Cannabis is an excellent medicine for deep relaxation and relief from mental stress, anxiety, and depression. But the very effects that help can also dull your reflexes and leave you groggy or spacy.

Is There a Cannabis Breathalyzer?

Everyone knows paranoia is a potential side effect of cannabis, but even if your favorite strain doesn’t affect you that way, most people are at least a bit concerned about getting busted for being high while out and about – specifically when driving. While it’s easy to say “don’t drive until you’re not high anymore”, how do you know exactly how long to wait?

Currently, techies and scientists around the country are working hard to develop a so-called breathalyzer for cannabis (which we blogged about here) so police officers can accurately determine whether a driver is under the influence of this medicinal plant – needless to say, scent shouldn’t be an indicator, and urine and saliva tests leave much to be desired: cannabis can be detected in these fluids days or even weeks after use.

While at-home drug tests for cannabis do exist, they pose the same problem – they use urine and don’t actually tell you whether you’re still under the influence – rather, they are often used by patients who need to know if a medical, athletic, or employment drug test will come back positive.

How Do You Know When It’s Safe to Drive?

So, how do you figure out when it’s safe to drive following your last dose? It’s not a straightforward answer. Like alcohol, the length and potency of cannabis’ effect on your body depends on many elements: your age and weight, the strain and how much THC was in the dose, whether you’re using other substances as well, and your tolerance. The ingestion method is also a factor.

Once cannabis enters your bloodstream, it is metabolized and takes effect very quickly, but edibles can take up to two hours to reach the bloodstream, while smoking, vaporizing, and sublingual application (concentrates dropped under the tongue) are absorbed within seconds.

When smoking and vaporizing, effects usually reach their height about 30 minutes after ingestion, and you can assume they will last for two or three hours. If you’ve eaten your medicine, it could be four to six hours (after the effects begin) before you’re no longer “under the influence”.

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Is There a Safe Amount of Marijuana for Driving?

Research has tried to show how much is a “safe” amount to consume and still be alright to drive, but these studies have largely failed because there are just too many variables. Sure, it’s possible a single toke of a low-THC strain won’t impair you, but if you’re at all uncertain, why risk it? Even CBD strains, which don’t cause any psychoactivity, could leave you relaxed enough to slow your reflexes, making driving dangerous.

Stay Safe with Cannabis

Your best bet? Plan to stay put for at least two hours after you’ve smoked or vaporized your cannabis dose. If you’re using edibles, wait until you’re home for the day or evening. Always use your discretion, and pay attention to how certain strains make you feel – even consider setting a timer when you take your dose and turning it off when you feel back to normal, so you know approximately how long you are affected.

At Growers Choice, we want you to enjoy the wonderful medical and recreational effects of cannabis in a safe, smart manner. If you have any questions about the best cannabis strains for you, or the best way to use your cannabis, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re always here to help!

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