CBD ACDC Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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This impressive medical cannabis strain boasts 15% CBD and only 2% THC! CBD ACDC can boost productivity and creativity even while it promotes all-over physical relaxation, and is popular for treating migraines and chronic pain.

CBD ACDC Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A wonderfully balanced CBD strain, CBD ACDC cannabis seeds grow into healing, medicinal plants that deliver no psychoactive effect, thanks to low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol and high levels of the second-most prominent cannabinoid, cannabidiol. Hands down our highest CBD strain is our CBD ACDC cannabis seeds boast approximately 15% CBD and just 2% THC.

You’ll really feel the balanced hybrid nature of CBD ACDC, which will leave most patients uplifted and mildly energized while also providing full body relaxation and a happy sensation. Look forward to feeling more focused and creative, even while you physically sink down into calm and ease. This strain is a great choice for improving your mood and wellness when you still have some work to get done.

Since CBD ACDC does not cause a psychoactive or euphoric effect, it’s rarely sought out as a recreational strain. Instead, individuals wishing to treat a variety of conditions tend to gravitate toward this strain. CBD ACDC is a pain management powerhouse, and while it’s relaxing away aches and agonies, it’s also sending any lingering stress running for the hills. That little hit of happy can alleviate some minor symptoms of depression, too. People prone to head pain might love CBD ACDC for its ability to counteract migraines and headaches.

Another common medical use for CBD ACDC is in fighting inflammation, a quality for which it is quite well-recognized. Whether you struggle with arthritis, IBD, sinusitis or any number of other conditions, you’re bound to find some relief with this strain.

Our CBD ACDC cannabis seeds are not ideal for brand new growers, but certainly aren’t overly difficult to cultivate, either. You should have good success with this strain both indoors and out, with yields of up to 650 grams per square meter in the grow room, and as much as 500 grams per plant in the garden or greenhouse. Expect a rather lengthy flowering stage of up to ten weeks for our CBD ACDC cannabis seeds but trust us – this healing, holistic strain is well worth the wait!

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Cannatonic Phenotype


40% Indica, 60% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Best Use

Anytime, Depression, pain management, reduce stress


Citrus, Peppery, Spicy

Indoor Yield


Outdoor Yield

200-300 g/plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

CBD Medical Cannabis Seeds

102 reviews for CBD ACDC Medical Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. HappyHippyBeads (verified owner)

    The seed germinated nicely, but it went straight into flower after about four weeks, waaay ahead of schedule. Very Disappointing. I didn’t continue with the grow.

  2. Niyah Harrell (verified owner)

    I was a rock and roll kid and ACDC was on the radio a lot at that time. Pretty excited about this strain though, and I really really like how it turned out just growing it in my garden. I am pleased to tell you I had 100% germination and a VERY hefty yield, bigger than expected, nearly 500 grams of pot that have just made an amazing difference in my life. Smoking it every day has been a fun little thing to do, keeps my way of life vibing!!

  3. Bianka Lyons (verified owner)

    CBD is pretty straight awesome and it feels really good to smoke…I get pretty baked off this strain and I wanna keep buying more cause it’s easy to grow and it keeps my mind active during the lockdown. I worked very hard for the quality of weed I have produced, but I can’t say I am an expert just yet, no that will take some time, and I truly wanna be the best so I can sell to my dispensary down the street!

  4. Elliott Golden (verified owner)

    ACDC is RAD as all heck and it’s mellow too, so it’s not gonna like mess you up or anything, it’s just gonna make you happy and chill and give you all kinds of laughs in this world. I smoke this and watch old concert movies and get happy remembering the good old days when you could go to concerts and have an awesome time! Very exciting stuff, can’t wait to buy even more!!

  5. Phyllis Noel (verified owner)

    Acdc is one of my favorite bands of all time and smoking this weed makes me remember the days when I used to get high to their music back in the 70s! Awesome CBD stuff, good for my back pain and stress. Easy growing as well, definitely enjoy the garden challenge. Excited for the next few months when I get a chance to harvest!!!

  6. Habiba Grainger (verified owner)

    ACDC is some fat dope weed with some killer tastes, like a shock to your brain and a smooth dip in the ocean for your tired body and soul. You’ll definitely want to be smoking this weed every day, cause it’s been amazing for my stress levels. Something about that spicy smell just GETS me. Either way, feeling pretty grand. Will buy again!

  7. Ava-Rose Mackay (verified owner)

    Unlike the band, this weed actually ROCKS!!! I am more of a metal-head myself, so I totally grew this weed for my band and harvested it last month. We been smoking my homegrown at practice most nights and really dig that body buzz. I love the mellow vibes cause it keeps my head clear for some sick riffs that really blow my mind. I am very happy to be smoking this and will be buying more!

  8. the Clown (verified owner)

    I have IBD and am looking forward to my bowels being much less, inflammed. I’m not too into getting super blazed all the time so it’s nice to know I can medicate an rock out the rest of my day. ACDC is truely a blessing thank you gcs!

  9. Hafsa Dunn (verified owner)

    Not gonna lie it takes a while to grow but it’s well worth it. The taste of this weed is pretty remarkable, very earthy and sour and it just wakes up the senses. I get very excited to smoke at night, looking forward to that homegrown herb all day. The best part is that it’s suuuper mellow, never makes me too high or depressed. I highly recommend!

  10. Cyrus Delgado (verified owner)

    ACDC is pretty good, smells good, tastes good, and looks good. Wish I got a bigger yield, but still…pretty good. The taste of this weed is particularly unique, has a certain kick to it, like spice or something, and dang it just works so well when I am stressed out or depressed. I took care of this weed as if it were my baby. Paid off for sure!! Definitely gonna buy some more!!

  11. Katrina Hubbard (verified owner)

    Yeah, I really enjoy this weed, it’s official LOL. I was a little skeptical of CBD but it turns out it is just what I needed. It’s very chill stuff, never gets me TOO high, and is actually great for my stress and anxiety. CBD really helps me relax, and it’s about as involved as starting out a tomato plant or something.

  12. Jordyn Bowman (verified owner)

    Smoking ACDC is like drinking a slow-motion potion….everything gets hella chill and makes my life a truly relaxing time. I smoke mostly at the end of the day, but in the morning it’s sometimes fun too 🙂 When I ordered online the shipment went out immediately, and 5 days later I was planting my own weed. It’s just that easy. I am very pleased with this experiment of mine. Turned out really well!

  13. Travis Costa (verified owner)

    ACDC is a powerful vibe….It’s also really subtle, gets me feeling nice and groovy, but never too tired which is great. That’s why I love CBD, it’s so fresh and remarkable, you’ll love the earthy taste and the mellow buzz that makes your body feel like cheese. Happy days lie ahead my friends!

  14. Ananya Decker (verified owner)

    I am gonna save you a click and just say that you should definitely buy this strain….it’s got that sweet peppery flavor that gets your boots tap a tap tapping all night long and it’s great for easing up that back pain or neck pain that’s been bugging you all night. Gonna definitely recommend growing this stuff cause it’s pretty dang easy and it makes for a beautiful backyard plant. You’re gonna love its ELECTRIFYING vibes.

  15. James (verified owner)

    I purchased a 3-pack of these back in September 2020 to add some CBD flower to my collection. Unfortunately something got mixed up in packaging and instead of three ACDC photoperiod seeds I recieved 3 random autoflower seeds. Definitely a strain with THC and from the looks of the plants they are a indica dominant strain. This review is less about the strain and more about how a company can mishandle their packaging process in such a way that you receive the complete opposite of what you order.

  16. Wisegrower575 (verified owner)

    Was pretty impressed b this strain….a lot easier to grow than I expected, and it gave me more marijuana than I know how to use. I actually baked some into cookies and brownies and CBD treats are actually wonderful….they smell and taste great, and they don’t like “get you high” but they do make you very relaxed and make it easier to fall asleep 🙂

  17. Emeli Britt (verified owner)

    ACDC is the cure to so many hard ailments and depression. It’s an easy grow too, never feels like a burden when I put these seeds in the ground, and it’s joyful to trim the plants and keep the magic alive, just make sure your plants have enough airflow, that way you’ll get a bigger and healthier yield. I highly anticipate buying more weed from GCS, just wanted to drop by and say hey!!

  18. Sumayya8357 (verified owner)

    ACDC is a good vibe, it’s nice and sublte, pretty relaxing and also very smooth, has a nice peppery taste to it, yum yum, good with pizza and beer, gets the body all wishy washy and chill like a villian on DMT! I work so hard and need this stuff to just take some stress outta my life. Pretty good times though, even the growing is fun. I think you oughta try it for yourself!!

  19. Nelly Mullen (verified owner)

    I really had a good time growing this strain. It’s absoltuely gorgeous and has this wonderful earthy smell. It’s so peppery and nice and it makes for an awesome grow too, cause it’s super easy and it gives a TON of marijuana. I LOVE the way this stuff makes me feel though, very chill.

  20. Brandan Bryant (verified owner)

    I work so hard every day, and I need a little bit of CBD to help me manage my pain and stress during the afternoons. It’s nice cause CBD is very mild on the brain, it doesn’t get you stoned like THC does, it’s more of a body buzz with a clear mind, which is awesome IMO. I definitely enjoy the taste too, it’s kinda spicy and peppery, and it gives me a little energy boost!

  21. Vanesa Krause (verified owner)

    CBD is your new best friend, it makes all the back pain disappear and the headaches go away too. Never feels to heavy and never feels to depressing either. I smoke it most days, mostly at night though after work to regulate my appetite and give my body a little bit of chill before turning in. Happy to be smoking this dope for the next little while yall!!

  22. Gabrieliglesias (verified owner)

    This is one heck of a wild ride!!! I am all about growing my own marijuana, and I smoke it all day long to deal with my back pain and whatnot. Have to say I am VERY excited for my next harvest. I feel like I am gonna definitely have a good one this time, the flower looks so fluffy and dank and it’s just gonna be the best time ever!!! No way am I ever going back to the dispensary!

  23. Anika Robertson (verified owner)

    CBD ACDC is now my new favorite strain. It helps me handle my stress levels like nothing else and it makes for a great purchase, especially online! I really enjoy growing my own weed, it’s really fulfilling and is pretty amazing for the amount of effort it involves. I got a pretty extensive yield, and definitely wanna grow again. Helps me handle my stress!!

  24. pandarush909 (verified owner)

    Not like the band, kinda the opposite of the band, actually very mellow and chill, never too much, always good on the brain. Sour taste man, little sour for me but that’s ok cause I like it, doesn’t really matter if it’s hard to grow, better that I grow it now and get a good result later, I can definitely buy this marijuana again, perfect times man, perfect vibes!

  25. Salmonkey (verified owner)

    CBD is the new thing in the weed world. I really wanted to smoke this dope indoors but my stupid landlord is like “Nah Brah!” Whatever, I am so down to just smoke it indoors anyway. I can’t believe how annoying he is!!! Whatever, I grew this weed in my closet and it turned out real nice. Very pleased with my buy, gave me all kinds of good vibes, and now I feel like a total champ!

  26. Charity wells (verified owner)

    So many good things to say about this weed, it’s sooooo chill and has a great vibe. I smoke this almost every evening to keep the demons away lol. But mostly it’s just a very mellow body high that keeps me feeling buzzy and strong. Helps with the minor aches and pains and always puts a smile on my face. I will definitely keep buying online with GCS!

  27. donald quimby (verified owner)

    CBD is my new favorite way to relax, it’s hella chill and makes for a BOMB night in, with some cheetos and some video games and some great times just watching your fave movies and stuff. I LOVE marijuana, and growing my own is definitely the way to go. I mean this stuff is super low-key too, so don’t get scared it won’t bite!

  28. highman cal (verified owner)

    I was always curious about CBD weed, and this was the perfect opportunity to grow my own. Came together very nicely, not difficult to grow. Soaked my seeds overnight, and then put them in the ground for fast germination. I really like how they turned out after about 4.5 months, the flower was budding and looking fresh as ever, and the plant smelled good too, I love having my own mj at home. I will smoke more right away!!

  29. allmagic12 (verified owner)

    CBD is the new thing here in Chicago. Everyone is getting their CBD pens now that its legal to smoke it here. I liked growing my own weed though, especially CBD, since it makes for a nice garden project during the summer. Love the beautiful smell and the high-quality flower with its deep green colors and vibes. Get ready to chill with this spicy earthy strain!!

  30. strongplant (verified owner)

    The ACDC strain of CBD is a really good buy if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, or if you need some help with back pain, or if you just wanna relax at the end of the day. I am pretty excited about growing my own bud, got a serious yield and the smell is just fantastical. Like it’s totally magic, and it’s gonna blow your mind. Gonna get real high right now…byeeee!

  31. grumpy chriss (verified owner)

    ACDC may not be your favorite band, but just think of this weed as liquid fuel for your creative impulses. It’s also very mellow, relaxing, and a good buy when times are tough (which they definitely are). Bought myself this strain and almost immediately I just started growing it, got a HEFTY yield, nearly 6 months later, so much work!!! But the weed is fresh and will last a while, good buy!

  32. 01929384857 (verified owner)

    Where does the magic stop? This ACDC cbd bud is seriously next level. It hits all the pain points and makes things just sooo much easier when times are tough. I ordered online and had everything delivered to my apartment. Great growing conditions here in southern OR, the sun is hot and the yields are huge. You will NOT be disappointed with your order!!!

  33. darkmoney88 (verified owner)

    ACDC is not what you think it is….it’s not gonna rock your world or pave the highway to hell….in fact, it’s much more like the stairway to heaven. I like the smell and taste of this weed, it’s super spicy, kinda peppery and it helps with all kinds of fresh stress you might be experiencing in this day and age….I mean it’s been a good buy all around, and I can’t wait to buy more!!!!

  34. jimineeee (verified owner)

    ACDC reminds me of the days I used to grow pot when I was living in Cali…I loved CBD strains before they were popular and I am glad a website like GCS carries them. Super fast delivery, a very convenient thing to do. I will always buy online here on out, it’s like the best way to get your weed project off the ground. I highly recommend giving this a GO!

  35. Finn Quinn (verified owner)

    ACDC, not my fave band in the world, but I do like Highway to Hell, it’s a pretty fun song and this is a pretty fun weed. It’s got all the best flavors, it’s sweet and a little spicy, and it helps with stress and makes all the physical aches and pains disappear! I ordered this online and it shipped out really fast, I told my wife about it and we grew it together. I LOVE MARRIAGE!

  36. Westside (verified owner)

    ACDC is one of my favorite bands of the 70s and 80s. I have seen them like 15 times in concert, so I am definitely a fanboy. Got myself 3 of these seeds, they grew beautifully, all of them super tall and bushy and productive. I am really impressed by their aroma…super peppery and spicy…and the buzz is very chill, helps with arthritis pain.

  37. @payday (verified owner)

    ACDC is gonna make your day soooo much better! I swear you will feel more relaxed than ever before and will be so happy you purchased this pot seed! Online ordering is the way to go and it just gets easier as time goes on. The growing advice on this site is really useful and makes life that much better. My whole house loves this weed. Can’t wait to buy it again!

  38. Magix (verified owner)

    A very unique strain of weed, helps with stress and depression and gives a very agreeable body high. Easy growing and kind of fun too, has a unique smell and taste and helps me manage my sleep and depression pretty well. Love all the bright green colors!

  39. @headsortails (verified owner)

    This is a pretty potent CBD strain…I am surprised that I bought it cause I had never tried anything CBD related before…turns out I am really into it! It helps me with pain and anxiety….gives me a nice mood boost, and doesn’t get me so stoned that I can’t function. Plus, the growing is very simple, straightforward, even rewarding. The plant has bright green leaves and a nice peppery smell. I am very satisfied 🙂

  40. Matt Wood (verified owner)

    It was like my birthday when I got my seeds in the mail….just 3 of them, but they looked amazing! I got to germinating them right away and they sprouted like magic….I planted them in the garden as starts and they took to the soil almost immediately, grew super tall, and produced a LOT of flower. It’s got a nice spicy flavor, yummm, and is OH-SO relaxing!

  41. Telluride (verified owner)

    I love me some classic rock, and nothing is better than smoking grass and listening to the best rock bands of the 70s, just like ACDC! Pretty great buy honestly, was worried I wouldn’t be able to grow this myself but it was very easy. I like the strong earthy taste and the chilled out vibes, it’s never TOO strong, and mostly just helps me with pain and stress. I love this weed!

  42. Bristol Worx (verified owner)

    If you wanted a nice relaxing strain while you listen to your classic rock albums, then you’ll totally love the ACDC CBD strain, cause it’s hella relaxing and never too much. I guess I am kinda old these days, and getting stoned just makes me cranky! I like CBD cause it helps me right at the source…my joints! I bought myself 5 seeds and like to germinate them one at a time. Very exciting to have this in my home and I highly recommend it!