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THC and CBD Charts

The Benefits of Cannabis

Doctors around the world have been prescribing cannabis for millennia, for relief from many ailments. In the past century or so, there have been more than 20,000 published studies and reviews investigating the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

marijuana cannabinoids
Cannabis contains at least 80 cannabinoid compounds, which possess unique therapeutic benefits.

What Cannabinoids Are In Cannabis?

Though cannabis contains more than 80 compounds known as cannabinoids, only two have been researched extensively: THC and CBD. While the ratio of these two compounds in each strain determine how the body and brain will be affected, both THC and CBD offer natural benefits that can potentially treat a wide range of symptoms, from headaches and migraines to seizures.

Cannabis contains at least 80 cannabinoid compounds, which possess unique therapeutic benefits.

In addition to these two cannabinoids, which are found in the highest quantities, cannabis strains also contain other cannabinoids such as:

  • CBN – Cannabinol
  • CBC – Cannabichromene
  • CBG – Cannabigerol
  • THCV – Tetrahydrocannabivaren
  • CBDA – Cannabidolic Acid
  • CBE – Cannabielsoin
  • CBL – Cannabicyclol
  • CBT – Cannabicitran
  • CBDV – Cannabidivarin
cannabis seeds cannabinoids
Cannabinoids are mostly concentrated in the resinous buds of the marijuana plant.

THC and CBD In Cannabis Strains

The charts below outline the approximate THC and CBD levels of all the premium cannabis strains sold by Growers Choice Seeds. As research and understanding of the other cannabinoids continues to grow, we hope to offer you more information on the other cannabinoids, their prominence in our strains, and their potential medical benefits.

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