Purple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Called the ultimate mood-booster, Purple Haze cannabis seeds produce a happy, cherrful, and euphoric high that also aids in insomnia and restlessness at night. Many users find this strain’s blueberry flavor delicious!

Purple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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As a general rule of thumb, cannabis strains with higher THC percentages will have more of a psychoactive and psychedelic effect on the brain. In the case of Purple Haze cannabis seeds, this sativa-dominant strain comes with moderate THC levels, ranging from 17-20% on average. Purple Haze is powerful enough to deliver a noticeable change to your mood and way of thinking. On the days when it feels like a dark and stormy rain cloud is hanging about your head, turn to Purple Haze for a euphoric release.

This strain is called the ultimate mood-booster for a reason. One or two inhales later, most users notice a shift in their headspace. Users note feeling happier, lighter, and cheerful after the help of Purple Haze. With that gleeful feeling also comes the giggles and laughter. You may find yourself laughing harder than usual (typically at things that aren’t normally that funny). Take the time to enjoy this feeling and laugh until your stomach hurts.

As with most Purple strains, Purple Haze tastes like fresh-picked berries. You’ll notice hints of blueberry and earthiness, almost as if you plucked these berries yourself in the forest. Purple Haze also has medical benefits and can aid those who feel restless at night.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Purple Haze


30% Indica, 70% Sativa

Flowering Time

9 weeks

THC Content

17%, 18%, 19%, 20%

CBD Level



Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Depression, Evening, Fatigue, Pain, Stress


Fruity, Spicy, Sweet

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

8 reviews for Purple Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Taya Doherty (verified owner)

    Biiiig flower, the size of my hand, purple as a velvet robe, smells like candy, feels like a tidal wave of CHILL. Best indica you can find anywhere online. PLus, GCS seeds are powerful and always germinate well!

  2. Bianca Bell (verified owner)

    Some purple haze on the brain might be just what you need. Bought 5 seeds online and had em delivered to my front door just like that. It was easier than I expected and when I followed the growing directions on this website, I ended up with some seriously beautiful flower after about 6 months. It’s a fickle plant not gonna lie, and it does NOT like to be cold, so be sure you’re giving it all the love it deserves 🙂

  3. Giorgia Holmes (verified owner)

    I have always enjoyed the purple strains, I feel like they are some kind of magic. This purple strain tastes kind of like blackberries. The smell, too, is very much like fresh berries. I purchased my marijuana seeds online, and was pleasantly surprised to see them sprouting in my backyard just a week or two later. STRONG germination, and a great yield, maybe around 500 G? I never measured. Great stuff though, will buy again.

  4. Aditya Shelton (verified owner)

    This is honestly an incredible strain. It’s very relaxing and uplifting but it isn’t harsh and I really prefer that vibe. It’s not tiresome or makes you achey like some weeds, instead it’s really tasty and helps a lot with stress and depression. Gonna keep on growing this indoors though cause it’s really better for control and yield. Get growing with GCS, their seeds are amazing!!!!

  5. bagillies3620 (verified owner)

    Really nice strain with great taste and classic giggly high, but as far as yields go inside MY tent, it wasn’t in my top three. Probably grows really big outside. I still have a few seeds left and I’m going to screen-of-green them to see if I can increase the indoor yield. Overall, I’m glad I grew it because it had the right amount of THC and wasn’t finicky. Everyone should grow this strain at least once.

  6. the Clown (verified owner)

    I am doing a review before my opportunity expires. I like different strains, from potent NL to mild medical CBD, pure sativas / pure indicas, flavored hybrids to dank land races. There truely is a moment for each one. At GCS they have a library of quality genetics that will marvel any collection. So here’s to YOUR moments of enjoyment, may they be brief but many.

  7. torino428cj (verified owner)

    It says intermediate to grow I found the strain very easy to grow. Worth every cent. Can’t wait till it’s dry enough to fire one up. I’ve ordered from other seed companies but Growers Choice is by far the best in my opinion. Fast shipping plus shipped to protect your order. Ty

  8. pedroserrano611 (verified owner)

    I purchased feminized seeds. I’m happy with the results do fat. Can’t wait to see this flower

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