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Welcome to Growers Choice Seeds, an online seed bank that specializes in premium cannabis seeds that are fully feminized and lab-tested for quality. We sell premium cannabis seeds through our website and ship to all 50 states. No matter your zip code, no matter your neighborhood, we can get top-quality cannabis seeds to your USA address. Read on to learn why you should buy our premium seeds and what makes them the best for our growers.

What Makes Our Cannabis Seeds Premium?

We’ve made sure every seed’s genetics are authentic, and we’ve sorted them with human hands to make sure they’re viable. We don’t skimp when it comes to providing you with the best cannabis seeds money can buy. The pricing and potency of our cannabis seeds are what make them a premium product. First-time customers may be taken aback by the pricing of cannabis seeds but we assure a premium product with the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

How Premium Seeds Affect Your Cannabis Growth

The biggest perk of premium cannabis seeds is consistency in results. Premium seeds deliver a reliable, dependable, and well-performing product to keep you satisfied each time you plant a new seed. You can also expect similar results in the yield of your cannabis plant, which is every grower’s dream. The last thing you want is to plant one year only to plant the same one the following year with entirely different results.

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How Premium Cannabis Seeds Fulfill Your Needs

Premium cannabis seeds promise so much more than a simple “high.” Long gone are the days when customers simply wanted to “get high” without any other sort of benefit. Nowadays, customers expect premium seeds to deliver psychoactive effects along with other soothing and restorative properties both mentally and physically.

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Why You Should Grow Premium Seeds at Home

We might be preaching to the wrong choir here since so many have already purchased seeds from us, but newcomers may not know the benefits that come with home-grown cannabis. No matter your reason for using cannabis, there’s something for everyone to gain from having their own crop right in their backyard. We can think of three reasons off the top of our heads as to why you should grow premium seeds at home, either indoors or outdoors—completely up to you.:

  • You have complete control over the quality and quantity of your cannabis
  • You save money in the long run (one cannabis plant could produce up to $200 or more worth of bud)
  • You can make your own hash, edibles, and extracts from cannabis plants

Browse Our Collection of Premium Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice offers more than 500 varieties of premium cannabis seeds and strains. With our extensive collection, surely you’ll be able to find a product that suits your wants and needs. We sell premium feminized photoperiod, autoflowering, and high-CBD seeds. Click here to browse our collection of premium seeds, and use the filters on the left-hand side of the page to narrow down your choices. You can browse premium seeds by their THC levels, CBD levels, growth difficulty, plant height, etc.

How to Buy Premium Cannabis Seeds in the USA

Each hand-selected, genetics-guaranteed seed you buy from Grower’s Choice comes in a freshly packed airtight bag. We stand by every seed we sell, which is why we also offer a 90% germination guarantee—but what does that mean? If you follow our step-by-step germination guide, but fewer than 90% of your seeds germinate, we’ll replace those failed seeds for you because we’re dedicated to quality. 

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