CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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The Blueberry CBD strain is a favourite recognized for its medicinal benefits. Traditional Blueberry indica was paired with a CBD –rich strain for a strong therapeutic effect that can ease many symptoms.

CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Widely recognized for its healing benefits, Blueberry is a favorite in the medical marijuana world. CBD Blueberry feminized cannabis seeds pair the traditional indica with a CBD–rich strain, further strengthening those therapeutic effects.

High-CBD Blueberry

Unlike traditional Blueberry (get our auto-flowering version here), which has a moderate level of THC at 16%, CBD Blueberry brings this THC down to 7%, and matches it with 7% CBD. While this percentage is low for THC, when it comes to CBD 7% is a powerful dose. Not only does the prevalence of this cannabinoid pump up the healing benefits, both on its own and in combination with THC, it also blocks the psychoactivity of the THC, making CBD Blueberry relatively free of psychoactive effects. If you’re seeking a strain that is purely therapeutic, CBD Blueberry cannabis seeds are the perfect choice.

CBD Blueberry Effects

CBD Blueberry cannabis seeds develop flowers that offer the same fruity, blueberry taste and scent of their parent strain, and provide a long, relaxing high topped up with a sense of euphoria. Medicinally, this strain can serve as a mood enhancer – it a good treatment for stress and depression, when used with care.

Medical CBD Blueberry Strain

The relaxing qualities of CBD Blueberry cannabis seeds can ease chronic and recurring pain falling anywhere on the scale from mild to severe. Patients undergoing chemotherapy, or other treatments that come with lots of side effects, can find relief without the heady effect of recreational strains. The cheerful calmness that sets in shortly after consuming CBD Blueberry fades gently into sedation, which can combat insomnia and relieve any stress or anxiety preventing total relaxation.

This medium-height plant is ideal for growing indoors, and can yield an impressive crop of up to 500g of flower per square meter. The medical buds will be ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks.

Want to learn more? Read our CBD Blueberry Cannabis Strain article!

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Flowering Time

60-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Calming, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Evening, pain management, reduce stress


Fruity, Mango

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

550-650g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

121 reviews for CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Timothy Poole (verified owner)

    I was pretty happy about my blueberry CBD. I was happy so I talked to my cat who just gave me a perplexed look. Dunno why my cat is always doin’ that, but they are. When I smoke this I usually just start laughing uncontrollably, and my cat loves it. I pet her sooooo nicely. We have such a great time 🙂

  2. Alana Sharpe (verified owner)

    Blueberry is pretty nice stuff, very relaxing vibes, and a good little treat at the end of the day. I think you ought to try it out for yourself if you’re feeling blue, cause the blueberry is what’s gonna be right for you. I smoke most days to help with the strain of being alive and living in a city that doesn’t seem to bother with my existence. Feeling a little disheartened, but I know things will work out best for me in the end.

  3. Samson Cope (verified owner)

    The blueberry vibes are just the best, it reminds me of when I was a little baby and I used to eat blueberries by the poolside, those were some good memories. I love the sweet taste of this marijuana, and I really enjoy its indica vibes. Def gonna buy online again, it’s truly relaxing stuff, and it makes for an awesome time every time, no regrets!

  4. Delia Pope (verified owner)

    The colors alone will make you feel like you’re tripping out. The smell too, it’s like fresh ass blueberries from Oregon or something. Gets me reaaaaalllly baked, and it helps a TON with depression. I feel like I can finally let my worries go, and they will give me what I want when they go away. I will buy from GCS again cause their online selection is vast and their customer service is off the chain!!!

  5. Xena Gonzales (verified owner)

    I get my kicks on route 66, blowing PHAT clouds out my window and zooming at 90 mph. Nobody knows im out in the desert and the anonymity just feels great. Happy as I can be, when I am growing my own weed, better than buying from the dispensary, those guys don’t know what’s what IMO. I think if you have the means of production in your own hands, why not use it!

  6. Malaika Fuentes (verified owner)

    This was a treat! Never grown my own weed before and decided it was time to get it together….I got my grow lights, my LED lights….my heating pads… you name it! Looking great in my backyard, smells pretty awesome too. Definitely a good purchase, especially for the very reasonable price of $30. Definitely saving me money at the dispensary, well worth it!

  7. Shuaib Lane (verified owner)

    Blueberry yummmmm, it’s so relaxing that you just can’t get enough, it smells great, looks great, and it even feels great too! Ordered it online and it shipped soooo fast. My wife and I like to manage the backyard garden together so these little mj seeds were the perfect addition to our selection. They came up so nicely and I just can’t wait to buy more!!

  8. Kaif Hutton (verified owner)

    I am all about the purple leaves and flower, very sticky and smelly but damn is it reaxing! Perfect for chilling at home with your buddies and watching the tube, it helps with stress and it keeps my limbs all loose so I don’t pull a muscle when I am on the job. Very relaxing vibe and a nice time all around. I like growing weed, it’s very thrilling, and I can’t wait for my next harvest, good times are ahead!!

  9. Ronaldo Montgomery (verified owner)

    I reaaaaallly like buying this weed from GCS, it’s such a subtle and tasty strain, gets me very stoned, and makes my mind feel extra nice and buzzy and fun. I burn this weed almost every day, take a FAT hit off my bowl and just relax on my couch. Nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor, all cause of GCS!

  10. Juniper Crawford (verified owner)

    Blueberry CBD is about as relaxing as you could ever hope for. It smells good, looks good (purple) and even tastes good too! I am sooo excited to feel this weed all throughout my body, like a warm blanket, and it helps with stress and depression-like nothing else. Good vibes!!

  11. Sania Busby (verified owner)

    The blueberry weed is something spectacular….it looks good, it smells good and it definitely tastes good too. Ordering online was very fast and simple and it got me where I wanted to go in life. I grew it in my basement under some LED lights, and I gotta say they look pretty darn fantastic. Definitely gonna buy more of these seeds, a very nice strain!

  12. Veer Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This stuff is soooo great, I get higher than a kite and I am just totally stoned for like hours at a time….THis weed is killer, especially for my stress levels, it’s got that blueberry flavor and taste that makes the world go round…Defintiely feeling pretty good about smoking my own dope, it’s a very accomplished feeling, I bet you’re gonna be very happy!

  13. Maxine Cervantes (verified owner)

    Mmmm Blueberries! This weed is so good it’ll make you into a pothead for sure…totally love the vibes and the nice sweet flavor. It’s pretty subtle so get ready to smoke a whole lotta dope! Great ordering online with Grower’s. My new fave!

  14. Kajol Allison (verified owner)

    Blueberry is really nice….I ordered it online and the seeds shipped all the way to Canada if you can believe it…Either way, things are going pretty darn well, and I think it’s time to upgrade my operation to something more serious. GCS sells wholesale, which is fantastic, the best possible way to get stoned on a budget!

  15. Lucca Camacho (verified owner)

    CBD blueberry is a wonderful time, always makes me feel super strong and happy and also very relaxed, great for my mental state, always clarifies my thinking and gives me a great bit of insight. Happy as can be, honestly, and will always buy from GCS!

  16. Rick Jarvis (verified owner)

    Blueberry is now the best thing to happen since sliced bread, or the Beatles or something, I mean you really can’t go wrong with this stuff. I ordered 5 seeds online, and had it delivered to my Portland home, so beautiful here in Oregon, and it’s JUST SO EASY TO LIVE HERE!! Weed is a plant and should be legalized everywhere, but I am feeling pretty good about this so far, definitely gonna keep on growing this flavorful CBD!!!

  17. Franco Walker (verified owner)

    Gotta get on the CBD train yall, this weed is something special and helps with all kinds of stress and depression and hey, it’s gonna change your life forever! I love the blueberry flavor and the amazing smell that this gives me. I smoke it to maintain my sanity and to just soothe my aches and pains at the end of a long day at the office. We are all better off being stoners, I am certain of it!

  18. angel.solorio.sol1 (verified owner)

    I’m glad I found blueberry in CBD I use it for this leg muscles tantrums I get it definitely helps sleep at night .. blueberry lovers …

  19. frostman420 (verified owner)

    This is some very nice marijuana to smoke, helps me deal with stress and keeps me feeling chillll. I work in politics and I can get real stressed out from my job so I smoke this dope to feel better and stay focused. Beautiful herb with some very nice purple colors…feeling pretty chill and pretty strong and I just cannot get more than enough. Happy as can be!

  20. Lori Banks (verified owner)

    This medical marijuana is best smoked at night to help ease minor aches and pains. It’s gonna make your life even better, cause it’s fun to grow and you are almost guaranteed a good yield, even if you’re new to the game. I have been really impressed overall by the quality of these seeds, the genetics are wonderful and the general vibes are out of this world. I’ll totally buy more!

  21. Phillip Monroe (verified owner)

    I never thought I would be excited by marijuana in the morning, but when I smoke a little CBD before work, my muscles relax and I have a very nice body buzz throughout the day. It’s very mild so it doesn’t affect my work performance, and it helps me handle my pain and stress a little bit better. I am an avid gardener, so growing these pot seeds was a true joy, and the yields were fantastic. Best seeds in Canada!

  22. Lai Chao (verified owner)

    This blueberry strain is pretty remarkable. It’s a good buy cause it’s hella cheap. It’s easy growing in your backyard or your basement, but I always recommend the basement grow cause then your whole house smells like a blueberry weed for like months, it’s amazing!! I bought like 30 seeds cause I want weed for the near future. Can’t wait for my first harvest everybody!

  23. goribble33 (verified owner)

    The CBD strain is very relaxing and pretty uplifting as well. I can’t say I have ever had a weed like this before. It’s kinda earthy tasting but there’s definitely that sweet smell there that reminds me of fresh berries. The flower is deep purple and blue and it looks just amazing, I mean I was really impressed overall, never thought I would have the opportunity to grow my own herb, but here we are!

  24. Bill Hope (verified owner)

    This strain is all kinds of amazing. It is good for stress, depression, anxiety….you name it! But since it’s CBD, it doesn’t get you “blazed” like regular weed does. It’s more of a body high that kinda eases in, and just sticks around for a while. I am pretty excited for the prospect of growing more marijuana though. I definitely wanna get better at it, especially if it has this amazing blueberry flavor 🙂

  25. clinton mcmurdock (verified owner)

    I was really into this strain, it makes life so much better when you are tired or in a bad mood. Nothing makes the day better than some high-quality mj that tastes like blueberries. Definitely a fan of the buzzy high, nice and relaxing and good for stomach aches!

  26. cuddlebug29 (verified owner)

    The CBD blueberry strain is a nice added benefit to your evening….it’s very mild and mellow and helps everyone in my house relax. It’s good for when you have some minor aches and pain and it’s the ultimate strain for just kicking up your feet and relaxing in front of the TV or the fireplace. I really like this stuff, can’t wait to buy more of it!

  27. smile78 (verified owner)

    I was always gonna buy this weed, but my sister beat me to it!! We fight about everything, but this was one thing we actually agreed about. Ordering online is fast and simple, and when the weed arrived at my door, it came in a lovely package, medically sealed so it’s as fresh as can be! Get growing today!

  28. holmesgh (verified owner)

    CBD blueberry is a WOW strain cause it’ll make you say WOW to your friends, family, pets, and even just random people on the street, cause they are just amazing, strangers! Gotta smoke weed every day, I have to endure a lot of stress for it, but that’s just life right? Used to buy down the road but they closed, gotta take matters into my own hands, make things better for myself, you know? I am very undeserving of this honor, so I just say thank you to the Greek God Zeus.

  29. eyes00 (verified owner)

    CBD is a righteous strain of marijuana….it helps with headaches and minor aches and pains and never really gets you blazed. It’s good for just chilling out and having a good time, but it’s so helpful for sleep as well. I really like this marijuana, it’s been fun growing these big purple nugs in the backyard. Happy to be a customer of GCS!

  30. akilUnderwood (verified owner)

    CBD blueberry is now my fave strain and I wanna tell everyone about it. It’s got all the best flavor and it helps a LOT with all your stress and depression. Makes me feel hella relaxed and definitely is a good buy for the price. I LOOOVE growing CBD weed, it’s gotta be the best stuff in the world for your mental health, and who doesn’t love quality time in the garden???

  31. ganjafan (verified owner)

    CBD is now my favorite thing in the whole world. Has a great relaxing flavor and helps with all the pain and stress associated with living in the terrifying world today. I mean, dang, what are we gonna do? Well, for now, we’re gonna smoke weed and enjoy it every day. I love the taste of blueberry and love how my muscles just relax!!!

  32. Healthy High (verified owner)

    Want to try something new and exciting? Might I recommend this delightful CBD strain? My wife and I are very happy with t