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Wholesale Wedding Crasher Feminized Seeds

Wedding Cracker is one strain that you can’t wait to crash the party thanks to its delicious wedding cake taste and irresistible aroma. This cannabis strain is a yummy marijuana treat that you’ll always want to have on deck.

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Wholesale Wedding Crasher Feminized Seeds

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What are the origins of the Wedding Crashers strain?

These cannabis seeds were introduced to the world by Symbiotic Genetics when they crossed two marijuana strains, Purple Punch and Wedding Cake. These two strains combined to make Wedding Crasher cannabis, a strain with awesome balanced genetics that any parent would be proud to call one of their own!

Wedding Cake is a powerful indica-hybrid strain that’s also known as Pink Cookies in Canada. This is one of the marijuana strains known for its uplifting and euphoric effects as well as how it calms and relaxes the body and mind.

Purple Punch, on the other hand, combines the beauty of two indica-dominant powerhouses, Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. As a result, smokers get a delicious flavor that’s a blend of blueberry muffins and grape candy. Users get hit hard with a punch of potency.

With these dessert-inspired genetics, it’s no wonder that Wedding Crasher’s one of the most sought-after cannabis seed strains!

What are the benefits of growing feminized seeds?

  • Higher yields
  • Reduced risk of cross-pollination
  • Uniform plants
  • Cost-effective

Feminized Wedding Crasher seeds are known to provide higher yields compared to regular marijuana seeds. Since these feminized cannabis seeds produce only female plants, male plants don’t grow, so there’s a reduced risk of cross-pollination. Novice growers can also enjoy how Wedding Crashers seeds produce uniform plants that don’t require as much attention. Wedding Crasher feminized seeds are also more cost-effective due to their higher yields, so your dollar is really stretched!

What is the taste and aroma of the Wedding Crashers strain?

When it comes to Wedding Crashers, you can’t expect anything less than a luscious wedding cake taste that will make any smoking session feel like your big day! The alluring aroma profile features powerful vanilla undertones to give this strain a classic, creamy, and smooth feel. To pump up the volume, Wedding Crashers contains a blend of grapes to provide you with a powerful grape berry aftertaste.

As for the smell, a sweet aroma fills the air as you enjoy a strong, punchy aroma of grapes. The complex aroma takes you on a journey as distinct aromas of vanilla and berries entice you to keep on smoking this yummy dessert strain. With its unique taste and aroma profile, you’ll see why Wedding Crashers is one of the top marijuana strains on the market!

What is the flowering time and yield of this strain?

One of the best things about the Wedding Crasher strain is the fact that you can grow it indoors or outdoors — talk about versatility! Indoor growers should expect their Wedding Crasher plants to have an average flower time of 9 – 10 weeks. After flowering and harvesting, the average indoor yield is approximately 450 – 500 gr/m2.

Outdoor growers, on the other hand, can start enjoying beautiful purple-tinged Wedding Crashers flowers in late October, so get ready to have those shears handy! The outdoor yield averages around 550 – 600 gr/plant to ensure you have plenty of Wedding Crashers around when the mood strikes!

What are the differences between outdoor and indoor cultivation?

As with any other marijuana plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors, there are advantages and disadvantages of both you should be aware of to determine the best setup to meet your needs. Whichever route you decide to go, you’ll be left with monstrous yields and a strain that provides you with the relaxing and uplifting body effects you deserve.

Indoor growing requires ample space since Wedding Crasher plants grow tall, up to 6 feet, in most cases. These plants are also quite bushy, so you’ll need to train them during the vegetative state to ensure they grow healthy. While you can feel comfortable growing Wedding Crashers in hydroponic conditions, keep an eye on humidity levels to maintain a 40%-60% level.

Regarding outdoor conditions, Wedding Crasher plants grow the best in Mediterranean climates, which are warmer. Once again, Wedding Crashers thrive in higher humidity so keep that in mind. This strain is prone to mold, mildew, and annoying pests, so make sure you stay on top of the situation to keep your Wedding Crasher plants safe at all costs!

How do you germinate Wedding Crasher seeds?

Germinating Wedding Crashers is relatively simple since most growers prefer the paper towel method. With this process, you place your Wedding Crasher seeds in a damp piece of paper towel. You’ll either fold the paper towel over or place another piece of damp towel on top. Once the tell-tale white root buds, you’ll transfer the Wedding Crasher seeds into a healthy soil mix. As long as you keep the soil warm, moist, and properly lit with adequate light, you can expect an exceptional crasher strain to survive and thrive!

What are the potential crossbreeds for Wedding Crasher?

Do you want to make Wedding Crashers even more wonderful? Even though it’s hard to imagine that’s possible, you can when you try your hand at a little cross-breeding. One of the parents of Wedding Crashers, Wedding Cake, is the perfect strain to breed with virtually any number of premium strains. Basically, you can create the perfect strain.

Whether you want something more indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or balanced, Wedding Cake X takes you to the next level. Try Wedding Cake x Gelato, OG Kush, Gelato, Black Widow, or virtually any other combination. Regardless of which strain you choose, you’ll get a strain that’s potent and ready to take you on a journey!

Get Your Wedding Crasher Seeds Today

Getting your hands on Wedding Crashers is easier than you could’ve ever imagined thanks to Growers Choice Seeds. We offer premium seeds that produce the premium Wedding Crashers weed you deserve! Do you need these seeds fast? No problem — we got you — because we ship quickly and discreetly. We also offer competitive pricing that’s easy on your wallet. Don’t hesitate — Wedding Crashers is right at your fingertips!

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Strain Genetics



45% Indica, 55% Sativa

Flowering Time

9-10 weeks

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Outdoor Yield



Fruity, Vanilla

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Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

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  1. Verified Owner

    Wedding Crasher seeds are the life of the party in my garden. Auto-flowering? More like auto-amazing. They started showing off fast, and the buzz is just as lively. The site’s layout made shopping fun and easy. It’s a hit for those who enjoy a good time without the wait.

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