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Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds deliver an intense therapeutic blow to migraines, chronic, muscle, and joint pain, and stress. Thanks to the 80% sativa in this cannabis strain, users experience a happy and uplifting high that renders them energized and alert, but also relaxed.

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Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Growers Choice’s Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds join a collection of popular strains first developed from South African sativa plants. Thanks to the 80% sativa in this cannabis strain, users are set up to experience a happy and uplifting high that renders them energized and alert, but also relaxed.

What Does Power Plant Taste Like?

With a peppery, woodsy flavor, Power Plant cannabis seeds contain about 19% THC, which provides a cheerful, social and creative high that could be a bit strong for people new to recreational or medicinal cannabis use. As always, we recommend trying this strain with care – a single puff on a joint, or a bite of a cookie may be all you need to get the most out of Power Plant.

Medical Treatment with Power Plant Marijuana

Medically, Power Plant cannabis seeds grow into plants used to treat sufferers of depression, and can battle fatigue without tension, thanks to the state-of-the-art combination of happy vigor and muscle relaxation. Users have also found good results when using Power Plant to treat migraines, and manage other types of chronic or acute pain. Whether your discomfort is caused by pain in the muscles, joints, or nerves, this intense strain can help you de-stress and clear your head. The burst of energy will enable you to carry on with your daily tasks (though we never recommend driving).

Power Plant Strain Grow

Power Plant cannabis seeds can be grown in almost any environment with relative ease, though gardeners should be aware of a strong scent that could be best contained indoors, or let to air out of doors, depending on your personal preference and desire for discretion. Following a flowering stage of seven to nine weeks, Power Plant will deliver a moderate amount of harvestable flower, usually about 500 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 600 grams per plant outside. The stable, uniform nature of this strain makes it an excellent choice for cuttings and clones, which not only save you money in the long run, but also ensure you always have enough of the treatment you need.

Read Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Strain for more detailed information.

Buy Power Plant feminized cannabis seeds for an energizing, relaxing high.

User Review
4.5 (6 votes)

Additional information

Strain Genetics

South African Sativa


80% Sativa / 20% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Uplifting, euphoric, energizing

Best Use

Daytime; Head-clearing; ease depression; pain management


Earthy, peppery, woody

Indoor Yield

500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

500-600g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “Power Plant Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. RR says:

    Nothing replaces coffee but this gets close, it’s super energizing and very easy to grow. It’s a sativa lover’s dream and really delivers that buzzy head high that you crave! Helps me with stress and keeps me focused at work, also helps me with creative pursuits like drawing and painting. I feel pretty good about myself being able to grow this weed so I will definitely be back for more!

  2. 9299393848 says:

    This weed is like a power plant for your brain. It’s on full throttle once you smoke this. You’re feeling strong and sharp and I am always looking to get a lot of creative work done. Perfect for those days when you just can’t get where you’re going. Has helped me with writer’s block and gotten me some pretty good paintings too. Easy grow and easy online ordering…what could be better?

  3. blackwidow7465 says:

    I suffer from terrible migraines. My head feels like it’s splitting open and I can’ think or even do anything besides lay in bed. When a migraine comes along, I smoke some of this weed, and it actually helps to balance me out, It doesn’t SOLVE the problem, but it does help. I love gardening so this was a fun project for me. Got a nice buzz off this stuff, and enjoy it even when I am not in horrible pain lol!

  4. John Cho says:

    This weed actually really helps me perform at work. I get a little high before I start work in the morning (I work on a farm) and then I am zooming around all day. My aches and pains feel much better throughout the day, and I feel like I am more productive overall. I love the flavor, very sour and kinda earthy and man does this weed taste fresh! I will definitely grow more, but probably indoors next time to increase yield!

  5. moomin says:

    This stuff really clears my head, especially when I am stressed out about work. That’s why I usually smoke it during the day, it’s got a nice uplifting feeling, helps when I am depressed or just plain tired. I know it’s crazy, but I think this weed has been a really positive thing for me, growing it out back at home, I feel like a much better grower, plus the results were amazing. Happy as can be. Will buy more!

  6. Tony Makado says:

    Watch out cause this weed is PUNGENT! Make sure your neighbors are cool with the smell of dank weed before growing outdoors. I happen to love the smell, it’s so delicious, kinda like earth and pine and also very sweet. It’s a great smoke when you’re about to go out to a party or are just ready to laugh it up with some friends at home. It’s not for sleeping, and really keeps me up for a long, long time!

  7. vfeoifvsldk says:

    This has a very powerful kick to it. Makes for a great party weed, something everyone can enjoy, and it doesn’t make you tired or groggy on the come down. Very happy with how things turned out with this plant. It was a nice easy grow, not very fickle, and a powerful producer too, that smell is also really powerful, watch out! Super ideal for depression or just sad days in general, always puts me in a good mood!

  8. radio single says:

    After a day at the gym, I need to smoke a little weed to help with the soreness and tiredness. This particular strain gets me PUMPED UP! I smoke it after the gym and my fatigue is just gone forever. I feel strong and focused and can even get work done more easily. It was mostly my GF that grew the weed but she’s awesome and loves to support my weed habit lol! Great stuff!

  9. michael says:

    This weed is a certified pick me up! I need some help getting through the day sometimes because I have insomnia. It’s difficult to get through my job when I am feeling really tired and kinda crappy. This weed really helps with that, gets me back on my feet and puts me where I need to be for the day. It’s a good AM weed, and not many weeds qualify for this title! I definitely dig the sour taste and earthy vibes. I’ll be back for more!

  10. john stout says:

    Get ready to power up with this sativa dominant strain. it’s ridiculous easy to grow and has the most beautiful buds about it. I am super duper impressed by this amazing weed and I love smoking it right after I get off of work! I can’t wait to have this stuff at my next party cause it makes me super sociable and fun. It’s got a nice sour flavor to it as well! Definitely a worthy buy!

  11. Wendy Hoxy says:

    This is a very intense weed, really dig its powerful life-affirming vibes. Really something special about this weed and helps me get through my day almost every day! I dig the delicious flavor too, it’s nice and sour and earthy, kinda wakes you up and keeps you going. An easy grow if you’ve got an indoor space and high yielding as well. You can’t beat this stuff, it’s the best!

  12. ghost kitty says:

    Such an impressive weed! I love the sativa selection on GCS, so much more expansive than other sites. I really dug how easy it was to order online and have the mj shipped right to my door. It’s an impressive grow, and doesn’t even take that long, only like 3.5 months till flowering. Pungent stuff, so be careful about smoking at work, BUT it’s perfect to avoid the 3pm crash!

  13. orangesyrup says:

    This is some powerful weed, as the name suggests, and is part of a balanced breakfast haha! I grew this strain in the backyard and got a very nice yield after just 4 months. The flower is deep green and has a nice fuzz to it. The smoke is a bit bright and harsh on the throat but the high is exceptional, has been great for my low energy mornings and helps me function well on days where I am tired!

  14. tyler says:

    This is definitely a powerful strain, offers up some serious energy and a mood boost that lasts for hours! It’s phenomenally delicious stuff, easy to grow, and the delivery time with PSB is astounding! I love this weed, it’s got it all! I usually smoke in the afternoons to help me get through my crash, but it definitely helps me stay focused and productive at work as well. Give it a try!

  15. Walter Kern says:

    This is some powerful stuff, no doubt! I love the way it makes me feel. It’s a nice sativa blend, so no energy lost on this stuff. It gets me hella stoned, not great for work, but weekend times are perfect. I love smoking this before going on a long hike or even just going to the beach. It’s a fun backyard grow, but its pungent so watch out!

  16. Wayne Gulino says:

    A powerful weed as the name suggests. I am a sativa junky so this stuff is really my holy grail. It’s an excellent weed to grow in your basement, has a very strong smell to it and offers a very intense high. It’s great for boosting your mood and giving you energy. It’s helped me stay focused at work and enjoy going out to parties. A great buy for sure!

  17. Tracy Atkins says:

    Wow, super powerful stuff, as the name suggests. It’s great for getting stoned and having amazing creative thoughts. I love the sour taste and the bright neon green nugs. It’s some serious stuff. Worthy of the longer growing period, it gives off a great yield and is truly a stellar delicious plant to consume. You best try it for yourself!

  18. Joseph Berzon says:

    It’s time to fire up that power plant and get up and out there! It’s an excellent weed for getting up in the morning, has been stellar for my sad morning wake up routine, soooo early, and it goes well right along with breakfast. I love smoking this in AM for its amazing sativa properties, but you know, that’s just me. Great stuff!

  19. bm6500 says:

    This was my first grow ever. I used a 32x32x63″ tent with a 600 watt LED. I used distilled water along with the foxfarm trio + calmag plus. My harvest filled 7 average-sized mason jars.

    What I like about this strain the most is that there is no need for a weed nap after it comes down. I’m left with energy even after the buzz is gone. It’s all headbuzz.

    I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  20. Joseph Elisio says:

    Some killa killa right here

  21. Bill Kestler says:

    This is a sativa lovers dream! It’s super fun to grow, have a nice greenhouse in the backyard that’s been instrumental in getting my weed operation into production, and this strain has been a real dream for me! I love the taste and smell, it’s very strong and pungent but also very intoxicating as well. Has been great for helping me stay awake and alert throughout the day, and keeps me feeling good all the way until bedtime!

  22. Alex Gonzalez says:

    I suffer from chronic fatigue and depression. I need something that’s gonna keep me alert and focused throughout the day. This weed really helps with that. I enjoy gardening a lot and found that weed was a very fulfilling plant to grow. This strain is very powerful, I only need one or two hits at a time and it gets me very high and kind of floaty feeling. Great for practical endeavors!

  23. timmy! says:

    Ready for a burst of energy that will KILL your afternoon slump? I am soooo happy I purchased this weed. It’s an amazing grow and the buds are huge and bright bright green in color. Very sticky and pungent in smell (sour) so be careful about taking it at work. I like to smoke on my lunch break, and have found this to be great for staying focused and creative in the afternoons.

  24. wizzardgizzard says:

    What a smell! Power plant marijuana has a very unique aroma and every time I went into my grow room and these were getting near harvest time, I was like “wowza!”. It’s kind of a spicy, foresty smell, as if you were hiking in the forest and someone happened to spill some pepper and spice on the trail. Power plant is not too difficult of a grow, just the usual mj growing issues. This is good cannabis for nearly anyone, only thing you have to be aware of is that strong smell!

  25. Erica Rodriguez says:

    Powerful stuff and very potent. I grew this weed in my backyard and it did really well in my little raised bed I built out back. The wife seems to enjoy it as well. Ordered my seeds online through GCS and had them delivered in no time at all! Got a nice medium sized yield from this weed, and usually enjoy smoking it in the afternoons or on weekends!

  26. fancy nancy says:

    Power plant has become a classic favourite MJ strain for me. It’s like an all-purpose make you feel better cure. The feminized seeds that I ordered from Original harvest came quickly, and so far no issues–they have all germinated beautifully. Some other strains I’ve not had as much luck with, but these grew quickly and look good.

  27. Allie Wallowski says:

    This weed really lives up to its name, it’s powerful stuff that keeps you buzzing for hours on end! Really easy to grow, so surprised my seeds germinated so well, what a relief! I am new to growing and SO glad I got a chance to try these seeds! GCS is an excellent company for sure, they have got the goods! A good backyard grow that will surely impress your neighbors. It’s very pungent stuff, and has powerful sativa properties!

  28. Robert R. says:

    This weed is a beast for sure, gets me super stoned if I smoke too much, so I usually only take one or two hits at a time. It’s great in the morning actually, pumps me up before work and kicks my grogginess to the curb. Easy to grow as well, got a really solid yield from my indoor grow. It’s pretty pungent too, smell like citrus and pine, very strong. Give it a try if you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up!

  29. Moe P says:

    This weed will give you the boost you need to get through your day! Easy to grow with a huge amazing yield to take home, you’ll never be disappointed by this bud. I am happy I gave it a try, grew it right in my backyard and had a lot of strong results! It’s highly sativa dominated, so don’t smoke before bedtime, but it tastes great, like sour diesel almost, and gives you a great head buzz that’ll leave you wanting more!

  30. Tyron Shepherd says:

    A very powerful weed, as the name suggests, and not too difficult to grow either. I prefer it as an indoor grow, as I tend to get better yields when I control the environment, and this was no exception. I got around 400 grams, which is pretty solid, and I smoke on the daily to help keep me alert and focused. Buyer beware, this is a strong sativa, so don’t expect to crash right after you smoke.

  31. Harold Lim says:

    If you need an energy boost to get through your day, look no further than Power Plant weed. I grew this stuff in my backyard and got some serious results, delicious sticky green bud galore! I harvested enough to last me a while! Smoke all day long! I smoke before work, after work, and it really helps with creativity, focus, and even with my headaches. A great buy!

  32. jimtheowner says:

    wow great genetics and great customer service. I would definitely buy again

  33. tarbuckle2 says:

    Went 5 for 5 with the seeds. Plants grew over 6 ft. Had issues with Bud rot but that is due to the climate I live in. Next year I will try covering them every night. The smoke is great. The high is strong.

  34. Leo R. says:

    Lovely buzz from this weed. I am a big fan of sativas, find them to be much better at helping me stay focused and energized throughout the day. Purchased 3 seeds from GCS and had all 3 pop in the germ chamber! Quick grow and fairly easy to take care of, plus I got an excellent yield of about 400 grams. Delicious daytime weed, tastes woodsy, like a pine tree, and perfect alongside breakfast in the morning. Big fan of this strain!

  35. Jenny M. says:

    Power plant is a great strain for mood disorders. Plus, it’s easy to grow and smells pretty good. Doesn’t matter if you’re expereinced or not, this plant produces dense buds that always turn out perfect. Also love that I only get feminized cannabis seeds. You know exactly what you’re getting with this company, and that says a lot. Plants aren’t exactly the perfect science, but they’ve managed to make it as much of one as they can and you have to do the rest. I strictly buy online now.

  36. Glenn H. says:

    If you need a bit of a mental boost, then this is the strain for you! I don’t know that I’d recommend it to first-time users, but if you’re familiar with effects of cannabis and are looking for something to manage your mood, then definitely give this one a try! I’ve also loved having these feminized cannabis seeds growing in my backyard as I love walking out there and smelling it. This was the first time I tried growing my own plant, and I’m so proud and impressed by my harvest!

  37. aframe637 says:

    Mine are only 10 weeks old. They are so Beautiful! My first outdoor crop ever. I am totally amazed at the difference in the strength of the plants. Sun changes in 11 days…so it won’t be too much longer until harvest. I wish I could post photos!

  38. ritanitap says:

    I’m so glad I decided to buy my feminized cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. It was so easy to order my seeds online and I didn’t have to wait very long for my seeds to show up at my door. I picked out this strain to help with chronic migraines and it definitely delivered on its promise. I grew my seeds inside, which didn’t turn out to be the greatest choice because I underestimated the smell on this plant. I’ll definitely buy more of this train, but will be looking to plant outside from the get-go next time!

  39. Ericka A. says:

    Pretty happy with my choice to buy feminized cannabis seeds online. Easy grow and you can easily clone the seeds, but I choose just to buy new ones each time. Best strong strain for recreational use, but I’ve read that it’s a good strain for medicinal use too. There’s not too many places to buy cannabis seeds locally, at least for this kind of quality.

  40. Chris Reese says:

    This is a real great strain to grow, even for beginners, especially if you want something that’s gonna give you a little more a happy high than put you to sleep. It’s one of my fave strains to bring to a party, people really like it, plus it smells great. I heard you can use it for depression and stress, I can see that. Its pretty easy to grow, indoors it smells but I don’t mind and we have our own place, I wouldn’t recommend growing it in an apartment unless you get a good exhaust system or something like that. Growers Choice seeds in general produce some good weed, and for an online shop, they’re pretty stand up.

  41. Gogetter23 says:

    I use power plant all the time to combat fatigue over the weekends. I’m usually working 16 hour days as a contractor, so I am exhausted by the time I get home and even moreso on the weekends. I decided about a year ago to start growing my own marijuana, and I couldn’y think of any where to buy the seeds except for online. That’s how I discovered this company and learned about feminized cannabis seeds and the like. Really impressed with the results, as by the time Monday rolls around I feel great and ready to get back to it.

  42. Barry E. says:

    I ordered Power Plant seeds from Growers Choice and they didn’t show up. At least the company seemed transparent and they sent me a new order without too much fuss. I had ordered 10 cannabis seeds after all. I didn’t have any trouble germinating them, but for some reason I found my harvest to be too earthy, not like what I’ve had before. That said, it was pretty potent and it nipped my headaches in the bud. I don’t think I’ll order this strain again, but I wouldn’t want my experience to put anyone off it.

  43. Richard N. says:

    Damn, this stuff just punched me right in the face. I was not expecting it to be this strong, even though I read the description. Lesson learned. Found this company because I was looking for feminized cannabis seeds and ended up learning a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t know. If you’ve never grown before, follow their germination instructions. They really work. You’ll end up with the best pot plants you can get.

  44. denjar14 says:

    My first time growing. Planted 2 seeds of this strain, 2 of another (bought 5 of each). 1 or each strain did not pop, I am sure it was me, not the seed, 1 of each popped nice. Started 2 more – perfect! One is a total BEAST!

  45. selincarlt says:

    Wanted something to help with depression, and I feel like I made the perfect choice. This one is powerful, and that’s just what I needed. I used a good portion of my batch to make edibles, and it worked out. Kept its potency and made some delicious cookies.

  46. tommythemanp says:

    As an indoor grower, I’m glad you guys mentioned that this one can have a strong smell, so I made sure to take extra care in setting up my area so that it didn’t stray too far!
    I wrote in another review that I was after something to help with my headaches, and this was my other option that I picked up. I was really looking forward to this, so I was happy when I noticed how quickly it was growing.
    The strength of this is great if you experience a lot of pain, and when my migraines got to be too much, this would help bring the pain right back down. Compared to the other one I got, I liked that this didn’t make me too tired, so I could still enjoy my day without my head exploding.

  47. irmyferny says:

    I get why this is named Power Plant because the high on this one is POWERFUL. Customer support helped me pick this one, and I’m so glad they did because I was not disappointed. Grow was straightforward and it yielded some nice buds. Ended up being even happier with my results once I started smoking it and realized I only needed a couple tokes before I was starting to feel the high. I tend to gravitate towards stronger strains, so this one was perfect. Even though the high had a strong head buzz, it didn’t give me any paranoia which is something Im always a bit worried about. I can see this one becoming a new favourite of mine. Really recommend it.

  48. topratedog says:

    Yep – this is a good plant. Definitely, some powerful effects, though I’ll admit I was expecting a bit more, but I’m not really complaining because it turned to be just what I needed at the time. Long-lasting, nice peppery flavor (my favorite pot taste) and pretty quick from germination to harvest, all things considered. Honestly, I’ll be returning to Growers Choice when this stash runs out, believe me.

  49. mooremoney878 says:

    This plant tastes and smells great! Recommend highly to any connoisseur