Harlequin CBD Feminized Seeds

This sativa-dominant strain carries a number of alluring effects in its 15% CBD and 5% THC ratio. It is known for its array of flavors, stunning color, and ability to enhance focus. With a high CBD content and moderate THC levels, the Harlequin strain is perfect for those looking for a citrus-scented afternoon while pursuing creative projects!

  • 75% Sativa, 25% Indica
  • 15% CBD and 5% THC
  • A relaxed and uplifted feeling of happiness
  • High resistance to disease and ideal for beginner growers
  • Thrives in fairly warm climates with humidity around 50%
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This sativa-dominant hybrid is the strain you’ve been dreaming of! With a perfect blend of moderate THC levels and a soaring CBD content, this strain will have you feeling invigorated and relaxed all at the same time. And don’t get us started on the flavor! This strain offers a terpene profile like none other, meshing flavors and aromas of earth, herbs, citrus, florals, and spice all into one gorgeous bouquet. For the cultivators who are looking to harvest a huge yield, Harlequin has you covered. If you’re not mesmerized already, read on!

Harlequin CBD Feminized Seeds

This cannabis strain was aptly named, as it is just as badass as the Joker’s right-hand lady, Harlequin herself! As a hybrid strain, it offers users the relaxed sensations of its indica contributions and a focused, happy state of mind that is bequeathed by its sativa genetics. It also offers the best of both worlds regarding its THC and CBD contents, with a sky-high CBD level and moderate THC content. Before we dissect the intriguing and oh-so-tempting characteristics of Harlequin, let’s take a peek into where this goddess came from!

Parent Strains of Harlequin Strain

Harlequin CBD cannabis seeds are just as unique as its blend of parent strains, which consists of landrace sativa strains Colombia Gold and Thai and less popular strains, Swiss Sativa, and Nepali Indica. While each of these strains is epic in its own right, they passed down their best qualities to their cannabis baby, Harlequin. Colombian Gold likely attributed to its uplifting and energizing effects, along with its tasty, sweet flavor profile, while Thai contributed mental focus and herbal notes in the flavor profile. Swiss Sativa is known to gently boost the user’s mood without inducing an overwhelming psychoactive experience, which Harlequin cannabis seeds are revered for! And the other parent strain Nepali Indica gave Harlequin CBD its gorgeous indica qualities, which promote tranquility, relaxation, and mental stillness.

The effects of Harlequin CBD strain

As mentioned above, Harlequin is a hybrid strain that is sativa-leaning, consisting of about 75% sativa and 25% indica. Many users appreciate that its THC content is not monstrous, usually offering about 15% THC, which doesn’t exactly make it a potent strain. This, coupled with a super high CBD content, makes for a near-heavenly experience for most casual or medicinal users. Recreational and medical users can expect to feel that classic sativa boost in energy and functionality, while simultaneously experiencing a wave of relaxation and clarity.

Flavor and Aroma of Harlequin Strain

While the effects and potential medicinal benefits of Harlequin are undeniably irresistible, its flavor and aroma are the juicy cherry on top! Terpenes play a huge role in the experience of cannabis, one of which is to infuse the buds with mouth-watering flavors and tempting scents. The primary terpenes in Harlequin buds include myrcene, which provides an herbal and earthy aroma, pinene, offering a woody flavor and scent, caryophyllene, which adds spice and peppery notes, limonene, bestowing notes of citrus, and Terpinolene, which contributes a floral scent.

This bouquet of scents and flavors makes up one of the most enticing sensory experiences around! Users might come for Harlequin’s CBD-rich properties and ideal effects, but they stay for the tasty flavors and alluring aromas. If you like what Harlequin has to offer in the flavor department, you’ll love the earthy, woody notes in Northern Wreck and the citrusy, herbal aroma of Willie Nelson.

Growing Harlequin CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

Harlequin cannabis plants are known for being pretty easy to cultivate, so worry not if you are a beginner grower! Harlequin, like White Tahoe Cookie Auto and True OG, is quite a simple strain to grow, making it a perfect option for first-time growers who are just dipping their toes into the beautiful world of cannabis cultivation. It is also an option for both outdoor growers and indoor growers, although it is often suggested to cultivate Harlequin indoors where the elements can be closely monitored.

Harlequin is one of the few cannabis strains that actually prefers a slightly humid climate! Indoor growers should make sure to keep their grow area a bit humid, with temperatures between 70-85°F during the day and slightly cooler temperatures when the evening sets in. If all goes well, cultivators can expect a huge yield of up to 650 grams per square meter after a flowering period that lasts 8-9 weeks.

Outdoor growers who are in a Mediterranean climate will find luck, but make sure that your plants get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day! The outdoor yield is similarly epic, with growers harvesting approximately 600 grams per plant. What are you waiting for? A garden full of badass Harlequin buds can soon be yours!

Where to buy Harlequin CBD feminized seeds

Now that you’re sold on growing your own Harlequin marijuana plants, it’s time to decipher where to purchase them! Although it might go without saying, it’s of the utmost importance that your seeds are purchased from a reputable source, as not all seed banks offer the same quality of products. Depending on where you are located, and whether cannabis cultivation is legal or not, there might be local seed banks within your hometown; however, these establishments generally cannot offer the level of customer service and peace of mind that many online seed banks, like our company Growers Choice Seeds can.

At Growers Choice Seeds customers can be assured that they are receiving lab-tested, fully-feminized seeds, which is a must for growers who want a garden full of healthy, bud-producing, female plants. For growers who require a bit more discretion with their purchases, we’ve got your back, offering discreet shipping and packaging so you can receive your seeds without anyone being the wiser. If there is ever a question or concern, we have a staff of friendly, highly knowledgeable individuals who are always willing to solve any quandary that might arise!

If you enjoy Harlequin, we have tons of other quality, high-CBD strains that you might adore, each with a detailed product description that details their optimal growing conditions, effects, terpene profiles, yield sizes, and more. Each purchase also comes with one of the best germination guarantees on the market! Pick up your Harlequin seeds today!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Colombian Gold, a landrace Sativa, Nepali indica


25% Indica, 75% Sativa

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

55-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Energetic, Focused, Relaxed

Best Use

Depression, improve appetite, Nausea


Earthy, Herbal, Spicy

Indoor Yield

700g per m2

Outdoor Yield

600g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Reviews for Harlequin CBD Feminized Seeds

Based on 24 Reviews
  1. Verified Owner

    Harlequin is a good everyday smoke. it has a good amount of CBD for the THC so you get a good functional high great for the daily tasks …

  2. Verified Owner

    I got some harlequin seeds online and they were super nice to have in our backyard. We live in Portland and have had a lot of luck with the weather in terms of growing. It just takes a long while to get going but if you got some patience you’ll definitely do pretty well for yourself!!

  3. Verified Owner

    Such a relaxing CBD heavy weed. Harlequin definitely is good for a laugh or two, and it’s great when smoked at the end of the day for some serious pain relief. I like that I can grow this marijuana in my backyard, and order the seeds online. Fast shipping, right to my mailbox, and some delicious and incredible flower after 6 mo. Can’t complain 🙂

  4. Verified Owner

    Sometimes THC is not what you are looking for to take the edge off. This marijuana strain is exactly what you need. It’s powerful, relaxing, and also has a great velvety flavor and texture. These fuzzy nugs took like no time at all to grow, and they seemed to thrive in my backyard. I will amend the soil and build a greenhouse next year for indoor growing!

  5. Verified Owner

    CBD at its finest. This sweet and earthy strain will ease muscle pains and reduce anxiety without clouding your head with a heavy THC high. The online selection is pretty overwhelming, but GCS customer service was a great help. Had some great luck growing indoors with my LED setup. Highly recommend trying this out for yourself!

  6. Verified Owner

    This strain is much more relaxing than it is funny. Some weed makes you laugh and giggle for hours, but harlequin CBD is much more focused on relaxation and pain relief. I am pretty sure it’s the best strain on this website, especially if you need some powerful CBD and bodily relief!

  7. Verified Owner

    A very giggly CBD heavy strain! Bought 5 seeds online. Can you believe it? They ship all the way to Canada! Had great success growing in my greenhouse. If you’re working for full germination, make sure your seeds are soaked before going into the ground. It makes a HUGE difference!

  8. Verified Owner

    You might not like clowns….but the clown is gonna like you. CBD Harlequin is pretty deeply relaxing with an excellent buzz and very smooth flavor. Even if you don’t know ANYTHING about growing weed, you’ll still probably have some success!!

  9. Verified Owner

    When you smoke harlequin the joke is on you. This weed doesn’t get you “high” but instead is deeply relaxing and good for sore muscles and headaches. Take a few puffs of these dark green nugs when you’re having a bad day, and expect a smooth, subtle result.

  10. Verified Owner

    Hard to find a website with such an extensive CBD collection, but GCS is the place! Really stoked about bringing this weed to life. It’s such a fulfilling process, and with SUCH an incredible yield. Honestly you save a ton of cash when you grow at home, and IMO the weed is fresher and lasts longer 🙂

  11. Verified Owner

    IDK I am kinda crazy, and I get like….dizzy and nauseous on a daily basis like from riding in a car and train….I actually REALLY appreciate the buzz. It’s never overpowering, but generally puts me in a good mood. It’s helped a LOT with anxiety, depression, and definitely nausea. Great time overall!

  12. Verified Owner

    Harlequin CBD is an amazing strain for those who suffer from anxiety and inflammation. Its high CBD content is perfect for pain relief and leaves you feeling relaxed yet functional. The buds have an earthy and herbal flavor. I was thrilled with the full germination of the seeds and the easy growing experience, resulting in a generous yield.

  13. Verified Owner

    This strain has been a lifesaver for my chronic pain and anxiety. The CBD content really helps to keep me relaxed and focused throughout the day. The earthy and herbal flavors add a nice touch to the overall experience. Growers Choice Seeds customer service has also been fantastic. They were quick to assist with any questions I had and provided top-notch support.

  14. Verified Owner

    Harlequin CBD is a great strain for those seeking a functional, happy high without feeling too overwhelmed. Its 9-week growth period is manageable, and the head high is perfect for daytime use. Highly recommend for those seeking a milder cannabis experience!

  15. Verified Owner

    I am loving the high CBD strains these days, especially harlequin. This delightful grow has a smell that reminds me of the woods of the PNW. Big fan of the huge flower and the crystals on the nug. The color is bright green and yellow, and a fresh taste that makes my mouth tingle. I get high every night, usually to help with pain and stress. It also works up a mean appetite lol.

  16. Verified Owner

    Harlequin CBD is a must-have for anyone looking for a high CBD strain. With a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, it’s great for those who need pain relief without the psychoactive effects of THC. The buds themselves are beautiful, covered in trichomes and with a sweet, earthy aroma.

  17. Verified Owner

    Best choice i’ve made in a loooong time! Harlequin seeds are super yummy, well not the seeds themselves, but the weed they produce (of course).
    Seattle native, been around MJ my whole life. First time grower though, and one of the better strains out there. I had remarkable luck too. Didn’t know I was so good at this. Guess I’ll keep at it, and at these prices….yeah you know I am coming back!

  18. Verified Owner

    Harlequin CBD is perfect for those who want the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the intense high. It’s functional, happy, and relaxed, making it great for daytime use. The mild strength and high CBD content make it ideal for pain relief and anxiety management. The short flowering time is a bonus for impatient growers. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a gentle, calming smoke.

  19. Verified Owner

    Stay at a functional high level, enjoy being lightly stoned with this strain while still being able to be productive with your day. Easy to grow and great for indoors, with an excellent harvest size! Cannot recommend this enough!

  20. Verified Owner

    This weed will have you laughing that’s for sure, that’s why it earns the name harlequin! A very fruity, sour, and fresh strain that’s decent to cultivate in the summer outdoors. I am not really a fancy indoor grower, but I DOOooo enjoy a good garden session every once in a while. So thankful this strain is lowwww maintinence….which means I can be lazy AND smoke some homegrown weed yeehaw!

  21. Verified Owner

    A great medical strain that holds both THC and CBD to give a nice varied high. Easy to grow the yields will have you amply stocked up with these wonderful plants. Happy to have received perfect 3/3 germinated seeds from Growers Choice Seeds!

  22. Verified Owner

    The high CBD content provided a clear-headed and focused experience, perfect for daytime use. The vibrant colors of the leaves and crystal-like trichomes made for a visually stunning plant. The orange flavor profile with a hint of earthiness was absolutely delightful.

  23. Verified Owner

    The Harlequin strain is sativa-dominant and known for its alluring effects and stunning colors. With high CBD content and moderate THC levels, Harlequin is perfect for enhancing focus and creative projects.

  24. Verified Owner

    I love harlequin Mj cause you really can’t find it anywhere else. It’s a good purchase, pretty affordable, and it’s great for CBD enthusiasts who want a little something different. I like this spicy-sweet flavor and the relaxing high. It’s the best we can get online, especially for the price!

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