Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

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If the name Zkittlez sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of Skittles candy, which has a lot of similarities to this marijuana strain. Zkittlez is a Cannabis Cup-winning hybrid that smells sweet, citrusy, and tropical. There’s no need to book an expensive vacation when you have Zkittlez feminized seeds by your side.

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Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

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If you are a fan of fruity flavors and a cannabis seed strain that can deliver them with gusto, then you could be just the person looking to get quality marijuana seeds for the weed strain known as Zkittlez. You can probably guess this cannabis strain’s namesake, a certain juicy fruit-flavored candy that is a bit less heavy on the letter “Z.” The fruity aroma associated with Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds is just the beginning. Cannabis cultivation has never made it easier to generate a candy-coated flavor in marijuana strain form.

Zkittlez Seeds Have an Award-Winning Blend of Genetics

Here is what we know about the parentage of Zkittlez as a strain. Grape Ape and Grapefruit were bred together with what remains a mystery strain, but this masterful blend has yielded a cannabis seed strain even the most-experienced growers of cannabis admire. In fact, Zkittlez has yielded Cannabis Cup-winning seeds on multiple occasions, winning Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and the state of Michigan. When the cannabis seed industry admires you that much, you became a popular cannabis seed strain to be sure. That means when you buy Zkittlez seeds, you know you are getting seeds for a weed strain that cannabis connoisseurs truly admire.

What Kind of Strain is Zkittlez?

Our Zkittlez feminized seeds provide you with a balanced hybrid. That is to say, our Zkittlez seeds are 50 percent indica, and 50 percent sativa. Having said that, the general consensus is that, while balanced, Zkittlez acts like an indica-dominant hybrid strain. This is also a moderate THC strain, as you can expect a weed plant to come in at around 17 to 19 percent THC. We’d call Zkittlez seeds a door to a balanced cannabis hybrid with a balanced THC experience.

The Distinct Aroma and Candy Shop Flavors of Zkittlez

Ultimately, it is the flavors and aromas of Zkittlez that truly makes this strain a popular cannabis seed choice. The aroma akin to tropical fruits has hints of berry to it as well, and tropical flavors pair with subtle hints of sweet, citrus tastes as well. Look, you know what the name is trying to evoke. The sweet, fruity flavor and aroma are distinctly reminiscent of a batch of mouth-watering candy that, well, may feel like a taste of the rainbow.

What Are the Effects of Zkittlez Seeds?

As we noted, Zkittlez is a balanced strain that smokes like an indica-dominant one. That means you can expect relaxing effects when you use Zkittlez. Indicas are relaxing strains known to help you unwind, with a sensation mostly felt in the body. If you want calming effects and deep body relaxation from your cannabis, then Zkittlez seeds are perfect for you. Many also find Zkittlez to be an excellent medical strain. You can deal with pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep issues with Zkittlez, but with enough sativa in the mix to avoid a full-on couch lock if you aren’t trying to get to bed. There is also the chance for a mild feeling of an appetite increase as well, so those dealing with appetite loss can consider the tasty tropical flavors of Zkittlez as well. We’d definitely call this a top strain for relaxation purposes.

Growing Plants from Zkittlez Seeds

Even beginner growers can try their hand at this strain for relaxation with the tasty flavors and high chill factor. Zkittlez doesn’t yield the biggest plants, but it is one of the easier strains to grow, which is nice, especially for novices. Indoor growers and outdoor growers can both give Zkittlez a shot as well. Expect a flowering time of seven to eight weeks, and after that, you will hopefully get a harvest you are happy with. The indoor yield for this particular strain tends to come in at around 350 grams per square meter, while the outdoor yield is typically around 450 grams per plant. That’s a lot of body relaxation and sweet treats!

Get Zkittlez Feminized Cannabis Seeds Today

Are you ready to get Zkittlez seeds? Then Growers Choice Seeds is ready to help you! We are a cannabis seed bank dedicated to providing quality marijuana seeds to all our customers. The seeds you buy from Growers Choice Seeds have been fully feminized because only female weed plants have buds, which is where almost all the THC is found. We also lab-test and hand-select all our seeds. When you get your seeds from Growers Choice, we also ship them to you, quickly and discreetly. You are so close to those plants with the aroma akin to one of the most popular candies in the world. However, there are dozens of other strains out there. We mentioned Grape Ape and Grapefruit, two strains we sell at Growers Choice Seeds as well. Here are five other strains you might want to consider alongside Zkittlez as well. They could be ideal for what you are looking for, from sweet strains to other balanced hybrids.

Skittles. The candy is Skittles.

1. Pineapple Diesel: Like Zkittlez, Pineapple Diesel is a balanced hybrid, but this one is more balanced in how it smokes, as opposed to how Zkittlez leans heavily on its indica parentage and effects.

2. Purple Punch: Purple Punch has a candy flavor to it as well, but it is a true indica-dominant hybrid strain, and also comes in at 21 percent THC, making it a potent strain as well.

3. Golden Ticket: Golden Ticket is another balanced hybrid, but it brings a different taste profile. It’s more earthy and skunky. Plus, our Golden Ticket seeds are auto-flowering, which is to say they flower based on the age of the plant, not based on exposure to a certain light cycle.

4. Sugar Cookie: We’re delivering a sweet treat in pot form to you here. However, don’t snack on Sugar Cookie like its food, as this strain comes in at a whopping 23 percent on the THC front! Treat this balanced hybrid (that leans slightly indica) like dessert.

5. Buddha Tahoe: Are you interested in indica effects? Well, let’s go all in with the indica! This classic Kush strain is a pure, 100-percent indica strain. Get the effects of Zkittlez taken to a whole new level.

Additional information

Strain Genetics



50% Indica, 50% Sativa

Strain Type

Balanced Hybrid

CBD Level


THC Content


Best Use

Depression, Evening, Insomnia, Stress

Flowering Time

7-8 weeks


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

21 reviews for Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

  1. gaspedalzoomer Verified Owner

    I really enjoyed this strain, the mellow THC level makes it very easy to smoke and not too overwhelming of a high. With how easy it was to grow I will happily continue buying these seeds to keep a consistent stock up. seeds from Growers Choice were also an excellent quality!

  2. inight1 Verified Owner

    I just started smoking this weed and….it’s a lot stronger than I expected. Smoking too much makes me feel strangely awkward and anxious so I reserve it for when I am home alone. Much better that way. I like letting my mind wander and my creativity flow. Great strain for painting, music, or writing. Really opens and expands the minds. It’s got a very sour flavor, can’t QUITE taste the rainbow, but I do enjoy the feeling.

  3. ToxicAvenger Verified Owner

    So normally don’t write reviews, but Growers Choice customer service was so friendly and helpful. I had Bought a 5 pack and only had 2 seeds sprouts, seems I got a little unlucky. The excellent customer service people at growers replaced the other 3 not problem and I got my order amazingly fast. So for that excellent service alone i give this purchase a 5/5

  4. MeteorMuser77 Verified Owner

    Experience the sweetest high that will transport you to a tropical paradise. Growing this strain was like tending to a garden of happiness. The plants were vibrant and lush, bursting with citrus and tropical flavors. The high was pure bliss, leaving me in a state of relaxation and contentment. Perfect for those seeking relief from stress, insomnia, or a mood boost.

  5. PuffPuffPlayer710 Verified Owner

    Zkittlez is a great strain for those dealing with depression and stress, as it can help you feel happy and relaxed. This strain was easy to grow, and with 2 months of flowering time, I got a great yield. The fast shipping and excellent customer service experience from Growers Choice Seeds made this purchase a breeze, and their blog was a great resource for information.

  6. Leo Gonzalez Verified Owner

    Has a sweet and sour flavor and a bright uplifting high! I like it for its sativa makeup and I honestly just feel great every time I smoke it. It’s been good for my body and my mind. I am thankful I finally had a chance to work with some pot at home. Learned a lot about the plant. FUN TIMES all around, and great prices!

  7. Jean-Bill Verified Owner

    This was some of the tastiest **** I’ve ever eaten in terms of appearance, aroma, and flavour. And it was quite simple to grow—highly recommended!

  8. John J. Verified Owner

    Yoooooo! Zkittlez is a classic strain with a sour flavor and a fragrance similar to candies! I am a solo home grower…I use a lot gardening tips from this website (check out the blog section), I also call on customer service if I ever have a problem my plants or my order….They have a 60-day seed replacement and a 90% germ guarantee. A very reliable product with superior results!

  9. OmegaGuardian12 Verified Owner

    This is my first ever harvest as I’m a beginner and on the way to becoming a budding green thumb. Thank goodness for the grow series blog and the customer service in helping me with all my questions. Customer service here is the real MVP. Happy to say my Zkittlez Seeds produced fruity flavors that put me to sleep!

  10. FreckledFlowers Verified Owner

    1st outdoor grow, started indoors in April, moved outdoors in 3 gal pots(I know that held em back, it’s all I had) harvest in late September and got 5 ounces per plant. Nice an relaxing smoke, friend used some to make butter and the cookies were phenomenal. Great high, relaxing, not sleepy and no paranoia. Gonna do larger pots next season.

  11. DabDuke360 Verified Owner

    Zkittlez is an amazing strain that provides a perfect balance of relaxation and happiness. The citrusy, tropical flavor is amazing and the effects are perfect for relieving stress and insomnia. It was easy to grow and produced a good yield.

  12. Jenny-Lee Mcdonald Verified Owner

    If you’re into dense stinky sticky buds that don’t grow too large indoors then zkittlez is cool …. if you’re into that .

  13. chismoso8 Verified Owner

    Couldn’t be happier bought 5 seeds germinated 2 popped in 1 day about 2 weeks to finish can’t wait

  14. Sifu_Kate2 Verified Owner

    Grew in soil, LEDs all but 2 germinated. Super fruity smell at the end. Smokes great and awesome for cooking

  15. angel.solorio.sol1 Verified Owner

    Super sweet maybe even the sweetest it’s going on my top 3 I won’t go without a weekend I don’t hit zkettles all day …

  16. A Townsend Verified Owner

    Ordered 5 seeds, 4 of them germinated. Slightly disappointing but the seeds that grew became fully mature plants with beautiful looking flower. Just as you’d expect, the nug was nice and fluffy, very sour and a little sweet. Hits with that deep sativa energy that makes me feel lively and creative! Really can’t complain, what an awesome buy!

  17. lees11111 Verified Owner

    Over all my experience has been very great. Had a few seeds not germinate but ilgm promptly send me a replacement. Genetics seem to be very strong. Can’t wait to sample each one of them.

  18. margartia88 Verified Owner

    The one seed I attempted to germinate popped without any problems. I grow hydroponically (dwc) and randomly decided to experiment with this new seedling and immediately put her into the flowering tent. This phenotype exploded in size, had an intense branching pattern, and turned deep purple to the point that it was almost black.

    I harvested 6 dry ounces of premium, manicured bud that measured between 27-31% TAC on the tCheck device. I am a seasoned smoker with a very high tolerance and this stuff completely melts me and everyone else who tries it into a happy (and obliterated) puddle. Seriously though, the strength scares me. Smoke this one slowly

  19. mill3rrrrrr00 Verified Owner

    5 seeds were ordered, and 4 of them took root. A little disappointing, but the seeds that germinated blossomed into completely developed plants with stunning flowers. The nug was wonderful and fluffy, quite sour, and just a little bit sweet, as you could anticipate. Has a strong sativa energy hit that makes me feel vivacious and imaginative. Can’t really complain, what a great purchase!

  20. Claudia Gallagher Verified Owner

    Nothing like the sweet smell of zkittlez weed in the morning. This is for def a wake and bake strain, helps with stress and depression, also with anxiety. Honestly just puts me ina good mood in the morning. I work outdoors, so this is exactly what I need for an extra pep in my step. I will always buy from GCS for their low prices and fast delivery!

  21. michael.cosper123 Verified Owner

    Shipping was fast and germinated nicely. They are growing nicely and I’m very happy so far. I’ll add another review after harvest. Great company!!!

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