Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

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Grape Ape cannabis seeds bring positive vibes to growers of all experience levels. One need not be an experienced grower to get the most out of this particular strain. Grape Ape is considered an easy strain to grow, so beginner growers can give it a shot if they want.

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Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

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The cartoon character of Grape Ape has largely been forgotten (other than appearing in Harvey Birdman on Adult Swim, which if you are a marijuana fan you may recall). However, that semi-obscure cartoon ape has given its name to a popular strain with an amazing fragrance and generous yields. If you are looking for a cannabis seed strain to grow at home, Grape Ape Seeds is a fine option that we offer here at Growers Choice Seeds. Grape Ape marijuana plants are enjoyed by people across the globe, so let’s see what this strain is all about.

The Makeup of a Grape Ape Cannabis Plant

We know the parent strains of Grape Ape have left us with an indica-dominant strain. It’s a strain that comes in at 80 percent in terms of indica, combined with 20 percent of sativa parentage. The parentage of a plant plays a key factor in the smoking experience. While the name of this cannabis seed strain is inspired in part by the flavor profile, Grape Ape plants are also purple plants. Now, within the world of cannabis, there are some rumors about purple plants. They say purple weed is inherently indicas, or that they are stronger in terms of the high you get. In truth, the genetic composition that yields purple plants comes down to a flavonoid called anthocyanin. The presence of anthocyanin may lead to purple leaves, but it’s purely a matter of coloring. Purple plants aren’t stronger. While Grape Ape is an indica-heavy strain, purple leaves have nothing to do with that.

The Sweet Aroma and Fruity Flavors of Grape Ape

Grape Ape’s flavor and aroma play a big role in making these popular cannabis seeds. The scent of ripe grapes hits you hard. It’s a delicious fragrance, but in terms of fragrance, there is more to the story. Sure, the fruity notes are at the forefront, but the candy-like grape aroma is rounded out with some earthiness and skunkiness. That keeps the sweet grape scent from being too cloying. The balance of flavors definitely hits you hard with sweet fruitiness as well. It’s a grape flavor, yes, but something akin to the artificial grape flavor of sugar-sweet candy. Many compare the taste of Grape Ape specifically to a grape Jolly Rancher. Yes, that’s not a “true” grape taste, but it is what many think of when it comes to “grape” as a flavor, and it’s a beloved flavor. Sweet berry flavors can be found in this strain as well.

What It’s Like to Use Grape Ape

As an indica-dominant strain that is fairly high in THC (it comes in at 21 percent), there are potent effects to Grape Ape. Indicas provide more of a body high, so expect more intense physical effects than cerebral effects. Grape Ape seeds are packed with the potent relaxation effects of indicas, which chill you out as opposed to revving you up like sativas. The hint of sativa in this indica-heavy strain may prevent total couch lock, but do expect sedative effects from Grape Ape, and plan accordingly. This is not a strain for being active and creative. Grape Ape is for chilling out, relaxing, and maybe enjoying some snacks. The strain is known to induce hunger, perhaps for some candy given the circumstances. if you are looking for potent relaxation effects from your cannabis strains, look no further.

Is Grape Ape a Good Therapeutic Strain?

These are indeed popular cannabis seeds for medically-minded marijuana users. This is a beautiful weed plant for those dealing with aches and bodily discomfort. In fact, it can help with several physical ailments, such as muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, and more. If you struggle to sleep, a potent indica like this one can be quite beneficial. Does your mind race at night? Grape Ape could give you some mental relaxation that helps you turn off your brain and get to bed. For pain relief and sleep help, Grape Ape seeds are a fine selection.

Is it Easy to Grow Grape Ape?

Grape Ape cannabis seeds bring positive vibes to growers of all experience levels. One need not be an experienced grower to get the most out of this particular strain. Grape Ape is considered an easy strain to grow, so beginner growers can give it a shot if they want. We’d definitely recommend Grape Ape to those who are new to growing their own marijuana plants. These medium-height plants are also bushy plants, so be prepared to do plenty of trimming to get the bountiful yield you hope for. You do tend to get an above-average crop from Grape Ape compared to other strains. Indoor cultivation brings an average yield of 500 grams per square meter, while outdoor cultivators tend to bring in 600 grams per plant. All in all, Grape Ape marijuana seeds are a fine choice for skill levels across the board.

Get Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

Even experienced cultivators know they want to start with quality marijuana seeds. That’s what Growers Choice Seeds provides. We also offer fully-feminized seeds for all our strains. Why do you want feminized weed seeds? Well, only female plants have buds in the marijuana family. The buds are where almost all the THC is found. If you want to feel those delightful, relaxing Grape Ape effects, you need female plants, and thus you want feminized seeds. In addition to male marijuana plants not having buds, if a male plant shows up in your growing space, it will pollinate your female plants, and that’s going to mess up your harvest. You can get Grape Ape feminized seeds shipped to you, but we offer quality marijuana seeds for so many great strains. if you like Grape Ape, here are five other strains to consider as well.

1. Cotton Candy Kush: If you like candy with notes of earthy cannabis, then Cotton Candy Kush could be for you. This is a balanced hybrid, and we offer this strain with auto-flower seeds, meaning these plants will flower automatically based on the age of the plant.

2. Pineapple Express: Another strain with a name indebted to pop culture, Pineapple Express is no gimmick. It’s a high-THC strain known to pack a punch and bring a pleasant, balanced experienced great for daytime use.

3. Grapefruit Diesel: Some call Grapefruit Diesel a “jack of all trades,” in that it runs the gamut of effects. It’s also known for an abundant harvest, including up to 550 grams per outdoor plant.

4. Blue Mango: Blue Mango is a sweet strain that is easy to grow, but it also comes in at 18 percent THC, making for a less potent high, which is what some marijuana users are looking for.

5. Harle-Tsu CBD: Since we mentioned the medical benefits of Grape Ape, we figured we’d end with a true medical strain. Harle-Tsu is sweet, but it also has basically no THC in it but high levels of CBD. That makes it great for relaxation and dealing with muscle pain, but with effectively no high whatsoever.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Grape Ape


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Evening, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Grape, Sweet

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield


Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

32 reviews for Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

  1. TurquoiseTruth67 Verified Owner

    As a beginner grower, I found these seeds super easy to handle and grow into beautiful purple plants. The sweet aroma and fruity flavors of the Grape Ape buds are absolutely delightful. Plus, the potent indica effects provide a strong body high and relaxation.

  2. WeedWizard710 Verified Owner

    Grape Ape from Growers Choice Seeds is a fantastic strain for evening use. The earthy, sweet grape taste is amazing and the effects are so relaxing, perfect for stress and insomnia. I’m so impressed with the fast shipping and helpful customer service experience from Growers Choice, while the easy growing difficulty and high yield make this strain a must-have for any cannabis grower.

  3. Ayano Tanaka Verified Owner

    Grape Ape is an easy-to-grow strain that delivers a potent body high and relaxation effects. The sweet grape aroma and candy-like flavor make it a favorite among cannabis users. It’s also great for medical use, providing relief from pain and sleep issues.

  4. GlitchGoblin Verified Owner

    Grape Ape is the perfect strain for winding down after a long day or easing into a lazy weekend. It’s perfect for those who want to feel happy, relaxed, and sleepy. The flavor is sweet, with a hint of grape, and it’s perfect for those who want to unwind and let their troubles fade away. Highly recommended for those who want to experience true relaxation.

  5. Amy Gomez Verified Owner

    Grape Ape has some great grape flavors that only add to the amazing relaxing sleep-inducing high. If you need a good strain for insomnia Grape Ape is a fantastic option to gently put you to sleep and give you the rest you deserve.

  6. Benjamin Mendoza Verified Owner

    I will never forget this experience! This Indica-dominant hybrid is an all-around powerhouse, offering a unique taste, great yields, and a strong high that’s perfect for relaxation. The buds are drenched in trichomes and have a deep purple hue that makes them stand out. The flavor is sweet and earthy, reminding me of grapes when smoked.

  7. StarSentry31 Verified Owner

    Great seeds that delivered on their promise. All of my seeds germinated and grew into healthy plants. The grape aroma from this strain is amazing and the high is very relaxing for both mind and body. Overall, a great experience

  8. 6JadeJaguar Verified Owner

    Grape Ape is the perfect bedtime buddy. Its sweet and grapey flavor is as relaxing as it gets. From sprouting to harvesting, all the seeds germinated beautifully. The effects are exactly what you need after a long day – it leaves you happy, relaxed, and ready for a peaceful night’s sleep. Ideal for evening use and great for easing insomnia, pain, and stress.

  9. Arjun Patel Verified Owner

    I like smoking grape ape and watching cartoons on a Sunday morning. Always makes for a great buzz with some FRESH earthy flavors and a BRIGHT buzz that makes me feel like a kid again. Buying online is fresh easy and fun, really makes the hard part (obtaining quality seeds) EASY!

  10. Judson D Verified Owner

    Grape Ape is an incredibly relaxing strain that gives a nice body high with a sweet grape taste. The earthy undertones make it a great choice for anyone looking for a mellow experience. Overall, a great purchase from Growers Choice Seeds with fast shipping and helpful customer service.

  11. Mischievous Marmot Verified Owner

    Grape Ape was a great strain for me to help me wind down after a long day, it gave me a really strong body high that was incredibly relaxing. Despite the fact that the growth cycle was a little longer than I was anticipating, I was really happy with how much weed I was able to get from this strain.

  12. Snowy7Swan Verified Owner

    “This indica-dominant strain offers generous yields and a sweet aroma of ripe grapes. With its potent relaxation effects, Grape Ape is popular among medically-minded marijuana users. It is also easy to grow, making it a great option for home cultivation. Get your Grape Ape Feminized Seeds and experience the fruity flavors and therapeutic benefits of this strain.

  13. Kenneth Noble Verified Owner

    I highly recommend Grape Ape Feminized Seeds from Grower’s Choice Seeds to anyone who loves a good fruity strain. The grape flavor is spot on and the high is perfect for a lazy day or a chill evening.

  14. Pippa G. Verified Owner

    I search for grape flavored weed. It’s easily one of my favorites. I was happy with my order. I just ordered 3 seeds and they were quick to ship out. Honestly, I just wanted a fun hobby for the summer and this was a good option. The roots grew very quickly, established themselves in my yard, and after about 10 weeks, it was time to harvest the beautiful, tiny flowers that had been growing on my plant. Honestly it was just fun. I have no real complaints.

  15. Stephanie Robson Verified Owner

    These gargantuan nugs are absolutely beautiful and filled with LOVE! They are fluffy pillows of delighful flavors and smells. Growing my own weed has been nothing if NOT amazing!!!! I got 10 seeds online and had them shipped to my apartment in the suburbs. This is exactly what I was hoping for! This weed is strong, beautiful, and has brought a lot of joy to my life!!

  16. Rachel C. Verified Owner

    I can get pretty uptight about things. I’ve just always been this way. Using Grape Ape really takes the edge off for me and helps me loosen up and enjoy my life a whole lot more. Sometimes I struggle with eating due to stress, and so I really like that Grape Ape makes me hungry.

    Rachel C., Salem, OR

  17. Rylee Petty Verified Owner

    I have been interested in this strain for a very long time, it just came to my attention that this site delivers weed seeds right to your door. The convenience is pretty stellar, and the results are quite amazing! I was surprised I had a knack for this whole thing, never was much of a gardener, but growing weed make me realize I really do have a talent for this! I am so thrilled to have this weed growing at home. What would I do without it??

  18. Junayd Joyner Verified Owner

    Mmmn Grape ape is awesome. Everyone above me seems to agree. The grape flavor and sour taste make for an unforgettable growing and smoking experience 🙂

  19. Tianna Murphy Verified Owner

    The fresh flavors of grape ape are going to flood your home and garden. Everywhere will have the subtle, mellow smell of grape weed. I find it to be extremely relaxing. Normally I pack a bowl and get ready to play some video games. In the summer I enjoy a sweet long walk with the dog, while smoking a fat blunt!

  20. Kaylie Lang Verified Owner

    I was pretty stoked on these grape ape mj seeds from GCS. They have great reviews and my own friends have grown this variety. I am not terribly experienced when it comes to growing weed, but I do a pretty good job for myself. The weed came out sticky and dense with hairs poking out everywhere. Pretty cool looking stuff. Highly recommend!

  21. ktmblm0602 Verified Owner

    I am super excited about this strain and don’t let the small seeds fool you they took about 5 days to sprout but looking great so far !

  22. Michael Knowlen Verified Owner

    Although i didn’t get a great response from my batch of seeds, Growers Choice was true to their word and credited me so i could replenish those seeds that didn’t germinate. The 2 plants that sprouted are looking great and after a month are already smelling STRONG!!!

    Thank you Growers Choice!!

  23. Husnain Curry Verified Owner

    Smooth Grape flavor, tastes nice and earthy, a velvety smoke, easy to take large bong rips. Harvested around 600 grams from 3 plants. Never measured, but it’s close. Happy GCS ships these seeds out quickly, they only took about a week or so. Good product, always germinates!

  24. Michael Knowlen Verified Owner

    I was hoping for a better germination rate on these, 2 out of 10 for my Grape Ape. 5 out of 5 for my OG kush. Guess i’ll have to take every measure to make sure i can get some clones off 1 of those 2 plants. We’ll see how it goes. Went with the water soaking method as described for both. the 5 OG came a 3 days later and all sprouted out nicely. Finally gave up after a good week of trying on the Grape Apes after switching to a paper tower and 2 plates. Rating 3 on the Grape apes.. but i’d go 5’s on the OG.

  25. Aras Chester Verified Owner

    Yummmm! I love this marijuana, and I will promote it to anyone who wants to grow their own. It treats you well in the garden, and doesn’t ever die on you early. Has been an excellent grow for the better part of the summer now. It is beginning to smell like grape and grow purple flower. Exciting and also mellow, a good combo for an afternoon toke session, especially when you’re feeling down.

  26. Tyler-James Stuart Verified Owner

    Oh man, grape ape is seriously amazing and delicious. It’s been a great experience ordering online with GCS and having my seeds delivered, all the way to Canada. FAST shipping times, very discreet packaging, and a guaranteed germination rate. This is top notch weed at a very reasonable price. This strain is purple and grape flavored. How can you go wrong?

  27. Cameron Becker Verified Owner

    Yummm, these grape flavors are really intoxicating. Haven’t felt this good since I was smoking my brother’s homegrown. Now it’s time for me to grow for myself. He recommended this site, and I have had excellent luck so far! My seeds shipped out fast and my plants grew steadily over about 5 months and they look absolutely amazing!!! I wish I could have posted pics to this site cause they are almost as tall as me!

  28. Robert Kavaliauskas Verified Owner

    About a week from harvest, but biggest plant I’ve had. First two seeds didn’t germinate just using paper towel method. Had to soak 3rd seed in water overnight and the use paper towel. Ended up topping plant and now it’s got huge buds, huge! Believe this strain might be an auto ad mine started flowering after 30 days before light was reduced to 12 hours. Hard to get going, but when you do, produced huge buds for me. Will buy again.

  29. froilan.rodriguez3 Verified Owner

    Like previous reviews, small seeds, 2 of 3 germinated, I’ve had great success germinating other growers choice strains so no biggie one didnt pop. Happy overall, easy to grow and smells/taste great.

  30. Sade Beck Verified Owner

    Grape ape was one of my first strains I grew and really liked it’s flavor and mine where short plants which was what I was going for ..

  31. sergant Verified Owner


    Seems to be a very strong genetic, plant just want to build resin. So much, that even the fan leaves are getting coated.
    Typical Indica bushy growth, so open her up early be my advice. Very dank skunky/citric scent that fills the room,
    and wants to tease your nostrils. @ week 5 flower at time of update.

  32. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  33. sergantje Verified Owner

    Upon receiving my order of 3 beans, I noticed the very small size of the beans. Slightly disappointed, I picked the smallest of the 3 and started germinating it. To my surprise, the bean showed a nice tap root after only 18 hours. Seedling about a week old now (time of post) and she’s showing great potential !! Can’t wait to grab a few clones from her before flowering, and potentially pollinate one of the clones with a male of my own creation (Amnesia-Kush-Blue Dream) and hopefully got some more of those indica traits, and maybe the grape flavour.

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