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As the owner of a dispensary, gardening center, or nursery, you don’t want to give your clients anything but the best. If you haven’t already decided partnering with Growers Choice is the way to do that, then allow us to convince you!

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As the owner of a dispensary, gardening center, or nursery, you don’t want to give your clients anything but the best. If you haven’t already decided partnering with Growers Choice is the way to do that, then allow us to convince you!

Here at Growers Choice, we are dedicated to bringing our customers superior cannabis seeds. Whether you’re seeking medicinal care or daily relaxation or energy, we have the seeds for you, and our wholesale AK auto-flowering seeds are just one great example of the quality we procure and provide.

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Bulk AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Every cannabis seed sold by Growers Choice is feminized. That means every seed you plant will grow into a healthy, hardy female plant loaded with therapeutic medicine. While male plants are essential to producing the seeds from which cannabis grows, once you have your wholesale seeds, male plants can be a detriment; they fertilize the female plants, and what little flower is produced is usually seedy and of poor quality.

In order to avoid this, gardeners who plant traditional cannabis seeds must watch closely for males, and weed them out before they reach procreation age. With Growers Choice wholesale feminized cannabis seeds, you don’t need to worry about this. Our seeds will not develop into male plants, so none of your money is wasted on seeds you’re just going to pull up. Likewise, your harvest won’t be ruined by an overlooked male.

Plant and Grow Wholesale AK Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Like many of our wholesale cannabis seed strains, AK auto-flowering seeds are a popular choice with new gardeners. The main reason they are so easy to grow is their auto-flowering capability. All our wholesale auto-flowering cannabis strains are cross-bred with ruderalis cannabis, which enables them to move from the vegetative stage into the flowering stage without their caretaking having to lift a finger. Ruderalis also lends its hardy nature to all auto-flowering cannabis seeds – because it grows in cooler Russian climates where summers are short (hence its need to flower quickly without reliance on prolonged sunlight), it has developed an enhanced ability to withstand harsher conditions. This quality adds to its suitability for new growers.

Rather than relying on a change in the ratio of light to darkness, like regular feminized seeds must, auto-flowering seeds automatically enter the flowering stage after two or three weeks in the vegetative stage – that’s where they get their name. Our wholesale AK auto-flowering cannabis seeds grow to accommodate as much as 500 grams of bud per square meter.

AK Auto-Flowering Wholesale Seeds: Germination Guarantee

We’re proud to offer one of the highest germination guarantees in the industry; our 90% germination guarantee promises that if fewer than 9 out of 10 of your seeds germinates, we will replace the extras at no further charge, so long as our simply germination method was followed – that goes for both you as a bulk customer, and the customers who buy our seeds from you.

But when you purchase wholesale cannabis seeds from Growers Choice, you’re getting more than just our promise that you’ll be pleased with your seeds. We consider all our wholesale partners part of the team, and as such we extend to them the same opportunities to which we ourselves are privy. That includes assistance with furthering your reach through SEO, graphic and website design advice, social media marketing, content creation, and while-label packaging options. When you choose Growers Choice, you’re choosing both a leader in the field, and an eager team member.

Potential Medicinal Benefits of AK Auto-Flowering Wholesale Cannabis Seeds

This sweet and spicy-tasting hybrid cannabis strain offers a number of potential medical and recreational benefits to reward the gardener for their patience. Just a small amount of AK has been reported by users to release a happy, relaxed sensation that will possibly leave your customers feeling creative and lazy, and a little bit euphoric. AK Auto-Flowering is quite a potent strain, however, and it’s important to remind your clients to use these flowers with care – a little goes a long way, and too much can cause headaches. People who use AK auto-flowering have found it can calm stress and anxious thoughts in low doses, although current findings on the medical benefits are purely anecdotal at this time.

For wholesale pricing, please call us at 1.855.811.4769 or email us for more information.

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  1. Verified Owner

    The AK Auto-Flowering seeds are fantastic! The germination rate was almost perfect, and the plants are thriving. The quality of the harvested marijuana is excellent. Fast shipping and great customer service from Growers Choice.

  2. Verified Owner

    Really happy with the AK Auto-Flowering seeds. The quality of the plants is great, and they’re easy to grow. The website is user-friendly, making the purchasing process smooth. Just a slight delay in shipping, but otherwise, a great product.

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*To be covered by the Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds 90% Germination Guarantee, you must precisely follow the Germination Method.

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