What Is Kush?

Kush is cannabis!

It really is that simple, though there are a few more determinants at play, here. While it’s true that kush technically describes cannabis strains from a specific part of the world, it seems to have become, in some circles, a word synonymous with “marijuana”. And given the fraught history of that term, we’re on board from some general rebranding, even if it’s not completely accurate.

Let’s go a bit deeper into what precisely constitutes a kush strain, or kush seeds.

Where Does Kush Come From?

Kush is cannabis that harkens from some of the cooler native regions. Specifically, kush is another word for Cannabis indica, which is one of two cannabis species that play a foundational role in every cannabis strain out there today (at last count, it’s estimated there are more than 800 different kinds of cannabis).

Kush, or indica, originates in places like Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, and Northwest India. The term “kush” comes from the mountain range in that area: the Hindu Kush. (The range features in songs like Halfway Up The Hindu Kush” by Katie Melua, though we have a suspicion there might be some cannabis inspiration in that song, too!)

What Are The Side Effects of Kush?

Though most people cite the side effects of cannabis as across the board, it is possible that some may feel different side effects after using kush, or indica, strains than sativas (sometimes known as Haze, though this isn’t quite such a catch-all sativa term).

One reason for potential differences in side effects is the possibility of higher CBD content in indicas. This used to be something informational websites stated with great frequency (you might even find a mention on one or two of our older pages), but the cross-breeding and alterations made to cannabis over the years make the whole “Sativas have more THC, indicas have more CBD” adage kind of outdated.

For our purposes here, assuming kush seeds and kush bud have higher levels of CBD actually shortens our list of potential side effects. This is because CBD is known to counteract some of the less popular traits of THC. That means in some cases, kush strains may cause less:

  • paranoia
  • anxiety
  • psychoactivity

As we said, this is hardly a hard and fast rule. Because of the tendency of kush strains to cause deep relaxation and sedation, incorrect dosages or overuse could lead to feelings of fatigue, lethargy, and a strong case of the munchies!

Basically, expect that any cannabis strain you try, kush or otherwise, could have some side effects. Always start with a small dose, and never use more than you need to alleviate your symptoms.

What Are the Benefits of Kush?

Kush strains offer deep relaxation – sometimes even enough of it to shove aside sleeplessness and help even the most stubborn insomniacs catch a few z’s. People tend to choose these strains in the evening, since the couch-lock that can kick in isn’t terribly conducive to running errands or working out.

Here are some other benefits of kush:

  1. Reduces anxiety and stress
  2. eases chronic and some acute pain
  3. gentler mental high, with more of a “body” sensation
  4. mental and physical calm
  5. higher levels of non-psychoactive and therapeutic CBD

Kush Seeds for Medical Use

From the list above, you can probably tell that kush strains offer lots of medicinal benefits, whether you’re dealing with a short-lived, acute condition, or something chronic and lasting.

If we set aside the whole “lower THC” theory, kush can treat most of the same illnesses sativas can. This is good news, since it means if you have a condition like Multiple Sclerosis, you can choose strains from both categories for different times or day, or to treat different conditions of the same disease.

Specifically, hybrid strains are great because they let you essentially “mix and match” effects. Most kush strains – including those sold at Growers Choice – are hybrids to some extent, though most still have enough indica in them to be considered, at the very least, “indica-dominant”. There is some disagreement over what constitutes a “hybrid”, anyway, with some folks arguing hybrids are any strains with a combination of indica and sativa, and others insisting it must be 50/50 or 60/40 to qualify.

Once again, it’s always best to go by the cannabinoid levels, actual genetics, and anecdotal tales of effects when making your decision, rather than just choosing based on general category.

For some specific examples, though, kush seeds and kush strains are often helpful for those with:

  • chronic pain
  • muscle spasms (from MS or other disorders)
  • eating disorders
  • anxiety
  • insomnia

Types of Kush Seeds for Sale

At Growers Choice, we carry a wide range of kush strains, all of which are lab-tested and reliably sourced, fully feminized, and always sold fresh and delivered to you in medical-grade glass vials. Check out our amazing selection:

We also carry these lovely strains that are proud to have kush in their lineage:

Growing Kush Seeds

If you buy kush seeds, you can expect to grow bushy plants that spread out more than sativas, with more densely packed branches (as opposed to the legginess of sativas) and more resin (that pretty white “frosting” on the leaves and buds). You may find you get smaller buds, but more of them, so often – and perhaps surprisingly – the yield can even out between sativas and indicas, despite the height difference.

In general, indicas have a shorter flowering period than sativas but again, due to decades of cross-breeding and hybridization, this isn’t a sure thing. The main thing to keep in mind with indicas is that they usually stop growing larger (taller/wider) shortly after the switch to the flowering stage, and focus primarily on bud development. This means you want to make sure your kush plants are about as big as you want them when you switch to 12/12 lighting – they won’t continue to stretch like sativas often do.

This also means your vegetative stage may be longer for indicas, so the total cultivation period for both species ends up fairly equal. Obviously, it may not work to grow an indica and a sativa in the same room, since it’s likely you’ll want to keep the 18/6 or 24-hour lighting for longer on the former.

Buy Kush Seeds from Growers Choice

At Growers Choice, we sell fantastic kush seeds as well as a whole host of other high-quality, premium and feminized cannabis seed varieties. Take a look through our great selection – and read through our details resources – to choose the perfect strain for you! Every order is delivered discreetly, right to your door, so you don’t have to worry about physically hunting down the natural treatment you want. At Growers Choice, we help you grow better!