Cream Autoflower Seeds

Explore the charm of Cream Autoflower, an alluring cannabis variety greatly desired for all its wonderful potential benefits. This Cream strain can now be grown in the comfort of your home garden. Follow closely to learn all you need to know about Cream Autoflower.

  • 70% Indica 20% Sativa 10% Ruderalis
  • THC levels up to 16%
  • Delivers irresistibly sweet flavors of caramel and vanilla
  • Exceptionally easy to grow
  • Delivers a relaxing high that is perfect for unwinding
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What is an Autoflowering Strain?

Much more than ever, the Autoflowering strain is now in popular demand. However, the challenge for indoor or outdoor growers is how to know the best version of an Autoflowering variety. Follow closely to learn about an ideal choice for beginner cannabis consumers and growers.

Benefits of Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering strains are ruderalis hybrids developed by breeders because of their shortened germination phase and high CBD or THC levels. They are unique because their plants can produce flowers within four weeks of growth. Within 12 weeks, you can expect some feminized Autoflowering varieties to begin to sprout and be ready for harvest.

Also, as a compact plant, the cultivation process is simple, even for beginners. You can grow them indoors to ensure maximum convenience. Here are some of their unique and attractive characteristics;

  • Decent yields
  • Short harvest time-frame
  • Convenient cultivation process
  • Desired qualities like potency, aroma, and yield for your CBD Freebies.

While there may be several Autoflowering strains, Cream Autoflower stands out. While other Autoflowering plants can take up to 12 weeks before they sprout, Cream strains offer a shorter seed-to-harvest time frame. The cream is a sativa variety from Cream Crop Co. An indoor gardener can harvest a cream auto-flower plant between 8 and 9 weeks.

Another reason growers prefer Cream Autoflower is because of its encouraging yield. If you are an outdoor farmer, the yield is between 80 – 110 grams per plant, while an indoor grower can expect 350 – 500 gr/m². However, if you are an outdoor grower, take note that cream cookies auto can grow up to 90 cm in height.

In addition to these unique characteristics, it has several benefits

When all its growing conditions are met, Cream Autoflower can give you from 300 to 400 grams per plant.


One of the phenotypes even has beautiful purple tones (more visible with lower temperatures in the flowering phase).


Cream Autoflower | Cream Strain Overview

Cream Autoflower is a highly-quality hybrid from two viable parents. Genetically, it is an improved version of its progenitors as it has attractive features from them. Also, its unique aroma, taste, appearance, and THC content all make this Cream Strain a stand-out performer among others. Keep reading to learn more.


The Cream Auto strain is a hybrid strain of Cream Caramel and indica-sativa genotype. The parent strains are Dark Devil Auto and Dark Cream Auto. Hence, it combines the top characteristics of both progenitors.

Cream Auto is popular in Europe as an Autoflowering strain. Also, the buds of the flower are as white as snow. Cream Auto Strain is a cup winner among other Autoflowering strains.

Aroma and Taste

Both the flowers and resin of Cream Auto Strain are known for extreme sweetness. It tastes like a fruity concoction of caramel and vanilla. In addition to the sweet flavors, the aroma is so pervasive that it fills the room with that fruity smell.

Known for its rich and bold Kushy flavor, Cream Autoflower has sweet undertones like purple tones, berry notes, woody notes, and earthy notes. Its inhalation experience is smooth and enjoyable as it perfectly complements the quality taste. Cannabis enthusiasts always want to engage its creamy features.


The Cream Autoflower has an average size that ranges between 60 to 90 cm. Its indica structure has a large main cola, side branches, and internodal spacing. Expect bright green buds with reddish tones and purple hues when flushing. Thanks to its sticky flowers, the plant’s appearance is beautiful.

THC Content

Cream Auto’s THC content usually lands around 16%, but some talented cultivators have been known to get it way higher, although this is not the norm. It provides a perfect blend of soothing indica tranquility with euphoric sativa.

Due to the THC content, the overall effects and potential medicinal properties of the strain include;

  • Relaxing effects that leave consumers sedated
  • Possible reduction of stress
  • Soothing effect for sleepless nights and headaches
  • Potential pain relief

Keep in mind that the medicinal benefits of cannabis are purely anecdotal, as further research is required to confirm marijuana’s ability to ease medical symptoms.


Even as a beginner, you can easily cultivate your cream Autoflower indoors. This section details basic information about the cultivation process.

Seed to Harvest Time Frame

While the seeds are encouraging because of the effects, you can easily grow them. Also, the seed-to-harvest period is shorter than a typical Autoflowering strain. Within 2 to 7 days, the seeds begin to germinate. However, within 50 to 60 days, you can expect your seeds to begin to flower.

Some factors like types of strain and vegetative environment can influence the duration of the growth cycle. Nevertheless, the duration of their life cycle is 10 to 12 weeks. Ensure you choose the Cream Autoflower | Cream Strain that suits you.

Yields and Customer Ratings

The customer ratings of the Cream Autoflower | Cream Strain are impressive. According to Leafly, the rating is 4.3 out of 5 by 36 people. The average yield for the strain is 70% indica, 20% sativa, and 10% ruderalis. Its decent yields are quite encouraging. It is the friend of growers.

Optimal Conditions for Growth

As a grower, here are the optimal conditions for the growing of cannabis seeds: the Cream Autoflower | Cream Strain;

  • Light schedule: Cream Autoflower needs light for photosynthesis. It helps the leaves and stems to be healthy.
  • Watering: water is integral to maintaining the pH of the seed. It is what the cannabis seeds need to begin to bud.
  • Soil Nutrients: the most important soil nutrients needed include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. You can check the week flowering time from germination to harvest to know the relevance.
  • LTS (low straining training): low straining training refers to the tying and bending process to ensure the budding cannabis seeds stay in shape.
  • Flushing/Trimming: Trimming is used to ensure the strain is in the right shape.

Popularity of the Cream Autoflower | Cream Strain

The popularity of the Cream Autoflower is because of its features. Also, the faithful recreation of the famed Cream Caramel flavor and aroma has always made it a popular demand. Another reason Cream Caramel is popular and potentially therapeutically beneficial is its strong cannabinoid and terpene profile.

The 10-12 Week Flowering Time from Germination to Harvest with This Variety

  • Week one – two: germination and seedling

The seed opens and begins to grow. You don’t need to add any nutrients, as pure water is sufficient for this. Just ensure the light is gentle and the humidity is stable. Ensure the soil is rich in nutrients to facilitate germination. Confirm the soil requirements you need and choose the pot size you need.

  • Week three – four: end of the seedling stage and the start of the vegetative stage

Growth becomes rapid at this stage. You may need to regulate the soil requirement. Introduce a balanced nutrient solution with a focus on Nitrogen to promote stem and leaf growth. Consider low-stress training (LST) at this point. This involves bending and tying down the stem to ensure optimum lighting.

  • Week five to six: vegetative stage

The plant is growing at this stage. Most times, obvious growth is between 6-8 weeks. Just ensure all nutrients are at optimal levels.

  • Week seven to nine: early flowering phase

Focus on Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium because of bud growth. Do not carry out any LST at this stage, as it can impede the plant’s growth.

  • Week ten to twelve: late flowering phase

At this stage, keep watering the plants. This process is known as flushing. Trimming, curing, and drying your buds are also important tips.

The growth patterns of both indoor and outdoor Cream Autoflower plants can be different. While the indoor black cream auto can grow extensively, you may need to regularly trim the outdoor cannabis type to stay in check.

If you are an outdoor grower, the Cream Autoflower can grow up to 90 cm in height. Hence, there is a need to trim the plant to curtain its branches. For the indoor species, you may not want to do excessive trimming. However, you can determine the preferred size for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Not having desired results even after several weeks from germination could mean you didn’t grow potent strains.

 Alternations Options For Cream Autoflower

Here are some other options you can consider from our Autoflowering seed bank;

This is a perfect blend of sativa and indica strains for users to achieve mental stimulation and relaxation. With its average of 22% THC, it is known for its euphoric uplifting effect on artists and creatives to inspire ideas. Within 8-9 weeks, you can harvest your 303 OG plants.

Its THC level ranges from 20% to 25% to indicate how potent this hybrid is. It is a unique plant with large dark green buds, orange pistils, and a great coating of trichomes. Its spicy and sweet smell makes it a top consideration for many. While no one is certain about its original breeder, it is a result of a trifecta cross between OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Bubba Kush. Upon consumption, its effect gradually kicks in and helps users remain productive while high.

This strain is a perfect choice for individuals who want to get high and enjoy long-lasting relaxation too. As the name implies, its 22% CBD makeup will take you to cloud 9. It is known as the grower’s friend as its flowering time is between 50 and 60 days. It has a lovely fruity and citrusy smell.

A-10 Autoflowering is a result of a cross between Thai landrace and Afghani strains. The THC content is about 19%. It can be useful to induce sleep, deep relaxation, and all kinds of lethargic feelings. The kush aroma is appealing as it combines earth, smoke, and fruity scents. People with bad eating habits can employ it for more consistent feeding habits.

Abusive OG Autoflowering Feminized Seeds is a top strain with THC content between 18% to 19%. It is a good choice for people without motivation and energy. Also, it is great for people who want to relax. For some other people, they feel happy. The CBD content is about 0.3%. However, you may need several hits to feel the energy.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Cookies and Cream x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 20% Sativa, 70% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening, pain management, reduce stress


Caramel, Earthy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

Up to 400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Cream Autoflower Seeds

Based on 99 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    This is an excellent strain of mj for late-night smokers like myself. My work life is very stressful and I usually unwind with a joint at the end of a busy day. Enjoyable to grow as well, fairly straightforward and impressive germ rate, Got nearly 800 grams from my three plants grown indoors. Has a pleasant smell, sweet and slightly earthy. The buzz is very chill, not overpowering, and rocks you into a gentle sleep while soothing aches, pains, and headaches.

  2. Verified Owner

    Happy as can be with my new mj plant! GCS has some amazing seeds, have been buying from them for years and growing in my tiny greenhouse out back. Seeds germinated beautifully and the plant took very little time to reach the flowering stage. Beautiful, delicious bud with a sweet tasting smoke that goes down smooth! Extremely laid back, good for reading a book. Check it out!

  3. Verified Owner

    Super smooth and relaxing, the perfect weed for those relaxing weekend afternoons. I usually don’t smoke during the week and this is definitely something to look forward to! Pretty easy to grow and the seeds shipped really fast, but my yield was a little smaller than I had hoped, so oh well! The smoke is very smooth and sweet and is just what the doctor ordered in the evening for stress relief, getting the munchies, and falling asleep.

  4. Verified Owner

    If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, cream is the perfect nighttime smoke for relaxation and stress relief. It’s a pretty easy and fun weed to grow, you will love the mild sweet aroma and fluffly nugs. It’s perfect if you’ve had a stressful day, and it tastes just like dessert!

  5. Verified Owner

    Wow this is a really impressive strain of mj, it’s pretty easy to grow and produces a nice yield so you can stay high for a long long time. Best as an evening strain, you’ll love the sweet smooth taste of the weed, it’s like drinking a milkshake! I love ordering from GCS, they have such amazing seeds. Definitely worth the grow!

  6. Verified Owner

    I used to be a heavy drinker and couldn’t get to sleep without a nightcap, I have recently been trying to change my ways and this mj has been instrumental in getting me back where I need to be. I grew in a small grow space I set up in my basement and got some really beautiful bud with large yellow trichomes and a lovely sweet smell. Now instead of drinking I smoke this weed in the evening to help me wind down and it works great!

  7. Verified Owner

    If you need that extra help relaxing at the end of a long day, this is the perfect strain for you. It’s better than dessert but probably will give you munchies anyway haha. Fun and easy to grow, no complications on my end, and a stellar yield to smoke for months to come. It’s got a sweet and creamy taste, easy on the lungs, and great for just chilling out at the end of a long work day!

  8. Verified Owner

    I love this weed at the end of a long day, has helped me keep up with my no dessert diet cause I think the sweet taste of this delicious herb has helped me curb my cravings. Happy as a clam on this stuff, and makes for great TV watching or movies too. Not a bad grow, even for beginners. Give it a try!

  9. Verified Owner

    Definitely a better indoor grow, I get so much more weed if I do it that way, plus this strain is not the easiest to grow in the world, so just keep that in mind. That being said, the smell and taste of the weed is to die for, so very relaxing and tasting like a boston cream pie. You’ll dig these flavors and the mild sedative buzz!

  10. Verified Owner

    OMG this strain is magic!!! It’s been a lot of fun growing this weed in my basement, got a ton of nug and smoke this sweet delicious earthy bud on a nightly basis to help me destress and get ready for a good night’s sleep. It’s so sweet it tastes like dessert and it’s the smoothest smoke I’ve ever inhaled. Super easy to order online with GCS. Definitely will be back for more!

  11. Verified Owner

    This is the best way to relax in the evening. It’s super smooth and easy on the throat and lungs and tastes amazing! My bf grew this in his backyard and brings it over all the time. We ordered the seeds together because we love weed and wanted to grow our own. This has been great for relaxation, even intimacy. Highly recommend!

  12. Verified Owner

    A very euphoric high and very relaxing. It’s been an excellent choice for me personally to help shake off my stress from work. I love to come home, cook up a nice dinner, smoke a bowl and then just chill and watch the tube. It’s pretty darn easy to grow as well, very easy to manage and harvest. A great choice all around!

  13. Verified Owner

    An excellent after-dinner treat. This smoke is smooth and delicate and is something I’d expect to come by in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Very high quality stuff with a nice mellow buzz that helps me relax and feel sleepy before bedtime. I don’t mind the grow either, it was pretty hands-off overall and feels pretty good to have accomplished something. I love this weed and I can’t wait to buy more!

  14. Verified Owner

    A truly relaxing strain of mj perfect for sharing with friends or your SO on a night off. I grew this with my gf, in the basement, where we got some serious yields! Almost 400 g per plant and the sweet smell of victory. We love smoking a bowl of this and chilling out on the sofa, seeing where the night goes. Excellent buy!

  15. Verified Owner

    The perfect after dinner snack, excellent for dealing with stress, pain, and depression. This weed always relaxes me and puts me in a good mood, even a sleepy mood which helps me get some rest at night. Had fun growing this out back, love the tall green stalks and the bright yellow flowers at the end of the branches. Excellent buy, and super smooth!

  16. Verified Owner

    This is one heck of a dessert weed! It’s smooth as all hell and easy to smoke one two or even three Js at a time! I grew this weed in my backyard and got some stellar results, excellent trichomes with deep green and yellow nugs, has a nice sweet smell and taste to it and is perfect for sharing with my GF. We both love it!

  17. Verified Owner

    This is one heck of a relaxing strain of marijuana. I dig the delicious vibes of this stuff and really want to keep growing it in the future. Have a nice space in the backyard and this stuff really took off, and with minimal effort on my part! Great yield and incredibly hjigh quality smoking experience. So smooth and creamy and very slightly sweet. Perfect for stress or headaches or whatever. Great buy!

  18. Verified Owner

    This is some sweet earthy deliciousness. If I could add this to my tea or coffee in the morning, I would! I love how easy this was to grow, I have a nice grow space in the basement for weed specifically. It’s a very nice yielding plant, with all kinds of wonderful green and yellow colors about it. Perfect for smoking in the evening with gf and hanging out on the couch, makes me relaxed and happy!

  19. Verified Owner

    This is a very special strain of marijuana. It’s the perfect after dinner smoke, helps relax me and puts me in a catatonic state. The smoke is soooooo smooth, helps me unwind and relax, and it tastes so sweet, like coffee with cream. It’s a nice grow, my bf did most of the work but I sure enjoyed watching these plants grow tall!

  20. Verified Owner

    I used to have a night cap every night before bed, but I decided to quit drinking lately and this weed has replaced that habit. It’s been a joy to grow, very easy to have around in my basement, and offers up some delicious nugs. A nice medium yield, but definitely more than I can smoke in a few months time. It’s perfect for that after-dinner snack, helps me unwind and relax, puts a smile on my face and helps me sleep!

  21. Verified Owner

    Oh my god sooooooo relaxing! Me and my gf love this weed! We grew it together in this little space bucket out on the porch and it did super well I am so impressed with myself lol! I got a nice hefty yield and some dank herb offa this stufff!!!! It’s super creamy and smooth and delicious, so nice and easy to grow and the buzz is always chill as can be. So very happy!

  22. Verified Owner

    It’s not a bad weed to have around the house. Helps me with cleaning especially. I smoke just a few tokes of this and I am feeling fine on a dime! Amazing for my depression and anxiety, really gets me motivated and ready to make things out of clay…also sweep my room lol! Was very easy to grow, just like a tomato plant basically, happy I gave this a whirl.

  23. Verified Owner

    My girlfriend and I LOOOOOoooove this weed. It’s improved our relationship, crazy as it may sound. We grew it together, took turns managing it, and harvested the bud. Now we’re smoking it together too! It’s really fun to smoke this weed, so smooth and creamy, really sweet tasting, and great for rolling into a blunt! We get really stoned and cook dinner or watch a movie together. It’s been a great bonding experience!

  24. Verified Owner

    Finally got the greenhouse out back up and running, I have heat, lighting, and shade in there, and have basically cultivated the perfect environment for this weed. I got some serious nugs out of this grow, and the plant itself is very beautiful and eye catching. I am pretty happy with the smoking quality, very nice and smooth, sweet aftertaste and a very mellow high. It’s a great after-dinner weed.

  25. Verified Owner

    If you need a way to wind down, this is my recommendation: roll a joint of Cream and smoke the heck out of it! One of the easier strains of weed I have grown, gives me a great high, helps me with stress and depression, and has a wonderful sweet flavor that doesn’t quit. I’ll try indoors next time. Best seeds you can find in Canada!

  26. Verified Owner

    It’s all about when you smoke this weed. It’s a perfect nighttime smoke, helps relax and is great after dinner before Netflix and chill time approaches. If you smoke during the day, you’ll fall right asleep lol. I love weed like this though, super relaxing, great taste, and a beautiful colorful bud. Highly recommend this stuff to anyone who needs a little help unwinding at night.

  27. Verified Owner

    One of the more relaxing strains on this site, helps me with my stress levels and gives me a nice fuzzy feeling on the inside. Which is what weed is about right? Got myself a nice yield, probably 800 g from 3 plants grown in the backyard, love the deep yellow color of the buds, and the slightly sweet taste the flower has when you smoke it. Delicate and smooth, you really can’t beat this strain when it comes to chilled out vibes.

  28. Verified Owner

    Nothing is better than a joint of the Cream weed on the weekends. This stuff gets me IN THE ZONE. I love smoking at night right before watching a movie or having a video game session. It’s super fun and this weed is ridiculously good tasting and relaxing. It’s so sweet I feel like I am drinking a latte or something like that. It’s just so smooth and easy to grow. I don’t know why I didn’t get into this years ago!!!

  29. Verified Owner

    Very relaxing and pretty easy to grow. Nice smell and taste and helps a lot with stress and depression. Good for smoking and making some dinner or going for a run, always puts me in a good mood, and makes me very relaxed and happy as well. I am very happy I found GCS, def gonna get some friends pot seeds for the holidays!

  30. Verified Owner

    Sooooo relaxing! I smoke this before bed and go right to sleep, has really helped my anxiety and insomnia, and definitely gets me through the night. So nice to have around the house, very sweet smelling and a little bit sour. Easy to grow and have these seeds delivered to my home, GCS has an incredible online catalog, so extensive and perfect. I can’t wait for my next buy with them. Next time grow indoors?

  31. Verified Owner

    Incredible chill strain of weed. It’s helped me manage my stress and anxiety levels and had improved my overall quality of life. I love it’s smooth, creamy sweet taste, and really appreciate its beautiful green and yellow flowers. It always puts a smile on my face, and makes the taste of food that much better! Going to set up a basement grow space when I run out of weed. Next time I’ll get a bigger yield!

  32. Verified Owner

    When I get all stressed out my body tenses up and I have trouble sleeping at night. My doc recommended I try out some marijuana to help me sleep at night and he was right! I got myself some seeds from GCS and got them growing over the summer. Very easy, and fun, to do in the backyard garden. Smells delicious, the smoke is really smooth and tastes kinda sweet and the overall effect is euphoric and relaxing!

  33. Verified Owner

    It’s so good you’ll want it for dessert! A delicious indica blend that’s easy on the lungs and smooth on the mind. It makes me feel like I am melting into the couch, and my body is super warm and buzzy. A great grow for someone with an indoor grow space, or just looking to get into a new hobby. The flower is tight and sticky, has a nice subtle sweet smell to it and offers up some beautiful yellows and greens. You can’t go wrong with this strain!

  34. Verified Owner

    With cream autoflowering in your garden, you are set to have a great crop by fall. It’s a nice seasonal grow, does great in the summer and gives out an excellent fall harvest. I can stop talking about this weed and sharing it with my friends. We get suuuuper stoned, and just talk for hours. Probably the best tasting weed on the market. Makes for a nice blend between indica and sativa and also tastes really sweet. Definitely a worthy buy!

  35. Verified Owner

    Creamy as hell! I love this stuff. It’s really fun to grow and it makes for a great crop at the end of the summer. Got myself 3 seeds last spring and they SPRUNG! I could barely keep up with how fast these plants were growing, absolutely beautiful bud, and pretty great for stress and anxiety. I can’t wait to buy more!

  36. Verified Owner

    If you need some late-night relaxation, may I suggest smoking Cream mj? It’s a truly magnificent strain, helps with stress, anxiety and depression is overall a great addition to my little weed collection at home. I didn’t have too much trouble with the growing, but gardening can be a litte fickle sometimes and so I try to keep myself from getting frustrated when everything is growing so slowly! I love this stuff though and will definitely buy more!

  37. Verified Owner

    I could really go for a cup of coffee right about now….but this weed kinda curbs my appetite for caffeine, I don’t know why! I smoke it after work, when I get home, showering, and I feel absolutely fantastic. Makes my muscles and bones relax, makes me wanna cook believe it or not. I can’t wait to buy more of this and maybe even grow indoors!

  38. Verified Owner

    Cream weed is something very unique and special. It’s great for smoking with your friends or just at home. It’s relaxing and smooth goes great with some tea or coffee in the evening and makes me feel very much relaxed and at home. Weed is actually very easy to grow and doesn’t take that long either. It also saves you a ton of money!

  39. Verified Owner

    It’s a creamy treat for evening smoking that is a good challenge for medium experienced gardeners. It’s not too difficult really it just takes some extra TLC especially when it comes to cultivation and pruning, but I always like working in the garden, so this to me is a lot of fun. When harvest time comes around you feel a whole lot better than you would if you had just bought it from the store haha

  40. Verified Owner

    Don’t mean to flex, but I am totally the king of growing weed. I have a huge greenhouse and have been growing my own bud since before it was cool. I got these seeds online with Grower’s (excellent choice) and had them germinating right away…super delicious stuff, makes for a perfect grow if you’re strapped for cash and want a LOT of weed! It’s super smooth and relaxing, a seriously chilled out indica that helps me with stress.

  41. Verified Owner

    Cream is the most relaxing weed out there and maybe the most sensual too? I smoke this with my gf and it like…idk it gets us in the mood! Either way, it’s really easy to grow, makes for an excellent backyard project but if you can grow indoors I say just do that cause you’ll get a bigger yield…much better for stress than alcohol and it puts me in a better mood either way, great stuff!

  42. Verified Owner

    Don’t waste your time with sub-par weed. This stuff is powerful and delicious and helps with stress and pain and depression. I love buying seeds off GCS, they really help with the pain and stress of being alive right noe. The seeds deliver fast and show up at my door like right away! Can’t wait to smoke this weed all day long today! So smoooooth!

  43. Verified Owner

    Cream is a real treat to have around. I ordered 5 seeds online with GCS and they shipped out wicked fast. Got myself a BIG yield, so quickly too, this stuff is a fast grower, beautiful buds with such striking colors. I love the varied buzz…it’s high and low, sleepy and exciting…lots of fun!

  44. Verified Owner

    Cream is a very smooth and relaxing strain…it’s nice for taking a few hits and relaxing in front of the fire…makes for a great smoke with your BF or GF cause you guys will wanna cuddle all night long…I definitely enjoyed growing this weed…it’s been great for my self-esteem and gets me outta the house!

  45. Verified Owner

    Cream is all about just sitting back and relaxing, drinking a beer, watching the sunset over the ocean, grilling out in the backyard with the family…it’s all kinds of chill and it makes for a great buy when you need some high-quality weed delivered fast and at a reasonable price! Got a NICE yield, a truly fantastic growth on this weed and it smells so light and sweet, it’s like candy. I will totally buy more!!!

  46. Verified Owner

    It’s always a good time when you roll a joint with cream weed. This stuff is smooth as silk and makes for a great addition to your daily gardening routine. I ordered my seeds online and got them delivered so fast I could barely blink! Lovely time growing this weed, it’s fast and easy to manage, nice to prune, and makes a great well-shaped flower at the end of its life. Great for smoking in the backyard and watching the sunset!

  47. Verified Owner

    great strain for small space.

  48. Verified Owner

    Good for the tired brain and the aching body, very sensual and relaxing, makes me wanna sleep or watch some TV or play some video games. Has a nice sweet flavor, like the foam on top of a latte, almost done writing this review, just wanna say you should totally buy this weed from GCS!

  49. Verified Owner

    Creamy delicious goodness at every turn….this weed is like a miracle drug and it helps me with my insomnia. I usually reserve it for a little bit at night before I hit the hay, and it works better than sleeping pills. Makes me feel really relaxed and gives me good dreams, I know for a fact that things are gonna be alright, and everything is gonna come back together. Stay strong everyone!

  50. Verified Owner

    Cream is a nice strain…makes me feel relaxed and my body feel like jelly. It’s a good blunt cause it’s mild enough to smoke the whole thing. I ordered about 5 seeds online with GCS and they were shipped to my home in LA. I grew them in the backyard….they turned HUGE! I got a 600 gram harvest, all very sticky and with a pleasant sweet smell. Top-shelf weed for sure, save yourself a lot of money at the dispensary.

  51. Verified Owner

    I wondered how it could be so easy to grow my own weed, but turns out its really easy! GCS makes ordering weed online easier than ever before….and the delivery is really fast. It’s a nice indoor strain of mj, but a little delicate so you gotta treat it with great care. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will definitely buy more again!

  52. Verified Owner

    It’s like smoking your morning smoothie. It’s got all the best flavor…makes the best for when you wanna chill out at night and watch Netflix. Hella chilled out stuff….and pretty easy to grow if you’ve grown weed before. I am new to this and found it somewhat challenging but I enjoyed it either way. You will too!

  53. Verified Owner

    I used to smoke all kinds of bad weed, and then I decided to grow my own and it’s gotten much better! I ordered online and had these seeds delivered to my apt in LA. I grew them right out on the balcony in a huge POT! They got super big, and they sprouted tons of little flowers. The quality is soooo much better, and it helps with stress and depression!

  54. Verified Owner

    This strain tastes like luxury. It’s relaxing and uplifting helps with pain and stress and depression and makes for a good buy when times are tough…like now! I am not a master gardener, but I gotta tell ya I feel like I am getting pretty good at growing weed. It’s a rewarding feeling, and it makes things so much better. Highly recommend!

  55. Verified Owner

    You’re gonna love this strain of marijuana, it’s truly delicious. It makes for a great grow and it is pretty easy to do, even in your own backyard! I got a beautiful looking yield, with some very high-quality flower. Nothing beats this sweet and mild flavor, so relaxing and uplifting and great for when you had a hard day. I love this vibe!

  56. Verified Owner

    Cream is all about taking a step back and relaxing, it helps me with stress and depression and makes for a nice Friday evening with some pasta and some beer and some video games. I just got a new PS4 and let me tell you, marijuana and PS4 are truly the best of the best. I am also very keen on gardening, I am pretty excited to be outside again and working on my garden plot!!

  57. Verified Owner

    I am very excited about this weed, it’s been a great buy, especially for the price. I have my greenhouse set up in the backyard…very pretty in there with all the gorgeous green buds finally forming on my plants. This is top notch stuff…very sticky and dense and has a light lemony flavor to it, plus it smokes super smooth. I LOVE it!!!

  58. Verified Owner

    You will feel like a beautiful flower when you smoke cream weed. It’s light and smooth and makes for a good buy when you wanna try something special and new. Ordered this online, had it shipped to my place here in Washington, got a VERY nice yield, and I mean super fresh and delicious. Can’t wait to buy more of this stuff, it’s gonna blow your mind.!!!

  59. Verified Owner

    Cream is top of the top, its like top-shelf mj and it is also very easy to grow. Like it’s a delicate weed, a little hard to get growing, especially if there’s like some inclement weather, cause it’s a great vibe, and it helps with all kinds of stress and whatever. I think you oughta just try it out and see. You’ll probably dig its indica energy, and it’s ability to make you wanna relax and cook food!

  60. Verified Owner

    Cream is gonna blow your mind, but in that gentle subtle kind of way. It’s good when you wanna smoke a little when you get home from work, or when you wanna just chill with your friends or girlfriend. Got me a BIG yield, too. Made the effort and grew indoors, such a nice clean grow, smells lovely and light, and it’s got a great bright green color!!

  61. Verified Owner

    Smooth and sultry, always a winner in my book. Helps me stay calm and collected in times of stress, and makes for a great smoke when you with your boo. My BF derek and I love smoking weed together, we get really high and Netflix and chill it up! I had a good time growing marijuana, and I think you will too. It’s gonna change your life and make everything better!

  62. Verified Owner

    I was super enticed by this strain cause I love the idea of a long, smooth smoke and a nice sweet earthy flavor, and that is exactly what the cream strain is all about…its nugs are hella tight, very green and sticky and almost always on point. I keep mine in a jar in the basement and they last for ages. This is my 3rd time growing with GCS seeds, and that’s pretty exciting 🙂

  63. Verified Owner

    I know you are feeling this….that’s why you’re reading this review and LOVING IT!! Yeah, I am crazy about this weed, it’s so mild, and so sweet it’s like you’re inhaling candy. This is just so much fun that I can’t believe how affordable these seeds really are! It’s such a dream to be smoking this homegrown dope, right in the morning, out on the porch, drinking tea and eating avocados with a spoon. Good times!!!

  64. Verified Owner

    The cream is in the weed, it’s like baked into every hit, so sweet and subtle you can barely taste it. I love this mellow relaxing high, gives me all the best feelings. I smoke almost all the days, just cause why not? You only live once. Herb is god’s gift to man, and I for one am appreciative. I’ll buy more from GCS too, they delivery fast and online ordering is so smooth. Can’t wait to smoke when I get home!

  65. Verified Owner

    Cream is hella tight, makes my arms tingle and my head feel lighter than air, love all the vibes it gives me, helps me stay focused, and a little more creative too, but sometimes it just makes me sleepy, which is cool too, cause I sleep better. Loved ordering online, made my life so much eaiser, and the weed is amazing broooo!

  66. Verified Owner

    I worship this weed, I love its relaxing flavor and taste and definitely enjoy growing it in my backyard. Nobody is gonna tell me otherwise cause it’s legal here in Oregon and I am pretty excited about all that. Well worth the time it takes to flower, honestly, it’s fun to watch it grow and transform. You will definitely enjoy this marijuana, just like I do. It’s gonna make you feel so relaxed!

  67. Verified Owner

    This indica laden weed is sure to make your night extra chilllll. I smoke this and then turn on the TV and turn off my brain. It’s a very sweet strain, tastes kind of like ICE CREAM, and It makes me go bananas every time I get high!!! It’s so smooth you don’t even realize you are smoking, like WOW!!!

  68. Verified Owner

    I worked as a trimmer for a while and learned a thing or two about growing marijuana so I thought I’d just try it for myself. Really love the smell and the taste of this weed specifically, it’s really sublte and clean and very sweet. I definitely enjoy it, and I share it with my boyfriend if he’s lucky!!! I love smoking this dope and definitely feel like I am the king of the castle over here!

  69. Verified Owner

    Mmmmm this weed is creamy and delicious. I smoke it in the morning to deal with pain and stress and then at night to just relax on the couch and curl up with a good book, I have been really excited about this strain ever since I ordered online and got it planted in my backyard…excited for my next harvest too, y’all! It’s gonna keep me coming back to GCS for more!!!

  70. Verified Owner

    I worked sooooo hard to get this strain to perfection and it turned out just beautifully. I LOVE it’s relaxing and creamy taste, so subtle and sweet and hella chill, relaxing and vibing and honestly just good times all around. Worked pretty hard like I said, but the payoff is definitely worth it. The weed is fluffy and super green, like emerald city green. You’ll never feel disappointed by it!

  71. Verified Owner

    I didn’t know a thing about growing my own weed before visitng this website, and now I feel like a pro! I love the way this stuff makes me feel, it’s very relaxing and suuuuuper smooth with a subtle sweet taste. I am very pleased with everything that comes with it, but man it was a little hard to grow for my very first strain! I definitely wanna keep doing this, but I gotta keep trying to get better!!!!

  72. Verified Owner

    MMMmmmm I love that creamy good taste, it makes me feel like a true winner! I got my seeds delivered in the mail 5 months ago and am just starting to see buds forming on the plant. It’s a remarkable sight to see your plant finally produce smokeable flower, and I feel very fortunate for everything I have gotten from this company. I’ll totally keep coming back for more weed!!!

  73. Verified Owner

    I usually am a morning smoker. I like watching the sunrise and just smoking out by the water, it’s a beautiful time. I can’t deny that I keep strange hours. I work the midnight shift at a grocery store, so my boyfriend keeps the garden plants alive for me while I am away. When I return, I feel better than ever. I’ll definitely buy more weed from this site, the results are astounding!

  74. Verified Owner

    I was very happy when my seeds arrived the other day….and now they are soaking overnight as I prepare to put them in the ground. I used to grow weed `a little bit back in college but it’s definitely been a minute…thought I’d give it a try given how much money I could be saving by just growing my own dope. Used to love the sweet relaxing flavor of this weed too. Has a pretty color and fresh sticky nugs. Who could complain?

  75. Verified Owner

    Cream is like the OMG of weeds, it’s so subtle and powerful and makes my life feel like a beautiful dream….and I have nothing but great things to say about it. I am very excited to smoke this marijuana and can’t wait to be more excited for the next harvest which is just starting to bud and look fantastic. I am soooo close to buying more marijuana, gets me super stoned and I feel very happy with GCS!

  76. Verified Owner

    Yessss, cream is so nice and easy on the brain, helps me relax after a stressful day. If my bf and I have a fight, we usually smoke this weed together and are able to work out our differences. Have to say though that it was a little hard for me to grow mostly cause I am not an expert in the garden or anything. Either way, lots of fun!!

  77. Verified Owner

    Cream flower is nice stuff, have been a budtender for a few years and usually recommend this weed to my customers, all of them love it so much I decided I’d grow it myself, with some pretty awesome results! Get real high and relaxed when I smoke this…gonna make my life soooo much easier and more fun. Have a great day everyone!

  78. Verified Owner

    I am a stoner chick and cream is my favorite. It’s like a spa day inside your mind, you feel like you’re relaxing in a hot tub without a care in the world. Never had this weed before, and I just wanted to take a shot in the dark. Do NOT regret my decision! Grew some serious NUG, perfect for smoking alone or with friends, You know you’ll see me back here.

  79. Verified Owner

    Come on down and buy this weed, it’s gonna change your life in the best possible way. This indica strain is nice and smooth and gets me really baked. I smoked it all day yesterday and was smiling and giggling all day long. I liked growing it, but it is very delicate so be careful when pruning. FAST delivery and easy online ordering, so worth it!!!!!!

  80. Verified Owner

    CREAM is bomb….it’s relaxing, it’s uplifting, it’s sweet and mellow and probably the smoothest joint you’ll ever smoke. GREAT for smoking alone or with your special lady lol. I love growing weed for my girlfriend Samantha, we love getting high together on homegrown weed. The seeds from GCS never disappoint, and they always yield us something awesome. Gonna definitely get some more after writing this review!!

  81. Verified Owner

    I love that Wu-Tang song “Cream” and I was like “I am totally gonna try this marijuana” when I came across this website. It’s an absolute LUXURY and has the best flavors in town. I am very excited for the next harvest which is in the next couple of weeks. My outdoor greenhouse is the BEST! So excited to be smoking this weed, and definitely gonna buy more from GCS. Don’t you try and stop me!

  82. Verified Owner

    This is some very nice weed, has a sweet taste and a nice smell too. Good for smoking in the evening when you’re tired and in a bad mood. It makes me feel much more relaxed and it helps me with all kinds of depression symptoms. Pretty straightforward grow but it still takes some maintenance, nothing crazy, just don’t forget about it LOL

  83. Verified Owner

    I smoke marijuana to relax, and this stuff is exactly what I was hoping to find. Not only is it easy to grow, it’s also easy to buy online! A double whammy! Ordered some pot seeds on the GCS website and they shipped right out, they look absolutely amazing in my backyard, and the smell is just fantastic. I like these strong indica strains cause they make me relaxed and happy 🙂

  84. Verified Owner

    Cream will last for hours…so get ready for the chill session you’ve been wanting for decades!!! It’s such a good buy, especially for the price, and it makes for a nice strain when you’re broke like me and want some long-lasting weed for cheap!!! Broke open my new seed packet the other day and seeded them outdoors, and wow they have already germinated in the sun, so amazing!!!

  85. Verified Owner

    Creamy smooth and delicious this weed is like a milkshake! Truly brings some joy to my heart in an otherwise very lonely time. I like to grow this and smoke half then bake the other half into butter and make cookies or brownies. The flavor is amazing! It’s like adding coconut milk to an otherwise bland baking dish. Easy to germinate and grow, truly worth the effort!!

  86. Verified Owner

    Cream auto is very quick,fat n short stocky plant very mold resistant indoors 10 weeks total n done ,outdoors 12 weeks total n done great product good job growers choice…

  87. Verified Owner

    This is a great strain and apparently the favorite free auto flower seed with your purchase ! lol I have gotten it twice …. not that I mind

  88. Verified Owner

    The only thing easier than growing Cream is the whole Growers Choice Seeds’ ordering process, which is so stinking uncomplicated. My work buddies and I all use Cream after working construction all day, which is back breaking work. I’m no weed expert, but I know what I like. And Cream is the best.

    Jarret E., Waipahu, HI

  89. Verified Owner

    Dang. I sure do love cream. It’s one of those strains that just solves all of life’s problems. I am really stoked about this weed cause it just hits right. It makes me smile and brings a lot of lightness to my heart. I appreciate the smooth indica appeal, and the long tokes I can take. It’s a very laid-back and luxurious strain. Very exciting!

  90. Verified Owner


  91. Verified Owner

    Has the smoothest, sweetest smoke you’ll ever toke! Great choice for newbies and old growers alike. Hits nice and slow, and everything about this buzz screams luxury. The only thing that isn’t? The price!! These seeds were fast shipping and affordable, even better they all germinated. I watched a LOT of youtube vids about this process, so It wasn’t a total mystery to me, but I still have a lot to learn, well worth it!

  92. Verified Owner

    Great purchase! 10 seeds lasted me all summer and got me countless ounces of high-quality MJ. Takes some TLC to manage, but overall very cooperative plants. Never had any issues with germination or shipping.

  93. Verified Owner

    These easy-to-grow seeds gave me a nice and light high that helped me relax without feeling overwhelmingly heavy. Plus the creamy taste make these buds all the more enjoyable. Would recommend for anyone looking for a smooth and easy high.

  94. Verified Owner

    Cream auto-flowering feminized seeds are a true delight to grow. The plants produce dense, resinous buds that glisten with crystal trichomes, which make them a sight to behold. When harvested, the buds have a sweet aroma and a smooth smoke. The high is relaxing and perfect for unwinding after a long day. Highly recommend!

  95. Verified Owner

    Cream was a true delight to grow. The plants produce dense, resinous buds that glisten with crystal trichomes, which make them a sight to behold. When harvested, the buds have a sweet aroma and a smooth smoke. The high is relaxing and perfect for unwinding after a long day. Highly recommend!

  96. Verified Owner

    Very happy with these seeds, despite not knowing much about growing, the information on this site helped me a lot. Even got some friendly help from customer service! Growing for the first time was very rewarding and I cannot wait to buy more seeds.

  97. Verified Owner

    Grew this one over 2 months and was easy peasy. Each seed was germinated no problems, shipment came to me very fast, and been smoking this strain to go to bed every night. My only issue is the yield felt rather small but still better to have a smaller yield and every seed germinated in my opinion.

  98. Verified Owner

    I grew 10 plants over last summer and am STILL working through my supply. Tastes just a fresh, creamy, and smooth as the day I harvested. Growing with GCS really brought my mj game to the next level without breaking the bank!

  99. Verified Owner

    The smoothest, the chillest, the sweetest. Cream MJ is the best indica out there, hands down. Cultivates well indoors at temps above 70 degrees F. Takes about 12 weeks to grow, slow and steady, and usually harvests mid-fall. Great choice for personal OR commercial growing!

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