Blueberry Skunk Feminized Seeds

Blueberry Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry Skunk is beloved for its uniquely exquisite taste and its propensity to deliver both ecstasy and rest to its users.

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Blueberry Skunk Feminized Seeds

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By cultivating Blueberry Skunk cannabis seeds, you’ll be able to give your night owl friends something to hoot…or zzz…about.

Named for parent strains Blueberry and Skunk No. 1, indica-dominant Blueberry Skunk is beloved in the cannabis community for its exquisite aroma and taste, as well as its propensity to deliver both ecstasy and rest to its users.


What are the effects of Blueberry Skunk cannabis?

  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Sleepy

With Blueberry Skunk cannabis seeds you’ll be able to grow and harvest plants with a 75:25 indica/sativa ratio and impressive 23% THC content. 

Blueberry Skunk cannabis delivers immediate and long-lasting effects that can last for several hours. Its high kicks off with a rousing kick of euphoria that leaves one feeling both happy and sociable. Its clear-headed effects tend to also inspire creativity that’s far from being overwhelmingly intense.

Eventually the effects of Blueberry Skunk transition to the more physical, leaving users feeling heavy but not debilitated and often with a case of the munchies. Despite containing so much indica, its cerebral impact remains quite pronounced so that users feel physically relaxed and slower but still capable of thinking and functioning.

That said, after an hour or two has passed, you’re likely to really feel Blueberry Skunk’s drowsy effects set in as you find yourself sinking more and more deeply into your couch and drifting off to sleep. 

Like with most any strain, using Blueberry Skunk in excess can have extreme effects, where its cerebral impact can become almost-dizzying to the point that getting things done is no longer possible and where sedation sets in much more quickly.


What are the therapeutic benefits of Blueberry Skunk cannabis?

Blueberry Skunk is one of those strains whereby, used in excess, the same medical conditions it has the potential to relieve may actually worsen if not used in moderation. For example, Blueberry Skunk has a solid reputation for alleviating headaches, but when used in excessive dosages, it can bring on a headache. The same can be said for restoring loss of appetite. Used in small doses, it can help to increase one’s hunger levels, but used in too large of a dose this will be made moot due to the user being completely overcome by its physical and cerebral effects.

Therefore, it goes without saying that when used in moderation, Blueberry Skunk may also be quite effective in combating stress, anxiety, depression, chronic aches and pains, muscle spasms, and cramps.


What does Blueberry Skunk taste like?

Describing Blueberry Skunk’s scent and flavor as “delightfully unique” or “confusingly delicious” is a good summation of the majority of descriptions provided by users of this strain.

While its blueberry scent starts with a whimper, its same flavor begins with more of a sweet fruity bang. What makes its taste so unique is how its blueberry taste is blended together with a potent skunky kick along with notes of sugar and spice.


How do I grow Blueberry Skunk cannabis seeds?

Great news for novice cannabis growers—Blueberry Skunk is easy for cultivators of all skill levels to grow, due in part to the fact that it’s resistant to most common molds and pests. Plus, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized.

Blueberry Skunk will thrive both inside or out via the use of soil or hydroponics. Outside, it requires a warm and sunny Mediterranean-like environment.

If you are growing it in a grow tent, you’ll want to top Blueberry Skunk early on and apply a stress training method so that it branches out laterally.


What do Blueberry Skunk cannabis plants look like?

The buds of Blueberry Skunk, which grows to be medium in height, are quite typical of an indica structure-wise in that they are quite dense. However, like a sativa, they are quite large. So, you basically get the best of both worlds with this hybrid.

Blueberry Skunk’s nuggets are quite appealing in appearance, where their large round shape and shades of forest green and blues conjure to mind large oversized blueberries all frosted over in crystal trichomes and adorned with vibrant amber pistils.


When to harvest your Blueberry Skunk cannabis plant

Blueberry Skunk is an interesting grower in that it can start off rather slowly, causing new cultivators to think they will reap a disappointingly small harvest, but when it enters its flowering stage it has been known to double or triple in size, seemingly overnight. 

Grown indoors, this hybrid should be harvest-ready in as few as 8-9 weeks, providing a yield of about 400 grams per square meter. 

Cultivated outside, growers can anticipate Blueberry Skunk to provide an approximate harvest of 450 grams per plant sometime before the end of October.


Cannabis strains similar to Blueberry Skunk

  1. Skunk No. 1 with skunky pungency and euphoric effects, this prized strain claims Blueberry Skunk as one of its offspring
  2. Blueberry the auto-flowering version of Blueberry Skunk’s other beloved parent strain
  3. Blueberry Kush this strain delivers deeply calming, indica-driven effects and is related to Blueberry Skunk as they both share Blueberry as a parent strain
  4. Purple Haze for fans of blueberry-tasting strains who are looking for a sativa hybrid
  5. Blue Cheese another indica-dominant strain that tastes of both blueberries and cheese


Additional information

Strain Genetics



25% Sativa, 75% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Indoor Yield

Up to 400 gr

Outdoor Yield

Up to 450 gr

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, Fatigue, Pain


Berry, Spicy, Sweet

Flowering Type


Growing Difficulty


Where to Grow


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant Height



Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

12 reviews for Blueberry Skunk Feminized Seeds

  1. societyscene Verified Owner

    I was blown away by the amazing high Blueberry Skunk provided. It gave me a euphoric and relaxed feeling that was perfect for unwinding after a long day. The plants were easy to grow, and the yield was impressive. The sweet and spicy flavor was a delightful bonus.

  2. Radiant1Raven Verified Owner

    Blueberry Skunk is a true delight for cannabis enthusiasts. With its exquisite taste and powerful effects, this strain brings a perfect balance of ecstasy and relaxation. The scent of blueberries and skunk fills the air, while the buds take on captivating shades of blues and greens. Whether you’re a novice or experienced grower, these feminized seeds are a must-try.

  3. S Datta Verified Owner

    With its balanced indica/sativa ratio and high THC content, Blueberry Skunk offers a range of effects including relaxation, happiness, and euphoria. This strain is known for its exquisite taste, with a unique blend of blueberry, skunky, sugar, and spice flavors. Growing Blueberry Skunk cannabis seeds is relatively easy, and both indoor and outdoor cultivators can expect a bountiful harvest.

  4. Shadow2Whisperer Verified Owner

    This strain is the “berry” best! Growing Blueberry Skunk was an absolute delight, with all seeds sprouting and thriving. The high is euphoric and uplifting, leaving me feeling happy and relaxed. The flavor is a perfect blend of sweet berries and spicy goodness. Thanks to Growers Choice Seeds’ helpful customer service and fast shipping, my experience was top-notch. Perfect for anytime use, battling depression, fighting fatigue, or relieving pain.

  5. VortexVanquisher17 Verified Owner

    its best to smoke this when you dont have a lot of things to do. I really enjoy the skunky aroma because I have to tell you, it smells as good as it looks with frosty trichomes. You can probably expect 8 weeks for a good amount of bud

  6. Phillip Davis Verified Owner

    As a cannabis enthusiast, I must say that Blueberry Skunk seeds are a game-changer. The aroma of fresh blueberries mixed with a hint of skunk is irresistible. The buds are dense and resinous, and the high is euphoric and uplifting. Growing these seeds was a breeze, and the yields were impressive. Thumbs up.

  7. Richard Hernandez Verified Owner

    Great sleeper strain! Use this to lull me to bed every night, practically can’t go to bed without it now. My harvest was about average-sized for a medium-sized plant. Managed to get my order within a few days and love the packaging used. This strain gives me almost fruity taste but with some kick to it, strangely enjoyed the flavors.

  8. SolarEclipse Verified Owner

    A nice hit of spicy sweetness washes away any form of depressive energy I have whenever I smoke this. Easy to grow and grows quite nicely, did not feel like I had to do much for this plant. If you wand an easy growing plant and great Indica dominated highs this is a great choice for you.

  9. TeabagTitan2023 Verified Owner

    Blueberry Skunk was an easy and delightful strain to grow. The indica body high provided a great sense of relaxation, while the euphoric and happy effects kept me in a good mood. I enjoyed the versatility of this strain – perfect for any time of day.

  10. ConsoleCowboy Verified Owner

    Blueberry Skunk is an excellent strain if you’re looking for a strong body high and a light hit to the head. This strain makes me feel really euphoric, happy, and relaxed. It’s a perfect strain if you want to unwind after a long, stressful day. The buds are super frosty and smell amazing.

  11. Gregory Pena Verified Owner

    Blueberry Skunk seeds are a total game-changer for us cannabis enthusiasts. Growing these seeds was a breeze, and the yields? Impressive, to say the least. The irresistible blend of fresh blueberries and a subtle skunky aroma is a true delight. The buds are dense and resinous, delivering an uplifting and euphoric high that hits the spot. Growing these seeds was a breeze, and the yields? Impressive, to say the least. Two thumbs up from me!

  12. CouchPotatoCavalier24 Verified Owner

    Blueberry Skunk is a deliciously sweet strain that hits hard with its euphoric and relaxing effects. This easy-to-grow Indica-dominant hybrid produced a medium-sized yield indoors. It’s perfect for those looking to relieve depression, fatigue, and pain at any time of day. Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds has done it again with another quality strain.

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