CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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>CBD Moby Dick is a medicinal version of the traditional sativa-dominant Moby Dick, used for pain and muscle spasm relief, depression, and creative focus. The high level of CBD eliminates most of the psychoactive effects caused by THC, and leaves users happy and relaxed.

CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Moby Dick is a medicinal version of traditional Moby Dick, a sativa-dominant strain resulting from cross-breeding White Widow and Haze. This therapeutic variety combines Moby Dick with a CBD-enriched male, resulting in equal amounts of CBD and THC.

CBD Percentage in Cannabis

Because the cannabinoids THC and CBD work differently in the body, 5% CBD is quite potent, while 5% THC is relatively innocuous, at least as far as psychoactive effects are concerned. CBD seems to heighten the therapeutic effects of THC, while counteracting the well-known mental “high”.

The prevalence of CBD enables sativa-dominant CBD Moby Dick to provide all the benefits of the traditional Moby Dick strain – that is, a happy, uplifted sensation that can combat symptoms of mood disorders like depression – without so much mental intensity. The strain also tends to activate your creative centers, enabling you to focus on tasks for long periods of time, eschewing distraction. Traditional Moby Dick is quite potent, so start slow with this one, and be aware of potential side effects like dry mouth and paranoia.

Grow Moby Dick CBD Strain

CBD Moby Dick cannabis seeds grow into heavily flowered plants whose spicy-citrus buds can be used to treat joint and muscle pain and spasms caused by conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. This natural therapeutic version also increases appetite – a useful side effect for those undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering from an eating disorder. (Or just for those evenings at home when you feel like getting the munchies!)

Should I Flush my Medical Cannabis Plants?

Due to CBD Moby Dick cannabis seeds generally being used as a medicinal option, we recommend you stop providing additional nutrients to the plants about three weeks before harvest. This will serve to “flush” the plants, ensuring you are not ingesting any unnecessary additives with your medicine. Overall, these cannabis seeds are easy to germinate and grow, and should produce as much as 650 grams of flower per square meter when grown indoors.

If you want to learn more about this impressive, therapeutic strain, read our article all about CBD Moby Dick Cannabis.

Choose CBD Moby Dick medical feminized cannabis seeds for pain and depression.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Moby Dick x CBD Crew


40% Indica, 60% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Long-lasting, Relaxed

Best Use

Anxiety, Anytime, Depression, pain management


Citrus, Spicy, Sweet

Indoor Yield

550-650g per m2

Outdoor Yield

600-800g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

121 reviews for CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. HappyHippyBeads (verified owner)

    The seed germinated nicely, but it went straight into flower after about four weeks, waaay ahead of schedule. Very Disappointing. I didn’t continue with the grow.

  2. Tolga Cope (verified owner)

    Moby dick is really gonna get you excited to be a pot grower. I look forward to rolling a nice little joint of this weed every night. It’s got all the flavors you can expect and some you wouldn’t! It’s like smoking a little piece of the ocean and absorbing its chill waters…making the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, and the general vibes of your legs feel really nice and chill. Can’t wait for my next packet in the mail!!!

  3. Heena Mejia (verified owner)

    CBD Moby Dick is pretty amazing. It really helps me manage my stress and depression. I just relax and I smoke a few hits, and then life just gets smoothed out and chill. Very relaxing times indeed! I will absolutely keep growing my own weed cause it saves me money. I happen to really enjoy it, it’s just a little more effort than going to the store LOL.

  4. Jenna Conrad (verified owner)

    It was a shock to me to try out the CBD marijuana and realize that I totally love it. It’s really good for my body and helps me manage my pain and stress. I got my body feeling nice and light and the pain in my neck is more manageable, so is my arthritis. Pretty stoked about this stuff though, it looks great in my backyard, makes for a nice buy if you’re just trying to do something different!!

  5. Kairon Houston (verified owner)

    This was a great idea for me, I never knew how much CBD could help me with wrist and joint pain in general. I have been feeling much better since I started smoking it. It’s a very smooth smoke, tastes like pine trees, and it really hits nice and slow. Pretty luxurious stuff, if you ask me. I will definitely buy some more of this weed, and I plan to plant it in my backyard garden!

  6. Enoch Gibson (verified owner)

    The difference between CBD and THC is that CBD is much more body-focused and THC affects the mind. I prefer the body because I like to keep a clear mind while I am at work, keeps my head clear and my ideas fresh and productive, and when all that CBD is chilling out my body, I feel a lot less stressed. Definitely a good buy for the price, and not too difficult to grow. Online ordering is helpful and convenient. Great pot seeds!

  7. Kamil Partridge (verified owner)

    CBD moby dick is the bomb, it’s really chill stuff, helps me relax and keeps my body loose after a workout or a long hike. A great strain for when you’re feeling like you wanna get high but you wanna keep your vibe just right. I highly recommend this strain, and I think it’s definitely time for me to order my next batch. GCS has been great for my weed growing operation!!

  8. Lubna Cortez (verified owner)

    Moby dick is real good, it’s nice and smooth and relaxing, smells good too. Gets me stoned, makes me smile, and it’s easy to grow and buy. Smells like the ocean, well worth the effort, good for buying more!!

  9. Keeleigh Elliott (verified owner)

    I have been a CBD fanatic ever since it got legalized a few years ago….I am pretty excited to have this weed in my home now, growing it in the sunroom like a CHAMP! Looks absolutely amazing, smells great, and dang it just gives me so many smiles 🙂 Good vibes all around, def gonna buy some more!!!

  10. Mysha Leon (verified owner)

    Daaaang I really love this strain, doesn’t get me baked really but it does help with my soreness and aches and pains. I have been really excited about smoking this weed since I harvested it and it’s helped me deal with so much stress. Has really been a positive addition to my life.

  11. Faizan Chambers (verified owner)

    Moby dick is a wild and wonderful strain, kinda makes you feel like setting out on a great shipping expedition of your own. I feel like it’s actually a really nice strain in the morning to help with stress and depression, and it keeps the body in check. Pretty stoked about having this stuff in my life though, and really recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing evening at home 🙂

  12. Orla Rooney (verified owner)

    Moby dick is gonna make you chill out hardcore, no matter how hard you partied the night before…This weed is the ultimate hangover cure…it’s so sweet and earthy it’s like drinking herbal tea before bed…has all the best qualities of weed without any of the groggy vibes or anything of the sort. I get very stoned if I smoke too much though, gotta have it!!

  13. Ellie Skinner (verified owner)

    This strain helps me relax at the end of a loooong day 🙂 I smoke this and I am just feeling fantastic. The life in me grows to incredible heights. I smoke and smoke and them my body stars to feel like oatmeal LOL but it’s fun, and it’s really easy to grow, so that’s pretty nice, I gotta say. GCS has great seeds, they look great and taste great too, and the weed is always great flavor!

  14. Nikkita Legge (verified owner)

    Who here suffers from migraines? I know I do…at least I used to until I started smoking this weed regularly…definitely a good buy, especially for these low low prices. I got a new strain shipped out to me recently, definitely enjoyed watching it sprot and grow big….so nice to have around the house too, cause it’s just a simple little garden plant that wants love and attention!

  15. Howard Anderson (verified owner)

    I have had back pain for years, probably from all the working I do outside on my property. I ordered it online and got it delivered to my place here in Washington, easy growing out back and a nice project for the summer, got around 600 grams of pot and started smoking a nice joint in the evening to help with pain and find it does quite well. Have been bery happy with how this turned out!

  16. Missy21 (verified owner)

    Nice fluffy nugs, as fresh as you can get, very relaxing and mild, the best part about CBD strains. I love the vibes this weed gives off, it’s so mellow and I can feel my muscles relaxing and de-tensing after a long day at work. Very nice to have some marijuana in my life, will definitely buy more from GCS, so easy to grow!!

  17. Jaimee Oneil (verified owner)

    I wanted something for my back, and what I got was a nice, relaxing buzz that I can feel in my belly. I really enjoy CBD, it’s such a nice and chilled out strain, makes for a good grow when you got nothing else going on and want to commit to a new project. Pretty excited for this stuff to finally bud, and then I’ll have all this amazing high-quality nug to myself!

  18. Luisa Spears (verified owner)

    CBD moby dick is a real fine strain, makes me feel real relaxed and happy and definitely a good buy when you’re feeling tired or need a new hobby. Life is tough and we all need something to keep us happy and occupied during this time, I find that growing weed has been very therapeutic, and it’s been a good use of my time, also CBD is very nice and mellow, unlike other weeds out there.

  19. Inaaya Rodriquez (verified owner)

    Moby dick, one of my favorite novels really tells the tale of desire and its defeat, and something about this weed makes me wanna take a trip out to see to catch a few fish or at least drink a few beers. I like the CBD cause its subtle and takes a load off the brain, makes me tired a lil bit which is good for sleeping. Love the taste though, very sweet and earthy and a good buy for the price too.

  20. Zen (verified owner)

    I never heard of CBD before coming to this website, then I learned all about it and just HAD to give it a try!! This is such an excellent strain that it helps me deal with my depression and anxiety. I smoke it at night usually after work and my body just feels really relaxed. All my joint pain disappears and I can comfortably sit in front of the fire for some reading!

  21. Vanessa Howe (verified owner)

    Chill by design, this CBD is a good buy for anyone looking to get deep into their creative selves. I am very happy I purchased this weed, I smoke it every day to help maintain my focus at work and help me with my graphic design job. I think it’s great for relieving muscle pain and also for giving me a nice mental boost. Well worth the effort too, cause you end up saving a lot of money in the end!

  22. Carlos Harding (verified owner)

    I loooove this weed! I have been such a fan of this strain for a long time now. Definitely enjoy its earthy taste and harsh smoke, makes me really stoned, but it’s also pretty mellow just cause it’s mostly CBD. I really like this strain for its delicious vibes, it’s help with stress and pain relief and it’s downright beautiful colors. Nothing is better than this!

  23. Clayton Riley (verified owner)

    I have never felt better about my back pain. Most pain killers did not do the trick, but once I started smoking this pot, a lot of my symptoms became more manageable. I am pretty stoked about my seeds though, cause they just arrived and I am starting my 2nd batch, it’s gonna be even better this time. Really enjoy the sweet taste, it’s so chill and easy to deal with, and it smells great in your pocket!

  24. Roberta Mccormick (verified owner)

    CBD Moby dick is a wild and wonderful strain. I literally love the taste and smell of this weed, it’s really subtle and kind of earthy, it helps me deal with the pain and stress of modern day living, which I gotta tell ya, is pretty intense! Growing this was a good experience for me, and was also a pretty rewarding time for my gardening soul. My garden was happy, and so am I!

  25. Jacob Kim (verified owner)

    I never thought I was gonna love CBD Moby dick, but turns out I was a dang fool and this weed is amazing. I ordered it online, had it delivered to my apartment and just straight up grew this on my porch in a huge pot. Did just as well as a greenhouse and it was much cheaper to maintain. Gave me a big yield and some gorgeous bud. Definitely wanna grow this again!

  26. nasajunkie (verified owner)

    The CBD Mody dick strain is both relaxing and fulfilling. It’s great for stress and depression and never is too over the top. I HATE weeds that are just too strong and make me wanna fall asleep. This weed is mild and subtle but its effects are deep and positive. I am very impressed with the speed of shipping from GCS and I got a REALLY big yield, which is awesome!!!

  27. mushu77 (verified owner)

    I was also really skeptical about CBD weed cause it seems really like, idk kinda boring??? Definitely wrong though, cause it definitely still gets you stoned, but it’s way more mellow than THC and helps mostly with a nice, steady body high. I highly recommend trying to grow this on your own. It’s been such a trip, and it’s been so nice for all of us to enjoy here at my house in Washington :))

  28. cloudzzz00 (verified owner)

    This was probably my least favorite book in middle school, it’s so long and so boring, but I was pretty excited about smoking this weed cause it’s actually really relaxing. It’s got a nice sweet flavor to it, pretty subtle and nice to have in your back pocket, makes me kinda sleepy, but never really lets me down. Gotta buy more weed cause I am nearly out of my first harvest!!!

  29. columbusf (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about CBD, I thought it wouldn’t be any fun to smoke and was only for medical patients, but turns out I was wrong. It not only was good for my midday headaches, I found it helped me with anxiety as well and put me in a good spot for getting work done. Will definitely buy again!

  30. foreloregg (verified owner)

    I am an owl and nobody can tell me otherwise…like I totally kick ass at growing weed and being stoned and also being an owl lol!!! I love growing these beautiful fat earthy nugs for my back pain and my general demeanor to have itchy wings and want to fly!!! Fast online delivery!!!