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Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A high-indica strain is known for its potent relaxation effects, Mazar feminized cannabis seeds can uplift your mood and ease away stress and anxiety, while also relieving chronic pain and soothing you into sleep. A moderate level of THC provides both physical and mental sensations ideal for relaxing in the evening or on lazy days.

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Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Mazar feminized cannabis seeds grow into an indica-dominant cannabis strain created by crossbreeding the pure indica Afghani strain Mazar I Sharif with Skunk. This high-indica strain is known for its potent relaxation effects.

Mazar For Relaxation

Mazar offers you a strong relaxed sensation that targets both the body and the mind. Because you’re unlikely to feel up to jogging or doing much productive work, this strain is best saved for evening or nighttime use. Depending on your body chemistry, you may experience some brightly psychedelic effects in the early stages of the Mazar high, fading into relaxation, or you might be quickly induced into sleep.

Mazar Strain Seeds

Though Mazar cannabis seeds are a great recreational choice, they also provide considerable medicinal benefits. The deep relaxation – sometimes progressing to a couch lock effect – can aid sufferers of insomnia, and beat back the looming aggravation of stress and anxiety. If you feel the euphoric effects, you might find an uplifting of your mood and spirits, even as you are lulled to slumber.

Mazar Cannabis Medical Uses

All those body-soothing qualities also help relieve chronic pain associated with a wide range of conditions – there are many medical cannabis seed gardeners who find this natural medication works better on their pain than any over-the-counter or prescription compound. Some patients find Mazar’s painkilling effects can alleviate migraines as well, though we recommend trying the strain first to ensure a headache isn’t a minor side effect, instead. Finally, Mazar can boost a waning appetite, making it a great choice for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or those suffering from eating disorders.

Mazar Strain Flowering Time

Easy-to-grow Mazar cannabis seeds are best planted indoors, and are well-suited to the snug quarters of the Screen of Green growing method. With a minimal amount of care, and following a short flowering stage (just 50 to 60 days), this therapeutic strain’s short, bushy physique will provide you with as much as 550 grams of harvestable flower for every square meter of growth.

If you want to learn more about Mazar, read our in-depth article: Mazar Feminized Cannabis Strain.

Choose Mazar feminized cannabis seeds for both medical and recreational therapy.

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Additional information

Strain Genetics

Mazar I Sharif x Skunk #1


80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Relaxing, euphoric, sleep-inducing

Best Use

Evening; relief from anxiety, stress, migraines


Fruity, citrus, nutty

Indoor Yield

450-550g per m2

Outdoor Yield

550-650g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


0 responses to “Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds”

  1. botbot says:

    This one is for more experienced grower’s for sure. Helps a lot to have some knowledge of weed under your belt before growing Mazar, it can be a fickle strain and doesn’t always help when you don’t have the proper growing space. Luckily I have some nice space in the backyard with a small greenhouse. It looks amazing and the weed smells fantastic. I usually smoke at night to help with stress and this really does the trick!

  2. twitcher says:

    It’s a tricky strain to get right! Sometimes the plants can turn out super leggy if you give them the wrong kind of care. But if you get it just right, this weed will be your best friend. It’s funky, fresh and delicious, super trippy and dreamy and fun. It’s great for getting rid of stress. But mostly it’s good for sleep 🙂

  3. ryancrest019 says:

    If you’re looking for an out-of-body trippy ass high, then I would go for this strain. It’s a strange weed, a little hard to grow, but if you’ve been a grower in the past, then I recommend trying to give this one a shot, cause it’s very worthwhile when the buds finally start to form. Very relaxing, extremely trippy and different than a lot of other weeds that I have smoked. Hoping to grow this indoors next time to increase my yield.

  4. f b i says:

    My favorite lazy day strain. Helps me get into relaxation mode, maybe I’ll do some cooking or maybe I’ll watch a movie, who knows? Great for growing indoors, have my nice grow space set up in the basement and these plants did pretty well, a little difficult to germinate, but I am pretty stoked about the results. It’s got a great sour flavor, and trippy buzz, gives me tracers sometimes. I’ll definitely buy more!

  5. 1893Cake says:

    i have been suffering from chronic pain for almost a year now. It’s a very uncomfortable condition, and most meds just make me anxious or very drowsy. I am glad I found this strain of marijuana. It acts as a nice middle man, not too overpowering, but also very relaxing. It is very good for my pain. My husband did most of the growing, he is excellent in the garden, so this weed was a fun project for him.

  6. wendy simms says:

    I enjoy this weed because it never seems to be too overpowering, almost feels like a CBD strain except the buzz is super trippy if you smoke a lot. Glad I have my basement space set up finally. My wife and I are super into growing together so we raised our little pot babies together lol! Had a nice yield and enjoy the general appearance of this weed, very colorful, pleasantly pungent, and offers a truly relaxing buzz.

  7. raene05 says:

    This is a very fine strain of cannabis. 100% germination. Thanks GC!

  8. tiny hands728 says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, and use weed to help curb my symptoms. It’s been really helpful to have this particular weed around the house, despite it being a little difficult to grow. I got better I feel like as I went along, realizing exactly what this plant needs to be healthy and happy. Ended up with a nice yield, and smoke it on the daily. Helps me feel a little more relaxed and doesn’t make depression worse. Good buy!

  9. jackie2827 says:

    Yowza what a trippy strain of MJ! I love the way this stuff grows, it’s a bit fickle at first but when it gets settled in the soil it really takes off! What an amazing treat to watch this grow and the flowers are so colorful, I am just thrilled with how this turned out. I wait until after work to smoke and then I am like tripping on acid for an hour lol, love the tracers and the body buzz. Definitely a worthy buy!

  10. smiley928 says:

    I have been a weed grower for some time now. I even have my own greenhouse in the backyard dedicated to growing. It’s been an amazing process trying this weed out. A bit of a challenge at first, but a welcome one. The weed started to flower after just a few months and I got a nice medium yield. This is mostly for me, but I do love to share. It’s a wonky high, takes me a million miles away and gives me a great buzz. I really dig it!

  11. charity jane says:

    A very trippy strain that puts me right to bed! Glad I am an experienced grower, cause this weed can be a bit fickle at times, but if you treat it right, then it grows super nice and tall and bushy, gives off a nice medium yield and smells truly amazing. A smooth smoke and pretty powerful, so I just hit it an quit it. I really dig this stuff, and will be back for more!

  12. david glochowski says:

    This is an excellent strain for depression and for those just looking for a trippy good time! I really like the way it grows, it’s not too tall but very productive and bushy with some brightly colored trichomes that are really cool to look at! I harvested around 300 g per plant after about 4 months of growing. It’s some impressive stuff. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  13. stephanie gluck says:

    This is one interesting strain of marijuana. I’ve never grown or smoked anything quite like it. It’s a remarkably delicious bud. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has some experience growing marijuana. It’s a bit fickle at the beginning, but once it becomes established, it is really no longer difficult. Yield is a bit smallish, but the weed is very high quality. Big fan of this stuff!

  14. Ellen Russell says:

    One of the more interesting strains on this site, it offers a very trippy LSD-like experience that really differentiates it from other weeds. It’s got a great flavor too, very earthy and citrusy. It’s been an excellent buy for me as it seems to really be helping my stress levels and even helps me sleep at night. Fun to grow, but a bit challenging at times. Worth a go for sure!

  15. dexter says:

    This weed is fruity and sour, very fun to grow and produces some very relaxing effects. I am super glad I ordered online with GCS, they offer such a wide selection to choose from, and I am so impressed with how fast my seeds got delivered! This weed is best in an indoor space, much better control over the plant, and it offers some really amazing results. Very relaxing stuff!

  16. Scott Kagan says:

    This is some grade A weed! it’s remarkably interesting and has a buzz unlike any other strain I have smoked. Have been growing for years and this stuff was a fun challenge for me. I have a nice grow space in my basement and it seems like this strain enjoys an indoor environment. I love the smell and taste, very sour and earthy and gets me buzzed for hours. It’s super trippy and fun. Definitely a worthy buy!

  17. melody striker says:

    It’s a good grow, especially if you’ve been doing this for a while. Definitely a unique strain of mj, a little wonky and kind of a prima donna when it comes to pruning and cultivation, but I like the smell and taste, very sour and earthy, and it gives me a nice head buzz, makes me feel like I am tripping a little bit and offers a unique hours-long high!

  18. julius says:

    This is powerful stuff, and not the easiest weed to grow. I am an experienced greenhouse grower, so I was able to make this work, but germination can be a challenge as well as getting this weed to produce. The yield is a bit smallish but the flower is top notch, a very unique high that gives you tracers and makes you feel a little bit like you are tripping. It’s a lot of fun to take on the weekends and share with friends!

  19. Greg Baylor says:

    Started out growing weed many years ago and decided to give this one a try. It was a good challenge but I think I nailed it. Got like 250 G per plant, not bad, and the buds are the size of popcorn kernels. I enjoy the buzz, not too heavy but pretty trippy and weird. I definitely like to smoke it before bedtime. Good stuff!

  20. Desi Gutierrez says:

    A very unique strain of mj, and probably not for everyone. I’ll admit this grow was a little over my head, I think this weed prefers indoor conditions and a very specific lighting/watering schedule, which I could not provide. Still got some nice bud though, and the buzz is very trippy and surreal, nice for relaxation or daydreams!

  21. Sam Emerson says:

    A very unique strain of pot, but also pretty darn rewarding to grow. It’s not for beginners, but the strain is pretty easy to cultivate, requires an even watering and lighting cycle and is prone to pest concerns. I would only attempt if you’ve got a few grows under your belt. The weed is remarkably smooth and relaxing, great for headaches and stress and helps with anxiety too!

  22. Eddy B. says:

    A nice short plant for indoor growing. I have a nice grow space in my basement, love how easy this was to germ and cultivate, also perfect for those who want a bit of a challenge! Gives off a lot of weed for such a small plant and offers a very unique buzz that makes you feel like you’re tripping a little bit. I love smoking this on the weekends to help make things weird!

  23. Hattie H. says:

    A surprisingly powerful strain, kind of takes you by surprise if you smoke too much lol! Definitely a worthy grow however, and it was really fun to grow this in my basement. Had a ton of success with this strain, and I really like the look of the plant with its bright white and green leaves. It’s a trippy high and it’s definitely worth the effort!

  24. Scott44 says:

    This strain of weed is like a warm blanket at the end of the day. The sleep is insanely good, and the THC content makes it a super relaxing high. I wasn’t too familiar with the seed before adding it to my cart, but it had such good reviews. Feminized seeds are definitely a great way to grow your own product, and I only had one tiny bit that kind of fizzled out. Happy with this order.

  25. Jack knife says:

    If you are looking for a mj experience that’ll really blow your mind, def check out Mazar. This one took me by surprise, and I have been growing weed for years! I love the GCS site, all their seeds are amazing and have been a customer for some time now, never fails! I decided to take a gamble on the Mazar, and I am glad I did. Fairly easy to grow with some minor complication, and a medium sized yield. The buzz is strangely like acid, and it’s incredibly trippy. Great for nighttime or for parties!

  26. Lara Johnson says:

    Never been as relaxed as I am on sweet mazar mj. I have a stressful job, with a stressful boss, and I’m kind of tightly wound anyway. So I love that mazar makes me chill and relax and gets me to slow down a bit. It also really helps with muscle relaxation; I’ve had some pain in my right leg lately and mazar just makes it go away. Such an awesome strain! Also love Grower’s Choice fast delivery, my seeds were here before I blinked!

  27. HelterSkelter says:

    This strain of mj will take you by surprise, it’s a very interesting grow, though it can be challenging at times, but produces a nice medium-sized yield that should last you a while. I think this is a great strain of you like indicas, it’s got something about it that makes it extra trippy so you’re not just relaxing you’re having visions and tracers and all the other stuff. Happy I tried it though, it’s really something special!

  28. Happy_Pappy says:

    I germinated 7 seeds and they all popped. 2 Mazer, 3 Mex Haze, 1 OG Kush and 1 Chemdog. All but one of the Mex Haze made it. I think I man handled the one seed a little too much. The Maz and Mex are all 10 days since they popped and the other 2 are 1 day in red cups and they have already surfaced. Looking forward to a lovely season of growth. I am in MA so I should be able to transplant into 5 gal buckets and moved outside permanently in a couple weeks. These seeds from GC are everything they say. So far 100% germinated.

  29. sky.high1996 says:

    This is a weird strain of marijuana, I wanted to try something different and I got it with Mazar for sure. It’s an easy grow, so that’s nice, and it gives off a really solid yield as well. This high is…different, it’s certainly relaxing but can be overpowering if you smoke too much! I usually just take one or two hits for pain relief and I’m good, but too much and this stuff gets really trippy!

  30. roundy72 says:

    Fast shipping from GC. Germed one seed that sprouted np. Let this girl sit for a while so the trichs were around 50% amber.
    Tastes very sweet and the high is long-lasting and strong, even with one hit. I’ve had anxiety issues triggered by mj before, so always on guard but this stuff feels like a big warm hug! No racing thoughts, no anxiety, just a superb experience. Again, it’s quite strong and I’ve also found this strain’s comp is also known as LSD?

  31. says:

    Okay I received my Mazar seeds last Friday along with some others. I decided I would germinate them Sunday at 4pm. Checked the seeds for moisture and I’ll be dammed if on of the Mazar seeds already popped in less than 12 hours. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Along with the 2 Mazars I figured I would start the 3 Mex Haze they threw in for free. Can’t wait to see the results. HAPPY PAPPY HERE!

  32. says:

    Very impressed with this Seed Co. I ordered 3 OG Kush, 3 Mazer and 3 GG4 by mail and had them in my hands along with 3 FREE Mexican Haze. I plans on germinating in the next week and in the soil by mid May. I will keep regular updates as thing progress. GREAT CUSTOMER SVC.!!!

  33. Reggie Benton says:

    I don’t know about you, but staring at a computer screen all day gives me a terrible headache! I actually enjoy weed for it’s ability to manage my symptoms, plus it helps with my stress. Mazar is a different kind of weed, very pungent and has these lovely green and yellow trichomes that will wow you for sure. Then I smoke a huge bowl and get insanely high and my headaches disappear! Soon I’m floating on a cloud and sleep all through the night.

  34. Greyson Coleman says:

    This is an excellent strain of mj for people looking to unwind and relax. Helps with aches and pains and even headaches as well! I use this stuff most days after work to get me into the chill out mindset. It was pretty easy to grow too, planted them right in my backyard. Love the smell of this weed, herbal and earthy and spicy. Delicious! I wouldn’t smoke this at work though because it’ll make you tired, but well worth the wait till you get home!

  35. Deb E. says:

    Hello and thanks for reading, had a great growing experience with GCS. Their online selection is astounding, and I found it really difficult to choose just one strain. Settled on Mazar for it’s indica properties, I need help with my migraines and anxiety and indica’s always seem to be the answer. The grow was surprisingly easy, used the paper towel method to germinate and had 100% success! Plants grow about medium height, require a little bit extra TLC than the average strain, but do produce a fairly high yield. I walked away with around 500 grams per meter, and have been using in the evening to calm my worried mind and help with physical discomfort. It has been a great decision so far!

  36. Mitch Y says:

    Helllloooo, deep relaxation! I have a new favorite nightly tradition now that it’s fall and it’s cold outside. Here’s what I do. After work, I pour myself some wine, smoke weed, draw a bath, read or watch shows on my laptop, and pass out right away. I’ve never felt more relaxed and calm in my daily life. It’s like nothing irks or irritates me anymore. Mazar is like your best friend for Netflix and Chill. Because you really will chill. For hours. For one whole afternoon. I love this strain!

  37. David S. says:

    Credits to this company because I’ve never seen 100% germination from any other company. I got 10 seeds and all germinated. Never grew feminized cannabis seeds before, but I doubt that was the reason why. Quality seeds are quality seeds. I strictly grow indoors and never have any issues with this strain. Mazar is pretty easy to grow and I got a pretty big yield thanks to all the seeds sprouting.

  38. Nicholas Edwin says:

    Love feminized cannabis seeds. They’re the bomb. Kinda sad only 3 of 5 seeds germinated, but it happens. Company was more than good about it and shipped out the extra seed for me. Just paid for shipping. I didn’t mind since ordering online is already cheaper. This is an easy strain to grow, but yield is sometimes lower when growing indoors. Took about 10 weeks to flower for me.

  39. Kirk B. says:

    Meh. Mazar is a good seed, I didn’t think it was as great as everyone else says it is. It’s easy enough to grow but I wasn’t super impressed with the strain, and I didn’t get that high off my harvest. It’s pretty good at night, makes you sleepy. Maybe it’s just the Growers Choice seeds. I haven’t had any problems with the company, they usually ship on time and the price is right. There are a few others I’ll try before I decide whether I’ll keep shopping with these guys or not.

  40. Tevin G. says:

    This was my first order with Growers Choice. Good company, fair prices, and didn’t have to wait ages for shipping like with some other companies. Like that they deliver a tracking number with your order, and that they offer points towards future orders. Seeds are good quality, found they took a little longer to germinate but once they did it was off to the races. If you’re online looking for seeds I def recommend this company, they’re legit.

  41. SpaceCadet67 says:

    Best strain I’ve even decided to buy. Feminized cannabis seeds made the growing process super simple, and I can’t get this kind of quality anywhere except from an online store like Growers Choice. Grew into some beautiful pot plants. I didn’t grow mine all at once because I don’t have a lot of space. I actually started it in an old computer tower indoors and then moved it into a closet I don’t use. Great yield and great marijuana!

  42. Paul says:

    Feminized cannabis seeds are 100% the way to go. I decided to grow outdoors, but wasn’t fully prepared and ended up transferring my plants indoors. I only lost one to the shock, but I think I know what I did wrong. Definitely love how the plants grew and I got a great yield from each of them. Will be buying again.

  43. Tyler D. says:

    Never buying non-feminized cannabis seeds again. My Mazar seeds bloomed so nicely indoors, beautiful, bushy trees with so much less work than I’ve had to invest in past harvests. All around good weed, doesn’t go straight to the head but for sure kicks anxiety in the ass. If you’re careful, you can boost your harvest past what the description says and it will last a long time.

  44. eyjipt77 says:

    This is a real champ, she started out slow but by week 6 she began to jump almost thought I would have to get a new grow space.
    And the feeling she gives the body is on of relaxation and peace , any one looking for a chill lady that will make a snowstorm feel like sunshine she’s your girl.

  45. smithemario says:

    Harvested a really decent amount off my plants, even though they looked so short. I was a bit worried I was doing something wrong along the way, but everything turned out better than expected. I’m a huge fan of hitting some Mazar in the evening before bed, and the yield off my plants was enough to give me a great nights sleep for quite awhile.

  46. kiaspradlin says:

    This one took me about 2 months to grow, so your suggestion was dead on, and I was happy with my results. Like others have said, this is a great nighttime smoke, and as someone who can have pretty bad insomnia some nights, this has been great to have on hand. This one didn’t give me any anxiety either, which is perfect, because no one wants that right before bed. Instead it just calmed me down and made me tired.

  47. ssmooress15 says:

    Ordered these seeds and was anxiously awaiting their arrival! Thrilled at how quickly they arrived, and I was able to get them planted asap. All my seeds were perfect and I managed to get some pretty tall plants, which is always a bonus.
    I love the Mazar strain for how seriously potent it can be, leaving me so relaxed I never want to move again! Great before bed if you need a little help getting to sleep.

  48. delpasochron says:

    When it says evening use believe it! An evening scooby after dinner is all I need to relax and get ready for really restful sleep. Has a earthy, fruity flavor and the smell is almost straight skunk. Grow was pretty easy too after 2 months had just under a pound of cured nug.

  49. Sam Mason says:

    Hands down the nicest nighttime strain I’ve had in ages. Highly recommend for an easy and rewarding grow!

  50. Trevor Hankla says:

    Delivery was fast and had no issues with the grow, just getting ready to harvest now and the plants look great. I’m looking forward to trying this strain out and see how it helps with relaxation in the evening. I will keep you posted!

  51. hoosiers1955 says:

    Totally easy to