We’ve all been stressed out at one point in our lives. Maybe we bite our nails, twirl our hair, or pull on the sleeves of a sweater. You can almost immediately tell when someone is nervous, but that’s nothing compared to a full-blown anxiety attack. I’ve had one on a plane during awful turbulence. My heart rate soared, my palms became sweaty, and I needed a brown paper bag to control my breathing. It was that intense and frightening. During moments like this, cannabis can help. In this article, we’ll discuss the best and worst cannabis strains for anxiety.

Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

The Symptoms Of An Anxiety Attack

There are both internal and external signs of an anxiety attack. As mentioned earlier, the external ones might be fidgety behavior, sweaty palms, and bitten nails, as well as crying and heavy breathing. Unfortunately, there’s a lot going on inside your body as well, symptoms people can’t see with the naked eye.

  • Racing/unwanted thoughts
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Body numbness
  • Chills or hot flashes

How To Stop An Anxiety Attack (Without Cannabis)

For some, an anxiety attack is difficult or impossible to predict. It may come out of nowhere. But for others, there are tell-tale signs that panic is brewing. While it would be ideal to carry cannabis around everywhere we go (just in case an attack is on its way), that’s simply not realistic. We can’t smoke while driving, while working out, while at the office, etc. Thankfully, there are certain techniques that can stop or alleviate an anxiety attack without the use of cannabis.

  1. Deep breathing
  2. Focus your eyes on a single object
  3. Close your eyes
  4. Picture a loved one or your happy place
  5. Acknowledge the anxiety attack
Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

The Best Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

Generally speaking, Kush strains are a fantastic choice for their anti-anxiety properties. Kush strains lean on the indica side (though some may be hybrids) to make users feel relaxed, pain-free, and possibly fatigued. These strains can help slow things down, from your thinking to your moving to your breathing. The last thing you want during a panic attack is a strain that speeds up your thought process and heart rate. Growers Choice has many Kush strains to choose from! These are some of our favorites…

Side note: high-CBD strains can also be highly effective against anxiety.

The Worst Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

If you’re still with us, we’d like to stress one point about cannabis really quickly. Cannabis strains affect users differently each and every time. What works for your anxiety may not work for your friend’s or sister’s. Finding the right strain for anxiety is a highly specific and personalized experience, so we encourage you to buy at least two strains at once to test them out before an attack happens. Allow yourself time to get comfortable and familiar with your strain(s).

As a general rule of thumb, potent sativas with a high THC content are not-so-great for anxiety. The strongest sativas currently on the market are believed to be Strawberry, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, and Blue Dream. The THC content in cannabis strains can reach up to 30%, which is strong enough to put even the most experienced users in a state of paranoia or anxiety. Stick to strains with a 10-15% THC profile if you suffer from anxiety or easily succumb to stress and pressure.

Cannabis Strains For Anxiety

CBD Products For Anti-Anxiety

The famous chemical compound found in cannabis plants, CBD, has shown to be quite effective against anxiety. Still, most of the high-CBD strains found on our website also contain THC, just as low doses. If you’re like to stay away from THC entirely, you can always opt for CBD products. CBD is technically legal in all 50 states, as it does not contain psychoactive properties, which means you could find it at grocery stores, beauty salons, and buy it online. CBD products come in many forms, and you can add CBD oil to almost any beverage. CBD oil can either be ingested (swallowed) or applied topically to areas of pain (such as a tight chest during a panic attack).

Cannabis can certainly help reduce the symptoms and side effects of an anxiety attack. The trick, however, is to find the strain that works best for you—and only you! Don’t rely on someone else’s recommendation. Growers Choice has hundreds of cannabis strains for anxiety. All you need to do is pick out your favorites and allow us to deliver them to you.

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