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Top 3 Cannabis Strains in Oregon

Welcome to Oregon, home of the Multnomah Falls, the Sea Lion Caves, the Oregon Zoo, and legalized cannabis! Find the best Oregon cannabis seeds right here.

buy-cannabis-in-oregon-top-3Oregon Cannabis Culture and Community

Since recreational use was legalized in 2014, Oregon has become one of the states quite synonymous with cannabis culture, along with its fellow frontrunners, Washington and Colorado – the first two states to pass this legislation, back in 2012.

What’s this mean for enthusiasts of the little euphoric plant? Well, as long as you’re legally an adult – that’s 21, despite the 18-year-olds clamoring to move out – You’re free and clear to take what you need or indulge in the comfort of your own home. There are a few public lounges as well, though they tend to rely primarily on word of mouth, rather than advertisements.

Like so many places that embrace the unique attractions of their region – like the paper house in Massachusetts or the museum of jewelry made from hair in Missouri – Oregon offers cannabis-specific tourist options, like homegrown cannabis and wine tours!

Did you know: Oregon was one of the first states to decriminalize cannabis (in 1973) and the third state to legalize recreational use (2014).

Oregon Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Here at Growers Choice, we’re always working to source the finest cannabis seeds – the ones you really, really want to plant. Whether you’re planning to use the harvest for medical reasons or recreational ones (though really – we’re all looking for some therapeutic benefit, even if our symptoms aren’t recognized by the government, right?), we have a strain for you.

In fact, we have more than 40 strains that run the gamut from wildly popular around the globe to powerful but currently under the radar. Our product descriptions are just one example of our dedication to customer education – they’re lengthy, detailed, and full of helpful tips to ensure you make an informed decision about your products.

Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Of course, at Growers Choice we make sure that the cannabis seeds you’re receiving are the ones you ordered. Some sites don’t have the ability to guarantee the genetics of their strains, but we have had our products tested to ensure their authenticity, and your best chance at viability.

Plus, all our cannabis seeds are feminized.

If that’s a new term for you, worry not! Our website is packed with information that can answer just such a question. Feminized cannabis seeds are those that have been specially cultivated to develop into only female plants.

This is a significant advancement – the result of decades of careful research and experimentation – because female cannabis plants are the only ones that produce medicinal buds or flowers. Male plants are important in that they fertilize the females, but unless you’re trying to grow your own Oregon cannabis seeds, this isn’t a good thing. Fertilized female plants produce flowers with seriously reduced potency and therapeutic value.

So, basically, if you’re just looking to grow and harvest healing, all-natural cannabis flowers for smoking, vaporizing, baking, or making tinctures and topicals – Growers Choice feminized cannabis seeds are for you!

cannabis-seeds-in-oregonGermination of Cannabis Seeds

Once you’ve determined that feminized cannabis seeds are right for you, you’ve placed your order with our easy and secure program, and you’ve received your seeds, delivered right to your door, your next big step is germination!

Germination is, quite simply, the step that takes your purchase from dormant, dried cannabis seeds to ready-to-plant. Regardless of whether you’re using hydroponic or soil methods, whether you’re growing indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, you need to germinate your plants.

Lucky for you, at Growers Choice we have weeded out (get it?) the runners up to bring you the best, tried-and-true germination method out there. Our method – called the water glass and paper towel method for some mysterious reason – isn’t anything new. It’s been used by private cannabis gardeners and nursery owners for ages, but there’s a reason it’s held on:

  • it’s simple,
  • It requires no special equipment,
  • and it works!

Our Germination Guide lays out all the steps of this straight-forward procedure in simple terms. And while you might think ‘nah, I’m going to try that other method my friend recommended’, there is one really good reason to stick with ours (beyond the three listed above)…

90% Germination Guarantee

We offer a 90% germination guarantee, contingent only on your adherence to the Water Glass and Paper Towel method!

That’s right! Let’s say you order five seeds and painstakingly follow the method laid out on our website. Despite your careful attention, after seven days, one of your little seeds has yet to pop open and display its stark white taproot. What’s a gardener to do?

Simple. Get ahold of us. While we might recommend you try some of our troubleshooting methods (at the bottom of the page linked above), ultimately, we’ve done the math. 4 out of 5 seeds is 80%, which means your pack fell short of our dedication to quality. The obvious next step? We ship you a fresh new cannabis seed so you can really get the most for your investment!

The Top 3 Cannabis Strains in Oregon

Now, onto the reason you’re really here; you want to know the cannabis seed strains that will make you popular with your friends, all of whom are bred-in-the-bone Oregonians and will accept only the most sought-after PNW strains! (Or, maybe you just want some recommendations.)

Here they are, the top three cannabis strains in Oregon, all of which are available from your friendly neighborhood cannabis seed company, Growers Choice!

OG Kush

This awesome west-coast classic (some people think OG stands for “ocean grown”) makes the top of a lot of lists. A bit of a mystery in terms of origin, OG Kush is a nicely balanced hybrid strain that many in the medical marijuana community say has the potential to offer relief for lots of different symptoms, including pain, migraines, stress, and even attention and mood disorders.

Jack Herer

Another hybrid, Jack Herer is named after a cool dude – sadly since passed away – who fought for hemp and cannabis legalization for much of his life. This strain tends to leave people happy and chill, and can inspire those deep conversations for which marijuana is affectionately known. Whether you ultimately get deep relaxation or a bit of energy from this strain has to do with your own body chemistry, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Durban Poison (coming soon!)

Just toss all that deep relaxation of the other two strains to the wind! Durban Poison is a 100% sativa born of African landrace varieties that delivers a serious kick in the pants. Heightened energy is coupled with long lasting cheerfulness, productivity and creativity, and is said to be a real blow to feelings of stress and overly-worried thought patterns. It’s a really strong strain, though, so we recommend care and small doses with this popular pick.

What Oregon cannabis seeds strain will you pick to kickstart your cannabis garden and Get Growing?


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