Dance World Feminized Seeds

  • 20% Indica 80% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 12%
  • Thrives in cold weather
  • Promotes a sense of deep relaxation
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results
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Dance World Feminized Seeds

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Congratulations on finding the scarce Dance World cannabis seeds! What makes this offspring of parent strains Dancehall and Juanita la Lagrimose so rare is that it is one of only a handful of sativa-dominant hybrids with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio in an ocean of THC-dominant strains. Like any strain that is high in CBD, Dance World has numerous therapeutic benefits while also boasting some incredible cerebrally-focusing and physically reinvigorating effects without any of the adverse reactions of THC-soaked, sativa-heavy hybrids.


What are the effects of Dance World cannabis?

  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Uplifted
  • Focused
  • Motivated

Dance World cannabis seeds mature into plants with an equal THC and CBD content of 12% that provide users with a fabulous mix of feeling both laid-back and ready to dance, or at least motivated to get up and get things done.

You will most likely feel your mood and energy begin to steadily increase as Dance World takes you up the gentle and gradual ascent to its full effects. It imbues users with happiness, an uplifting sense of levity and positivity, and creative inspiration, all of which make for a fun-filled time no matter what social activities or tasks you take on. Using Dancing World cannabis also provides the benefit of fully relaxing your body without rendering you incapable of functioning. In fact, it’s the kind of relaxation that’s about de-stressing the mind and body so that you’re able to think and move more freely and fluidly as if dancing your way through the day.


What are the therapeutic benefits of Dance World cannabis?

Thanks to Dance World’s high CBD content and sativa-heavy side that make it an upbeat mood booster, it has the potential to offer medical users an assortment of benefits. 

On the physical spectrum, Dance World can soothe and ease the body, so talk to your doctor to see if this is the strain for your needs.


What does Dance World taste like?

If you go to a wine tasting with a group of friends and all try a particular red, your sommelier will give you an accurate overall profile of all of the different notes that this wine contains, and then because the taste is also a very individual experience each one of you is likely to pick up some of those individual notes while perhaps not noticing others as much or at all. The same truth applies to cannabis strains. 

So, while you may not detect every single one of the following flavors of Dance World, the purpose of listing all of its various tastes is to give you a general idea of its flavor profile.

As such, Dance World has a sweet floral earthy flavor with notes of spice and fruit, making it quite the pleasurable strain to experience.


How do I grow Dance World cannabis seeds?

Like all cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, Dance World seeds are feminized, which eliminates the hassle of separating males out. 

However, unlike many strains, Dance World actually thrives in cold weather. While it is fine in the sun, it will not do well when exposed to long periods of heat. So, if you live in a warm climate, you’ll want to grow this strain indoors where you can recreate the kind of lighting and temperatures found at higher, cooler altitudes. It will also require some regular pruning and trimming so that lower branches get enough light and nutrients aren’t wasted on areas that will just eventually die. As such, Dance World is a strain that requires a bit of experience to grow. 

One last thing to note is that along with being resistant to the cold, Dance World is also highly-resistant to common molds and mildew.


What do Dance World cannabis plants look like?

Even though Dance World contains 80% sativa, it looks more like an indica in terms of its height of about 3-4 feet on average and its overall bushiness. However, its buds are more sativa-like in that they are looser in structure.

Its elongated nuggets are a mix of dark and bright greens with a sporadic smattering of curly orange hairs all frosted over in a delicate layer of small, white crystal trichomes and sticky resin.


When to harvest your Dance World cannabis plant

Dance World’s indica-like plant structure means that it will respond well to the Sea of Green Method, which gives cultivators a higher yield.

Grown indoors, Dance World should be harvest-ready in about 8 weeks, versus the usual 10-12 for most sativa-dominant strains, providing a generous yield of 500 grams per square meter. Cultivated outdoors, it should yield approximately 450 grams per plant near the first week of October.

Similar cannabis strains to Dance World

  1. Dancehall one of Dance World’s parent strains with a higher-than-average CBD content
  2. Suzy Q while having a 1:15 THC:CBD content, its CBD level is similar to Dance World’s at 15%
  3. Pennywise a rare 1:1 THC:CBD strain that “scares” mental and physical tensions away!
  4. CBD Blueberry one more of the only handful of 1:1 THC: CBD strains at 7%

Additional information

Strain Genetics



20% Indica, 80% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Creative, Energetic, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 500 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 500 gr

Best Use

Daytime, Depression, Headache, Nausea


Citrus, Earthy, Herbal

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Dance World Feminized Seeds

Based on 13 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Dance World Feminized Seeds from Growers Choice Seeds are a fantastic choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking for a balanced THC and CBD strain. With its uplifting effects and therapeutic benefits, Dance World offers a unique experience. This sativa-dominant hybrid is perfect for relieving stress, boosting mood, and improving mental and physical functionality.

  2. Verified Owner

    Dance World has quickly become one of my favorite strains to grow. It’s easy to care for and produces beautiful buds with a sweet and spicy aroma. The high is mellow and relaxing, perfect after a long day. I highly recommend this strain to anyone looking for a great cultivation experience.

  3. Verified Owner

    I was really impressed by the genetics of Dance World, it was clear that a lot of care went into producing this strain. The high was mellow and chill, perfect for winding down after a long day. The plants were easy to grow and produced a decent yield.

  4. Verified Owner

    Dance World is a fantastic sativa-dominant hybrid that boasts a creative, energetic, and uplifting high. It’s perfect for daytime use and has been great for managing my depression and headaches. I grew it indoors and it was easy to care for and produced some beautiful buds.

  5. Verified Owner

    Dance World is a fantastic strain that leaves me feeling creative, energetic and uplifted. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast these seeds grew and were able to harvest a large yield in under 2 months. It’s a great daytime strain that helps alleviate headaches and nausea. Plus, it’s easy to grow – perfect for beginners.

  6. Verified Owner

    Dance World Feminized Seeds are amazing! This strain not only uplifts my mood but also relaxes my body. It inspires me to pick up dancing again. Perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  7. Verified Owner

    One-of-a-kind high that gives a nice creative energy and still allows you to be active. Easy to grow and fast, you will be smelling these great herbal aromas in no time. Excellent choice for beginner growers looking for a high that won’t overwhelm you.

  8. Verified Owner

    This strain is an energetic and uplifting dancer on the senses, with a creative high that will have you grooving through the day. All of my Dance World seeds sprouted and germinated successfully, making for a delightful growing experience. Its citrus and earthy flavors add an extra kick to the already enjoyable high.

  9. Verified Owner

    For people who want a quick-growing seed with a solid-sized yield consider this seed. Bought these, and had them all germinate perfectly and grow great. After a few weeks, these plants just blew up in size. Will probably buy these often to keep a steady stream of cannabis on hand from now on.

  10. Verified Owner

    Dance World definitely lives up to its name with a high that really gets you moving and creative. I loved how energized this strain made me feel and the uplifting effects were noticeable right away. The plant was also easy to grow and produced a good yield. Definitely, a great strain to try if you want a burst of creativity and energy.

  11. Verified Owner

    With a balanced ratio of THC to CBD, Dance World offers a unique experience of both cerebral focus and physical relaxation. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides uplifting effects, creativity, and motivation, making it an excellent choice for social activities or getting things done. The high CBD content also makes it a great option for medical users seeking relief from stress, anxiety, pain, and other conditions.

  12. Verified Owner

    With an equal balance of THC and CBD, this sativa-dominant hybrid offers energizing effects that will keep you uplifted and focused. Not only does Dance World provide therapeutic benefits such as stress relief, but it also has a delicious sweet and fruity flavor. Growing these feminized seeds may require some experience, but the end result is definitely worth it.

  13. Verified Owner

    With a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, Dance World offers energetic, creative, and uplifting effects. Its therapeutic benefits include relief from stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. With a sweet floral earthy flavor, Dance World is a delight to the senses. Growers can expect high yields and resistance to molds and mildew.

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*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.

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