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Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A high-indica strain is known for its potent relaxation effects, Mazar feminized cannabis seeds can uplift your mood and ease away stress and anxiety, while also relieving chronic pain and soothing you into sleep. A moderate level of THC provides both physical and mental sensations ideal for relaxing in the evening or on lazy days.

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Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Mazar feminized cannabis seeds grow into an indica-dominant cannabis strain created by crossbreeding the pure indica Afghani strain Mazar I Sharif with Skunk. This high-indica strain is known for its potent relaxation effects.

Mazar For Relaxation

Mazar offers you a strong relaxed sensation that targets both the body and the mind. Because you’re unlikely to feel up to jogging or doing much productive work, this strain is best saved for evening or nighttime use. Depending on your body chemistry, you may experience some brightly psychedelic effects in the early stages of the Mazar high, fading into relaxation, or you might be quickly induced into sleep.

Mazar Strain Seeds

Though Mazar cannabis seeds are a great recreational choice, they also provide considerable medicinal benefits. The deep relaxation – sometimes progressing to a couch lock effect – can aid sufferers of insomnia, and beat back the looming aggravation of stress and anxiety. If you feel the euphoric effects, you might find an uplifting of your mood and spirits, even as you are lulled to slumber.

Mazar Cannabis Medical Uses

All those body-soothing qualities also help relieve chronic pain associated with a wide range of conditions – there are many medical cannabis seed gardeners who find this natural medication works better on their pain than any over-the-counter or prescription compound. Some patients find Mazar’s painkilling effects can alleviate migraines as well, though we recommend trying the strain first to ensure a headache isn’t a minor side effect, instead. Finally, Mazar can boost a waning appetite, making it a great choice for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or those suffering from eating disorders.

Mazar Strain Flowering Time

Easy-to-grow Mazar cannabis seeds are best planted indoors, and are well-suited to the snug quarters of the Screen of Green growing method. With a minimal amount of care, and following a short flowering stage (just 50 to 60 days), this therapeutic strain’s short, bushy physique will provide you with as much as 550 grams of harvestable flower for every square meter of growth.

If you want to learn more about Mazar, read our in-depth article: Mazar Feminized Cannabis Strain.

Choose Mazar feminized cannabis seeds for both medical and recreational therapy.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Mazar I Sharif x Skunk #1


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Anxiety, Evening, migraines, Stress


Citrus, Fruity, nutty

Indoor Yield

450-550g per m2

Outdoor Yield

550-650g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

81 reviews for Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Monstera (verified owner)

    Make it a Mazar evening and you won’t be coming back for a while lol. This stuff is practically psychedelic in my mind. It makes me feel really stoned and also very strung out. I feel like I get tracers in front of my hands like you do with LSD…and everything just looks brighter. Super challenging for a newbie like me to grow…but if you know what you’re doing, I say give it a shot. It’s great stuff!

  2. Nesting Dolls (verified owner)

    Ready to get blazed? Mazar is a rare strain, hardly can find it anywhere else, but you can always count on GCS to have a good online selection and at a very reasonable price. Got nearly 500 grams from my indoor, hydroponic grow, some of the freshest herb you will ever try in your life! But it’s strong, and the flavor is very bizarre, hard to put my finger on it, so I usually just take a toke and pass it along. Makes for a nice relaxing buzz at the end of the day or on the weekend!

  3. Watson (verified owner)

    A wicked powerful weed that helps with stress and depression. I really like the taste and smell of this strain cause it makes me feel relaxed and happy. It’s a cross between a pine forest and the taste of the earth. Wonderful growing it out in my backyard…after my sickness, being back outside feels just so good. I am not an expert and this was a little challenging but definitely worth it for the help with my pain and help with insomnia as well!

  4. Nocturnal (verified owner)

    Feeling stressed? I know how that is…that’s why I decided I needed a new challenge in my life, something to keep my mind occupied while I was at home. I decided to grow my own pot cause…why not? Great buy honestly. I am not the best grower and this was a little hard to get the hang of it, but since I got like 200 grams of pot off these plants I feel like I did pretty well for myself. Definitely worth the difficulties cause it’s actually very relaxing at the end of the day. Great buy!

  5. @gothatmotivation (verified owner)

    If powerful indicas are your thing, then I say give this one a go. It’s truly a unique experience growing this weed. I ordered 3 seeds online, just on a whim honestly. I had never grown weed in my life and maaaaaybe this wasn’t the one to start with. It was definitely a challenge, filled with ups and downs, hope and despair, but somehow I squeezed like 200 grams out of this weed so not a total loss. I like the way it hits me, it’s pretty smooth and chill. I love the vibes overall, real nice and relaxed. Worth it in the end!

  6. Matthew Dotomain

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars


    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  8. Tomkelley4221

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  9. justice of the peace (verified owner)

    Nice and mild. Great for back pain and a nice little mood boost. I loved the flavor, absolutely lovely, tastes kinda fruity, kinda strong and skunky. It’s also very colorful, makes for a great buy if you’re down and out and need some weed. Perfect for the experienced grower out there, and does best in a greenhouse. Even if you don’t get a huge yield, you’ll be glad you decided to grow this weed. Good buy!


    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  11. Porche (verified owner)

    If you don’t know how to grow, then try another strain. If you DO know what you’re doing, then definitely give this strain a try. It’s absolutely worthwhile and it helps tremendously with stress and anxiety. It’s a funky flavor too, kinda like cheese and blueberry combined with a hint of something sour. It’s fickle. a little hard to manage, but the end result is absolutely worthwhile. C’mon give it a try today!

  12. Mocha (verified owner)

    If you need some chilled out, mellow vibes and are able to care for your own weed at home, then this is a highly recommended strain on my part. I really enjoy this lifestyle; buying seeds from GCS online, having them shipped to my place, and then growing my very own bud. Yummmm 🙂 But this strain in particular is very special and has a very unique flavor to it. You’ll just have to try it to find out why!

  13. Jet Blue (verified owner)

    I’ll be straight up, this weed makes me sleeeeeepy. I used to suffer from insomnia so I wanted something that would help me relax before bedtime, and this stuff just knocks me straight out. I like the buzz though, it’s nice and easy going, makes TV funnier and helps with the stress of the day. It’s a challenging grow, no doubt, but definitely worth it once you have the starts established. I’ll buy again!

  14. meyerdavid39

    Visitor Rating: 4 Stars

  15. Tomkelley4221

    Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  16. VisaliaCrew (verified owner)

    If you’re a fan of heavy indicas, then this might just be the strain for you. This weed helps me relax, sleep and gives my appetite a nice boost. It gives me the relaxation I need to unwind at the end of the day and cook a good meal for myself. I am very proud of my little grow op in the basement and will definitely buy more seeds next time. This is a fickle strain that requires quite a lot of attention, but it’s well worth it in the end!

  17. Lookin Good (verified owner)

    Mazar is a powerful indica, it has the ability to relax me even when I am at my worst, and I appreciate it for that reason. It is an unusual strain, makes for a challenging grow, especially if you’re a newb like me and don’t have the money for an indoor grow space. Either way, I am pretty excited about having the nug finally ready for smoking. The grow was a journey, but the weed itself, super green and white, sour and sweet, makes it all worth it!

  18. Frenchie Face (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing weed for many years now, have a greenhouse in the backyard and everything. I even send my stuff to a local dispensary sometimes. They love it! I challenged myself with this strain. Mazar can be very fickle, difficult to germinate, and also has sensitive roots, but if you can manage to get through the first month, these plants will produce beautiful flower, very colorful tight buds that smell earthy and sweet. A relaxing body high that helps with stress!

  19. Studio 54 (verified owner)

    A funky strain requiring some true skills in cultivation practice, but well worth it if you know what you’re doing. It’s a very relaxing indica with mild THC properties making it just the right amount of chill without being overpowering. I like to smoke it at night after work is over so I don’t have any responsibilities I need to deal with. I also like cooking, cleaning, and listening to music on the strain. Mostly, it helps me with stress and sleep insomnia. Good stuff!

  20. Vegas (verified owner)

    The indica content in this weed is through the roof, like you’re gonna be chilling hardcore if you don’t fall asleep first, so cancel all your plans for the night, make some delicious munchies, and get ready for the big easy. It’s nice to grow this weed…but it’s kind of a pain in the butt. Just make sure you know what you’re doing if you have never done it before. It’s worth the time and effort though. Maxxing and Relaxxing!

  21. henri williams (verified owner)

    It’s a powerful buzz, kind of unlike anything else I have smoked in my long lifetime of being a stoner…I *liked* growing it, but it was kinda tough, and not all my seeds germinated 🙁 But the ones that sprouted (3 of 5) did very well in my little greenhouse and was pretty impressive overall. The buzz is like…super trippy and weird, gets me kinda sleepy and whatnot, but it gives me crazy visuals as well.

  22. millieshore (verified owner)

    Mazar is a really tough strain to grow, I am not gonna lie. It’s definitely worthy of an experienced grower and it helps a lot to have an indoor space to get it going. It is fickle, it’s challenging, but the end result is well worth it, cause it’s delicious weed and it helps a lot with stress and anxiety. A very unique flavor, hard to describe, and a nice even-keeled buzz. Give it a try if you know what you’re doing.

  23. troyboy (verified owner)

    Visitor Rating: 3 Stars

  24. birminghamposts (verified owner)

    If you like your weed to feel like an acid trip then look no further cause this stuff is as close as you’re gonna get. I had NO idea weed could make you feel this way, it’s super unique and relaxing and it helps sooooo much with stress and depression. All the colors are bright and saturated and you get those tracers in front of your hands which is pretty great as well. I can’t help but think that I am a master gardener for doing so well at growing this weed. 🙂

  25. hermitdan (verified owner)

    This weed will be your new best friend! It’s super fun to grow, not the easiest strain to take care of, it can be kinda fickle about humidity levels and lighting, so if you can grow it indoors I recommend it. Nice colorful flowers, beautiful whites and greens and pinks, a very “hairy” looking weed which is pretty cool. I am a big fan of the smell, nice and sour and earthy, pretty pungent so be careful where ya smoke it!

  26. Murtock (verified owner)

    A nice short grow, only 3.5 months until my plants started forming beautiful dank sticky fresh flower! It’s got a nice sour smell and taste, and a little earthiness to round it out! I love how easy this was to grow, I used the Screen of Green method on this site, and WOW did it wok beautifully for this indoor grow! Finally I have my very own weed at home, and it’s made all the difference for my stress and anxiety.

  27. bill coffey (verified owner)

    Intensely relaxing, great for back pain and for my joints. My husband did the growing, I did the ordering. I am not a gardener, but he is pretty good at it. Seemed to enjoy the process too. High quality product, better than the dispensary and perfect for evening smokes. We like to roll a joint and smoke on the porch at night. I highly enjoy this weed.

  28. tom goldwyn (verified owner)

    Finally got my greenhouse all set up for the summer and got these seeds in the ground early! They grew beautifully right as the spring took hold and the warmer temps arrived! I love growing mj and have been doing it for years, but nothing is quite like Mazar! It’s a very strong indica with some trippy qualities to the high that make it seem like I am on LSD or something…either way it helps me relax and gets me to sleep fast!

  29. botbot (verified owner)

    This one is for more experienced grower’s for sure. Helps a lot to have some knowledge of weed under your belt before growing Mazar, it can be a fickle strain and doesn’t always help when you don’t have the proper growing space. Luckily I have some nice space in the backyard with a small greenhouse. It looks amazing and the weed smells fantastic. I usually smoke at night to help with stress and this really does the trick!

  30. twitcher (verified owner)

    It’s a tricky strain to get right! Sometimes the plants can turn out super leggy if you give them the wrong kind of care. But if you get it just right, this weed will be your best friend. It’s funky, fresh and delicious, super trippy and dreamy and fun. It’s great for getting rid of stress. But mostly it’s good for sleep 🙂

  31. ryancrest019 (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for an out-of-body trippy ass high, then I would go for this strain. It’s a strange weed, a little hard to grow, but if you’ve been a grower in the past, then I recommend trying to give this one a shot, cause it’s very worthwhile when the buds finally start to form. Very relaxing, extremely trippy and different than a lot of other weeds that I have smoked. Hoping to grow this indoors next time to increase my yield.

  32. f b i (verified owner)

    My favorite lazy day strain. Helps me get into relaxation mode, maybe I’ll do some cooking or maybe I’ll watch a movie, who knows? Great for growing indoors, have my nice grow space set up in the basement and these plants did pretty well, a little difficult to germinate, but I am pretty stoked about the results. It’s got a great sour flavor, and trippy buzz, gives me tracers sometimes. I’ll definitely buy more!

  33. 1893Cake (verified owner)

    i have been suffering from chronic pain for almost a year now. It’s a very uncomfortable condition, and most meds just make me anxious or very drowsy. I am glad I found this strain of marijuana. It acts as a nice middle man, not too overpowering, but also very relaxing. It is very good for my pain. My husband did most of the growing, he is excellent in the garden, so this weed was a fun project for him.

  34. wendy simms (verified owner)

    I enjoy this weed because it never seems to be too overpowering, almost feels like a CBD strain except the buzz is super trippy if you smoke a lot. Glad I have my basement space set up finally. My wife and I are super into growing together so we raised our little pot babies together lol! Had a nice yield and enjoy the general appearance of this weed, very colorful, pleasantly pungent, and offers a truly relaxing buzz.

  35. raene05 (verified owner)

    This is a very fine strain of cannabis. 100% germination. Thanks GC!

  36. tiny hands728 (verified owner)

    I was recently diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and use weed to help curb my symptoms. It’s been really helpful to have this particular weed around the house, despite it being a little difficult to grow. I got better I feel like as I went along, realizing exactly what this plant needs to be healthy and happy. Ended up with a nice yield, and smoke it on the daily. Helps me feel a little more relaxed and doesn’t make depression worse. Good buy!

  37. jackie2827 (verified owner)

    Yowza what a trippy strain of MJ! I love the way this stuff grows, it’s a bit fickle at first but when it gets settled in the soil it really takes off! What an amazing treat to watch this grow and the flowers are so colorful, I am just thrilled with how this turned out. I wait until after work to smoke and then I am like tripping on acid for an hour lol, love the tracers and the body buzz. Definitely a worthy buy!

  38. smiley928 (verified owner)

    I have been a weed grower for some time now. I even have my own greenhouse in the backyard dedicated to growing. It’s been an amazing process trying this weed out. A bit of a challenge at first, but a welcome one. The weed started to flower after just a few months and I got a nice medium yield. This is mostly for me, but I do love to share. It’s a wonky high, takes me a million miles away and gives me a great buzz. I really dig it!

  39. charity jane (verified owner)

    A very trippy strain that puts me right to bed! Glad I am an experienced grower, cause this weed can be a bit fickle at times, but if you treat it right, then it grows super nice and tall and bushy, gives off a nice medium yield and smells truly amazing. A smooth smoke and pretty powerful, so I just hit it an quit it. I really dig this stuff, and will be back for more!

  40. david glochowski (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain for depression and for those just looking for a trippy good time! I really like the way it grows, it’s not too tall but very productive and bushy with some brightly colored trichomes that are really cool to look at! I harvested around 300 g per plant after about 4 months of growing. It’s some impressive stuff. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  41. stephanie gluck (verified owner)

    This is one interesting strain of marijuana. I’ve never grown or smoked anything quite like it. It’s a remarkably delicious bud. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has some experience growing marijuana. It’s a bit fickle at the beginning, but once it becomes established, it is really no longer difficult. Yield is a bit smallish, but the weed is very high quality. Big fan of this stuff!

  42. Ellen Russell (verified owner)

    One of the more interesting strains on this site, it offers a very trippy LSD-like experience that really differentiates it from other weeds. It’s got a great flavor too, very earthy and citrusy. It’s been an excellent buy for me as it seems to really be helping my stress levels and even helps me sleep at night. Fun to grow, but a bit challenging at times. Worth a go for sure!

  43. dexter (verified owner)

    This weed is fruity and sour, very fun to grow and produces some very relaxing effects. I am super glad I ordered online with GCS, they offer such a wide selection to choose from, and I am so impressed with how fast my seeds got delivered! This weed is best in an indoor space, much better control over the plant, and it offers some really amazing results. Very relaxing stuff!

  44. Scott Kagan (verified owner)

    This is some grade A weed! it’s remarkably interesting and has a buzz unlike any other strain I have smoked. Have been growing for years and this stuff was a fun challenge for me. I have a nice grow space in my basement and it seems like this strain enjoys an indoor environment. I love the sme