s great for relaxing in the evening without feeling overwhelmed. Shipping was discreet and on time.

  24. Verified Owner

    I am in awe of how quickly these plants bloom into flowers. Enjoying some homegrown food does not require you to wait around forever.

  25. Verified Owner

    This was my first time trying autoflowering seeds and Charlie Sheen Autoflower did not disappoint. The seeds sprouted quickly and the plants grew to a manageable size. I was able to harvest a decent amount of buds that were quite effective for my needs. The only downside is that the flavor was not as pronounced as I had hoped, but overall, a good strain for beginners or those looking for an easy grow.

  26. Verified Owner

    I harvested earlier than expected with Charlie Sheen Autoflower, which was a surprise and allowed me to plan for a second cycle in the same season.

  27. Verified Owner

    This strain stands out because it was so easy and quick to grow. I’ve grown a few other strains before. The plants were strong, and the crop was very good. I really like the unique spicy kick that the buds give me.

  28. Verified Owner

    I appreciate how the Charlie Sheen autoflower plants handle fluctuations in temperature better than most. Living in a region with a tricky climate, it’s a relief to grow a strain that’s not as finicky about weather changes as others I’ve tried.

  29. Verified Owner

    What I love about Charlie Sheen Autoflower is its subtle yet distinctive aroma that doesn’t overpower my small living space but still offers that earthy, spicy kick when used.

  30. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen Autoflower is a hardy, dependable strain that delivers consistent results, making it a top choice for both novice and experienced growers looking for an easy-to-manage plant.

  31. Verified Owner

    They germinated almost immediately and grew into some of the most vigorous plants I’ve ever cultivated. The buds are potent and provide a strong, relaxing effect that lasts. Perfect for my chronic pain issues. Also, the customer service was helpful and informative, which made the whole process even better.

  32. Verified Owner

    The Charlie Sheen autoflower has the perfect amount of leaves to buds. It makes cutting easy and gives a big harvest of mostly useful stuff.

  33. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen Autoflower is a good strain for people who want something simple and effective. The plants last a long time and make buds that taste good and help with stress management.

  34. Verified Owner

    The pleasant surprise is that the odor is not overpowering while the plant is growing. The ability to keep things low-key at home is made easier by this.

  35. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen autoflower’s resilience to mold made it an exceptional choice for the more humid parts of my garden where other strains have struggled in the past.

  36. Verified Owner

    I loved how fast the Charlie Sheen Autoflower seeds grew and sprouted.” The plants were strong, and the buds were covered in trichomes. I’m sure I’ll keep coming back to this strain.

  37. Verified Owner

    The Charlie Sheen Autoflower plants were perfect for my small grow space because they were small.” They gave birth to an amazingly large number of buds that were strong and tasted great.

  38. Verified Owner

    The plant’s compact growth made it an excellent choice for my limited outdoor space, and it blended in well with other non-cannabis plants.

  39. Verified Owner

    I was amazed at how quickly the Charlie Sheen strain matured. It’s great for those looking to cycle through multiple harvests in a season due to its rapid flowering time. Plus, the subtle earthy undertones in the flavor profile are a real treat for any connoisseur.

  40. Verified Owner

    When I had these, harvest time was a lot of fun. The buds were thick and packed with flavorful substance. A smoke that is quite pleasurable.

  41. Verified Owner

    When it comes to these plants, the buds are extremely sticky and shiny. The visuals are incredible, and the effects are just as impressive!

  42. Verified Owner

    The amount of THC that is contained in these is just what I was searching for. It is powerful enough to be felt, but not so powerful that it causes you to lose consciousness.

  43. Verified Owner

    The most interesting thing about the Charlie Sheen autoflower to me was how quietly it grew. The plants stayed small, which was great for keeping a low profile.

  44. Verified Owner

    The quick flowering time of Charlie Sheen allowed me to plan multiple harvests in a season, which is great for keeping a consistent supply of fresh buds.

  45. Verified Owner

    The Autoflower seeds are great for people who are busy. They grew quickly and didn’t need much care, which was a surprise. The buds look great, and after a long day, the relaxing benefits are just what I need.

  46. Verified Owner

    These seeds are a completely other item! The seeds germinated rapidly, and the plants appear to be in good health. Cannot wait to see the buds in person.

  47. Verified Owner

    I noticed that the Charlie Sheen strain has a remarkably fast turnaround from seed to harvest, which is ideal for those of us who appreciate quick results in our gardening efforts.

  48. Verified Owner

    The flavor of this strain is just right, not too harsh on the throat and has a nice, smooth taste.

  49. Verified Owner

    I have experimented with a wide variety of seeds in the past, but these are by far the most uncomplicated to handle. They are performing quite well in the small grow equipment that I have.

  50. Verified Owner

    I had some problems with a few seeds, and the customer service team was quite tolerant of my situation. Replacements were dispatched without any effort.

  51. Verified Owner

    The resilience of Charlie Sheen autoflower really stood out in my indoor setup. It managed to thrive even when nearby plants succumbed to a mildew issue. This strain seems to have a natural resistance to some common plant problems, which made my life a lot easier.

  52. Verified Owner

    I was amazed at how easy it was to take care of Charlie Sheen, since this was my first time growing an autoflowering strain.” It worked great with my small indoor setup, and the results were smooth and lasted a long time.

  53. Verified Owner

    This strain has a distinct look, with vibrant orange hairs that make it a beautiful addition to my garden. It’s not only about the yield or effects—the visual appeal of the plants adds a whole new level of enjoyment to the growing process.

  54. Verified Owner

    This strain’s ability to flower independently of the light schedule made my first foray into growing cannabis much less intimidating and much more successful.

  55. Verified Owner

    What stood out most was Charlie Sheen’s dense bud structure. The flowers were close together, which seemed to make them stronger and taste better overall.

  56. Verified Owner

    lifesaver for people who need results quickly. With no loss of quality, going from seed to harvest in less than ten weeks is a big win.

  57. Verified Owner

    The discreet nature of the plant’s growth is ideal for growers who need to keep their gardening low-profile without sacrificing quality.

  58. Verified Owner

    From a medical user’s perspective, Charlie Sheen Autoflower has been fantastic for managing my nighttime anxiety, helping me to unwind effectively.

  59. Verified Owner

    It was easy to grow in my small balcony garden. The plants did well even though they were in a city with changing weather. They had a lovely, strong smell that was surprisingly pleasant.

  60. Verified Owner

    Initially, I was unsure about autoflowers; however, after planting these Charlie Sheen seeds, I have changed my opinion. Both the yield and the quality of the buds are excellent.

  61. Verified Owner

    It turned out that Charlie Sheen Autoflower was a great choice for my balcony plant. It didn’t take up much room and was very quiet. The benefits were relaxing, and they helped me sleep.

  62. Verified Owner

    When Charlie Sheen is blooming, he smells like nothing else! It smelled rich and skunky in my grow room, and the smell got stronger as picking began.

  63. Verified Owner

    Growing Charlie Sheen autoflower was an educational experience. These plants responded well to low-stress training techniques, making it a fantastic choice for growers looking to experiment with training methods to increase yield.

  64. Verified Owner

    The strain’s ability to do well in less-than-ideal soil was a nice surprise. Even with simple changes to the soil, Charlie Sheen trees did well and made good buds.

  65. Verified Owner

    I am in awe of the packaging; it is so discrete, and everything arrived without any problems. Provides a worry-free and simple way to place an order.

  66. Verified Owner

    The Charlie Sheen seeds sprouted almost overnight, and the plants were strong and hearty Seeing such strong growth from an autoflower was very interesting.

  67. Verified Owner

    I was pleasantly surprised by the aroma profile of Charlie Sheen; it has a unique blend of citrus and pine that fills the room as soon as you open the jar. It’s not just about the effects—it’s a full sensory experience.

  68. Verified Owner

    These plants are growing at a fast and consistent rate. Already, the quality has left an impression on me. Moreover, it is simple to maintain.

  69. Verified Owner

    Even though I’m not much of a gardener, these seeds that produce flowers on their own make me feel like a grownup! The plants are looking great, and I don’t have to do much of anything.

  70. Verified Owner

    The effects of Charlie Sheen are as promised; a balanced body high that’s potent without being overwhelming, making it perfect for relaxing evenings.

  71. Verified Owner

    It was really easy to grow Charlie Sheen Autoflower. It was easy to take care of the plants inside because they didn’t get too big. The finished product smoked nice and smooth and had a strong high that helped me relax.

  72. Verified Owner

    It has been a dream to grow Charlie Sheen Autoflower. The plants are easy to care for and work well in small indoor areas without sacrificing yield.

  73. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen is a great choice for those looking to relax and unwind after a long day. The sweet and citrusy taste is very pleasant and the effects are euphoric and happy. It’s also great for headaches and pain relief. The yield is decent, and overall an easy strain to grow for intermediate growers.

  74. Verified Owner

    This indica-dominant strain is a three-way cross of OG Kush, Green Crack, and Blue Dream, resulting in a fun and chaotic experience. With its robust THC content of 19%, it starts with energetic euphoria before transitioning into a calming and relaxing state. So grab your friends, spark up some Charlie Sheen, and enjoy the wild and unpredictable journey!

  75. Verified Owner

    Being shocked at how quickly and easily the Charlie Sheen Autoflowering seeds grew made me happy. The delivery was quick, and the seeds came in modest packaging, which I felt was very nice. I’ve grown plants before, but these were some of the easiest seeds I’ve ever worked with. The plants were strong and tough, and they did well with little work. The buds are thick, and they smell very complicated. It’s fun to smoke them, and the high is both relaxing and energizing. Highly recommended for both new and experienced growers!

  76. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen is an absolute powerhouse strain! The combination of citrus, pine, and sweet flavors is a delight to the senses. It’s perfect for any time of day, offering relief from headaches, pain, and stress. The high is uplifting and energizing, making it a go-to strain for those seeking a boost of positivity and focus. Don’t miss out on this superstar strain!

  77. Verified Owner

    Indeed, these seeds are genuine. Rapid germination, and the plants have a robust growth rate. They are capable of producing a good yield even for someone like me who is just starting out.

  78. Verified Owner

    With a unique taste profile of pine, kush, and sweet fruit, Charlie Sheen cannabis offers relaxation, euphoria, and sociability. This indica-dominant hybrid has therapeutic benefits for mental and physical health issues. Growing Charlie Sheen requires experience, but with feminized seeds from Growers Choice, you’re on your way to a successful harvest.

  79. Verified Owner

    I like that Charlie Sheen Autoflower didn’t need any complicated changes to the light cycle.” The plants bloomed on their own and kept giving me healthy buds that I could use every night.

  80. Verified Owner

    The Charlie Sheen strain has become my go-to for creating homemade cannabis oils. Its potent effects translate well into extracts, providing strong relief in a form that’s easy to use and dose.

  81. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen Autoflowering is now one of my favorite strains to grow. The seeds were delivered fast and sprouted even faster. The plants are sturdy and handle fluctuating temperatures well. The yield was impressive, especially considering the minimal effort required. The effects are balanced, perfect for unwinding after work or enjoying a lazy weekend. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  82. Verified Owner

    Wacky strain named after a wacky guy, what more did i expect? The grow wasn’t too bad and the high i got from this was quite pleasant, definitely a good purchase. Ended up with a medium amount for my yield which was to be expected. The easy shipping and a easy grow made me feel like i’m winning!

  83. Verified Owner

    The seeds arrived on time, and the shipping process was a snap! I immediately planted them after I received them, and at this point I am just waiting to see how they grow.

  84. Verified Owner

    The Charlie Sheen Autoflower plants were very tough, which impressed me. They were able to handle a little too much water and still made good buds. It’s a strain that’s easy to get used to.

  85. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen’s autoflower version is quite forgiving of irregular watering schedules, making it perfect for a casual grower like me who can’t always keep to a strict routine.

  86. Verified Owner

    The smell of Charlie Sheen Autoflower was amazing while it was growing. It smelled spicy and earthy in my grow room. The buds had a lot of taste and helped me relax a lot.

  87. Verified Owner

    Personally really like Indica-dominant hybrids like these. When I first sparked this one up I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the flavors were, sweet pine goodness. Got a nice relaxing high that felt gave me good upbeat emotions, but was not overwhelming. Overall highly recommend this to lighter tolerance smokers.

  88. Verified Owner

    The Charlie Sheen strain had a really nice mellow vibe to it and did a great job at helping me unwind. I’ve been using this strain to relax before bed and I have to say it works wonders. The taste is also quite good and I’ve been getting a lot of weed from these seeds.

  89. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen is a great strain for anyone looking to unwind and destress. The euphoric and happy feelings it provides are perfect for any time of day. It also helped alleviate my headaches and body pain, leaving me feeling relaxed and content. Highly recommend it for those in need of a little relaxation.

  90. Verified Owner

    If this strain is anything like the actor who’s nick name was the ‘machine’. I’m gonna get a high the last forever. So far all 10 seeds I purchased have germinated. Off to a good Start!

  91. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen Auto-flowering Feminized Seeds are perfect for those who want a low-maintenance grow with high rewards. The buds are potent and delicious, with a relaxing effect that lasts for hours.

  92. Verified Owner

    The genetics of these seeds are insane, I got a really big harvest from these babies. Harvested in just over 10 weeks. My first smoke, I really like the sweet fruity taste, comes with a tiny hint of citrus, helps me with my brain fog and gives me a good amount of energy.

  93. Verified Owner

    This indica-dominant hybrid strain delivers a burst of frenetic energy followed by calming relaxation. With therapeutic benefits for mental and physical health, it’s perfect for stress relief and depression alleviation. The unusual taste of dank pine, sweet fruit, and citrusy lemon adds to its appeal.

  94. Verified Owner

    Charlie Sheen is a stellar strain to grow! All of my seeds sprouted and germinated successfully, resulting in a bountiful outdoor harvest. The high from this balanced hybrid is not too strong, but still leaves you feeling euphoric, happy, and relaxed. The citrus, pine, and sweet flavors make it an enjoyable smoke

*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.

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