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Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular sativa-dominant strain fathered by the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. High in THC (our version is around 22%), Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds grow into potent plants. At 70% sativa, this sweet, citrus-scented strain will give you a serious burst of energy and creativity; avoid using Cinderella 99 too close to bedtime; you’ll likely find it difficult to fall asleep, though once the high has dissipated a little, it has been known to fade into sedation.

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Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Also known as Cindy or C99, Cinderella 99 is a popular sativa-dominant strain fathered by the famous Jack Herer cannabis plant. High in THC (our version is around 22%), Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds grow into potent plants.

What Effect Does Cinderella 99 Have?

Many users of this strong strain caution that it should be used sparingly (think one hit and quit), because a little goes a long way. Since it can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to feel the effects of the high – when smoking or vaporizing – it is important to use Cinderella 99 mindfully, and take it easy. At 70% sativa, this sweet, citrus-scented strain will give you a serious burst of energy and creativity; avoid using Cinderella 99 too close to bedtime; you’ll likely find it difficult to fall asleep, though once the high has dissipated a little, it has been known to fade into sedation.

Medical Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds

While Cinderella 99 is an excellent recreational strain, making for a fun, energetic high, it also has numerous medical benefits for those seeking a bit of healing on the side. Medically, Cinderella 99 can help alleviate any stress, anxiety, or depression you’re experiencing, easing you into a more uplifted mood. Patients have also found Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds to help them relieve mild pain and migraines, and the strain can battle nausea and increase appetite, making it a suitable choice for people undergoing chemotherapy cancer treatments, or struggling with an eating disorder like anorexia.

Cinderella 99 Grow Tips

Specifically bred for growing in indoor gardens, Cinderella 99 will thrive in a hydroponic environment and has a short flowering period of between 7 and 8 weeks. Quite short for a sativa strain (Cinderella 99 cannabis seeds rarely stretch beyond 3.5 feet), Cinderella 99 provides a generous yield of up to 1000 grams per square meter of plants. If you live in a very temperate climate and try growing your cannabis seeds outdoors, you may even see as much as 900 grams from a single plant.

To learn more about this popular sativa strain, read our Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis article.

Try Cinderella 99 feminized cannabis seeds for energy and creativity.

User Review
4.15 (13 votes)

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk


70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, uplifting, relaxing

Best Use

Daytime; heightened energy; creative pursuits


Sweet, fruity, earthy

Indoor Yield

700-800g per m2

Outdoor Yield

800-900g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “Cinderella 99 Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. paperflower says:

    Such an energizing weed! Really puts the pep back in my step, gets me feeling social, chatty and very euphoric. Ordered my seeds online with GCS, and got some really nice seeds, 5 of them, delivered right to my house. Perfect for growing out in the backyard, beautiful plants with bright green flower, very fresh and satisfying. Definitely a worthy buy!

  2. jake anderson says:

    This helps a lot for social events, it gets me feeling chatty and it really puts a smile on my face 🙂 I grew it in my basement, and wow this was the cleanest grow I’ve ever experienced. Great genetics and a powerful yield. I am pretty impressed with myself! I love the sweet and earthy taste and the mellow euphoria when you smoke this out of a bong. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Helen Carter says:

    I love smoking this weed then going out to a party or to the bar. It’s a very happy, uplifting, and sociable weed. Helps me with anxiety for sure and allows me to get along with people a whole lot easier. I love the smell and taste, somewhere between a pine forest and a trip to the candy store haha. Got a nice greenhouse out back and had some amazing success. It’s a pretty manageable strain, good for beginners too!

  4. fanboy9347383 says:

    This is the perfect weed in my opinion. It’s super uplifting and fun to smoke, and also easy to grow with a great yield almost guaranteed, who could ask for more? The weed did great in my grow room in the garage, definitely loves a consistent lighting and water schedule but the nugs are super DENSE and they have this great sweet and sour flavor to them, with a nice skunky aroma. I am pretty stoked about this weed!

  5. Fulsom Bate says:

    I came across this weed at the dispensary a few months back, got myself a nice pair of 5 seeds, germinated 3 but saving the other 2 for later. This stuff is way better when it’s homegrown fresh! The nugs are huge and super dense, nice smoking experience too, great flavor and a wonderful sativa dominant buzz which really helps with stress and anxiety. Definitely a worthy buy!

  6. raphael says:

    I can’t handle a mj strain that’s too strong on the indica side of things, so this one fits perfectly with my lifestyle. Pretty happy about how this all went down. Great customer service over at GCS, and the seeds arrived super fast. Got a nice yield overall, maybe 300 G per plant? But hey, I am a newbie, what can I say? It’s great on the weekend, helps with stress and improves focus too. Excellent stuff!

  7. Vince Fuller says:

    You don’t have to be a wizard to grow this weed successfully. It’s easy to cultivate, even fun, and is an excellent outdoor grow, just make sure to give it enough light and sun and this stuff will practically take care of itself! It’s great for those stressful moments in life when you just need a toke break and everything will just go back to normal. Love how things have worked out since I grew this weed, definitely more popular at parties lol!

  8. cookie monster says:

    I loved the story of Cinderella growing up, well now I am an adult and I love smoking weed! This weed is actually really high quality top notch stuff. It exceeded my expectations. I don’t know how to grow weed, but I did pretty darn well with this stuff, and it gave me a ton of weed to smoke at home. It’s got a NICE smell to it, kinda sweet and sour and earthy and man these nugs are bright bright green! So fantastic!

  9. acacia says:

    This is a very uplifting strain of mj. It offers some delicious buds after only 4 months of growing. The trichomes are huge and deep green, really beautiful to look at. I smoke this in the afternoons to help avoid a crash. It’s been great for my relaxation and my stress levels. I feel a lot better about life in general and I think its the sativa in the weed that helps me with depression symptoms as well. I’ve been really happy with this strain overall!

  10. h20000 says:

    You really can’t beat the potency of this strain. It’s such amazing stuff! I love the delicious herbaceous taste of this weed, it’s so invigorating! I grew it in my backyard, took really nice to my raised beds and does well in full sunlight with a lotta water! I got a nice medium yield but almost 1000 g from just 3 plants! I am so impressed by this weed and by GCS in general. Amazing online selection! I’ll definitely be back for more!

  11. jeremy says:

    This is a great weed if you’re feeling down or blue. Has done wonders for my anxiety and depression. I really dig the sour and earthy taste this weed has. It’s got good vibes all around really, and is one of the better sativas on the market in my opinion. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had them delivered to my door. Very helpful customer service team and all 5 seeds germinated!

  12. Dan Harvey says:

    This is definitely my favorite party weed. I usually pack a fat J of this before I head out for the night. It’s a remarkably easy strain to grow. Big fan of the delicious nugs it produces, so green and with streaks of fuzzy white! It’s a delicious taste, something both sweet and sour about it. Love the delicious vibes of this weed. It’s been excellent for social anxiety. Will be back for more!

  13. pimentelkarina209 says:

    Loved that all 3 germinated so quickly and are growing so fast

  14. Linda Reimann says:

    A strain that is very easy to grow and produces a ton of weed! I am very proud of my work on this stuff, ordered online with GCS and had the seeds shipped straight to my door. Got all 3 to pop and grew them right in the backyard. The nug is incredibly high quality, very uplifting and fresh tasting, I do enjoy all the mental benefits that this weed provides. It’s great for stress and depression and actually helps with social anxiety!

  15. Mitchell M says:

    Powerful stuff no doubt. I’ve been smoking this weed for some time now, usually buy a pre-roll from the dispensary but decided it was time to take growing into my own hands. It’s delicious stuff, remarkably tasty and sour and yum all around! It’s good for my energy levels, especially when I have trouble sleeping. Great buy!

  16. Sarah Jacobs says:

    Excellent bang for your buck, this weed will produce an incredible amount of flower indoors or out! I got my seeds online through GCS, amazing customer service and fast delivery. No problems with germ and had them growing in the greenhouse out back in no time. They did wonderfully and gave me, no joke, 700 g of weed each! Now I am smoking on the daily, feeling fine and loving life. Great for my headaches and depression!

  17. Sheila says:

    A lovely strain of mj, perfect for getting out into the world. I’ve been smoking this from the dispensary down the road for a while now, but decided why not? And grew it myself. It turns out it was super worth it. Great bang for your buck, I got almost 1000 grams, and I am literally swimming in weed. It’s very fresh high quality stuff. You’ll love it for sure!

  18. Billy Wright says:

    This weed is my go-to for parties. It’s amazingly strong and potent, helps me keep my head above water and socializing for a long time to come. It’s really easy to grow too, even for beginners like myself. I got a nice raised bed in the backyard and have gotten some delicious nugs from my plants, nearly 400 g per plant which is truly amazing. It’s delicious stuff, man. Definitely a worthy buy!

  19. finnnotjake says:

    The perfect sativa for getting work done. I love growing and smoking weed and this has been on my list for years! So much fun to grow in my backyard, and it grows super tall as well! I love these fat nugs and delicious flavors, so much fun for a night out and great for a mood boost. Great stuff!

  20. jammybear says:

    Great bang for your buck, especially if you don’t have an indoor grow space. This weed does really well outside, and produces more weed than you can shake a stick at. I love the taste and smell, very sour, and the buzz is great for my stress and anxiety. Helps me focus and get work done, while also having a great time!

  21. Rhonda Woods-Greaves says:

    First time ordering from GCS made a small order of just 3 different strains to see how their shipping, customer service and products are. Excited to see how the 2 auto flowering plants turn out, I forgot to add my order number when placing order so I called the next day person that answered the phone was great, next day my order was processed so fare this company is definitely a 5 plus star. I will leave reviews on products at the end of the season.

  22. Kathrine Daisy says:

    If you’re gonna buy just one strain of mj on this site, this is the one to buy. It’s the best all around weed I have ever smoked, it’s stanky and sticky and it gets you real high, but it’s balanced and not overwhelming, perfect for parties or just relaxing at home. Super worth the slightly longer growing time. Give it a try!

  23. curios george says:

    This weed may be the best seed on this site. I love GCS, have been ordering from them for a while now, and this strain has emerged as my all time fave! I grow this in my backyard greenhouse and get some stellar results. It’s got some wonderful buzz benefits, gives you great alertness and focus and helps with headaches and depression!

  24. Joy Harvey says:

    WOW this plant produces so much weed! I grew outdoors and got like 800 grams per plant, and I only ordered 3 plants! Amazing how quickly this stuff popped out of the ground and the beautiful green trichomes it formed. I like to smoke this weed on the weekends, it has a nice sativa kick to it that gets me in the mood to party and have fun! Highly recommend!

  25. Narwhalian says:

    I was a bit nervous to try these MJ seeds because I basically have a black thumb but they have been doing really well. The strain itself is definitely nothing to mess around with before you want to sleep–it will definitely keep you up if you go that route. But if you need a good boost, there’s nothing better. I have experienced dry mouth (and dry eye, randomly!) but only with a bit more than usual.

  26. Fiesty Katty says:

    If you need a feel-good kind of weed, Cindy 99 is the best on the market. Have been growing weed commercially for a while now, have been very impressed by the quality of GCS collection, and they seem to breed the highest quality seeds anywhere! This particular strain does well in warm climates, a reliable greenhouse grow with a consistent medium sized yield. A strong seller in the dispensary market as well. Happy with my purchase, will be back for more.

  27. Lara Johnson says:

    The harvest from cinderella 99 is so bountiful that I like to call it cinderella 1000! That’s how much I harvested from my indoor grow operation if you can believe it. And it wasn’t difficult to get that yield, I kept light and water constant and just trimmed the plants a bit as the buds grew. Love that it was so easy to get such a big yield, it makes me want to buy more and more of these seeds from GC! Like that Growers Choice is based in the USA too as I like supporting small businesses based in the US.

  28. Molly M. says:

    There aren’t many mj strains you can comfortably call a “morning strain” but I think Cindy 99 falls in that category. Have been smoking this stuff for years but who can afford those pricey dispensary bills? I discovered GCS by accident actually and was floored by how many seeds they have available. HAD to purchase my fave strain and grew the Cindy in my backyard, great yield and now I am swimming in delicious sour nug. Part of a balanced breakfast!

  29. flyinghigh698 says:

    One of the happiest weeds I have ever smoked! Long time grower and a big fan of GCS, great online selection and the seeds ship out super fast! I have a small grow space in my basement and this works very well as an indoor grow and in just a few months you’ll be harvesting hundreds of grams of your very own herb! It’s very sweet, fruity and uplifting, great for depression!

  30. mally4ever says:

    Love this strain, on my 3rd grow now. These ladies love the light. Very resinous. Flavor is amazing with citrus notes. Highly recommend.

  31. dustinrvk says:

    I love this strain! All 5 seeds germinated without issue and grew into healthy, hardy females. No issues up through harvest. Yield was great, bud was great – fruity smelling with an awesome uplifting high. Will definitely be running this again.

  32. Randy Cooke says:

    If you’re a sativa lover, this is the strain for you! Probably thee easiest weed I have ever grown, and produces a TON of nug, which is stellar if you’re a daily smoker. The plant itself is like super tall with these bright green and yellow trichomes that smell literally like a pine forest and make you feel amazing. Definitely give it a go if you’re on the fence!

  33. Macie McLellan says:

    A great indoor grow, if you have the space. I have a small grow space in my basement and have toyed with the idea of growing weed for years. Glad I found GCS, they have an excellent selection that can’t be beat! Seeds arrived in no time and I got all 5 to germinate using the paper towel method. Relatively easy to grow and a short time to flowering, beautiful green and yellow nugs as well in a very dense plant. Very uplifting high, great for mood and focus, perfect for an afternoon smoke on the porch. Give it a try!

  34. Tina F. says:

    I have a small hydroponics facility in SW Oregon and usually grow a variety of greens alongside marijuana. I grow occasionally for commercial purposes, but mostly for my own enjoyment. Cinderella 99 is the “daughter” plant of Jack Herer, another excellent strain, but I find with C99 the sativa properties are more pronounced and have a greater impact on improving mood and focus. A surprisingly fast grow, especially for a sativa, this produces beautiful green and orange trichomes and a sour citrus scent you will surely enjoy. I saved most of my 400 grams for myself and smoke in the mornings for an extra burst of energy.

  35. tog24kt says:

    Received 5 C99 seeds in a timely manner…All 5 had full root tails in under 24 hrs….very strong seeds so far….couldnt be more pleased with them….Steve

  36. Weiner Water Soup says:

    Im hoping I can came back and edit this with updates.
    Germination 100% was successful. I bought 3 seeds, all three popped. (Started dec 24th, popped Xmas day)
    During the seedling stage, they were all given the same treatment.
    1)Soaked stablized rockwool (30ppm 500scale of Cultured Solutions Veg A and Veg B + Cal-mag into RO water, 6.0ph) and Humidity dome til first set of leaves form (3 days)
    2) Removed dome then under double 2′ T5 for the first week. (Lightly Flooded, 1x daily 30ppm of above) Run off came in at 6.1
    3) Moved to the drip system. Same nutrients as above.

    2 seedlings started wilting hard. One is absolutely thriving. The seedlings that wilted were the first ones to germinate, and produced very week looking tap roots. Once they had past, I opened the rockwool and it appears they just didnt have the strength to work their way in/through the rockwool. Some times this happens! survival of the fittest prevails here. Its just unfortunate that 2 out of my 3 fell flat on their face. Some could say genetics, but I had such a small sample pool with only 3 seeds its extremely difficult to say that. Now, if it was a 10 pack and the ratio stayed the same.. then yes I would say genetics. I say its my environment.

    Now, on to the one thats thriving. This one is a very indica dominate pheno type. It was the slower of the three in germ, but you can tell this one likes it colder. I believe my environment really brought this pheno out. She now sitting in a 5gal DWC 150ppm 5.8ph (purposefully swinging ph through 5.8-6.1) and she is HUNGRY. Chugging water and eating nutrients. I put on 5-10cm of growth every 4-5 day, and that is remaining constant. I have to top off the nutrients every 3 days. (50-80ppm drop over 3 days)
    She’s under 4 2′ T5’s and is moving under the a 600W MH Tonight. I am now 1 month out from when I started her.
    Great inter-nodal spacing, Strong growth. I will keep you updated.

  37. mally4ever says:

    All seeds germinated quickly. Plants are in final weeks of flower and so gorgeous. Smell so sweet and I am super excited to dry and cure this and post a review based on the finished product.

  38. mskenyat says:

    Say goodbye to coffee for the rest of your life. I’m super sensitive to all things: coffee, marijuana, alcohol, you name it. It takes me a very little amount to feel anything. So, with Cinderally 99, you have to be very careful not to smoke too much or you’ll be bouncing off the walls. It took me a while to find the perfect amount, but when after I did, it’s become my favorite strain. I smoke it ONLY in the early morning and it keeps me buzzing all day. Great stuff!

  39. Erik says:

    WOW! I think G.C.S. did their part. 8 hours and they all hatched.
    So they did their part. Delivery was 5 stars. No problems. Seeds are definitely sativa.
    My dad grew Cannabis and we had sativa that was much higher in THC than now a days
    . I hope this strain can get me to the same buzz I had in my teens.
    Our sativa was 86%. 40 years ago. it smelt like model glue.
    It wouldn’t burn in paper. Pure oil. Awesome seeds.
    I am a loyal royal Customer.

  40. Brian E. says:

    If you’re looking for a psychedelic high, this is it. i’m an artist, so this stuff really helps me pump out my art like no one’s business. I never thought I would be a grower, but someone convinced me to try these feminized cannabis seeds and they are amazing. I only bought 3 seeds and two of them sprouted. I planted them and they were great. This is the best strain that keeps me up, up, up!

  41. lucasgutierrez says:

    I bough 3 seeds.

    i planted them in a pot in my balcony. After just 1 week they all germinated and grew strong. they hatched o month ago, and they are looking strong , and healthy.
    Very easy process, felt very organic.
    Will update in a few months. Great seeds i will deffenetely recommend.

  42. vexxx.3o5 says:

    Germinated one so far and she looks great cant wait to watch her grow 🙂

  43. inzogt says:

    Ordered 3 Cindy 99 seeds and germinating was a pain. 2 never germinated and the one that did died soon after. My Candy Kush on the other hand, three for three germinated and are the very picture of health. Will order another set and try again.

  44. Kyle Pierce says:

    This is one of the best strains to use when you want to unwind. It’s a bit higher in THC but if you go easy on it, it’s great for relaxing, and I’ve noticed it also helps treat little aches and pains after work. I found it a bit harder to grow my Cindy seeds from Growers Choice, not sure if that’s because I waited a little while before I germed them or if there was something wrong with the genetics. The plants turned out okay, all of them produced fat buds, which is what you want anyway. I just placed another order for some more Cindys, but also a few of the CBD Shark to see what those are all about.

  45. Phillip Ordus says:

    I grow these pot seeds for my dad who’s going through chemo. He needs a lot of attention, so I didn’t want to waste money on random plant so I wanted to get feminized cannabis seeds. These really work to help him with pain and to get through the nausea. Luckily, it also helps boost his appetite, so he’s not losing too much weight. Since I’m usually all over the place, ordering online is also my only option.

  46. Mitch C. says:

    I don’t really have a diagnosed mood disorder, but I tend to get super stressed on the weekends when I think abotu all the stuff I have to do. Even more so when my plan doesn’t go as planned. Ordered a few months ago and have been growing indoors with great results. Probably the best pot I’ve ever tried. Also ordered a second batch a couple weeks ago and they’re growing very similarly to the first batch. Glad I ordered online, or I never would have hear about feminized cannabis seeds.

  47. Travis TP says:

    Cindy 99 is a great plant to grow indoors.