Top 10 Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds in 2018

The Best Feminized Seeds of 2018

Sometimes, we know exactly which cannabis seeds we want. It might be Durban Poison for a nice, heady high, or CBD Moby Dick for some potential pain relief. Other times, we just want to turn off our brains and let society make the choices for us. Have you been there? If you’re tired of making decisions (what’s for supper, which movie to see, who to hang out with on Saturday), why not let us ease the stress for you – we’re a cannabis company after all, and stress relief should be our game!

We’re going to line em up for you based on customer passion, but first let’s take a peek at the marijuana milieu of the year, so far.

What’s New for Cannabis in 2018?

  • In northerly news, Canada is well on its way to country-wide legalization. Though the July, 2018 date is likely going to fly by without a go-ahead, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still aiming to make this the year of legal recreational weed!
  • Vermont won First New Laws of 2018 by making recreational marijuana legal in late January, 2018.
  • The polls show that more than 60% of Americans support legalizing recreational use of marijuana, and an astonishing 90% support medical marijuana access – we didn’t think 90% of the country could agree on anything!
  • Have you checked out Spliffymap? Find out the countries that have legalized cannabis, and the level of public support for marijuana existing in each region. For example, we learned Russian has decriminalized cannabis but has no medical marijuana laws. They have a 6/10 tolerance rating, while Germany is rated 9/10, despite having no decriminalization, and medical marijuana laws in place. Impress your friends with your international knowledge!
  • The Rolling Stone predicts that legal marijuana lounges will be a 2018 milestone, and cities like Las Vegas, LA, and Denver are in the running to tout the title of First Legal Pot Lounge. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Your Top Picks for 2018

Without further ado, here they are: the best feminized cannabis seed strains of 2018 (the first half, anyway)!

  1. Critical Purple
    This strain makes the list every year, and no wonder! With a jaw-dropping THC average of 27% and the anecdotal ability to aid sleep and kick pain to the curb, this auto-flowering strain deserves to make it to number one again this year. New to growing? There’s Critical Purple for that!
  2. Gorilla Glue
    Considering the excitement the announcement of this strain garnered before it even hit the shelves, it’s not too surprising it’s coming in at #2 after just a couple months in stock. Gorilla Glue is another autoflowering option that is reported by many medical users to beat down stress and ease pain,.
  3. White Widow
    It’s no wonder this classic strain has made a comeback. Hailed for its high THC levels and above-average yields, White Widow is one you’ve got to try. It’s a regular feminized strain, but it’s dubbed a fairly easy grow, suitable for beginners willing to do their due diligence!
  4. Tangerine Dream
    Show me a list Tangerine Dream isn’t on, and I’ll show you some customers who are missing out! This strain floats to the top five thanks to its ability to play both fields: If you haven’t yet discovered this automatic gem, you’ve been missing out.
  5. Northern Lights
    Another one that stays near the top of our lists is Northern Lights Autoflowering. Coming from the best of a batch of 11 original plants, Northern Lights has a beautiful indica-dominant chill effect finishing with a sweet, earthy flavor. Easy and speedy to grow, this strain will leave you happy and relaxed, no matter what work threw at you that day.
  6. Blueberry Kush
    A new strain to our shelves in 2018, Blueberry Kush is our most popular Kush cannabis seed strain (and we have a lot)! Purported to be great for addressing overly-anxious thoughts and feelings, and even holding the potential to alleviate migraines, this option offers just a gentle euphoria and is a great choice for growers with a little bit of cultivation experience. The yields aren’t enormous, but the effects are worth it.
  7. Super Silver Haze
    A classic born of three other classics (Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze), Super Silver Haze has a spicy, citrusy scent and offers a bountiful yield to the dedicated and careful grower. A good choice for daytime use, the strain can ease stress and boost motivation.
  8. OG KushEveryone’s favorite West Coast strain always makes the Top 10 cut. Despite being a relatively balanced hybrid, OG Kush lives up to its name by offering more in the way of relaxation, as well as some anecdotal abilities to deliver stress relief and pain management. Most plants will give you an impressive 27% THC, and the yield is pretty good, too. Quick to grow and great for indoors or out, if you haven’t tried OG yet, you should.
  9. Cinderella 99Fun for recreational use for its creative and energetic effects, Cinderella 99 is also considered to be a suitable medical strain as anecdotal evidence from research suggests it offers a release from anxious thoughts and feelings and stress. In fact, some medical users even find this strain can get rid of their headaches. Great for indoor grow rooms, this shorter sativa is generous with its buds and quick to harvest.
  10. Diesel
    Despite a less-than-appetizing name, Diesel maintains its popularity thanks to its great mid-day benefits. Though it takes a bit longer during cultivation, a good yield is usually to be had whether Diesel is grown indoors or outside in the fresh air. Get uplifted with this fan favorite.

The people have spoken! What’s your favorite cannabis strain? If it’s one we don’t carry yet, let us know – it still has a chance to make the Top 10 Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds in 2018 list – Part Deux!


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