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Sunset Sherbet Seeds

Learn more about the tasty, sweet Sunset Sherbet indica-dominant strain. To find out more about how to grow it yourself and where to get Sunset Sherbet seeds from, etc. keep on reading!

  • 80% Indica 20% Sativa
  • THC levels up to 24%
  • Thrives in a warm and sunny climate
  • Delivers a euphoric and relaxing experience
  • Promotes sleepiness and hunger
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What are the effects of Sunset Sherbet?

  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Sleepy

Containing 85% indica genetics, 15% sativa, and THC levels that run between 18% to 24%, Sunset Sherbet is a fabulous blend of delicious flavors and some rousing sativa effects that are anchored by tranquilizing full-body relaxation.

As is typical for an indica, Sunset Sherbet’s physical impact has a slow crescendo to it, starting off with some potent sativa effects that imbue users with a refreshing sense of euphoric happiness and clear-headed, out-of-the-box thinking that when used in smaller doses can help to increase one’s ability to concentrate–hence its being such a popular choice amongst creative types.

When used in moderation, this intoxicating hybrid tends to provide users with a soothing kneading of the body and mind, allowing users to mellow out and de-stress. In fact, used in conservative quantities, many users find that Sunset Sherbet can make for a good mid-day smoke when being uber-productive isn’t a priority as even if its couchlocking properties kick in one still tends to remain mentally stimulated and lucid. As such, provided you don’t overdo it when indulging in this potent hybrid, you may find it to be the perfect strain to get some brainstorming done whilst reclining on the couch.

Used in higher doses, Sunset Sherbet is all but guaranteed to sedate and induce sleep, which is why many users prefer to use it as a nightcap at the end of the day.

One last thing to note about this dessert strain is that it tends to induce a serious case of the munchies, so you’ll want to be sure to have some snacks close by.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Sunset Sherbet?

As you probably already know, marijuana strains don’t have to contain a particularly significant amount of CBD to have the potential to provide medical marijuana users with some therapeutically beneficial effects in helping to alleviate and/or manage various mental and physical health issues. In addition, indicas, be they landrace strains or hybrids, have a particular reputation for having the possibility to deliver some effective pain-relieving benefits–all on the anecdotal level of course.

Sunset Sherbet’s uplifting, calming, and blissful effects are reported to help patients get some temporary respite from chronic stress, feelings of doom and gloom, anxious and negative thoughts/feelings, and other mood-related disorders. In addition, because this strain tends to deliver lucid mental effects, those who struggle with being able to concentrate or stay on track find that Sunset Sherbet helps to sharpen their ability to focus.

On the physical side of things, as a powerful indica-heavy hybrid, Sunset Sherbet’s possible analgesic properties are claimed to help relieve chronic aches and pains, inflammation, and arthritis. Its tendency to induce the munchies is often used to the benefit of those dealing with a loss of appetite to be able to eat.

Lastly, as already mentioned above, Sunset Sherbet has a well-established reputation for inducing sleep when used in higher doses, which many an insomnia-sufferer uses to their advantage.

What are the adverse effects of Sunset Sherbet?

Overall, despite being such a powerful indica, Sunset Sherbert’s negative effects are pretty mild with the most commonly reported ones being the usual of cottonmouth and dry and itchy eyes.

However, some have been known to experience a slight uptick in their already pre-existing levels of anxiety, and there are a few who say Sunset Sherbet causes a minor headache–especially when they have chosen to exceed their usual dosage level.

What are Sunset Sherbet’s fragrance and flavor profiles?

What is Sunset Sherbet’s terpene profile?

Terpenes, which occur naturally in cannabis, as well as other types of plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, etc., are what give them their flavors and fragrances, as well as their potential healing properties.

When it comes to the terpenes that Sunset Sherbet contains, its most dominant one is that of caryophyllene. Other terpenes found in this indica-heavy hybrid are as follows: D-Limonene, myrcene, β-Pinene, terpinolene, and humulene.

The smell and taste of Sunset Sherbet

Thanks to Sunset Sherbet’s terpene content, this delightful dessert strain provides users with seductive aromas and incredibly delicious flavors that can make it hard to practice moderation with.

To start with, this indica’s compelling aroma profile contains dominant notes of fruits and sweet berries blended with a crisp and earthy aroma that you’ll feel you just can’t get enough of.

Sunset Sherbet’s taste is delightful as its fragrance with strong fruity flavors with sharp bursts of citrus and minty accents–leaving you feeling like you’ve just had a refreshing spoonful of the icy dessert this was strain was named for.

How do I grow Sunset Sherbet cannabis seeds?

As a strain that’s naturally resistant to common molds and mildews, Sunset Sherbet is an easy strain to grow that even the most inexperienced grower should be able to successfully cultivate indoors or out. Making things that much easier for growers of all skill levels is the fact that Growers Choice Seeds only sells feminized seeds, which ensures a 99% chance of all-female plants.

When grown outside, Sunset Sherbet needs to be a in sunny Mediterranean-like setting where it still has access to shelter.

To bring out this strain’s purple shades you will need to shock your plants by exposing them to cooler, but never freezing, nighttime temperatures just before they enter their flowering period.

What do Sunset Sherbet cannabis plants look like?

When fully mature, Sunset Sherbet’s plants are medium in height and produce notoriously large buds that many compare to miniature Christmas trees in terms of their shape.

Its nuggets, which are a mix of bright spring and soft minty greens, are very dense in composition, which is a common indica structural trait. These massive buds, which are thickly coated in a frosting of sticky, white trichomes, are woven through with long curly vibrant orange hairs, aka “pistils.” In addition, some phenotypes of Sunset Sherbet are known to display flashes of rich purples, when properly shocked.

When to harvest your Sunset Sherbet plants

While Sunset Sherbet doesn’t produce the largest yields, the quality of its nuggets and the fact that this is such an easy strain for even beginner growers to cultivate makes its average yield sizes seem quite abundant.

Indoor growers can anticipate reaping a yield of about 225+ grams per square meter after this indica completes its flowering time in about 8 weeks.

As for Sunset Sherbet’s outdoor harvest, cultivators can look forward to collecting around 312 grams per plant sometime between the end of September into the early part of October.

Where can I purchase Sunset Sherbet feminized marijuana seeds?

With so many cannabis seed banks in existence, it may seem overwhelming trying to find the best seed bank to purchase your weed seeds from. So, to keep things simple, if quality, selection, and affordability are important to you, then Growers Choice Seeds is going to be your best bet. In fact, we at Growers Choice are so confident in the quality of our marijuana seeds that we offer one of the highest germination rate guarantees in the entire industry.

Provided below are some of the many other reasons why Growers Choice has gained and maintained such a loyal following amongst cultivators of all kinds from commercial and expert growers to newbies.

  • Our extensive seed catalog of high-quality feminized and autoflowering landrace and hybrid strains
  • Our quality customer service team that is as friendly as they are knowledgeable
  • Providing speedy and discreet shipping to our customers all over the world
  • Having a free and informative blog that covers pretty much everything you need to know about cannabis, including how to grow it.

Cannabis strains similar to Sunset Sherbet

1. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC): This enduringly popular and highly sought-after indica-leaning strain that is said to boost creativity and take stress down a notch is one of Sunset Sherbet’s illustrious parent strains.

2. Pink Runtz: This evenly-balanced hybrid that’s all the rage amongst cannabis connoisseurs thanks to how it delivers all the best qualities of an indica and sativa also has Pink Panties as a parent strain–making it a sort of “sibling” of Sunset Sherbet.

3. Gelato 33: This sensational indica-leaning hybrid that provides users with a mind-bending high and delicious aroma along with an adventure filled with giggles and relaxation has Sunset Sherbet as one of its parent strains.

4. Kush Mints: While this is a more mellow 50/50 hybrid, what it shares in common with Sunset Sherbet is that it’s a minty, easy-to-grow dessert strain.

5. Tangilope: For fans of dessert strains who are looking for something more rousing than indica-heavy Sunset Sherbet, check out this giggle-inducing, near-pure sativa hybrid that tastes of chocolate-covered oranges.


Strain Genetics

Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Anxiety, Anytime, Depression

Indoor Yield

Up to 230g/m2

Outdoor Yield

Up to 310g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type



Citrus, Earthy, Sweet

Plant Height


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Yield Levels

Moderate Yield


Based on 37 Reviews

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  1. Verified Owner

    Alright, I’m officially a Sunset Sherbet fan. Grew these beauties indoors, and they thrived! The scent during flowering was incredible, like a fruit salad.

  2. Verified Owner

    The plants were hearty and forgiving of my newbie errors. The buds are colorful and smell like a dream. Smoking it gives a smooth, sweet flavor, and the high is euphoric yet calming. Great for socializing or a solo chill session. Love it!

  3. Verified Owner

    Wow, Sunset Sherbet, eh? Germination was quick, and the plants were lush and healthy. The buds are gorgeous – bright and frosty. The flavour is out of this world, a mix of berries and citrus.

  4. Verified Owner

    The smoke is smooth with a fruity taste, and the high is perfectly balanced. I feel relaxed but not couch-locked. Perfect for any time of day.

  5. Verified Owner

    The plants were so resilient – even with my rookie mistakes. The aroma while curing was divine. The smoke is smooth and gives a euphoric high that melts away stress. Perfect for unwinding with a good book.

  6. Verified Owner

    The smell is intoxicating – sweet and earthy. The high is mellow, perfect for unwinding after work. Feels like a mini vacation every time I light up.

  7. Verified Owner

    The high is a perfect balance of relaxing yet uplifting. I love to toke this before a hike or while chilling with friends.

  8. Verified Owner

    They’re dense, sticky, and have this insane orange and purple hue. Smoking it is like tasting a rainbow, and it hits you with a wave of relaxation.

  9. Verified Owner

    Growing Sunset Sherbet was a delightful experience. The plants were robust and produced a hefty yield. The buds are a sight to behold – vibrant and frosty.

  10. Verified Owner

    So, I decided to try my hand at growing Sunset Sherbet, and wowza! The plants were sturdy and easy to manage. Harvesting them was a breeze, and the buds… oh, the buds.

  11. Verified Owner

    These seeds are AMAZING! Every single one sprouted, no problem. My grow room smelled like a tropical paradise – sweet and fruity. Totally chill but keeps me alert. Perfect for those lazy afternoons.

  12. Verified Owner

    I’ve tried many strains, but Sunset Sherbet has a special place in my heart. The plants were easy to grow and produced chunky, resinous buds.

  13. Verified Owner

    This strain is incredibly versatile, offering an energizing and euphoric experience in smaller quantities, and a relaxing and calming effect in larger doses. The fruity and sweet aroma adds to its appeal, and with its easy cultivation, it’s perfect for growers of all levels. Don’t miss out on this amazing strain!

  14. Verified Owner

    This sativa-dominant hybrid offers a versatile experience, whether you want a euphoric and energizing buzz or a heavy and relaxing high. With its fruity and sweet aroma, it’s like a scoop of ice cream in every puff. With a THC content of 15-19%, it’s suitable for all levels of smokers.

  15. Verified Owner

    I smoke this sunset sherbert right before bed, and I gotta say it puts me right to sleep. I like these smooth sweet/sour indicas….they are chill and easy to grow or work with. They grow indoors in a nice and compact way. Generally a great buy, and a GCS always delivers on time. That’s the best thing about them…they are so reliable!

  16. Verified Owner

    The taste of this strain was amazing, really loved the mix of citrus, earthy, and sweet flavors together. The high was also really nice and relaxing, perfect for after a long day. Definitely recommend giving this strain a try.

  17. Verified Owner

    Sunset Sherbet is an impressive strain with a good high. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a euphoric and happy experience. The plants grown were of medium height and had a delicious citrus and sweet flavor. I found it to be a great choice for anxiety and lack of focus.

  18. Verified Owner

    Smoking has greatly helped with my anxiety and also to focus on taste. The effects are strong but won’t send you in a comatose state, great for those that like to be high but get stuff done around the house. Highly recommend if you want a relaxed high that fights of negative emotions or anxieties.

  19. Verified Owner

    Sunset Sherbert Seeds are the real deal! I appreciate the fruity aroma and sweet taste. Customer experience was great, easy to navigate website and fast shipping. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a delicious and mellow high.

  20. Verified Owner

    This weed is meant for a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do. It’s a sour and sweet flavor, and a slow syrupy high that firmply plants my butt in the couch. Watching football, drinking Bud, smoking Sherbert is my idea of the perfect sunday. I do love this good ol’ USA!

  21. Verified Owner

    Sunset Sherbet from Growers Choice is an amazing strain. Their customer service is excellent, and the seeds produce a head high that’s strong and perfect for any time. It grows quickly and is ready in just 8 weeks. This strain is great for anxiety relief and has a pleasant citrus flavor.

  22. Verified Owner

    Not only did the plants grow beautifully, but there were no dead seeds and the customer service was top-notch. The high from this strain was just what I was looking for – euphoric and uplifting.

  23. Verified Owner

    Sunset Sherbet is a great strain for daytime use, helping me to stay focused and relaxed throughout the day. I love the citrus and sweet flavors, and the moderate plant height is perfect for my indoor setup. The feminized seeds from Growers Choice were easy to grow and produced a decent yield, making it a solid choice for intermediate growers.

  24. Verified Owner

    This strain has a great euphoric high and gives a mentally stimulating boost of energy. Really liked growing this for how much yield it has and it became well worth my time and an excellent value.

  25. Verified Owner

    Sunset Sherbet provides a pleasantly fruity and soothing experience. Growing these plants was a delight, as they flourished and displayed vibrant colors. The high is euphoric and uplifting, melting away anxiety and lack of focus. It’s perfect for anytime use, bringing about a relaxed and happy state of mind. An absolute favorite strain for those seeking a flavorful and calming cannabis experience.

  26. Verified Owner

    Excellent color….has all the colors of the rainbow, reds and blues and yellows, amazing! I bought 10 seeds online, they were fast to ship to my home. Got a great-looking crop from these seeds. The plants were tall, very bushy, and each produces between 100-150 G per plant. Grand total was somewhere close to 1000 G, unbelievable!

  27. Verified Owner

    OMG I smoke this and turn into syrup….I can hardly move. Best for chilling out, watching movies, and hanging with my Boo. We work together on raising the pot. We both have a passion for growing weed, and it’s honestly been pretty nice. I’ll purchase more today since next season is right around the corner. The price is nice and so is the customer service crew 🙂

  28. Verified Owner

    The nugs are to die for! I mean, I have been buying weed from the dispensary for ages now, and it is just getting hella expensive! I appreciate just being able to purchase my seeds online and have them delivered in the mail. It’s saved me a lot of $$ in the long-run, and I have enjoyed the long, but rewarding, growing process. Sherbert is colorful, fruity, and makes me smile. C’mon and give it a try.

  29. Verified Owner

    An absolutely brilliant energy mixed with some seriously sour flavors. This weed is meant for those with a serious energy defficiency. Cause man when it gets hot in OR, you can’t sleep at night! I liked buying online, it was definitely easier than finding seeds IRL. Very flavorful, and with lots of character and texture. Very high qual product!

  30. Verified Owner

    This sweet and sour hybrid is EXACTLY what you are looking for when smoking on a warm summer day with your friends. There’s something for everyone to enjoy with this 1:1 indica/sativa split. I have a fully automated indoor grow room, and I make some of the nicest plants around. Do NOT miss out!!

  31. Verified Owner

    Oh dang, I do love me some sherbert weed. It’s the color of flowers and sunsets and makes me feel all giggly and warm. Definitely a nuanced grow, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s bound to be a great experience for you!

  32. Verified Owner

    Smoking this makes time slow waaaaay down. Finally, my mind can unwind and relax. I can kick my feet up. I can SLEEP better at night!

    Growing weed is more than just a hobby. It’s a way of life. GCS knows this and stocks some of the nicest seeds around on their website.

    Sherbert is perfect for me. It’s dense nugs and sour flavor really get me JUICED! But that indica energy brings it all back down to earth. Love it 🙂

  33. Verified Owner

    I like taking small intermittent hits of sunset sherbert for a sativa energy buzz that lasts all day long. Best consumed in the evening for some creative thinking, and a great way to connect with friends. Purchasing weed online was both easy and convenient online. The seeds shipped almost immediately and the rest of the process basically took care of itself. Can’t complain when I am working with Grower’s Seeds!

  34. Verified Owner

    Sunset sherbert is like a choose your own adventure. It starts out bright and adventurous, and rounds out subtle and smooth. It’s a great flavor, sweet and sour, and gives me some much-needed relief from depression and anxiety.

  35. Verified Owner

    The sherbert is BOSS. This weed is bright, citrusy, and sour and gives you a nice hybrid-sativa buzz. It’s great for stress and pain relief, and impossible to mess up in the garden.

  36. Verified Owner

    A very enjoyable hybrid, perfect for an afternoon smoke, very sweet and sour, makes my mouth feel lively haha. Buying 5 seeds online is easy as pie, and they have the fastest shipping times anywhere, especially for MJ seeds. Cultivated indoors, and got myself some beautiful looking BUD in about 6 months. Be patient young grasshoppers!!

  37. Verified Owner

    Sunset sherbet looks both colorful on the vine and in your mind. It’s a sweet and relaxing strain, gives me a nice high that puts a sunny-side-up spin on everything, makes me smile and gives me something to look forward to. Greenhouse growing is what you are seeking. Best possible yield!

*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.

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