Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Northern Lights auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds offer users deep relaxation that can penetrate and relieve chronic pain and migraines, and alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia. In addition to the all-over relaxation created by the strain’s 80% indica make-up, users often experience a gentle euphoria leading to a happy calm, thanks to the small amount of sativa present in the plant.

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Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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The original Northern Lights strain from which our feminized cannabis seeds was derived, was bred as 11 separate plants, three of which were designated the best of the best. The Growers Choice auto-flowering variety of Northern Lights was developed from these choice varieties, paired with the genes of the ruderalis cannabis species. The addition of this small, stocky breed gives Northern Lights auto-flowering the ability to automatically move from the vegetative to flowering stage without any change in hours of light.

Best Northern Lights Strain

An indica-dominant strain with dark green leaves and resinous purple flowers, Northern Lights Auto-flowering has a sweet and spicy flavour. In addition to the all-over relaxation created by the strain’s 80% indica make-up, you’ll most likely experience a gentle euphoria leading to a happy calm, thanks to the small amount of sativa present in the plant.

An excellent medicinal strain that grants users a delicious, full-body high, Northern Lights cannabis seeds are often chosen for use in medical marijuana testing,; our auto-flowering strain offers the same benefits pursued by medical professionals. Among its many treatment uses, Northern Lights is suggested for muscle relaxation and relief of chronic and acute aches and pain including migraines; it can also help you shut off your brain, lessening insomnia, and soothe away the lingering effects of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Like many cannabis strains, Northern Lights has a tendency to encourage appetite, and is often sought out by people undertaking chemotherapy treatments or struggling with eating disorders.

Northern Lights Strain Yield

Perhaps another reason Northern Lights Auto-Flowering cananbis seeds continue to be so popular is the relative ease with which the plants can be grown. Like most auto-flowering strains, our Northern Lights seeds do best when germinated and planted in an indoor, hydroponic environment, with our without soil. With an average flowering time of 50 to 60 days, gardeners can expect to harvest a moderate amount of flowers (up to 500 grams per square meter) in around 8 weeks.

Get more details on this strain by reading our Northern Lights Cannabis Strain article.

Have you tried Northern Lights Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds for your pain or insomnia?

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Afghani x Thai x Ruderalis


10% Ruderalis, 100% Sativa, 80% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 Days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Daytime, Evening, full body relaxation, mood elevation


Earthy, Pine, Sweet

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

200-300g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height to


0 responses to “Northern Lights Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. Michael Koehler says:

    Love me some of this Northern Lights, great indica hybrid that will leave you feeling chilled out and super happy too. I like the smell and taste, nice and earthy and pungent, just like weed is supposed to be! Got these seeds delivered in the spring sometime, they came just as ordered and grew beautifully. Have a nice yield off these plants, probably 300 g per plant? A lotta nug!!! Great in the evenings, before or after dinner is perfect. You really can’t go wrong with this strain of mj!

  2. tim rainey says:

    When the sun goes down, and the lights come up in the city then you know it’s time to party! Got myself 3 seeds and grew them right in backyard. It’s got some excellent growth potential, got about 500 g from just one plant, what a miracle! It’s a very powerful strain, has some incredible THC levels, so even if you’re an experienced stoner like me, you’ll definitely get stoned off just a few hits. Gives me lots of energy and motivation and I feel so social!

  3. Betty Anderson says:

    WOW I have never tried this strain before, but it does super well in my greenhouse, gets super bushy and tall and produces a TON of nug, which is great, and I just harvested my first batch the other day. High quality and fresh as ever, excellent smoking for a lazy day or just after work for me. Helps me with anxiety, depression, and gives me a boost of creative energy as well.

  4. anita vanburen says:

    This is a deceivingly strong weed! It helps with my crazy days where I am super tired and kinda bored too. Helps me be creative and definitely adds some spice to my day! I love the taste and smell of this weed, very sour and pretty pungent, wakes up the senses and feels like I just drank a cup of strong coffee. Then I usually just draw or paint or hang out with my cat. It’s a good weed, and a fun grow. Worth it for sure!

  5. sour grapes says:

    I prefer smoking weed before bed, really helps me relax and helps me sleep cause I struggle with insomnia and I really need help getting some good rest cause my job is so darn stressful. Luckily I have a lovely wife who did most of the growing in the backyard and it helps to have her take care of it cause I’m not good at it really. I like the strong flavor of this stuff, nice and sour and earthy, and it knocks me right out. Happy times!

  6. farmerJill288 says:

    Love tripping out to this weed, really gets me into a weird headspace where all I wanna do is draw and paint the night away. It’s been great for my creative energies, and I have churned out some pretty impressive stuff while stoned on this flower. Had a good time growing it as well, not too difficult, did great in my basement, and filled my house with the smell of fresh herb!

  7. Timothy Sangfield says:

    Recently purchased Northern lights all seedlings are doing great šŸ‘

  8. crayon2832 says:

    This is a lovely strain, nice and strong and gets me wicked stoned!!! Mostly I smoke this for stress and anxiety relieif, but the extra boost of creative energy really seems to help me. It gets me feeling kinda like I’m gonna melt into the couch, but my mind has some amazing thoiughts, so I usually get some great painting done on this weed. Pretty into the grow as well, straightforward and fun. I’ll definitely do this again!

  9. scranton strangler says:

    Smoking this weed is like a meditation, gets me real strung out, but wicked relaxed and helps me just like float along, listen to music, do yoga, whatever! It’s pretty nice to grow as well, very easy even if you don’t know how, and produces pretty well too, real sour stuff, kinda like candy. Would recommend šŸ™‚

  10. Blackline108 says:

    Took a little time to get my seeds going, but once they germinated I got a really nice grow out of them. They didn’t LOVE my backyard, but they still did reasonably well out there, and I am pretty happy with how it all worked out. Very strong weed, pungent and intense. Usually I’ll take a huge bong rip and pass out on the couch. It’s much better at night, takes the edge off and has been good for stress. Love these seeds!

  11. bryan cannon says:

    If you’re ever looking for a trippy weed experience, then definitely check out this strain. It’s surprisingly strong, and I swear I get tracers every time I smoke this stuff. I enjoyed growing this, have a nice little greenhouse out back, got some dank herb off these plants, they seem to love it indoors. The smell and taste are pretty darn earthy and sour. I’m definitely gonna buy more šŸ™‚

  12. eric james says:

    If you ever have the day off, I recommend reaching for the northern lights strain, it’s suuuuuper chilled out, but it’s also energizing and makes me feel way better when I am tired or having a bad day. I really dig the delicious smell, it’s so sour and fresh tasting, crisp even. I am very content with this weed, and with GCS in general. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  13. jw72653 says:

    I like powerful weeds, nothing more to say about it. I like getting super high and just watching the night sky, or going on a walk, and Northern Lights is really the best weed for that. It’s hella strong, always gets me baked. All my stress and worries from the workday just disintegrate, and now I am feeling much better about my stress. Finally have my own grow space downstairs, very happy with how it’s going. I love this weed, will buy more!!!

  14. cmackenzieg says:

    3 seeds 3 plants. Really happy with this old classic. Good quality and a decent producer. The final product is very nice.

  15. jason says:

    This might be my best grow yet! It’s remarkably easy when you have a greenhouse already in the back of your home. It’s got some really nice soil back there and these babies took right to it. Grew them big and tall, beautiful green and white flower with yellow pistils, exactly like it supposed to look! Gave off some amazing bud, perfect for evening smoking. Kind of a trippy high, and very relaxing, sends me spinning for sure and helps me sleep at night!

  16. 738powermove says:

    If you’re looking for a truly trippy weed experience, this strain is for you! It’s a joy to grow, first of all, and offers up some impressive flower after a relatively short growing time. I love the dense green nugs and the flashes of the whit pistils, a very beautiful plant. I like smoking this in the evenings because it helps me relax and have some trippy thoughts. Definitely a worthy buy!

  17. spacemurf says:

    This is some powerful weed, with a lot of trippy effects that give me a great mind buzz and keep the colors swirling for hours on end. This was a joy to grow, gave up some amazing green and yellow flower and has a deep earthy pine smell to it, I absolutely love it. Got about 3 mason jars worth of weed and I am smoking it all day and night to fight stress and anxiety!

  18. brianh1 says:

    I bought 4 different kinds of Autos – Northern Lights, Critical Purple, Gorilla Glue, and Tangerine Dream. I germinated one of each, and so did my brother-in-law. All 8 of them popped. For soil, i’m using the Super Soil Concentrate for Auto-flowers by Natures Living Soil (a water only system). I mixed it with Fox Farms Ocean Forest for the bottom part and the top part is both Ocean Forest and Happy Frog. I can’t believe how fast they grow. They sprouted on Aug 3rd and 4th, and are in their first week of flower (9/3/19). I couldn’t be happier with the customer service of this company and with the quality of their product. I can’t wait for harvest!

  19. Jimmy Pescal says:

    I really dig this stuff. It’s been a great growing experience. Loved the vibes of the weed, nice for smoking when you’re at home and looking to chill. It’s a very powerful weed, so one or two hits will do ya. It’s been great for my anxiety and depression, even helps with minor aches and pains. I love to just stare at the ceiling and trip out!!! Will definitely be back for more!

  20. greg.paschal says:

    Thank you Growers Choice for standing behind your seeds. July 29th I started my 3 Northern Lights Autos I water, Aug 1st in Coco, Aug 3rd in Veg, 2 indoors 1 outdoor,. Now 4 weeks in and the plants are looking so healthy, nice thick base and getting bushy. Cannot wait to see the buds.

  21. Sheryl says:

    A nice and powerful weed, you really only need one or two hits and you are good for the evening!I grew in my basement grow room and has excellent results. Was very impressed by how easy it was to order seeds online and get them all to germ so quickly. It’s a nice buzz that’s great for the mind and body. So much to love about this weed. Happy to buy more!

  22. mavkam says:

    All 3 seeds germinated, but only 2 plants sprouted. First time growing so I probably did something wrong. 1 plant started flowering after 5 weeks the second is being stubborn. Seeds arrived quickly and discreetly. Having a blast growing! Will definitely be ordering more from GC.

  23. dopemod says:

    This weed is surprisingly powerful, gives me an excellent buzz that lasts for a long time. I love the taste and the smell, very earthy and sweet, and the head buzz makes me hallucinate a little bit, which is pretty unique for a strain of mj. Not too hard to grow, recommend for indoors though cause you’ll get a bigger yield. GCS gets it right every time. Great buy!

  24. melanie says:

    This strain is heavy on the awesome, meaning it’s super strong! I am happy with the outcome, got a nice 500 g yield per plant and the nugs are big green and smell delicious! I love how easy it was to order my seeds online with GCS, was impressed by their selection, it was hard to choose just one! But this weed has been great for my headaches and my sadness. Love this stuff!

  25. buck3030jk says:

    Germination was quick using GC method and the plants are growing healthy. Looking forward to harvesting!

  26. Ethan Howard says:

    I use mj to help me with insomnia. This weed strain is perfect for my symptoms. I smoke a bowl of this before bedtime and I am out like a light. It’s been great for my stress and anxiety levels, and it really helps me unwind. I love the taste and smell, super sour and earthy, and it was also very easy to grow. Glad I had the opportunity!

  27. Fiona Duncan says:

    Powerful weed for sure. Definitely take it slow if you’re a beginner, cause this stuff can knock you off your feet! Perfect for lazy weekend days or just after work to help relax. Has been great for my headaches and stress, cause work just never seems to be less stressful. I’ve been happy with the results of my grow, but I’ll probably try it indoors next time. Excellent weed, you should try!

  28. Nikhil Devasia says:

    Good one

  29. megalinda says:

    Can be a little difficult to grow, but nothing out of the question. It’s been nice getting my 3 plants to grow to a nice tall height with a ton of flower on the branches. Bit of a longer growing time, but the yield was nice. Powerful stuff, very intense smoking, gets me very high off just a few puffs, and it offers a ton of great benefits. I love how sour this weed tastes, it’s excellent stuff!

  30. Andie ford says:

    Northern lights is one of those strains that goes waaaay back in my memory. It’s been a joy getting reacquainted and growing these seeds in my backyard. Love that dense green and white flower, and that sour taste and smell. Yummmm. So perfect for just tripping out a bit and watching the TV. Have been very impressed with this stuff so far!

  31. kennethwking.kk says:

    I purchase a pack of 3 and Iā€™m 100% satisfied and will continue to order northern lights along with others I have coming , growers choice is by far the best place to get the products you are looking for

  32. Jack Westbrook says:

    Definitely a trippy strain of weed, gets me feeling high as a kite and has my mind wandering into crazy spooky places. I liked growing this myself, did so in my backyard, looks