The world of cannabis is an ever-evolving landscape filled with a rich history and countless varieties. Among the different types of cannabis, one species that has piqued the interest of breeders and enthusiasts alike is the lesser-known Cannabis ruderalis. Let’s dive into the origin and history of ruderalis cannabis and learn how its unique characteristics have contributed to the development of diverse cannabis strains.

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The Origin of Ruderalis

Our journey starts in Central Asia, where the wild ruderalis plants are believed to have originated. The ruderalis strain is resilient, adjusting to specific growing conditions and extreme environments, such as cold temperatures and harsh, varied climate through adaptations. In fact, it's this adaptability that has played a key role in the species' survival.

Cannabis ruderalis land-race plants (in other words, cannabis types that have not been cross-bred with other varieties) can be found growing in areas like Russia, Siberia, and Mongolia. While they may not be as lofty as their sativa or indica counterparts, typically reaching just 1 to 3 feet tall, ruderalis plants compensate with their hardy nature and sturdy structure. The term "ruderalis" is derived from the Latin word "ruderal," which refers to plants that are the first to colonize disturbed land. This is particularly fitting for Cannabis ruderalis, which is known to thrive in challenging environments.

You may already know that there are three primary types of cannabis: sativa, indica, and ruderalis. Each of these types offers unique characteristics and growth patterns. In the early days of cannabis cultivation, breeders focused mainly on sativa and indica strains, which are known for their distinct psychoactive effects and therapeutic properties. However, ruderalis strains open up many more possibilities for the cannabis world.

The Difference Between Ruderalis, Sativa, and Indica

You may be wondering what sets ruderalis apart from the other two types of cannabis. The answer lies in its unique light cycle. While sativa and indica strains rely on specific photoperiods to transition from the vegetative to flowering stage, ruderalis plants are unique because they begin flowering based on their age, regardless of the daylight cycle. This auto-flowering trait is highly sought after, as it allows for more efficient and faster harvests.

Ruderalis indica varieties, a hybrid of ruderalis and indica plants, exemplify how the combination of these cannabis species can result in exciting new cannabis strains; namely, we see the relaxing, body-high strains so popular these days, with the added benefit of quick, straightforward grows that don't require close monitoring and light adjustment. By crossbreeding ruderalis with another type of cannabis, breeders are able to develop plants that not only maintain the desirable traits of sativa or indica varieties but also inherit the resilience and auto-flowering capabilities of ruderalis.

The auto-flowering trait is particularly advantageous for cultivators in areas with shorter growing seasons or unpredictable light cycles in their outdoor climate. This characteristic has made ruderalis strains more attractive for both large-scale growers and hobbyists. As the cannabis industry has evolved, so too has the demand for these versatile and hardy plants.

However, ruderalis strains are not without their challenges. Historically, ruderalis has been associated with lower THC levels and less potent effects compared to sativa and indica strains. This limited its initial appeal to cannabis consumers and growers alike. But the cannabis industry is ever-evolving, and breeders have been hard at work developing new strains of cannabis that not only maintain the hardy and auto-flowering traits of ruderalis but also offer higher levels of THC and more potent effects. Despite the advances, it's important to keep in mind that your auto-flowering strain from Growers Choice might have a slightly lower THC quantity than the photoperiod feminized or regular seeds also available.

Why Buy Ruderalis Cannabis Seeds?

Now, why should you, as a cannabis enthusiast, consider purchasing cannabis seed strains that contain ruderalis? The answer is simple. These plants are designed to withstand the test of time, and they bring with them resilience and adaptability that have allowed them to thrive in extreme environments. This resilience translates into a more robust, low-maintenance plant for your garden, giving you the chance to focus on enjoying the fruits of your labor rather than being consumed by the sometimes overwhelming task of maintaining more finicky cannabis strains. By investing in cannabis seeds with ruderalis genetics, you're opting for plants that are easier to grow and more forgiving when it comes to cultivation.

Moreover, the auto-flowering feature of ruderalis strains can be advantageous for those who want a faster return on their investment. The ability of these plants to flower based on age rather than the changing light cycle means that you'll likely enjoy a quicker harvest, allowing you to reap the benefits of your efforts sooner than you might with other types of cannabis.

In recent years, ruderalis strains have come a long way, and their potential in the cannabis industry continues to grow. The diligent work of breeders has led to the development of cannabis strains that combine the best features of, resulting in ruderalis sativa, and ruderalis indica auto-flowering plants. This has resulted in strains that offer higher THC levels, more potent effects, and the unique resilience of ruderalis.

As a cannabis seeds company, we understand that the needs and desires of our customers are always evolving. That's why we're proud to offer a diverse range of cannabis seed strains that contain ruderalis genetics. We believe in the potential of these hardy cannabis plants and their capacity to revolutionize the way we approach marijuana cultivation.

How Long Does Ruderalis Take to Grow?

Autoflowering varieties have a unique life cycle that sets them apart from their cannabis sativa and indica counterparts. From germination to harvest, auto-flowering plants typically take between 8 and 12 weeks to flourish into harvestable plants. The vegetative stage, during which the plants focus on growing leaves and stems, typically lasts between 2 and 4 weeks. Afterward, the plants automatically transition into the flowering stage, during which they develop buds and, eventually, reach full maturity.

This is significantly faster than the growing period for most non-auto-flowering strains, which can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks, depending on the specific variety. The quick turnaround time of ruderalis-containing auto-flowering plants allows for a double harvest (or sometimes even more!) in a single growing season.

Is Ruderalis Easy to Grow?

Ruderalis has a reputation for being a hardy and easy-to-grow species of cannabis. In its natural habitat, ruderalis is often found in poor soils and harsh environments, making it well-adapted to a variety of growing conditions. Not having to adjust your light cycle indoors to begin the vital flowering time also takes a lot of pressure off new and established growers.

However, it's important to note that while ruderalis is generally easy to grow, the success of your auto-flowering strains still depends on providing your plants with proper care and plant food. Choosing quality cannabis seeds from reputable sources like Growers Choice Seeds is also essential to ensure a healthy, productive harvest for each individual plant.

Popular Auto-Flowering Strains and Their Benefits

There are many auto-flowering strains available on the market, each offering unique advantages and characteristics. Some popular options to consider include:

  1. Northern Lights Auto-Flowering: This strain is a cross between ruderalis and the classic Northern Lights indica strain. Known for its potent effects, it provides a deeply relaxing experience while offering an impressive yield. Northern Lights auto-flowering is a great option for both novice and experienced growers due to its easy-growing nature.
  2. Blueberry Auto-Flowering: A popular favorite, Blueberry auto-flowering combines the delightful flavors of the Blueberry strain with the auto-flowering capabilities of ruderalis. This strain is well-suited for beginners, as it is easy to grow and offers a generous harvest. Blueberry is known for its fruity aroma and balanced effects, making it an ideal strain for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a flavorful, enjoyable experience.
  3. AK Auto-Flowering: Combining the legendary AK-47 strain with ruderalis genetics results in this auto-flowering variety that boasts a high THC content and the strong, long-lasting effects of cannabinoids. AK auto-flowering best serves as a hybrid for growers who are a touch more experienced, as it requires some attention and care to achieve optimal results.
  4. Critical Purple Auto-Flowering: This auto-flowering variety is a combo of Critical Mass and Big Bud, two classic strains that have earned their popularity. An indica-dominant option, Critical Purple auto-flowering soothes and relaxes with a sweet, fruity flavor, sky-high THC, and easy-growing personality.

Exploring the World of Cannabis Products with Ruderalis

The versatility of ruderalis doesn't end with its easy-growing nature and auto-flowering characteristics. Cannabis products made from autoflowering strains can offer a diverse range of experiences for users, depending on the specific strain used. Whether you're interested in a deeply relaxing indica experience, the energizing high of sativa strains, or a balanced hybrid effect, there's an auto-flowering strain that will fit your preferences.

Moreover, ruderalis-based cannabis products can be used in various applications, including smoking, vaping, edibles, tinctures, and topicals—the same products standard photoperiod-type strains can be.

Auto-flowering strains containing cannabis ruderalis offer a unique and rewarding growing experience for those looking to explore the world of cannabis cultivation. With its hardy nature, quick life cycle, and simplified outoor or indoor growing process, ruderalis is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced growers alike.

By choosing quality auto-flowering indica, sativa, or hybrid seeds from reputable sources like Growers Choice Seeds, you can enjoy a diverse range of cannabis experiences while taking advantage of the benefits of ruderalis genetics.