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CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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>CBD Moby Dick is a medicinal version of traditional sativa-dominant Moby Dick, used for pain and muscle spasm relief, depression, and creative focus. The high level of CBD eliminates most of the psychoactive effects caused by THC, and leaves users happy and relaxed.

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CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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CBD Moby Dick is a medicinal version of traditional Moby Dick, a sativa-dominant strain resulting from cross-breeding White Widow and Haze. This therapeutic variety combines Moby Dick with a CBD-enriched male, resulting in equal amounts of CBD and THC.

CBD Percentage in Cannabis

Because the cannabinoids THC and CBD work differently in the body, 5% CBD is quite potent, while 5% THC is relatively innocuous, at least as far as psychoactive effects are concerned. CBD seems to heighten the therapeutic effects of THC, while counteracting the well-known mental “high”.

The prevalence of CBD enables sativa-dominant CBD Moby Dick to provide all the benefits of the traditional Moby Dick strain – that is, a happy, uplifted sensation that can combat symptoms of mood disorders like depression – without so much mental intensity. The strain also tends to activate your creative centers, enabling you to focus on tasks for long periods of time, eschewing distraction. Traditional Moby Dick is quite potent, so start slow with this one, and be aware of potential side effects like dry mouth and paranoia.

Grow Moby Dick CBD Strain

CBD Moby Dick cannabis seeds grow into heavily flowered plants whose spicy-citrus buds can be used to treat joint and muscle pain and spasms caused by conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis. This natural therapeutic version also increases appetite – a useful side effect for those undergoing chemotherapy, or suffering from an eating disorder. (Or just for those evenings at home when you feel like getting the munchies!)

Should I Flush my Medical Cannabis Plants?

Due to CBD Moby Dick cannabis seeds generally being used as a medicinal option, we recommend you stop providing additional nutrients to the plants about three weeks before harvest. This will serve to “flush” the plants, ensuring you are not ingesting any unnecessary additives with your medicine. Overall, these cannabis seeds are easy to germinate and grow, and should produce as much as 650 grams of flower per square meter when grown indoors.

If you want to learn more about this impressive, therapeutic strain, read our article all about CBD Moby Dick Cannabis.

Choose CBD Moby Dick medical feminized cannabis seeds for pain and depression.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Moby Dick x CBD Crew


60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content

5% / 1:1

CBD Level



Long-lasting, relaxing, happy

Best Use

Anytime; Reduce anxiety, depression; pain management


Citrus, sweet, spicy

Indoor Yield

550-650g per m2

Outdoor Yield

600-800g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “CBD Moby Dick Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. aponchoGG says:

    No need to search for your white whale, this stuff is excellent for pain and stress and anxiety, helps me mellow out when I finally have a weekend off, or I take a few tokes on my lunch break before heading back to work. It’s great for pains and stuff cause I wait tables and it’s some intense joint pain from standing all day and carrying dishes. I am proud of how well the grow turned out, and will definitely be back for more!

  2. id9283 says:

    Treat yourself to a few tokes of the CBD Moby Dick to relax and unwind. I was never a fan of the heavy THC strains cause I don’t really smoke for the experience of getting “high” but I have always enjoyed the body buzz it provides and it really helps me unwind after work, does great things for my joint pain as well. I am pretty happy with how my grow turned out. Got a nice yield, a few hundred grams per plant maybe? Pretty impressive!

  3. lunamoon says:

    Moby dick is actually my favorite novel and through I’d try to grow this weed as a result. Pretty much dig the flavor, it’s a bit earthy for me at times, and it’s pretty easy to get into. Helps me relax and never really gets me stoned, but helps with the pain in my back and neck. I really like having this at home, it’s so pretty and colorful!

  4. stoner man 81727498 says:

    I guess I enjoy the smoking of marijuana more than I enjoy the buzz. That’s why this weed is literally perfect for me, it’s so easy to grow, even out in the backyard, the plants are HUGE, and the flowers are very colorful and fun to harvest. I got a nice yield too, probably around 300 or 400 grams per plant? Excellent buzz, very very mild, perfect for my back pain and helps with sleep too. Great buy!

  5. Greyson says:

    Probably the prettiest weed I have ever grown. These flowers have so much life to them, and so much color! The smoke is smooth and fresh tasting, and the buzz is very nice and mild. CBD is GREAT for my stress and anxiety problems, really puts me back in my body when I need it most. Fast delivery out to Canada, and an amazing online selection. Sign me up for more!

  6. Forrest Walker says:

    I am a big fan of CBD strains. It’s relatively new to me, and I only started experimenting with them as of late, but this one seems to be my favorite, not only because it has a wonderful flavor, but because it is sativa dominant, which means I can take a few tokes and not immediately fall asleep! Not to mention it was easy to grow, and offers a really nice yield, even to novice growers like myself. Excellent purchase!

  7. grannygo says:

    I usually don’t like to get stoned and too much THC is usually not a good thing for my anxiety. I LOVE smoking weed though, so I thought I’d try CBD out for a change, see how things work out. Turns out it’s been great for my stress levels and also not too powerful. Nice and mild buzz and most effects are felt in the body. I love gardening so this was a real treat to have around!

  8. 92839203 says:

    I suffer from severe depression and need this stuff to help me deal with symptoms. I find gardening really therapeutic and this has been a great help for me. I love the way this stuff looks! It’s so tall and beautiful and green and gives me a ice yield. A very mild buzz but definitely worthwhile for the way it makes depression just melt away. I feel better these days, even sleep better!

  9. Nick says:

    This is one of my favorite weed strains. I am very happy I purchased these seeds online with GCS. They shipped out rather quickly and really provided some amazing yields! I smoke this weed usually in the evenings to help with the pain of the day and whatnot. It’s very relaxing and not overpowering and usually helps me sleep. I love this CBD weed and will be back for more!

  10. catwoman919 says:

    This is an extremely helpful weed for my aches and pains. I really need to this to help with my headaches and my near constant back pain and whatnot. I like gardening so this was actually a really nice thing to have around in the garden. The plants got super tall and beautiful and produced a ton of flower. I am set for the whole year it seems like, and I have never slept better!

  11. bruce says:

    I was asked to try out medical mj by my doctor to help with my chronic pain symptoms, but I am not a big fan of getting super stoned. I am glad I went the CBD direction however. This was a very easy grow with a nice yield. Has been great for my mental state to get back into the garden too. The high is very soothing and not overwhelming by any means. I am a big fan of this stuff and really enjoy the health benefits this provides. Great stuff!

  12. skorexx says:

    This is a very subtle and uplifting strain. I really enjoy the relaxation benefits this provides. It’s been so helpful for my stress and anxiety and really helps with my aches and pains. I want to grow more of this weed in the future. It has such a delicious earthy flavor, and the flowers are really exceptionally beautiful. I will definitely be back for more!

  13. Playboy says:

    I have been using CBD for a while now to help with pain and inflammation in my joints, but this was the first time I have grown my own. I love gardening and have a large garden in the backyard. This weed is very easy to manage and grow and does well out back. It offers some amazing herb, and it tastes very earthy. It gives me great relief without getting me very stoned. I plan to have this again!

  14. DJN says:

    This has been super helpful for my muscle aches and spasms. It’s worth the long growing period, and it offers a remarkable yield. I think it’s super easy to grow, didn’t have any problems with it at all. Love the smell and the taste, it’s really sweet and a little earthy. Good times all around!

  15. hyperion says:

    All the aches and pains were getting unbearable and my doctor recommended CBD weed. Never tried growing before but GCS made it very user friendly. Ordered online and got my seeds in just a week’s time! I grew in the backyard and got a lovely yield, remarkably healthy! I smoke at night usually now to help with pain, and it sure does the trick. Doesn’t get me stoned either, which is a relief. Highly recommend!

  16. josh lanelle says:

    This is a very mellow body high that helps with muscle relaxation, it soothes all my aches and pains and it offers a very relaxing buzz that’s never overpowering. I found it very easy to grow, and it gives off a nice yield, but not so much you can’t smoke it on your own. Has been great before bed and helps me sleep at night!

  17. olivia says:

    When I have severe joint pain I turn to this strain to help relieve symptoms. It’s been remarkably easy to order online and grow at home. It has a lovely smell that will fill up the room and provides and excellent yield. It gets me buzzed but not stoned and I mostly take it for pain and anxiety. It has been a great experience!

  18. animalnomnom says:

    This strain has me feeling great. Every time I smoke this weed my pain just disappears. I usually have terrible back pain and neck pain at the end of the day, but smoking this weed really helps. I grew the plant in the backyard and got a nice yield. It’s been super helpful and really not complicated.

  19. Ben Davis says:

    This weed plant yields a ton of nug, which is great for me because I use CBD to help treat my lower back pain and my headaches. I enjoy this stuff for its ability to help me relax without getting me super stoned. It’s a nice relaxing buzz that helps me fall asleep and doesn’t last for more than an hour. Got a great flavor too, kind of like citrus and pine. Great stuff!

  20. Pamela Whitaker says:

    Anyone here a Zeppelin fan? Either way, this weed is some seriously good stuff. Great for relaxation and pain relief and super easy to grow, even if you’re not an experienced gardener. Had very little difficulty getting these seeds to germ and my plants gave off like 300 grams each. Perfect at night to help me with my neck and back pain and help me sleep!

  21. Donna Moore says:

    Your search for the white whale is over. This stuff is perfect for anyone who needs fast pain relief and can’t afford pricey medical expenses. It’s an excellent strain of mj and really perfect for indoor growers like myself. Offers up a ton of mj that will last you for months on end and slash your dispensary bills down to zero! Has been great in the evenings for relaxation and pain management!

  22. clarissa says:

    I was so impressed by the number of CBD strains present on this site. It was great to find Moby Dick, a nicely balanced sativa blend. It was fairly easy to grow, I germinated my seeds using the paper towel method, and got a really nice sized yield in just 4 months. This has been great for my bodily aches and pains. I would definitely buy again!

  23. Samantha Bowen says:

    I have had a nervous tic that hasn’t gone away for years, it’s in my right eye and I’ve taken all sorts of prescription drugs to help relieve symptoms, turns out that all I needed was a little CBD and the symptoms dramatically reduce. I had a great experience growing outdoors, got a whopping 800 grams per plant, way more than I was expecting. Smells and tastes great, highly recommend!

  24. Lara Johnson says:

    I honestly am so grateful that I could buy these seeds from Growers Choice. I’ve had arthritis for awhile but was scared of using medical marijuana because I thought it would get me really high and I don’t want to be one of those loopy stoners. However, the pain relief from the high CBD content in Moby Dick was so powerful that I had to admit this cannabis is really effective. Also, it actually doesn’t make me feel “high,” just happy and, would you believe it, it even makes me feel more creative, too. Now I tell my friends that have arthritis they too should buy cannabis seeds from Grower’s Choice, the pot plants actually are not that hard to grow!

  25. Amy P. says:

    They aren’t kidding when they say this weed is potent, but it’s been really helpful in allowing me to relax and feel pain relief. These seeds are good quality, and I’ve even given cannabis from my plant as gifts to friends who think its the best.

  26. JJ says:

    I don’t know what I would do without this weed in my life. I love its CBD properties to help me with joint pain and headaches and it doesn’t get me stoned, just very relaxed and happy. It’s an easy grow, even for beginners, and it offers up like 300 grams per plant so you won’t run out for a while! I use this anytime of day, given its sativa properties, and it helps me stay calm, focused, and pain free throughout the day!

  27. xxoo.xi3556 says:

    I use CBD to help quell my aches and pains, it’s great for headaches too. I am happy I grew these seeds, germinated them using the paper towel method and got 100% success on my 3 seeds! Fairly easy to grow with some difficulty in the early stages, but the flavor and CBD content can’t be beat! When I smoke this I feel instantly relaxed and ready to chill out for the night, and my joint aches just disappear!

  28. Wilfred Donaldson says:

    I suppose I was in search of the white whale, but inlike Ishmael, I actually found mine! The CBD content in this weed is absolutely lovely, incredibly relaxing, and really great for my aches and pains. Not too hard to grow but i only got 3 of 5 seeds to germinate, oh well maybe that was my fault. Either way it’s a pretty good yield, and I feel like my life has improved dramatically.

  29. Paul Mathis says:

    It’s amazing what good seed genetics can produce, and Moby Dick is the finest CBD weed I have ever come across. I very much enjoy mj, recreationally as well as for its medical benefits. Ordered online and the seeds shipped out incredibly fast. Germination was solid, 2 of 3, and I got a great yield as well! This weed tastes super earthy and delicious, and doesn’t get you stoned. It’s mildly psychoactive, but balanced nicely by the CBD, which has been great for my muscle spasms and headaches. A great buy!

  30. Ronnie E. says:

    Have been using CBD products for many years to deal with my arthritis symptoms, however I have yet to grow my own. Moby Dick was my first endeavor and I am happy to announce I was met with success! I ordered three seeds, of which all three germinated, using the paper towel method. The plants were fairly easy to manage and take care of, not much maintenance work during the vegetative state, and a fairly quick flowering time as well. I forgot to mention I grew these outside, hoping for a bigger yield, and I wasn’t disappointed, got nearly 600 grams, beautiful mj, very green and sticky. Has been instrumental in dealing with pain and also helps mediate anxiety and depression.

  31. mitchelless23 says:

    Seeds performed perfectly, 100% sprout rate and grew into big, bud covered ladies. Overall a pretty good experience for my 1st ever grow from seeds with ~2 ounces going thru the curing process now. I did purchase these along with the CBD Blueberry strain as I really have no interest in getting high, CBD has worked wonders for my arthritis and since legalization, it has been impossible to find any high CBD clones (still can’t figure that one out). So while I got a lot of bud for my personal consumption I do have to say I was completely shocked when I tested my first bit of Moby and found myself very high. I am hoping for better results from the Blueberry and will post a review on that when I test that bud out. Although I think a lot of folks might think this to be a good result I do not which is why I rated this only a 3 which may not be fair given we are talking about weed and getting high. The overall process of getting the seeds and the quality of the plants was a 5 for sure but again I was taken off guard by the undesired effect that I was wanting to avoid by specifically garnering the high CBD seeds.

  32. lemorgenthal says:

    Two grows in a row, the Moby Dick was extremely difficult to sprout. I have fourteen new babies and all four Moby Dick are the only ones struggling to even break the Rapid Rooters. The first plant went hermi on me and had to be chopped early. Not sure what the heck is up with just these seeds, but it’s a shame because the flavor and medicinal effects are amazing.

  33. J.O. says:

    Easy ordering, fast discrete shipping. GCS is an amazing company
    all grew will report again after curing is complete

  34. haileyboston says:

    If you’re looking for an all-natural afternoon “pick me up,” these are the seeds for you! I believe they’re mostly sativa, so they’ll wake your mind up, keep you alert, and keep you focused at work. I usually get the 2:30 feeling all those commercials talk about, but black coffee is too strong to take in the afternoon. I’ll be up all night! So, I’m glad to have these seeds in my arsenal on drowsy days. In my opinion, they’re also a natural mood booster. Every time I enjoy these seeds I can feel my mood lighten and ease up.

  35. Michael G. says:

    I’ve tried a lot of medicinal strains for my depression and nothing really worked for me. My brother found this company online and bought the seeds as a surprise. He set up my grow room and everything, so all I had to do was grow the plants. We did it indoors, and without a lot of space. I still was able to grow 4 of 6 plants (I accidentally killed one and one didn’t germinate). They grew beautifully and it was a great experience. I hear feminized cannabis seeds are great and better than regular ones, and they seemed like the best to me!

  36. Harold P says:

    As far as medical cannabis goes, the CBD Moby Dick from Growers Choice is okay. It’d be nice if they had something with a little more CBD though. They’re a good company, usually ship on time and I haven’t had any trouble with the seeds, for the most part. Just this strain isn’t as strong as I would have liked, in comparison to others I’ve tried. You get a little bit high, I’m assuming that’s the CBD acting against the THC, but it didn’t relieve my nausea as much as I would have liked. I only bought three seeds this time so it’s not like I have a lot to go to waste, I’ll probably share it but I’m going to try the CBD Blueberry this time, just to see what that’s all about.

  37. Will Kimberly says:

    Best strain you can get if you’re looking to get rid of muscle spasms. I hurt my shoulder in a work accident, and I still get muscle spasms when the injury flares up. I never grew before, so I was just reading the blog here when I decided to try feminized cannabis seeds. They grew really nicely and easily. Yield was pretty good. I think I can do better on my second try. Great online company.

  38. Steve Roache says:

    Was searching where to buy pot seeds online when I found this company. I never used feminized cannabis seeds before, but they’re the best! Soo much easier to grow. plus, this company has a really good germination guarantee. Great for a novice like me. I bough CBD Moby Dick for depression. It’s pretty strong for me because I never used cannabis before this. Growing was easy though and lots of info on here to go off of. Won’t buy from anyone else now that I’ve found this company!

  39. kris.drew says:

    My spine is curved pretty badly from scoliosis, something you’re born with, and it hurts quite a bit. I do yoga to alleviate the pain, but this strain helps combat the aches I get and the muscle spasms from sitting in a chair all day. Ordered and had my cannabis seeds delivered a few days later. Feminized cannabis seeds are also easier to grow, especially if you’ve never done it before. I’ve been growing for a few years and love this stuff but will only buy my seeds online from this site now.

  40. William says:

    My mom is undergoing chemo, and I’ve been making edibles for her using moby dick. When she started losing weight, I was desperate to find something to help her, but nothing worked. After some research, buying feminized cannabis seeds from Growers Choice was worth a shot, and it really worked. She didn’t want to smoke it, so it’s a lot of extra work to have to make pot butter, but it’s so worth it.

  41. Hailey says:

    I ordered these seeds but didn’t follow the instructions, luckily one still germinated and grew into a really good plant. I ended up ordering more and actually using the germination guide this time. 4 of 5 grew into HUGE plants. I have scoliosis, so I get really bad back spasms. This strain was the only thing that worked for me, and I’m so glad I ordered it. If you’re already using marijuana, you should try growing your own and get these feminized cannabis seeds.

  42. Chris says:

    I ordered these seeds but didn’t follow the instructions, luckily one still germinated and grew into a really good plant. I ended up ordering more and actually using the germination guide this time. 4 of 5 grew into HUGE plants. I have scoliosis, so I get really bad back spasms. This strain was the only thing that worked for me, and I’m so glad I ordered it. If you’re already using cannabis, you should try growing your own and get this strain.

  43. taftluci says:

    I love being able to smoke during the day and not get too tired or zoned out, and Moby Dick is great for daytime use but I also smoke it in the evenings after work. I went with this one because I spend a lot of my day at a computer and I get pretty brutal neck pain and shoulder spasms. This has been great for relaxing all the tension and getting rid of that pain at the end of my day.

  44. lorrohr says:

    Wanted to start by saying that as someone who hasn’t been growing for too long, I was really glad you guys put up a small blurb about flushing. Taking what you said in to consideration I ended up with beautiful plants and was so happy with my results. Moby Dick is so good, and for someone with chronic pain this can be the difference between me being stuck in bed all day vs being able to enjoy my life.

  45. whitsmit2005 says:

    This might be a weird comment for what’s basically medicine, but I honestly think my favorite thing about Moby Dick is its flavor! This is definitely not a Buckley’s situation. My chronic pain has been taking a serious hit with these awesome strains, lately. Highly recommend this company.