Obama Kush Feminized Seeds

Obama Kush Feminized Seeds

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(25 customer reviews)

Understated and inspiring, Obama Kush marijuana is a balanced and versatile strain that can soothe away worries for a blissfully relaxed evening in. Its easy-going nature makes it an excellent choice for gardeners of any experience level.

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Obama Kush Feminized Seeds

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Named in honour of the 44th US president, Obama Kush marijuana will inspire your mood and creativity with its full body high and mental stimulation. 

Best kept for evening pursuits, Obama Kush marijuana delivers a colorful, creative head-high before you find yourself drifting into a relaxed state of mind. Featuring upwards of 20% THC, you can expect a comfortable evening of enjoyment with Obama Kush on board. Widely praised and popular for its versatility, Obama Kush marijuana is well known for its ability to soothe stress and anxiety, and provide relief from insomnia, muscle spasms, and pain. 

Sweet and spicy with hints of freshly picked pine, Obama Kush marijuana has an aromatic profile that’s difficult to ignore, and cultivators will find Obama Kush marijuana seeds produce equally appealing, bushy plants with lilac buds come harvest. Grown successfully both indoors and out, Obama Kush requires about 8 to 9 weeks of flowering before its ready for curing, and often yields, on average, between 14 and 16 ounces per square meter or plant, indoors or out. 

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Obama Kush


30% Sativa, 70% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Indoor Yield

Up to 400 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Best Use

Anxiety, Anytime, Depression, Pain


Earthy, Pine, Spicy

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

25 reviews for Obama Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Nguyen Phuong Verified Owner

    This balanced strain offers a full body high and mental stimulation, making it perfect for evening use. With a THC content of over 20%, it provides relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. The sweet and spicy aroma of Obama Kush is hard to resist, and its bushy plants produce beautiful lilac buds.

  2. SapphireSongbird38 Verified Owner

    With its delightful blend of sweet and spicy flavors, it provided a blissful, full-body high that sparked my creativity and left me feeling relaxed. The lilac buds were a sight to behold, and the ease of cultivation made it perfect for gardeners of all levels. Whether you’re looking to ease stress or find relief from insomnia, Obama Kush is a versatile strain that won’t disappoint.

  3. GardenGatekeeper Verified Owner

    HOPE to CHANGE your life? Get some Obama Kush to take the edge off. Grew this last summer and just ordered seeds for next summer right now. The prices, somehow, have NOT been affected by inflation which means growing weed at home is still, by far, the most affordable way to get high-quality MJ.

  4. Dawn3Deer Verified Owner

    I was absolutely taken away by the unique experience that Obama Kush provided. The smooth, earthy flavor combined with hints of pine and spice created an incredible taste sensation. Not only did this strain give me a good high, but it also alleviated my anxiety and helped me manage my pain.

  5. Pooja Sharma Verified Owner

    I love the relaxing and creative high it provides, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The sweet and spicy flavor is a delight to the taste buds. On the downside, the flowering time is a bit long, but the yields make up for it.

  6. Christina Williams Verified Owner

    Started growing this in my small indoor setup. All my seeds sprouted excellently, with full 3/3 germination. Taste great with hints of pine and a bit of a burning spicy hit. Growers gave me another round of exceptional seeds!

  7. h0ckeyf4n77 Verified Owner

    One of the steadiest, middle-of-the road indica hybrids on the market. Smells like a fresh pine forest and boasts some pretty colorful, sticky nugs. I am a hobbyist weed grower, but I absolutely LOVE working with GCS seeds. Nobody does it quite like they do, and their shipping rates are extra fast, even to Boston. A little bit of West Coast living on the East Coast!

  8. GuiltyPleb24 Verified Owner

    The Indica body high from the Obama Kush strain was exactly what I was looking for, helped me relax and feel uplifted. This strain is great for anyone experiencing depression or pain. I had a great experience with Pacific’s customer service and the full germination of my seeds. Would recommend to anyone looking for quality buds and a great high.

  9. Rachel Goldstein Verified Owner

    Obama Kush is the perfect strain for those looking to relax and unwind. The plants grew strong and healthy, producing beautiful buds with an earthy and piney flavor. The high is uplifting and euphoric, making it great for relieving anxiety and depression. Whether you’re dealing with pain or just need a pick-me-up, Obama Kush is the way to go.

  10. BellaJ44 Verified Owner

    Not to get all political here, but I don’t know which I love more–this strain or the president–cuz in my books both are going down in history as GOATs. Even if you aren’t a fan of the 44th president, I bet this’ll be the one Obama you find yourself supporting.

    Isabella J., Salem, OR

  11. William Smith Verified Owner

    I am a big fan of the body high from Obama Kush, which also holds some great flavors too! My seeds got to me within 4 days of ordering and took me 10 weeks to grow. Very happy that all my seeds sprouted and germinated and Growers Choice gave me great quality seeds.

  12. IMo5zaox Verified Owner

    Ordered 5 seeds and they were at my home within 7 days. Soaked them overnight to help speed germination. Really did the trick! all 5 popped and grew into gorgeous, bushy, productive plants. A little bit of fertilizer goes a LOooong way, these plants love HOT and dry conditions and a regular watering schedule. Consistency is key!

  13. Jeremy Wolf Verified Owner

    I’m no expert, but I had no trouble growing the Obama Kush. The plants were easy to care for and produced a nice yield. I felt like a President of my own cannabis garden!

  14. Faye Fisher Verified Owner

    The strain provided a great happy and relaxed high, perfect for alleviating anxiety and depression. The fast shipping and helpful customer service made the experience even better, and all seeds sprouted and grew without any issues. Highly recommend this strain and Growers Choice Seeds.

  15. Jordon H Verified Owner

    I was excited to try this strain and wasn’t disappointed, the high was really relaxing and great to help me unwind after a long day. It took a bit of effort to grow but I managed to get a solid yield from these seeds. The flavor of the buds was also exceptional.

  16. Tiegan C. Verified Owner

    Once again all 3 germinated with no problem and they are growing faster than i ever would have expected!

  17. Abigale Mccabe Verified Owner

    My fave president in modern history is now honored by this unique hybrid Marijuana. A smooth, earthy indica that brings me peace, insight, and creative abilities. Almost like a super power, it’s been an awesome time! I purchased 10 seeds online….they were fast to ship to me! Very exciting when they arrived in the mail.

  18. Radhika Iles Verified Owner

    Ain’t nothing better than some fresh Obama Kush seeds from GCS. These babies are always a reliable grow, produce a ton of weed, and make me smile. Takes time and patience to get your weed just right, but you know it’s gonna be good when it’s ready for harvest!

  19. Alan Bray Verified Owner

    Obama days feel like ages ago. The world has changed so much, but the message of HOPE n CHANGE still rings true when you smoke Obama Kush. The ONLY weed named after a former president. Awesome delicious bud that grows really well indoors. It has a burnt orange and green color with many pistils sticking out making it look SPIKY! Smoking this nightly, and enjoying every minute of it!

  20. Adyan Gardiner Verified Owner

    You really gotta love smoking weed to grow your own. It can be a long process with some complications along the way, but I’d say overall it’s been pretty straightforward with this grow. Obama kush is a nice and easy indica. It hits with perfect smoothness. It’s like a breath of fresh air during a boring day, or when you really need a little uplifting energy. I am SO thrilled to have this in my wheelhouse brother.

  21. Lilah Connelly Verified Owner

    Obama kush is a lesser-know strain of mj that brings me a LOT of happiness and joy 🙂 I was surprised when my seeds arrived just days after I ordered them, and they were shipped right to my mailbox. It was very convenient, and the seeds did very well in an outdoor setting (In California). Been sharing with family and friends, everybody loves it!!

  22. cc295191 Verified Owner

    Two weeks from harvest. Handled a topping, LST, HST, very, very well. Germ was 12hrs in water, 24 in a paper towel. No problems in Veg, flower’s going well. No complaints!

  23. Jun Contreras Verified Owner

    Fast acting and long lasting indica that’s great for depression, anxiety, and stress. Helps stimulate my appetite as well and puts me in a winning mood. I usually smoke this right before I go to bed, or when I am winding down on the couch for the night. It wasn’t even that difficult to grow.

  24. Mikhail Schroeder Verified Owner

    I am all about the Obama Kush cause it’s a mellow high that puts a smile on my face. Calming, is another word I would use. Had an excellent experience growing with GCS. Their seeds are top notch, always germinate, and ship out FAST! I have been cultivating marijuana for years, so this worked out beautifully in my greenhouse. Will definitely buy again, this time maybe wholesale? Thanks y’all!!

  25. Milly Gamble Verified Owner

    Easy indica with a long-lasting high and nice-tasting marijuana. Bringing this stuff home to the family has been a great choice. They all seem to relax once we smoke and always have a good chat. I am an avid gardener, but this is my first time growing marijuana. Buying online made it SO easy, and the results were fantastic, can’t believe I finally have my own ganja!

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