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Top 3 Cannabis Strains in Alaska

The Last Frontier boasts the longest-running acceptance of marijuana in the whole of the United States, but it’s been a winding road for the northern state.

However, finally, after a lot of twists and turns, in 2015, Alaskans 21 or older were permitted to possess and grow marijuana in their homes, making Alaska the third state with recreational cannabis laws (source).

Buying Cannabis Seeds in Alaska

Thanks to liberal laws a long time in the making, residents of Alaska can go right ahead and order premium cannabis seeds from Growers Choice! That’s great news since we carry strains of extremely high quality – more than 500 unique options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for auto-flowering strains or want something high in CBD, we have you covered.

Cannabis Seeds Delivery to Alaska

Unlike some companies with exorbitant shipping rates to states outside the contiguous US, at Growers Choice we don’t discriminate based on where in the States you reside – you get the same low, flat shipping rate as all our US customers, with the same option for free shipping on large orders.

Your Alaska cannabis seeds are always hand-selected, so we can watch for any visible issues, and placed carefully in medical-grade glass vials that make sure they remain fresh and viable for as long as possible. You’ll never see any cannabis imagery on our mailing packages, since we believe you have the right to privacy in how you medicate and garden in your home. But the inserts accompanying your seeds do offer some helpful information about the strain you’ve chosen!

Growing Marijuana Seeds in Alaska

Alaskans are lucky to reside in one of 9 states where growing of cannabis is permitted for recreational use. In this fine northern region, you’re allowed to grow up to 12 plants if you live more than 25 miles from a dispensary, and up to 6 if you live anywhere at all and possess medical privileges. That means you can browse through our extensive collection of feminized seeds, read our detailed product descriptions, and choose the best strain for your symptoms or conditions. Then you just place your order, and we take care of the rest!

Cannabis Seed Germination

Germinating your cannabis seeds is what gets them started on their cultivation journey. While you could just plant your seeds straight out of the medical-grade glass vial, it’s much safer and more efficient to follow the Water Glass and Paper Towel method we describe on the website. Not only is this a well-accepted process for germination, but following our simple instructions will ensure you remain covered under our 90% Germination Guarantee; if you follow our method and more than 10% of your seeds don’t germinate – we replace them! This keeps your investment safe and sound.

The Water Glass and Paper Towel method is simple and straightforward, requiring only a cup, plate, paper towel, and water. What could be easier than that?

Top 3 Cannabis Seed Strains in Alaska

We’ve selected three fantastic cannabis seed strains ideal for cultivation in cooler climates. But whether you choose to grow these plants indoors or out, you’re sure to be impressed by the various benefits they provide.

    1. Power Plant

      A peppery strain with a moderate amount of THC, Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds are reported to be easy to grow, ensuring a good harvest.

    2. Durban Poison

      An extremely popular sativa strain, Durban Poison grows tall and is said to deliver soothing bliss.

    3. Critical Purple

      This auto-flowering strain is a powerhouse, thanks to its higher-than-average levels of CBD. It’s easy to grow, and will transition from the vegetative to flowering stage without a change in lighting.

      What’s your favorite type of Alaska cannabis seeds? Send us pictures of your plants grown from Growers Choice seeds – or share them and tag us on social media – and you could be entered to win free seeds!



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