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ACDC CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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This impressive medical cannabis strain boasts 15% CBD and only 2% THC! CBD ACDC can boost productivity and creativity even while it promotes all-over physical relaxation, and is popular for treating migraines and chronic pain.

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ACDC CBD Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A wonderfully balanced CBD strain, ACDC CBD cannabis seeds grow into healing, medicinal plants that deliver no psychoactive effect, thanks to low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol and high levels of the second-most prominent cannabinoid, cannabidiol. Hands down our highest CBD strain, our ACDC CBD cannabis seeds boast approximately 15% CBD and just 2% THC.

You’ll really feel the balanced hybrid nature of ACDC CBD, which will leave most patients uplifted and mildly energized while also providing full body relaxation and a happy sensation. Look forward to feeling more focused and creative, even while you physically sink down into calm and ease. This strain is a great choice for improving your mood and wellness when you still have some work to get done.

Since ACDC CBD does not cause a psychoactive or euphoric effect, it’s rarely sought out as a recreational strain. Instead, individuals wishing to treat a variety of conditions tend to gravitate toward this strain. ACDC is a pain management powerhouse, and while it’s relaxing away aches and agonies, it’s also sending any lingering stress running for the hills. That little hit of happy can alleviate some minor symptoms of depression, too. People prone to head pain might love ACDC CBD for its ability to counteract migraines and headaches.

Another common medical use for ACDC CBD is in fighting inflammation, a quality for which it is quite well-recognized. Whether you struggle with arthritis, IBD, sinusitis or any number of other conditions, you’re bound to find some relief with this strain.

Our ACDC CBD cannabis seeds are not ideal for brand new growers, but certainly aren’t overly difficult to cultivate, either. You should have good success with this strain both indoors and out, with yields of up to 650 grams per square meter in the grow room, and as much as 500 grams per plant in the garden or greenhouse. Expect a rather lengthy flowering stage of up to ten weeks for our ACDC CBD cannabis seeds but trust us – this healing, holistic strain is well worth the wait!

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Cannatonic Phenotype


40% Indica /60% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Relaxing, Uplifting, Happy

Best Use

Anytime; relieve stress; pain management; relieve depression


spice, pepper, citrus

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where To Grow

Indoor / Outdoor

Plant Height


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  1. natalia says:

    I’ve had some chronic pain issues for a while and I get wary of taking ibuprofen to handle the symptoms, so I decided to try out CBD for the first time and like it MUCH better. It’s so much more subtle and euphoric, and a much more enjoyable process to smoke rather than pop a pill. The grow was pretty straightforward, didn’t have too many issues with germination or anything, and the plants got super tall and bushy. Beautiful flower that gets me beautifully stoned 🙂

  2. momzspaghetti says:

    It’s much more mellow than the band ACDC, but that’s what makes it great! It’s perfect for my joint pain and my stress right before bed and gets me feeling chilled out and relaxed for a full nights sleep. Barely any THC in this strain, which is great for my mental health, and it helps me just stay grounded. I am not looking to get stoned, just looking to relax, so this really fits my needs. Love the spicy earthy smell and taste. Highly recommend!

  3. stepheni says:

    I had no idea there was a strain out there with such a high CBD content, and almost NO THC! This is great for me cause I love the intense relaxation of CBD, but I am not a big fan of getting high. So I got these seeds from GCS, grew them in the backyard over the summer, and they were super easy to manage and care for. Pretty proud of my yield and the quality of the mj. It’s been great for stress and relaxation, and it has a great flavor as well!

  4. Ryan says:

    What’s not to love about this weed? Easy grow in the garden, great delicious vibes and a killer flavor too, super spicy and earthy and like a neon green that lasts forever. Smoked this stuff right before bed, helps with joint pain and gets me very relaxed, read a book or watch a movie then sleep. Not an intense high, good for an easy night at home. Highly recommend!

  5. Cyclops28 says:

    If you love the band ACDC, then there’s a good chance you’ll dig the weed as well! It’s pretty remarkably easy to order online, germ your seeds indoors, and grow at home. I was pleasantly surprised myself. Turns out I am a regular green thumb! The best part about this weed is it’s CBD content which really helps with aches and pains and reduces stress almost instantly. Pretty stoked about my new weed harvest. Hope this lasts all winter!

  6. Janice M says:

    I’ve been a pot smoker all my life, and I am new to CBD. Turns out I am a big fan, really enjoy how easy this was to grow and the quality of the flower I harvested from the plant. The nugs are dense and deep green in color, smell very strong and a little sour, and the buzz is VERY mild, compared to the much needed pain relief it offers. Better than Advil in my opinion, especially for headaches.

  7. Kcintloh says:

    Ordered a three pack of these AC/DC high CBD seeds and I topped all three but one of them did not take and grew super tall, super fast, while the other two bushes out very nicely! I had to bend the tall one in half but that main cola has turned upwards reaching for the sky again! Very pleased!

  8. Jim B says:

    It’s been a long recovery process since I had my surgery. I have been feeling better on the daily, but there are still days, certainly, that feel like I am just completely out of sorts. This weed helps bring me back to myself. It’s earthy and spicy and very flavorful, and has a nice mild buzz that never makes me feel dizzy or sleepy. It just helps with pain and depression. I feel much better now that this is in my life.

  9. 74658281 says:

    I have never tried CBD before, smoking it or growing it, so this was a gamble for me. Turns out it grows just the same as weed, nice to have in the backyard, or in the basement, pungent smell but not overwhelming, a good nice spicy mix that helps with stress and depression, even my back and neck pain is better off than it has been. I never knew the benefits to CBD before now, and am super happy I tried this out!

  10. jethro says:

    I guess I am not much of a THC smoker. It’s a little too much for me and gives me headaches. CBD on the other hand, has been really great for my back pain. My job gives me so much tension in my shoulders and really makes me feel a little tight overall. CBD helps relax all that pain. This weed is very easy to grow, even for the most beginner gardeners, and offers up some really tasty, spicy, peppery flower for you to enjoy!

  11. mbachen says:

    If there ever was such a think as a STRONG CBD strain this one would be it! It’s very easy to grow, and it has a very pleasant earthy aroma and taste. I usually roll a nice joint and smoke it by the fire after the day is done. It helps me with stress and back pain. I’ll definitely be back for more seed!

  12. krakatoa says:

    A very flavorful weed strain. It’s got a very earthy, spicy taste with a little hint of citrus in there, very tasty! I have been suffering from migraines for a long time now, and nothing seemed to work. Very glad I came across this delicious strain of mj. This was my first time with CBD and it sure does make me feel relaxed and amazing. It helps with my symptoms and I never get too high. Great stuff!

  13. jokesteradam says:

    This is a nice easy grow with some really amazing health benefits. I’ve smoked this weed for a long time now, used to buy something of the sort from the dispensary down the street but they stopped carrying it! I knew it was time to go it alone and ordered online with GCS. The plants grew beautifully and the weed is super mild and fresh. Helps with my arthritis symptoms and really gives me peace of mind!

  14. Benjamin Troy says:

    This is an excellent strain of mj, so very good for helping with my pain and inflammation. I haven’t been the same since my car accident and this has been really helpful and useful. My husband did most of the growing but it seemed straightforward. GCS was very helpful company to order from and the seeds shipped fast. The smoke is very spicy and uplifting. Great buy!

  15. Pennywise says:

    I used to suffer horrible migraines and my doctor recommended I try out medical mj to help. Turns out CBD was just what I needed. I ordered my seeds online with GCS and had them delivered to my door. Got my seeds growing in no time as well, I do love to garden. This is some excellent stuff really, it’s earthy tasting and a bit spicy, and it offers some much needed pain relief, stops headaches right in their tracks!

  16. Juliet Monroe says:

    This is has been so great for my joint pain and inflammation, helps me stay relaxed and productive at work since my wrists and knees are almost constantly in pain. I love the smell and taste, super peppery and spicy, just like the music of ACDC, and the buzz is just mild enough that it doesn’t interfere with my job. Great stuff!

  17. Randy Jacobs says:

    This strain has got me ringing hell’s bells! It’s fantastic and offers a very mild buzz along with all the CBD benefits you’d expect. Not difficult to grow either, whether you’re outdoors or indoors you can expect a nice medium yield from this strain. I suffer from intense migraines and this weed has really helped my symptoms. Plus it’s got a great spicy peppery taste. Love it!

  18. Karl Elgin says:

    This is one interesting weed! I loved the growing process, waaaaay better indoors in my opinion, because when you have control over your environment, you have an advantage! Excellent stuff, very spicy and earthy tasting, gives me a great mild buzz, never overpowering, and has been wonderful for my aches and pains! A good buy for anyone suffering from daily pain!

  19. Josh says:

    I’ve been thunderstruck by this weed. It’s been SOOoooo amazing for my aches and pains. I thought I’d never find a solution to my problems but this has been really helpful. I usually pack a fat bowl right when I get home from work and let the evening roll out from under me, soon I am chilling and watching my favorite movie Hot tub Time Machine and feel better than ever!

  20. mayhemx08 says:

    Gah I have been suffering from joint pain for years, and NOTHING seemed to work. So glad my doctor recommended me CBD mj to help the pain. Love this strain, it was a lot of fun to grow and offered me a BIG yield. I have a lot to rely on now, and enjoy the earthy sweet tatse. Great for pain and a nice mild buzz!

  21. Jeremy says:

    This weed has me ringing hell’s bells. Amazing stuff and super great yield for the price. I am a huge CBD fan, I like it better than THC and really enjoy how easy it is to cultivate in my grow space downstairs. The taste is super peppery and unique and the pain relief is real, has really helped with my herniated disc symptoms. Will definitely grow again!

  22. olanderos2014 says:

    Followed the cannabis seed germination guide as with my other purchases, but this time none germinated. Gonna try other strains. Bad luck this time, no biggie. I really like the cbd strains (have tried 2 high cbd strains) that this site offers but I cannot go to work with even those strains (still feels like im high).

  23. jeancundy83 says:

    Ordered 3 seeds all 3 grew out amazing. The best girl grew 12 ft tall and yielded just over 5 pounds outdoors amazing weed

  24. Shirley Temple says:

    This weed actually helps me get my homework done. It’s amazing! I am an athlete and usually have a lot of aches and pains from being active all afternoon. Coming home to some ACDC CBD has been great for my joints and helps me stay focused on my papers and whatnot. A great buy for sure!

  25. Charles says:

    I really needed help with my arthritis symptoms, and nothing seemed to be working. My doctor recommended marijuana to help with the problem and I was very happy I found GCS for weed seeds. I tried this strain due to its low THC content and really enjoyed the benefits of CBD. My husband did most of the growing and said it was fairly easy, plus the yield was impressive. 5 stars!

  26. Rachael Diaz says:

    I am a medical mj user suffering from chronic pain, and I need this weed to help soothe my symptoms and boost my mood. This was an enjoyable garden grow, made for another lovely challenge in my garden which I love! Also GCS has an amazing online selection, and I had no issue getting the seeds delivered. It took about 4 months but I have a nice supply of CBD weed now which has been very helpful for me and my pain!

  27. Ian Pont says:

    Get ready to rock out with this CBD strain! I was super impressed by GCS online collection of CBD strains, I was like “whoa, where do they get all these seeds!?” Amazing stuff and it ships out super quick. I grew this right in the backyard to a decent yield, sweet deliciousness, it smells and tastes spicy and peppery with a hint of sweetness. Has been great for my headaches and my joint pain, but also doesn’t mess me up, very low in THC. Great stuff!

  28. Georgia L. says:

    If you like the band ACDC, then you’ll probably enjoy this strain of mj. Just like good rock n roll kills the pain, so does this amazing CBD weed! It’s fun to grow, gives a nice yield, and has a distinct peppery smell and taste. I use for my back pain and sometimes for headaches. Has been very helpful!

  29. Lisa E says:

    Yum yum, this strain is absolutely delightful, and if you’re a medical mj user like me, this is the perfect strain for you! It hardly gets you stoned, but you DO get all the benefits of pain and headache relief with the great spicy taste of the smoke. Also pretty easy to grow, and the seeds ship out fast, so check it out next time you’re looking for a good CBD strain!

  30. leo8est6 says:

    love growers choice seeds came fast & all germinated fine just about to go into flower so I will post update when i harvest

  31. Terrence Diaz says:

    If there’s such a thing as a “powerful” CBD strain this is it! First time buyer with GCS, had very little issue with ordering and having the seeds delivered. I am an avid gardener and have been growing in the backyard for many years. First attempt growing CBD however, and was impressed with the results. I found the plant to be slightly fickle to care for, and the yield was a little low. Next time I will grow indoors for sure. The mj itself has a wonderful smell and taste, slightly earthy and spicy, very relaxing in general and helps me with my various aches and pains as well as headaches.

  32. Danyal M says:

    Wow, first to leave a review! I feel so honored haha. This is an excellent strain of mj for a truly stellar company. Grower’s Choice offers a fantastic online selection with a nice list of CBD strains. This is definitely the one I turn to most to help me with migraines and bodily aches and pains. Have been growing mj for some time and found this strain to be remarkably easy in an indoor setting. The buds are bright neon green and have a nice citrus sour taste to them when smoked. I usually smoke in the evenings or when I begin to feel a migraine coming on. It has been extremely helpful in managing my symptoms. Highly recommend!

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