White Rhino Feminized Seeds

White Rhino Feminized Seeds

From Just: $39.00

(79 customer reviews)

Heavy-hitting White Rhino marijuana comes in hard with the THC content and bliss-inducing effects. Relatively easy in the garden, it’s yield is as impressive as its performance.

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White Rhino Feminized Seeds

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Can you call yourself a fan of indica if you haven’t sampled White Rhino marijuana? Yes, but you’re missing out. High yielding with a hefty dose of THC (20%) and naturally high in CBD (1%), this heavy-hitting stunner throws its weight around in all the right ways. 

Coming from a lineage of highly-respected strains in their own right, White Rhino marijuana is a pure indica that will relax you deeply, from head to toe. Expect this strain to hit hard with a long-lasting, powerful happiness, well known among the medical community for treating a variety of aches, pains, and spasms. 

Sweet, spicy, and earthy, White Rhino marijuana is both pungent and fragrant, characteristics that lend to its reputation as a fan favorite. White Rhino is an unfussy strain that thrives in almost any environment, and offers a generous yield – often between 30 and 40 ounces – come harvest. Granted, a little experience cultivating marijuana will help gardeners get the most out of their White Rhino marijuana seeds. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics



100% Indica

Strain Type


Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Indoor Yield

Up to 900 gr

Outdoor Yield

Over 1 kg

Best Use

Evening, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Pine, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

79 reviews for White Rhino Feminized Seeds

  1. RodeoDreams Verified Owner

    White Rhino is an impressive indica strain that delivers a strong and satisfying high. The plants were a joy to grow, with their sturdy structure and beautiful white buds. The high was euphoric and relaxing, perfect for evenings when I needed to unwind.

  2. MrMissedALot300 Verified Owner

    White Rhino is a perfect strain for evening use, helping me relax, unwind, and sleep better after a long day. The spicy sweet taste and pine aroma make it even more enjoyable, while the high THC content ensures a powerful and long-lasting effect. Growing the seeds was easy and gave me a fantastic yield, making it a great investment for any intermediate grower.

  3. James P Verified Owner

    The high volumes of weed given alone make growing this well worth the effort! I now have more Indica than I know what to do with! Growers got me these seeds within 9 days after I ordered and really happy to see all seeds germinated without an issue.

  4. StellarPhoenix27 Verified Owner

    A serious strain that packs a serious punch, White Rhino are the answer to your green thumb prayers. It’s easy to grow, had me on the couch for hours, and is very gassy.

  5. hazylungs_74 Verified Owner

    A rare find! White rhino is everything you wanted and more! Buying online was a great choice. It helps me manage my pain, stress, and anxiety….hits like a true indica. Basically knocks me on my behind LOL.
    5 seeds was the perfect order! I love how GCS is geared towards helping the little guy. It’s all about persistence and keeping this weed happy and healthy!

  6. Carlos Guzman Verified Owner

    White Rhino, the gentle giant of the cannabis world. Its thick, resinous buds resemble the massive horn of its namesake. Growing these beauties was a journey of passion and patience. The high is like a soothing wave, washing away all worries and bringing deep relaxation. The plants themselves stood proud and strong, exuding a sweet and spicy aroma. A true treasure for evenings, insomnia, pain, and stress. White Rhino, is a potent antidote to life’s challenges.

  7. Dimitri Pavlov Verified Owner

    White Rhino Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a must-try for any marijuana enthusiast. With its high THC content and blissful effects, this strain is a heavy hitter. It is easy to grow and offers a generous yield. The White Rhino marijuana strain is known for its powerful relaxation and is highly regarded in the medical community for its therapeutic benefits.

  8. Robert Bell Verified Owner

    White Rhino has gifted me with some nice blissful highs for harder-to-handle longer days. Was really happy with how growing this strain went, easy to care for this seed, and the yields were very good. Overall, any level of grower can find success with growing this strain.

  9. D91Alverez Verified Owner

    Just about ready to harvest….this weed is definitely going to make my winter that much better. A summer grow for sure, weed plants LOVE the hot heat and low moisture of our Oregon summers. The seeds always ship quickly from northern California and are great for outdoor AND indoor cultivation.

  10. Liliana J, Verified Owner

    I usually only buy 3 White Rhino seeds at a time because its yields are so huge. I’d say that I consistently get at least 1 kilogram per plant when I grow it outside, which is just crazy. GCS has never messed up an order and give such accurate info about their strains.

    Liliana J., McMinnville, OR

  11. 69Bl4ykF41thful Verified Owner

    1st grow ever. Grow space: 2×2 cabinet with usable height about 26 inches (not including reservoir and LED grow light). Started out with three plants and culled down to one plant picking the largest. As this was my first grow, I had to learn lots as I went along and consequently did so many things that should’ve killed the plant outright. And yet she thrived.

    With the limited growing space, I bonsai the **** out of it with ***** and two tops. My yield was 3 1/2 ounces of dried flower and half an ounce of trim! The trim was probably more as I was trimming and smoking the last two weeks before harvest (decarboxylating seem to help).

    Next grow I’m going to try mainlining, which boasts up to 5 1/2 ounces of dried flower for a 31 inch plant indoors (topped 3 times for 8 colas) Actually the plant I just grew, training it as a bonsai was a crude variation of mainlining)

    As it was my first grow, I have nothing to compare it to. That said, I don’t know of much first time grows in such a constrained space having as high a yield.

    Huge buds and extremely forgiving: I can’t recommend this strain highly enough.

  12. Jago B. Verified Owner

    My grow consist of mostly sativa plants. It has been sometime since I have grown an indica. Put this little lady in ground second week of may. Each time I look at her I grin. You know I’m grinning now. Heh heh!! Seems to me no matter the circumstance if talk to the team at GCS they will help you. Bonafide. I can’t quit grinning. The Smoky’s

  13. Dylan W Verified Owner

    Seed was divided between two grows. Every seed germinated. Nice to have seed that you can count on! See you guys around harvest moon!!!

  14. 420C0nsc10usD4l4t0n Verified Owner

    Great fun during sequestering was growing from seed to plant to full plant our newest hobby.

  15. Caoimhe C. Verified Owner

    When I started this year I had one empty spot to fill for my grow to be complete. I am a big fan of sativas but I also like a good creeper every now and again!!! As of yesterday the one Rhino is soaking!! Wishing everyone a good grow this year!! Thanks to GCS. You guys are simply the best! I purchased five white rhino eight days ago and I am now germinating. They don’t play around. Later guys gotta go.

  16. Oliver D. Verified Owner

    I started 5 seeds 6 weeks ago in my new grow tent and moved them outside last week. All seeds sprouted and the plants are beautiful and healthy! Looking forward to a grand harvest!

  17. Tony Warner Verified Owner

    well im flowering white rino fems, But they are 4 foot tall had 5 but one biggest plant turned completely male, and customer service are supposed to be sending replacement seeds. But they are kicking but.

  18. Paula B. Verified Owner

    All 12 planted came up quick~1week. All so far look robust/healthy.

  19. Jane K. Verified Owner

    Hi mate. Just thought id let you no its season in Australia and after planting My white rhino only 3 from 10 Seeds have germinated. In the other gold rush seeds, i purchased as well i have got 5 from 5 up So looking forward to how they progress. Look forward to the feedback

  20. Kasey G. Verified Owner

    GCS has been awesome to work with they have top-shelf seeds great team has always stood by their products. I’ve ordered several times never a problem and the bud I’ve grown from seeds I’ve purchased have been totally awesome

  21. K N. Verified Owner

    Just finished harvesting tons of buds from these 5 ladies. The yield was bigger than expected. Oh! and the intensity of this strain is way higher than I expected (and I haven’t even cured them yet!
    I’ll definitely be back in soon for another purchase for my summer crop. I’d like to diversify a bit next time 🙂

  22. Dante D. Verified Owner

    Received my seeds in just a few days. I germinated
    one seed and it took less than 48 hours to pop.
    Thanks GCS!

  23. A.Edwards Verified Owner

    Never a problem with GCS, they stay in touch when I order, during the shipping process and after delivery. My fourth order had some germination problems and I received replacements right away. I love growing marijuana with I love growing marijuana!

  24. Jago Mason Verified Owner

    Very happy thanks

  25. Ali M. Verified Owner

    They popped within a couple day growing very strong and very pleased with customer service and help with questions.

  26. Isobella H. Verified Owner

    Everything came in quite quickly, long before I was ready to get things going.

  27. Marina D. Verified Owner

    Big bud is one of my favorite strains and GCS delivers on every level with quality genetics. The best customer service, the best delivery times, and the best seeds! Highly recommend the big bud ?

  28. Jack Hobbs Verified Owner

    A rare find! White rhino is mysterious as it is delicious! This nug is high quality, very fresh, and has some truly vibrant colors! If you have even a few months to work in the garden, it’s well worth it. The results are pretty astounding. I am talking about over 500 G of pot from just 3 plants. More than enough to help me with my nightly aches and pains. Great vibes and an excellent yield!

  29. Clyde B. Verified Owner

    Fabulous very fast and no issues . Never a problem germinating just throw them in a glass of water simple as ever

  30. 69Oc3l0tN3gl3ctfully Verified Owner

    One of, if not some of the best and biggest buds I’ve ever grown…If you have pain and can’t sleep, I would recommend this strain hand down. Smooth smoke and relaxing high… Thank you again!!!

  31. IndiaHo1man Verified Owner

    Germinated 5 out of ten seeds (white rhino), 4 of the 5 germinated perfect and almost over night. One seed did not germ. Plants are 6 inches and doing fine , nice and bushy so far.. Very happy camper. Growing indoors in wisconsin.

  32. Miranda S. Verified Owner

    I was a little worried about my payment in the mail But once they received my payment they sent me an email letting me know that they got it and my seeds are on the way YEAH FOR GCS YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait lol

  33. Kelly Mcbride Verified Owner

    They kindly replaced a number of failed seeds.
    I am in the first six weeks of indoor growth of my 6 “pets.” Sadly, one is a “runt 🙁 Haven’t named them, yet 😉
    Two strains; one for sleep and one for fun. Will keep updated in a few months

  34. S. Peck Verified Owner

    Wow, that’s all I can say. Placed an order on November 2nd. It was delivered on the 5th. Talk about service. This was my second order from GCS, and it certainly won’t be my last.

  35. Alina Cobb Verified Owner

    The order was placed and shipped immediately I received my items in about 4 days. Germinated in two days. One did stretch but that was lighting issue on my part. It’s been a week and she is on her 3rd node with three fingers on each node. Nice start Will be ordering a variety soon

  36. Leland C. Verified Owner

    Very fast shipping into the US. The seeds arrived very discreetly and seem to be the correct strains. Very happy with the GCS team and they had great customer support.

  37. H Camacho Verified Owner

    Best ever,much better then the other guys

  38. Serena S. Verified Owner

    I’m extremely happy thank you you’re a Class Act

  39. SunshineWeednation2022 Verified Owner

    I have bought thousands of dollars worth of seeds(like 3k) and I germinated 5 seeds 3 popped in unreal time 22 hrs and the last 2 took almost 2 days I waited for a good root before planting into my aergarden I will always continue to buy from you guys and I have “ never never ever” not received an order and all seeds like always always grew into great plants. RD

  40. Alfie G. Verified Owner

    The package arrived within 2 weeks (US).
    Soaked 5 seeds for 1 day in water and planted in soil under the last full moon.
    All 5 sprouted within 3 days!
    Wonderful service and attention to detail.
    Thank you!!

  41. Darcey0ng Verified Owner

    I ordered seeds and shipping time could be up to 20 day’s. I received my seeds within 5 days of them being shipped. Cannot wait to start germinating. Waiting on grow lights. So far very impressed with this company

  42. Dillon M. Verified Owner

    The quickest I have ever received in 6 days, I’m impressed 100% germination as well.

  43. Haris W. Verified Owner

    Can’t fault the service this far.
    5 perfect seeds arrived at my door within two weeks of ordering (Europe to Australia) and they even came with a bonus phone cover!
    Still a bit cold here so waiting another month to germinate (outdoor crop)

    Will/have recommended to friends!!!


  44. M.Holmes Verified Owner

    First time buyer and it showed up withing 15 days lets hope all 20 sprout! will keep it posted.

  45. Hasan Bu Verified Owner

    Everything I ordered came as promised they are all in the woods growing to be pretty little ladies. I’ll have pics when ready for harvest.

  46. Bridie L. Verified Owner

    Super fast shipping

  47. S3xM0d3st420 Verified Owner

    So far the plants are looking great. Big and healthy. Thanks for the harvesting tips. Looking forward to the result!!

  48. Keyaan M. Verified Owner

    Wonderful company, great people, so very helpful…..received product in timely manner, product has sprouted and i am HAPPY !!!

  49. Tom Fulton Verified Owner

    Better than I ever imagined, Thanks, GCS Team

  50. Drew Chen Verified Owner

    All have sprouted so far so good.

  51. Carter Z. Verified Owner

    These guys are amazing. I can’t rave enough about them. Their product is primo and delivered very fast. Thanks, guys keep it up

  52. Benedict W. Verified Owner

    Just like the last order , the seeds were up in 3 days !

  53. Billie A. Verified Owner

    Delivery is great , 4 ro 14 days. The product is super, never had a seed not germinate. Very Happy.

  54. StickyHungry Verified Owner

    This is the morning of the 12th day after switching to 10/10. They’re going to be massive!

  55. Lucy P. Verified Owner

    This is absolutely the best source I have ever found for cannabis seeds. the response time is amazing, the communication is over the top great, and the guaranteed delivery is fantastic. I love using this site.

  56. Kandt93 Verified Owner

    I got the seeds in Washington state in about a week. Very fast service. The white rhino seeds are very vigorous. They just want to grow, there just babies now but growing very fast.

  57. 69F4ttyK3y4r4 Verified Owner

    I was hospitalized with the flu and they died no help damn I hate that 10 seeds down the drain
    the white rhino was great

  58. Julie W. Verified Owner

    Received in 10 days sprouted nicely seedlings up and good impressed with service so far

  59. Dominik Ayala Verified Owner

    This weed is uplifting and very exciting to grow! I got 3 seeds online and had them shipped to me via the mail. Very fast shipping and right to my door. I am thrilled to have this strain in my backyard…it’s a BIG and bushy strain with some tasty nugs and a very fruitful flavor. Oh yum!!

  60. Oakley D. Verified Owner

    Arrived within 3 weeks and all are intact so far 100% strike rate exceeded my expectations

  61. Adam L. Verified Owner

    Place the order on Monday and they came in 10 days to the USA great customer service

  62. Kian N. Verified Owner

    One pop an looks good

  63. Chris19255 Verified Owner

    4 of 5 germinated. One didn’t. Good delivery time. So far so good.

  64. Squ4shGr33d1ly69 Verified Owner

    Grown this twice now. Up with the best I’ve ever grown. GCS is ALWAYS for the win. This strain smells and tastes like a field of passionfruits, Pine, and citrus. Amazing high

  65. Sharon G. Verified Owner

    So far I have germinated 3 of the seeds, only one has made it into growing though. I have contacted support from GCS but got a lot of info from a to-grow forum when I posted there. The only thing that we could come up with was older seeds. A little hard to believe with my experience last time I bought from GCS, but so far my one white rhino seed that made to actually grow is happy and still developing. I’m incredibly satisfied with her and will eventually germinate the two other seeds though I’m a bit nervous too since my luck has been pretty low. Regardless, I look forward to the next strain I buy from GCS and I appreciate their wanting to help me solve the issue of germination with these seeds.

  66. Cherimoya Verified Owner

    I sprouted 3 seeds picked the best plant and had almost zero issues growing this plant outdoors. It made 14 pounds of the best **** I ever grew. And the largest by far. 38 feet in circumference. Easy plant to trim and cure also

  67. C.Griffin Verified Owner

    Tried to germinate two but was not successful, so 3 stars for now as the shopping time was excellent.

  68. Stuart W. Verified Owner

    My recent order of white rhino hasn’t arrive after 3 weeks but the previous order of white widow has been a huge success, all seeds sprouted and produced great buds, let’s hope the white rhino shows up.

  69. PungentJoris91 Verified Owner

    Excellent. Great results couldn’t be happier and also the service. Arrived in my letterbox within 2 weeks of purchase.

  70. Doris A. Verified Owner

    Bought 10 big bud seeds 8 popped. Was going to complain but… Grew them in a greenhouse. They were about 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide. The buds aren’t big they are ridiculously huge. My daughter said it was a pretty good smoke. Am going to order more today.

  71. B1cycl3At1n4420 Verified Owner

    getting them ready 4 out side.last year big bud was nice

  72. ExcitedSuper114 Verified Owner

    5 Afghan came up and 2 white rhino. then they went to head .got no size .not happy.
    Quality looks good yield not good.could you recommend some think in size with same quality. Disappointed with yield.

  73. Arjan B. Verified Owner

    So far so good still waiting for it to be done will let you know when it’s done in twenty two moy days PS did you all receive the check for the fruity kusk

  74. Lara O. Verified Owner

    Due to the season I won’t be enjoying for quite a few months yet but I’ll let you know when I enjoy… the service was great from you guys.. thank you

  75. Mia Blevins Verified Owner

    This was my first grow and I’m glad I got my seeds from GCS! Super fast delivery and even better results than what I thought I was gonna get! I germinated as they suggested and followed their guidelines! Not mad about anything they say to do! I give an A plus to their team because they set me up for success!

  76. Jeff Smith Verified Owner

    Got 3 seeds of White Rhino. All 3 popped and it’s a Full month now of Healthy Green Growing. Nice Thick Stalk and Big Healthy Sun Leaves. Heavy Branching. I’m Definitely ? Happy ? !!!

  77. B34rm0d3H4nds0m3420 Verified Owner

    Seeds got replaced after not coming through the first time no questions asked. Very pleased with the service and the seeds. Germinated 5 Big Bud seeds and 5 Bubble Gum seeds. They came up within 36 hours of being put on a wet paper towel. Great service, great seeds, very happy, will be ordering again. Highly recommended

  78. Kaylum B Verified Owner

    My experience has been excellent my order arrived around a week ago have taken on board what I read in your article’s.

  79. 420L3m0nSn4zzy Verified Owner

    About 6 of the seeds never germinated I followed the correct procedure but still had no luck, the other ten germinated and are thriving just flipped them into flowers 2 days ago, excited to see the results

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