Cream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Eradicate stress and relax with our Cream Autoflowering cannabis seeds. An indica-dominant strain great for evenings, Cream will leave you feeling happy and chill, enabling tension to drain away along with anxiety and even symptoms of glaucoma.

Cream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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If you’re on the hunt for a relaxing and cheerful strain that will leave you blissfully stress-free, give our Cream Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds a try! This indica-dominant strain is perfect for evenings and nighttime, or those days when you feel too stressed out to do anything but chill on the couch.

Despite the sleepy, happy euphoria that comes along with this strain, you might find Cream auto-flowering peaks your focus a little bit as well – maybe just enough to get more out of that deep TV show or movie you’ve been meaning to watch. Ultimately, though, Cream Auto-Flowering is all about keeping your body calm so it can go to work easing away chronic or acute pain and fighting that fatigue with an all-over sleepy sensation.

People who find stress has the tendency to rule their lives, causing headaches and sleepless nights, neck tension and anxiety, will love the soothing effects of Cream auto-flowering. In addition to banishing the feelings that bring on all those symptoms, this strain also manages the symptoms themselves. Moderate pain relief fights many different aches, and the overarching happy feeling can tackle depression, as well.

Cream auto-flowering cannabis seeds can also be a good choice for people with glaucoma who are using cannabis to reduce eye pressure. Though not as potent in this regard as other strains, if this is a secondary symptom you’re seeking to treat, this sweet and earthy-flavored strain could offer just enough relief.

Our Cream Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds are tempting enough for their effects, but they’re also easy to grow! You don’t need to be a practiced green thumb to successfully cultivate healing, all-natural medicine, from seed to harvest. Cream auto-flowering cannabis seeds germinate in 2 to 7 days, and take between 50 and 60 days in the flowering stage, after their ruderalis parentage has automatically made the switch.

Choose Growers Choice for your Cream Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds and find out why we’re quickly becoming a nation-wide favorite. Our strains are all tested for genetics and viability, shipped in medical-grade glass vials, and backed by 90% germination guarantee. Order today!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 20% Sativa, 70% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening, pain management, reduce stress, sleep-inducing


Earthy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

300-400 g/m2

Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

auto-flowering feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

100 reviews for Cream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Myla Whiteley (verified owner)

    This is a great strain and apparently the favorite free auto flower seed with your purchase ! lol I have gotten it twice …. not that I mind

  2. Adolfo Lopez (verified owner)

    Cream auto is very quick,fat n short stocky plant very mold resistant indoors 10 weeks total n done ,outdoors 12 weeks total n done great product good job growers choice…

  3. Alexia North (verified owner)

    Creamy smooth and delicious this weed is like a milkshake! Truly brings some joy to my heart in an otherwise very lonely time. I like to grow this and smoke half then bake the other half into butter and make cookies or brownies. The flavor is amazing! It’s like adding coconut milk to an otherwise bland baking dish. Easy to germinate and grow, truly worth the effort!!

  4. Ines Alexander (verified owner)

    Cream will last for hours…so get ready for the chill session you’ve been wanting for decades!!! It’s such a good buy, especially for the price, and it makes for a nice strain when you’re broke like me and want some long-lasting weed for cheap!!! Broke open my new seed packet the other day and seeded them outdoors, and wow they have already germinated in the sun, so amazing!!!

  5. Lachlan Lang (verified owner)

    I smoke marijuana to relax, and this stuff is exactly what I was hoping to find. Not only is it easy to grow, it’s also easy to buy online! A double whammy! Ordered some pot seeds on the GCS website and they shipped right out, they look absolutely amazing in my backyard, and the smell is just fantastic. I like these strong indica strains cause they make me relaxed and happy 🙂

  6. Cynthia Weir (verified owner)

    This is some very nice weed, has a sweet taste and a nice smell too. Good for smoking in the evening when you’re tired and in a bad mood. It makes me feel much more relaxed and it helps me with all kinds of depression symptoms. Pretty straightforward grow but it still takes some maintenance, nothing crazy, just don’t forget about it LOL

  7. Brandon-Lee Holt (verified owner)

    I love that Wu-Tang song “Cream” and I was like “I am totally gonna try this marijuana” when I came across this website. It’s an absolute LUXURY and has the best flavors in town. I am very excited for the next harvest which is in the next couple of weeks. My outdoor greenhouse is the BEST! So excited to be smoking this weed, and definitely gonna buy more from GCS. Don’t you try and stop me!

  8. Alex Reese (verified owner)

    CREAM is bomb….it’s relaxing, it’s uplifting, it’s sweet and mellow and probably the smoothest joint you’ll ever smoke. GREAT for smoking alone or with your special lady lol. I love growing weed for my girlfriend Samantha, we love getting high together on homegrown weed. The seeds from GCS never disappoint, and they always yield us something awesome. Gonna definitely get some more after writing this review!!

  9. Luciano Oneill (verified owner)

    Come on down and buy this weed, it’s gonna change your life in the best possible way. This indica strain is nice and smooth and gets me really baked. I smoked it all day yesterday and was smiling and giggling all day long. I liked growing it, but it is very delicate so be careful when pruning. FAST delivery and easy online ordering, so worth it!!!!!!

  10. Macsen House (verified owner)

    I am a stoner chick and cream is my favorite. It’s like a spa day inside your mind, you feel like you’re relaxing in a hot tub without a care in the world. Never had this weed before, and I just wanted to take a shot in the dark. Do NOT regret my decision! Grew some serious NUG, perfect for smoking alone or with friends, You know you’ll see me back here.

  11. Macey Kinney (verified owner)

    Cream flower is nice stuff, have been a budtender for a few years and usually recommend this weed to my customers, all of them love it so much I decided I’d grow it myself, with some pretty awesome results! Get real high and relaxed when I smoke this…gonna make my life soooo much easier and more fun. Have a great day everyone!

  12. Liyana Goddard (verified owner)

    Yessss, cream is so nice and easy on the brain, helps me relax after a stressful day. If my bf and I have a fight, we usually smoke this weed together and are able to work out our differences. Have to say though that it was a little hard for me to grow mostly cause I am not an expert in the garden or anything. Either way, lots of fun!!

  13. Karam Holmes (verified owner)

    Cream is like the OMG of weeds, it’s so subtle and powerful and makes my life feel like a beautiful dream….and I have nothing but great things to say about it. I am very excited to smoke this marijuana and can’t wait to be more excited for the next harvest which is just starting to bud and look fantastic. I am soooo close to buying more marijuana, gets me super stoned and I feel very happy with GCS!

  14. Freddie Wicks (verified owner)

    I was very happy when my seeds arrived the other day….and now they are soaking overnight as I prepare to put them in the ground. I used to grow weed `a little bit back in college but it’s definitely been a minute…thought I’d give it a try given how much money I could be saving by just growing my own dope. Used to love the sweet relaxing flavor of this weed too. Has a pretty color and fresh sticky nugs. Who could complain?

  15. Raisa Findlay (verified owner)

    I usually am a morning smoker. I like watching the sunrise and just smoking out by the water, it’s a beautiful time. I can’t deny that I keep strange hours. I work the midnight shift at a grocery store, so my boyfriend keeps the garden plants alive for me while I am away. When I return, I feel better than ever. I’ll definitely buy more weed from this site, the results are astounding!

  16. Cannabisfriends (verified owner)

    MMMmmmm I love that creamy good taste, it makes me feel like a true winner! I got my seeds delivered in the mail 5 months ago and am just starting to see buds forming on the plant. It’s a remarkable sight to see your plant finally produce smokeable flower, and I feel very fortunate for everything I have gotten from this company. I’ll totally keep coming back for more weed!!!

  17. Mikaeel Beasley (verified owner)

    I didn’t know a thing about growing my own weed before visitng this website, and now I feel like a pro! I love the way this stuff makes me feel, it’s very relaxing and suuuuuper smooth with a subtle sweet taste. I am very pleased with everything that comes with it, but man it was a little hard to grow for my very first strain! I definitely wanna keep doing this, but I gotta keep trying to get better!!!!

  18. Lilly-Mae Findlay (verified owner)

    I worked sooooo hard to get this strain to perfection and it turned out just beautifully. I LOVE it’s relaxing and creamy taste, so subtle and sweet and hella chill, relaxing and vibing and honestly just good times all around. Worked pretty hard like I said, but the payoff is definitely worth it. The weed is fluffy and super green, like emerald city green. You’ll never feel disappointed by it!

  19. Celeste Mcdermott (verified owner)

    Mmmmm this weed is creamy and delicious. I smoke it in the morning to deal with pain and stress and then at night to just relax on the couch and curl up with a good book, I have been really excited about this strain ever since I ordered online and got it planted in my backyard…excited for my next harvest too, y’all! It’s gonna keep me coming back to GCS for more!!!

  20. Charlize Pearce (verified owner)

    I worked as a trimmer for a while and learned a thing or two about growing marijuana so I thought I’d just try it for myself. Really love the smell and the taste of this weed specifically, it’s really sublte and clean and very sweet. I definitely enjoy it, and I share it with my boyfriend if he’s lucky!!! I love smoking this dope and definitely feel like I am the king of the castle over here!

  21. Jamie king (verified owner)

    This indica laden weed is sure to make your night extra chilllll. I smoke this and then turn on the TV and turn off my brain. It’s a very sweet strain, tastes kind of like ICE CREAM, and It makes me go bananas every time I get high!!! It’s so smooth you don’t even realize you are smoking, like WOW!!!

  22. Kaleigh Berger (verified owner)

    I worship this weed, I love its relaxing flavor and taste and definitely enjoy growing it in my backyard. Nobody is gonna tell me otherwise cause it’s legal here in Oregon and I am pretty excited about all that. Well worth the time it takes to flower, honestly, it’s fun to watch it grow and transform. You will definitely enjoy this marijuana, just like I do. It’s gonna make you feel so relaxed!

  23. Ethan Rush (verified owner)

    Cream is hella tight, makes my arms tingle and my head feel lighter than air, love all the vibes it gives me, helps me stay focused, and a little more creative too, but sometimes it just makes me sleepy, which is cool too, cause I sleep better. Loved ordering online, made my life so much eaiser, and the weed is amazing broooo!

  24. nutty (verified owner)

    The cream is in the weed, it’s like baked into every hit, so sweet and subtle you can barely taste it. I love this mellow relaxing high, gives me all the best feelings. I smoke almost all the days, just cause why not? You only live once. Herb is god’s gift to man, and I for one am appreciative. I’ll buy more from GCS too, they delivery fast and online ordering is so smooth. Can’t wait to smoke when I get home!

  25. donald brown (verified owner)

    I know you are feeling this….that’s why you’re reading this review and LOVING IT!! Yeah, I am crazy about this weed, it’s so mild, and so sweet it’s like you’re inhaling candy. This is just so much fun that I can’t believe how affordable these seeds really are! It’s such a drea