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CBD Critical Mango Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Are you looking for a medical cannabis strain that offers impressive relaxation and an uplifting sensation? Look no further than CBD Critical Mango, a healing, anti-inflammatory strain with 6% CBD.

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CBD Critical Mango Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Featuring the indica ease of two popular, high-CBD strains – Critical Mass and Mango – our Critical Mango CBD cannabis seeds offer full body, ultra-deep relaxation that can relieve a number of ills and leave you feeling well-rested, calm, and cheerful.

At 70% indica concentration, Critical Mango CBD cannabis seeds won’t knock you out completely, but they will give your body all the encouragement it needs to just ebb and flow in the curves of the couch. You’ll feel happy and uplifted, your mind just focused enough to concentrate on the conversation or your light (seated) workload, while the rest of you simply bobs along in bliss. An excellent late-afternoon or evening strain, Critical Mango CBD will improve your mood and your physical presence.

With an impressive 6% CBD and equal amounts of THC, most patients aren’t turning to Critical Mango CBD cannabis seeds for recreational use. Don’t expect much or any euphoric from this strain: not only is 6% THC extremely low, the balance of CBD will counteract any psychoactivity that might have prevailed. Instead, choose Critical Mango CBD when you’re looking for physical and mental relaxation that doesn’t fog your brain or leave you dizzy and anxious. It’s highly unlikely this strain will render you paranoid, either.

Medically, Critical Mango CBD is an excellent choice for chronic and acute pain, regardless of what ailment is causing your distress. Your body will quickly begin to relax, which enables your muscles, joints and nerves to unknot and honestly stop hurting – in addition to the basic painkilling effects common to most strains.

Stress and anxieties will practically melt off you as you let the effects of Critical Mango CBD overtake you, along with lingering aspects of depression. The Critical Mass side of the equation can help with inflammation, while Mango is known for encouraging appetite. Cancer patients will likely find Critical Mango CBD to be a saving grace.

At Growers Choice, all our products – including our Critical Mango CBD cannabis seeds – are tested for viability and authentic genetics before being delivered to your doorstep. Your seeds are hand-sorted and placed in medical-grade glass vials, then shipped discreetly and quickly from our warehouse on the west coast of the USA. If you’re looking for premium cannabis seeds plus the best in customer service and an incredible germination guarantee, you’ve found it all at Growers Choice.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Critical Mass x Mango


70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Flowering Time

70-80 Days

THC Content


CBD Level



Relaxing, Uplifting, Focused

Best Use

Evening; pain management; relieve stress; sleep-inducing


Sweet, mango, earthy

Indoor Yield

400-500 g/m2

Outdoor Yield

300-400 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Period


Where to grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “CBD Critical Mango Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. 1969xer says:

    I love the relaxing smell and taste of the critical mango weed. It’s very easy smoking and never gets me super stoned. I like the ease of growing this at home and it saves me a lot of money in the long run. I think I’ll try growing indoors next time, get a bigger yield, but I am pretty happy with how this turned out and how much it has helped me with stress!

  2. dbrassell says:

    Was easy to grow, and provided good yield. Had some bud rot late in the season growing outdoor. My first gorw so I decided to test it at local lab. Tested at 15% THC and no CBD. Surprised byt no CBD in this product. Also failed test for mold. My make some edibles

  3. pimpleofdoom says:

    Try this one out for yourself. It’s pretty much everything you want it to be. It’s amazing how easy this is to grow, and how much fin I had doing it! It’s got these deep green and orange buds and has a very earthy vibe to it as well. I smoke before bed, helps with the joint pain and also keeps me feeling relaxed enough to sleep. Tastes like mango, yum!

  4. paulbuddyxixi says:

    Take a few hits of the critical mango and just slide into relaxation, this stuff will make you feel like melting into your couch, and all your pain, and your worries, will disappear in a cloud of mango flavored smoke! Excellent buzz, and very mild, the CBD does not get you “stoned” but it sure does help you unwind. Easy grow, especially indoors, with some great vibes all around. Will buy more!

  5. crazybrad621 says:

    I’ve tried cbd og, cbd critical mass, cbd blueberry and critical mango cbd. Out of all of them I’d say the critical mango Definitely has the best high and the best smell. The blueberry was best for sleeping and taste but over all I’d say the critical mango is the best all around cbd strain I’ve ever tried. It’s also super easy to grow and yields a lot. May take a little longer to finish blooming but it’s worth the wait. I would highly recommend this for anyone especially those who haven’t tried weed before. It’s not overpowering and it’s hard to smoke too much. Odds are you’ll fall asleep before you reach a paranoid state. It will get you high but probably not high enough to scare you unless you have no tolerance and decide to smoke a whole joint to yourself or something. Id still start with a small puff if you’ve never tried it or haven’t used it in a while

  6. Michael Kim says:

    The PERFECT 1:1 mix of THC and CBD out there, plus it’s got the best darn mango flavor on the internet. Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped right to my door, an excellent grow out in the backyard with a nice moderate yield as well. It definitely smells from far away so don’t let the neighbors know! Either way, it’s super great for relaxing and for pain, helps me a lot with stress after work. I’ll definitely buy more!

  7. Jerk face says:

    CBD is a relatively new concept to me. When I was younger, everyone smoked weed to get stoned, but now there’s CBD which has been great for my back pain and depression. It doesn’t get me stoned per se, but it does have an effect on my mood or mental state, but there’s a nice body buzz associated with it, plus it smells like mangoes. Will definitely grow more!

  8. ron greene says:

    Who doesn’t love the taste of Mango? Well, this weed really embodies the delicious flavor of this amazing tropical fruit and also helps a TON with pain relief and relaxation. I am pretty happy I came across this strain, it’s been a really cool experience getting to grow my own weed for the first time. The buzz is VERY mild, and it’s more about the bodily sensations. Has been great for aches and pains, and helps me just relax!

  9. raene05 says:

    Mango Tango! Great strain

  10. dacka wit says:

    When the going gets rough, this is the best strain to turn to. It not only makes the aches and pains disappear, it always gives me a mild head buzz which puts a bit ol’ smile on my face. It was very easy to grow, and GCS had excellent customer service that helped me find the exact right weed for me! I love how mild it is, never overpowering, and great for lazy afternoons or after work!

  11. moomoo says:

    I couldn’t ask for a better growing experience. This weed practically took care of itself and has done wonders for my back and neck pain. I usually smoke some at lunch and in the evening. I work labor so need a little bit of help with the pain. It’s been nice rolling my own Jays and smoking when I am feeling hurt. I love the mango flavor too. I will definitely be back for more!

  12. raene05 says:

    Another beautiful babe that is true in nature to my pure bred Critical Mass Mother in structure and a bonus to inbred line breeding repertoire. Thanks again GC!!!

  13. shooperman says:

    I really dig this weed, it took me by surprise! This was my first time using CBD and it’s been a wonder on my joints. Not only that but the mango flavor and sativa buzz are really welcomed. Never too powerful, I am able to function in all scenarios no matter what I am doing. Has been great at night right before bed. Will be back for more amazing seeds!

  14. brock says:

    This weed has been great for my back and neck pain. Got into a car accident a few months back and am still recovering. The CBD in this weed is really nice for the pain and the buzz is mild enough that I don’t ever get too stoned. It’s been good for my mental`state as well. My husband did most of the growing, but I feel fortunate to enjoy this weed most days. Tastes like mango!

  15. the parkster says:

    This is a delicious strain of mj, even if you’te not a fan of CBD. I personally enjoy CBD weeds because they help me relax and get my body aches and pains to disappear, while offering a nice THC buzz that’s not overpowering. I really dig the smell and taste of this weed, just like mangoes in the summertime. I couldn’t ask for more really. What a great strain of weed. Thanks GCS!

  16. brenda says:

    Ever since falling ill last summer I have needed a CBD strain to help me relax and ease my symptoms of nausea. I grew this in my garden and enjoyed the process very much. It is very easy to take care of and manages to produce a large yield of delicious smelling weed. The smoke tastes like mango and the high is very minimal. The pain management effects however are astounding, must try again!

  17. magic baker says:

    I need some CBD in my life! I am a big fan of this strain, it’s been so helpful for my stress levels as well as my physical aches and pains! It’s got this sweet tropical flavor that is truly delicious and offers me some really relaxing times. The buzz is mild, nothing to fret about, and the CBD offers a wonderful body buzz!

  18. macsx2 says:

    I love this strain, and it’s the best smelling strain that I’ve grown so far! I think the THC content was way more than 6%, as I get a great Indica like experience from it. I will definitely buy this one again!

  19. Chloe Kelcher says:

    I had an accident at work that has mostly been on the recovery, but I do struggle with joint inflammation on the regular. This CBD strain has been remarkable in helping me deal with my symptoms. I love the sweet smell of this weed, enjoyed how easy it was to grow in my backyard, and mostly just like the mild buzz and very effective pain relief. Highly recommend!

  20. Json Bourne says:

    I have chronic pain symptoms ever since my car accident. I was recommended medical mj by my doctor so I decided I could grow this weed at home. Has been a great experience and it has a lovely taste and smell of mangoes to it. It’s remarkably relaxing and soothing for my joint pain. It’s been a real life saver to be honest!

  21. Cassie Campbell says:

    This weed is a miracle, great for my pain and my stress. I love the great tropical flavors of this weed, tastes so very much like mango, and grows beautifully in my small greenhouse in the backyard. Never gets to be overwhelming, a very mild buzz and a relaxing mental hum. Good stuff for what ails you.

  22. Charity W. says:

    The mango situation is certainly critical in this weed. It’s got that amazing tropical flavor and the buzz is really mild. The pain relief is strong with this one, great for my joint pain after work and hella strong on the back pain as well. Helps me relax, fall asleep, and feel better!

  23. Mark Jackson says:

    This is the best CBD strain on the market hands down. You really can’t beat the subtle benefits of pain relief AND the intoxicating aroma of mango, now can you? Have a nice grow space in my basement and this weed did very well. Ordered online and BOOM my seeds were at my door in NO TIME. Has been instrumental in dealing with my chronic back pain. Thanks!

  24. Debra67 says:

    This is the best CBD strain around. It’s perfect for those of us who have chronic pain and need some sweet relief. And sweet it is, because this weed tastes just like mangoes and its low THC means you wont get totally stoned and still get a nice body buzz. My husband did most of the growing but said the process was very straightforward. I love this weed!

  25. Joe THompson says:

    I suffer from pain and insomnia and this weed has really helped with both. I don’t really look to get stoned per se, so I like the low THC levels in this weed. It was easy to grow in my basement and smells lovely, like mangoes, and it’s been really helpful for my headaches, back aches, and overall helps me relax before bed.

  26. Dorothy f. says:

    When Friday night rolls around, my bf and I say “it’s mango time”! This mj is a great way to unwind and relax after a stressful or crazy week. It won’t get you out of your mind high and make you feel like you can kiss the sky or anything, but it will get you in a nicely relaxed and easy frame of mind. I also really like how it doesn’t leave me in a “mind fog” … i actually think I can think better when I’m on Critical Mango, lol! Getting my order from Grower’s Choice was awesome and easy and I plan to order seeds from them again.

  27. Wilbert says:

    If you’ve got a hankering for mango, turn to this strain, it’s seriously miraculous! It’s been great for my back and neck pain, but not an overpowering buzz, just the lovely taste of mangoes in my mouth and the sweet relaxation that comes from pain relief at the end of the day. It’s been a nice time growing this weed as well and will definitely come back for more!

  28. Louis Huff says:

    When I first started delving into the cannabis pool, this CBD mango strain was one of the first i tried and I really love it. It’s definitely on the medicinal side of things, but is a great mild start that lets your body totally relax and let go. I had pretty good luck with the feminized seeds from Grower’s Choice, they always look and smell good right out of the package.

  29. kelly roberts says:

    WOW I have suffered from migraines for years and this stuff is by far the best solution to my headache problems. I have never grown weed before, and was really happy I came across this site, such an amazing online selection, so hard to choose just one! This was a lot of fun to grow in my backyard, the seeds behaved very well and grew into tall bushy plants, my backyard smells like a mango grove, so delicious! Great for getting high at night, and absolutely amazing for migraines!

  30. Julie O. says:

    I can’t think of a better weed for relaxation and stress. I suffer from depression and anxiety and that leads me to have all sorts of health problems. I have joint pain, headaches, you name it! But this weed has been super helpful in dealing with my symptoms, I grew it in my backyard to some impressive results, got around 400 g of weed per plant! It smells and tastes sweet like mango and is so helpful in dealing with my stress!

  31. William M says:

    Definitely the best CBD strain on this site! I am a big fan of CBD in general and GCS has a really wide selection of CBD strains to choose from. I think this one is my favorite for it’s delicious mango flavor and highly relaxing indica properties. You’ll feel instantly relaxed and your bodily aches and joint pain will melt away, you won’t get stoned however, which can be a nice touch for those of us who don’t like the sensation.

  32. Amos Torres says:

    I can’t think of a more chilled out weed than this one. It’s super easy to grow and is great for what ails you. I smoke it for the CBD mostly, but the buzz is mild and very relaxing as well. It helps me feel more comfortable in my body, and the weed literally tastes likes mangoes! You can’t get better than this.

  33. Kumar M says:

    I am definitely a CBD lover, and I need it to help with my chronic pain. I have had this condition for almost 10 years and it makes life very difficult. I have never thought to grow CBD weed myself and was happy to find this as an option on the GCS website! Grew in the backyard and had some really solid results, almost 500 grams of weed and it all smells like mango. I smoke this in the evening to help me relax and soothe my pain. Also helps me sleep 🙂

  34. baitlive says:

    I’m starting off with four stars as I am roughly seven weeks in to the grow and just transitioned into flower. The seeds came quickly and discreetly. I bought a three pack and all three germinated and sprouted quickly. I am blown away at how robust these plants are. I received two distinct phenos. One plant is smaller and slightly more compact with incredibly thick and strong branches and stalk. It is so bushy and covered with leaves I have needed to prune regularly to allow light penetration. The other two are a similar pheno with more space between the nodes and more pliable stems and branches. They are spectacularly healthy and have started to flower and climb. I will come back after harvest for a review on the smoke. If these smell and taste as good as they have grown they will definitely get five stars!

  35. Howie E. says:

    I have a serious medical condition that causes me to experience high levels of pain on a daily basis. I absolutely need a high CBD mj to help alleviate my symptoms. Critical mango has been extremely helpful in reducing the effects of my condition. My husband did all the growing for me, but I did enjoy the look of the plants, very tall with white and green crystals, like out of a fairly tale. I usually make weed butter so I can bake edibles, which don’t do any harm to my lungs and have excellent bodily effects. Fun secret: the mango flavor of the weed makes for great cookies!

  36. Alex N. says:

    I’ve been ordering from this company since they only had 3 CBD strains. I buy every new CBD strain they have, because they just keep getting better! I didn’t know to much about feminized cannabis seeds prior to ordering pot seeds online, but now I’m seeing so many people offer them. I love this site because there’s a lot of information, especially for newbie growers, and because they make sure they sell quality seeds. I’ve seen other companies try and sell off garbage, and people don’t know any better. If you want to buy online, you’ve got to be able to trust who your buying from. Growers Choice is an awesome company and that’s why I keep buying from them!

  37. Rodrigo N. says:

    Wow, what a beautiful looking plant! And of course, the benefits of using this natural medicine are awesome. I did have some trouble getting some of my seeds to germinate, but I got in touch with the company right away and they quickly sent me some replacement—all I had to do was pay shipping! I’m really happy with this purchase and I’m excited to see what the other strains have to offer me! If you’re serious about green medicine, I definitely recommend buying some feminized cannabis seeds.

  38. Trent U. says:

    I’m so glad they keep adding to their CBD medical line. Every one of these seeds I’ve tried has been awesome. This one is great if you’re looking for intense body relaxation, and if you’re looking for something for pain relief then this is one of the best. I’ve only had awesome experiences ordering—they’re always professional and my orders always arrive on time and in great condition. The feminized cannabis seeds are always fresh and I appreciate the vials because they really do make great storage.

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