Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds

Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds

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(138 customer reviews)

Cinderella 99, also known as Cindy, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that users call the perfect “wake and bake” marijuana strain. She may energize you first thing in the morning and help you get out of bed with delicious notes of citrus and tropical fruit.

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Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds

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You don’t need a fairy godmother to provide you with cannabis seeds for this popular strain. Cinderella 99, which is known to some as Cindy or C99, is a favorite among cannabis growers around the world. If you are in the market for high-quality feminized seeds, Cinderella 99 might be the perfect choice for you. Hey, if the slipper fits, go for it!

What Makes Cinderella 99 a Popular Cannabis Seed Strain?

This cannabis strain has two famed parent strains Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer. Those are old-school strains that have been popular choices for years, even winning Cannabis Cups and other such competitions. Cinderella, the fairy tale character, may not have had the best experience with her parents, but Cinderella 99 definitely does. Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer gave us a sativa-dominant hybrid that has become a popular cannabis seed strain in its own right, and with good reason.

The Flavor and Aroma of Cinderella 99 Cannabis Plants

The pungent aroma associated with the Cinderella 99 strain is a popular one. There are some strains with polarizing tastes and aromas, but this is a strain that tends to be palatable to most. The tropical aroma is indicative of the sweet taste of the strain as well. There is a citrusy flavor to Cinderella 99 that makes it a popular strain for fans of fruity flavor. Some talk of pine notes and an earthy taste as well, and there are some hints of those in the mix with these cannabis plants. However, the citrus aroma and sweet, fruity flavor definitely dominates.

Are Cinderella 99 Plants Potent Plants?

The THC levels of Cinderella 99 give it exceptional potency. Any strain coming in over 20 percent in terms of THC is a potent strain. Our version of Cindy is definitely the belle of the ball when it comes to THC levels. We offer an average potency, in terms of THC, of 22 percent. This is the type of seed you should buy if you like high-THC strains. These potent plants might be a little much for those who are still relatively new to marijuana, though. If you smoke too much Cinderella 99 too fast, feelings of paranoia could be in the offing. Just be careful, though, and you should be alright. Hey, that’s true of any psychoactive substance. Even too much coffee can do a number on you.

Get a Spark of Energy from this Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

When used shrewdly, Cinderella 99 will wrap you in an uplifting sativa glow. This is a strain that is prized for its significant energizing effects. Forget about daytime fatigue when you make Cinderella 99 a part of your daytime plans. Definitely eschew using this strain at night. There’s a reason why it’s always wise to have at least a couple of different strains available. Many feel intense cerebral effects from using Cindy as well, some of which describe the sensation as a euphoric effect. When used wisely, Cinderella 99 provides a fun, energetic high both physically and mentally. You can give yourself an extra spark, and then some! Experienced marijuana users tend to consider this a strain to take it easy with, though. Those cerebral effects can turn into bouts of paranoia if you overdo it. Some even recommend making Cinderella 99 a one-hit strain. Hey, that means your harvest will last you even longer!

Is Cinderella 99 Good for Medical Use?

If you are dealing with certain medical issues, Cinderella 99 could be the sativa-dominant cannabis strain for you. The emotional boost many get from Cindy can alleviate stress, anxiety, and even feelings of depression. Sometimes the cerebral effects of this strain can do you a world of good! If you struggle with chronic fatigue, the burst of energy from Cinderella 99 could be ideal. Are you conducive to the idea of a wake-and-bake scenario? Imagine starting your day with an extra spring in your step as the wave of energy flows through you. If you are a medically-minded marijuana user, these could be your favorite marijuana seeds soon enough.

Growing Cinderella 99 Plants at Home

If you are solely an outdoor grower, you may want to eschew Cinderella 99, because this is a strain that was specifically cultivated for the indoor home grower. Both beginner growers and experienced growers appreciate Cinderella 99 because it is one of the easiest strains to grow, provided you give it indoor environmental conditions.  Cindy provides cultivators with fast-growing cannabis plants. This strain is also known for its fast flowering period. It tends to only take a mere seven to eight weeks of a flowering period, so you will get to harvest time faster with Cinderella 99 than with many cannabis strains. While it is a compact plant, this strain is also known for its generous yield, which may seem counterintuitive, but it’s true. You can expect 700 to 800 grams per meter square when growing Cindy indoors, and as we noted, experienced cultivators will tell you that this is a strain for indoor growers. The excellent yield potential is just another reason to appreciate these fast-growing plants with dreamy cerebral effects.

Get Cinderella 99 Seeds from Growers Choice

If you are looking for quality marijuana seeds, then Growers Choice Seeds is the cannabis seed bank for you. Even with a strain that is easier to grow than most, you want to start with top-notch pot seeds, because the best seeds yield the best plants. Don’t leave yourself with a disappointing yield! When you know what Cinderella 99 can do for you in the garden, you want to get the most out of it. Even if this is a high-THC strain you will likely use in small doses, the better your yield, the happier you will be. Our fully-feminized cannabis seeds practically guarantee you female marijuana plants each and every time, and we also offer fast, reliable, and discreet shipping and delivery. Growers Choice Seeds is here to provide you with quality marijuana seeds for each and every order. Maybe Cinderella 99 will become your favorite marijuana seed, or maybe you will want to try something else. Here are five strains similar to Cindy to consider.

  1. Cinderella’s Dream: Cinderella’s Dream is strikingly similar to Cinderella 99, but for years it wasn’t available in seed form. Now it is!
  2. Jack Herer: As we mentioned, Jack Herer is one of the parents of Cinderella 99. It’s an iconic strain, and still popular.
  3. Shiva Skunk: We recommended one of Cindy’s parents. Why not recommend the other one?
  4. Glass Slipper: As you might have guessed, Glass Slipper is associated with Cinderella 99. This strain is the child of Cindy and Pineapple.
  5. American Haze: Sativa-dominant, spicy in flavor, and also with an even higher THC level, American Haze packs a significant punch!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Jack Herer x Shiva Skunk


30% Indica, 70% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted

Best Use

creative pursuits, Daytime, heightened energy


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Indoor Yield

700-800g per m2

Outdoor Yield

800-900g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

138 reviews for Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds

  1. Michael Buckley Verified Owner

    I have never gotten a bigger yield from a seed than with this plant. It grew so fast and easy, took me a little under 2 months to start smoking! The high is great too, definitely a strain i don’t mind smoking every day, its strong but not too strong so I still have the energy to get things done during the day.

  2. Michael H Verified Owner

    Heavy yielding easy-to-grow strain, Cinderella will provide you with tons of weed to smoke! If you enjoy fruity strains and great creative highs this will be a great strain for you. Recommend this to any beginner growers out there!

  3. KushKnight710 Verified Owner

    Cinderella 99 was a perfect choice for me. With its short flowering period of 8 weeks and a big harvest, you’ll be rolling in the green. I had a couple hiccups in growing but nothing the helpful customer service team couldn’t deal with. I’m already getting more of this.

  4. 3stoneloke3 Verified Owner

    So stoked on these high quality C99 nugs! VERRRRrrrrryyyyy fresh MJ! Love buying my weed online and having it at the apartment to grow in the summer. Needs those hot temps and long-lighting. LED lights are expensive but its worth investing in the good stuff. You’ll be amazed at how quickly these seeds grow. It’s been an awesome experience!

  5. THC_Titan Verified Owner

    The amount of weed I got from growing Cinderella 99 was crazy, probably the most i’ve gotten from any other strain. Not only that, all of my seeds germinated 10 out of 10. This strain really exceeded my expectations,

  6. Paul N Verified Owner

    Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds have truly made me feel like a princess! With its fruity flavor and uplifting effects, I feel like I can conquer anything just like Cinderella. Thank you for such a magical strain!

  7. Yolanda W. Verified Owner

    OMG literally everybody’s favorite party strain! I grew this cause I used to smoke it in college. Very tasty weed. Very fresh. It’s been super helpful for my social anxiety!!

  8. Griffin Dudley Verified Owner

    We all have some familiarity with C99….and if you’re looking for a new growing experience, then this is the strain for you! I bought 3 seeds, just for a lil summer project. What I got was a lifelong hobby! VERY nice weed, a bushy and intense grow, usually smells like sour candy!

  9. Amir Dennis Verified Owner

    I LOVE how fast Cinderella 99 grows! It seemed like it just shot up overnight! And let’s not even get started on all of its great effects. Saying that “a little can go a long way” is nothing but the truth! Using this makes doing stuff around the house so much more enjoyable.

    Amir D., Spokane, WA

  10. ktmblm0602 Verified Owner

    I have been very impressed at how fast this strain has grown for me ! I am very much looking forward to harvest

  11. Nial Norton Verified Owner

    I was feeling really tired the other day, and when I smoked this weed I felt much much better. I like how energized this weed makes me feel. I also like that it curbs my ADHD symptoms and allows me to focus for hours on end. I am pretty excited to have this stuff growing out back, it looks absolutely stellar!

  12. Kitty Christian Verified Owner

    I was soooo stoked to finally harvest this weed from my plants! It looks absolutely amazing, and it smells pretty great too not gonna lie!!! Definitely wanna get stoned on this weed for the next little while man. it Keeps my head focused and on straight, and my body feels much lighter, it’s a great buy and I promise I will buy more online!

  13. Bibi Whitaker Verified Owner

    Just got myself some C99 and I am absolutely thrilled to plant these seeds in my greenhouse!!

    GCS has the best online selection anywhere, especially in Canada, and it helps me a lot during the winter when things get colder and life just feels a lot more bleak LOL.

    I love Canada and I love mj from GCS!

  14. Emerson Harris Verified Owner

    I like strains that give me all kinds of energies…I prefer the smoking and the vaping as opposed to drinking alcohol. I like working in my garden as well. It’s nice and easy, fun to get my hands dirty, and the sun feels so nice. Plus this plant has an excellent aroma, truly lovely tastes and smells that come from c99, gonna keep getting baked on this weed like every day!!

  15. Felicia Yu Verified Owner

    The C99 is strain is downright the best weed on this website…nothing gives me the energy and social confidence I need to get along like this strain does. It took a bit of finesse to get this weed to grow like I want it to, but after some pruning and watering and online research, then this stuff really took right off and looks pretty great! Got a nice smelling strain too, some very high quality weed no doubt, and smells like sour as all heck!

  16. Scott Hood Verified Owner

    I really need that rush of energy in the morning. I like smoking right when I wake up to give me that little bit of excitement about the day ahead. Had myself 5 seeds shipped to my place in OR and grew them right in the backyard. They look absolutely magical, smells great too. They weren’t too difficult to grow either. Feeling pretty excited about the next harvest in a few months. Will write back then.

  17. Liberty Adams Verified Owner

    C99, as my friends like to call it, is a very energizing strain that always puts me in a great mood. I smoke a little hit of this and then walk down to the grocery store and buy cheese for queso, and then I get baked and have myself a lil Taco Tuesday, good vibes all around, truly fun to grow on your own!!

  18. Zackary Eastwood Verified Owner

    Are you excited to get high tonight? I know I am…mostly because I am smoking my own homegrown weed, the cinderella 99 strain from GCS, a total win in my book that’s easy to grow and makes for an awesome summer project. Even if you’re not an expert, this is a great strain to try out, it always puts me in a smiley mood.

  19. Shayan Atherton Verified Owner

    C99 is a pretty wicked awesome strain, makes any day better, especially cause it smells so good and feels so good in my bones. Ordered it online, had it shipped right to my apartment and believe it or not grew it on my porch! How awesome is that? Very easy to manage and also pretty dang fun, will definitely buy more, in the very near future!

  20. Ayra Fountain Verified Owner

    Yes sir, this weed is a true american hero, it’s seriously better than anything you’ll find in a fairy tale cause it’s actually real! I smoked this dope for hours at a time last friday, just puffing away and feeling absolutely amazing. Nothing beats strong homegrown weed. I am sooo excited to burn this weed with my friends on Friday nights. Good times had by all!

  21. Diogo Hickman Verified Owner

    C99 is a big wonderful flower…it’s so relaxing and enjoyable…I smoke it all night every night…There’s just so much stress man, I am getting super fried on all the work I need to get done, not sure where this life of mine is going, but dang if I don’t wanna just buy this marijuana for the sake of having some fun in my life. Can’t wait!

  22. Zakariya Berger Verified Owner

    C99 was my go-to strain in college….it’s seriously some of the nicest stuff you’re ever gonna grow, looks good, smells good, and heck yeah it tastes good too! Ordered it online, had it shipped to my new spot here in Washington and got it growing right away…very relaxing stuff, very chill and easy on the brain…it makes me hear music in my head which I immediately write down on the bass, such an awesome time!!!

  23. Mr.H Verified Owner

    Good to see these classic genetics at this price.. this is the same award winning genetics that have parented many great strains. Easy grower, huge yields, foot long colas like ya use to see. Great for daytime smoking, smooth, energetic yet potent effects. I had to clone her, to good to say good by to Cinderella-99

  24. Anisha Grant Verified Owner

    Cinderella isn’t just a fairy tale for kids, it’s a great marijuana too! I smoke the C99 on my way to work each day, and I gotta say, It’s pretty great. Ordering online is nice as well. I like how quickly the seeds ship out, they take like one week, and then I follow all the growing instructions on the website here and I get excellent results. It’s a beautiful life down here in California.

  25. Austen Mclean Verified Owner

    I love Cinderella 99, used to be my favorite movie as a kid, now it’s my favorite weed as an adult…I love the beautiful tastes and smells, and it gets me really really stoned, puts me in a great mood, even makes it possible for me to get work done. I like productive weeds if you know what I mean, and this one tops the list. Great vibes all around, definitely worth the time it takes to grow, give it a try!

  26. Nikkita Salgado Verified Owner

    I am in love with this strain, it’s been really fun to grow this in my basement underneath these really nice LED grow lights. I got some nice bud from this plant, very dense nd a deep green color, beautiful stuff! Got a NICE yield too, nearly 10 oz of weed, and some of the freshest stuff on the planet. Def gonna grow more!

  27. Mattie Reynolds Verified Owner

    Love that this weed is on sale right now!! Has been such a good buy for me during this quarantine time. Helps me stay focused and also gives me the chance to get involved in my hobbies more seriously. I ordered this stuff online and WOW did it ship out fast! Got myself nearly 800 grams of fresh ganja, more than I can smoke, so this is a pretty great buy overall, definitely gonna buy more!!

  28. Dawn Huff Verified Owner

    This weed is one of my all-time faves…it’s easy to grow and lasts a long time in storage and it’s also just a great buy. Easy to grow indoors, and it helps a LOT when you have a greenhouse to help facilitate. I am pretty satisfied with my purchase, one of my seeds didn’t germ, but the rest did very well. I am pretty thoroughly happy though and will definitely buy this again!

  29. Darcey O’Reilly Verified Owner

    Never had a bad experience with this strain, it’s always there right when I need it, and it helps me manage this difficult time we’re all going through. Smoking some good dope these days, helps me stay focused and positive, Really amazing for it’s color and its shape too, BIG NUGS and really flavorful, like smoking a smoothie or something like that, really great buy from Grower’s top-quality strain!!!

  30. jack f Verified Owner

    When I need to wake up, then it’s time for me to buy this amazing marijuana….it’s a good grow indoors, especially if you’ve got a little greenhouse or want to invest some money in some good LED lights. Easy buying this weed online, had a LOT of great luck just getting this stuff started…beautiful looking plants…orange-green trichomes, absolutely stunning!

  31. eaglewings Verified Owner

    The C99 strain is filled with energy and amazing vibes. Having a good time growing this strain at home too, makes for a great buy and always is a good time when you are down on your luck and stuff. I love ordering online. It’s soooo easy and convenient. There is so much I just love about GCS, their selection is amazing and the prices just can’t be beat. Love this stuff!!!

  32. Pat Wyatt Verified Owner

    Gotta stay positive folks, and this C99 strain is all kinds of wonderful. We all smoke this weed in my household, right outta the bong baby. We like to take HUGE rips and help ourselves be super high. WE have great convos, smoking and drinking and talking about them girls man. I grow it all in my closet man, so easy and makes for a ton of nug. Gotta have more dope in my life!

  33. Jeffrey Wells Verified Owner

    I love taking long walks in nature, and this marijuana is the best trail partner I could ask for. It’s so nice to have around, it’s sour and also a little sweet, gives me the perfect boost of energy I need on the trail. Makes the world around me look so colorful and beautiful. I’ve been really pleased with this experience. Growing your own weed is the best, and it always saves you money!

  34. debbie williams Verified Owner

    This is everyone’s favorite strain in the fraternity…I really like this stuff, me and my bros all like to contribute to the growing of the herb in the backyard, it’s pretty exciting stuff, and I like using my weed to get all my bros high and play some football or something. I don’t like doing homework, but I can def get behind writing an essay when I am stoned. You will totally enjoy this too, I betcha!

  35. henry chang Verified Owner

    C99 is an amazing strain, it helps with stress, depression and anxiety and it’s also very euphoric. It puts a big ol smile on my face and makes me feel really fresh and energetic. I smoke it after work to wash away the stress and then usually chill with my homies in the park and play some basketball. I really wanna buy more of this strain, and I definitely think it’s so good cause of the genetics!!!

  36. Edward Han Verified Owner

    The C99 strain of marijuana is very exciting, it helps me deal with my pain and stress and makes for a great buy when you’re down on your luck. I thought it was really easy to grow, but I have also been doing this for years and find that I have gotten pretty good at it too. Easy online ordering and fast delivery, plus the highest quality bud in town. It doesn’t get much better than this!!!

  37. cannonind Verified Owner

    Heck yeah brother! C99 is my favorite strain! It gives me all kinds of good vibes, makes me smile and helps me relax. I liked growing it too, it was surprisingly easy! I watched a TON of Youtube vids on how to care for my weed plant, and it all came together really nicely. Very exciting stuff, and also extremely relaxing, did I mention that already???

  38. obamamoney Verified Owner

    I need some weed in the evenings to help manage my pain and stress levels cause otherwise I get bad headaches and sometimes can’t sleep. If I smoke this after work my head and body feel much lighter, and I am able to just float and relax all the way home, even if there’s traffic. Puts me in a good mood and I am always down to play my different tunes.

  39. 827378 Verified Owner

    Oh my god!!!! I was so excited to see that GCS carries C99, definitely one of the nicest strains out there, and very very chill. I like this cause like, it gives you a boost of energy while making you feel super relaxed and cool. I smoke it with all my friends, we all love how fresh and organic it is, and a very agreeable strain to grow in the backyard with your other garden plants, wonderful stuff!!!

  40. evanhan1223 Verified Owner

    A totally classic strain….helps with stress, depression, anxiety….and honestly just gets you super high. I ordered online and the seeds arrived way faster than I expected….even with things the way they are now, and all this time, I felt like nothing could be done! I saved money, I got super stoned, and my weed is top quality. Very satisfying!

  41. breanna fuller Verified Owner

    I feel like this strain is low-key famous….it’s pretty easy to grow too, surprisingly. I was amazed at the vast selection of seeds on the GCS website….it took me hours to peruse and find the strain I wanted, but when I came across C99, and saw all the positive reviews, I was just sold!! Great buy, especially for the price, and the Sativa leaning weed has been a great success!!

  42. Chicken Verified Owner

    C99 is probably my favorite strain out there right now. It’s a great vibe if you’re looking to chill but you don’t have the time to head out to the dispensary. I mean, what could be better than just coming home to your amazing garden? I got a NOICE yield, very strong and pretty remarkable. I will definitely buy more pot seeds from this site, fast delivery!!

  43. Too Deep Verified Owner

    C99 is everybody’s favorite sativa. It makes life so much brighter and fuller and it’s also easy to grow, especially in a greenhouse! I ordered my stuff online and got it delivered right to my door. I was very excited when the seeds arrived and I was able to simply plant them in my backyard and watch them sprout. It was a joyful experience and a bountiful harvest. Well worth the time and money!

  44. Sticky Fingers Verified Owner

    I just finished smoking a joint of the C99 and let me tell you I am in great spirits. I like the taste and smell and definitely enjoy the buzz. It’s VERY uplifting, helps me a lot with depression and makes for a great purchase when you’re short on cash. I will buy more of this for surrrre! GCS is an amazing site!

  45. sideways Verified Owner

    Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale growing up….and this is my favorite weed as an adult! It’s a pretty relaxing strain….helps with stress and anxiety and depression….makes the world feel a little brighter….and definitely helps during quarantine. My first batch was top quality, really nice and dense nugs with a distinct sour smell. I can’t wait to grow more!

  46. Mighty One Verified Owner

    You will feel on top of the world when you smoke this marijuana. Truly, it is a fine sativa strain. I like to go out by the lake on the way back from Seattle and just look out over the moonlit water and smoke myself a joint of C99, enjoying the stars and the water…it’s a magical experience and gives me time to think. I love growing my own weed and will definitely buy more!!!

  47. @manscape Verified Owner

    I usually smoke weed when I am chillin with my homies and we are just laid back and digging the vibes of the afternoon, grilling and drinking beers. It’s seriously relaxing, makes my life a lot more fun, and people are pretty impressed I am able to grow my own mj right at home. Easy online ordering, I mean 3 clicks and you’ve got weed on the way! Perfect for new growers like me, and the yield is perfection!!!

  48. KIa Verified Owner

    C99 is well worth the time and effort to work in the garden and get your hands dirty. I actually think it’s really fun, but I definitely could see myself getting a little tired just pruning branches and putting down side dressing. Either way, the weed is really top quality, very fresh, and a true indica sativa blend that makes the pain go away for a while.

  49. Janky Tent Verified Owner

    Cinderella was my favorite fairy tale growing up, and then when I turned into an adult I magically became a stoner lol! I thought this would be the perfect strain to grow for myself and thankfully I was right. I got 3 seeds delivered to my home from GCS, they were packaged nicely and they went straight into the ground once I got them. Beautiful smell and taste and the best vibes you could ask for! Definitely worth the buy!

  50. Oahu Brah Verified Owner

    I was always a fan of the c99 strain….it was always my go-to when I went to the dispensary down the road. I figured it was time to take the next step and grow my own weed. I am really happy I took this leap. It was really rewarding and made for a great outdoor project. I love getting my hands dirty, so this was the perfect excuse to do that! My bf helped a lot with the growing process, and the results were amazing! The freshest weed I’ve ever grown and definitely the most relaxing too!

  51. Rick Hotchkiss Verified Owner

    C99 is a really nice strain that helps with anxiety, depression and all kind of social ailments….like I NEVER want to party, but when I smoke this weed, suddenly you can’t get me off the dance floor. It’s amazing! I ordered myself 3 seeds online, super fast and easy….got them delivered really fast, like in no time at all and WOW I am so impressed with the results. good buy for sure!!!

  52. Sandy Verified Owner

    Now don’t let this train intimidate you.
    Easy groin strain definition of quick I was done around the six week of flower with 95% milky white trikes.

    Good citrus fruity sweet flavor, with an uplifting head high that last for hours.
    It won’t stop you from functioning,but you may find yourself randomly focused on random things. Lol

    Definitely got to pick up more of these seeds! Type of seeds you Save!

  53. Aaron Aimees Verified Owner

    C99 is a true quest for knowledge and understanding…it’s a basic grow….easy for even beginners, but if you are a master gardener, then you will undoubtedly get better results, especially if you grow indoors. I got 3 seeds delivered from GCS, they came in a nice glass package that I keep around the house….planted them right in my backyard..pretty exciting stuff to have growing in your yard! Very energizing buzz too, nice for gatherings or parties!

  54. Mike Myers Verified Owner

    Cinderella was my favorite Disney movie growing up, so it makes sense I would want to grow this strain. Got an excellent yield from my 3 plants, very beautiful buds and a truly excellent quality, helps with stress, depression, anxiety and overall sadness. I love growing my own weed, it’s so fulfilling, and the seeds from GCS make it easy! Very happy with the results!

  55. Bryan Mello Verified Owner

    C99 is one heck of a strain that helps me stay focused during my workday or even during class. I love the taste and smell of this dope…it’s super sour and FRESH! Got myself 3 seeds which turned into 900 grams of pot in 5 months…can you believe it! Can’t say I am disappointd….I’ll definitely buy more 🙂

  56. @neednewfriends Verified Owner

    I never thought I’d be growing my own weed…it’s a new experience for me…but I think I am pretty good at it…I get a better yield every time…especially now that I can grow indoors…made me smile when my first batch of flowers formed on my plants…they are beautiful and very deep green…smoking it is a nice and relaxing experience…pretty energizing in the mind…great buy…will be back for more!

  57. Nice Work Verified Owner

    Cindy 99 is like your date to the prom…it’s like smoking up and feeling like you’re the king….it’s like a kiss under the stars while you’re camping….it’s a treat and a dream and absolutely everyone should try it…it’s pretty easy to grow…never been easier with these dank genetics…I will always order from this site from now on!

  58. Imperial Verified Owner

    You never know what you’re going to get with this stuff. It’s a pretty wacky high, and it’s always changing, but never negative, always in a good way. Good smoking when you’re in need of some energy, and maybe wanna just dance with your eyes closed. Good for going to the club, or even just getting a lot of homework done, which is pretty rad too. It really checks off all the boxes, smells like trees too. Can’t deny you will supply!

  59. nextime Verified Owner

    I am definitely too tired to go out and party most nights…but when I smoke this weed I feel like a completely different person! It’s very energized and pretty darn exciting. It’s super green, like neon green, and the buds are hella sticky! I pack a nice bowl and take a few rips and I am stoned as all heck! Time to Party!!! My girlfriend did most of the growing, but we like to share 🙂

  60. @crackersandcheeseplease Verified Owner

    Ready to get all stoney and weird and play some music? That’s what I’m about to do. I live in Portland and I am a big fan of this weed. Used to buy it from the Happy Leaf down on Burnside but that place closed down recently so I am on my own…well not really, but I wanted to grow my own weed anyway. So I got a nice backyard garden together and got some great growing capacity and then planted my 3 little seeds which soon became huge beautiful plants. Got a great yield and a wonderful buzz off these guys. Can’t wait to buy more!

  61. Climbing Ivy Verified Owner

    If you’re someone that likes to get high and party, then C99 might be just the strain for you. I will tell you firsthand it gives you a great energizing buzz, makes me feel focused, productive and creative and also keeps me on my toes, you know? I don’t like weed that makes me feel groggy and tired, and this weed does the opposite of that. I got nearly 500 grams off my 3 plants, all of the nug is very fresh and high quality, very sticky too! Can’t wait till we can party again lol!

  62. PAUL CYBULSKI Verified Owner

    Seeds look awesome, they arrived safe, discrete, and fast! I cannot wait to get these in the soil soon! A+++ so far!

  63. Top Picks Verified Owner

    A marijuana strain worthy of a princess. This plant, let me tell you, is pure magic. I have never gotten so much flower off my plants before. I think it’s the feminized genetics making it very easy to grow and get a HUGE Yield. Nearly 500 grams from 3 plants, a great little gift from the earth. Tastes super sour, and really refreshing too. Great for smoking in the afternoon for a little energy boost. Makes me feel tingly all over!

  64. @naughtybutNICE Verified Owner

    Cinderella finally found her prince charming. I LOOOOVE this weed. I am a total fanboy, bought myself 5 seeds, germinated 3 and saved the rest for later. Perfect germination off these seeds, pretty excellent yield too. I enjoyed pruning weed and making them into perfect little stoner christmas trees, and when it was time to harvest I was soooo excited! Got nearly 500 grams from my plants, and the buzz is super uplifting and awesome. I really like this stuff!

  65. Karen Brotzel Verified Owner

    Fast, easy and yummy!


    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  67. Nolookingback Verified Owner

    Smoking this weed definitely makes me feel like a princess, just like cinderella, but hey, it’s not all about royalty, it’s more about getting super stoned! Great buy from GCS, they always have the highest quality seeds at a price that just can’t be beat. Perfect for outdoor or indoor growing, and only 4-5 months from seed to harvest. You won’t regret getting your hands on this stuff, well worth the buy!

  68. Continental Verified Owner

    C99 is what me and my friends like to call it, and we all went in on some seeds and a small greenhouse together. Excellent buy overall, and extremely easy to grow! Beautiful buds the size of my fist, and the smell…just wow! So fresh and delicious, and great for my neck and back pain. Also, a real dream for stress and depression. What are you waiting for? This weed is great!

  69. Frosty da Snowman Verified Owner

    It’s never too late to start smoking marijuana. I have been consistently impressed by GCS. Their online selection and pricing can’t be beat and they always sell me top-notch seeds that germinate evenly and produce great flower! This weed in particular is one of my faves. It’s perfect for when you’re feeling stressed and need a little pick me up. I’ll be growing more in the future!

  70. GalGrower Verified Owner

    C99 has been in my life since college, I’ve always enjoyed its strong sour smell and its nice buzzy feelings. I smoke it to help with depression and anxiety, and I enjoy its nice head buzz as well which helps me stay positive and creative. Definitely a worthy buy if you’re feeling down and blue and need a nice gardening project. You can grow it in the backyard if you like. It’s a great yield with a lovely buzz. You’ll very much enjoy!

  71. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  72. Pluggs Verified Owner

    C99 as I have become accustomed to calling it, is my go-to “going out” weed. Great for chilling with your bros or going to a bar or a party, helps with all the stress and social anxiety you might feel, but it’s super mellow and in the background. Love the way this stuff makes me feel, always puts a smile on my face, helps me unwind, gives me a wee little burst of energy, and the citrusy taste lingers in my mouth and olfactories. You won’t be disappointed by this timeless classic strain of mj.

  73. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  74. Walkin Verified Owner

    A very bushy variety of weed…helps with the stress and anxiety of the day to day, and offers up some pretty happy high moments. I usually get creative when I smoke C99, write some fun sci-fi stories or do some coloring or drawing. Awesome for smoking in the evenings right after work, it’ll give you a second wind, provide you with some energy and happy thoughts to get you through the night. Hoping I can grow indoors next time to increase my yield, but who knows, it costs a lot to set up your own grow space!

  75. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  76. theHulk Verified Owner

    Been smoking the cindy 99 since I was in college, never thought I’d have a chance to grow this weed myself! Got a great little grow room in the basement set up, with grow lights, irrigation, the works! I germinated these seeds in my living room and finally had a chance to plant them after about a month. They did very well in my hydroponic setup and the yield was spectacular. It’s a very energizing weed, perfect for just chilling out with your friends or going to a party!

  77. the Host Verified Owner

    If I am ever throwing a party, I pre-roll a bunch of Joints of the C99 and pass it around to all my friends. If you weren’t in a party mood before, you will be now. I love how easy this was to grow too, and ordering online with GCS is a total breeze. Their customer service reps knew EXACTLY what I was looking for and I got my seed shipment right away. This stuff is pretty high in THC and offers a great mind buzz with all sorts of excitable energy. Makes for great conversation!

  78. Bee Dalton Verified Owner

    It’s wicked easy to grow this strain and probably the best bang for your buck that you can find on this website. Even if you’re new to growing marijuana, you will have an easy time germinating and cultivating this weed. It’s nice to have around the house too, very uplifting and euphoric with a great head buzz. It works well for depression and stress and anxiety, also puts me in a social mood. Definitely worth the buy!

  79. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  80. Terry Brooks Verified Owner

    This is one of the better strains on this site…I know cause I’ve ordered a bunch of seeds from GCS in the past and am very satisfied with my purchases. This one stands above the fray though, it’s got everything a stoner wants in a weed, it’s got intense sour flavor, a nice easy smoke, and the buzz is super energetic, uplifting, but also calming for the mind and the body, good for going out on the town, and for chilling with your friends.

  81. Steph Pritchet Verified Owner

    I used to have crippling social anxiety till I started smoking sativa dominant strains which help clear my mind, give me energy, and also overcome serious anxieties. I am not PERFECT now, but I definitely feel more comfortable approaching people at parties and telling them what’s on my brain! My friend recommended this site to me, and I gotta give them credit, this online catalog is absolutely crazy incredible. Love the variety and how it ships right to my door. Good buy for sure, I’ll be back for more!

  82. bagillies3620 Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  83. Raoul Greeney Verified Owner

    I used to buy this weed from the dispensary, has always been one of my favorite hybrids, it always packs a punch when you smoke it, gives you a big head rush, then kinda settles into itself, gives me a lot of time to relax and reflect on the day, maybe do some writing, some light creative work as well. Also, great for sharing with my buddies, we always pass around the joint and cut it up. I think having your own weed makes a huge difference!

  84. Richard Sullivan Verified Owner

    Once I tried this weed I was instantly hooked. It’s ridiculously good weed, and I don’t say that lightly. I used to smoke weed everyday back in college and got to know good vs. bad weed. This stuff is in a league of its own. Easy growing, very nice yield, sweet, sour and pungent. FRESH as can be, sticky and fluffy….and wow I just love the buzz. Really mild and relaxing, but also incredible social and fun!

  85. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  86. ken harris Verified Owner

    Got my seeds delivered fast and they all popped up in no time. Did great in the backyard and produced a lotta nug in just 4 months. Perfect for smoking on the weekends with friends. Got that dank sticky feel to it, very fresh and high quality, just the way i like it! I am really impressed by the online catalog, very extensive and has almost every weed I have ever heard of! Definitely coming back!

  87. Carrie Preston Verified Owner

    Well, you may not find your glass slipper but you will definitely get super stoned. It’s an incredible strain for social anxiety, gets me in the mood for parties and other small gatherings. It’s a nice sour and sweet taste, and it’s super fresh and sticky and dank. I feel very excited about my own weed, I got a GREAT yield, with some amazing flower. I will definitely buy these seeds again. Best seeds in Canada by far!!!!

  88. paperflower Verified Owner

    Such an energizing weed! Really puts the pep back in my step, gets me feeling social, chatty and very euphoric. Ordered my seeds online with GCS, and got some really nice seeds, 5 of them, delivered right to my house. Perfect for growing out in the backyard, beautiful plants with bright green flower, very fresh and satisfying. Definitely a worthy buy!

  89. jake anderson Verified Owner

    This helps a lot for social events, it gets me feeling chatty and it really puts a smile on my face 🙂 I grew it in my basement, and wow this was the cleanest grow I’ve ever experienced. Great genetics and a powerful yield. I am pretty impressed with myself! I love the sweet and earthy taste and the mellow euphoria when you smoke this out of a bong. Try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

  90. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  91. Helen Carter Verified Owner

    I love smoking this weed then going out to a party or to the bar. It’s a very happy, uplifting, and sociable weed. Helps me with anxiety for sure and allows me to get along with people a whole lot easier. I love the smell and taste, somewhere between a pine forest and a trip to the candy store haha. Got a nice greenhouse out back and had some amazing success. It’s a pretty manageable strain, good for beginners too!

  92. fanboy9347383 Verified Owner

    This is the perfect weed in my opinion. It’s super uplifting and fun to smoke, and also easy to grow with a great yield almost guaranteed, who could ask for more? The weed did great in my grow room in the garage, definitely loves a consistent lighting and water schedule but the nugs are super DENSE and they have this great sweet and sour flavor to them, with a nice skunky aroma. I am pretty stoked about this weed!

  93. Fulsom Bate Verified Owner

    I came across this weed at the dispensary a few months back, got myself a nice pair of 5 seeds, germinated 3 but saving the other 2 for later. This stuff is way better when it’s homegrown fresh! The nugs are huge and super dense, nice smoking experience too, great flavor and a wonderful sativa dominant buzz which really helps with stress and anxiety. Definitely a worthy buy!

  94. Scott Morrison Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  95. raphael Verified Owner

    I can’t handle a mj strain that’s too strong on the indica side of things, so this one fits perfectly with my lifestyle. Pretty happy about how this all went down. Great customer service over at GCS, and the seeds arrived super fast. Got a nice yield overall, maybe 300 G per plant? But hey, I am a newbie, what can I say? It’s great on the weekend, helps with stress and improves focus too. Excellent stuff!

  96. hmorgan13

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  97. Vince Fuller Verified Owner

    You don’t have to be a wizard to grow this weed successfully. It’s easy to cultivate, even fun, and is an excellent outdoor grow, just make sure to give it enough light and sun and this stuff will practically take care of itself! It’s great for those stressful moments in life when you just need a toke break and everything will just go back to normal. Love how things have worked out since I grew this weed, definitely more popular at parties lol!

  98. cookie monster Verified Owner

    I loved the story of Cinderella growing up, well now I am an adult and I love smoking weed! This weed is actually really high quality top notch stuff. It exceeded my expectations. I don’t know how to grow weed, but I did pretty darn well with this stuff, and it gave me a ton of weed to smoke at home. It’s got a NICE smell to it, kinda sweet and sour and earthy and man these nugs are bright bright green! So fantastic!

  99. acacia Verified Owner

    This is a very uplifting strain of mj. It offers some delicious buds after only 4 months of growing. The trichomes are huge and deep green, really beautiful to look at. I smoke this in the afternoons to help avoid a crash. It’s been great for my relaxation and my stress levels. I feel a lot better about life in general and I think its the sativa in the weed that helps me with depression symptoms as well. I’ve been really happy with this strain overall!

  100. h20000 Verified Owner

    You really can’t beat the potency of this strain. It’s such amazing stuff! I love the delicious herbaceous taste of this weed, it’s so invigorating! I grew it in my backyard, took really nice to my raised beds and does well in full sunlight with a lotta water! I got a nice medium yield but almost 1000 g from just 3 plants! I am so impressed by this weed and by GCS in general. Amazing online selection! I’ll definitely be back for more!

  101. jeremy Verified Owner

    This is a great weed if you’re feeling down or blue. Has done wonders for my anxiety and depression. I really dig the sour and earthy taste this weed has. It’s got good vibes all around really, and is one of the better sativas on the market in my opinion. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had them delivered to my door. Very helpful customer service team and all 5 seeds germinated!

  102. Dan Harvey Verified Owner

    This is definitely my favorite party weed. I usually pack a fat J of this before I head out for the night. It’s a remarkably easy strain to grow. Big fan of the delicious nugs it produces, so green and with streaks of fuzzy white! It’s a delicious taste, something both sweet and sour about it. Love the delicious vibes of this weed. It’s been excellent for social anxiety. Will be back for more!

  103. pimentelkarina209 Verified Owner

    Loved that all 3 germinated so quickly and are growing so fast

  104. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  105. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  106. Linda Reimann Verified Owner

    A strain that is very easy to grow and produces a ton of weed! I am very proud of my work on this stuff, ordered online with GCS and had the seeds shipped straight to my door. Got all 3 to pop and grew them right in the backyard. The nug is incredibly high quality, very uplifting and fresh tasting, I do enjoy all the mental benefits that this weed provides. It’s great for stress and depression and actually helps with social anxiety!

  107. Mitchell M Verified Owner

    Powerful stuff no doubt. I’ve been smoking this weed for some time now, usually buy a pre-roll from the dispensary but decided it was time to take growing into my own hands. It’s delicious stuff, remarkably tasty and sour and yum all around! It’s good for my energy levels, especially when I have trouble sleeping. Great buy!

  108. Sarah Jacobs Verified Owner

    Excellent bang for your buck, this weed will produce an incredible amount of flower indoors or out! I got my seeds online through GCS, amazing customer service and fast delivery. No problems with germ and had them growing in the greenhouse out back in no time. They did wonderfully and gave me, no joke, 700 g of weed each! Now I am smoking on the daily, feeling fine and loving life. Great for my headaches and depression!

  109. Sheila Verified Owner

    A lovely strain of mj, perfect for getting out into the world. I’ve been smoking this from the dispensary down the road for a while now, but decided why not? And grew it myself. It turns out it was super worth it. Great bang for your buck, I got almost 1000 grams, and I am literally swimming in weed. It’s very fresh high quality stuff. You’ll love it for sure!

  110. Billy Wright Verified Owner

    This weed is my go-to for parties. It’s amazingly strong and potent, helps me keep my head above water and socializing for a long time to come. It’s really easy to grow too, even for beginners like myself. I got a nice raised bed in the backyard and have gotten some delicious nugs from my plants, nearly 400 g per plant which is truly amazing. It’s delicious stuff, man. Definitely a worthy buy!

  111. finnnotjake Verified Owner

    The perfect sativa for getting work done. I love growing and smoking weed and this has been on my list for years! So much fun to grow in my backyard, and it grows super tall as well! I love these fat nugs and delicious flavors, so much fun for a night out and great for a mood boost. Great stuff!

  112. jammybear Verified Owner

    Great bang for your buck, especially if you don’t have an indoor grow space. This weed does really well outside, and produces more weed than you can shake a stick at. I love the taste and smell, very sour, and the buzz is great for my stress and anxiety. Helps me focus and get work done, while also having a great time!

  113. Rhonda Woods-Greaves Verified Owner

    First time ordering from GCS made a small order of just 3 different strains to see how their shipping, customer service and products are. Excited to see how the 2 auto flowering plants turn out, I forgot to add my order number when placing order so I called the next day person that answered the phone was great, next day my order was processed so fare this company is definitely a 5 plus star. I will leave reviews on products at the end of the season.

  114. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  115. Kathrine Daisy Verified Owner

    If you’re gonna buy just one strain of mj on this site, this is the one to buy. It’s the best all around weed I have ever smoked, it’s stanky and sticky and it gets you real high, but it’s balanced and not overwhelming, perfect for parties or just relaxing at home. Super worth the slightly longer growing time. Give it a try!

  116. curios george Verified Owner

    This weed may be the best seed on this site. I love GCS, have been ordering from them for a while now, and this strain has emerged as my all time fave! I grow this in my backyard greenhouse and get some stellar results. It’s got some wonderful buzz benefits, gives you great alertness and focus and helps with headaches and depression!

  117. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  118. toubaikoomi

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  119. Joy Harvey Verified Owner

    WOW this plant produces so much weed! I grew outdoors and got like 800 grams per plant, and I only ordered 3 plants! Amazing how quickly this stuff popped out of the ground and the beautiful green trichomes it formed. I like to smoke this weed on the weekends, it has a nice sativa kick to it that gets me in the mood to party and have fun! Highly recommend!

  120. Narwhalian Verified Owner

    I was a bit nervous to try these MJ seeds because I basically have a black thumb but they have been doing really well. The strain itself is definitely nothing to mess around with before you want to sleep–it will definitely keep you up if you go that route. But if you need a good boost, there’s nothing better. I have experienced dry mouth (and dry eye, randomly!) but only with a bit more than usual.

  121. Anonymous Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  122. Fiesty Katty Verified Owner

    If you need a feel-good kind of weed, Cindy 99 is the best on the market. Have been growing weed commercially for a while now, have been very impressed by the quality of GCS collection, and they seem to breed the highest quality seeds anywhere! This particular strain does well in warm climates, a reliable greenhouse grow with a consistent medium sized yield. A strong seller in the dispensary market as well. Happy with my purchase, will be back for more.

  123. Lara Johnson Verified Owner

    The harvest from cinderella 99 is so bountiful that I like to call it cinderella 1000! That’s how much I harvested from my indoor grow operation if you can believe it. And it wasn’t difficult to get that yield, I kept light and water constant and just trimmed the plants a bit as the buds grew. Love that it was so easy to get such a big yield, it makes me want to buy more and more of these seeds from GC! Like that Growers Choice is based in the USA too as I like supporting small businesses based in the US.

  124. Molly M. Verified Owner

    There aren’t many mj strains you can comfortably call a “morning strain” but I think Cindy 99 falls in that category. Have been smoking this stuff for years but who can afford those pricey dispensary bills? I discovered GCS by accident actually and was floored by how many seeds they have available. HAD to purchase my fave strain and grew the Cindy in my backyard, great yield and now I am swimming in delicious sour nug. Part of a balanced breakfast!

  125. flyinghigh698 Verified Owner

    One of the happiest weeds I have ever smoked! Long time grower and a big fan of GCS, great online selection and the seeds ship out super fast! I have a small grow space in my basement and this works very well as an indoor grow and in just a few months you’ll be harvesting hundreds of grams of your very own herb! It’s very sweet, fruity and uplifting, great for depression!

  126. mally4ever Verified Owner

    Love this strain, on my 3rd grow now. These ladies love the light. Very resinous. Flavor is amazing with citrus notes. Highly recommend.

  127. dustinrvk Verified Owner

    I love this strain! All 5 seeds germinated without issue and grew into healthy, hardy females. No issues up through harvest. Yield was great, bud was great – fruity smelling with an awesome uplifting high. Will definitely be running this again.

  128. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  129. Randy Cooke Verified Owner

    If you’re a sativa lover, this is the strain for you! Probably thee easiest weed I have ever grown, and produces a TON of nug, which is stellar if you’re a daily smoker. The plant itself is like super tall with these bright green and yellow trichomes that smell literally like a pine forest and make you feel amazing. Definitely give it a go if you’re on the fence!

  130. Macie McLellan Verified Owner

    A great indoor grow, if you have the space. I have a small grow space in my basement and have toyed with the idea of growing weed for years. Glad I found GCS, they have an excellent selection that can’t be beat! Seeds arrived in no time and I got all 5 to germinate using the paper towel method. Relatively easy to grow and a short time to flowering, beautiful green and yellow nugs as well in a very dense plant. Very uplifting high, great for mood and focus, perfect for an afternoon smoke on the porch. Give it a try!

  131. Tina F. Verified Owner

    I have a small hydroponics facility in SW Oregon and usually grow a variety of greens alongside marijuana. I grow occasionally for commercial purposes, but mostly for my own enjoyment. Cinderella 99 is the “daughter” plant of Jack Herer, another excellent strain, but I find with C99 the sativa properties are more pronounced and have a greater impact on improving mood and focus. A surprisingly fast grow, especially for a sativa, this produces beautiful green and orange trichomes and a sour citrus scent you will surely enjoy. I saved most of my 400 grams for myself and smoke in the mornings for an extra burst of energy.

  132. tog24kt Verified Owner

    Received 5 C99 seeds in a timely manner…All 5 had full root tails in under 24 hrs….very strong seeds so far….couldnt be more pleased with them….Steve

  133. Weiner Water Soup Verified Owner

    Im hoping I can came back and edit this with updates.
    Germination 100% was successful. I bought 3 seeds, all three popped. (Started dec 24th, popped Xmas day)
    During the seedling stage, they were all given the same treatment.
    1)Soaked stablized rockwool (30ppm 500scale of Cultured Solutions Veg A and Veg B + Cal-mag into RO water, 6.0ph) and Humidity dome til first set of leaves form (3 days)
    2) Removed dome then under double 2′ T5 for the first week. (Lightly Flooded, 1x daily 30ppm of above) Run off came in at 6.1
    3) Moved to the drip system. Same nutrients as above.

    2 seedlings started wilting hard. One is absolutely thriving. The seedlings that wilted were the first ones to germinate, and produced very week looking tap roots. Once they had past, I opened the rockwool and it appears they just didnt have the strength to work their way in/through the rockwool. Some times this happens! survival of the fittest prevails here. Its just unfortunate that 2 out of my 3 fell flat on their face. Some could say genetics, but I had such a small sample pool with only 3 seeds its extremely difficult to say that. Now, if it was a 10 pack and the ratio stayed the same.. then yes I would say genetics. I say its my environment.

    Now, on to the one thats thriving. This one is a very indica dominate pheno type. It was the slower of the three in germ, but you can tell this one likes it colder. I believe my environment really brought this pheno out. She now sitting in a 5gal DWC 150ppm 5.8ph (purposefully swinging ph through 5.8-6.1) and she is HUNGRY. Chugging water and eating nutrients. I put on 5-10cm of growth every 4-5 day, and that is remaining constant. I have to top off the nutrients every 3 days. (50-80ppm drop over 3 days)
    She’s under 4 2′ T5’s and is moving under the a 600W MH Tonight. I am now 1 month out from when I started her.
    Great inter-nodal spacing, Strong growth. I will keep you updated.

  134. mally4ever Verified Owner

    All seeds germinated quickly. Plants are in final weeks of flower and so gorgeous. Smell so sweet and I am super excited to dry and cure this and post a review based on the finished product.

  135. mskenyat Verified Owner

    Say goodbye to coffee for the rest of your life. I’m super sensitive to all things: coffee, marijuana, alcohol, you name it. It takes me a very little amount to feel anything. So, with Cinderally 99, you have to be very careful not to smoke too much or you’ll be bouncing off the walls. It took me a while to find the perfect amount, but when after I did, it’s become my favorite strain. I smoke it ONLY in the early morning and it keeps me buzzing all day. Great stuff!

  136. Erik Verified Owner

    WOW! I think G.C.S. did their part. 8 hours and they all hatched.
    So they did their part. Delivery was 5 stars. No problems. Seeds are definitely sativa.
    My dad grew Cannabis and we had sativa that was much higher in THC than now a days
    . I hope this strain can get me to the same buzz I had in my teens.
    Our sativa was 86%. 40 years ago. it smelt like model glue.
    It wouldn’t burn in paper. Pure oil. Awesome seeds.
    I am a loyal royal Customer.