Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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A high-indica strain is known for its potent relaxation effects, Mazar feminized cannabis seeds can uplift your mood and ease away stress and anxiety, while also relieving chronic pain and soothing you into sleep. A moderate level of THC provides both physical and mental sensations ideal for relaxing in the evening or on lazy days.

Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Mazar feminized cannabis seeds grow into an indica-dominant cannabis strain created by crossbreeding the pure indica Afghani strain Mazar I Sharif with Skunk. This high-indica strain is known for its potent relaxation effects.

Mazar For Relaxation

Mazar offers you a strong relaxed sensation that targets both the body and the mind. Because you’re unlikely to feel up to jogging or doing much productive work, this strain is best saved for evening or nighttime use. Depending on your body chemistry, you may experience some brightly psychedelic effects in the early stages of the Mazar high, fading into relaxation, or you might be quickly induced into sleep.

Mazar Strain Seeds

Though Mazar cannabis seeds are a great recreational choice, they also provide considerable medicinal benefits. The deep relaxation – sometimes progressing to a couch lock effect – can aid sufferers of insomnia, and beat back the looming aggravation of stress and anxiety. If you feel the euphoric effects, you might find an uplifting of your mood and spirits, even as you are lulled to slumber.

Mazar Cannabis Medical Uses

All those body-soothing qualities also help relieve chronic pain associated with a wide range of conditions – there are many medical cannabis seed gardeners who find this natural medication works better on their pain than any over-the-counter or prescription compound. Some patients find Mazar’s painkilling effects can alleviate migraines as well, though we recommend trying the strain first to ensure a headache isn’t a minor side effect, instead. Finally, Mazar can boost a waning appetite, making it a great choice for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or those suffering from eating disorders.

Mazar Strain Flowering Time

Easy-to-grow Mazar cannabis seeds are best planted indoors, and are well-suited to the snug quarters of the Screen of Green growing method. With a minimal amount of care, and following a short flowering stage (just 50 to 60 days), this therapeutic strain’s short, bushy physique will provide you with as much as 550 grams of harvestable flower for every square meter of growth.

If you want to learn more about Mazar, read our in-depth article: Mazar Feminized Cannabis Strain.

Choose Mazar feminized cannabis seeds for both medical and recreational therapy.

Additional information

Strain Genetics

Mazar I Sharif x Skunk #1


20% Sativa, 80% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days

THC Content


CBD Level



Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Best Use

Anxiety, Evening, migraines, Stress


Citrus, Fruity, nutty

Indoor Yield

450-550g per m2

Outdoor Yield

550-650g per plant

Growing Difficulty


Plant Sex


Flowering Type


Where to Grow


Plant Height


Seed Type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

123 reviews for Mazar Feminized Cannabis Seeds

  1. Cavan Barton (verified owner)

    This strain grows like a champ ! This company ” besides of a few issues that i am confident will be resolved ” I am incredible thankful for the service that they provide

  2. treetop84 (verified owner)

    Sweet and hashy plant and smoke. The pleasant high is not too sedating. Good day or night. Not the biggest producer, or strongest but still a fav among friends.

    I’ve observed the roots of Mazar don’t get as big as other indica dom strains I grow. This may be helpful if you use small pots and hydro setups.

    I now plan to see what this strain can do. Try pruning for more tops, manifolding and scrogging. Or just pack a bunch of clones into SOG. The plant is easy to love.

  3. Nataniel Greaves (verified owner)

    Just HAD to try it….seems so exotic….did like pretty ok in the yard but only make like 200 g but I am ok with that.

    Like GCS website good for buying pot online. No time to get to the store.

    Smoke weed every day!!

  4. Juno Mcleod (verified owner)

    Mazar is pretty good stuff, and it helps me manage my stress. I smoke it most nights and then I get very high and watch some TV or Netflix. I mean this is some good stuff cause the way it hits is slow and steady, like a stream of molasses and that’s pretty rad 🙂

  5. Maariya Prentice (verified owner)

    I was pretty amazed that GCS carrys Mazar, this is a pretty rare strain, and it hits pretty hard, it’s also a challenge to grow! BUT it is definitely my favorite, and I have been growing marijuana for many years now. I scooped up about 10 seeds from GCS and grew them in my greenhouse, they look absolutely amazing!!!

  6. Zunairah Dowling (verified owner)

    I was very excited when my seeds arrived the other day. I was so excited in fact that I soaked them overnight and planted them THAT DAY!! The seeds turned out to be absolutely gorgeous plants, and I am very excited to see how they progress. Worked in a shoe factory that got shut down due to corona, so I basically just took up week growing as a hobby and am now just swimming in my own weed clouds LOL!

  7. Agnes Phelps (verified owner)

    When you have as much experience growing marijuana under your belt as I do, then you are gonna want to take on a challenge, and I gotta say that this weed is the way to go. Ordered it online and got it shipped right to my home and it showed up super quickly, very pleased about that, as reliable as Amazon Ha! Ended up with about 3 little plants that grew into 3 big daddy plants with sprawling leaves and TONS of green color!!

  8. Heath Ferreira (verified owner)

    One heck of an indica…makes my brain feel like it’s melting and my body feel like a blob LOL. It took some time to get going, it’s pretty fickle weed, you really gotta pay attention to it or it gets kinda sickly looking, but if you give it the love it deserves then you’ll be very satisfied with your purchase. I love growing mj so this was fun challenge for me, especially when I got to harvest those sweet green buds!

  9. Nasir Williams (verified owner)

    Mazar might be my new fave, but it was a challenge to grow, for sure. I started my seeds indoors, hardened them off outdoors, and then put them in the ground about a week later, they look just amazing and smell pretty amazing too. It fills my senses with joy to watch this colorful plant flourish, looks so lovely in the sunlight and when it was time to harvest I got a sizeable yield of smokeable mj.

  10. Lola Walls (verified owner)

    Built few low tunnels in the backyard. They are really really easy to build and they make growing weed so much easier, especially a nice short, stocky strain like this one. It’s a very productive grow, with some sweet and smiley vibes when you finally get high. I say go through the process and buy yourself some weed. It’s gonna change your life!!!

  11. Cathal Macleod (verified owner)

    Mazar is pretty challenging to grow, makes for a nice strain to have in your home, gets you all the buzz you are looking for in the world, and it makes the day go by so quickly. I usually like to paint or draw and give life a day off. I am so stressed normally that I just need to take some time and get high on my homegrown weed. Such a tasty treat for all of us.

  12. Alan Mccabe (verified owner)

    Mazar is quite nice, helps with stress and depression and keeps me in a calm mood most of the day. I like the sweet flavors and the very nice vibes all around. I brought it with me to a party the other night and man we was chilling hardcore, helped me get really baked and it also helped everyone feel comfortable with each other. Weed really does bring people together and makes life great!

  13. Mikail Strong (verified owner)

    I woke up to find myself in a state of disbelief Very pleased at this weed, I smoked it last night and woke up this morning and find that I am still very stoned, amazing!! It was a hard strain to grow, and a good purchase, especially for the price. Definitely gonna buy somma dis for my next summer project. Can you dig it?

  14. Kishan Ashton (verified owner)

    Maybe this is a hard strain to grow, but the pay off is amazing…it’s seriously nice to have this stuff in my back pocket…gets me real nice and stoned and I like to roll these nice tight joints, which is pretty fantastic…It smells great, looks pretty awesome too, very chill buy for the most part. Ordered it online, had it shipped to my new spot, very happy with the result, don’t steal my thunder!!!

  15. Leroy Fulton (verified owner)

    I strive for perfection when I grow marijuana, I love getting my plants to form the most perfect and dense green flowers, and the dankest possible weed. Nice buy for the price as well, gets me good and stoned, and helps me with pain and stress. I like smoking in the afternoon, it makes me generally happy and puts me in a good place to get work done. I will keep growing weed with GCS 🙂

  16. Lucinda Rojas (verified owner)

    I am pretty experienced when it comes to growing weed. I used to manage my own operation back in the day, but now I just grow for myself cause I am pretty old. Easily one of the nicest strains out there, with a whole kind of buzz that I have honestly never felt before. I worked soooo hard to get this weed up and running, and now the harvest had paid off, excellent buy!

  17. Joanne Vasquez (verified owner)

    I was a professional grower for a few years but retired from the biz and now am just growing for myself. This has been a great company to work with, very exciting stuff, very good for growing indoors if you know what you’re doing. I can see why so many reviewers say this was a difficult strain to grow, cause it does take some skill, but it’s a pretty well-worth it deal and the smell is just excellent.

  18. Zakir Guerrero (verified owner)

    I have been a weed grower for some time now, even had a small commercial operations I closed the doors on a few years ago. Haven’t grown this strain specifically but it seemed like a good challenge for me and it came together very well. I really appreciate this website, extremely reliable and very fast delivery, made for an awesome buy, and very fun grow, definitely worth the effort!

  19. Elsie-Mae Broughton (verified owner)

    Mazar is one for the pros, for sure, never makes things easy on us newbies that don’t know how to grow, but hey, we try our best and get the best results we can. I am very happy with the taste and smell of the weed too, cause it’s kinda earthy and sour and makes for a great lil time when you want something special on your birthday or Christmas or something. Just roll a joint and keep smoking all the way to the bank!

  20. Taryn Atkins (verified owner)

    Definitely, a trip going this one, has a fast-growing time but it’s pretty fickle not gonna lie. Helped me stay active during quarantine, but ultimately, I am bored again and that Is why I am growing and smoking weed, pretty great for listening to music though, which is nice. I love to smoke a bowl and turn on the Pink Floyd and just chill. Have never been happier in my life!

  21. Jordan Chapman (verified owner)

    I wanted to try out something new and have a good challenge and this was definitely the best of both worlds. I had heard this was a tough grow but it all worked out in the end. I got kind of a smallish yield, but it was really beautiful stuff. It’s just a very sensitive strain, it makes one feel really relaxed and helps me sit down and just read my books. I have no complaints here!!

  22. matilda reid (verified owner)

    I was always looking for the perfect weed, and I think I may have found it with Mazar…this is some seriously good stuff, but you have to work for it a little bit. It’s definitely a difficult strain for beginners, but if you’re like me and just loooove growing pot, this weed will come to ya naturally. I am very happy about my next yield. It’s looking great so far and the nugs are just fantastic, can’t wait for more bud!

  23. Hallowguard (verified owner)

    I was always a big fan of the mazar strain, I used to smoke it back in college and feel like its done me a world of good. I get real high when I smoke this dope, but it’s a nice body buzz, nothing too crazy, cause it’s so heavy on the indica side of things. Ordering online is a real easy thing, and when it ships out, you get your seeds in a week. Perfect germination on all 3 seeds, great buy!

  24. Traci York (verified owner)

    I have a lotta trouble sleeping at night and I need some weed before I head to bed to help me relax and take a few deep breaths. God, life has been so stressful this year, so difficult and strenuous, thank goodness for Mazar weed, it’s been a real dream when it comes to growing my own stuff and making life better, it’s been a challenge that’s for sure, but the seeds are definitely high quality, they want to live and create beautiful flower 🙂

  25. Mason Hall (verified owner)

    Mazar is a wild and wonderful strain, it’s seriously delicious and it is a heck of a time when you wanna just hang out and do more reading or like go for a swim in your local pond lol. Honestly, I just like playing video games on this weed, it’s pretty darn amazing, and I highly suggest you try it out yourself. Very nice buy, very good price, and a chill AF time yo!

  26. James Gunderman (verified owner)

    Nothing cures a bad mood quite like mazar weed. This stuff is potent and relaxing and it is great for smoking when you need a little pick-me-up. It’s a challenging grow. I have been growing weed for years and this stuff can be finnicky. Does not like too much moisture, prefers just straight heat. Has a good vibe though, very pretty flower, looks like it’s glowing, and the high is just lovely too!

  27. brenden foley (verified owner)

    Mazar is the right kind of weed for the right kind of life. I ordered this online and had it delivered to Washington state. Gorgeous bud, took me only 5 months to get it to flower. The harvest was fun. My friend and I did it together, and we got a BIIIG Yield, nicer than anything I could find in the store. I will totally keep growing my own weed, it’s gotta be one of the most fulfilling things ever!!!

  28. floppityears (verified owner)

    Mazar is a strain for weirdos like me, who just love growing different strains of MJ in their basement. I got 5 seeds, soaked them overnight, and got them to grow really nice and tall. Beautiful buy, and also very relaxing. I am sooo impressed with myself!! I can’t believe I was able to grow these plants so tall and so beautiful. I feel like a real grower now 🙂

  29. worldomination (verified owner)

    I was never into indica weeds till I just tried to grow this stuff. It’s hard!!! But it’s well worth it, cause the weed you get is soooo fres$$$$hhh. I ordered online, had the seeds shipped to my place here in OR. Nice growing space out in the back, got my bed set up, amended the soil, and in went the seeds. An absolutely perfect blend of indica and sativa and soooo pretty!

  30. borkin29dd (verified owner)

    I was a little skeptical about this strain, cause most ppl here seem to think it’s a difficult grow, but I actually found it very straightforward and relaxing, it just takes some patience and a little TLC so you can maximize your THC! I got a nice even-harvest, bigger than expected but not huge, all of it very high quality, none of it molding. I am pretty happy about the indoor grow space I have set up, can’t deny it…I am a weed fiend!

  31. shantel grey (verified owner)

    The ultimate lazy-day strain….good for just sitting on the couch and watching football, or even just smoking more weed!!! Ordering online was the best decision I ever made…I hated going to the store and waiting in line, was such a pain the butt honestly. Well worth the effort, however, and I got a really nice yield. Definitely give it a try for yourself so you can experience these nugs!!!

  32. randobean (verified owner)

    I wondered about this strain….I dreamt about it for months….envisioned growing it in my backyard….and it finally turned into a reality!!! Ordering online made it so simple, and very fast, got a great vibe, a nice relaxing mellow mood that lasts for hours, great for watching movies or taking baths. It’s kinda hard to grow though, takes a while to get started. I’ll buy more for sure!

  33. Monday (verified owner)

    Make it a Mazar day! I was sooo happy to grow this weed, it wasn’t easy necessarily, but it was such a worthy challenge of my green thumb. I mean, it wasn’t that hard really, and things worked out pretty well. I got a nice yield too, and all the flowers were really nice and brightly colored, with some beautiful green and red colors, so captivating!!!!

  34. Little Miss. S (verified owner)

    Mazar is now my new favorite strain, but maybe that is because it was so hard to grow lol. This was definitely a challenge, but it was well worth the effort. The sunshine and rain made this plant huuuuge, but watch out for pests and definitely be careful about the pruning aspect too. I will buy this again and will definitely keep buying from GCS!

  35. Next-up (verified owner)

    Mazar is now my favorite strain in the USA. Very fun to grow, definitely a challenge! Makes for a great time in the garden…lots of pests this year, but ultimately not that bad! Got a good yield, maybe 600 grams of pot, very solid stuff, can’t wait to get back out there next spring! My weed will last me!

  36. JD Martin (verified owner)

    Chilled out vibes with this weed. Helps me manage stress and anxiety mostly….pretty experienced grower, been doing it for years, and this is my best challenge yet. Gotta love that awesome smell though…like a citrus tree or something….has a funky vibe I am tellin ya! Well worth the effort!

  37. adequate (verified owner)

    Mazar is a wowza kinda strain…makes my mind twirl and my hair stand on end…makes for a good mind trip…helps with stress, depression, you name it! I am very excited to grow this weed in my home…it’s a challenge for sure, but I like the challenge and it keeps my mind occupied. I am really stoked about the harvest…it’s gonna be colorful and fun and when it comes time to smoke it, you know I got my bong ready!!!

  38. Slim Jim (verified owner)

    I am an experienced grower…I used to grow professionally, but I actually stepped back from the game….It was getting a little too intense for me, but I was happy to have the skills to grow my own 🙂 Mazar is a nice strain, a good challenge for the experienced grower…and it’s a powerful relaxant. Highly enjoyable!

  39. Nick Blunt (verified owner)

    This is one trippy weed, but it’s super challenging to grow so you gonna have to sweat for it! I am always up for a growing challenge, and this stuff really makes the cut! Better indoors so you can manage its sun and water intake and I find it makes for a healthier yield since it’s not exposed to so many of the elements out there. I very much appreciate GCS for having this strain on their site, well worth the challenge!

  40. Phatt Budz (verified owner)

    Mazar is where the magic happens….if you’ve got a passion for weed, then you’ll love growing this challenging strain…especially indoors cause things are good you know what I mean? Like this weed is strong and super relaxing and has a vibe that you will love. I smoke this with my WIFE and we have a nice time out on the patio. Only when the kids are asleep though, cause we don’t wanna get them mixed up in drugs.

  41. Rigg Shaver (verified owner)

    I am a fairly experienced grower…I used to run a small operation in southern OR but retired from doing that just cause things were a little too hectic. Now I just grow for myself and I lean towards indica strains to manage stress. Pretty excited I found this website, great strain selection and a very fast shipping time. Used to grow Mazar in the past, people seem to like it so I grow it for myself now. Definitely a good time!

  42. Hammerheadshark (verified owner)

    Never seen a weed with so many colors!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous and is well worth the effort of growing your own….I ordered my seeds online and got them shipped to my home here in British Columbia….They shipped out so fast! Nothing shows up that fast here in Canada. I am definitely excited to grow indoors next time to increase my yield….but the weed I got was very high quality and tastes fantastic!!!

  43. Jim Michaels (verified owner)

    I wanted a growing challenge….and this really checked the box. It was a difficult strain to grow, I am not going to lie…it was uncooperative and very fickle….but I am glad I went through with it….I got an excellent yield…bigger and better than I was expecting….and I love the taste and smell. Very relaxing stuff!

  44. Sean Brown (verified owner)