CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Seeds

CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Seeds

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(130 customer reviews)

The Blueberry CBD strain is a favourite recognized for its medicinal benefits. Traditional Blueberry indica was paired with a CBD –rich strain for a strong therapeutic effect that can ease many symptoms.

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CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry CBD seeds are an Indica-dominant strain that combines the popular Blueberry with high CBD genetics to offer the best of both worlds. This allows users to enjoy both the therapeutic benefits of CBD and the delicious taste of blueberries. The THC content is low, making it a great choice for those looking for relief from ailments without experiencing a psychoactive effect. The flavor is sweet and fruity flavors of fresh blueberries and earthy undertones.

Benefits of Blueberry CBD Seeds

  • calming yet
  • uplifting
  • focus
  • relaxation

Blueberry CBD seeds have been known to provide relief from a variety of symptoms. The calming yet uplifting effects of this strain can help users stay focused and relaxed. It is also great for those looking for relief from physical ailments. CBD blueberry is well sought after for its tantalizing blueberry flavor, and floral aroma. Making it the perfect recreational strain that will have your taste buds exploding with blueberry taste and fresh berries.

Blueberry Seeds Are Perfect for Novice Growers

Blueberry CBD cannabis seeds are a great option for beginner growers because of their low-maintenance needs. It has a shorter flowering time and prefers cooler climates, making it an ideal strain for those living in colder areas. CBD blueberry is also resistant to most common pests and diseases, meaning that the chances of a successful crop are increased. Follow our germination guide for the best results during the germination stage.

These Cannabis seeds grow into a beautiful strain with vibrant purple and green hues. It has tight, conical buds that are light green in color and covered with orange hairs. The aroma of this strain is earthy with notes of sweet blueberries, making it an incredibly pleasant-smelling bud. Its terpene profile is also quite high, giving off berry flavors and a slightly spicy black pepper aftertaste, giving it a perfect balance.

Tips For Growing Blueberry Cannabis Seeds

Growing Blueberry strains can be a rewarding experience, whether you choose to cultivate outdoors or indoors. To ensure the success of your plants, here are some tips for growing them:

1. Outdoor Cultivation – Make sure that you choose an area with full sun exposure and good soil drainage. When it comes to planting your CBD blueberry seeds, prepare the soil by digging a hole that is twice as deep as the size of the seed. Place the seed in the hole and cover it with soil. Water your plants regularly and fertilize them during the flowering stage.

2. Indoor Cultivation – Blueberry can also be grown indoors, but make sure that you have all of the necessary supplies such as a grow tent, lights, pots, and soil mix. Start your seeds in small containers and transplant them to larger ones when they get too big. Make sure that you keep the lights on for 18-24 hours a day and water your plants consistently.

3. Growth Cycle – CBD Blueberry has a shorter flowering time than most other strains, allowing growers to harvest their crops more quickly. The entire growth cycle can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks from seed to harvest.

Supplies Needed for Cultivating Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds

Indoor growers:

• Soil: A high-quality organic potting mix with low fertilizer levels is essential for the optimal growth and development of Blueberry plants.

• Lighting: LED lighting that provides the right spectrum for photosynthesis.

• Nutrients: Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are all important for healthy  CBD Blueberry plant growth.

• Pesticides: Safe, organic pesticides are necessary to keep pests away from your plants.

• Fertilizers: A balanced fertilizer with micro and macronutrients is necessary for a successful harvest.

Outdoor Cultivation:

• Soil: A well-draining soil mix is essential for the outdoor cultivation of Blueberry CBD plants.

• Nutrients: A healthy soil mix with organic matter and plenty of minerals is necessary for CBD Blueberry plants to thrive.

• Pesticides: Safe, organic pesticides are necessary to keep pests away from your plants.

• Fertilizers: A balanced fertilizer with micro and macronutrients is necessary for a successful harvest.

How to Care for Your CBD Blueberry Plant

The proper care of a CBD blueberry cannabis plant requires attention to nutrient levels, temperature and humidity control, and pest and disease management. Keeping the plant’s nutrient levels balanced is one of the most important steps for achieving a high-quality yield. In order to achieve this, it is recommended to feed the plant with organic fertilizers or mineral-based nutrients according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Additionally, the temperature and humidity of the growing environment should be kept under control for optimal growth. Temperature should be kept between 65-80°F while humidity should be kept between 40-60%. Finally, it is important to inspect your plants regularly for any signs of pest or disease damage and treat them accordingly.

Parent Strain and Feminized Seeds of Blueberry CBD

The Blueberry CBD marijuana seeds are a hybrid that was created by crossing Blueberry Kush and the CBD Skunk Haze strains. This strain has a high CBD content, making it perfect for medicinal users seeking relief from pain and anxiety. The feminized version of this strain has been bred to produce only female plants, eliminating the risk of unwanted male plants during cultivation. These marijuana seeds are perfect for both indoor and outdoor growers, producing a high-quality yield with minimal effort.

Growing CBD Blueberry

Growing CBD Blueberry feminized seeds is a rewarding experience for both outdoor and indoor cultivators. When growing outdoors, it is important to choose an area with full sun exposure and good soil drainage. Alternatively, the plant can be grown indoors in a grow tent with LED lighting providing the right spectrum for photosynthesis. Keep the temperature of the growing area between 65-80°F and humidity between 40-60%. Additionally, provide a balanced fertilizer with micro and macronutrients for optimal growth. Finally, inspect your plants regularly for any signs of pest or disease damage and treat them accordingly. With proper care, you can expect to harvest your first buds within 8-12 weeks from seed to harvest.

Grams Per Plant and Square Meter Yields

The expected yield of this strain is highly dependent on the growing conditions, such as lighting, nutrient levels, temperature, humidity, etc. As a general guideline, CBD Blueberry marijuana seeds will produce between 450 grams of flower per square meter for indoor cultivation. If grown outdoors, one square meter will yield between 550-650 grams.

To maximize yields, the ideal growing conditions should include a combination of good lighting; a nutrient-rich soil mix; and temperature and humidity levels maintained between 65-80°F and 40-60%, respectively. Furthermore, providing a balanced fertilizer with the necessary micronutrients is essential for achieving high-quality yields. With the right combination of these factors, you can expect to harvest your first buds within 8-12 weeks from seed to harvest.

Similar Strains To CBD Blueberry

CBD Blueberry is a hybrid strain that has become increasingly popular among medicinal users. If you’re looking for similar strains to try, here are some great options:

Harlequin CBD – This high-CBD strain is a cross between Colombian Gold, Thai Sativa, and Swiss Indica. It provides a mild and calming effect.

Northern Lights – Northern Lights is a classic Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has been around since the 1980s. It provides users with a powerful, sedative effect.

• Charlotte’s Web – This high-CBD strain was created specifically for medical use. It offers a mild effect and is often used to treat pain and anxiety.

Critical Mango CBD – Critical Mango CBD is a hybrid strain that offers a mild, relaxing effect. It has sweet notes of mango and citrus.

Ringo’s Gift CBD – Ringo’s Gift is a high-CBD strain that was created in honor of cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo. It offers a mild and calming effect.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Strain Type

Indica-dominant Hybrid

Flowering Time

60-65 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Calming, Happy, Relaxed

Best Use

Evening, pain management, reduce stress


Fruity, Mango

Indoor Yield

400-500g per m2

Outdoor Yield

550-650g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

130 reviews for CBD Blueberry Medical Feminized Seeds

  1. PotentPotHead Verified Owner

    Got these seeds since they were on sale. Got to my door within the week and got them sprouted within 30 hours! Fully germinated and growing strong! Growers’ quality service and quality products have made me a long-term customer.

  2. THC_Tripping Verified Owner

    A great medical strain, this high CBD hit will help you clear your stress and pains away. It has the added bonus of being absolutely delicious and grows great outdoors to give a massive harvest!

  3. Lucas Oliveira Verified Owner

    Deeply relaxing, good for anxiety and for pain. Makes all the difference in the WORLD when you’ve had a bad day. Just happy I was able to grow outdoors this year. I love being in the sun and working on my garden, it’s so soothing and growing MJ is just an added bonus!

  4. Jerome Amino Verified Owner

    Pain and inflammation BEGONE! I burned through my stash within 3 months, and I knew it was time for me to grow again! I had an awesome time smoking it though. It was a smooth, relaxing, uplifting experience. Puts me to sleep and in a state of couch lock. If you ever are stuck in a rut, try growing pot from GCS. Their online seed selection is incredible, and it ships out so quickly. Truly no regrets, I am in LOVE with this strain.

  5. NugNemesis Verified Owner

    CBD Blueberry Medical is the perfect strain for those looking for a calming and relaxed effect. The fruity and mango flavor is a treat for the taste buds. As a person who suffers from chronic pain, this strain has been a lifesaver. The high CBD level helps reduce stress and anxiety, making it the ideal choice for an evening smoke.

  6. SolarSage58 Verified Owner

    I’ve pretty much seen it all and, I can attest to the mood-enhancing properties and stress-relieving benefits from blueberry CBD. they’re easy to grow and produce a big yield. I got mines harvested in 9 weeks.

  7. IsaPugh Verified Owner

    Is the plant really that purple?
    Yepp! Super purple!
    Does it still get you high with such high CBD content?
    Oh yeah, I still get a powerful buzz!
    How is it buying online with Growers?
    Super convenient and customer service is so helpful 🙂

  8. Audrey Houghton Verified Owner

    This is some seriously dank weed! I was happy and surprised by the results. The sheer volume of bud was more than I could handle. I had to share with family and friends!!

  9. Erin J. Verified Owner

    I always like to have a few solid medical strains growing. The CBD content in this is fantastic, and its THC is the right amount so that my medical clients get the kind of relief they need without being absolutely obliterated out of their minds. Growers Choice Seeds is the best! 🙂

    Erin J., Taos, NM

  10. Timothy Poole Verified Owner

    I was pretty happy about my blueberry CBD. I was happy so I talked to my cat who just gave me a perplexed look. Dunno why my cat is always doin’ that, but they are. When I smoke this I usually just start laughing uncontrollably, and my cat loves it. I pet her sooooo nicely. We have such a great time 🙂

  11. Alana Sharpe Verified Owner

    Blueberry is pretty nice stuff, very relaxing vibes, and a good little treat at the end of the day. I think you ought to try it out for yourself if you’re feeling blue, cause the blueberry is what’s gonna be right for you. I smoke most days to help with the strain of being alive and living in a city that doesn’t seem to bother with my existence. Feeling a little disheartened, but I know things will work out best for me in the end.

  12. Samson Cope Verified Owner

    The blueberry vibes are just the best, it reminds me of when I was a little baby and I used to eat blueberries by the poolside, those were some good memories. I love the sweet taste of this marijuana, and I really enjoy its indica vibes. Def gonna buy online again, it’s truly relaxing stuff, and it makes for an awesome time every time, no regrets!

  13. Delia Pope Verified Owner

    The colors alone will make you feel like you’re tripping out. The smell too, it’s like fresh ass blueberries from Oregon or something. Gets me reaaaaalllly baked, and it helps a TON with depression. I feel like I can finally let my worries go, and they will give me what I want when they go away. I will buy from GCS again cause their online selection is vast and their customer service is off the chain!!!

  14. Xena Gonzales Verified Owner

    I get my kicks on route 66, blowing PHAT clouds out my window and zooming at 90 mph. Nobody knows im out in the desert and the anonymity just feels great. Happy as I can be, when I am growing my own weed, better than buying from the dispensary, those guys don’t know what’s what IMO. I think if you have the means of production in your own hands, why not use it!

  15. Malaika Fuentes Verified Owner

    This was a treat! Never grown my own weed before and decided it was time to get it together….I got my grow lights, my LED lights….my heating pads… you name it! Looking great in my backyard, smells pretty awesome too. Definitely a good purchase, especially for the very reasonable price of $30. Definitely saving me money at the dispensary, well worth it!

  16. Shuaib Lane Verified Owner

    Blueberry yummmmm, it’s so relaxing that you just can’t get enough, it smells great, looks great, and it even feels great too! Ordered it online and it shipped soooo fast. My wife and I like to manage the backyard garden together so these little mj seeds were the perfect addition to our selection. They came up so nicely and I just can’t wait to buy more!!

  17. Kaif Hutton Verified Owner

    I am all about the purple leaves and flower, very sticky and smelly but damn is it reaxing! Perfect for chilling at home with your buddies and watching the tube, it helps with stress and it keeps my limbs all loose so I don’t pull a muscle when I am on the job. Very relaxing vibe and a nice time all around. I like growing weed, it’s very thrilling, and I can’t wait for my next harvest, good times are ahead!!

  18. Ronaldo Montgomery Verified Owner

    I reaaaaallly like buying this weed from GCS, it’s such a subtle and tasty strain, gets me very stoned, and makes my mind feel extra nice and buzzy and fun. I burn this weed almost every day, take a FAT hit off my bowl and just relax on my couch. Nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labor, all cause of GCS!

  19. Juniper Crawford Verified Owner

    Blueberry CBD is about as relaxing as you could ever hope for. It smells good, looks good (purple) and even tastes good too! I am sooo excited to feel this weed all throughout my body, like a warm blanket, and it helps with stress and depression-like nothing else. Good vibes!!

  20. Sania Busby Verified Owner

    The blueberry weed is something spectacular….it looks good, it smells good and it definitely tastes good too. Ordering online was very fast and simple and it got me where I wanted to go in life. I grew it in my basement under some LED lights, and I gotta say they look pretty darn fantastic. Definitely gonna buy more of these seeds, a very nice strain!

  21. Veer Rodriguez Verified Owner

    This stuff is soooo great, I get higher than a kite and I am just totally stoned for like hours at a time….THis weed is killer, especially for my stress levels, it’s got that blueberry flavor and taste that makes the world go round…Defintiely feeling pretty good about smoking my own dope, it’s a very accomplished feeling, I bet you’re gonna be very happy!

  22. Maxine Cervantes Verified Owner

    Mmmm Blueberries! This weed is so good it’ll make you into a pothead for sure…totally love the vibes and the nice sweet flavor. It’s pretty subtle so get ready to smoke a whole lotta dope! Great ordering online with Grower’s. My new fave!

  23. Kajol Allison Verified Owner

    Blueberry is really nice….I ordered it online and the seeds shipped all the way to Canada if you can believe it…Either way, things are going pretty darn well, and I think it’s time to upgrade my operation to something more serious. GCS sells wholesale, which is fantastic, the best possible way to get stoned on a budget!

  24. Lucca Camacho Verified Owner

    CBD blueberry is a wonderful time, always makes me feel super strong and happy and also very relaxed, great for my mental state, always clarifies my thinking and gives me a great bit of insight. Happy as can be, honestly, and will always buy from GCS!

  25. Rick Jarvis Verified Owner

    Blueberry is now the best thing to happen since sliced bread, or the Beatles or something, I mean you really can’t go wrong with this stuff. I ordered 5 seeds online, and had it delivered to my Portland home, so beautiful here in Oregon, and it’s JUST SO EASY TO LIVE HERE!! Weed is a plant and should be legalized everywhere, but I am feeling pretty good about this so far, definitely gonna keep on growing this flavorful CBD!!!

  26. Franco Walker Verified Owner

    Gotta get on the CBD train yall, this weed is something special and helps with all kinds of stress and depression and hey, it’s gonna change your life forever! I love the blueberry flavor and the amazing smell that this gives me. I smoke it to maintain my sanity and to just soothe my aches and pains at the end of a long day at the office. We are all better off being stoners, I am certain of it!

  27. angel.solorio.sol1 Verified Owner

    I’m glad I found blueberry in CBD I use it for this leg muscles tantrums I get it definitely helps sleep at night .. blueberry lovers …

  28. frostman420 Verified Owner

    This is some very nice marijuana to smoke, helps me deal with stress and keeps me feeling chillll. I work in politics and I can get real stressed out from my job so I smoke this dope to feel better and stay focused. Beautiful herb with some very nice purple colors…feeling pretty chill and pretty strong and I just cannot get more than enough. Happy as can be!

  29. Lori Banks Verified Owner

    This medical marijuana is best smoked at night to help ease minor aches and pains. It’s gonna make your life even better, cause it’s fun to grow and you are almost guaranteed a good yield, even if you’re new to the game. I have been really impressed overall by the quality of these seeds, the genetics are wonderful and the general vibes are out of this world. I’ll totally buy more!

  30. Phillip Monroe Verified Owner

    I never thought I would be excited by marijuana in the morning, but when I smoke a little CBD before work, my muscles relax and I have a very nice body buzz throughout the day. It’s very mild so it doesn’t affect my work performance, and it helps me handle my pain and stress a little bit better. I am an avid gardener, so growing these pot seeds was a true joy, and the yields were fantastic. Best seeds in Canada!

  31. Lai Chao Verified Owner

    This blueberry strain is pretty remarkable. It’s a good buy cause it’s hella cheap. It’s easy growing in your backyard or your basement, but I always recommend the basement grow cause then your whole house smells like a blueberry weed for like months, it’s amazing!! I bought like 30 seeds cause I want weed for the near future. Can’t wait for my first harvest everybody!

  32. goribble33 Verified Owner

    The CBD strain is very relaxing and pretty uplifting as well. I can’t say I have ever had a weed like this before. It’s kinda earthy tasting but there’s definitely that sweet smell there that reminds me of fresh berries. The flower is deep purple and blue and it looks just amazing, I mean I was really impressed overall, never thought I would have the opportunity to grow my own herb, but here we are!

  33. Bill Hope Verified Owner

    This strain is all kinds of amazing. It is good for stress, depression, anxiety….you name it! But since it’s CBD, it doesn’t get you “blazed” like regular weed does. It’s more of a body high that kinda eases in, and just sticks around for a while. I am pretty excited for the prospect of growing more marijuana though. I definitely wanna get better at it, especially if it has this amazing blueberry flavor 🙂

  34. clinton mcmurdock Verified Owner

    I was really into this strain, it makes life so much better when you are tired or in a bad mood. Nothing makes the day better than some high-quality mj that tastes like blueberries. Definitely a fan of the buzzy high, nice and relaxing and good for stomach aches!

  35. cuddlebug29 Verified Owner

    The CBD blueberry strain is a nice added benefit to your evening….it’s very mild and mellow and helps everyone in my house relax. It’s good for when you have some minor aches and pain and it’s the ultimate strain for just kicking up your feet and relaxing in front of the TV or the fireplace. I really like this stuff, can’t wait to buy more of it!

  36. smile78 Verified Owner

    I was always gonna buy this weed, but my sister beat me to it!! We fight about everything, but this was one thing we actually agreed about. Ordering online is fast and simple, and when the weed arrived at my door, it came in a lovely package, medically sealed so it’s as fresh as can be! Get growing today!

  37. holmesgh Verified Owner

    CBD blueberry is a WOW strain cause it’ll make you say WOW to your friends, family, pets, and even just random people on the street, cause they are just amazing, strangers! Gotta smoke weed every day, I have to endure a lot of stress for it, but that’s just life right? Used to buy down the road but they closed, gotta take matters into my own hands, make things better for myself, you know? I am very undeserving of this honor, so I just say thank you to the Greek God Zeus.

  38. eyes00 Verified Owner

    CBD is a righteous strain of marijuana….it helps with headaches and minor aches and pains and never really gets you blazed. It’s good for just chilling out and having a good time, but it’s so helpful for sleep as well. I really like this marijuana, it’s been fun growing these big purple nugs in the backyard. Happy to be a customer of GCS!

  39. akilUnderwood Verified Owner

    CBD blueberry is now my fave strain and I wanna tell everyone about it. It’s got all the best flavor and it helps a LOT with all your stress and depression. Makes me feel hella relaxed and definitely is a good buy for the price. I LOOOVE growing CBD weed, it’s gotta be the best stuff in the world for your mental health, and who doesn’t love quality time in the garden???

  40. ganjafan Verified Owner

    CBD is now my favorite thing in the whole world. Has a great relaxing flavor and helps with all the pain and stress associated with living in the terrifying world today. I mean, dang, what are we gonna do? Well, for now, we’re gonna smoke weed and enjoy it every day. I love the taste of blueberry and love how my muscles just relax!!!

  41. Healthy High Verified Owner

    Want to try something new and exciting? Might I recommend this delightful CBD strain? My wife and I are very happy with the product. Got beautiful and decent yield, very fresh weed, no mold, no loss, all green! I used to grow weed when I was much younger, and I find that it has gone very very well for me. I ordered online and had it delivered to my home, very excited to receive the seeds in the mail! 5/5 stars!

  42. Lazy Curlz Verified Owner

    I feel so tired at the end of the day, but I have trouble relaxing, unfortunately. I ordered these seeds online and had them delivered to my home. I am very excited to have this weed growing in the backyard. I water it every day, like a good plant mama. Got a great yield last time around, nearly 600 grams, couldn’t be happier, honestly. The blueberry flavor is so nice to smoke at night!

  43. Nacho Bros Verified Owner

    Who knew growing weed could be sooo much fun? I am stoked on my newest strain, it’s made life so much better and the taste will blow your mind. It really does taste like fresh berries! I smoke this to maintain my sanity, to relegate my pain elsewhere and to relax. CBD is nice and mild for the newer stoners out there!!!

  44. Pandapot Verified Owner

    The CBD strains on this site are clutch….especially the blueberry. Maybe I am partial to the flavor, but the vibe is just excellent. Ordering online is easy as ever…makes for a nice gift for someone, or to yourself. I think I woulda lost my mind if I had not had a nice project like this to work on during quarantine. It’s got some very colorful flower, deep purple and amazing. I highly recommend it!

  45. Stafani Verified Owner

    Not the kind of guy that likes to leave reviews…but I got these weed seeds as a gift and just have to say they’re pretty great. I am new to growing but had a lot of fun, and definitely got a big yield with some fat purple and green nugs. I like how crystallized the flower is, it’s like it’s dusted in snow, and smoking it is nice and smooth, with a very chill vibe, never too strong 🙂

  46. Paul Simon Verified Owner

    Blueberry is where the magic happens. It’s really relaxing stuff, great for medical users like me who need pain relief and appetite stimulation without the head buzz. I like the smell and enjoyed working it in my garden, and found harvesting it very joyful. You will enjoy it too, and I highly recommend you trying it out!

  47. Popjaw Verified Owner

    Blueberry is a really nice and relaxing CBD strain. I knew I had made the right decision when I was watching these plants grow big and tall in my garden. I was amazed at the height and the general bushyness of the plants! Soooo tasty and beautiful…I really think you will enjoy these! Definitely worth the effort!

  48. Mike Maia Verified Owner

    If you have ever desired blueberry pie when you smoke weed, why not kill 2 birds with one stone and just smoke blueberry CBD. This stuff has been great for my stress and anxiety levels. It’s really good for dealing with depression and stress. I like the way it grew in my backyard, it loves the hot weather, but it’s definitely good indoors too! You will not be disappointed!

  49. knucklehead Verified Owner

    I like to think I smoke marijuana for the medicinal effects and not just for fun. I think the CBD weed is the perfect balance between getting super relaxed and stoned and also helping with anxiety and aches and pains. I really like this vibe though, it smells so much like blueberry it’s like I am growing fresh berries in my basement. I mean It’s pretty damned cool and I will always buy more from GCS, great grow!

  50. Pot -o- Tea Verified Owner

    Blueberry is the strain of the gods….it’s light and happy and sweet and sour…makes for a great buy when you wanna just chill out and have a good time. I smoke this to maintain my sense of self and be grounded….helps with insights and also with meditation….it’s a light buzz, like a said, and doesn’t get you stoned like a THC strain would. It’s also a lovely garden plant. Well worth the effort!

  51. Palm Meadows Verified Owner

    CBD is all the rage these days and now I understand why….it’s really tasty and super relaxing…and the buzz is nice and mild….helps with stress and anxiety…does well in the body and doesn’t weigh you down…I find it helps with depression….never really makes me too tired or unwilling to do normal things…Plus it tastes like blueberry..can’t beat that you know?

  52. thePinkPanther Verified Owner

    CBD is really the best way to deal with pain and stress. I bought these seeds from GCS online and had them shipped right to my door. They showed up soooo fast, and the growing was like a dream. It’s really fun growing your own weed and also very rewarding. Blueberry CBD is a great strain with excellent flavor. Highly recommend!

  53. crosswalk Verified Owner

    I need some mellow vibes in my life and this blueberry CBD really does the trick. I love growing this out in the backyard where my other herbs are growing…they’ve got all kinda of great support out here in the garden, all the wonderful bugs and such to keep them company…what a great buy!

  54. JumpinBeans Verified Owner

    Blueberry is already a great weed, but when it’s mixed with CBD, it’s an unbeatable combo…great buy, especially for the price…makes me very happy to have this in my home, especially since I grew it all my own. I am a very avid gardener, so this was a great buy for me and definitely gave me a nice mental chill pill before I head to sleep 🙂

  55. Happy Customer Verified Owner

    Absolutely gorgeous bud…bought some online cause I was looking for some pot seeds to keep me going through the pandemic, got em growing in the basement and they are looking tiiiiiight! The plant is all sorts of bright colors and it’s already starting to smell like blueberry. Amazing smell! I can’t wait to harvest and smoke this to help me sleep!

  56. Horsesense Verified Owner

    Blueberry will get you where you wanna go…it’s like a chilled out train ride…mellow and relaxed and you are just having a ball! I grew it indoors, in my basement, got 3 beautiful plants with these nice cream-colored leaves with dashes of green and blue and yellow. I smoke it to maintain my buzz about life…enhance how I am already feeling! Excellent grow for beginners and never overwhelming. Yay great buy!!!

  57. Nick @ Nite Verified Owner

    If you want some blueberry in your life, but the pie just isn’t cutting it, then go for the CBD blueberry for a nice buzz that keeps you feeling relaxed and happy. I love the taste and smell of this weed, it’s definitely a winner in my book, especially cause I looooove indica weeds! It’s a treat to have this around the house, you definitely get your money’s worth cause my 3 little plants gave me a huge yield of nearly 500 grams!

  58. UncleDaddy Verified Owner

    Feeling blue? Then why not light up some of the CBD blueberry to take your mind off your worries? CBD is a great alternative to THC…you still get “high” but it’s much milder and better for your body. I really like the subtle body buzz and how it helps me with pain and stress. I love smoking it and then going for a walk with my dog. I can still keep a clear mind though, which is nice, and can always get my work done. Definitely gonna enjoy smoking this tonight!

  59. TaTanka Verified Owner

    How about you give this weed a try? It’s absolutely delicious and you won’t be disappointed. I baked it down into cookies and eat the cookies so I don’t have to damage my lungs. I really like the blueberry taste and smell, and the CBD is very mild and uplifting. Makes a for a great afternoon or evening smoke and it helps a lot with stress and depression. I ordered my weed online with GCS and the seeds shipped out in less than a week. No complaints here!

  60. Otis Redding Verified Owner

    I feel like someone broke into my house and dyed all the flower on this plant deep purple, cause this is pretty remarkable. I never knew weed could look this colorful and vibrant and alive! It MUST be the quality of the seeds from Grower’s. The germination was spot on, and even growing indoors, downstairs, was super fun and easy. I loved ust pruning these plants, harvesting them, and making for some great times with my friends. VERY mellow buzz, right up my alley!

  61. @covid19relief Verified Owner

    Blueberry CBD is as good as medicine in my book. It has been great for my back and neck pain and definitely helps me with anxiety and depression. A very unique strain of marijuana, possibly the purplest of the purple weeds out there, and just packed with blueberry flavor. Grow indoors if you can. You’ll get a better yield than you expect and it’ll be fresh as hell! Great delivery times too, fast and reliable and discreet. Thanks GCS!

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    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  66. Metricsystem Verified Owner

    Take a smooth hit of the blueberry CBD and you are in for a relaxing, pain-free evening. I feel so much better about this than I thought. I didn’t think I knew how to grow my own weed, turns out it is not that hard and is even a little bit fun! Got an excellent yield, better than expected, and yes, this weed is astoundingly purple. Can’t believe how well this turned out, will definitely come back for more!

  67. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  68. watchthis Verified Owner

    I am so glad CBD is more of a thing these days. I never knew I’d have the opportunity to grow my own, but my brother got me some for my birthday and I grew them here at home. It’s a nice strain, very manageable and pretty compact too for indoor growers. I got my 3 plants to produce nice tight, purple flowers that help me relax when I smoke them. Good for insomnia and anxiety. Also good for pain. Well worth the investment!

  69. Aloe Verified Owner

    CBD blueberry is as good as it sounds. It’s got a nice mellow buzz that doesn’t overpower and it gives off some incredible highs. I smoke it most weekends when I have time off of work. My body is a mess from construction work in my 20’s so I smoke this to help with my chronic back pain. I really enjoyed growing this in the garden and the deep purple flowers it produces!

  70. jplamondon19 Verified Owner

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  71. Leaf Blower Verified Owner

    Everybody loves the taste of blueberries. I grew this cause I don’t really want to get stoned, but I do need some fast pain relief. The usual pain-killers aren’t working, but CBD seems to go deeper and help me relax. I am a big fan of this stuff, I share it with my wife and we certainly enjoy the evening joints on the porch and the resulting conversations. It’s helped with my back pain, and it eases my mind. Good buy.

  72. Speeder Verified Owner

    If you like chilling out by the beach, letting your mind wander and be free, and letting the waves wash up at your feet, then you’ll really appreciate this nug. It’s perfect for a lazy day in the sun, anxiety melts away, so does physical pain. It’s got a very potent blueberry flavor, a little sour. It’s sure to meet your smoking needs. I got just 3 seeds from GCS and let me tell ya, these babies took right off and grew into gorgeous colorful plants. GREAT buy!

  73. Lawn Mower Verified Owner

    CBD is really where it’s at in the weed world right now. If you aren’t a huge fan of getting super stoned and just want some fast-acting relaxation then smoke the CBD blueberry to help with pain and stress and anxiety. I know it helps me tremendously, gives me a nice safety cloud in my brain so all the stress just melts away and my body feels like jelly. Good buy for the price and pretty easy to grow. I love the purple flowers!

  74. TomatoGrower Verified Owner

    Who doesn’t have pleasant memories of blueberry pie? Well that’s exactly what this weed tastes like, and it’s sooooooo relaxing. I smoke it every evening before I go to bed and the low THC content doesn’t keep my mind buzzing for hours, it makes me fall right to sleep, and CBD helps with pain and stress and even a little bit with depression. I definitely wanna grow this indoors next time, and get anm even bigger yield, but these purple nugs are sure to last me a while 🙂

  75. Satisfied Customer Verified Owner

    CBD Blueberry has got to be one of the best strains on this site…maybe even in the whole world!!! Got my seeds online with Grower’s, definitely an amazing buy, their customer service team was so helpful, and everything came as I ordered it! Definitely a fun backyard grow…I am no expert but I definitely had fun and learned a few things. Plus the taste is just phenomenal, beautiful purple colors…and never overpowering. Great buzz!

  76. Strawberry

    The bud is strong in this one. Personally I had issues growing this in the Spring in a greenhouse, very leafy. I think that’s just how it grows to an extent judging by the picture provided here. I would suggest using this one more for concentrates and less for fat nugs.

  77. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  78. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  79. Cashy Verified Owner

    I love this marijuana…I seriously didn’t know anything about growing mj, espeically CBD mj, but this was definitely a worthy endeavor. It’s kinda like growing tomatoes. The light and water needs to be strong for these guys to thrive, but if you got the right spot in your backyard, then I say it’s good to go! Wonderful for back pain and for stress, this stuff chills me right out and gives me a long-lasting sense of calm. Plus it tastes very sweet and berry-like!

  80. ldmac7

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  81. theArtist Verified Owner

    Wicked easy to grow…I mean that, I barely had to care for these plants and they made some beautiful nug and look amazing! The colors are so vibrant with flashes of red, greens, and blues. It’s like watching a fireworks display! Got a nice yield, easy harvest, and love smoking this before bed. It’s very tasty, kinda reminds me of blueberry, but it has a nice citrus taste to it as well, and it definitely helps me sleep at night!

  82. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  83. Stewart Gaston Verified Owner

    It’s a CBD version of my all-time favorite strain! I love the way this looks and tastes, it’s got these deep purple nugs and red colors with green leaves, how pretty! It’s a great backyard grow, very friendly and not too difficult. Helps me with stress and anxiety and manages my headaches pretty well also, not a bad buy if you’re someone who likes to relax but doesn’t care to get stoned 🙂

  84. Michael Cutter Verified Owner

    The blueberry weed you get from the dispensary doesn’t have anything on this weed. It’s super refreshing and relaxing, gives me an amazing body rush and the flavor is so much fresher and stronger. I have a love for growing weed, this was my first time doing it indoors and heck yea this stuff grew super well! It’s crazy colorful and has all these purple and red nugs, it’s really trippy I could hardly believe my eyes!

  85. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  86. Derek F. Verified Owner

    Do yourself a favor and try out this weed, it’s a lot easier to grow than you think and it’s seriously helpful for my anxiety and pain, and even stress goes down. Plus who doesn’t love the fresh fruity taste of blueberry? I had never heard of GCS before, but my friend recommended it so I gave it a try and got some pretty damned nice weed from these 3 seeds. I followed the grow guide on this site and it was a life saver!

  87. Bernard Cove Verified Owner

    This weed has been a life saver, it’s incredibly flavorful and great for managing pain and discomfort, and it also helps with sleep! I hope that I can grow this indoors next time, but the yield was solif and the weed very high quality. I like the taste and the smell the most though, like fresh blueberry pie straight from Mississippi! I got around 1000 g from just 3 plants and it’s very relaxing, never overpowering. Highly recommend!

  88. Tanya Black Verified Owner

    This weed has excellent medical benefits. It helps with back pain and anxiety and it never gets you stoned. It was a wonderful gardening project and the seeds shipped out incredibly fast! I love the blueberry flavor and the mild smoke and definitely recommend this to anyone who needs help sleeping at night. It was a great buy and I will definitely be back for more!

  89. Dale Mullen Verified Owner

    C’mon now, who doesn’t love the taste of blueberries? And when you mix that with the sweet relief of the CBD then you’ve got a real winning combination! This is what it feels like to be stress free and living your best life. It’s what life on pause feels like, when you can reflect and recuperate. I am hoping I can take this stuff with me to work one day and smoke on my lunch to help me with the stress of it all. Ya dig?

  90. Kelly Simmons Verified Owner

    It’s a very mellow kind of weed, isn’t really there to get you stoned, but definitely gets you feeling giddy and a little happy too. I like the flavor, as anyone would, it’s like fresh berries with a hint of skunk, and it definitely does well in the garden, definitely worthwhile and happy as can be!

  91. largescreenas Verified Owner

    One of the more refreshing strains of weed out there. It’s very easy to grow and does well in a backyard setting. I have a nice sunny spot out in the backyard and this seed took remarkably well to the soil. I hope I can smoke this stuff everyday for a long time. I am hopeful that this weed will help me with my arthritis as well. Great for pain, and it tastes like fresh berry pie!

  92. conjunctionzx Verified Owner

    This helps me a lot with my headaches and joint pain. It’s a wonderful gardening project and doesn’t seem to be too hard to grow. My seeds did very well in the garden beds I have built out back, and I am pretty stoked about the general smell and taste of this stuff. Smells just like blueberry and has these richly colored purple flowers, which are really pretty! Hope I can smoke this every day from now on!

  93. Anonymous

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  94. schrutefarms Verified Owner

    It’s definitely one of the easier grows I have done in recent years. Helps a lot with stress and pain and also makes me very happy! I usually smoke this in the evening, after the work day is done, and suddenly feel much lighter. The buzz is mild and the pain relief is very real. I love the smell too, as everyone mentions, the taste of blueberry is amazing! How can you go wrong with this stuff. It’s magic!

  95. Sprinkles1029 Verified Owner

    I’ve actually been smoking the blueberry indica on this site for a while now, but decided to try out this CBD strain instead. Turns out it’s really excellent for headaches and stress, and the buzz is really mild, but very soothing and relaxing. Helps with sleep and stress, and all around has good vibes. Never overpowering and still smells like blueberries!

  96. weedman Verified Owner

    I have always been a fan of the blueberry strains of weed, they always have that sweet/sour taste I am after, but this weed has been my favorite for some time now. It’s excellent for pain, stress, and anxiety and the buzz is nice and mild, never overpowering. It’s been good for my back and neck pain as well, since I work labor 3 days a week. Couldn’t have asked for a better growing experience, will be back for more!

  97. tempo fred Verified Owner

    I never through I’d be here writing a review about weed, since I haven’t used it my whole life, but WOW I really have been missing out! This stuff is truly excellent, it’s not difficult to order or grow and produces a LARGE amount of marijuana for smoking. I have a big STASH now, and am feeling excellent about it, especially since it smells like blueberries! Really perfect for any night off from work, keeps the body and mind at ease!

  98. ampm18 Verified Owner

    I am so happy I bought this weed! It’s been super great for my anxiety and depression and offers me a lot of pain relief as well. It’s not difficult to grow and always gives a nice yield. Happy I ordered with GCS this time, they have one of the best online selections for sure and this is no exception. Beautiful plant too, very colorful and deep purple and red. I will most certainly be back for more!

  99. dagger029 Verified Owner

    You really can’t beat this stuff. It’s been an incredible buy for me. Ordered my seeds online with GCS and they shipped out hella fast! 100% germination on these seeds and what an amazing yield too! Great for my back and neck pain. I couldn’t ask for more than this. It tastes and smells like blueberries and really helps me unwind. Happy as can be!

  100. Tony Verified Owner

    I’ve been a medical mj patient for years and this has been my go-to for some time now. My husband suggested we grow some at home and so we ordered weed online at GCS and had the seeds delivered to our front door. I enjoyed growing this mj in our garden in the back and have to say the blueberry flavor is very strong and relaxing. The CBD helps greatly with my neck and back pain, and I will certainly come back for more!

  101. checkmate 7399 Verified Owner

    This has been an excellent choice to handle my chronic pain symptoms. I love how easy it was to grow, I did so in my basement in my new grow space. It gives off some delicious nugs, so purple and beautiful and delicious! It’s heavily relaxing, but the buzz isn’t overpowering. It’s an excellent buy. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  102. raene05 Verified Owner

    This is a truly exceptional plant and is true to its healing benefits. Thanks!

  103. ptero Verified Owner

    This was my first attempt at growing weed. I ordered this strain online to help me with my joint pain and depression and it really seems to be doing the trick. It was not difficult to grow and offered a lot of flower for me to smoke. It really does taste like blueberries and is very easy on the lungs too. The buzz is very mild but the pain benefits are remarkable. Highly recommend!

  104. Malcolm Verified Owner

    This is some delicious stuff, and so relaxing it’s hard to type! I ordered my seeds online with GCS, got them delivered right to my door, excellent buy for sure. This weed is super beautiful and amazing. I love the smell, it’s just like fresh berries and it has a great vibe about it. The buzz is very mild but the pain relief is REAL! Definitely give it a try!

  105. slackerlack Verified Owner

    This is one of my all time favorite strains. It’s been remarkably good for my depression, anxiety, and pain. Helps soothe my symptoms almost instantly and it tastes lovely. My husband did most of the growing, I am disabled. He has gotten a nice yield from this weed, and we have a lot to go around. It’s nice to have some in the evening when my symptoms flare up. Tastes like blueberries!

  106. Jeremy Grant Verified Owner

    I have terrible aches and pains, I am getting old and my joint pain is not getting much better. Never thought I’d be here, smoking mj to help me with pain, but my doctor told me about CBD and it truly has been very useful. I grew this mj in my backyard, and the seeds sprouted beautifully. The smoke is blueberry flavored and it helps a lot with my discomfort. It does not get me very high which I like. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  107. artychoke Verified Owner

    Truly an amazing plant. Something special about it’s bright green, red and blue leaves. The smell of berries is unmistakable and the buzz is easy breezy, no problems with getting stoned, only perfect for just chilling out and easing my aches and pains, even headaches. Has been a great asset in my life. Will buy more.

  108. robb boles Verified Owner

    This is some exciting weed! It’s very easy to grow and the CBD properties have been great for my chronic pain symptoms. It’s amazing how extensive the selection is on GCS, they have so much to offer! Glad I chose this one cause the taste is unbeatable, like a slice of blueberry pie in the summer, and the THC is low enough that I am not losing my mind!

  109. Aaliyah N Verified Owner

    This one is for the books. A great strain of mj with a lot to offer those of us who suffer from chronic pain. Have been smoking CBD strains for many years now, but this was my first time growing it on my own. Had great success just growing in my basement and WOW what an amazing flavor. Definitely a worthy buy!

  110. rachel Verified Owner

    I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety and this helps a lot. It’s a great backyard grow and the smell is so very pleasant it wont upset the neighbors. It’s been great for my pain and headaches and has helped some with my anxiety. I don’t care for getting high so the CBD component is very welcomed. Has a great flavor as well. A worthy buy for sure!

  111. Jeffrey Epom Verified Owner

    I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had these babies shipped out in no time. Germination was simply and effective using the paper towel method. Got an amazing yield too, and such a beautiful plant with its deep purple nugs and delicious berry flavor. Won’t get you stoned, but will help with any pain or headache you may have, nice indica edge for relaxation also.

  112. ashley h Verified Owner

    I am honestly so happy that medical marijuana is legal in my state now because cannabis helps me so much with my pain management. I have crippling arthritis and at first was kind of resistant to the idea of using pot to treat it (refer madness and all that) but my husband helped me buy it and grow it and the effects speak for themselves. You really can’t beat the convenience of buying it online and the quality of the seeds are so good! All 5 of our seeds germinated and I’ve really benefitted from the effects of this CBD strain so far.

  113. the DUDE Verified Owner

    I’m a firm believer that there isn’t much CBD can’t do. I even give it to my dog now, for real. It’s like the best therapy ever. I have been growing my own MJ for about a year now and these did not disappoint. They germinated and started growing quickly. I’ve had less luck with some other strains I’ve gotten on GCS and other websites but the grower’s Choice customer service has been super helpful with any issues.

  114. Jeanette Klein Verified Owner

    I rely on CBD for joint pain relief, and this weed does the trick in helping me relax at the end of a long day too! I love the taste and smell of this weed, it’s not too pungent and is lightly floral and sweet, like berries! Yummmmm! I love growing weed, have been doing so for many years and this was a great experience ordering online with GCS. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  115. Jared Green Verified Owner

    I need CBD to help me with my joint pain. It’s a lot to handle my arthritis during the work week, especially since I am stuck in front of a computer most of the day. This weed was very nice to grow in my backyard, it’s a lovely outdoor strain with a nice berry scent and deep purple trichomes, so lovely since I love to garden. I smoke usually in the evenings when my symptoms are at their worst. Excellent stuff!

  116. F. Garcia Verified Owner

    I tell ya I haven’t come across a better weed for pain relief AND taste! This is a solid strain for anyone who loves CBD. GCS has a great CBD selection already but this one is my favorite by far. It’s easy to grow and produces these flowers that are deep blue in color, gorgeous bud! I smoke anytime I feel a migraine coming on, and it tastes just like blueberry pie, plus it helps tremendously with my symptoms. Couldn’t ask for a better strain. Amazing stuff!

  117. Ian Lam Verified Owner

    If you need something to help you deal with aches and pains, this is the strain for you. It’s literally like a dessert weed, tastes very fruity and sweet but doesn’t get you stoned, helps me with my back and shoulder pain and also offers some light relaxation benefits as well. It’s a beautiful plant with dark blue buds, I’ve never seen anything like it before. Highly recommend!

  118. Landon Scott Verified Owner

    Another great CBD strain from the dudes over at GCS! I love this stuff, it’s super chill and really helps with muscle pains and headaches. I usually take a toke or two after work just to relax and feel alright about life. I grew in my basement, pretty nice looking plant, wild colors, and gave me a solid yield of about 250. Will be back for more!