White-Label Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

wholesale white label marijuana seeds
Do you own your own dispensary and take great pride in your brand? Are all your edible products, tinctures, and concentrates made in-house and repackaged with your beautiful logo and store info? If you’re ready to start carrying wholesale cannabis seeds, but don’t want to interrupt the visual flow of your shop, partner up with Growers Choice! We’re proud to offer white-label distributor services at a fraction of the cost – excellent discounts, tons of partnership benefits, and your name and logo on everything!

Find White-Label Cannabis Seeds for Resale in North America

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Benefits and discounts make it easy to choose Growers Choice wholesale cannabis seeds!

At Growers Choice, we offer an outstanding selection of more than 80 fully-feminized cannabis seed strains, all of which are available with our re-branding option. You can choose from auto-flowering, fast-flowering, and high-CBD medical varieties and we’ll send you everything you need to begin selling cannabis seeds to your customers, right away.

    • Want to offer custom seed-count packages for your clients who want 1, 2, or eight seeds? When you order from Growers Choice, our medical grade glass vials are included in your shipment, so you can easily re-package whatever amount they need.
    • Not quite sure how your branded cannabis seed packs should look? We can help you out with the design, and we’ll always supply you with all the seed information your customers might need. You can feel free to display any info you want on your packs, from growing time and average height to flavor and medical benefits. Add as many or as few details as you want.
    • Even though your customers will know only your brand, Growers Choice is still here to help you tackle any questions or concerns you or your customers might have. Just give our customer service department a call and we’ll help you troubleshoot to ensure you keep your customers happy and loyal.
    • Your seeds may not wear the Growers Choice name, but they’re still backed by the Growers Choice germination guarantee! We guarantee that 90% of our weed seeds (at least 9 out of 10) will germination using our tried-and-true method, or we’ll replace them free of charge.We’re happy to give you unbranded copies of our pamphlet that shares step by step germination instructions.

White-Label Bulk Marijuana Seeds For Sale

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Join the Growers Choice wholesale cannabis seeds team

When you order white-label wholesale marijuana seeds from Growers Choice, you’re part of the team. That means you’re privy to our generous discounts – as much as 70% off the standard retail price, on bulk orders of 500, 1000, or 2000 cannabis seeds! Learn more about the great savings you can pass along to your customers by contacting one of our helpful and knowledgeable wholesale service reps at wholesale@growerschoiceseeds.com.

Choose from any of our fantastic strains, including:

Jack Herer 55% Sativa/45% Indica 18%
OG Kush 55% Sativa/45% Indica 27%
Tangerine Dream 60% Sativa/30% Indica/10% Ruderalis 24%
CBD Moby Dick 60% Sativa/40% Indica 5% (+5% CBD)

Reliable Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice wholesale cannabis seeds are tested in a lab to ensure authentic genetics and viability. Then, they are carefully packaged along with medical-grade glass vials that keep them fresher for longer (up to 3 years!). We purchase cannabis seeds only from the most reputable of breeders, and we take customer service very seriously. Any concerns that arise for you or your customers can be directed to us, and we will do everything in our power to keep everything copacetic. Want to work together? Get started by placing your first order:

How to Order White-Label Wholesale Cannabis Seeds with Your Logo

    1. Browse our selection of strains! Each strain in our products section comes complete with detailed facts and characteristics that enable you to make an informed decision. All strains have medical benefits as well as effects that draw the eye of your recreational customers.
    1. Choose the number of seeds you want to order. Our wholesale cannabis seeds come in packs of 500, 1000, and 2000, and the larger your order, the better your discount. Since you’re choosing a white-label option, get ahold of our wholesale department at wholesale@growerschoiceseeds.com before you place you order, to let us know you’re requesting our white-label service.
    1. Our representative will be in touch with you soon, to confirm your request. Then you can return to your shopping cart and place your order. Keep an eye on your inbox, where you’ll find your invoice and order number. Depending on your current arrangements, you may choose to have the pot seeds and medical-grade glass vials shipped to you while you do the rest, or we can talk about how we can work together to create the most eye-catching cannabis seed packaging featuring your logo!
  1. You’re one of us, now – welcome to the family! Each time you order from Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, you have the opportunity to net more amazing discounts, and reexamine your branding needs. The helpful staff of Growers Choice is always happy to answer questions about our products, SEO and social media services, and branding possibilities.

Thanks for partnering with Growers Choice – we know you’ll love your wholesale cannabis seeds!

Better pricing may be available – please call us at 1.855.811.4769 or email us for more information.

Need White-Label? Get Growers Choice Wholesale Cannabis Seeds:

Everything in my store has my own company’s brand on it, so I was very glad to find a wholesaler who offered that option. “My” cannabis seeds have been flying off the shelves, and I’m so glad I can tell my customers honestly that I’ve found the best and most reliable seeds out there. The germination guarantee really clinches the sale, though I haven’t had anyone come back for it, yet!

Helena P., Dispensary owner

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