Lemon Skunk Autoflower Seeds

Do you want your home to smell of fresh lemons? Well, look no further than Lemon Skunk Autoflowering marijuana seeds. Cannabis growers who love a fresh, zesty scent will go wild for this energizing strain. Keep reading to learn more about these weed seeds!

  • Ideal for beginner growers
  • 60% Sativa, 30% Indica, 10% Ruderalis
  • THC levels up to 22%
  • Thrives in dry and cool outdoor climate
  • Promotes happiness, energy and uplift
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What is Lemon Skunk Autoflower?

Both citrus-filled and skunky, the Lemon Skunk Autoflower cannabis strain is as classic as it gets. Whether you’re new to growing weed or are a cannabis cultivator master, Lemon Skunk Autoflower is the perfect strain to fill your pots with.

Benefits of Growing Lemon Skunk Auto

The benefits of growing a strain like Lemon Skunk Auto are widespread: from a fast growth rate to a compact structure and even high yields, these seeds seemingly offer it all.

As an autoflowering strain, these seeds aren’t reliant on changing seasons to start producing buds. Instead, they do so automatically! This helps create an accelerated growth rate, allowing you to have high-quality plants much faster than your typical seeds.

Along with having a fast growth rate, another one of the biggest benefits of growing Lemon Skunk Auto is the strain has a wonderfully compact plant structure.

This means that, during cultivation, the Lemon Skunk Auto plant won’t take up too much space in your grow area. If you’re an indoor grower, this allows for more plants to be grown and, thus, a bigger yield overall. Compact plants also help promote better light distribution thanks to their more uniform canopies.

In general, Lemon Skunk Auto seeds are known for producing high yields — often, much higher than your typical cannabis seed. The average amount of smokable cannabis from a plant varies significantly, but most growers can get about 6-10 ounces from a plant. However, the Lemon Skunk Auto is known for producing yields of anywhere from 14-21 ounces. (Now that’s a lot of weed.)

Finally, it’s worth noting just how easy it is to grow this type of strain. Lemon Skunk Auto seeds are notoriously easy to cultivate, making them suitable for beginners — as well as experienced growers who just want something effortless.

These seeds have a super-short flowering time of just 9 weeks, so you hardly have to wait to see the results of your cannabis cultivation.

Truly, with the benefits of growing this strain, there’s no better seed to start planting than Lemon Skunk Auto.

Growth Characteristics

Every cannabis seed grows a little bit differently — and that’s what makes them so unique! Here’s a bit of what you can expect regarding the growth characteristics of Lemon Skunk Autoflower seeds.

Medium Growth Rate

The Lemon Skunk Autoflower strain tends to offer a medium growth rate, particularly during the vegetative phase. During this phase of cultivation, you’re going to notice some pretty moderate growth, with your plant developing its signature compact, bushy plant structure.

The moderate growth rate is a key characteristic of Lemon Skunk Auto, as it helps allow it to build its strong, healthy structure.

Unlike strains that grow extremely rapidly or very slowly, the medium growth rate of Lemon Skunk Auto seeds strikes a perfect balance that ensures the plant isn’t rushed into flower or spends too much time in the vegetative state.

As the plant goes through this moderate growth, you’re going to notice that the plant’s structure is quite compact and a bit bushy.

This is classic for the Lemon Skunk Auto strain! The compact structure makes for easy growing, and the bushy nature can help the plant operate better in higher-stress environments. But, we talk more about this compact structure below.

Compact Plant Structure

Lemon Skunk Autoflower strains are known for having a perfectly compact plant structure while growing — and this can be beneficial for so many reasons.

As you grow your Lemon Skunk Auto, you’ll notice the plant curating a bushy, dense-growing pattern. The leaves and branches tend to grow closely together, which helps add to this more dense growth and sturdy, compact structure.

When growing cannabis plants, especially indoors, having more compact structures is great for utilizing space efficiently and even growing healthier, more robust plants.

If a plant has a less compact structure, it’s going to take up more usable space; it’s also going to absorb an uneven amount of light because its canopy will be less uniform. This will not only affect the actual growth of your plant, but it could affect the growth of the other plants around it.

Thus, cultivating plants with a dense structure and compact size is going to be better for space optimization and makes for easy cultivation. What more could you ask for?

Square Meter Yields

It’s important to remember that, when growing cannabis, the square meter yields you produce are going to vary based on factors like growth techniques, nutrients, lighting, and more.

But, in general, most people tend to cultivate anywhere from 400-600 cannabis grams per square meter. Again, these grams per plant are more of a ballpark estimate, but when grown correctly and in healthy conditions, you can get high yields from this classic strain.

As we mentioned, multiple factors are going to influence your cannabis yield. Growing conditions, for example, play a key role in the cultivation of your plants, and if you’re not going your cannabis in the best conditions possible, you likely won’t produce a very high yield.

It’s also crucial to pay attention to your cultivation techniques, as this, too, will influence your Skunk Auto yield. Efficient pruning and trimming, along with maximizing space and lighting, can help produce not only a high yield but a healthy one, too.

Cannabis Strains and Seeds

When shopping for Lemon Skunk Auto, it’s important to ensure that you’re buying the right strains and seeds for you. This includes the type of strain and the quality. If you’re not sure which types of Lemon Skunk Auto seeds are out there, or you don’t know how to find high-quality seeds, we’ve got you covered.

Classic vs. Hybrid Strains

The classic Lemon Skunk Auto strain is going to be a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that’s skunky, citrusy, and uplifting. This strain has notable stimulating, uplifting effects that people of all backgrounds can come to love.

However, you may also come across other Lemon Skunk Auto hybrid strains. These are Lemon Skunk strains that have been crossed with other strains to create unique results and effects. The genetics of these strains will be slightly different than those of the classic strain Lemon Skunk Auto, but it can still produce quality results that may work ideally for you.

Quality Marijuana Seeds & Weed Seeds

When you’re buying marijuana seeds — no matter the strain — you want to make sure you’re getting high-quality options. High-quality seeds will result in a high-quality plant, ideal for your cultivation.

If you want quality weed seeds, you will want to look out for mature seeds. Mature weed seeds are going to be hard with an outer shell, typically dark in color. Immature seeds, on the other hand, are going to be very soft and lighter in color.

Other factors to consider when seeking quality marijuana seeds include:

  • Flowering Period: This strain is known for having a short flowering period, so quality cannabis seeds will reflect this shortened time period.
  • Final Plant Height: As we’ve mentioned, Lemon Skunk Auto produces a very compact structure; thus, your final plant height should be smaller if the seed is quality.
  • Harvest Month: Since this strain has a quicker seed-to-harvest time, you need to pay attention to the harvest month to ensure that you’re avoiding any adverse weather.
  • THC/CBD Ratios: The Lemon Skunk Auto strain is known for having a more balanced THC/CBD ratio.

Hint of Skunk in Lemon Skunk Auto

One of the most notable elements of the Lemon Skunk Auto strain is the plant’s signature subtle skunk scent. This scent is deeply rooted in the plant’s genetic lineage, and, combined with the strong aroma of lemon, you’re bound to have a wonderful sensory experience with this strain.

Growing Lemon Skunk Autoflower at Home

After learning about this strain’s easy cultivation, great benefits, and skunky yet citrusy flavor profile, it’s time to learn how to grow Lemon Skunk Autoflower at home.

Artificial Light Considerations

If you’re growing your cannabis anywhere but under the sun, you’re going to have to consider your artificial light options. The right grow lights will help curate ideal plant growth, health, yield, and even potency.

When looking for the right artificial lights for your cultivation, you have several to choose from. The most popular options tend to be Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), High-Intensity Discharge (HIDs), and Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs).

Each of these types of grow lights has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to look into each to see which is most suitable for your specific grow setup.

In general, Lemon Skunk greenhouse seeds tend to do best under strong light, particularly during the flowering stage of growth. But, of course, light intensity has to be closely monitored to ensure that no light burn occurs. With this in mind, full-spectrum lights tend to be ideal because of their ability to mimic natural sunlight and provide balanced wavelengths on the light spectrum.

Light Cycles for Cannabis Plants

If you want to grow healthy, happy cannabis plants, you have to pay close attention to the light cycles that you put your plants through. A proper light cycle ensures optimal growth throughout all different stages of cultivation.

During the vegetative growth phase, your plant is going to need a bit more light exposure than usual. Typically, a grower will give their cannabis 18 hours of light and six hours of darkness during this stage. Then, once it’s time to trigger flowering, light exposure duration changes.

In the flowering stage, you want to give your plants about 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to help mimic the natural decrease in daylight hours at the end of a season.

While this may seem tedious, the effects of incorrect light cycles can be detrimental to your plants. This can disrupt the entire flowering process, preventing the actual initiation of the budding as a whole. It can also create strange flowering patterns, as well as weak, unhealthy plants.

Vegetative Growth Phase Requirements

The vegetative growth phase is an integral step in the cannabis cultivation process. In order to grow the best Lemon Skunk Auto plants possible, you have to pay attention to your grow environment, lighting sources, ventilation, and more.

During the vegetative phase, you’ll want to keep your Lemon Skunk Autoflower plants around 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime. At night, temperatures can drop slightly, but should never be below 60.

Humidity levels can hover anywhere between 40-70%, as higher humidity helps to support proper leaf growth. But, too much moisture can be damaging and let in the potential for mold, so balance is key.

You want to pay attention to the nutrient levels of your plants during the vegetative stage, as well. These plants require a slightly higher level of nitrogen than other strains, so a balanced nitrogen-phosphorus ratio tends to be utilized.

Finally, you can’t have healthy Lemon Skunk Autoflower plants without adequate lighting and proper ventilation.

Lighting is crucial during this stage, and the plants require anywhere from 18-24 hours of light per day. Most people stick with the 18/6 schedule, but this will vary.

When you pay attention to each of these factors, and continue to give your plants the love and care they deserve, you’re sure to come out with some high-quality, highly potent Lemon Skunk Auto buds.

Similar Cannabis Strains to Lemon Skunk Auto

Looking for strains that are similar to Lemon Skunk Auto for you to enjoy? Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Agent Orange Auto – Another autoflowering strain, Agent Orange is well-known for its euphoric effects and citrus flavors — just like Lemon Skunk.
  2. Sour Lemon OG – This strain is perfect for people who are seeking bright, lemony flavors and cerebral, stimulating effects.
  3. Strawberry Lemonade – Tasty, potent, and a well-balanced hybrid, if you love the flavors and effects of Lemon Skunk Auto, you’ll love Strawberry Lemonade, too.
  4. Lemon Thai – If you enjoy the taste of Lemon Skunk but are looking for something a bit more calming, the Lemon Thai strain is a perfect indica-dominant option for you.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Skunk, Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 30% Indica, 60% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Energetic, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 800g per plant

Best Use

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Nausea


Citrus, Skunky, Sweet

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Lemon Skunk Autoflower Seeds

Based on 74 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    2 different phenos but great plants GC doesn’t seem to have stable strains got 2 different phenos on zkittles as well

  2. Verified Owner

    First time growing as an adult.

    Ordered 5 seeds. They came reasonable fast in discrete packing. I germinated 3 of the 5 seeds using the directions on the website. Soked in water for 72 hours then put in potting soil with a seed heating mat. The All 3 seed germinated and plants look healthy. One of them is starting to flower. I am ferterlizing with rabbit poo and wood ash.

    My only complaint is the cost for 5 seeds. It seem kinda pricey. At that price I hesitated buying them as the buying. That said if they all germinate and produce I guess you get what you pay for.

    So far very happy with my purchase.

  3. Verified Owner

    Yo hands down I love shopping with you guys

  4. Verified Owner

    Still got some weeks left but everything’s going smoothly with this one

  5. Verified Owner

    Every seed popped and Mama Bear just loves it! That makes Papa Bear happy! 14.5 dry outside average, what’s not to like?

  6. Verified Owner

    Been growing for a while know and these seeds are absolutely the easiest I’ve ever planted. Hopefully the outcome will be as pleasant. Keep you posted

  7. Verified Owner

    Bought 5 seeds for my first growing experience and although only one grew, I was happy with my harvest. I started too late in the summer and through trial and error, I know the things I did wrong and what I need to do differently for next time. I just couldn’t get over how easy it was. I was amazed by the amount of crystals and smell this plant put out and I’m excited for what my future holds in the grow biz.

  8. Verified Owner

    I had a great experience with GCS

  9. Verified Owner

    This strain grows amazing, as has everything I have grown from GCS! Their Lamb bread has been one of my top faves to grow and use but the Lemon skunk has recently taken it’s place. Hits every smell and taste right on the money!

  10. Verified Owner

    I bought the power pack and the gorilla glue was by far my fav! I loved one pheno so much I’m keeping her around for a few more grows. Very easy grower and FROSTY!!

  11. Verified Owner

    Don’t forget about her! Excellent!!

  12. Verified Owner

    The yield was impressive! 265g in a 2x4x6. Lots of bud and very little larf! Next grow will be your Cinex auto. Thanks GCS!

  13. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow, just keep the lower beaches clean and focus on what the sun hits. I think I got over 12lbs from 5 plants…not to shabby….I make my own super soil and don’t use any nutes until flower unless deficiency’s are noticed.

  14. Verified Owner

    Lemon and skunk are a beautiful marriage that creates a light, bubbly, giggly high that’s perfect for afternoon smoking! Get ready for the munchies!

  15. Verified Owner

    3 fat girls looking into 2 week flower, good looking plants

  16. Verified Owner

    I’m new to growing in the door and was wondering if there was any advice I could get to help me

  17. Verified Owner

    From the prompt delivery to the strong and consistent genetics I get growing with seeds from GCSI could not be more pleased. 2nd year with these beautiful ladies and it’s getting better each year as we build our High desert boutique grow. Thanks again GCS! All you need to add is TLC This is an unsolicited response from a very satisfied customer ??

  18. Verified Owner

    I wrote a review earlier I forgot to add photos here they are these are the very best seizual ever getting your life look at my plants!! Thank you GCS for these amazing seeds!!!

  19. Verified Owner

    We are in week 7 off flower on are organic and they are doing fantastic! Easy to grow and looks like they are going to finish in outstanding fashion. Highly recommended for all the organic growers out there.

  20. Verified Owner

    Had 2 out of 5 germinate, those 2 were great have dealt with GCS for years and these are the first seeds I’ve had issue with so over all this seed bank is still my favorite even though I’m only giving 3 stars on this particular strain

  21. Verified Owner

    Even though only half of my seeds germinated, I am positive that if I complained they would reimburse me. However, the plants that did germinate, grew from seed to bud in three months inside, and were beautiful and strong.

  22. Verified Owner

    I got a 10+10 and so far I am 2/5 on germination. I am somewhat concerned about what my germination rate will end up because some of the seeds are a lot smaller than some of the others in the package I received. I’m a first time grower so beginner mistakes left me with 1 plant out of two seeds. The plant that made it is a about 16” tall. The buds are just dripping with trichomes so I know this will be some straight GAS. I should be smoking good by Christmas.

  23. Verified Owner

    This is the 5th or 6th strain I’ve grown from GCS. These are the densest buds on any of the plants I have previously grown. The plants are compact but heavy.

  24. Verified Owner

    7/9 planted are growing. All growing at a different pace which is weird but pretty good overall

  25. Verified Owner

    Germinated 3 and got 3. All 3 grew to about the same height with minimum training, and all finished within days of each other. The color of my 3 is amazing! The buds look like purple velvet. The smell through growth was minimal until the last few weeks. Smelled like lemons. Very uplifting too.

  26. Verified Owner

    …just starting out. Wow strong little girls. Germinated in 24hrs. going on 3wks veg… we’ll see but I have to say Wow❣

  27. Verified Owner

    Lemon skunk Auto Flowers…3 out of the 4 seeds I started germinated. It may have been a blessing in disguise because I don’t think I could’ve fit a 4th plant in my tent. Day 35 and 2 of the 3 are in early flower. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. Also, I bought the sweet seed mix. Starting those after these beauties finish up! Thanks GCS !

  28. Verified Owner

    Germination rate is very good but not100% and who thinks it should be? Started 3 Lemon skunk autos and I have one really excellent plant! Chose auto because I never tried them and 80inch room I didn’t have room for fems! Well they are 73& 76 inches now! So not sure I’ll try indoors again. Great seeds, easy process so 5 Stars!!!!!


  29. Verified Owner

    These auto flower Lemon skunk seeds are great, even if its your first time growing. We are almost ready to harvest.

  30. Verified Owner

    This is my first time indoor autoflower grow. I was very impressed with the quality of bud these seeds produced. Below are photos of Lemon Skunk that show weeks 5 through 9

  31. Verified Owner

    She’s almost done! She is my first and I cannot wait to harvest-my expectations have been exceeded.

  32. Verified Owner

    Germinated 3/5 so far and have had no problems doing so. In week 4 or 5 of flower now and some amazing colors are starting to show across leaves and buds, can’t say enough about how easy the growth and care has been. Started the growing process with this one with a ****** ~100W standing light in a corner and still got some pretty decent growth and the plant is about 3.5-4.0ft tall and not at all bushy, so lots of light availability to all branches and bud sights. Moved it into a text with 2x 100W lights, one being the ****** light and one being a Spider Farmer SF1000 LED and the buds have been fattening up nicely now that it’s in the tent.

    The bud growth started a bit loose, but judging by some other symptoms I’m experiencing, I believe that is 100% on me for not providing quite enough nutrients – definitely a Nitrogen deficiency. Fed Fox Farm nutrients from week 2 of veg and still feeding Tiger Bloom. Trichomes are bursting off the buds and sugar leaves in the last week and very happy so far. Got some Critical Mass seeds and starting one of those now as well.

    Very pleased with GCS seeds and the process has been extremely easy and professional, will not hesitate to continue purchasing here!

  33. Verified Owner

    Happy so far. The girls are getting there . Popped them July 27th.

  34. Verified Owner

    Overall This is a very worry free strain that can yield some pretty impressive amounts of meat. Can easily result in 3-4 ounces dry with very little effort. I do recommend pruning the lower branches before it starts to flower. Photo below is from a very recent chop.

  35. Verified Owner

    Great seeds! Would highly recommend for the hardiness for newbies and yields were great. Even with a lot of mistakes, these plants held up great and ended up giving a huge bounty for the labor. LST can help out alot, however, I’ve had a mix of some wanting to grow straight up into tree’s that required it and others that remained short and bushy without any mainlining or training. Harvest varies from 10-12 weeks from what I’ve seen this far. GCS FTW! Happy growing!

  36. Verified Owner

    One of the most stacked buds I have grown I had to do a partial harvest to increase my lower buds as I slacked off during my lst but the top cola was 6 inches long dry weight was 6.97 g the smell and quality was there first autos I have grown this plant is only 11 inches tall I grow small batch plants as a hobby but it is an amazingly resilient strain I try to test strains to their limits to see how they respond kind of my own research but it bounced back harder than any strain I have grown

  37. Verified Owner

    Popped 2 and got 2 different phenos.. both look and smell amazing the indica dominant pheno smells like blueberry parent grew like it to starting to purple up .. the other. Which is the sativa dominant pheno is more purple way taller looks and smells like super silver haze. Can’t wait to see what the rest look and perform like.. superb herb tho even premature it hits heavy..

  38. Verified Owner

    This is a classic strain that is SO easy to grow at home! I don’t know why I have been wasting my time buying expensive weed at the dispo when I can grow it at home. It’s a revolution. The GCS team is always here to help. They offer up so many options and have even given me some solid growing advice. Never going back to the store again!

  39. Verified Owner

    I am about a month into this grow and damn did they hit a growth spurt! I swear they literally got a foot taller very quickly! i can’t wait to see how much they will yield 3 ordered 3 growing like champions!

  40. Verified Owner

    So far so good I got the 10+10 of Lemon Skunk auto, I’m so excited because ALL of the 20 sprouted successful, so I’m currently on the 1st week of it from sprouting, might come back for an update, TY

  41. Verified Owner

    The grow was great I started outside and grew all the way through harvest outside it was even towards the end of the season and yet it went to its full potential I never put it in ground but kept it in decent size buckets yield was decent for autoflower simple to grow may try switching up nutrients next time love lemon skunk it’s always been a favorite of mine

  42. Verified Owner

    My 5th new strain grow – Got the 10+10, grew 4 to start, all germinated, super easy grow, two indica and two sativa dom pheno. SO bluey purple!!
    Very chill calm vibes but so uplifting and not making me sleepy at all. Love it! GCS is the absolute best. Also grew amnesia haze, girl scout cookies, blueberry and northern lights – all easy grows 100% germination and awesome smoke.

  43. Verified Owner

    Excellent. Handled stress well while I tried some new lights.

  44. Verified Owner

    Flower is super dense.

  45. Verified Owner

    Week 6 currently for my first grow. Top left is Lemon Skunk, right is Grandaddy Purp and below is Jack Herer. Love these seeds! Will update after harvest whoop whoop

  46. Verified Owner

    I’m experimenting with four lemon skunk auto. It’s week 16 and the plants are beautiful and healthy. However, it will be 2 more weeks to harvest. That’s 18 weeks! The growing environment is slightly cooler than optimal, but definitely not cold. That said, I’d grow GCS’s lemon skunk again.

  47. Verified Owner

    This is a weird grow, it started forming pistils and flowered at the second week of veg state. Really not sure if it’s ready for harvest, planted on Jan 5, 2022. Lens show some milky trichomes. Any advise if I should cut this down tomorrow, April 9th, or wait till the 15th? Thanks! This is fun to grow!

  48. Verified Owner

    Planted 4 seeds a few days ago came up great however I got a rare 2 plants from one seed. How did this happen. Already harvested 2 others and very tasty and Stoney as I’m new and pretty much starved them. The short stack is celebrating its 3 mint birthday today. Very happy customer and consumer recommendations to all my friends GCS

  49. Verified Owner

    My experience with my first grow has been amazing. The GCS genetics are top notch. Also seem to have a somewhat rare purple phenotype. Just noticed yesterday one of my girls leaves and buds turning ?.

  50. Verified Owner

    I just realized I forgot to upload a picture for my last review. This is my first grow and I will keep coming back to GCS. The genetics are clearly amazing. This is one of my 3 girls at 60 days old from popping out of soil. She is amazing looking, the other girl is super fat and the other is super frosty. Love that all 3 have different phenos so I can use them for different purposes.

  51. Verified Owner

    So far 4/4 have popped within a couple days of being planted after a 24hr soak and they are strong growers! They can take abuse! I accidentally fried mine in early flower with the LED light and let the pH slip and got nutrient lockout, but she bounced back and still gave me 2.4oz of quality flower! Smooth, potent, and tasty! That’s all I can ask for! I wish I had pictures of the burn but my old phone died with the pictures on it. It was so bad we called it “Annie” after Anakin Skywalker and thought it was gonna be almost a complete loss. Haha. It truly amazed me on how it bounced back! And the other 3 all are doing really well for my friends growing outside in Virginia considering the heat wave! Taking 90-100 degree days like a champ for the most part! The harvested pics are from the plant I burned and the plant pics are the outdoor ones my friends are growing right now.

  52. Verified Owner

    2nd run on the Lemon skunk Autos, even better that the 1st. 4 plants, in 4 Gal Fabric Pots in a 27″ x 27″ Tent 20hrs on 4hrs off Light Cycle. Just Watered and Fed, they did all the rest. Budz are Huge and Very Dense for a Sativa Dominant Strain. Note: I don’t look at the Calendar, I Look at the Trichomes !!! That works Best for me and that’s how I base my Harvest. Get yourself a $20 Digital Microscope that plugs into your phone, add a Free Endoscope App and Eliminate the Guesswork. Don’t “Cut” Yourself Short at Harvest Time !!! The Trichomes Don’t Lie… Good Luck, Happy Harvest(s).

  53. Verified Owner

    Big buds

  54. Verified Owner

    First-time grower, falling deep down this rabbit hole! Doing two indoor grows, both in 3x3x6 tents—6 weeks into my Blue Dream autos.

    Seeds arrived sooner than expected! Seeds were germinated in just 3 short days. Think I got the light a little too close at one point, had leafs curling but adjusted the light and my ladies bounced back nicely.

    Can’t wait to see the end results. Already looking at what strain I want to try next!

  55. Verified Owner

    I ordered 10 seeds and 9 of them sprouted. That’s an incredible success rate. I grew these outside in my backyard without any problems and got about 4,500 grams from all 9 of my plants. This is a low-maintenance strain. Two thumbs up that’s for sure!

    Rose S., Bend, OR

  56. Verified Owner

    My seeds came on time, germination was so fast and the hole growth was 11 weeks to harvest. pretty good yield overall. it’s curing now but I think I will stick with Lemon skunk Autoflowers from GCS.

    Thanks for the great seeds to growerschoiceseeds.com

  57. Verified Owner

    Easy to grow. Trichomes don’t lie though. Went 82 days

  58. Verified Owner

    Fresh and tasty lemon skunk marijuana. Great for dealing with headaches, stress, and anxiety. I buy online to save some time…and money. GCS has the best prices online anywhere and their shipping rates are beautifully fast. I always enjoy growing with this company cause their blog sections are super helpful!!

  59. Verified Owner

    I love Lemon Skunk, it gives me a nice balance of energy and happiness while keeping me relaxed. This strain is perfect for managing my pain and stress, and the taste is a nice blend of citrus and skunk with a hint of sweetness.

  60. Verified Owner

    Lemony and zesty….really wakes me up! I smoke in the morning right next to my eggs and toast lol. Gives my eyes new life….and helps me feel relaxed and alive! SO much fun and for so little $$. Way beats shopping at the dispensary, no long lines, no overpriced weed, just pure, homegrown organic MJ!

  61. Verified Owner

    Lemon Skunk is a great strain for anyone looking for an energetic and uplifting high. I loved the citrusy and sweet flavor, and the moderate CBD content made it great for pain and stress relief. The plants were also easy to grow, making it perfect for beginners.

  62. Verified Owner

    After trying a few different strains, I keep coming back to Lemon Skunk. The citrusy aroma and taste are unbeatable and the effects are both energizing and uplifting. I’ve grown it both indoors and outdoors with great success. I definitely urge you to try this dank citrus.

  63. Verified Owner

    Great looking strain with a strong lemon skunk aroma that lights up the room. A great smoke in the evening, deeply relaxing and euphoric, great for hanging out with friends, or just chilling with the dog and ordering a pizza. MJ at your door in 7 days or less. This is an exceptional grow and good for beginners looking for a good summer hobby. I am hooked for life and will definitely be back next year!!

  64. Verified Owner

    Lemon Skunk is a fantastic strain that provides a nice boost of energy and uplifted mood. The citrus and skunky flavors are absolutely delicious, making it a joy to smoke. It’s an easy strain to grow outdoors, with a decent yield. Perfect for relieving depression, pain, and stress.

  65. Verified Owner

    A truly delightful strain with an amazing citrusy aroma, this auto-flower was very easy to grow and gave great yields. The high is light and uplifting and perfect for daytime use.

  66. Verified Owner

    Lemon Skunk is a fantastic strain to grow. The experience was smooth and hassle-free, thanks to Growers Choice Seeds’ exceptional customer service. The high is invigorating, leaving me feeling energetic, happy, and uplifted. Smoking this strain is a treat with its refreshing citrus, skunky, and sweet flavor.

  67. Verified Owner

    Easy grow for beginners and with a substantial yield to boot. Great purchase for a low price, fast delivery, and reliable germination. Great growing guides right on this website, so much to learn!

  68. Verified Owner

    A very fast-growing strain and a pretty sizeable yield, great for anyone wanting an efficient growing strain for a good supply of weed. The seeds came to me quite fast and it was great quality as all my seeds germinated and sprouted.

  69. Verified Owner

    Thoroughly enjoyed this seed! My friend knows i’m a budding grower so got me these seeds and told me to check out Growers. Was i not dissapointed! Learning so much from the info provided and just started growing this strain. So far all my seeds are germinated and I’m really excited to see how this turns out!

  70. Verified Owner

    I recently grew some Lemon Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds and I have to say, it was a great experience. The plants were easy to grow and produced some seriously potent buds. I loved the energizing effects and the uplifting high it gave me.

  71. Verified Owner

    With its pungent citrus aroma and potent sativa effects, this strain is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s easy to grow and produces impressive yields, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced growers. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress, pain, or insomnia, Lemon Skunk is a versatile strain that won’t disappoint.

  72. Verified Owner

    As a returning customer, I was thrilled to try Lemon Skunk auto-flowering feminized seeds for the second time. It did not disappoint! The zesty lemon flavor and euphoric high are a match made in heaven. This strain is perfect for those who want a creative boost or to unwind after a long day. Highly recommend giving it a try!

  73. Verified Owner

    With its pungent citrus aroma and energizing effects, this sativa-dominant hybrid is sure to uplift your mood and boost your creativity. Boasting up to 22% THC, it delivers a powerful and euphoric high that starts in the head and spreads throughout the body.

  74. Verified Owner

    Lemon Skunk Auto-Flowering Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a must-have for marijuana enthusiasts. With its uplifting and energizing effects, this sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for a productive day. Boasting a high THC content of up to 22%, Lemon Skunk is also useful for medicinal purposes, particularly for treating stress, pain, and insomnia.

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*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.
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