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Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Relax and ease minor depression symptoms with sweet, creamy Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering. Stress and anxiety don’t stand a chance in the face of this strain, and even insomnia is sent running for the hills. Bubble Gum is easy to grow thanks to the ruderalis in its heritage.

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Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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An indica-dominant hybrid developed in the US, this popular strain is best known for its ability to get those creative juices flowing, and deliver deep relaxation. At Growers Choice, our Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds come complete with assured authenticity: they have undergone genetics testing and are protected by our 90% germination guarantee.

Bubble Gum is a creamy, sweet strain with an earthy and sugary scent. This delightful palate offers significant uplifting effects, leaving the user feeling cheerful and sending symptoms of depression right out the door. But the balance of indica in the strain also means Bubble Gum won’t overstimulate; it delivers deep relaxation that can soothe away anxiety and stress, and help both fatigue (at the beginning of the dose) and insomnia (at the end).

Many patients also find Bubble Gum cannabis is a good choice for mild to moderate pain relief, making it easier to focus on that increased creativity and really get some work done. The combination of pain management and mild anti-nauseant effects means Bubble Gum is suitable for people undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

A fairly mysterious strain in terms of origin, Bubble Gum is nevertheless confirmed to be quite easy to cultivate. With a tendency to grow quite vertical without much side-branching, Bubble Gum often requires clipping, so beginners should look into best practices to get the most out of their plants. Growers Choice Bubble Gum cannabis seeds will germinate in 3 to 7 days, and require about nine weeks in the flowering stage after vegetation.

At Growers Choice, we’re proud to offer an auto-flowering version of our Bubble Gum cannabis seeds. Auto-flowering strains remove the need for a switch in lighting to trigger the flowering stage. Instead, thanks to their cross-breeding with Russian ruderalis, auto-flowering plants automatically enter the flowering stage two or three weeks after planting. The addition of ruderalis will not alter the THC level, effects, nor flavor of Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering, but the plants may be a bit shorter than the original variety.

Order Grwoers Choice Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds now, and have your products in hand just days later, thanks to our quick and discreet delivery. With Growers Choice, you can cultivate your own holistic, natural medicine right in the comfort of your own home.

Additional information


Bubble Gum x Ruderalis


50% Sativa / 40% Indica / 10% Ruderalis

Flower Time

55-65 days






Happy, Relaxing, Creative

Best Use

Daytime; relieve stress; relieve depression; improve appetite


Sweet, Flowery

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where To Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “Bubble Gum Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. Joe taylor says:

    A truly stunning variety of mj, and has been sooooo helpful in fighting depression. I swear, once I smoke this I am in such a better mood. It’s been great for improving my social skills and makes me wanna just go out and party. Loved growing this stuff, what a great experience, and it turns out I am pretty good at it too, must have a green thumb after all! I got a nice yield with big beautiful flowers, and the smell is intoxicating.

  2. Clint George says:

    Better than a trip to the bodega down the way, gets me super stoned and helps with depression. Got a nice yield from these plants, probably 1000 g in total after about 4 mo of growing. Not too bad considering this is my first time doing this. I want to try again, probably indoors next time, but the outdoor grow was good, solid green and pink nugs, pretty cool stuff overall, definitely gonna do it again!

  3. Dave K. says:

    If you need some sweetness in your life, I highly recommend this weed. It’s a fun and easy grow, makes for great backyard plants or indoors too if you’ve got the space. The nugs kinda look like green and pink popcorn, and smell amazing! It’s perfect for a rainy day when you’re feeling kinda of blue. I like smoking this weed and reading my favorite novels. It never gets old!

  4. kellyk says:

    Helps a lot with depression, nice and easy on the lungs too, great taste and nice colorful nuggets. The name really fits the vibe of the weed. Pretty darn easy to order online and grow at home, really had no issues with germination, pretty fun to take care of, and everyone around me seems to really like it. Definitely worth a try!

  5. raene05 says:

    Wow what a wonderful reminiscent of the old days of Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum! Not a big yielder but easy to grow and the quality is worth it. Not to mention the stone it produces. If this quality keeps up….like Arnold “I’ll be back”!!!

  6. Angela S says:

    Who doesn’t love bubble gum? This weed really lives up to its name, super sweet and very euphoric, I feel like a kid again when I smoke it. It’s a nice and easy grow, I’d even recommend it to novice growers. I’ve been doing this for years and still love it, so no matter what skill level, you’ll enjoy this grow. Good experience ordering online with GCS as well, pretty darn impressed by their selection and customer service. I’ll definitely return for more seeds!

  7. mercedes says:

    I have kept my eye on these seeds for a long time and decided I’d just pull the trigger and try growing my own mj. Turns out it’s pretty darn easy, and this weed in particular is astoundingly delicious! I got a great yield, probably 300 g per plant? It tastes so creamy and smooth, great for long smoking sessions with your pals. Trust me, everyone is gonna love you for having this weed. I’ll definitely buy again!

  8. Maya K says:

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve had such a great experience growing weed. FINALLY got my indoor grow space configured and have some really dank stuff in the works. Bubble gum was first on that list, and lemme tell ya. this stuff is really impressive! Great strain for sharing with friends, and makes for some amazingly good laughs. Also, gives me the munchies hardcore lol. Definitely a worthy buy!

  9. Brent Hanley says:

    Well, you really can’t beat the strong sweet taste of bubble gum after a long work day. MJ has been so helpful for me when I want to feel uplifted and creative after sooooo much stress during the day! I now know how much better I CAN feel than when I was in my dark depressive days. This weed really combats depression and overall has been nice to have around. Happy as can be!

  10. Nick 233 says:

    I haven’t ordered from GCS before, but I was very impressed by their online selection. Bubble gum has been on my grow list for years, and I was thrilled to find it on the site. Seeds shipped out super quick, and I got to growing right away. They did really well in my basement grow space and the smell is intoxicating. It’s delicious and helps me relax at the end of the day. A light, bubbly, happy high that leaves me with a smile on my face!

  11. scamburger says:

    This is some sweet delicious goodness. I really appreciate how delicious this weed is, it’s got these dense green nugs with little streaks of pink, like bubble gum. But I have been very happy with my smoking experience so far. It’s definitely high quality, and fresh as can be. Helps me stay positive when life is looking grim. It also gives me boost of energy and really helps me focus. It’s a great strain for a rainy day!

  12. ehc eid says:

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and use this weed to help quell my symptoms during the daytime. I grew it in my basement and found it took very nicely to my grow space. Pretty easy to manage, with a lot of pink and purple flowers mixed in with the green! It’s been really nice throughout the day, I feel a lot better about life and now I am able to focus at work!

  13. Kamelon says:

    A great weed for starting out. This was my first attempt at growing weed and I really dug the experience. It’s nice and easy to grow this strain, didn’t give me many complications and it flowered really early! Big fan of the sweet bubble gum flavor and the nice uplifting high. I really love how happy I feel when I smoke this weed. Definitely a worthy buy!

  14. Jordan Todd says:

    I use this weed to treat my depression and insomnia and it works really great. Was a lot of fun to grow outdoors in the backyard, love the dense green and pink nugs and all the lovely flavors. It’s nice to smoke as a bowl or as a J as well and it offers a wonderful high that makes me relaxed and happy. Definitely will be back for more!

  15. courage fillmore says:

    This strain will make even the worst days a little bit better. I have ordered this weed a number of times now, and it just keeps getting better. I love how easy it is to grow, offers me some delicious herb and it tastes sooooo sweet just like bubble gum. A very happy high, great for depression and anxiety and offers some deep seated relief from a hard day. Will be back for more!

  16. GalaxyTurf says:

    This weed has been great for my anxiety. I feel much better about life these days, with this mj at my side. It was very easy to grow, offered up a nice solid yield for me, and it tastes just fantastic, I am really proud of myself. It’s great for smoking anytime of day, thanks to the sativa properties, but I usually reserve for the weekends.

  17. Bryan Hughes says:

    This mj strain is a real dream! It’s remarkably easy to grow and manage and offers a lovely yield that will keep you busy for a while! The flowers really are flecked with pink and green and taste lovely and sweet, just like candy. A mind and uplifting high that gives even the worst day a positive spin. Happy to buy again!

  18. northwest420 says:

    This mj is a real treat, almost any time of day. It’s fun to grow, definitely recommend indoors however, you’ll get a much bigger yield and trust me, you’ll want it! The trichomes are bright green with streaks of pink like bubble gum, yay! It’s remarkably fun to smoke, smooth and sweet and gives a great sativa dominant buzz that will keep you feeling good!

  19. Jeffrey Collins says:

    One of the best weeds I have ever smoked, so very sweet and tasty, it’s almost like chewing bubble gum. It’s nice and easy to grow, offers up a solid yield, and gets me feeling high as a kite on mars, wonderful for my brain, helps with my depression and keeps me feeling alert and focused. Happy as a clam!

  20. chadgriff says:

    This weed is truly a joy to grow and manage. It germinated very evenly and pops right up in my greenhouse. Have enjoyed the smell and taste of this weed, it’s sweet and sour like a delicious candy and the sativa aspects give me a great mood boost and help staying focused. It’s been a while since the divorce but I am coping well, bubble gum weed helps me with the sadness.

  21. shane wyatt says:

    This is a very happy strain of weed. I kind of love how easy it was to grow and it’s amazing pink and green buds on the plant. A nicely balanced strain that keeps me feeling happy and alert all throughout the day. Good for lunch breaks at work and has also been a great party weed that I share with my friends. It’s seriously better than candy!

  22. zwingfighterzzz says:

    A very nicely balanced hybrid with an amazing taste. I love rolling this mj into a spliff and smoking it while I walk down the street and get my errands done. It never fails to put me in a great mood and I highly recommend even to beginner growers cause it’s super easy to manage and take care of. Great stuff!

  23. Tomkelley4221 says:

    All seeds germinated overnight flowering after only eight weeks can’t wait till harvest time growers choice rocks

  24. thomas r says:

    God this strain of mj is a real life saver, has been so great for my depression and anxiety, and I love the smell and taste as well! Have a small greenhouse out back and grew this out there, WOW what an amazing plant, so dense and delicious, and really offers a sweet yield. Tastes sweet like candy and is great for a late afternoon pep in your step. Give it a try!

  25. Daryl Cross says:

    This strain is truly uplifting and delicious. I loved growing it in my backyard, there were so many pink flowers and the plant had a delightfully sweet and skunky smell to it. It looked great among all my other herbs and spices. I got like 300 g per plant and smoke this in the park on my days off to help me relax and take a chill pill. It’s a very happy high, great for depression!

  26. Ugly Duckling says:

    I suffer from depression, and this weed is the temp solution to that problem. It was a real joy to grow this in my backyard, plant gave off a nice yield, but admittedly it was a bit small. I was really into the smell of the plant, very sweet and tangy, like candy! Perfect smoke at any time of day, has great energizing effects, but also relaxing too. Perfect for lunch breaks or free afternoons. Has been so helpful with my mood. Definitely coming back for more!

  27. bigboydk says:

    Yum yum! This is my favorite strain of mj for sure! It has gotten me through some really tough times, and I also really liked growing it in my basement. I think it’s a better indoor grow, you get more nug, plus the smell is so lovely and intoxicating. It gets you stoned in the best way possible, great for focus and creativity!

  28. Helen T says:

    Love me some bubble gum pop pop pop! I am thrilled I grew this strain, it was surprisingly easy and all 3 of my seeds came up with little issue, and they shipped out here super fast too! One look and you get a sense of why it’s called bubble gum, cause the nugs are green and pink! Smells sweet and delicious too. Great for stress and anxiety and perfect for creativity as well. A great buy!

  29. Lilly Harris says:

    Lovely mj! Has so many positive effects it’s hard to list all of them right here! First off, I love the sweet candy smell of this weed, it really does smell like bubble gum, and tastes just as good. Puts an automatic smile on your face, and comfortably sativa dominant without being overpowering. So nice to smoke before doing something creative, like a work project or a painting, and helps you focus on what you’re doing. Also super nice for sleep!

  30. jonpschlaich says:

    Great strain. I ordered 3 seeds and all 3 germinated without hassle. I switched lights 3 times through the grow and messed up all sorts of things, yet each plant rewarded me with 40+ grams dry. Amazing strain, great taste and incredible smell (weird though, I found it smelled like orange peels). I topped one plant, and had duct work fall on this same plant, which lobbed off one side completely – yet it still yielded 40+ grams. This is a great strain for beginner growers such as myself.

  31. jeancundy83 says:

    Just harvested 59 grams dry some of the best medicine ive had in a minute. 91 days from germination grew like a dream with huge cola buds very happy with results so far the best auto ive grone yet

  32. jeancundy83 says:

    Started 1 of my 3 seeds n as always it germinated in 26 hours with a nice taproot. Great quality n fast delivery gcs has it on point. Will review again after grow.

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